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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 21, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- running strong. tens of thousands take to the streets of boston. but mixed emotions at the marathon as the next faze in the bombing trial starts in hours. outrage. six officers suspended. an intense investigation in the city of baltimore. washed away. this video just in. watch as this home is swept off in raging flood waters. the storm dumping more than a foot of rain. and have mercy. john stamos revealing overnight, the big "full house" reunion is coming. who did uncle jesse tell to cut it out and get on board?
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and good tuesday morning to you all. we begin with the stark contrast of emotions centering in boston. this was the scene at the marathon finish line yesterday. triumphant runners fulfilling a lifetime goal. the race's last finisher coming in overnight. >> maybe the most stirring moment. marathon bombing victim rebekah gregory collapsing as she crossed the finish line. she says she'll run the entire race next year. but this morning, the focus shifts to the penalty phase for the surviving marathon bomber. abc's susan saulny with us now. >> reporter: this morning, the same jurors who convicted dzhokhar tsarnaev of bombing the 2013 boston marathon will enter the penalty phase of the trial meant to answer the question, should czartsarnaev live or die?
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the years have done little to dim the images. the horrible memories of the attack that killed three people and wounded more than 260. rebekah gregory learned to walk again. then to run. >> there's life after bad things that happen to you. and if i can be someone's hope or inspiration, that's what i want to do for the rest of my life. >> reporter: so many runners dedicated their effort to the survivors and victims. particularly the youngest one, 8-year-old martin richard. who died at the finish line. >> my sixth boston. but my first run for martin. let's do it for martin. >> reporter: as prosecutors begin their argue meant to convince jurors to sentence tsarnaev to death, a growing number of his victims are calling for a life sentence instead. patrick and jessica, his wife, who each lost a leg, told the boston globe we must overcome the impulse for vengeance. rebekah gregory feels the same way. >> it's just bringing up all of this stuff and having to relive it every single day.
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there's no good that can come out of that. >> reporter: the department of justice says all the points of view will play a role in its handling of the case but it will still ask for the death penalty. city officials in baltimore are calling for calm as protesters rally after the death of a black man in custody. 25-year-old freddie gray died sunday. a week earlier, her suffered a severe spinal injury and slimd into a coma after he was arrested. you can see him in this video. he's crying out as he was dragged into a police van. six officers have been suspended. but police say there is no evidence of use of force. >> i know that when mr. gray was placed inside the van, he was able to talk and upset. when mr. gray was taken out of the van, he could not talk, he could not breathe. >> police say gray took off running when he saw officers.
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they say he had a switchblade. it's unclear why he was arrested. he repeatedly asked for an inhaler while in the van. police acknowledge they should have called paramedics sooner. the tulsa volunteer deputy who says he mistakenly shot a black suspect and killed him will not be the subject of a civil rights investigation. but robert bates' qualifications are in question. the sheriff says he passed fire arms certifications. the family of eric harris, the victim, say bates' training records are incomplete. happening right now, a huge show of force by the u.s. the pentagon positioning the aircraft carrier theodore rose voolt off the coast of yemen. lit send a message to iran. the air strikes by the saudi-led coalition hit critical targets. that coalition is backed by the u.s. setting up a new confrontation with iran.
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new developments in the refugee disaster off the coast of italy. the captain and a crew member are now in custody. they were arrested on a rescue boat which brought 27 survivors to sicily. the united nations estimates about 800 people died when the boat rolled every, believed to be the biggest tragedy of its kind. six somali-american men are in federal custody, charged with trying to join islamic terrorists overseas. the men appeared in court yesterday. the fbi says two of the the suspects were arrested in san diego, where they floond cross into mexico and eventually make their way to syria. >> these are focused men. who are intent on joining a terrorist organization. by any means possible. >> there's no evidence that the men planned any terror activities on u.s. soil. the florida mailman who flew the gyro copter on to the lawn of the capital spent his first night under house arrest
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wearing a new piece of jewelry, a gps bracelet. doug hughes said he was thrilled as he got into washington. he said if americans take on the cause of campaign finance reform it will be worth it even in he loses his job or goes to jail. hillary clinton facing tough questions about a bomb shell new book as she cam nans new hampshire. the book claims when clinton was secretary of state, she handed out favors to people to donated to the clinton foundation. she dismissed questions about the issue calling them attacks. she turned the attention to her republican critics. >> it is, um, i think it's worth noting that -- the republicans seem to be talking only about me. i don't know what they would talk about if i weren't in the race. >> almost every declared or potential republican candidate has taken a recent shot against clinton. she's undeterred. back on the trail in new hampshire highlighting job training and education. some roads in the east still closed because of flooding.
