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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 16, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. frightening flight. the u.s. postal worker breaching one of the most secure areas in the world. shocking onlookers by flying a helicopter onto the lawn of the capitol. >> this is not good, people. >> the pilot quickly led away in handcuffs, bomb squads clearing the area. why he did it. and did he expose a major security threat? new this morning -- the massive manhunt for these bank robbers on a violent spree right now, threatening to kidnap bank employees and shoot it out with law enforcement. the fbi's warning to the public this morning and why they say the dangerous gang could include former police officers. modern lawsuit. sofia vergara in a very modern legal battle with her ex-fiance over frozen embryos. the case that's raising big questions for families everywhere.
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and swept away. a woman knocked off a cliff by a giant wave, falling 40 feet onto the rocks below right in front of her mom. how did she survive this vacation nightmare? and we do say good morning, america, on this thursday morning. friday eve. and the gang is all here. and we can't wait for everyone to see these parents of the newborn quintuplets. danielle and adam. the first all-girl quints born in this country. they have six girls now. wait until you hear what they say about trying to get a boy. >> i think she gets to win that one. we begin with the wild scene over washington. a florida postal worker somehow lands that gyrocopter right there on the capitol lawn. an act of civil disobedience.
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he managed to expose a security vulnerability. right in the heart of our capital. jim avila starts us off. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, george. he landed in the shadow of the capitol dome. he's in a washington, d.c., jail, awaiting charges. it floated in. past the white house. down the washington mall. over the monuments. on a beeline for the nation's capitol. an ultralight helicopter, less than 500 pounds, and carrying one passenger. >> this is not good, people. >> reporter: the gyroplane flying a route through the no-fly zone. around the capitol. penetrating the missile systems and the radar landing right on the west lawn of the capitol. 100 yards from the speaker's balcony. flown in protest by a former postal worker. >> i'm going to violate the no-fly zone. nonviolently and for nobody to get hurt.
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i'm going to land on the mall, right in front of the capitol building. >> reporter: but it was an immediate threat. raising questions about the protection for the nation's leaders. >> how does an individual in the air space get that close? >> reporter: especially when the pilot, identified as 61-year-old doug hughes from florida, taken away in handcuffs, his gyrocopter checked out by a robot, and then cleared by the bomb squad. in full protective garb. he made no secret of his plan to carry out a dramatic, bold act of civil disobedience. he told family and friends about the plan, intending to deliver letters to congress, demanding change in campaign finance laws. >> what he wanted to do was very brave and all that, even if a little bit stupid. >> reporter: and when his family called the secret service a year and a half ago, he told the
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agents of his plans, too. he told the local newspaper, which made this video of hughes learning to fly the copter. practicing and making youtube videos from the cockpit. all along emphasizing this was not terrorism, just a crazy stunt. >> terrorists don't announce their flights before they take off. okay? terrorists don't broadcast their flight path. no sane person could do what i'm doing. >> reporter: a protest mission he was willing to die for. says his friend in tampa. >> he knew the risks. he knew he could die. he knew he could be arrested. he knew he could go and go to jail. but he was willing to do that. >> reporter: the secret service said in a statement overnight they did investigate hughes a year and a half ago. but no one warned them of the pending flight on the day of. george. >> let's get more from the "tampa bay times" reporter who knew this was coming, ben montgomery.
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thanks for joining us this morning. doug first came to you first about a year ago? >> he called me up in my office. he said i'm going to commit an act of civil disobedience. nobody will get hurt. i might get hurt. in that event, i need somebody to be able to tell the backstory. >> what did you start to do? >> that first meeting, he explained he had this plan. it sounded to me like a bunch of craziness. but, i thought, you know what? i'm going to pay attention to this guy. if he has the wherewithal to carry this out, it could be an interesting story. >> you wrote he was a mix of paul revere and p.t. barnum. we also showed him telling you that no sane person would do what he was doing. did you think he was sane? >> i thought he was very sane. just sane enough to -- or just insane enough maybe to commit a federal crime like this. >> you get word he's going to pull this off. you go up to washington, as well.
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listen if he had flown a foot or two higher, he would have gotten killed. did you feel any responsibility to tell the authorities this was coming? >> look, he said he was going to do this whether we were there or not. um -- uh -- the authorities knew. he was interviewed by the secret service about a year before. before he took flight. he announced his flight well in advance. he left from gettysbur about and hour and half of flight time. >> what do you think should happen to doug now? >> he would want people to not view the story as oh, this is lax security on the part of the police. he was aiming for, we need to talk in a big way, as a nation, about whether we want unlimited corporate spending in elections. he -- you know, i think -- his message is kind of -- got lost in the past 24 hours. the idea that like there's big money in politics.
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and he felt like this was the crumbling of the democracy. we need to have a conversation about campaign finance reform. >> thanks ben for joining us. >> thank you. >> not the conversation we're having today. >> no, it's not. we're going to bring in pierre thomas. this incident is raising big questions about security at the capitol. many asking how they missed it. >> reporter: good morning, robin. law enforcement officials are concerned that millions of dollars deployed after 9/11 was not good enough to detect this small aircraft. it was an utter security failure and, sources say, a wakeup call. my sources have seen no evidence so far that radar detected it. that gyrocopter traveled more than 50 miles to get to the capitol. it should have been seen. >> is it technology or human failure to notice it was flying in? >> reporter: exactly. some sources wondering if the copter was too small, flying too low, too slow to be detected.
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if you can't see it, you can't track it or intercept it. normally, norad would be on alert and fighter jets dispatched. that did not happen because apparently, no one saw this aircraft coming in mile after mile. robin? we turn to politics. a major reversal from hillary clinton. the clinton foundation under fire for soliciting foreign donations. it announced last night it would stop taking most of them. let's talk about it with jon karl. >> clinton critics zeroing in on this question of foreign donations and possible conflicts. >> reporter: oh, she's been hammered over this over time. the most controversy has centered on donations from foreign governments with bad human rights records, like saudi arabia, which, on its own, has given millions to the clinton foundation. the clintons have always defended this. now the foundation is going to way cut back its foreign donors.
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no more donations from countries with bad human rights records. they'll continue to accept some foreign donations, only from allies, a small list of six countries, including england and canada. >> and chris christie hit the town meetings in new hampshire, trying to catch a spark. even before he's announced. >> reporter: he is going to try to come back. he was at one point, a possible front-runner. now he wants to come back one town hall at a time. he was up in new hampshire doing this yesterday. he's back, george, on friday, for yet another town hall meeting. he's got a long way to go. >> jon karl, thank you very much. now the former football star aaron hernandez convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for killing odin lloyd. it's a dramatic downfall for a young man worth millions, once one of the best players at his position. mara schiavocampo is here with more on this. good morning, mara. >> reporter: robin, good morning.
