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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 20, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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tartine said the restaurant in tokyo would be with blue bottle. >> thanks for joining on this monday night, the police arrest, the severed spine, the suspect does not survive. tonight, the new video. police just now saying force was not used. many now asking, what happened in that police van? also breaking, the deadly storms moving east. tornado threats up tonight. the lightning, hail and straight-line winds already carving a deadly path. the major arrests across america tonight. six suspects, two different states. the one person allegedly recruiting them all. the finish. the remarkable moment in boston today that left so many of us speechless. and, let's make a deal. the giant lines at target today. tonight, the customers now selling some of that merchandise for up to six times as much on ebay.
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good evening. and we begin this monday night in baltimore, where there is an intense focus on several videos now captured of the same arrest. the suspect being put into the back of a police van. that suspect, freddie gray, would end up with a severed spine. he would later die. it is unclear how it happened. late today, baltimore police saying none of the officers described any use of force. you can see gray being put in the back of that van. tonight, the justice department telling abc news the civil rights division is considering opening an investigation into the death of gray while in custody. tonight, the police commissioner acknowledging this is a community on edge, with many asking, what happened while in that van? abc's david kerley is in baltimore tonight. >> reporter: tonight, new video from a police camera that still doesn't explain the arrest and death of freddie gray. this cell phone video shows him being taken to a police van in a high crime area. seven days later, the 25-year-old was dead. today, an autopsy shows he suffered a severe spinal injury.
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police holding a news con frns late this afternoon. >> none of the officers described any use of force, none of the officers describe using any force against mr. gray. >> reporter: the family's attorney says the burden for that injury belongs to the police. >> they're responsible for what happened to him, because it happened in their custody under extraordinarily suspicious circumstances. >> reporter: police documents say gray was taken into custody without force or incident. but then, according to police, he suffered a medical emergency. police say gray ran from police who pursued him, arresting him as this video shows at 8:39. just four minutes later, at 8:43 is when he's put into that police van and he asks for an inhaler. at 8:46, the van driver says, he gets irate. they pull over and leg irons are put on. a medic isn't called until 9:24. gray is then hospitalized. so tonight, still, the question, where did gray suffer such a traumatic injury? and where was it caused?
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was it here where he was arrested? or was it in the van? or is it purely a medical emergency? >> i know that when mr. gray was placed inside that van, he was able to talk, he was upset. and when mr. gray was taken out of that van, he could not talk and he could not breathe. >> reporter: without answers, six baltimore police officers tonight are on suspension. the answers so far are inadequate for residents who for a second night are out protesting. city leaders calling for calm as they continue their investigation. david? >> david kerley leading us off from baltimore. david, thank you. we're going to turn to tulsa and that reserve deputy facing charges for shooting a suspect with a real gun instead of his stun gun. the fbi today clearing robert bates of any civil rights violations. he remains accused of manslaughter, shooting a suspect being held down by other deputies. the sheriff there in tulsa today saying bates was properly certified. the victim's family had claimed
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those records are incomplete. now, to that blast of severe weather hitting at this hour. 55 million americans from florida to new york, hail, high winds, severe thunderstorms. now tornado watches in nine states from georgia to pennsylvania. a dangerous commute home. that is the hail hitting in marietta, georgia, tonight, i-75, slamming into the windshields there. across arkansas this evening, dangerous lightning on the horizon there, those clouds all part of the same system. and take a look. it is marching east and quickly. meteorologist rob marciano with the new storm track. he's standing by. but first, abc's linsey davis with the new images coming in now. >> reporter: tonight, nearly the entire i-95 corridor, more than 50 million people, in the crosshairs of severe storms. georgia pummeled with hail and blinding rain. >> i've never seen hail this big. >> this storm has the very real potential to produce tornado touchdowns. >> reporter: tornado warnings sending these georgia high school students into lockdown sheltering in a hallway. the storms also proving deadly. a 60-year-old killed after a
