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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 5, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, isis claims responsibility for that terror attack in texas. as we learn exclusive new details about the shooters. the secret messages intercepted by the fbi before the shooting and the hero traffic cop who took on and took down those two heavily armed terrorists. new overnight, flash floods from new mexico to the midwest. cars completely submerged as a major new storm brews off the coast of florida. stranger danger. the new video, children lured from a public park right in front of their shocked parents. >> want to go see the other puppies? >> yeah! >> the experiment you have to see that could keep your children out of harm's way. ♪ fashion face-off. who was the queen of fashion's biggest night? rihanna ruled the red carpet
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with a yellow gown that required an entourage. sarah jessica parker reaching for the sky. what about beyonce's sheerly stunning dress? ♪ and we do say good morning, america, on this tuesday morning. so much buzz about the met ball last night. the super bowl of fashion, if you will. beyonce among those stars on the red carpet getting a reaction for what they were wearing. >> some dress. >> very bold choices. >> bold choices. >> what they were or weren't wearing. >> i was going to -- you read my mind. >> works for me. we are going to move on because we have some breaking news now in that deadly texas shooting. isis now claiming responsibility for the foiled attack. we're learning more about the two gunmen killed outside. abc's brian ross here with
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exclusive new details. good morning, brian. >> reporter: well, good morning, george. isis claiming responsibility for the attackers coming in a statement overnight with a new warning saying we tell america what is coming will be bigger and more bitter. all this as there are tough questions this morning for the fbi this morning about the ringleader of the attack who was under fbi scrutiny but still able to get to texas with assault weapons on a mission to kill. the fbi was aware that in the last few months, 30-year-old elton simpson was nearing a boiling point. "soon you won't be able to live in america as a muslim. the noose is tightening," he wrote in a march 14th twitter message seen by the fbi and obtained by abc news. on april 10th he wrote "time is short." and on april 23rd he wrote of the upcoming cartoon-drawing event in texas, "when will they ever learn?" both simpson and his roommate in phoenix, nadir soofi, were killed in the garland, texas, attack even though they had assault rifles and were up
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against a traffic officer with a pistol. >> he did what he was trained to do. and under the fire that he was put under, he did a very good job. >> reporter: simpson grew up in a christian family in this phoenix neighborhood. an all-star high school basketball player, simpson told friends an auto accident ended his chances of playing college ball and led him to allah and the life of a devout muslim. >> he was trying to convert people. he thought that -- he thought that islam was a way of life and should be a way of life for most people. >> reporter: simpson had planned to travel last month to syria and join isis according to his messages. he was recruiting others to go with him. "bring your passport. if you have $4,000, that's enough to travel with," he wrote on april 10th, but he said his plans were disrupted when the fbi in san diego and minneapolis arrested some of the people he wanted to go with him. and now the question this morning is why the fbi was not
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paying closer attention to his movements and intentions. robin. >> all right, brian, thank you very much. now to that severe weather, flash flooding stretching from new mexico to illinois and a possible subtropical storm brewing near the bahamas. ginger tracking it all. >> we're starting to get unsettled. on both sides of the country. let's go ahead and start in manhattan, kansas, where 2 to 4 inches of rain fell far too quickly. roads, parking lots looking like this with cars submerged. and look at this video from new mexico. it was not just in kansas but all the way south to new mexico where you saw flooding rains. daily record rainfall records broken. so that's happened and now this is happening. today oklahoma and texas panhandle back into eastern new mexico could see large hail. certainly some heavy rains, damaging winds. even an isolated tornado and the other storm we're tracking. the disturbance over the bahamas. it's already killed people in cuba with the flash flooding so it's something to watch. we plotted here the 80-degree temperatures in the waters and what's needed to make it
