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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we are here at the vietnamese catholic center in san jose the priest's name is hien minh nguyen. he is accused of asking the church for donations and putting the money in his personal bank account. theallys are between 2005 and 2008. he has had several roles since join the die cease in 1984 and led the vietnamese catholic center where he is accused of stealing from the parishioners. >> he seems like a good priest to me. it is unbelievable. >> one person doing wrong things you have to pray for that person. >> the indictment also accuses hien minh nguyen are underreporting his income by more than $1 million. when the superior bishop mcdraw released a statement saying and i quote, "at the qualify the i.r.s. we have had minimal direct communication
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with hien minh nguyen. he is on a personal leave of absence which he requested." >> breaking overnight a woman was taken to the hospital after being stabbed in san rafael. it happened near the albert park tennis courts at 1:00 o'clock a.m. the woman suffered a wound to the head. police searched the immediate area for suspects and evidence but there is no word if they arrested anyone. >> developing news on the peninsula, redwood city police are investigating an attempted kidnapping that happened in the area of clinton street in lincoln avenue around 9:30 last night. police say a woman was taking things from her car and someone grabbed her from behind. the victim yelled and fought off her attacker. the suspect took off in a dark-colored vehicle driven by another person. anyone with information is urged to call redwood city police right away. >> san jose police chief is proving he can still handle action when a murder suspect tried to escape from the santa
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clara county jail. the suspect was handcuffed and he escaped contract holding cell. that is under investigation. as suspect ran across the parking lot the chief was driving into work saw him and order him to stop and he did not. the sheriff tackled him after chasing him and his sure was riched at the elbow and shoulder. this is the chief. and the chief's elbow was bloody and the suspect is held without pale. >> this morning, a jewelry store employees in napa is in the hospital after suffering cardiac arrest during a violent robbery. it happened at the napa valley jewelers yesterday afternoon. police say two robbers took over the store. one hit an employees repeatedly with a tool. that employee went into cardiac arrest and taken to the hospital. police arrested a 17-year-old on several charges including attempted murder. the other robber is stillless.
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owe reporter, amy hollyfield, will have a report at the top of hour with the latest. >> a cal football coach is on leave after being arrested last week in a prostitution sting. oakland police say the 30 -year-old pierre ingraham solicited an underage online and three is one of five caught in the prostitution sting. he is the recruiting coordinator and wide receiver coach and is in his sixth year with the team. >> the santa clara city council will hear a plan over a turf war between the 49ers and the youth soccer league. the 49ers are offering to pay the city $15 million to park cars on the soccer field next to levi stadium. the team also wanted the right to develop the continue acre site in the future. in exchange the city gets millions in rent minus 70 percent of profits from parking fees to build new youth sports
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complex. opponents say it is not enough to buy land and construct new field and fear this would force the league to down sides -- downsize. >> warriors head to new orleans to continue the first round nba playoff with the 2-0 lead. they had to grind out a win over the pelicans. the warriors trailed by 13 points in the first half but came back with the lead into half time. boom. steph curry had three. in the 4th, klay thompson took over and scored 14 of the 26 and the warriors pulled away in the final minutes for 97-87 victory. the warriors can control the budget of seven game series with a win on thursday night in new orleans. last night we talked with the fans. >> another playoff win for the warriors 679 fans when
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wild. >> go warriors. >> fans lucky enough to score a ticket were thrilled to be here. >> go warriors. >> they smell a victory. >> in doubt. at all. >> taking it all the way. champions. >> the greatest show on equity, -- earth, this is it. >> the people can coach said the cloud was too cloud. illegal. >> we will win. we will be louder. coach, whatever his name is, sorry. >> he is asking for trouble now. now it will be louder. >> be careful when you complain. >> exactly. >> as loud as possible. that is what it is about on the playoffs. >> next stop is game three new orleans. go warriors.
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>> dub nation we want to see your warriors pride with fan photos. use # dubson7. we will find the pictures. our sports reporter is going to new orleans for game three and four of layoffs thursday and saturday. we will have live reports right here later this week. you can follow mike on twitter for insider's perspective. we are the home for the nba finals beginning june 4. >> doctor's medical center will close after decades of serving patients. that community will be left without any emergency room when it shuts down completely at 7:00 a.m. the hospital was forced to close because it was losing $18 million a year. a new lifelong urgent care facility opened yesterday in san pablo to try to tim the void.
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it is only open to those with non-life threatening injuries from noon to 8:00 people p.m. >> the san jose airport is raising the height of a portion of the fence from 6 to 10' and hopes to get firm funds for the entire fence and working with a nonprofit group to have other security measures. >> they are testing infrared, motion detection looking at ways for us to increase our video camera surveillance. >> the effort comes after a number of security breaches and the latest happened three weeks ago when a 20-year old woman jumped the fence and made it across the airfield before she was spotted and arrested. >> we are hours away from a super bowl 50 announcement at levi stadium in february. the host committee will review the lands are for the fan village this morning at 11:30 and we will find out the name and location in san francisco.
