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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 16, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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it for us. >> we appreciate your time. and we will see you at 6:00. tonight, the breaking news. the terror plan. the american under arrest, allegedly returning to the u.s. with a deadly plot. tonight, what authorities have most feared. an american allegedly trained by terrorists, returning to america with specific targets. also tonight, the growing outrage. the pilot who flew undetected, who had tourists in a panic. our team getting answers. why was it so easy for him to slip past homeland security? trapped in the cargo hold in midair. tonight, for the first time, you will hear the frantic 911 call from the belly of the plane. >> you're where? >> i'm inside a plane. i feel like it's moving in the air. flight 448. can you believe please send somebody to stop it? the hit band tonight, and
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the massive tour bus fire, racing to escape. and the "star wars" trailer revealed. tonight, right here, the giant new clues. hold on. >> we're home. good evening. and we begin tonight with news of that terror arrest. it's the kind of threat authorities have warned of for quite some time now. americans lured overseas by terrorists and trained. and tonight, the first arrest, they say, of an american coming back to the u.s. to attack. this man is from columbus, ohio, and authorities say he had returned from syria with training and a plan. abc senior justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight with the kind of alleged training this man received, explosives, hand to hand combat. and where he was planning to strike. >> reporter: the fbi says this 23-year-old american had returned to the u.s. wanting to do something big. including going to a texas military base to kill american soldiers execution style.
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allegedly inspired by isis, abdirahman sheik mohamud left columbus ohio with a one-way airline ticket to greece. but during a layover in turkey, he disappeared, slipping into syria. the fbi says, once there, he joined an al qaeda affiliate, training in weapons, breaking into houses, explosives and hand to hand combat. perhaps most disturbing, prosecutors claim, a cleric in syria directed him to return to the united states and carry out an act of terrorism. >> the benefit of being american is, he has good paper. that means, he's able to travel. he has a u.s. passport. that is gold. law enforcement has been concerned about this travel pattern for quite awhile. >> reporter: mohamud returned to the u.s. in june and authorities had been tracking him for months. the fbi believes he had been completely radicalized, expressing support for isis. even downloading images to his facebook page. >> pierre thomas live with us from our washington bureau tonight.
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and pierre, this had always been the fear that americans would go overseas, get training and return. but this is the first arrest upon coming back? >> reporter: david, about 180 americans have joined isis and al qaeda in syria and iraq, or have been arrested for trying to do so. we believe this is the very first time someone has been charged with going over there and returning home with a mission to kill. >> all right, pierre thomas tonight leading us off. pierre, thank you. now, to that other major scare in the nation's capital. tourists horrified as they watched a pilot in his one-man helicopter soar in unstopped by homeland security. you can hear the tourists. >> this is not good, people. >> landing on the west lawn, triggering panic. the bomb squad called in. and tonight, the pilot, up close. a postal worker from florida, hauled into court and charged. as we ask here, how was someone allowed to get so close undetected? again tonight, abc's jim avila. >> reporter: tonight, still in his u.s. postal service jacket, the first glimpse of doug hughes the pilot of that
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gyrocopter that landed right on the lawn of the capitol. this new video shows him flipping there what should be a no-fly zone, zooming past the world war ii memorial, over the heads of tourists, through the national mall and past the washington monument. >> this is not good, people. >> reporter: and now, serious questions about how hughes dodged the nation's radar and missile security systems. starting his journey in gettysburg, traveling the 80 miles to the national mall in washington, d.c. flying just 150 feet above ground, at roughly 45 miles per hour. homeland security secretary jeh johnson admitting the pilot, quote, literally flew in under the radar. and from the white house, serious concern. >> it may provide an opportunity for law enforcement agencies including the secret service to review their procedures. >> reporter: the postal worker had made no secret of his brazen plans, shooting this video with his local newspaper, practicing his wobbly flight back home in florida. hughes himself said he put the authorities on notice before his
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stunt. >> i don't believe that the authorities are going to shoot down a 60-year-old mailman in a flying bicycle. >> reporter: the secret service says no one warned them specifically about yesterday's flight. as for the pilot, he was released from jail, on the condition that he operates nothing that flies and stays away from the capitol. david? >> jim avila, thank you. tonight, major questions about that reserve deputy, 73 years old, reaching for his taser, instead, pulling out his gun. where are the records of his training, some are asking? the images we've all seen now, chasing after that unarmed suspect. the deputy saying he grabbed the wrong weapon. instead, shooting and killing him. the suspect did not survive. tonight, you're about to hear an interview with the sheriff, who acknowledges that they can't find the records. abc's ryan owens on the case again tonight. >> reporter: when that oklahoma volunteer deputy confused a gun for his taser -- >> oh, i shot him. i'm sorry. >> reporter: killing an unarmed suspect --
