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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  April 17, 2015 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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>> and that breaking news tonight in san leandro where police investigate a triple stabbing. good evening. >> it happened at shy lo bar on selma street short time ago. >> alan is live in san leandro with the very latest on this alan? >> the started out as argument right out here in the parking lot. turned into a very bloody bar room brawl. witness say 3 men were arguing out here in front of shiloh cocktail around 8:30 tonight. took it inside where all out brawl he runed. when over 3 men stabbedment one in critical condition new police say they are looking for at least one suspect possibly more. >> they started getting out of control. throwing each other against the wall and juke box. really fighting. >> police say several of the people involved are nope motorcycle gang members. this is the same place where an 11-year-old found gun in the bushing last february. morning
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after shots were fired. near chp officer. i'm alan live in san leandro. 7 news. >> thank youal lap. >> another sign is rough fire season. wildfire came dangerously close to homes in contra costa county. abc 7 news was in antioch as crew try to get a handle on the fire. broke out at 5:30 intercondor court. small brush fir quickly spread to 3 acres. crew were concerned because of the warm weather and high winds. >> came over the hill and started cracklingment went out with a hose to keep can it from burning my house down. >> it was square. close. you could feel the heat. how you are in the stove and heat it was that close. it was that hot. >> fire was out by 6:30 no homes were damaged. >> tonight really wonderful milestone for giants fan who has captured the hearts of the by area. 2 men brutally beat brian stowe 4 years ago but in an amazing show of progress
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from traumatic brain injury stowe threw out the first pitch of the san jose giants game. katie used the new app to leif stream brian's moment open the mound and she's in san jose tonight. live for us katie must have been really a wonderful touching moment. >> everyone in the stadium tonight witness something really special. brian stowe tells me that throwing out the first pitch tonight was as big to him and life changing as the day he was attacked at dodger stadium. those years ago. >> the moment brian stowe stepped out of a wheelchair on to the field in his words. >> a little skaivrment perhaps. >> miracle. >> i'm a living miracle. >> calling the recovery a miracle doesn't account for the tears determination and years of work it took to get here. >> this has been really big for me. each pitch practicing
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every single day is big. and miging the most of it >> the pitch. it was off a little bit but i'm working on it. >> surrounded by family friends and fellow san jose giants fans and fellow san jose giants fans. first pitch of the season is a lot for stowe to take in. >> a lot was going through my brain. i would will have to do it again. when do they play again. >> stoween if he can shoes spirit unbroken by physical injuries and legal battles. for him the focus remains recovery app his family. >> just wanting to live. my 2 kids. >>reporter: family that now includes his beloved giants organization. from san francisco to san jose ready to open any game. >> i can be here tomorrow. this is abc 7 news. >> east bay man is accused of putting camera in a public rest
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room at walnut creek star bucks. turner was arrested today at his home in here. employee found camera in the restroom in february and again on tuesday. turn is hand both incidents. >> condition cord man who worked as nanny is caused of molesting a little girl left in his car. accusations against 51-year-old joaquin cruz made by 12-year-old girl who was 6 at the time. investigators say the abuse occurred in 2008 while cruz an his wife were taking care of children in 0ripped a and antioch. >> a lot of times we police our children in the trust of others and we hope that none of these things happen to them. unfortunately for this family this did happen to them. >> cawz has no previous arrest record and his attorney says there has been no crop races of the accusations. cruz has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. police expect to file more charges however next week involving a
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second victim and they say there may be others. tragic end in the search for missing palo alto hiker. 70-year-old irwin myers reported missing after he failed to return home from hike in the regional wilderness area red. crew searching for myers found body matching the description near the trail. the coroner will determine the cause of defendant but authorities say foul my is not a factor. >> people over profit. these the message from group protesting eviction in san francisco mission district. 7 news was there as they passed out fliers and march tonight calling for an eviction free zone. some say they are being forced out when the landlord decides to sell to developers. one woman we spoke with says she can barely afford her new home. >> i have to keep working. until i literally just fall down. but 5 to full down i want to do it fighting this issue because i have had enough issue
