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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 1, 2015 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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mmuter fighting back. >> he claims he got a 300 dollar traffic ticket even though he wasn't doing anything wrong. so he hit record and put the police to the test. good evening. >> 7 news reporter jaent is live in union city tonight with the story. >> nunez drives to hayward every day for work. along dakota a road and he said this month he was pulled over twice but union city police who says he was using the cell phone while driving. so he used the cell phone to record the whole thing. and here's what happened next. >> this is i was like this. >> he says police mistook the hand for cell phone despite the explanation he got a ticket. >> yesterday i was going to ups again and i was in my vehicle. i got a little idea. i said heather conduct a little test. >>reporter: his test now up loaded on you tube replays what happened the first time around. him driving on dakota a road
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with fingerers resting on the face. last 20 seconds show him getting pulled over by the same cop who thought he was on the phone. >> i was completely shocked. >> in the first situation it was a different set of circumstances. and which i presume we'll go to court and at that point a june will make a decision on that. >>reporter: police say they believe travis was using his phone while driving when he got served the ticket. but they add the second time around it was an honest mistake. police just wrapped up a distracted driving awareness campaign this month. in previous years they have happeneded out as many as 500 tickets. >> give me a 300 dollar ticket make sure you are certain that i'm guilty. >> he plans to contest the ticket in court and bringing the video along as evidence. in union city, abc 7 news. >> happening now japanese prime minister is visiting the bay area. tonight the prime minister had dinner with governor jerry brown at the
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fair mount hotel in san francisco. it was a who's who in the bay area and among the notable guest. prime minister brought along a bullet train simulator for the governor to check out and compare notes on. he wants to send jap that's company here to learn from our tech giant. holding up the san francisco giants jersey with his name open it and sending florida is to major league baseball team earlier this afternoon tesla president musk gave him a personal tour of his company in palo alto. prime minister spoke about his visit to students at stanford have to catch up with them otherwise japan is going into lose vitality. >>reporter: outside stanford and again at fit event dozens of protestors demand the prime minister apologies for war crimes during world war ii. >> new at 11:00 after spending the day with the prime minister tesla founder musk went to southern california where he unveiled a revolutionary new
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power system. >> this is about fund mental transformation of how the world works the about how energy is delivered across the earth. >> the power wall is a 3 foot by 4 fat battery for the home that can store energy from solar panel. must have been says it make the home independent. it will ship in 3 to 4 months. the design based on the tesla model s battery and unveiled the power pack and industrial version of the battery. >> in nepal the french news agency is reporting the death toll from the devastating earthquake has climbed to more than 6200. another 14000 were injured. at least 2 people were rescued from the wreckage today. woman in 20's and 15 today. woman in 20's and 15-year-old boy someplace ins nepal now 3 feet higher in elevation. mount everest an inch shorter. >> abc 7 news was in fremont
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tonight with candle light vigil to show support for the earthquake victim. the federal ration organized the event. participant offer the prayers thoughts and donations for the victims. >> spencer was at the red cross digital operation center in san jose today. they are looking for your donation to help the victims of the earth quake. if you would like to help text nepal to this number to donate 10 dollars or call 1 800 red cross. >> flag of old south vietnam flying tonight in sap jose in honor of the 40th anniversary of the fall of sigh g.o.p. we were at city hall event for the flag raising ceremony tonight to mark the day when the vietnam warrened and thousands of lives changed forever. large crowd attended ceremony inside. thousands rescued by ship and helicopter the family split apart can never forget what they went through. >> 3 night 3 day on the ocean. we drank basically survive on
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sugar cain juice and have what we have clothes on our back. >> her family was eight months on the island eventually settling in san jose. >> big names in and out support of bringing the new warriors arena in san francisco mission bay neighborhood after new opposition to the plan was raised. katie was at public meeting addressing the concerns tonight and joins us live with the new details. >> sales force ceo and tech financier big donor to ucsf new group out of the arena spinning a story and nitd a member of that group water practically booed at community meeting. jack davis not well received by everyone at the mission bay community advisory meeting. he's a member of mission bay alliance. he says the warriors arena does not belong near the ucsf mission bay medical center ucsf mission bay medical center. >> corny atmosphere taking