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>> he shot me! >> reporter: did it happen in part because 73-year-old reserve deputy robert bates wasn't even fully trained to handle his weapons? that's the explosive allegation from the newsroom of "the tulsa world." the newspaper reporting the department falsified training records, including firearms certifications. what's more, supervisors were transferred after refusing to sign off. >> here's the thing. >> reporter: the shooting happened after a sting, when 44-year-old eric harris ran for it after allegedly selling drugs and guns to an undercover deputy. both the sheriff's department and bates' attorney say he was well trained. but tulsa county sheriff stanley glanz acknowledged on a radio show this week that bates' records are incomplete after one of his trainers left for the secret service. >> we can't find the records that she supposedly turned in. >> reporter: bates, who is facing a manslaughter charge, is
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a long-time friend of sheriff glanz. he ran his re-election campaign and donated thousands in cars and equipment to the department. tonight, the sheriff's department will not respond to the newspaper's specific allegations, because they used unnamed sources. "we don't respond to rumors," they tell abc news. meanwhile, the family of the man killed asking for an fbi investigation. david? >> ryan owens with us tonight. ryan, thank you. now, to arizona, and new word tonight of another incident involving that officer who used his police cruiser to take down a suspect. this is the video from his own dashboard camera, driving right toward that suspect outside tucson. the suspect did survive it. officer michael rapiejko was once sued while a member of the nypd. accused of pointing a gun at a man and choking him during a parking dispute. the case was settled. tonight, for the first time, we are hearing the terrifying 911 call from that worker, trapped in the cargo hold of that plane flying from seattle to los angeles. passengers recording the moment from inside. shortly after takeoff, you can hear him banging from below. [ banging ] the man was trapped as he was banging. we now know he also called 911
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for help in midair. and as you're about to hear, the operator on the other end of the phone, in disbelief. here's abc's neal karlinsky tonight. >> reporter: the voice of that panicked baggage handler calling 911 on his cell phone. >> 911. >> hello, i'm trapped in this plane. >> reporter: after waking from a nap inside a speeding 737's cargo hold on takeoff. >> you're where? >> i'm inside a plane. i feel like it's moving in the air. flight 448. can you please send somebody to stop it? >> where are you in a plane at? >> i'm inside the plane. >> reporter: after 44 seconds on the line, the call abruptly cuts out. but passengers on board heard him. as he banged away at the floor under them. [ banging ] the pilot heard him, too, and made an emergency landing after just 14 minutes. there he is, on the ground, being led to an ambulance. meanwhile, the 911 operator shocked to learn just where that
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call came from. >> i just had this guy call and he was screaming at me, saying he couldn't breathe and he was stuck on a flight. >> we are actually getting an aircraft landed right now with an alert where we think someone is trapped in the baggage compartment. >> oh. >> or something else. >> oh, my gosh. okay. >> reporter: pretty remarkable. by the way, his cell phone cut out in the air before he could give out anymore details. tonight, david, he is doing just fine. and amazingly, he's back on the job. david? >> neal karlinsky tonight. neal, thanks. this evening, there is a tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warnings up at this hour. 21 million americans bracing for the storms. and the texas panhandle, look at this. a land spout tornado. and in colorado tonight, baseball season is here. but you sure wouldn't know it. good thing the rockies are on the road tonight. and flash floods across the gulf. this intersection in chattanooga under water for drivers there today. let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano, on this again tonight. rob? >> reporter: david, again tonight, those two systems moving very very slowly. the one in the intermountain west bringing snow and wind, now
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triggers the severe storms in the plains. check out the radar. those watch boxes are up. and especially just east of amarillo. a couple of cells there could drop a couple more tornadoes. hopefully they won't hit anybody. tomorrow's threat is going to be across texas, but it does expand off to the east. large hail and strong winds, again maybe a tornado. and as we look at the rainfall across the deep south, another two to four inches from corpus christi to new orleans to mobile. more flooding potentially as we go through the weekend. and then the dry weather out west, where the brush fires burn, red flag warnings are posted. those are the winds and that tan and brown area, that's where relative humidity is between 5% and 15%. incredibly dry there. >> incredibly low. all right, rob, thank you. now, to an urgent warning tonight from the fbi on the hunt for a gang of bandits believed to be armed and dangerous, terrorizing families, striking several banks now. tonight, the surveillance tape here. what authorities say is a significant clue in this image. abc's alex perez in pittsburgh where they are on alert. >> reporter: tonight, the fbi on the hunt for these two brazen bank robbers. they barrel in, guns in hand, threatening anyone who gets in their way.