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because i have had enough. >> state senator leno work to go modify the eviction procedure in san francisco to prevent any abuse. >> in oakland strong winds may to be blimp for nearly crushing a woman inside her car. tremendous fell on to kate's car as she was driving. she was able to get out without a scratch. oakland fair department say it's possible the wind knocked down the tree. >> warning if you go to the beach tomorrow or saturday. 7 news was at ocean beach san francisco this afternoon. you can seat large waves. now the next couple days the coast guard expects rip current that could produce those deadly sneaker waves. watch your pet and don't turn your back on the ocean. >> always good advice. rarely seen side of police shootings. next on 7. the trauma officers endure after opening fire. tonight local officers reveal the private struggle. >> plus the mystery hero comes forward. incredible rescue pictures that are going viral tonight. >> and jedi rejoice. force
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>> millions have seen this video on you-tube. emotional brick down of a police officer after he shot and killed a man. response you rarely see. but officers we spoke with who fired their weapons in the line of duty tell thus sort of thing, of duty tell thus sort of thing, this kind of trump happens often after a shooting. just happens in private. tonight 7 news reporter vic lee how police cope after a shooting. >> video gone viral. billings, >> video gone viral. billings montana cop crying on the hood of his car after he shot someone during a vehicle stop the officer recognizes the man in the back seat as a suspect in a robbery and shooting. he tells the 3 men in the car to get their hands up. suspect in the back puts both hands on the head rest. but suddenly his left hand disappears from view.
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officer yells for him to keep both hands up. >> hands up. hands on the (bleep). i'll shoot you i will somewhat you. hands up. hands up. hands up. e-more cops arrive. they cuff the others in the car. this is what happens when the officer is told the man he shot had no weapon. >> we asked 2 officers who have been involved in shootings to watch the video. >> flash back of that day back in 2002. it strike an emotion in anyone. any officer that has been involved in one of those incidents. >> we are human beings. we put this uniform on and general public thinks that we could put everything on a shelf. our emotion. our feelings. >> i thought his emotion was appropriate. given that he had to take someone's life. >>reporter: sergeant mary is a san francisco police psychologist. council many of
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swhors fire their weapon. unique about the individual quo is that the officer broke down in public. >> it's not typical. most of the time officers will if will try very hard to stay in control in public especially in uniform at a scene and sometimes they get a chance to feel vulnerable and breakdown with family or spouse. >> struck me the next day when i'm by myself and yes i cried. it was difficult. it's embedded in me now. imbedded in my mind memory brine. i can't forget it if i wanted to forget it. >> sergeant marty also president of the san francisco police union shot and wound add man with a gun in 2002. >> he actually first upon us first so this was a deadly threat. >>reporter: however justified, >>reporter: however justified the shooting still haunts him 13 years later. >> constantly second guessing yourself. replaying the incident if your head.
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wondering if there was another avenue that you could have explored rather than resort to leatheral force. >>reporter: john was involved in an officer involved shooting several years ago. hear at sixth and mission. >> ordered him numerous times to drop the gun and that's when he wristed the gun in my direction and i i shot back. >>reporter: he says he was having sleepless nights feelings of isolation. >> really didn't understand what was going on. until years later. that i realize what tell cumulative effect i did have from that incident. >>reporter: san francisco and most other police departments require officers involved in shootings to good through a critical incident debriefing process. from there services like pier and trauma counseling like pier and trauma counseling. he says they need the right support to cope. >> cops will spiral. and they
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are coping then turns into numbing emotion by drinking or substance abuse or checking out and becoming depressed. >>reporter: both of these of versus involved in helping other cops who have been involved in shootings. he's active in peer spovrment halloran in role as head of the police association. >> unforly we were put into that situation and we had to react. i don't know of any police officer that jones any police department look to go go out and shoot a suspect for any reason. that's the last thing we want to do. >>reporter: vick lee, abc 7 news. good samaritan who saved man teetering on the edge of a cliff stepped forward. jason is the mysterious hero who van he should after pull a man out of his wrecked vehicle in idaho of his wrecked vehicle in idaho. this photo has gone viral. >> i knew goal was to get him out of there before at the time possibility of the rig falling by him reality.
