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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 19, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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we're just absolutely shocked, and tear my saddened. >> remembering an east bay father of three, killed bay hit-and-run driver in oakland. his friends tonight making a plea for justice. i'm katie marzullo. we begin with developing news. the search for a hit-and-run driver, the driver slammed into a car driven by wesly burton who died at the escape. he was a husband father, and worked at kpsa public radio. cornell bernard is live in
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berkeley. >> reporter: a very, very tough weekend for those here at kpf radio. they say that wesley burton wasn't just a coworker, he was a friend. they hope a hit-and-run suspect will be caught. >> what can you say when somebody deer to you -- dear to you is taken away. >> reporter: radio host kevin vans is on the air, talking about his friend and coworker, wesley burton. >> worked with great grace under pressure. >> reporter: burton was a radio engineer and co-hosted side show radio. his last broadcast was friday where he predicted the warriors would win the nba championship. >> i know i sound like a fan and really optimistic. >> reporter: he was driving home when he was struck by a speeding dodge charger only martin luther king boulevard. the impact flipped burton's car. he died at the scene. the driver of the charger ran
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away. >> i'll never forget wesley burton. >> fellow radio host brought flowers to the station in memory of wesley, man she called the true friend. >> i'm a single parent with young son of color and wesley was always a role model for my son. >> reporter: burton and his wife have three young sons. >> family man, father, devoted father. when his kids had spring break, he stayed home with the kids to days and his wife stayed home two days. >> reporter: kevin vans is asking the hit-and-run driver to surrender. >> we don't know what happened but, dude, just come back with your hands up and take responsibility because we loved this guy, and we want some closure. >> reporter: closure and justice for westley burton. the search for the hit-and-run suspect continues inch berkeley, abc7 nut.
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>> a tax hit and killed a teenager who ran into the street. it happened around 10:30 last night at larken and pine streets, the taxi driver stopped and is cooperating with the investigation. happening now. an intensive search is underway for two men missing from a fishing boat in the north bay, where two other boaters have been found dead. you can see the wreckage of the boat found yesterday. the engine was discovered nearby. four people onboard the boat set out salmon fishing friday morning. the search gain that evening when the boaters did not return. rescue crews recovered the bodies of diane kelly and richard hargreaves. the search continues for two others dave brennan from santa rosa and ryan vial who you see here. in southern california better weather conditions are helping firefighters battling a fast-moving wildfire that threatened some 300 homes.
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evacuation orders were lifted for the homes just before dawn. flames burned in the pratto dam flood control basin. the fire has ground to a thousand acres. it is right now 25% contained. the homes threatened are near the cities of nor co and corona. firefighters are warning results to be ready. >> we're here in the fourth year of a drought. you can see what the fuel conditions are. we have had several fires in the past few days, and unfortunately if this is a precursor we want to remind residents they need to be ready with an evacuation plan. >> no property damage or injuries have been reported. the cause of the fire is under investigation. new details tonight about a massive gas line explosion in fresno. pg&e says crews inspected the pipe line twice this month for gas leaks and no leaks were found. investigators say friday's explosion on a fresno county sheriffs' gun range occurred while a county equipment
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operator war building a dirt berm. pg&e says it detected a drop in pressure in the line minutes before receiving report of an explosion. the blast sent 11 people to the hospital, four of them with critical injuries. an emotional ceremony in oklahoma city today, 20 years after what was once the deadliest attack on u.s. soil. people gathered at the former site of the federal building to honor the survivors and the 168 people who were killed in the 1995 terrorist bombing. the service started with a 168-second moment of silence, and ended with the reading of the names of those who were killed. former president bill clinton attended today's service. >> for 20 years you have honored the memories of your loved ones you have inspired us with the power of your renewal. you have reminded us that we should all live by the oklahoma standard. >> timothy mcveigh was executed for carrying out the bombing. his accomplice is carrying out a
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life sentence in prison. >> man who took an unauthority flight into washington, dc is home and talking. he says he is not a terrorrest but is not sorry, saying it was worth the risk. here's the story. >> do you consider yourself a patriot? >> no. i'm a mailman. >> reporter: mailman with a message. doug hughes arriving back in florida overnight facing cameras and questions. >> at no point did i feel that it was not a good idea. >> reporter: for the first time since his arrest on a u.s. capitol lawn he revealed what it was like on the controversial flight taking off from gettysburg, pennsylvania flying 80-miles in washington, traveling 45 miles-per-hour. >> i expected to be intercepted on the way. >> reporter: the 61-year-old floridian said the trip was colder than expected, and while
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the gyrocopter is equipped with gps, he says he used landmarks to guide himself, past their world war ii monument. authorities say hughes made it to the lawn because on radar his small aircraft looked like a car. but if he had gotten any closer capitol police had long rifles in position to shoot him down. still, concern remains that hughes exposed a critical weakness in homeland security. >> 1920s technology that is pointing out flaws in $100 million air defense system. >> in this case the guy was going postal literally. exposed a vulnerable that terrorists can exploit. >> reporter: for his part the u.s. postman is unapology critic. >> we need to be worried not about whether or not somebody can fly into d.c. we need be worried about the piles of money going into congress. >> for now the mailman is home with his family on house arrest. abc news, new york.