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he had it all. but now will be in prison for the rest of his life. jurors deliberated for 35 hours over 6 days. ultimately concluding the one-time pro athlete was a cold-blooded killer. patriots player turned prisoner. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> reporter: this morning, convicted of first-degree murder. the 25-year-old showing no emotion when the verdict was announced before falling into his seat. as his mother and fiancee sobbed, he reportedly turned and mouthed the words, be strong. just feet away, the victim's mother, also crying. >> he was my strength. i love him dearly. >> reporter: the conviction is a stunning fall from grace for hernandez. >> hernandez to the 12 yard line. >> reporter: a star tight end for a super bowl championship-winning team. with a $40 million contract. and a lavish mansion outside boston.
7:11 am
prosecutors say he threw it all away, orchestrating the murder of his friend, odin lloyd in 2013. >> this was just about a murder occurring. a brutal, senseless murder. >> reporter: the prosecution had no motive or murder weapon. but claimed this security video from hernandez's home showed him holding a gun less than ten minutes after lloyd's death. and that this box, later carried out by hernandez's fiancee, contained the murder weapon. >> some of us got there for different reasons. but ultimately reached the same conclusion. >> reporter: now $5 million of his assets are frozen. he's sentenced to life without parole. for now, at a prison, just one mile from the stadium where he was a star. and hernandez's legal troubles are not over. he still faces double murder charges for a drive-by shooting in 2012. officials say he killed two men
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over a spilled drink at a club. >> not over for hernandez. thank you, mara. amy has the morning's other top stories. starting with the search for the passenger plane missing for more than a year now. >> that's right. overnight crews looking for malaysia flight 370, which disappeared in march of last year, announced they'll double the search area in the indian ocean if they don't find the plane by next month. it's welcome news for the 227 passengers' families who feared authorities may gave up the search. crews have found no trace of the plane. at home, the fbi searching for a pair of bank robbers in the pittsburgh area growing increasingly violent. surveillance photos show one suspect pointing a gun at a bank employee's head. authorities believe the suspects may have a military background because of how they hold their weapons. they're believed responsible for at least three robberies so far and have threatened to fire back at any police who pursue them.
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new details about the police officer in arizona who ran down a suspect with his patrol car. the officer was the subject of a lawsuit in his previous job with the new york police department when he was accused of using excessive force, choking a man during a parking dispute. that lawsuit was settled. meanwhile, neal karlinsky has more on why investigators insist the officer's actions on the street in arizona were, in fact, justified. >> reporter: the video is disturbing. a suspect intentionally run down by police. >> oh! >> reporter: this morning, the man who watched it all unfold right in front of his office tells abc news, he believes police did the right thing. you think this guy was a threat? >> oh, heavens yes. i know he was. if they got into a gunfight, there would have been bullets all over the place. >> reporter: police say the video doesn't tell the story. the suspect was wanted for a suspected three-hour crime
7:14 am
spree, allegedly robbing a 7-eleven, breaking into a church, stealing a car. and also caught on camera, allegedly stealing this rifle and ammunition from a walmart. when officers approached him walking with the loaded rifle. >> stop. don't [ bleep ] do it. >> you don't want to do this. you don't want to do this. >> reporter: he didn't just ignore the police. he fired the gun. >> i think the police officer made a tough, tough decision. it turned out to be the right decision. >> reporter: security experts say, horrible as it looks, the suspect is lucky the police didn't open fire. >> the officer's actions were unconventional. but they were effective. he was able to stop a very violent situation. >> reporter: his attorney says the circumstances don't justify the violent tactic. >> i think there are all sorts of other things the police could have done. >> reporter: for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, tucson, arizona. the state of kansas in the spotlight for its new crackdown
7:15 am
on welfare spending. it bans welfare recipients from buying tattoos, concert tickets, and lingerie, among other things. the governor says the goal is to get families off welfare. critics say the limits are mean-spirited. an explosive scene on long island, new york. police say a man trying to kill bedbugs in his rental car. he doused the interior with rubbing alcohol. moments later, he lit a cigarette. you see is aftermath. the car bursting into flames. he escaped and he survived his second-degree burns. wow. and finally, a woman who has a much better attitude about all of those potholes plaguing our streets than i do. rather than angrily shouting at no one while hitting those potholes, like i do, she used the power of positivity is to elicit change. when the city wasn't doing enough, she decided to plant flowers in them.
7:16 am
one by one they highlighted how many potholes were lurking out there. guess what? it worked. she got city's attention. the pothole patrol has been filling them one by one. i would like to see that happen in new york. >> creative solution. >> a daring solution. to sit in the middle of the road. >> she would be really busy in new york. >> thank you for the warning. don't cross amy. >> i do it by myself all the time in the car. another amazing story coming up. one woman lucky to be alive this morning after a massive wave knocked her off the face of a cliff, dropping her on to the rocks below. it was all caught on camera. >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: watch as the woman taking this cell phone video gets swept away by this massive wave off the coast of ireland. the wall of water sweeps her off the edge. knocking her 40 feet down. her parents nearby as their
7:17 am
21-year-old daughter tumbles. >> the most terrifying moments of my life. when i see the huge wave coming and my daughter shouting mommy, i look back, she's not there. >> reporter: fortunately, a couple visiting the island sprang to action. fashioned a rope out of a jacket. tied it to a backpack and lowering it down. >> at first, i didn't see it coming. i tried to run. the wave just pushed me off my perch. >> reporter: rescuing apu gupta. who was visiting ireland's islands. >> the water cushioned my fall. the impact wasn't as great as it could have been. >> i mean, amazing story. i'm glad she's alive. if you're ever standing on a cliff no one else is there, they're all aiming a camera at you, don't be there. get off. >> run. >> good advice. great up here. storms down south? >> in southern louisiana. dozens of severe storm reports. huge chunks of hail. and this trees going down.
7:18 am
60-plus-mile-per-hour winds. all through the gulf coast. you can see it catching it right on camera as the tree goes down. the damage. this morning will be a whole lot calmer. there are areas that have to watch out for severe storms. this is who has to be on alert. anywhere from southwest kansas through amarillo. to houston, austin, san antonio. you're all in the risk area today. good morning, i am meteorologist with the
7:19 am
microclimate forecast. sunny and warm, and today is the warmest at the coast. watch out for the dangerous rip currents. cooling trend for all of us and a couple of chances of rain but light next week. we will have low-to-mid 70s along the coast and low 80s an the bay shore and low-to-mid 80s inland. the seven-day forecast shows the cooling hitting the coast tomorrow and the rest of us by >> see this picture? salt lake city, ten inches of snow. more snow than they had all season. >> that's a weeping cherry tree. >> they are all happy and crying with joy because they finally got some snow. they need it. >> all right, better late than never. coming up, the shocking double life of a prominent heart doctor charged in a murder for hire plot. and ahead, sofia vergara's modern legal battle. the fight with her ex-fiance over
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7:25 am
commute. it seems to get bad towards the end. >> that's like at berkeley, i-80 away from university avenue plenty of sunshine, however, we do see a 32-minute drive from highway 4 up to the maze. b.a.r.t. trains eric, but as we take you into fremont, south southbound 680, we have an accident leaving us with heavy backups from before 84.
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good morning. have you been outside yet? look how mile. 51. 50 in los gatos. 63 in san jose.
