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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 23, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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ce jenner interview this morning. is making news in america this morning -- we have another weather threat. huge hail and whipping winds causing damage. at least one tornado tumping down. plus plane passengers hospitalized after flying through rough weather. terror plot. new details e americaning about the man accused of planning to attack churches. the watch list he was already on. and the trail of blood that led to a cache op weapons in his car. security plund person the secret service, yep, under fire once again. the oversight that could have put a former president's life in danger. a huge hug and special invite on stage. what did this little girl say to get this response from michelle obama?
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and good thursday morning to you all. it's that time of year right? we have to start with another threat of dangerous weather. it's firing up across several states. >> the severe weather moving east and causing potentially life-threatening conditions. worst likely still to come after a night of violent storms. a brutal blast of severe weather. this morning, north texas getting a taste of what millions of americans are still in for. heavy hail pounding the pave nmt the town of happy. the highway covered in ice. a driver barely able to see. an ominous sight above floyd data. a massive supercell damaging homes and knocking down trees. and to the south in lorraine these pictures popping up on social media.
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a tornado touching down in front of a tractor. the east coast also getting hit hard. a new york bound plane from paris tossed like a toy. forcing to it land in boston. >> you could feel like king kong picked up the plane and shook it like there was no tomorrow. >> all i can tell you is i was holding on to my bible. thank god weaver alive. >> reporter: a passenger and flight attendant were hospitalized at the beginning of what is supposed to days of severe weather. new details about the man who landed a gyrocopter near the hospital. during a closed door meeting, the 60-year-old mailman was being tracked on radar. a decision was made not to shoot him down over fears of hurting people on the national mall. hughes tass a potential four-year prison sentence for his stunt. overseas.
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authorities in france say they have stopped a potentially deadly terror attack. >> they've take an suspect into custody, man they say plotted to attack churches in paris. bazi kanani has the latest. >> reporter: french investigators say the man living among fellow students was an aspiring terrorist. sid ahmed ghlam, a computer science student was believed to be planning another terror attack. >> this time it was christians. french catholics that were targeted. >> reporter: at 8 kam sunday police say ghlam began to carry out his plan. by shooting to death a 32-year-old mother as she sat in her car. a half hour later, cameras capture his car speeding toward paris. then, at 8:50 a.m. he calls for help outside his home where he tells emergency workers he
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accidentally shot himself in the leg. police follow a trail of blood to his car where they find combat weapons, ammunition, a bullet-proof vest documents referencing al qaeda and isis and an outline of his plan to attack christian churches. authorities say ghlam was on a watch list. >> much like the boston marathon bombers, on law enforcement's radar screen. not to the level that would justify ongoing surveillance. >> reporter: investigators are working to track down any possible accomplices. one person believed to be acquainted with ghlam was arrestedarrest ed -- taken into custody last night. we turn to the sentencing phase of the boston marathon bombing trial. a first look at an on scene
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gesture made by dzhokhar tsarnaev. ? addition to seeing him pacing he's fixing his hair. then he does this flips the middle finger to the camera. prosecutors say that's proof he's unrepentant of the attack. the defense says the video shows him being a normal teenager. today, the family of michael brown is set to announce they're filing a civil lawsuit. it's not clear in the lawsuit will name former officer darren wilson. no letup in the protests in baltimore, maryland, meanwhile. demanding justice for the mysterious death of freddie gray. they're asking questions about how gray wound up with a serious spinal cord injury. police union says gray was not wearing a seat belt while riding in a police van. 5 of the 6 officers suspended in the case have given statements to investigators. we're hearing from the
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arizona police officer who rammed an armed suspect sw his squad car. you've seen the video of that suspect carrying a rifle being taken down. officer michael rapiejko said he had no choice. he didn't feel comfortable shooting at the suspect with businesses and other officers nearby. >> he's holding what i believe to be a locked an loaded rifle. he's fired in the air. there's two officers at the end of the street. this is what i deem at this point to be a lethal force encounter. i have two thoughts in my mind. i need to shot him to stop the threat. or i need to run him over to stop the threat. >> the police chief defends the officer's action. the suspect's attorney says it's excessive force. a federal judge will determine if the man who tried to kill president ronald reagan can get more freedom. the 60-year-old now divides time between his mother's home and a
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mental hospital. hinckley's attorney says he's in remission. prosecutors disagree. former hp ceo carly fiorina is set to join the fray next month. she will keep things low-key with an online announcement may 4th. retired surgeon ben carson is set to join a field of gop hopefuls on the same day. and former arkansas governor mike huckabee will announce his intentions on may 5th. today is take your child to work today. the first lady got a surprise compliment from a young visitor who did not believe mrs. obama was telling the truth about her age, saying you look too young for 51. flattered, first lady invited the girl on stage for a hug. if you're the person always getting bitten by mosquitos,
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scientists might know why. why did a pilot nose-dive 27,000 feet in just eight minutes? fists flying on a subway platform, who police say is involved in the brawl.