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place right opposite where there are people having chemotherapy infusion in the cancer center. >>reporter: he also claims the plan doesn't include enough parking which the team rae futs. there are also multiple concerns about traffic people who already deal with giants games now how bad it can be. >> sometimes even after 2 hours after the games have ended challenge to get to at the time. >> still in favor of the reap a as is the south beach mission bay merchant association. >> mission bay needs this. the city needs this. this is a very, very very good location. >>reporter: mission bay alliance not convinced and promise as fight. >> we are prepared to litigate litigate litigate litigate until the cows come home. >> ucsf spokeswoman says the university is encouraged by talk with the city and warrior that ultimately the arena will be a good neighbor. in san francisco, katie abc 7 news. >> warriors will face the grizzly in round 2 of the play
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offs. game 1 tip off sunday at 12:30 right here on abc 7 followed by after the game. >> we are live at oracle with post game reaction. >> san francisco artist is pleading tonight to get his painting canvas back. this is a photo of the painting worth 5500 dollars. surveillance video show a couple pick up the painting and walk away. this happened on water street in north beach early this month. police not calling this a theft police not calling this a theft. they told abc 7 it doesn't look like they are trying to hide anything. they believe the couple thought someone was either throwing the art out or giving it await a minute artist says he left it outside for 15 minutes while he ran inside to get something. >> would i love the paintings to come home and we could sell them. that's how i feed my kids and wife so that would be great. >> if you know where the painting its, please, call police. this little sea lions gets help at the marine mammal
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center after hiding and car in san francisco marina district. entire ordeal unfolded live on the abc 7 morning news. this the is rubbish and not the first tim he has been picked up first tim he has been picked up. in february the mammal center treated him formal nutrition he was tagged and doctors determined he lost 21 pounds since then. experts say they have seen a record number of sick sea lions this year mostly due to warmer water pushing the food supply up north. >> all right. revealing look inside isis. next on 7 news. you hear from the militant themselves and find out why that barbaric terror group is terrified of women. >> plus. new at 11:00. commander in chief cut off. how sixth grader put the president in his place. >> before temperatures spike today but some of your cooling off tomorrow. i'll show you
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there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. i thought, "the red cross does katrina. they don't help single moms. hi. hi. what happened to our house last year? it flooded. and the water flooded out. yeah. the red cross arranged the hotel for us. they gave me that break, that leverage, to be able to get it together and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go. >> al qaeda once most barbaric terror group in the world now it guess to isis taken over large sections of the middle east. one filmmaker risked his
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life in the war zone to interview isis militant and forces fighting against him on the ground. about sister station in los angeles spoke with the filmmaker in his native israel. >> it is the most barbaric terror group on the planet. isis. over the last two years islamic state group has shocked the world with its brutality mass beheadings slaughtered by the thousands. in the latest project documentary filmmaker unveils the secret world of isis. armed only with his camera he goes to the front-lines in syria. even interviewing captured isis soldiers. about listen as they show nearly zero emotion describing things that most people would find unimaginable.
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you hear everything the same to you and only listen listen let them talk. it was very, very difficult for me. very difficult for me. >>reporter: not surprisingly just hearing the word isis now strike fear into hearts all over the globe. but not for everyone. he was im bedd with occurred troops fearlessly fighting isis on the ground. with more than 40 million people the kurds are considered the world largest ethnic group without a country. >> -- they are progressive
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society with equal rights for women who fight right alongside the men. >> woman commander told me we make such a fuss about isis. they are not so good soldiers. quite easy for to us kill them t.if you know it's isis such a big name. within the 1 hour they manage to scare isis away it was amazing, >>reporter: one thing going for the women soldiers is that isis fighters believe if they are killed in battle bay woman they don't get into heaven and don't get the 72 virgins . stchlt. >> about
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this noise laughing matter. despite the look of organized military skill isis has taken over large sections ovtd middle east often brutalizing the weak or unarmed then broadcasting it to the world. >> . last summer killing of american journalist james foley an example of one. hit close to home he knew him and it could easily have been him being beheaded on the world stage. having entered syria 1 mile from where foley did. >> definite staiingt. washington might have happened to just like that. i have been so close to this very exact point. >> world has walken up to the threat of isis the numbers continue to grow. every day from all over the world. >> with every 100 isis killed we have like 500 new jihad volunteering for isis. this is the problem. >>reporter: reporting from tell a75 abc 7 news.