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and in minutes, they clean out the entire vault. the thieves hitting three banks since january outside pittsburgh. all within a seven-mile radius. authorities say these men are not your typical run of the mill robbers. >> possibly law enforcement training, military training. >> reporter: that's right. the fbi believes these masked gunmen may be former police or military officers. they holster their guns, almost unheard of for the average thief. also, how they hold their guns. finger off the trigger and on the barrel of the gun. a safety method all officers know. their athletic build. and most telling, their command of the room. >> the way they handle the weapons, the way they move throughout the bank robbery itself. the way they carry themselves indicates to us that they are not the run of the mill bank robbers. >> reporter: the robbers threatening to kidnap customers or shoot police officers if anyone calls for help. and investigators believe the thieves might be from the area. both appear to have pittsburgh accents. the fbi tonight offering a $10,000 reward for any
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information leading to an arrest. david? >> alex perez in pittsburgh for us. alex, thank you. around the world tonight, and to the growing concern in iraq. the key city of ramadi on the brink of falling to isis. three neighboring villages now captured. thousands of families escaping. some with only the clothes on their backs. u.s.-led air strikes today, trying to slow their advance on the city. back here at home, and to a stunning image tonight from dallas. the hit band lady antebellum traveling down interstate 30, on their way to the country music awards when their tour bus bursts into flames. tonight, a burned-out shell after a tire blew out. this evening, they reveal they had to get out quickly, and here's abc's kendis gibson. >> reporter: they're known for burning up the stage, but today, it was lady antebellum's tour bus burning up this highway. >> oh, god. that thing is really, really real deal on fire. >> reporter: frontwoman hillary scott asleep in this tour bus with three others near dallas when one of the tires catches fire captured in this tmz
5:43 pm
exclusive video. >> if this thing blows up, i'm going to freak out. >> reporter: scott posting this photo on instagram, writing, "we had to evacuate very quickly. everyone is safe and sound." >> it blew and he looked at -- said there were flames we got everybody off. and luckily, everybody's safe. >> reporter: this tour bus fire, ironically on the same texas highway where fellow country star willie nelson's band members survived a horrific tour bus crash during a november 2013 storm. tonight, lady antebellum, best known for "need you now" -- ♪ i just need you now ♪ >> reporter: giving thanks and praise. scott posted this photo of her bible, the only thing to survive the fire, not a single page burnt. kendis gibson, abc news, los angeles. >> just incredible sight today. and this evening, the mystery good samaritan now revealed. this image going viral. a man pulling a driver out of that car in idaho, teetering on the edge of a cliff. that hero saving the driver and then disappearing. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: tonight, idaho police are thanking a good samaritan for a remarkable act of bravery, caught on camera. 29-year-old jason warnock
5:44 pm
pulling a complete stranger to safety, a 30-foot drop below. >> i knew the goal was to get him out of there before, you know, the possibility of the rig falling became a reality. >> reporter: police say 23-year-old mathew sitko was driving above bryden canyon road in lewiston, idaho, when he veered off. >> just hanging by the fence. >> reporter: when warnock saw the suv, he climbed the cliff to the vehicle, running 200 yards uphill before convincing the shaken driver to roll down the window. >> pulled him out and, you know, gave him a hug and we talked about god and -- i was just at the right spot at the right time to give a hand. >> reporter: the driver was treated for minor injuries, but was not seriously hurt. and after that rescue, warnock left the scene immediately, david, so that he wouldn't be late for work. great guy all around. >> hero all around. all right, mara, thank you. we've got a big headline
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tonight from the nfl. the league today announcing that minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson will officially be reinstated tomorrow. he was suspended last season, pleading no contest to using a switch to discipline his 4-year-old son. back tomorrow. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the warning this evening of a possible link between snoring and alzheimer's. we'll get to that. also, the national debate now brewing after sofia vergara, in a battle with her ex over their frozen embryos. so, here's the question. who do they belong to? also tonight, the judge's decision is in. the neighbors suing their other neighbors over barking dogs. the reward tonight. and the new "star wars" trailer just revealed. giant clues to the movie. and one more question for you. do you recognize this very young reporter? who knew he'd have this assignment all these years later. we all enter this world with a shout and we see no reason to stop. so cvs health is creating industry-leading programs and tools that help people stay on
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the case raising important questions for so many couples who have done the same thing. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: sofia vergara, of abc's "modern family" fame, in the midst of a legal battle tonight based on the very science many modern families are using to make a baby. vergara and her former fiance nick loeb, created two frozen female embryos and he's now filed a lawsuit to keep those embryos from ever being destroyed. vergara openly discussed the ivf treatment on "good morning america." >> i wanted to take advantage of science. >> reporter: the court documents list the parties as john and jane doe. but loeb's friend confirms the complaint involves the couple. loeb saying he wants the embryos preserved at all costs. vergara hasn't publicly said what she wants. >> he may win, but without her permission, he is never going to be able to use the embryos. >> reporter: it's a debate coming up more often in the courts, with more than 600,000 embryos currently being preserved in the u.s.