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tree crashed onto her house in atlanta this morning. sirens blared along miami beach after a funnel cloud was spotted. while in new york, 45-mile-an-hour wind gusts flipped umbrellas inside out. midday traffic is creeping along because of major flooding on this highway. in fact, we've gotten more rain just in one hour today than we have in the entire month. all that rain also causing flash flooding. this same system producing more than 400 severe weather reports since the weekend. damage from confirmed tornadoes and straight-line winds. in alabama, the winds so strong, trains blown off their tracks. severe weather is expected to continue throughout the night. commuters in the northeast still not getting a break, david. >> slow-moving for that commute home. linsey, thank you. let's get right to rob marciano, because this is hardly over yet. >> reporter: yeah it's been an incredible slow-moving system but now unleashing across the east coast tonight. take a look. from southern florida all the way up through northern new england, rough stuff happening or on the way. that includes the threat for
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tornadoes. here is where the radar is showing the watch boxes up from florida and there you see it, tornadoes a possibility from central pennsylvania through d.c., even philly tonight. here's how the storms time out as this front moves off the east coast. the next two to ten hours is when the rough weather will happen, then by tomorrow morning, we will begin to dry out, david. >> all right, rob marciano with us tonight. rob, thank you. we're going to turn now to several major arrests tonight. six in 24 hours across two states. two in san diego, four in minneapolis, all linked authorities say, by one man, an 18-year-old acting as a kind of recruiter for isis. tonight, they're not the only ones. look at this map. 53 suspects in two years, accused of trying to join or support isis right here in the united states. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas reporting in live from washington tonight. pierre? >> reporter: david, a young terror figure emerging tonight. authorities identifying an american recruiter now in syria abdi nur, only 18 accusing him of reaching out to friends and associates in minneapolis and urging them to leave the u.s. and join isis. also in this case, the sheer number of arrests is unusual.
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six young men living in one location, caught in a single conspiracy. and here's another twist. the fbi says two of the suspects were caught in san diego, tried to get false passports so they could go to mexico and then make their way into syria instead of flying straight from the u.s. all potentially ominous developments. david? >> pierre thomas live in washington. pierre, thank you. we turn overseas tonight, and to the nightmare playing out at this hour at sea. rescuers fearing the worst, searching for hundreds of men, women and children, their boats capsized. the images coming in today, survivors making their way to shore, floating on large pieces of debris. almost 1,000 believed to be on board. abc's alex marquardt on the desperate rescue mission under way in this latest case. >> reporter: today, terrified refugees clinging to floating wreckage off the coast of greece. a young boy carried to safety. arriving in italy, some of the smallest victims, finally on dry land. frantic scenes across the mediterranean.
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tonight, a desperate search continuing for hundreds more after their boat capsized over the weekend, 70 miles after leaving libya. just 28 rescued so far, 24 bodies recovered and so many now feared dead. one survivor saying as many as 950 people were on board. the refugees crammed inside the boat in conditions like these. this was taken by a passenger in another boat who made the journey. it's poverty and war in the middle east and africa that have driven more and more migrants to take that deadly journey. just this year, 35,000 migrants have crossed the mediterranean from africa to europe and around 1,600 or more have drowned in this sea. tonight, the search for those hundreds growing more hopeless. if no one else is found, it will be the biggest refugee disaster ever recorded in the mediterranean. alex marquardt, abc news, palermo, sicily. >> alex, thank you. and to another headline overseas tonight. a u.s. show of force.