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>> one fat note to the film he says some of the fighters in isis are the very same people he interviewed in iraq a decade ago. those who were left out of the process when iraq formed the new government. by the way the film is complete but he's still looking for company to distribute it in the u.s. so stay tune. >> fascinating. >> mav now open to the weather forecast. closer to the wean. >> a little bit warmer than we have seen recently. sandhya. yes. today temperatures 10 to 25 degrees warmer than yesterday. take a look at how high. 90 degree ins livermore antioch 91 santa rosa napa san jose oakland, san rafael all 88 jose oakland, san rafael all 88, 84 in san francisco. 81 degree ins half man bay. crystal clear right now you look at live doppler 7hd and the temperatures still on the warm side in few spots like san jose fremont concord. look more like highs in the 70's
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which typically see during the day. here's live look from the exploratorium camera right now and no fog here but it returns to the coast tomorrow. heat hang on inland and it gets cooler in all 80's this upcoming weekend. a little bit hazy from sutro towercam. air quality continue to suffer tomorrow. particulate moderate along with grass tree high as far as the tree pollen is concerned and so will the uv index. so make sure you have the sun screen with you. for tomorrow. high pressure here provided us with the heat. it's shifting east. as it weakens we notice the shift in the whipped. so from offshore to on shore the seabreeze bring the fog back in tomorrow afternoon and that means the temperatures well fall along coast and bay tomorrow. 60's, coast and bay tomorrow. 60's, 70's, close to the 80's. hot inland in the upper 80's to 90's. cooling will spread into the inland communities for the first half of the weekend as the fog and seabreeze become a little more prominent as we head toward sunday. cooling trend continues inland high
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back down to average. coastal areas socked in most of the afternoon. tomorrow morning you will start out with clear mild conditions. notice 50's 60's so you really don't have to worry about a jacket or sweater. as a matter of fact tonight not great sleeping weather for those without air conditioning. open up the window. 85 tomorrow afternoon south bay san jose. 85 gilroy as well. 88 los gatos still warm open the pepsi la. 82 redwood city palo alto 64 in pacifica and foggy same thing with daly city. 71 downtown san francisco. north bay occasional high clouds low to mid 80's for santa rosa association know him, napa 70 in sausalito, east bay 77 oakland, 81 castro valley. inland spots you will still be on the hot side 89 in livermore on the hot side 89 in livermore. 90 in pts burg. 88 fair field. accu-weather 7 day forecast we cool it off for everyone as we hit the weekend. down back towards average. mid upper 50's coast side low mid 80's inland numbers fall even more down to the upper 70's by early next week. one
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>> ep doesn't get more adorable than that. buck the blue healer puppy and confused by the hiccup. he gets scared and barks when the heck cup hit. his owner posted this video on you tube and already racked up more than 1 million view. >> what a sweetie. >> president obama has chosen his hometown of chicago to host his future presidential library once he leaves office. the report comes as the president got schooled during a visit with some middle school students in maryland. >> even the best writers usually it's not that good the first time they write it. >> yes i think you sort of vrd everything about that question. >> you think i just he thinks i have been talking too long. >> no. no. i think you just. >> let's move it along i got you. >> sixth grader who moderated event apparently got a little bored during one of the president long answers.
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president obama took it all in stride. made a nice joke out of it. >> keep it concise. >> move it along mr. president. >> all right. moving along in sports. >> wave into director. give the wrap up sign. >> round one of the nfl draft is complete. there he goes. there's chris. nebraskaers took a guy they admit needs
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>> good evening. top of the nfl draft went as expected. tampa bay took winston no. 1. 10 tee with marcus second. raiders had the fourth pick in round 1. they selected the closest thing to a sure thing. alabama wide receiver cooper. cooper runs exceptional routes. he has 4.4 speed. cooper and quarterback car should be together in silver and black forth next decade. >> you have to have speed play making ability on the outside. that certainly was a goal coming in to this weekend and that was a real fine football player we added to the organization today. >>reporter: frainers traded back in round 1 sending 15 over
1:36 am
all pick to the chargers for the 17th over all plus fourth rounder this year fifth rounder next year then selected arm stead grew newspaper sacramento stead grew newspaper sacramento. college ball in oregon. very large human. 6 foot 7. 2 92. a little raw but outstanding athlete. >> had pretty good you if he ever know with the draft crazy process. i had a pretty good feeling if i was there the that they would take me but i didn't know it was going to happen. >> there's a learning curve. you don't just one in the national football league and play defensive line in our defense. learning curve for him should be a little bit quicker. >> nettable pick in round 1. we mention quarterback going 1-2. winston marcus and peet with 13 pick and charge earth's took wisconsin tail back gordon 15 with selection they got from the 49ers. the it's going to be the splash brother against the smash brothers. warriors hosting memphis in round 2 of the nba play offs sunday 12:30
1:37 am
here on abc 7. grizzly big physical but have huge injury to deal w.guard mike conley elbow to the face against portland. he has a fracture near his eye. up clear if or when he will play in the series but warriors are expecting him to play at some point. >> we have a week to prepare. if do wonderful things. how he's playing never now they could make him an iron mask. not only prepare for him not being there. >> we ask who is the x factor in the series and why let us know what you think on this site with doug on 7 and use response after the game on sunday. baseball angels. 6 nothing deficit trail 6-4 in the 9th. about base hit to center. the a's down 6-5. dave is a 2 out drive. deep to the warning track and snatched by leaping mike trout toen the
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that's our report. >> thanks for joining us. kim kardashian is on jimmy kimmel. >> enjoy see you e giving hooters a run for its money.
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>> you have strong opinions about this one. >> i do. >> first the new push to protect baseball players from horrific brain injuries. why everyone from little leaguers to major leaguers are catching on. >> the 5-year-old super hero stepping in despite his disability to save his mom when she needed him most. >> find us on facebook and @abcwnn. on twitter. you're watching "world news now." write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you are on a fixed income learn about affordable whole life insurance that guarantees your r can never increase for any reason. if you did not receive your information call this number now. your acceptance is guaranteed, with no health questions. stand by to learn more.
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