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you can see artist renderings of the villiage and more. we will stream the announcement on today the san jose city council will vote whether to recommend tougher water restrictions because of cloud. officials are expected to support declaring a 25 percent city-wide water shortage. the recommendations bring san jose into compliance with state mandates for water use. there would be some exceptions for parks golf courts and other users. the mayor is pushing for a 30 percent city-wide shortage in line with the resolution parse by the water district. >> catch the cold water as you turn your shower on, right, mike and use it for other purposes. >> whatever you can use it in the washington machine, maybe your outdoor plants potted plants. be creative. that is the key. we are the center of creativity. temperatures inland low-to-mid 50s what it is the san ramon valley, out 580 to livermore
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out highway 4 through pittsburg antioch, oakley, and 54 in walnut creek. also concord and san ramon along with dublin. elsewhere, very mild morning because of the cloud cover. we are june in novato and alameda and foster city, 53 degrees and lafayette, and redwood city and cupertino at 54 and newark and financial district a 55. clouds on the peninsula and we have issues at sfo and i will tweet them out when they let us know. up to 63 the coast and san francisco is 55 to 60. around the bay only 62 to 69. we are breezy this afternoon also. >> uneventful quiet start in san jose and that is 87 near the tank julian street the off-ramp is open with no delays. we take you over to bay point pittsburg where we have the serious crash involving an
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overturned vehicle westbound highway 4 at bailey road you can see the red behind the accident. we have at least one lane currently blocked. right now we have quite a deficit traffic pushing in westbound direction. eastbound direction is not affected. you are clear through antioch. no delays just yet. 580 westbound, tracy to dublin 30 minutes. highway 4 antioch to concord 16 minutes because of the accident. 101 southbound 16 minutes to san rafael. the fog could be affected things and we will talk about that in a couple of minutes. >> how you can tell bart the improvements you would like if see at the largest station. >> ugly side of the 4/20 marijuana party and what happened after the celebration ended. stay tuned.
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covering daly city, dublin los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a former hayward resident accuses of jumping a fence outside the white house. secret service agents classic 54-year-old jerome hunt scaled the fence. he was released from custody under the conditions that he wear g.p.s., has a mental health evaluation and stays away from the white house. investigators say he came to the bay area three years ago and is homeless. he received mail at the first united methodist church in hayward. the pastor has not returned calls from us. >> several people have court appearances after being arrested at the marijuana celebration in san francisco's golden gate park. what started as mellow and annual affair ended in big
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fights and a big mess. >> random fights erupted where police estimate that 1,200 partygoers hung out on monday night. 10,000 came to the meadows inside golden gate bridge -- golden gate park get high together. >> enjoying getting high and not getting trouble. >> there was trouble. san francisco police say they made five arrests at the venue and one for assault with a deadly weapon for hitting someone on the head with a bottle. two more for outstanding warrants, two for intoxication. [ inaudible ] >> one issue this year was the potency. >> a it is really strong. it is not for a lightweight. >> paramedics answered calls from people who ate marijuana-laced food and became dizzy or passed out.
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>> another problem was all the garbage. >> how rude. it is really cool but to leave all the trash? >> getting high getting tracked, 4/20, 2015 from golden gate park. >> bart is hosting two open houses today to get riders' thoughts on improving stations including upgrading the civic center station. riders will be asked as the biggest needs to modernize the stations. the first open house is at civic center station from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. and second at powell from 4:00 this afternoon to 7:00 p.m. tonight. >> nice that they asking for it. >> now your thoughts on how it is looking? >> cloudy. limited sunshine the next couple of days. the low pressure will have a profound affect on the weather. look what they are doing to our
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sea breeze. it is up to 25 miles per hour in fairfield and double digits at 13 in napa and oakland is 14 and single digits seven in livermore and hayward to eight at sfo. here is what is happening, several areas of low pressure along the west coast from the baja up to the gulf of alaska. the one down to our south is kind of steering a little bit of moisture into the sierra ande had thunderstorms there yesterday. that blew off, fell apart and the clouds came over the top of us and that is what you are seeing. this is going to repeat again today. this low right here is what is keeping the marine layer so stout up around 3000' and it has enough moisture that the drizzle likely along the coast in our coastal valleys and our higher elevations through the morning commute. that will taper in the afternoon. now, our temperatures are below average in the south bay with cupertino and los gatos struggling to 70.