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the uss theodore roosevelt on its way, close to yemen. concern about iranian ships suspected of delivering weapons to shiite rebels. the aircraft carrier steaming its way through the arabian sea. other american ships already there in the region. back here at home and now to boston tonight. and emotional day at the boston marathon. two years after losing a leg in the bombings that's rebekah gregory crossing the finish line dissolving into tears. they lifted her right back up. boston strong on display across that city today. the youngest victim, martin richard, his father there with the winner of the women's wheelchair race, celebrating her victory. tomorrow, in boston, the penalty phase begins for dzhokhar tsarnaev. and tonight, right here, the argument from some of the victims' families, saying his life should be spared. abc's tom llamas in boston. >> reporter: for many, the boston marathon is a milestone. >> so proud of you. oh, so proud. >> reporter: for rebekah gregory, it's a turning point. this morning, posting this picture on facebook -- "this is the day i take my life
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back." after losing a leg in the bombing, she learned to walk again, then, to run. and today, that photo finish. falling to her knees, overwhelmed with emotion. >> whatever is going on in your life, just don't give up, because the finish line is a great place to be. >> reporter: today, about resilience. but tomorrow, prosecutors begin their effort to convince jurors to sentence dzhokhar tsarnaev to death. something a growing number of his victims oppose. patrick downs and his wife jessica kensky, who each lost a leg, telling "the boston globe," "we must overcome the impulse for vengeance." the richard family saying it "could bring years of appeals and prolong reliving the most painful day of our lives." and today, rebekah gregory joining the chorus. >> it's just bringing up all of this stuff and having to relive it every single day and it -- there's no good that can come out of that. >> reporter: david, the marathon wrapping up just behind me. federal prosecutors say they've been in constant contact with
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the victims and they understand their concerns, but they told me point blank today, they are pursuing the death penalty. opening arguments start tomorrow. david? >> tom llamas in boston for us tonight. tom, thank you. tonight, there is stunning new video of that scare at the capitol. we've all seen that moment a one-man aircraft flying low over tourists right there, and then proceeding to land on the west lawn of the capitol. tonight here, what we haven't seen. that's the view from the aircraft as it was heading into washington, and this evening, that pilot is under house arrest. and right there interviewing him at his home, abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: these images -- a pilot's eye view -- that gyrocopter taking off, the rickety aircraft heading straight for the nation's capital. doug hughes tonight, under house arrest and back home in florida. hey, doug. i'm matt gutman. >> hey, nice to meet you. >> reporter: today, freshly fitted with an ankle monitor, he watched the video with us, describing that brazen journey. what if you had been shot out of sky and you lost control and you smashed into a crowd of people? >> if i get shot by a sniper,
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then it's the responsibility of the sniper if this thing goes into crowds. >> reporter: no, it's your responsibility because you decided to fly over washington, d.c. >> no. anybody who has a weapon is responsible for pulling the trigger. >> reporter: hughes is seen here guiding his flying rickshaw through some of the most restricted air space in the world. >> this is not good, people. >> reporter: what was it like? d.c. from the air and springtime? >> it's gorgeous, yes. you can see everything from up there. >> reporter: now, he was inside and assures us he has no intention of pulling a stunt like this ever again. but he does have to go back to washington, d.c. in about two weeks for his next court appearance but he assures us, david, this time, he'll be driving. >> all right, matt gutman in florida tonight. matt, thank you. we turn now to the race for 2016, hillary clinton in new hampshire. the state that once gave her her first presidential campaign a second chance. but tonight, as she talks with voters there, she's also being greeted with tough questions about donations to the clinton foundation. abc's cecilia vega asking her some tough questions there today. cecilia? >> reporter: david, good
5:43 pm
evening. hillary clinton here today to talk about the economy. instead, she was on the defensive about a bombshell new book. it accuses the former secretary of state of handing out favors to foreign donors who gave big money to the clinton foundation and to bill clinton. today, i asked hillary clinton directly about this. here's what she said. did foreign entities receive any special treatment for making any kind of donations to the foundation or your husband? >> well, we're back into the political season and therefore we will be subjected to all kinds of distraction and attacks and i'm ready for that. it is i think, worth noting that the republicans seem to be talking only about me. i don't know what they'd talk about if i weren't in the race. >> reporter: and the clinton campaign calling this book, "clinton cash," a partisan hit job, saying the author is a former bush speech writer.
5:44 pm
the foundation also changing its policy on these foreign donations, now limiting the countries that will it accept cash from. david, these questions not likely to go away any time soon. >> cecilia vega covering the clinton campaign for us. cecilia, thank you. we're going to turn now to the heartstopping escape, the unbelievable 911 calls tonight. a 13-year-old boy trapped in his home as it burned calling for help but keeping his baby sister calm throughout leading firefighters right to them. here's abc's mara schiavocampo with the calls. >> reporter: tonight, a maryland teen is being praised for keeping his cool. >> it's hot in the hallway. >> reporter: while trapped by a house fire. >> i was scared. >> reporter: 13-year-old marcus mccoy calling 911 after waking up to a room full of smoke sunday morning. >> i can't breathe. >> reporter: even calming his 9-year-old sister, trapped with him in a second floor bedroom. >> we're going to die. >> aaliyah, stop. please don't say that. >> reporter: marcus remaining calm, even as the house filled with smoke. >> when the firefighters come in the house, how do they get to your room? >> go up the steps right in the
5:45 pm
back hallway. >> reporter: after ten agonizing minutes, first responders arrive. finally finding marcus and someone else. >> actually i felt something on my boot and then i felt somebody tug. >> reporter: it was aaliyah. both kids rescued safely. thanks to one teen's 911 call during a very close call. >> he did wonderful. everything that he gave us helped save him and his little sister's life. >> reporter: marcus and aaliyah were treated at an area hospital and released this afternoon. tomorrow, they'll be reunited with the firefighters who saved them. a true hero, that boy. >> just incredible. brave for his sister. mara, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the giant lines at target today. the items selling out in minutes. what drove so many shoppers to line up? in fact, many of them selling those same items now for six times the price on ebay? there is a new headline coming in tonight about mammograms. the advice doctors now have for millions of women. and, then, the stunning images. the officers to the rescue, pulling up, this suv in flames. there is someone still trapped inside.