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tropical. it is not going to be moving into that, rather cooler waters. it's got a lot of dry air. that would make it subtropical. the national hurricane center only gives us a 30% shot of becoming our first named storm. and we will be updating as we get closer to the week. if it got named, it would be called ana. >> okay. a long way to go there, thanks very much, ginger. we're going to turn now to a surprising new report about confusion in the sky. it turns out that planes land at the wrong airport more often than you think. so federal regulators are proposing new rules to prevent the mistakes. abc's david kerley is at dulles airport with the details. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. it is surprising, a bit embarrassing for pilots. but it could be much worse which is why there are calls this morning for changes to keep airplanes from landing at the wrong airports. it's a potentially dangerous even deadly mistake. >> apparently, we've landed at d-e-c. >> reporter: pilots landing at the wrong airport. this massive boeing jet was supposed to land at an air force base in wichita, kansas a year and a half ago
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instead it landed at another airport nine miles away. >> giant 4241 heavy verify. you are on the ground at d-e-c airport? >> we think so. >> reporter: that big boeing 747 was on such a small runway, it couldn't turn around. they had to move it into position and reduce its weight so it could take off for the right runway. and this hasn't happened just once. >> the pilot came on and said, i'm sorry, folks, but we've landed at the wrong airport. >> reporter: a southwest jet headed for branson, missouri, touched down eight miles away on a much shorter runway. >> i can't just start moving the airplane around or trying to reposition. >> reporter: in fact, in just the past 2 1/2 years, 5 aircraft have landed at the wrong airports. safety investigators are so worried they are calling for changes this morning. and here's what they would like to see happen. a pilot will not be cleared to land until they passed every airport except the one they're going to land at. and a software change that will make it less likely that they'll land at the wrong airport, but, robin, these are
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recommendations. it's up to the faa to make them regulations. >> we'll see what happens. all right, david, thank you. shocking new allegations against banking giant wells fargo, accused in a new lawsuit of unlawful and fraudulent behavior, taking advantage of customers, secretly running up fees. abc's pierre thomas is in washington and has that for us. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the city of los angeles is accusing wells fargo of gouging customers. in a new lawsuit the city claims the bank charged bogus fees. and when customers could not pay those fees they allegedly damaged their credit rating. and, robin, listen to this. the lawsuit claims that bank employees opened new accounts for people without them knowing it and would sometimes siphon money out of old accounts to do so. in short they are accused of playing with the customers' money to make sales quotas. wells fargo says it will fight these allegations but if any of the accusations are true, the bank has some big questions to answer. was this done by a few rogue employees? or was it somehow encouraged by a greedy corporate culture? robin. >> yes. want answers to those questions.
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pierre, thank you. >> those are serious. we're going to move on now to politics and the field of republican candidates for president growing fast. next up, former arkansas governor mike huckabee making a second bid for the white house, following the announcements from ben carson and carly fiorina here on "gma" yesterday. jon karl here with more on that and, jon, the field will be big. it's getting pretty strong. a lot of republicans sensing an opportunity now. >> reporter: that's right. republicans believe hillary clinton is beatable. and after eight years out of power, that they have a prime chance to retake the white house. you also have the most wide open republican field in memory with no clear front-runner. that adds up to a very crowded field. as you mentioned, george, mike huckabee jumping in today. announcing in hope, arkansas, added to the five others already in the race. fiorina and carson from yesterday, plus those three republican senators, paul, cruz and rubio. you also have two big names poised to jump in next month, scott walker and jeb bush. and, george, if you look at the