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if your pregnancy is healthy wait for labor to begin on its own. a healthy baby is worth the wait. the faa is investigating a mid-air scare over western new york. 40 minutes into a flight from chicago to hartford three passengers aboard a sky west flight lost consciousness. despite no cockpit warnings the pilot considered it a pressurization issue and made a steep and fast emergency landing in buffalo.
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>> they asked us to tighten our seat belts. we basically nose-dived. until we leveled out at 10,000 feet. that was pretty darn scary. >> the sick passengers were evaluated at the airport and released. not clear why they passed out. the airline said there was no issue with the plane's pressure. new overnight, another potential blunder by the secret service. this one at the home of george h.w. bush. agents took more than a year to replace a broken alarm system at his home in houston. during that time an extra agent patrolled the property. that may not have been sufficient. there was no breach during the time the system was broken. mcdonald's is downsizing. the chain closing 350 poorly performing stores in japan the united states, and china. profits have declined as consumers seek healthier alternatives. the company is tweaking the menu
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take a look folks. time-lapsed video here. showing an incredible e rupgs of a long dormant volcano in chile. they say this is quite a surprise. the volcano hasn't had an eruption since 1972. now for a look at your morning road conditions heavy rains bring flooding to much of texas and the south. in the midwest, roads will stretch across parts of the pacific northwest. roads will be wet over parts of the northeast. if you're flying airport delays possible in dallas houston, and new orleans. plenty of reaction being offered on the newly approved deal to settle concussion lawsuits with the nfl. that deal could cost the league $1 billion in payment ts to retired players who suffer from alzheimer's disease or dementia.
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>> the former players expect $190,000 each. keep in mind, the nfl's annual revenue, about $10 billion. police in philadelphia investigating this violent brawl earlier this week. this is in a subway station. one teen ager reportedly stomped in the head. another fell on to the tracks. transit authorities have identified at least two victims. police has dispatched more cops to monitor that station. ohio health investigators are determined to find out what caused a botulism outbreak. a 54-year-old woman died and dozens of others got sick. all got ill after eating an a church pot luck on sunday. the youngest 9 years old. the oldest? 87. the patients are being treated with an anti-toxin. researchers are trying to build a better bug repellant. they're looking into why some people are more likely to be bitten by mosquitos than others.
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everyone has a unique scent on their skin determined by genetics. scientists hope targeting these skepts might some day change the way you give a chemical message. >> my mom always used to say that. mos key toast like you. you're just so sweet. >> i get bit all the time. >> you are the sweetest thing ever. we say that all the time. >> i like the sar kaz nm your voice. now to sports. the anaheim ducks are the first team in the second round of the layoffs. >> let's get more playoff action from our guys at espn. home teams are 13-3 in these nba playoffs. wednesday, 1 of the 3 happened to cross the street. it was the spurs and clippers. >> i'm stan verrett, he's neil everett. clippers up two. blake griffin tries to drive, but turns it over. he had his first career playoff
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triple-double. mills got fouled there. mills made both free throws. game went to overtime. mills with 18 points. playing big minutes after tony parker left. duncan still doing it. spurs up two. then boris diaw to kawhi leonard. 23 points for leonard. spurs win, 111-107. game three friday. to san francisco, get a coffee. watch the dodgers and giants. bottom nine, tied at 2-2. this was bumgarner and ker shaur to start with. blanco runs into the third base coach. he says by rule, he should be out. that's how i understand it. i'm speaking like i'm the coach. next guy up joe panic. a sacrifice has to be made. blanco is going to score the
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winning run. giant sacrifice walkoff win. they've won two in a row. >> all right. that's all we have. back to you. >> all right, fellas thank you. those guys are known as the boys of summer for a reason. but then there's this. >> oh, the boys were not playing in anything like summer in pittsburgh. it was snowing in the pirates win over the cubs. sail thing this detroit for the yankees victory against the tigers. one announcer saying it felt like they were in a snow globe that just got shook up. >> looks like it. we have "the pulse" coming your way next. you're not going to want to miss iron mike tyson. he's in tight black leather pants. we'll explain why he's lip-synching an '80s classic. happy birthday to youtube. the first video posted to the site ten year ago today.