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there were quite a few traffic accidents. some drivers were trapped in vehicles. so many roads closed, it may be awhile before some reopen. let's get the forecast from accuweather's justin povick. good morning to you, justin. >> thank you, reena and t.j. good morning. off to a stormy start in new england. soaking downpours expected from boston to portland. major travel delays. south and west we'll have soaking showers later on in the day, around pittsburgh. but d.c., baltimore, philadelphia, new york city, you'll get a chance to dry out. albeit windy, it's still warm for one more day. can't say the same over the upper midwest and western great lakes. cooler temperatures and the possibility for snow. reena and t.j., back to you. there's also extreme weather in australia. at least three people are dead in flooding down under. cars and one home have been washed away. more than a foot of rain in some areas. >> authorities are received more than 4500 calls for help. tens of thousands of homes and businesses are without power right now.
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well, stay with us, coming up, the twisted way philadelphia is welcoming its newest player. we're kind of a fan of his as well here at abc. tim tebow. we'll explain in a second. first, a major recall for fans of frozen snacks. more than half the country affected. incredible rescue. police and a good samaritan pull a burning man from his wrecked car and they get him to safety. how was he able to survive?
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well break major recall affecting more than half the country. blue bell creameries is recalling all of its products.
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ice cream, frozen yogurt sherbet and frozen snax distributed in 29 states. two samples of chocolate chip cookie doug herks tested positive for listeria. kraft mac and cheese is going au naturel. this is the last year the macaroni and cheese will have artificial flavors and colors. next year the cheesy color will come from spices arks among paprika. kraft says consumers won't notice a change in taste. the price of gag is headed up because of the cost of crude oil. the national average price per gallon of regular now $2.46. that's up seven cents since last week. the biggest price hikes are in parts of the northeast, where gas went up as much as 14 cents in the past week.
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take a look what your family car could look like in the next 15 years. that i ain't bad. chevrolet is showing off this self-driving electric car at this week's auto show in chin nap it's a concept vehicle. mostly just fantasy right now. it's not working just yet. chefly is predicting automated cars will be affordable and available by 2030. we want to take you to an undercover sting. it has to do with cars as well. this is dangerous street racing. it's more popular than ever. police stepping up efforts to take it down before it turns deadly. and a breakthrough in cancer screening for women. how saliva sampls may be all that's needed. weight watchers, got the starter kit and i was like, hey, i can do this. now there's nothing holding me back, i can feel it.
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all-in-one-trip kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels. well take a look at this. what has congress done now to incur the wrath? okay this is just a storm. a fireworks display, though this didn't have to good with politics. the scaffolding around the dome adds a heck of an ominous touch here. this is a thunderstorm. brought hail strong wind. no reports of significant damage. >> roads in the nation's capital and the east should be wet this morning. there's a danger in texas. if you're plying airport delays most likely in miami and
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boston. delays are also likely along interstate 80 in wyoming. >> porgs remain closed after a fatal pileup. the second bad crash in less than a week. vehicles driving too fast in the dense fog. one person died. as many as two dozen others injured. a dramatic scene to show you from a highway near dallas. police dash cam rolling hen the officer arrived that accident. an suv had slammed into a pole and was on fire. the driver was unconscious and his clothe wrg burning. with the help of a good samaritan, two officers helped rescue him. a much different type of road danger now. dozens of people have been arrested in a street racing incident.