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others, i count nearly a dozen other republicans who are saying that they are at least thinking about running for president. quite a crowded field. >> yeah. the debate stage is going to have to be like college bowl, a few tiers. meantime, the showdown between hillary clinton and congress is heating up. >> reporter: that's right. hillary clinton has said that she will agree to testify before that special committee on benghazi, but the republicans want her to testify twice, george, and hillary clinton through her lawyer yesterday said, point blank, she'll only testify once. so we have a showdown there. republicans still insist inging they want to talk to her once about her e-mails and once about what happened had benghazi. >> okay, jon, thanks very much. i know you're going to be back later with your exclusive tour inside air force one. >> let's go to amy with the other top stories starting with breaks news overseas. >> that's right, george. we're just getting word about another refugee tragedy in the mediterranean sea. just days after nearly 6,000 refugees were rescued by the italian coast guard, today officials said dozens of people appear to have drowned while trying to make their way from
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north africa to europe. more than 1,000 people died last month when their boats capsized. in boston, a rare show of emotion from the marathon bomber. dzhokhar tsarnaev cried in court during his aunt's appearance on the stand. also in court, a cousin called tsarnaev a, quote, warm, kind child. the defense is trying to spare tsarnaev the death penalty. at the movie theater massacre trial in colorado video was shown of police questioning james holmes after the shooting. on the tape holmes was heard asking, there weren't any children hurt, were there? prosecutors are trying to poke holes in his insanity defense. dozens are being forced from their homes because of this growing wildfire north of new york city. the flames scorching 1,000 acres. bone dry conditions are fueling the fire. and a dangerous explosion on the subway here in new york. a worker was trying to clear the tracks, look at that, when vandals tossed a burning garbage can which then struck the third
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rail. the worker, thankfully, was not injured. just last month, metal placed on the tracks as a prank set off a similar explosion. a close call on this busy street in brazil. a soda truck loses control on a turn unleashing an avalanche of soda bottles and crates on a pedestrian. the man tries to outrun the flying objects. he escaped without any serious injuries. and finally, president obama making his eighth and final appearance on "the late show with david letterman." the two men got serious about the situation in baltimore, but then they joked about their retirement plans, which letterman will be starting after his final show in two weeks. >> what will you do when you're not president? >> uh, well, i was thinking you and me, we could play some dominos together. >> dominos. all right. i plan to teach law at columbia. >> oh, that's good. >> letterman's top ten list last night was top ten questions that dumb guys ask the president.
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number one, when will you return my gyrocopter? >> too soon? >> perhaps, perhaps. all right, amy, thank you very much. now to a story, someone that we've been thinking about a great deal around here. new details about the sudden death of dave goldberg, the 47-year-old top tech executive and husband of facebook's sheryl sandberg. we're learning he died after an accident while exercising. abc's david wright is here with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. dave goldberg's sudden death has shocked the tech world. he was half of a silicon valley power couple and a successful executive in his own right currently ceo of surveymonkey which grew into a $2 billion business. he died on vacation at the hotel gym. mr. goldberg and his family were staying at a private resort on the mexico coast near puerto vallarta. mexican government officials told the associated press and "the new york times" that he collapsed while exercising in a
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private gym, hitting his head. according to the u.s. consumer product safety commission, 19,000 people a year go to the emergency room from treadmill injuries. sandberg often spoke about her husband. >> if you pick someone who's willing to share the burdens and the joys of your personal life, you're going to go further. >> reporter: the walt disney company, parent company of abc, has announced it is moving up its second quarter earnings release so that executives can attend the funeral. ms. sandberg is a disney board member. the white house posted this photo of president obama with goldberg, sandberg and their children. the president noting goldberg's warm spirit and generosity. in her best-selling memoir "lean in," sandberg wrote about her husband. "dave is my best friend, closest adviser, dedicated co-parent and the love of my life." a private memorial service planned for later today at stanford university. in palo alto. ms. sandberg has made no public statements regarding her husband's death. robin, george. >> she knows that we and many are thinking of her and lifting her up in prayer and her children.