7:28 am
san carlos, 61 livermore and fair field, golden gate sunshine, temperatures look at this instead of mid 60s to low 70s where we should be we'll be in mid 70s to mid-80s. we may push 90 inland tomorrow before a cooling trend. heading to the coast the warmest with low to mid-70s. also rip currents, sneakaways and large breakers. starting late tomorrow afternoon, sea breeze develops. it returns to the ma rain layer, you can see the cooling taking place for the coast and bay.
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good morning, america. right now, the florida postal worker in custody this morning as authorities try to figure out how he flew his small helicopter onto the capitol lawn, undetected. also right now. a prominent new york heart doctor charged with planning a brutal crime spree. and michael phelps talks for the first time since leaving rehab. what he's saying. about his comeback. you think you're tired this morning? you got nothing on this family. we'll hear from the parents, adam and danielle. all-girl quintuplets. they already have a 4-year-old. now five more. a total of six. and, uh, can you just wait until they're in high school? >> they think they're busy now. just wait. >> dad will have to go sleep
7:31 am
downstairs. so that is coming up. we're going to begin with the murder for hire plot involving a top doctor. prominent new york cardiologist anthony moschetto trying to take out a rival. first trying to burn down his office. then trying to hire a hit man to kill him. >> reporter: the d.a. describing this like a dr. jekyll and mr. hyde. she calls him a hidden monster living in one of the nation's wealthy areas. claiming the doctor came up with this murder for hire plot just to get the other doctor's business. by day, authorities say dr. anthony moschetto was a respected cardiologist. patients describing him as caring, attentive. by night, the long island cardiologist allegedly leading a double life, plotting to kill a doctor competing for patients. look at this undercover video. police say that's moschetto allegedly
7:32 am
making part of a payment to have a rival beat up. >> it started slow and became a plot to commit murder. >> reporter: authorities say according to court documents, moschetto hired these two men to burn down his rival's office. the district attorney's office telling abc, the cardiologist allegedly paid with illegal prescriptions and guns, including an uzi assault rifle. when the building's sprinkler system put out the fire, he allegedly tried to hire someone else to kill his rival. >> he was willing to pay $5,000, he would pay $5,000 for the severe injury of this associate. and he would pay $20,000 to have him killed. >> reporter: that plan backfiring when the hit man turned out to be an undercover officer. on tuesday, police say they
7:33 am
found more than 100 weapons in a secret room only accessible through a motorized bookshelf at moschetto's long island home. his attorney who wouldn't discuss details of the case paints a different picture of his client. >> he's family guy. dedicated. really, to his patients. >> reporter: the d.a. says moschetto had enough weapons to supply a small army. he was arraigned in court on wednesday and pleaded not guilty. sounds like something right out of hollywood, george. let's go to michael. michael phelps on the comeback trail. >> yeah. another michael. he's the most decorated olympic athlete of all time with 22 total medals. he's getting back in the pool today for the first time since his dui arrest with an eye on the 2016 games. abc's paula faris has more. >> reporter: this morning, michael phelps is dipping his toes back in the competitive waters. >> have i screwed up? yeah, a lot.
7:34 am
>> reporter: plunging into the pool for the first time since his six-month suspension by usa swimming after pleading guilty of drunk driving in september. >> i did more growing up in the last eight months than i have in my life. >> reporter: winning may come easily. for the 18-time olympic gold medallist. staying out of trouble, a different story. he pleaded guilty to a dwi in 2004. in 2009, he was suspended from swimming for three months after "star" magazine published this picture of phelps using a marijuana pipe. >> i take full responsibility for all of my actions. i've hurt a lot of people. it's been terrible. >> reporter: following this latest arrest, phelps entered rehab, joined alcoholics anonymous, and in february, announced his engagement to nicole johnson, a former miss california. now he has his sights set on rio. >> are you trying to go to rio? >> how did i know that would be
7:35 am
the first question? you guys heard it here first. >> reporter: if phelps makes the u.s. team, he'll be 31, considered old for a world class swimmer. the average age of medalists in his best events is 21.4. >> i would just get up and swim as hard as i could and leave it in the water and that's what i'm going to do here. >> reporter: and hoping his best strokes are yet to come. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> can it be done? we were talking about -- >> dara torres. she was 0.01 seconds from gold last time. >> impressive. very impressive. >> you're a renaissance woman. you know a little bit of this. a little bit of this. >> just enough to be dangerous. >> how about this weather. i'm not a renaissance woman. i'm an expertise woman, just about the weather. the red flag warnings in southern california. look at this brush fire from overnight. the relative humidities still low this morning.
7:36 am
red flag warnings all throughout here. los angeles is just outside of it. we could see wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. remember the snow we were talking about at least in salt lake? they're going to see some upsloping. black foot, idaho, will have more snow. they'll get more in colorado and wyoming. good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco building warm the with low-to-mid 70s at the coast and mid-70s to low 80s around the bay, and pretty much low-to-mid 80s inland. it will start to get calmer tomorrow at the coast and my seven-day >> all this weather brought to you by angie's you know what i don't know a lot? when i watch "jeopardy!" right? >> oh, yeah. >> i need help. >> a fortune cookie for the day. thanks. coming up here, sofia vergara's legal battle with her ex-fiance over frozen embryos. the important questions for
7:37 am
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it's 7:40. we're back now with the battle heating up between sofia vergara and her ex-fiance, nick loeb. he's suing to keep her from destroying frozen embryos they created before breaking up. abc has the story. >> reporter: this morning, sofia vergara is in the middle of a legal battle over an issue some consider to be a matter of life and death. >> sofia? big smile. >> reporter: her ex-fiance, nick loeb, filing a complaint to prevent their two frozen female embryos from ever being destroyed. in november of 2013, six months before the couple broke up, they used in vitro fertilization to create embryos. planning to eventually use a surrogate. vergara spoke to amy about ivf
7:42 am
on "gma." >> i'm 40 years old. nothing happens that naturally anymore. i wanted to make sure i froze some eggs. i wanted to take advantage of science. why not? >> reporter: at the time, both signed an agreement that said the embryos should be destroyed in the event of either or both of their deaths. now loeb wants to save them. at all costs and he says she hasn't agreed to that. >> i think the court has to decide if the agreement controls in this situation where there's a breakup rather than a death. >> reporter: the complaint doesn't allege that vergara is actively trying to destroy the embryos, loeb is saying she bullied and berated him into the agreement at the time. a friend close to loeb says the banking dynasty heir has always been a pro-life republican who believes life begins at conception. and killing them is no different than killing a life. the court documents list the
7:43 am
parties as john and jane doe. loeb's friend acknowledged this was the couple. we reached out for comment but have not heard back. for "good morning america," tom llamas, abc news, new york. avril lavigne is speaking out for the first time about her health battle. it's only on "gma" this morning. more than 40 bottles a day and 50 diapers, how the parents of the newborn quintuplets are doing it all. and what they're saying about expanding their family. amazing. g it all. and what they're saying about expanding their family. amazing. the track you don't want to end. that's why these all-new special k snack bars are full of the good stuff like golden oats, dark chocolaty chunks and salty pretzels. each for 100 feel-good calories. ♪ because you should give life all the flavor you've got. special k snacks. be flavorful.