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all right. let's start "the pull" with an abrupt end to a press jungt interview. >> robert downey jr. sitting down to talk "avengers." he got upset with a reporter who covered everything -- including jail time. >> i just won'tered whether, you know you think you're free of all of that or whether that's still something you -- >> i'm sorry, i really don't -- what are we doing? >> i'm just asking dwes that's palm. >> right. bye. >> oh, yeah. rdj did keep his cool. >> yeah on the way out, he told the reporter things were getting too diane sawyer-y. >> that's a compliment. iron mike tyson, skills in
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the ring. also in leather pants and a mike. ♪ day and night working up a sweat ♪ >> it's a lip-sync battle. you're supposed to match your lips to the song that's playing. he's trying to do it with salt and peppa's "push it." >> the champ all the way old school? skin-tight leather pants and a red and yellow varsity jacket. the hip hop group's labels and patches on the jacket. turn to the arcade. a lot of games in there. the one with the claw you try to get one of the -- usually a stuffed animal. i have never seen anybody get it. >> that machine is not supposed to end up like this. yeah that's 4-year-old henry from england inside the machine. henry's mom said he was mad about not winning a minion toy. he crawled up in there to get one. guess what? it worked. >> lesson not learned. they let him keep the toy.
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he was in the machine for about half hour. he was just fine. next happy birthday youtube. the video-sharing site turns 10 today. >> there's now 300 hours of video uploaded every minute. it all started ten years ago. this one uploaded by the site's founder. he's worth $140 million now. >> here's the most watched youtube video of all time. ♪ ♪ gangnam style ♪ >> yep, it's gag name style by psy. 2.3 billion hits. >> the most watched video that's not a music video. >> ow! ow! charlie! ow! >> it's charlie bit my finger. >> it never gets old. >> i did not know. in is -- 716 million views on that one.
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good thursday morning. thank you for starting your day with us. mike is checking on weather. >> let's look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see that we have low clouds out there. a reduction in our visibility but only fog is along the coast and maybe where we're seeing drizzle this morning. let's take a look at our weather window. isn't that beautiful. nice colors on the embarcadero center. somebody playing tonight? maybe. >> golden state warriors maybe. >> 12-hour day planner. temperatures in the 40s inland but rest of us in the low 50s. by noon we'll see increasing sunshine and mid 50s, upper 60s. breezy this afternoon so even though it will be slightly warmer, it may not feel like it and temperatures will be back in
4:29 am
the 50s by 8:00 this evening. >> liking your gold. >> thank you for noticing. mostly green on our maps. first, let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have clear conditions as you come in from the east bay toward san francisco. we do have some cars that are paying for cash and they're making their way into san francisco. that should dissipate shortly. moving over to walnut creek southbound 680 it is just trickling down toward highway 24. traffic not impeded by accidents. a big closure in san francisco that's starting right at midnight. i'll tell you more about that coming up. let's get to breaking news. mountain view firefighters are battling an explosive house fire that broke out over an hour ago. we just learned there's a fatality. nbc 7 news reporter matt keller is live at the scene. >> reporter: we did learn than adult male has died in this fire. you can see the firefighters are dealing with oxygen bottles right now. we're hearing a lot of alarms that signal that oxygen is
4:30 am
running out as they are coming out of the home. this was a really smoky fire. a very dangerous fire. when firefighters arrived they did an aggressive interior attack but they were also dealing with this. firefighters say there was ammunition in the garage believed to be bullets. a neighbor told me the man who lives there alone works as a consultant but also spends time as a marksman. firefighters found a man in a back room believed to be a bedroom. they were not able to save him. he died at the scene. firefighters were in the house and a live wire came down. they had to be extra careful with that while also dealing with flames and exploding ammunition. eventually firefighters got the flames under control. about ten people were evacuated from three adjacent homes. no one else was injured including firefighters. this will be an active scene for a while. fire cause investigators are en route to the scene. they'll help determine what


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