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>> san francisco police are taking precautions to ensure everybody as a mellow time at tomorrow's marijuana smokeout at golden gate park. monday is april 20th. police are planning to close kezar drive from 3:00 to 7:00 in the evening, which is expected to lead to major traffic congestion. there will be additional police park patrol, and parking enforcement officers in the area tomorrow. up next, a look at this year's cherry blossom festival parade. also man's dying wish that has created a heated political debate. >> they all want the same thing that's just to be accepted and have friends, and be loved. >> a birthday party where the greatest gift is love. why an entire city came together to celebrate a little girl. >> i'm abc7 meteorologist drew tuma. mother nature about to give us a reality check with more spring-like weather. a cooldown on the way for the new work and
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that's the sound of the kerry blossom parade. a number of performers from japan and the bay area participated. the event caps off a two-weekend celebration where people can get a taste of japanese culture. the northern california cherry blossom festival is said to be the second largest festival outside of washington, dc. a north carolina man's obituary is stirring up a political controversy. the family of 81-year-old larry upright has asked people not to vote for hillary clinton in
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2016. he died monday, the day after the former secretary of state announced her white house run. his family says upright was a republican and very passionate about politics and they got major feedback quickly after the obit was printed. >> we have some very very sweet responses, and we have got some pretty nasty responses. >> if you don't like it that's fine. we did it for him. we know he is giggling about it right now. probably laughing out loud. >> some well wishers posts condolences on the funeral home's web site saying they would steer clear of clinton. others were not swayed at all. >> a shopping frenzy today at target stores. the items that had all these people standing in line and why many were disappointed. heading outside, you might need an umbrella this week, drew
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the launch of a new design irline caused a shopping frenzy at target. shoppers lined up for the limbed edition of lilly pulitzer collection overnight. a rush of shoppers snapped up the 250 piece collection at prices far below the cost of the designer's luxury collection. heather si posted this picture of the line. many stores sold out of the discounted resort wear within minutes. items available online sold out as well. target's web site was down for 20 minutes. the target spokesperson says the store will not have more items available. it will be the last last call at cap's corner san francisco tonight. we were at the north beach
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restaurant last night as it prepared to close after more than 50 years. the current own ares have run it for 30 years ask say a contractual snag with their landlord is forcing them to close. the owners plan to retire to hawai'i after tonight's farewell feast. in ben nisha having a -- benecia having a glass of wine took on a different concern won an aquarium exploded at a bar yesterday. they were able to save a few of the seven issue in inside. it's not known yet what caused the aquarium to explode. the business is open today. yikes. the pitfalls of an aquarium. a girl in minnesota who did not receive a single yes to her birthday party invitation is feeling the love from the entire state. she has a rare order and parents
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say it makes it hard for her to make friends. after her mother discovered she would be alone on her birthday some posted an invitation to few facebook groups. it went viral and families from across minnesota gathered for a huge party. >> i have a hard time making friends, but thanks to our -- i love you all. >> won't be able to say hello to everybody that is here today and thank you all for coming. but when all is said and done, i cannot thank you enough. >> local firefighters and several nfl players joined in the celebration. mckenzie said it was the best birthday of her life. happy birthday mckenzie. over to drew now with a check of the forecast, and i felt a little chill in the air today.
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>> location was key. along the coast temperatures stuck in the 50s, but our largest location made into the mid-80s. live doppler 7hd showing nothing but blue skies in many locations but a live look outside will show you the fog has been persistent along the coast. you can see it continuing to roll into the bay. dense fog will move into many towns across the bay area. temperature-wise, look at this. 57, san francisco, where you had total sunshine warming temperatures. 77 in fairfield, oakland 64. but changes are on the horizon. satellite and radar combined will show you two areas of high pressure right off the coast, and with high pressure you get circulation clockwise. that means we'll dive into a north wind over the next 48 hours, going to drive cooler air and help to cool us off tomer spring-like temperatures monday and tuesday. then combine that with a cold front off to the west.