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look how cute. anybody who fits in this? how could they be scary? oh, come on. >> it's being multiplied. >> you get one. you get one. we'll pass them around. we're going to be talking about the texas couple welcoming the first all-girl quintuplets ever born in the united states of america. i had the chance to talk to the proud parents just a bit ago. adam and danielle busby. first of all, congratulations. and we want to know how, want to get all five names right.
7:48 am
olivia, ava, hazel, parker, and riley, how are they all doing this morning, you two? >> they're doing fabulous. probably not wanting to move too much. sleeping on their bellies a little bit. >> i know the doctors have said they're all healthy. that has to be an answer to many prayers, right, adam? >> it's such a relief knowing obviously what all the potential risks are. >> we understand the first ultrasound showed nothing. and then there was another one. and another one. and the babies started popping up in the ultrasounds. what was your reaction when you realized you were carrying five babies? >> i laughed. almost the whole rest of the doctor's appointment, yeah. this one, he didn't have the same reaction. >> okay. she's calling you out, adam. what was your reaction? >> we came to terms with having four. you know, the doctor was just, you know, preparing us. and i had my coffee in my hand. i jumped. >> yeah.
7:49 am
and, identical twins. of the five, two are identical twins, right? >> ava and olivia. >> everyone is praising you, danielle, for the great care you took of yourself and your baby girls. you had to consume 4500 calories during your pregnancy? >> that's right. it's kind of crazy. thanks to our smoothy king. they would give me 1200-calorie, what is it called? whatever those smoothies. the hulk. they're like you don't want that. i'm like, i don't want it, i need it. >> how about now. all the diapers and all the bottles you have to go through both of you. >> i said we need a whole trash can. those diaper pails or genies. throw that away. we need a dumpster in the garage just to throw the dirty diapers in. >> you have family and friends. your church community has
7:50 am
surrounded you, as well. and helping you. so, not just five girls. you have six because you have a 4-year-old daughter, blayke as well. are you going to try for a baby boy anytime soon? >> i mean, maybe. i'm just kidding. >> no way. because -- >> yeah, right. >> at the rate we're going, we'll have a seventh girl. it's just -- that's -- >> that's not happening. >> it might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. >> i love your sense of humor. i guess it has served you well. everyone is healthy and happy and we wish you all the very, very best. we're going send gifts. we have onesies and things to send your way to help you out with that big group that you have there. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. >> all the best to you, danielle and adam. take care. >> thank you so much. >> all righty. when we were doing it, the reaction of them -- >> when adam was asked about the boy.
7:51 am
>> i'm good. i'm good. >> six and done. >> no dice. >> we're happy they're all healthy and doing well. >> congratulations. coming up on "gma," big "star wars" news. how the director surprised some superfans. "good morning america" deals and steals brought to you by bank of america. use your cash rewards credit
7:52 am
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digestive health and regularity. now from abc 7 news. >> good morning, i'm eric thomas. meteorologist mike nicco has a look at bay area forecast. warmer? >> yes absolutely, eric that may lead people to go to the coast. sunshine and 7 on watch out for rip currents, sneaker waves and large breakers are. take a look at our temperatures. outside of san francisco, san mateo, coast, low to mid-80s. all right. going to the game tonight, 68 degrees, 7:15 dropping down to 62. accuweather serve dane forecast light cooling spreads friday
7:57 am
through the weekend. >> san jose 101, 41 minutes from 85 to the south bay freeway. into san francisco, daly city 101, because of accident on northbound 280, that drive will take 30 minutes. >> thank you very much. news continues female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and inside avril lavigne's serious health struggle. now speaking out for the first time this morning on "gma." ♪ we are family ♪ a major health alert for moms. the new research revealing how long you should wait to have your next child. and the advice from doctors right now. ♪ and this morning, the force awakens. >> the dark side. >> inside the frenzy that got the force all stirred up overnight. the "star wars" director surprising fans just hours before the new look at the next "star wars" is revealed.
8:01 am
>> well, if you haven't figured it out, today is national wear your pajamas to work day. >> oh, no. >> oh. >> there we go, nuge! >> our crew is game this morning. >> oh, my. >> a little plaid going on there. >> i can't unsee that pink onesie. >> you'll have to see your own pajamas here. >> hey, sal. >> oh, this is cute. >> oh, look, they have our initials. >> i love that. >> doughnuts. >> oh, mine's good. >> cowboy boots. >> oh. >> i would -- >> it's like "laverne & shirley." i love that. >> mine's a onesie with my name on the behind area. yeah. >> this is wonderful, thank you very much. i know we say this all the time, we have the best crew ever. >> we do. >> yes. >> ever, ever in the business. appreciate how you guys go all in every time. >> i think they're enjoying it a little too much. >> they're comfortable this morning.
8:02 am
>> we're having fun inside. outside as well. "veep" star anna chlumsky is here. look another her. she's getting in on the act. she's looking pretty comfy herself. tory johnson is also here. she's got great "deals & steals." look at tory, jesse. they're also getting cozy out there. >> jesse palmer. >> a great story ahead from jesse. he's going to talk about a former pro athlete turned coach who went from the big leagues to little league. he revolutionized how parents and kids should participate in sports together. i can't wait to see that. >> i want to see that one. thank you, michael. let's get news from amy. we begin with serious questions about security in washington after man was able to fly his one-seat helicopter on to the lawn outside the capitol undetected. the florida postal worker is in jail this morning awaiting charges. he said he wanted to deliver letters to congress and posted videos online, detailing his plans. even speaking to the secret service over a year ago. yet, he was still able to penetrate washington's no-fly
8:03 am
zone. the secret service acknowledges investigating him. but said they received no warning about yesterday's flight. new information on the arizona police officer who drove into the suspect with his squad car. officer michael rapiejko had been sued before when he worked for the nypd. he was accused of pointing a gun at a man and choking him during a parking dispute. that case was settled. his current police chief is defending his actions saying the officer made the right decision to stop the armed suspect. well, a judge says general motors cannot be sued in connection with dozens of deaths and injuries blamed on faulty ignition switches because the problem originated before gm emerged from bankruptcy. the ruling could save gm $10 billion in lawsuits. and in health news, mothers looking to have another baby may want to hold off a bit longer. a new study from the cdc found that 30% of moms looking to have another child became pregnant again in less than 18 months.