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scenes like this are becoming all too common in l.a. the government has revised controversial mammogram recommendations. women over 50 thould get them every two years. women over 40 should follow the recommendations of their doctor. and a potential game-changer in genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancer. soon women may be able to just offer a sample of their saliva. most women could afford the test. more details will be announced later today. we turn to iowa now. where up to 5 million chickens will have to be destroyed after the bird flu is found at a storm. it was confirmed at a turkey farm in the state last week. it's unlikely to affect egg produces. turn to sports now. the nhl playoffs the rangers, duck and minnesota wild were
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winners last night. >> we get more from our guys at espn. good morning welcome to our "sportscenter" set in los angeles. you first. we're talking nba playoffs. >> my hair is real. warriors. pelicans pelicans. game two. what was that? steph curry was doing right there? that was bay? >> no. let it go. >> steph curry, he had 16 in the first half. we were tied going into the fourth thanks in large part to anthony davis. the pelicans could not have a first quarter like they had in the first game. klay thompson did have a fourth quarter. curry shut out in the fourth. didn't matter because his splash brother was getting it done. andrew boeg bogut was getting it done. >> i have to give ewe class on social media when there's time. we have to do bucks and
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bulls. derrick rose doing his thing. 0 for 7 in the first half. third quarter, he had 12 points. he's been strong in third quarter so far in this sere jimmy butler has been strong throughout. a new career playoff high for the second straight game in a row. he had 25 in game one. there's rose again. all 15 in the second half. bulls up two games to none as that series heads to milwaukee for game three. we send it back to you. >> all right, fellas thank you. another sports note. our guy, tim tebow is back in the nfl. the philadelphia eagles posted this picture. welcoming him to the city of brotherly love. financial terms not disclosed. >> talk about welcome. the philly pretzel factory was selling its tebowing pretzel
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yesterday. the reference to tebow kneeling in prayer. this pretzel could become a regular thing in tebow is still on the team. >> great guy. great athlete. good luck to him in the nfl. coming up in "the pulse," it's official. the "full house" reboot has a home. and running for two, the pregnant marathoner taking social media by storm. ue to menopausal changes it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue and make intercourse more comfortable. premarin vaginal cream treats vaginal changes due to menopause and moderate-to-severe painful intercourse caused by these changes. don't use it if you've had unusual bleeding breast or uterine cancer blood clots, liver problems, stroke or heart attack, are allergic to any of its ingredients or think you're pregnant. side effects may include headache pelvic pain, breast pain
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with this taste? no way. give me fifty squats. it can't taste this good read the label ...and have 50% less calories? exactly. now you drop... ...and give me the 50. trop50 calcium. new taste so good you won't believe it has 50% less calories. all right, well time now to check "the pulse." starting with the official word coming overnight, that "full house" will return. >> netflix has committed to 13 episodes of "fuller house." it will be septemberers around candace cameron-bure playing a
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grown-up d.j. as a widowed mother of three. john stamos is the producer. he'll make guest appearances. >> it's a labor of love. we've been trying for so many years to do it right. i think we have finally got it perfect. five minutes ago, they said give the exclusive to jimmy kimmel. so i -- >> oh that's nice. thank you. >> that's a big exclusive. stay moos says they're still working on getting the other cast members to come back including bob saget and the olsen twins. more news overnight for fans of "the daily show." he told his audience last night, august 6th will be his last show. >> he announced in february he's stepping down after 16 years. he has not said what his next gig is.
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south african comedian trefr noah is taking over. an extraordinary finisher among the thousands completing the boston marathon. 35-year-old amy keel from minneapolis. >> as her shirt sarks amy will give birth to her first child in about six weeks. she finished in just over 4 hours, 19 minutes. she says she hopes the child will be a runner too. that's impressive. a long long time ago in a monastery far, far away a figure like yoda is appearing. we're told in the movies that the master is 900 years old. >> powerful enough to go back in time? take a look at the manuscript. a curator says it's just an incredible coincidence unless the "star wars" creative team
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning at 4:28. >> we have leyla gulen back we have mike back. we have fog back. >> yes looks like summer. the drizzle. >> we come from different areas. did you have? >> no problems. >> no drizzle. >> when i crossed the bay bridge, there was a little but not enough to run the windshield wipers. >> a better chance at the coast and visibility is seven miles in petaluma. you can see how cloudy it is at the exploritorium with drizzle through 7:00. we will have sunshine at noon and it will be matterly sunny in the afternoon. notice the temperatures are going to continue the cooling
4:29 am
trend yesterday, 50s and 60s is all we get to this afternoon. >> we have had an uneventful drive. >> so far, so good, a report of an accident highway 4. i will have more on that when i come back with the second report. as we look this is the tom tom -- bay bridge toll plaza traffic is trickling in nicely and the cars are collecting in the far right hand lane and the san mateo bridge the drive is moving along at top speed with construction lasting until 11 o'clock in the eastbound direction and details and other construction projects are coming up. >> topping our news the san jose priest has another court appearance today in florida on alleged stunning crimes that happened in the south basement he is accused of stealing four years from the church he used to lead. our reporter is at the vietnamese catholic center. good morning shocking crime. we are here at the vietnamese
4:30 am
catholic center in san jose the priest's name is hien minh nguyen. he is accused of asking the church for donations and putting the money in his personal bank account. theallys are between 2005 and 2008. he has had several roles since join the die cease in 1984 and led the vietnamese catholic center where he is accused of stealing from the parishioners. >> he seems like a good priest to me. it is unbelievable. >> one person doing wrong things you have to pray for that person. >> the indictment also accuses hien minh nguyen are underreporting his income by more than $1 million. when the superior bishop mcdraw released a statement saying and i quote, "at the qualify the i.r.s. we have had minimal d


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