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everyone else in the mid-to-upper 60s. san jose is 69. santa cruz is 65. a normal hotspots gilroy is 66. 70 at los altos is the exception and mid-to-upper 60s on the peninsula where redwood city at 66 and cooler and breezy at 62 in millbrae and the clouds clinging to the coast mid-to-upper 50s and into downtown and it could squeak out a 60 in south san francisco and sausalito a little more sunshine this afternoon through the north bay and mid-to-upper 60s and only 55 to 56 along the coast and along the east bay shoreline where it will be breezy 63 in berkeley and richmond and castro valley at 66 and inland the temperatures fall through the san ramon valley mid-to-upper 60s and a few low 70s hack -- hanging out around pittsburgh. tonight, temperatures are cooler mid-40s inland to low 50s around the bay. my seven-day forecast shows areas of low pressure and not a
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real change in the forecast weather pattern and we will stay this way through friday and then we will get a little bit warmer on saturday, sunday and monday. have a great one. leyla? yes we are starting in the north bay, san rafael with the cloud cover in the distance. visibility is good from northbound and southbound along 101. when you get to the golden gate bridge it could look hazy coming in toward san francisco northbound traffic into marin not going to be a problem. we have not seen the zipper truck by i will let you know. in pittsburg now we have two crashes at the same spot on both sides of the freeway. westbound highway four at bailey we have an overturned vehicle so possible injuries are involved with an ambulance on the scene and one lane is blocked and heavy delays backing up through the area. if you are traveling in the eastbound direction you will find that everything is on the shoulder. right new we are looking at top speeds and 16 minutes gets you between antioch into concord.
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>> look at that. beautiful. san francisco is clearing on the golden state warriors with the embarcadero lit up. the golden state warriors won last night and now it is 2-30. they head to new orleans now for games on thursday and saturday.
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>> in health news two major announcements in the fight against cancer. a silicon valley start-up is offering a new gene test for protest and ovarian cancer that uses a saliva sample can is inexpensive so more women can get it. the company is planning to charm $-- charge $250 for analysis. new jersey based company is teaming up with french researchers to have a first of its kind gene share program called brca share the on the gene mutation. angelina brought national attention to the mutation after under going a double mastectomy to reduce her risk. >> thousands of public school students and their families will
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bicycle to class this week in what is hopes to be largest bike to school event. the school district said 4,000 students in 90 schools have signed up with children from preschool to while. the event takes place at 8:30 this morning at the elementary school with a big announcement of safety on the campus. >> and the motorcyclist like it on the cool side but i don't know about this cool mike? >> then they will like the nbc couple -- the next couple of mornings. the marine layer is 3,000 foot deep. tree pollen is high again. juniper and cedar and oak and grass pollen is mod pollution is fine. dodgers are in first place. that hurts to say. everyone is cringeing. what also hurts is last placed
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giants. now everyone is mad at me! >> we are looking at thunderstorms along the sierra again today. everyone else is going to be quiet. we are going do have mid-60s leyla? >> as if we are not stressed out enough. >> here is a look right now at walnut creek, and i will try to get your mind off of what mike said and look at the traffic walnut creek southbound 680 moving without any problems and you do not have to dodge anything making the drive away from highway four to highway 24. we do have some construction in the north bay in petaluma and you are advised to avoid this intersection until further notice because of construction. the boulevard at washington street is a major intersection in petaluma so make sure that you have plans this are alternates and i will give to those you in a couple of minutes. here is a picture of san jose at 70s miles per hour away from
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280 and 680 to the airport along 280 into cupertino with no delays and drive time traffic, 680, we we highway 17 everything at top speed. the humpback whale is making a big slash in environmental news. the federal government is proposing removing most of the humpbacks from the endangered species list. noaa fisheries want did reclassify humpbacks interest 14 populations. the firm agency said protection and restoring efforts the past 45 years have led to an increase in humpbacks in many areas. if the proposal passes the populations that are removed from the list of endangered species are protected under the marine mammal protection act. the public has 90 days to comment on the changes. >> san francisco cartoon art museum hopes to find a new home after being forced out of their home by rising rent. they will remain open at the current downtown location on mission street through the end of june. that is because the landlord
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wants to double the rent. the museum relies on donations to stay open. it hopes to increase donations and sell memberships to help secure a new home. >> british couple respark ised beanie baby craze after purchased a limited edition priness diana for $15 at a glee market and they saw another one of figures listed for and they have a started bid of $30,000. there are no offers but the couple is hopeful to get enough money to help buy a hole. >> i have been throwing away my kids' stuff animals for year. >> need to go through the basement and at tick. >> massive new piece of bling is needed? get the check book ready. look at this 100 carat diamond that could get $25 million in new york city today at auction house.
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the emerald cut is similar to a pool of icy water. >> it is internally flawless stone which is considered perfect. i asked leyla what she thought and it is a little bit small but otherwise... >> at 5:00 a.m. the radical action that a bay area community will consider today to protect renters from huge rent hikes for months to come. >> move over steph curry here comes klay thompson with highlights of the come-from-behind victory next. >> we will take a quick break and look you with abc7 news
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. >> look who is back! we have leyla here, we have mike here. we have the drizzle here. >> marine layer is thick. especially along the coast in the higher elevations. check out the winds. ten miles per hour at napa and 30 in fairly where you have a south sea breeze and cooler conditions. look at cloud cover hanging over the bay from the roof camera. the day planner 48 to vow is homogenized temperatures and 54 to 62 and mostly cloudy conditions by noon and more sunshine this afternoon at 56 to 68 inland and grab a coat this evening, 54 to 60 a little breezy at times. >> hang on to the wheel? >> exactly. we do not have c.h.p. issued high wind advisory but always be careful. san jose is ca


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