8:04 am
experts say that's a concern and say women should space out pregnancies at least 18 months apart to give their body time to recover and increase their chances of carrying the child to term. well, a big scare at a condo development in florida. you see there what's lurking just outside the door? residents saying sharks like this one are getting way too close for comfort. they blame fishermen for putting bait in the water and attracting the sharks. residents want those waters to be designated as areas for swimming only. big news for "star wars" fans, the trailer for the next "star wars" movie comes out today. and so as you imagine, people lined up overnight in anaheim to watch it. so director j.j. abrams did something very nice. look at that. he brought everybody in line pizza. many happy patrons posting pictures online overnight. "star wars, the force awakens" hits theaters december 18th. and i just want to say, if j.j. abrams would like to stop by
8:05 am
anytime, i love pizza. thank you very much. we'll hear from him tomorrow along with the trailer. so a lot to look forward to. >> maybe he'll bring pizza. >> maybe he will. >> i just put the idea out there. >> thank you, amy. "pop news" and weather coming up. but now let's go to michael in the social square. >> here's a look ahead on the morning menu. in "pop news" -- we all fell in crazy stupid love with ryan gosling and emma stone. could they be reuniting on the big screen? and avril lavigne speaking out for the first time about her health battle. only here on "gma." plus, the love equation. how math can help you find a perfect match. even if you're bad at math doesn't mean you can't find a perfect match. and "veep" star anna chlumsky is here live, all coming up on "gma" here in times square.
8:06 am
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carmax will be the best way to buy them. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. welcome back, everybody. time for "pop news." we begin by looking at the most influential people in the world. "time" magazine revealing their annual list. so many major players are on there. here's a look at the five magazine covers about to hit newsstands. kanye west, bradley cooper, misty copeland, ruth bader ginsburg and jorge ramos, one of our colleagues from fusion.
8:11 am
everyone from politicians to pop stars featured. taylor swift made it. she got to profile a fellow honoree, the barefoot contessa, ina garten. whose recipes are mwah. >> taylor swift. that's an interesting one. >> also on the list, laverne cox. and president barack obama who is making the cut for the tenth time. and guys, must mention, disney's bob iger. the ceo of our parent company. he was cited for his entrepreneurial nature. >> he's hip. >> he's hip. he's influential. and we always have time for you. legendary nfl tight end tony gonzalez will share his story on the big screen in the documentary "play it forward," premiering at the tribeca espn films festival tonight. brought you to by executive producer michael strahan. >> yes. >> i would like to ask you, how does it feel to have a film that
8:12 am
you feel so passionately about be shown at tribeca? >> it's amazing. it really is. i'm used to tony beating up on me on the field. this is great to follow him around in his life. the film, pay it forward. it's about how you have so many people support you and play their life forward so you can advance in yours. and the way he's giving back to them as well. it's a very, very good film involving his family. a very touching story. >> it's wonderful how open he is talking about that beautiful family of his, who he gives all credit to. a lot of athletes are like that. >> they don't hold anything back. you get a great understanding of what it takes sacrifice from everybody else and how they don't diminish their dreams as well and lose themselves into your life. >> how many jobs do you have? >> i love to work. you produced us, too. so i'm trying to travel the robin roberts' path. i'm swimming. you got mama fish. you got little michael fish right behind you. >> come here, little guppy. come on. >> coming to you, mama.
8:13 am
it's a great, great time for people, if you're into films, to support the arts. >> let's hear your best action! >> action! >> there we go. we're going to give you a little action. one more thing. i brought you news yesterday of an amazing josh groban/kelly clarkson duet. with help from the quick to the draw amy over there. >> you called it. >> today, another dynamic duo. this is a possibly. ryan gosling and emma stone, nearly four years after fans fell in crazy stupid love with that film, deadline is reporting that the duo is in serious talks to star in "la la land" from the creator of "whiplash." get this. it's an old-fashioned musical set in los angeles. stone would play an aspiring actress. gosling a jazz pianist. >> i would see that. >> i'm in. >> i would, too. >> me likey. >> me likey a lot. you won't likey this. you'll agree with this. there's a new rule in college
8:14 am
tennis that will serve up a rowdier crowd. it now allows heckling. the big 12 conference, including schools like tcu and oklahoma, has instituted a new policy that allows fans to yell during rallies and even during serves. i mean, i can barely serve as it is. let alone -- the rule comes as an attempt to boost attendance at games. students are getting into it. one college junior telling "the wall street journal" that tennis heckling is better than football, because the players can actually hear me when i yell at them. >> that makes no sense. >> but tennis? what about the athlete really working hard trying to focus on what they're trying to do? >> and tennis is a mental sport. >> they want to boost attendance? they could be rowdy. that means they'll come to the match. you don't want them there. if they can't appreciate the match. >> i knew you would not like this. this is in that one conference. the one division, once you get to the ncaa tournament, it's back to quiet again. >> wow, wow. >> i knew that would be a talker. >> oh, for sure. we're old people.
8:15 am
when i played tennis, you know, there was no heckling. >> a wooden racket. >> i had a wooden racket. >> thanks. that's "pop news." >> thank you, lara. the "heat index" coming up. first, here's ginger. >> can we have a bed in times square every day? i'm so comfortable. we're celebrating national pajama day. i thought i would wear a robe. say good morning. how are you all? where are you from? >> connecticut. >> welcome from connecticut. how about we start with a new york city live shot. today is much cooler than it was. yesterday, our first official 70-degree day. did you enjoy it? it was so pretty, right? it's slightly cooler. still will be nice. philadelphia 71. pittsburgh, 60, 71, buffalo. you go out west, quite different. texas, severe storm potential today. the upslope flow. utah and parts of colorado going to get up to one or two feet in some places in the mountains. so there's a lot going on across the nation.
8:16 am
good morning, i am meteorologist with the microclimate forecast. sunny and warm, and today is the warmest at the coast. watch out for the dangerous rip currents. cooling trend for all of us and a couple of chances of rain but light next week. we will have low-to-mid 70s along the coast and low 80s an the bay shore and low-to-mid 80s inland. the seven-day forecast shows the cooling hitting the coast tomorrow and the rest of us by >> i'm telling you. everybody's comfortable this morning. everybody is very happy. we're happy that you're here. let's get back inside to george. >> you do look comfortable. time for the "heat index." an abc news exclusive with avril lavigne. she's been dealing with lyme disease for months. at times unable to move or talk. she is recovering from home. we'll talk to her from her home after a little more on what she's been going through.
8:17 am
this morning, avril lavigne is fighting back. ♪ everything wasn't okay ♪ >> reporter: she became ill on tour last april. when doctors told her it was just dehydration and exhaustion. she knew it was something more. she got several opinions and was finally diagnosed with lyme disease. ♪ i was scared i was so alone ♪ >> reporter: the 30-year-old was scared and kept her diagnosis out of the public eye until december. when she sent a message to a concerned fan on twitter, saying -- i'm not feeling well, i'm having some health issues. so please keep me in your prayers. the message went viral. ♪ keep holding on ♪ >> reporter: this morning, she's on the road to recovery from a debilitating illness. and she's on the phone right now from her home, avril, can you hear us? how are you feeling? >> hi, guys. i'm well. i'm doing well. thank you. >> we saw you really had to push hard for this diagnosis.