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>>reporter: he says the suv hanging 30 feat above a canyon saw it and ran 200 yards uphill to help. he had to break part of the window to convince the driver to roll it down the rest of the way before pulling hill out. he was at the right place at the rate time. police say a medical issue may be to blame for the crash. very big tonight for supporters of the exploratorium in san francisco. it all started off with a bang. literally a bang. there were plenty of experiments leak this one involving 3000 piping pong balls. liquid nitro jep. all part of spring gala at the exploratorium. this was a packed house. hi the honest of addressing the crowd during dinner and 7 news was relevant represented event. spencer sand y-michael, we are the proud media partner of the exploratorium. >> so much fun. >> huge crowd very grit to
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celebrate their accomplishment. >> check the forecast. is what happening outside the exploratorium. >> great event and still very mild outside of the exploratorium. you look at hd right now you will notice the sky are clear. now today it was warm all the way from the coast to the inland communities coast to the inland communities. nobody escaped the heat d.70's, 80's, i should say sprinkling warmth and up the heat. 79 if san francisco. why santa rosa. oaklandment up in the low 80's around concord livermore san jose. 83 degree ins santa cruz. take a look at the hazard that is still up for tomorrow. beach hazard statement until friday evening for our entire coast line. long period swell this keeps the rip current risk and sneaker wave possibility up so just be careful to head to the coast tomorrow. >> temperature receipt now look how mild it is. san francisco 63 agrees and 65 rate now in
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mountain view. napa wind shelter valley dropping down to 14 degrees. here's the look from the sutro camera. san francisco. no fog here. cal francisco. no fog here. caller at the coast tomorrow. warm inland into the weekend and chance of showers next week and chance of showers next week. here's a look at the pacific satellite picture. high pressure here along with the offshore flow provided with warm weather today. the rim holds tomorrow. we see some changes along the coast leap. sea breasts comes in. fog roll become in and temperatures drop along the coast it's cooler for your friday with 60's. 80's inland and it stays warm inland on sachlts you will notice 80's there foggy at the beaches. we head towards sunday slate dip in the numbers inland but along the coast license we keep it cool and very close to saturday levels. here's what is a little biten can you remember little biten can you remembering. it's not a lieutenant of moisture but there is a slight chance of few showers showing up next week. it's really up clear exactly when we might see something or if but at this point we take any chance we can get.
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tomorrow morning patchy fog along the coast most areas clear. mid 40's to the mid 50's out the door then tomorrow afternoon make sure you have the sun screen and plenty of world trade center with you. why in the south bay gilroy. 80 san jose. sfin santa clara nice day on the peninsula. it's on the warm side around mountain view. redwood city. 70 millbrae. along the coast license hear the fog back so the temperatures will be noticeably lower. 64 half machine bay. downtown san francisco 67 degrees. 62 in the sun set district. daly city with fog and along the coast lane 60's with the fog along the bodega bay stenson beach area but most areas 80's. 77 in nap a.east bay mild soap day. 74 oakland. 75 hayward. head inland and you still feel the warmth. 83 cop cord. 85 livermore. accu-weather 7 difficult forecast. we go with cooler at the coast tomorrow. cooling spreads as we head towards the weekend around the bay and inland by sunday. really by monday you notice it.