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we're going to turn next tonight to police officers arriving in the nick of time. the dramatic video, finding an suv in flames, someone still trapped inside. abc's ryan owens shows us the daring rescue in texas. >> reporter: two texas police officers roll up on the scene of a burning suv. immediately, a witness tells the first officer, there's a man in there. >> he's still breathing. >> reporter: the officer breaks the window. and sees the driver's clothes are on fire. he asks his partner for help. >> grab a fire extinguisher. >> reporter: the two officers talk to the victim. >> come on, man. >> come on, dude. >> come on. >> reporter: as they, and a good samaritan, team up to drag him to safety. >> come on, man. >> come on, man, come on. stay with us. >> come on. >> stay with us. >> hang on, man. come on. come on back. come on back. >> come on back. >> come on, dude, stay with us. >> reporter: the accident happened early sunday morning in the dallas suburb of mesquite.
5:49 pm
>> okay, bud. relax, man. relax, bud, okay? you're going to be all right. >> reporter: tonight, that 25-year-old driver is in the hospital with serious injuries, but he "stayed with us," just like those heroic officers begged him to. ryan owens, abc news, tulsa, oklahoma. >> just incredible work by those officers. when we come back here tonight, the new headline for millions of women about mammograms. also, big changes for a family favorite at the dinner table. kraft putting something in and taking something out of its mac and cheese. and apparently he's back tonight. which team has signed on tim tebow? but will the fans be tebowing? s all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission.
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finally tonight here, the story behind the shopping frenzy at target today. lines before the sun came up. abc's rebecca jarvis went to see if any of those red hot items were left. >> reporter: they came, they shopped and some of the lucky ones conquered. >> we really had no idea how crazy it was going to be. >> reporter: waiting outside target stores across the country in the wee hours of the morning, shoppers racing to get to the new deeply discounted lilly pulitzer line. >> right when the doors opened, there was just like automatically this small little stampede of people running right to the merchandise. >> reporter: the bold, colorful, iconic american resort wear, once worn by jackie o herself, sold out within minutes. shoppers tweeting their victories -- and their defeats. we went to check it out. this is where all the lilly for target merchandise used to be, but now you can see, there's nothing left.
5:58 pm
what remains, mostly on ebay, where thousands of customers are cashing in, posting their purchases at huge markups. this maxi dress now nearly seven times the original cost. but during our visit -- we have scoured this entire target store and this is it. the last lilly pulitzer dress available. better fashionably late than never. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> she got the last dress. what can we get for it? thanks for watching on a monday night. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. until then, have a good evening. good night. >> tonight a bay area man arrested for a security breech at the white house. >> police close the books on a series of kidnapping attempts. the victims got away but the suspect is in big trouble. >> a family's relief after a
5:59 pm
amber alert. the safe return of a sleepy 8-year-old. >> where all of this water is coming from in the middle of a drought whochlt -- who gets it? >> this was the scene after a man from the bay area was arrested for scaling the fence. >> it turns out he has a lengthy criminal history. >> the 54-year-old jerome hunt was released from jail after being charged with a misdemeanor, from unlawful enry. he's been ordered to stay away from the white house wear a gps bracelet and undergo a mental health evaluation.
6:00 pm
jerome hunt climbed the fence on the back side of the white house, landing on the south lawn the president's helicopter often takes off. he was carrying a red tote bag. >> what the secret service and others are engaging in an effort to try to at least make sure the security posture reflects the security threat that exists he says he is currently homeless but receives mail from first united methodist church in hayward the police chief tells vic lee the secret service has not called the office about the incident and officers have had no contact with


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