8:18 am
didn't know what was wrong for the longest time. >> i went from doctor to doctor for about eight months. until i found somebody that had the knowledge behind this disease and the experience of treating it. i actually knew i had it the whole time. probably since the summer. and, i just was up against a lot of doctors telling me, you're crazy. it's either -- some of them were like, it doesn't exist. i was like, but this is really happening to me. so, it was pretty unacceptable and frustrating. that's why i'm here today, to talk about it, to bring awareness. to hopefully help other people. >> you said it was a wakeup call. what have you learned about it? what kinds of adjustments have you had to make? >> well, i believe that i will come out of this healthier and stronger than i was before. um -- i have gained a lot of perspective on my life.
8:19 am
i have never had this much down time. so it's been good in that sense. and -- um -- i'm really just choosing to look at the positives. today i'm releasing a song. >> that's what we wanted to ask you about. that's fantastic. it's a single for the special olympics. it's called "fly." it's such an inspiring story. why don't you tell us about it? >> i wrote "fly" for my foundation a couple years ago. i partnered up with the special olympics. and -- all the net proceeds go to the special olympics. it's about inner strength and courage. and i shot a music video for it. and i wanted the athletes to be the stars of the video. just like the message of the song, to show the world that they can overcome their challenges. and -- and that everyone is meant to shine. and this song took on a whole new meaning for me during the time that i've been sick. which was pretty magical.
8:20 am
>> yeah. and everyone will get a chance to hear and see that video in a little bit right here on "gma." avril, thank you so much. for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> we're glad you're feeling better. we're glad you're back to work. we cannot wait to see "fly" in a little bit. >> thank you. >> thank you, avril. this is so important. a lot of people are affected by this. they feel that no one takes it seriously. it's wonderful she's doing that. now the big league inspiration from st. louis cardinals manager mike matheny. whose message about success in sports in life went viral. he's turned it into a book called "the matheny manifesto." all the things he learned while coaches a little league baseball team. who better than our friend jesse palmer to bring it to us. >> thank you. current st. louis manager mike matheny agreed to coach a little league team but under certain conditions, reflecting his old school views on parenting and
8:21 am
youth sports. >> you don't tell me what we can talk about and what we can't talk about. you're 15. i'll let you know if we're going to talk about it or not. >> reporter: in the documentary film "trophy kids," we get an alarming look into youth sports. >> i know you didn't see it. you were looking the other way. >> okay, that's enough. >> reporter: in your opinion, what is the biggest problem facing youth sports in america today? >> i would say a couple of things. people have forgotten how fun should be a part of it. i think the biggest problem comes down to motive. when a parent puts their agenda in front of the kid's, you start pushing kids away from sports. we have to step back and ask, why are we doing this? >> reporter: mike matheny is the manager of the st. louis cardinals. but in 2010, when a group of local parents approached him about managing his son's little league team, he balked. tell me about "the matheny manifesto." >> i have seen coaching go well. and i have seen it go extremely
8:22 am
bad as well. parents with warped ideas. of how they needed to support their kids and watching kids quit at a high rate. so i started listing out some of the things that were obvious to me. >> reporter: "the matheny manifesto," a letter he wrote to parents outlining how things would have to be different for him to take the job. of managing these little-leaguers. i believe the biggest role a parent can play is to be a silent source of encouragement. this is all about the boys. how easy or hard was it for you, as parents, to change your own behavior on game day? >> um, terrible. >> horrible. >> we had grown up yelling. we thought it was encouraging. you can do it, you can do it. >> and what we saw, at the end of the day, the kids just enjoyed the game. >> reporter: they didn't win a championship. but every one of the boys came away a better player. and in their own minds, better and more confident. young man. >> it was the best coaching experience i have ever had.
8:23 am
i learned so much. >> i think it was a lot different because he put more emphasis on it's not all about baseball. it's about using baseball as a way to make you a better man and push you in the right direction in life. >> we're raising up our next group of leaders. and i think we're crazy if we don't think that even sports at the lowest level can help those kids develop into who they are supposed to be. >> reporter: i gotta tell you. i love this book. i think everyone should read it. it's not just for coaches or parents. everyone can get something valuable from reading "the matheny manifesto." it transcends sports. it's about leaving a positive impression on our youth today. instilling values that kids can take to life. after baseball or off the playing field. it's a tremendous read. >> i'm in. i'm in. >> i'm in, too. >> i can't wait to read that. but mike just said, why did we all start playing sports? because it was fun. >> he famously says at the start of the manifesto, the only team he thought he would ever coach
8:24 am
is a team full of orphans because the biggest problem in youth sports today with the parents. i think he's right. we have to change the culture. it's gone viral. youth sports in america are changing. a big reason because of him. >> it's counterintuitive, parents think they're helping. by putting that pressure on them but in fact, you're pushing them away. back off. >> the kid at the plate, game on the line. he or she is worried about letting themselves, the teammate, the coach down, but the one person in the park they love more than anyone us. also cheering for them, but -- you ask most 10-year-olds what you want parents to do at games? nothing. >> quiet. quiet. it's true. >> otherwise you get the death stare. >> that's right. >> thank you, jesse. next on our heat index, when you think about love, math is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. it may help explain your relationship and why it works. or doesn't. nick watt takes a look at the love equation. >> reporter: does the argument
8:25 am
you're having with your spouse ever feel like it's disintegrating diplomacy between two nuclear powers? well, it is. >> mathematically speaking, there's a direct relationship. >> reporter: a formula devised by two eggheads called gottman and murray. who studied hundreds of bickering couples. >> giving your wife a sad, freeway bucket rose. >> hey, hey, what? you know. that's it. i'm out! all right! >> just by decoding what is happening in an argument into numbers, basically, they could predict whether a particular couple would get divorced with 90% accuracy. >> reporter: anna frye just wrote about this in the book "mathematics of love." seriously. math and love, bed fellows? here are the numbers. >> you can draw a graph. while you look at couples' arguments and translate it into plus and minus points. you show things like disgust,
8:26 am
which is generally wisely avoided, that's minus three points. if you're conveying joy or humor, you get plus four points. >> reporter: so which couples stay together? the chilled ones that don't sweat the small stuff. right? >> it's the exact opposite. couples were, if something bothers them, they speak up. they mention it straight away. and they don't let really small issues end up becoming a really big deal. those are the ones who ended up having the most success in the long term. >> reporter: seriously? okay. i'm off to ask my wife why she didn't take the trash out. really? have i got this right? for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. coming up, national wear your pajamas to work day. or slippers. we're having a lot of fun celebrating with our slippers on. also, we have got
8:27 am
now from abc 7 news. >> girm. i'm eric thomas. police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that injured a woman. it happened in east oakland. the officer who fired the shots was a san leandro police officer, investigating burglaries outside his city limits that's when police say he spotted a stolen car and tried to pull it oven the plainclothes officer says the woman rammed his car with hers so he opened fire. she was hit but is expected to survive. police detained her male passenger. leyla? >> better conditions through berkeley. a look from our emeryville camera towards hichlt ofi-780, traffic
8:28 am
is heavy but moving along. traffic blocking the lane in san jose as you approach stevens creek boulevard. traffic stacked on to 80 from 101 up to cupertino. >> [bulldog yawns] it's finally morning! i can't wait to get to mattress discounters because the tempur-pedic bonus event is ending soon. i'll have first pick from the huge selection of tempur-pedic mattresses. then i'll get to choose $300 in pillows, sheets and other free gifts. on top of that, up to 48 months interest-free financing! it's a beautiful day for mattress discounters' tempur-pedic bonus event. mmm... some alarm clock you turned out to be. ♪ mattress discounters ♪
8:29 am
in good morning. from tower cam weather window showing golden sunshine on the golden gate bridge. warm temperatures. much warmer than average. low 60s to mid 70s.