5:49 pm
jacob is awaiting a ruling from an illinois court, after donating his sperm to create embryos with his now ex-girlfriend. >> i'm not asking for any type of ownership of the embryos, i'm just asking that they not be used until i tell her that they can be used. >> reporter: he's still waiting for a ruling. but one thing that may diminish these kinds of disputes is technology. doctors say, a few years ago, people were encouraged to freeze embryos. now, increasingly, it can be just as effective to freeze your eggs, david. >> a lot of people will be talking about this. linsey, thank you. when we come back here tonight, snoring and alzheimer's. the new medical headline tonight. could there be a possibly link? and then watch this tonight. the woman on the rocks here taking pictures of the ocean. boy, she was not expecting that rogue wave that took her out.
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between snoring and alzheimer's. those who suffer from severe snoring or other types of sleep apnea, researchers say they can experience symptoms five years earlier than the rest of us. to ireland, this woman on that cliff, taking a picture, a rogue wave knocks her down. just incredible. she was saved by bystanders afterward. a judge's decision in the case of barking dogs. a couple in oregon awarded $240,000 in damages. they sued because the neighbor's dogs wouldn't stop barking. they argued it went on for more than a decade, and they won. when we come back here, the new "star wars" trailer. you'll see it for yourself. the big secrets revealed tonight. right after the break. ♪ during its first year, a humpback calf and its mother are almost inseparable. she lifts her calf to its first breath
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do you remember your first "star wars" movie? abc's clayton sandell does. he also remembers a certain gift. tonight, he unwraps the new trailer, too. ♪ >> reporter: along time ago, 1977, in a town not so far away, this little guy unwrapped his very first light saber. and yes, this young man was me. which is why today, i am throwing all journalistic objectivity out the window. i'm here as a fan at the "star wars" celebration in anaheim, california. and we all came to see this. starting with old "star wars" nostalgia. that's a crashed star destroyer. and there's that iconic, now melted vader mask. and luke --
5:58 pm
>> the force is strong in my family. >> reporter: his voice, anyway. but was that luke's hand and -- whose hands are these? >> my sister has it. >> reporter: but what really sent spines tingling including mine, han solo and chewbacca. >> chewie. we're home. >> i just saw the trailer and it's awesome! >> reporter: and now a disclaimer. >> lucas film is apart of abc's parent company, disney. move along. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news, anaheim, california. >> clayton in some good company there. and we thank you for watching on a thursday night. i'm david muir. we'll see you right back here tomorrow. a dozens of dangerous felons taken off the streets. our video from a national crack down on violence >> you're go to hear from a
5:59 pm
woman trapped in her car when this tree fell on it today. spencer is here with the spring warm up. >> remarkable recovery of brian stow warming up for a big moment on the mound. >> this giant tank, their best hope for survival. good evening thanks for joining us. consore vacationists are at odds over the disappearing sardines. in cannery row, the sardine industry collapsed years ago and history may be repeating itself. >> 48-year-old mayo casts his
6:00 pm
net, but the fishing season could be over. >> it doesn't mean there isn't going to be fish two weeks from now. >> these are the dozens of sardines visitors can view. however, the sardine population dropped 83% over the past eight years. the group believe the sardines need time to recover and believes fishing harms that process. >> it's a population naturally declining due to unfavorable conditions it's important to alleviate the fishing pressure. >> the sardine population disappeared 70 years ago, making one third of his bichls yet fees will continue.


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