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this moves in wednesday and lingers for thursday, keeping our weather pattern a little bit unsettled and the chance of a sprinkle. so futurecast shows you tomorrow morning, heading back to work and school, fog is expandsive around the bay area. i it's going to linger for a "time." it's thick along the coast and bay. so that will have a huge effect on our temperatures. combine that with the north wind, and future temperatures most spots from five to ten degrees cooler tomorrow than today, especially inland. antioch, low 70s tomorrow. and along the coast with that fog, temperatures mainly stuck in the 50s. so,over night, this the fog move back in. 50 in oakland and then highs for your monday, lots of sunshine in the south bay but cooler. 74 in san jose pacifica half moon bay, in the 60s.
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63 the high for millbrae. downtown san francisco, 62. 58 sunset district. north bay 72 calistoga. 69 novato. east bay, upper 60s to low 70s. and one final stop. instead of the 80s, we're in the 70s 74 concord the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you the cooldown monday into tuesday. that front lingers wednesday and this so there's a chance of a sprinkle by friday we are below normal but dry, and the weekn looking more spring-like, not 80s but typical 70s inland. >> thank you drew. over to shu now. we got game two tomorrow. >> can't get enough warriors. >> never. >> getting tune up for gameton two on monday night. we have a preview and what's going on with the royals and a's? another dustup. retaliation taken t
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>> the warriors set the tone with a win yesterday over the pelicans. now you have to hold serve at home in the playoffs and despite blowing a 25-point lead they did just that. the key is clipping the wings of pel couldn'ts super star anthony davis. defensive player of the area can days draymond green played stifling defense. >> he's a super star. going to find ways to score. we know that. i know that. got to continue to try to stop
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him. >> what we did in the second half gives us a lot of confidence going into tomorrow night. we believe we can beat this team. no doubt in my mind. we have to come out and play the first half like we played the second half. >> a few tickets still available to monday night razz game. go to i'll see you there lebron and his cavs facing the celtics. erving, 30 points. beats the buzzer. king james, 20 points seven assists, drives lays it in. he's a best. irving beat the buzzer now james jones to beat the buzzer. cavs take game one. if we learned anything in the first two weeks of the 2015 baseball season it's the royals and the a's do not like each other. started friday when great lawrie
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slid hard into escobar and today bottom first kazmir hits cane in the ankle. both managers warned. yost thought kazmir should be gone and he gets ejected. then a 100-miles-an-hour pitch behind lawrie's head. benches clerids, no punches led to. herrera was thrown out have game. bottom eight, cane exacts his seeping with the double. just out of the reach. run scores tied at two. to two batters ladder, morales, not double. royals take two out of three, with a 4-2 victory. giants broke their eight game losing street. 2 or after one. second runners on second and two outs but pollock diving catch inning over.
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wore in the third. hits the batter in the back. next batter owings goes opposite field. two rung -- two run single. giants win streak is over at one. find round of the rbc. jim furyk hadn't one in 100 starts. clubhouse leader at 18-under. but he was forced into a playoff. knizner parred the second playoff hole. furyk for the win look at that celebration. first tour victory since 2010.: >> let's see how warrior fans
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a flight to san francisco because of a tweet. the airline's response refuting the claim. why on international version of apple siri is accused of being homophonic. tonight at 5:00, dove nation is becoming a family tradition. look at this. this is 19-month-old noah with his mom and his dog hank. we're told hank also a warriorsnd catching a game is an opportunity for some father-son bonding. we'd like to see your warriors pride. use hash tag dubs on 7 and we'll find them. we need to take a weekend family
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photo. see you at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." severe threat. the states under tornado watch. and the deadly storms. the major soaking on the way in the east. and in the west, the wildfire sending families from their homes and farms. no apology. the pilot who breached the no-fly zone to land at the capitol, speaking out for the first time. >> at no point did i feel this was not a good idea. >> tonight, what security forces were prepared to do to stop him. disaster at sea. a boat overturning, nearly 1,000 people missing. and the desperate search for survivors. why the mediterranean is now becoming a graveyard for migrants. and, rock reunion. the newest names in the rock hall of fame. paul and ringo together again. >> ringo starr.


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