8:30 am
upper 70s possibly warmer tomorrow. marine layer return saturday ♪ spread your wings across the universe, it's your time to it's your time to shine ♪ ♪ there's a light inside of all of us ♪ ♪ it's your time to fly fly ♪ [ cheers and applause ] the world exclusive first look at avril lavigne's music video, "fly" being shown. special olympics. all proceeds will go to the amazing foundation. >> something close to the singer's heart. this song was inspired by those children she met through the avril lavigne foundation. so i think we're doing the smart thing staying out of bed.
8:31 am
it's a good home choice for me. >> join the party. >> robin wins the slippers of the day award. >> she does. she does. she always does. we have representatives from the program here in times square right now to mark a very special day. we're 100 days away from the special olympics world games. in los angeles. which will air exclusively on espn. and abc. and our robin will be on the coverage team for the event. >> i'm very excited. i'll be with you. honored that espn has asked me to be the host of the opening ceremonies. in l.a., july 25th. >> looking forward to it, robin. >> can't wait. to explain what we're doing. >> please do. >> it's national wear your pajamas to work day today. pajamagram outfitting our crew.
8:32 am
we've been celebrating all morning long. i could broadcast from a bed. >> i sleep in my suit. >> you know what? that surprises no one. >> you don't remember this but diane sawyer wanted us to do our show in pajamas one time. just one time. because she feels sh everybody at home is watching in p.j.s. why shouldn't we? >> so let us know how you feel. >> should we broadcast from our pajamas? >> because we would like to. we have to get to michael with "deals & steals." with tory. michael, hit it. >> get ready to feel good about treating yourself to tory johnson's "deals & steals" this morning. not only are they a great bargain. all the companies featured will make a donation of their sales of services to a worthy charity. >> can't beat that, right? >> i'm great. >> one of our favorite companies. kings of cole. two styles of tops. what i love is -- so, check this out. you can see it on screen.
8:33 am
>> you know what they say about that. >> the bye hater. >> talk to the hand. >> or the heart. 25% of all the sales of these tops, the v-neck or the hoodie goes to the bully project. a big -- j. lo kardashians, big fans of these. these are slashed by at least 79%. $22 to $24. >> bye hater. bye prices. >> exactly. solo eye wear. this is a really cool company. their sales have restored vision for 10,000 people in 32 countries around the world. oh, those look great. they're all hand-crafted of recycled bamboo. on the sides, as you see that. polarized lenses. a big assortment. big deal on these as well. normally $95 to $100. slashed in half. so $47.50. >> nice. >> aren't they beautiful? lightweight. beautiful quality. >> feel good.
8:34 am
a company called lstn. >> listen up people. >> so lstn has funded the gift of hearing for more than 20,000 people around the world. a lot of kids. and men and women as well. and you can give yourself or someone you love, the gift of crisp, clear, incredible sound. there's noise canceling features. really real le phenomenal quality. aren't those beautiful? >> i can't hear you. >> exactly. not a bad thing. ear buds and headphones. a couple of styles to choose from. normally, $50 to $150. depending on what you choose. cut in half. $25 to $75. >> a great deal. another really fun one. this is called chavez for charity. they make all kinds of jewelry. they support ten charities. so each of the colors. the bracelets come in sets of five. you choose one color to coordinate with the charity of your choice. there's ten. there are earrings that support charity. so you get to pick a style that
8:35 am
you love but also a cause that you care about, which i think is pretty phenomenal. this company has given away $500,000 from the sale of their jewelry. impressive. normally, $18 to $50. these prices are all slashed in half. so 9 to 25 bucks. not bad. >> here we go. this is a local company here in yonkers. greyston bakeries. we don't hire people to bake brown nooes. we bake brown nooesies so we can hire people. the jobs create economic revival in communities. and stability among the people they hire. it's an eight-piece set. you get to choose just chocolate fudge or there's an assorted set of brownies. not only will you love eating them, you'll feel good knowing someone got a job because they were paid to bake these brownies. >> i'm an assorted kind of guy.
8:36 am
>> so $25 normally. slashed in half, $12.50. can't beat that. >> can't beat it. >> two bonus deals only on that also give to great causes. >> you can look good. eat good. you can't beat that. give back to charity. we want to say thank you to all the companies for providing these great deals. head to on yahoo! to get the codes and links for these bargains. thank you, again, tory johnson. >> of course. now to ginger with a final check of the weather. >> oh, michael. we love the "deals & steals." i'm still in my slippers. i'm staying in these slippers all day. my new best friends from chicago. we're happy this morning. we're going to start in chicago. with a photo. look at what the skies were like all around the city. it's not just the pretty colors. do you see those dollops of whip cream? those are called fall streaks and virga. any way, that was happening around chicago. this morning, flash flood watches and warnings along the
8:37 am
gulf coast. new orleans is one of the places they could get inches of rain. we're talking more than half foot in places like biloxi possible. watch out the next 24 to 48 hours. the severe storms, denver, today, 46. good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco building warm the with low-to-mid 70s at the coast and mid-70s to low 80s around the bay, and pretty much low-to-mid 80s inland. it will start to get calmer tomorrow at the coast and my seven-day forecast shows >> oh, it is our favorite time of the week. a "scandal" sneak peek time. olivia and her father in a battle over something happening in washington. can she handle it? >> i'm not lifting a finger for you. >> tell me who do you think stands to lose the most when this so called b-613 becomes public? the quiet paleontologist down the street collecting bones?
8:38 am
or the man down the street who could have pulled the plug on it who, in fact, actively participated? put his own man at the helm. >> i don't care about any of that! >> oh, so intense. they always are. you can watch the extended sneak peek of tonight's episode on our website, on yahoo!. and don't forget to watch a brand-new episode of "scandal" tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. that's my best voice. george? >> you sold that, ginger. i'm here with anna chlumsky. she's so funny as the stressed out campaign manager in "veep." now conquering broadway two shows back to back. you starred in you can't take it with you and now you're in previews for living on love. how do you do it all? >> i have a time turner. no, we make it work. >> tell us about living on love. >> it's a screwball comedy. it's a new play taking place in 1957 in the glamour world of classical music. douglas sills plays a maestro married to renee fleming.