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next week tuesday through thursday we are back down to average upper 50's to low 70's. slit chance of a few showers. >> we'll take it. >> thanks the. >> coming fix!next >> coming fix on 7 news. flying with the force. >> may want to check this is brian. every day, brian drives carefully to work. and every day brian drives carefully to work, there are rate suckers. he's been paying more for car insurance because of their bad driving for so long, he doesn't even notice them anymore. but one day brian gets snapshot from progressive. now brian has a rate based on his driving, not theirs. get snapshot and see just how much your good driving
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is. >> chew we are home. >> star war fans went galactic today tirs glimpse of hans and chew in the newest trailer from "star wars"the force awakeen. bit of the old along with the new and still long time to wait new and still long time to wait. movie doesn't open until december 18. lucas film opened by disney parent company of abc 7. >> speaking of "star wars". ana the japanese carrier turned one of the dream liners into r 2 d 2. air lane says this is part of a 5 year "star wars"project that will bring more "star wars"theme jets into its fleet. thankfully it's not the inform rs that is keeping this plane in flight. >> clear about that. it's big engine. >> talk about cross prosecute motion. >> yes looks good. >> they have this thing going
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>> good evening. giants manager bruce turned 60 years old today. the only present he wanted was a win over arizona to snap the losing streak. wasn't easy. happy birthday to mr. wasn't easy. happy birthday to mr. manager. a little marilyn monroe for you. thank you dan thank you. please turn the make phone off. the score there and i get way behind in the highlights because gold member took madison deep 3 run shot. 4-1 arizona. 2 run jack in the seventh. gentleman's down 4-3. down to the last out in the mini9th. drive to right center mini9th. drive to right center. and i got it i apartment got it. buster scores 4-4 on the extra. top
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10 poll look down the line. fir and gone. we are not done yet. bottom 10 bases leded. the ground to short. if pwlvrping 0and we are tied at 5 again but the d backs just scored 2 runs to lead 7-5 in the 12th. a's have the day off the 12th. a's have the day off. college baby the jackie robin son statue at ucla. cal visiting. scoreless in the 6 before the the tee off. that is gone. cal goes open to beat ucla 2 nothing. steve won 5 titles as player. can he lead the warriors to championship as head coach. we'll find out starting on saturday. warriors will host the new orleans pelican in the round 1 series opener. everything seems great four but think back to a year ago. so many question about his whether steve could build on whether jack on started. he says he may ab rookie coach but still has a lot of experience. >> i think just experiences that i had as a player will
1:37 am
traps late depending on the circumstances. piv a story for any possible scenario here. i was locate i played not great team. >> you can watch game 1 warriors pel condition here on abc 7 this saturday. coverage starting at "newsnight"followed by after the game with leif interview and post game reaction and we are asking this question to you. how far do the warriors need to advance for the season to be considered a success? want to hear from you on twitter and instant gram and this hash-tag and share your response on the air after the game on saturday. peterson coming back. now the question is who will he my for. nfl reinstate peterson tomorrow. sat out last year facing charges of child abuse after discipline son with his stick. he doesn't want to return to the vikings. see how it plays out. >> grit moment with brian at the game. his progress remarkable.
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>> he was great on the enter vaichlt he lacked so much better. grit to see. >>
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but every once in awhile something just fantastic happens in one of them. and it happened yesterday. >> as well as on the geographic preference issue. >> come on. ♪ let it go ♪ >> just let it go, mr. -- sorry about that. >> who knew? pat roberts, that man right tom vilsack interrupted by "frozen's" "let it go," courtesy of senator pat roberts ring tone. roberts having some fun apologizing. >> later he tweeted out somebody had to tell the obama administration to let it go #for the grandkids. he has five. blame the grandkids. >> he must be a cool grandfather. >> we've got "the mix" coming 0 your way. marketing to stoners with an ice cream burrito. all right. that will probably work. >> also ahead, a passenger's tumble off a subway platform. instant panic and the big life saver. >> another remarkable act of bravery after a car veered off a cliff. the gratitude after a risky rescue.
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