8:39 am
a diva. they have dueling autobiographies. that's where jerry o'connell and i come in. >> i have to talk to you about "veep." talk about life imitating art imitating life imitating art. your show premiers the same day that hillary clinton announces she's running for president. you've already got a woman president in selena meyer. >> i know. how about it. we have this odd prescience from our show. a lot of times, the headlines follow us sometimes exactly when we air. >> it works out so perfectly. especially this week. i loved the way you capture all of the various rivalries. it's very real. >> thank you. >> in life. this year, you're confronting selena before she's about to hire a new communications director. let's take a look. >> i need to see the president right away. >> i'll just tell the israelis to move on. because they love that. >> richard you need to hide
8:40 am
ben's ativan until he comes clean about bill. >> hi, amy. >> bill, it's good to see you. i hear you're working -- >> at the white house. i have a specific title. but a wide brief. eliminate weaknesses. >> that's a little nazi doctor. >> uh-oh. he is your rival right there. >> he's so incredible. i think amy admires bill secretly deep down. i think she wishes that she was more like him. but that's just between us and the world. >> maybe a little sign of what's to come. i love what "the hollywood reporter" says. i've only seen one. they say the whole season is veep in overdrive. >> wasn't that a great way of putting it? it was so apt. it made it all make sense to me right away. so thank you, reviewer. >> we're going to play a game. it's called veep or verified. we're going to name a political scandal. you tell us if it happened in veep or real life.
8:41 am
>> yes. >> someone in executive office has a pregnancy scare. >> veep. >> you know that one. >> yes, yes. you never know, it may really happen though. >> presidential speech got deleted on a teleprompter and potus had to wing it. >> that is both. that is both. >> that was the premier this year. it actually happened to me back in 1993. i think bill clinton did a little bit better job than sell leer selena. vice president gave an inappropriate back rub? >> verify. >> verify. vice president biden, ashton carter's wife. government official falls asleep in a hearing broadcast live on c-span. did it really happen? >> that's veep. but it must have already happened. >> it happens all the time. >> it happens all the time. yeah. >> it's definitely both. finally, member of congress admits to texting inappropriate photos of himself.
8:42 am
veep or va verified. >> that's verified. we haven't gone there. >> you never know. veep airs on sunday nights. on hbo. "living on love" is in previews right now. coming up, amal clooney is not just book smart. she's fashion start. i can't believe i'm teasing this. i'm going to tell you how you can get your favorite amal-inspired looks. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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did ya know? fresh step extreme lightweight litter isn't just light. it's also the best lightweight for eliminating odors. amazing, right? for superior odor elimination try fresh step extreme... lighweight. tt2wlr=[dk@eo j# =#< tt2wlr=[dk@e!!án m#t tt2wlr=[dk@e4!j# ;5 tt2wlr=[dk@ex#á&ú:
8:45 am
all right. it's time to yahoo! your day here on "gma." this morning, how to clooney your closet. amal and george clooney are the ultimate power couple right now. people can't seem to get enough of amal's chic look. yahoo! style contributing editor nick axelrod is here to tell us how to clooney our closets. i love the expression. i want to talk about her. she's stylish. an accomplished human rights attorney. teaching at columbia. we're so captivated by her look. is it the air of classiness? what is it? >> she's our princess. she's as close as we have to royalty in america, and she's lebanese/british.
8:46 am
she's classic, beautiful, dresses perfectly for every occasion. >> she can go classic and elegant and funky day time. reminding us she's a young woman. >> she's cool. she's hip. >> let's cloonify our closet. up first, a floral pant. >> so this is a big floral. we like to say, pick one thing. so you're going to do a crazy pant? this is not crazy. it's floral. it's a big pattern. keep simple on the top. black on the top. party on the bottom. it's a mullet kind of thing going. >> i love it. can we pull this off at work? casual? >> i would do it wherever. work. add a necklace for going out. >> absolutely. a nice look. and then our next look, daytime cas. amal wearing jeans and a leather jacket when she visited her husband on the set of his new movie recently. there we see her looking really awesome. and so do you, by the way. you really replicated the look.
8:47 am
>> why do you like this? >> it's ripped jeans. but not full backstreet boy ripped jeans. you can diy it, too. a razor, an old pair of jeans, nothing you like too much. just take some slits to it. >> i love the motorcycle jacket. >> and this is pleather, too. you don't have to feel bad. >> i like it with the pump better than the high-heel sneaker. >> the pump elevates it and makes it something you could wear to dinner. >> thank you amal look number two. finally, the george and amal look. come on, guys. come on out. you have replicated this look. nobody better on a red carpet than these two. >> no. >> what are we seeing here? >> and why does it work? >> we're seeing the culotte. don't be afraid of the culotte. it's so flattering. it's lengthening her legs.
8:48 am
with the heel, it can really like completely do that effect. and with the blue suit, we have just the perfect casual date night outfit. >> who makes that? >> this is express. >> really? it's got the italian cut that he wears that's very tailored. but express is pretty affordable. >> it is. the best thing is you can tell your husband or boyfriend, pick everything in blue. blue shirt, blue tie, blue suit. >> george does do that. any final tips. we're thinking about creating that amal clooney look? or george? what would you say as we look in our closet this morning? >> i would say coordinate. if you're going out with your significant other, make it work together. if you're going to have a little blue in one outfit, have blue in the other. >> nick axelrod, thank you. yahoo!ing your day. cominge coming up who
8:49 am
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[ cheers and applause ] it is time now to reveal the 2014 peabody award winners for entertainment. the honors handed out each year by the university of georgia, go dawgs. considered some of the most prestigious awards in broadcasting. the audience here is going to help me with the big reveal. so let's get started. first up is -- turn the card over please. "inside amy schumer." and next we have -- reveal please. "the honorable woman." all right. moving my way down the line, you can turn your card over. "rectify."
8:52 am
your turn. "jane the virgin." keep on moving down the red carpet. and we have "the knick." congratulations. and, turn your card over. "last week tonight with john oliver." and, the next winner is, "the americans." next up we have -- "fargo." and, this sinister hit, "black mirror." we want to congratulate all of our winners. for the prestigious peabody awards. and we'll be right back. stay with us.
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8:55 am
our -- it's just one of those days. our crew is so happy. national wear your pajamas to work day. gotta love our crew. >> that was the winner of the morning right there. have a great thursday, everyone. >> see you tomorrow.
8:56 am
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now from abc 7 news. >> good morning i'm eric thomas. first up, check out the weather. mike? >> thank you very inch. good morning everybody. warming trend continues especially out at coast. low to mid-70s here. watch out for dangerous rip currents and sneaker waves. upper 70s through low 80s through most of the bay into, the south bay. 83 in santa rosa. going to the game tone, new team, new results, diamond backs in town warmer 68. dropping down to 62. 40s and 50s tonight. heat will peak tomorrow and saturday inland while rest of us are cooling. we'll see more of that next week. >> three-alarm fire capital expressway and snell avenue. from 87. that might cause a distraction. daly city, this accident gumming up the commute out of south
9:00 am
san francisco, northbound side of 280 john daly boulevard. the fire department on scene one lane blocked heavy delay >> it's "live with kelly and michael." today from the series "mad men," john slattery. and television and broadway actor anna chlumsky. plus your thoughts and questions on another edition of "inbox." all next on "live"! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan. [applause] ♪


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