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all right. >> we certainly are. we're going to move on now to a utah man who stopped a violent carjacking, using his gun to kill the suspect when he lunged for the weapon. mystery man being called a good samaritan this morning and abc's neal karlinsky has the story. >> yes, somebody's been shot. >> where are you? are you in orem? >> i'm in orem at the maceys. >> reporter: outside of salt lake city a 31-year-old pan calls 911. here he is in this police dash cam video telling them he's just shot an alleged carjacker in this parking lot. >> somebody was trying to steal a woman's car. >> okay. >> reporter: he says he was trying to protect the owner of this mercedes suv, but when the suspect lunged at him, he opened fire. >> i had a concealed carry weapon. i went up and pointed the gun at him. he put his hands up and came out of the car and tried to grab the gun from me, and i shot him. >> reporter: this morning, that unidentified mystery caller is being called a good samaritan, even a hero who police say had a legal concealed weapon and every
7:15 am
right to shoot it. >> we feel that this man did what he thought he had to do in order to save his life and that of the woman. >> reporter: the alleged carjacker he killed now being identified as 26-year-old taulagi matafeo. his family calling him a defenseless victim. but police say matafeo was no angel. seen in this surveillance video just a short time before the shooting ditching a car with four others following an alleged assault. two accomplices are still on the run. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> my goodness. >> yeah, that is some story. >> uh-huh. >> michael, what do you got? >> yeah, well, it's a big day. it's a big day for the world's newest royal, princess charlotte elizabeth diana. she's meeting her great-grandmother, the queen, for the first time. and abc's terry moran is in london with the latest. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, michael. good blustery morning here. it's such a strange destiny to be a royal princess. this little girl, just a few
7:16 am
days old, already beloved by her family, of course, but also beloved by her country and the subject of news reports around the world just like this one. she has a big day ahead of her today. this morning, 3-day-old princess charlotte elizabeth diana will have her first audience with the queen. the queen anxious to see her great-granddaughter and her big brother prince george who melted hearts at the lindo wing visiting his baby sister for the first time. the name princess charlotte a nod to william and kate's family. charlotte, a female version of william's father's name, prince charles, and it's kate's sister pippa's middle name. elizabeth for the queen. kate and her mother carole both share the middle name elizabeth. and, of course, diana for william's mother. princess diana's brother lord spencer tweeting his approval. of the new name. the little princess will be fourth in line to the throne bumping harry to fifth. the first time a girl retains her place even if a future male heir follows
7:17 am
an act initiated by the current queen. later today, william and kate take the heir and the spare to their country home in anmar hall in norfolk. >> prince william is going to take two weeks of paternity leave before resuming royal duties and flying and we won't see kate for much longer because she wants to spend time with her family. >> reporter: so this family will hunker down up north and nest up there in norfolk. what's next? the next time that you're likely to see little princess charlotte is at her christening. that won't be for a few months. probably before the queen leaves london windy london for scotland in july. michael. >> it is blustery. >> that is one serene baby. >> i know. so cute. >> so are you happy because you wanted diana in the name. >> i did. i'm very happy and i also think charlotte is great. it's a little nod to prince charles. maybe they'll even call her charlie behind closed doors. princess charlie, that would be cute. >> i was hoping for apple. >> okay. >> we all can dream. let's go on to ginger now. and the midwest in for it, huh? >> yes.
7:18 am
there's this lazy stationary front that's not moving. i want to start you off in chicago. the temperatures are only in the 50s. it's going to stay that way. we have a live look this morning. the roads are moving but it's going to be a rainy day. rain heavy at times in parts of texas and new mexico, there are actually flash flood watches in place. we showed you those stunning pictures. the flash flooding earlier. we're talking up to 3 plus inches right there in the yellow bull's eye anywhere from south kansas into the texas panhandle, 2 to 3. let's get to the tuesday trivia.
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>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. check out the sunshine. it will be brighter. still breezy. but slightly warmer today. a chance of isolated shower thursday and friday. warmer and dry through mother's day. today we are in the upper 50s along the coast waller than yesterday. low 60s in san francisco. mid-to-upper 60s around the bay and 70s inland. warmest in antioch at 78. the seven-day forecast shows it will be coolest with the chance of a sure >> the record daily rainfall in albuquerque, new mexico, came along with hail and a question for you guys. where do you think the hottest temperature in the united states was yesterday? which state? >> um. >> california. >> it's going to be surprising. >> new hampshire. >> new hampshire? >> 86 degrees. i'll show you more coming up. >> i never would have guessed that. >> i'll show you more coming up. >> that's why she asked. >> we're all like, hmm. >> trick question. >> yeah, it was. coming up here on "gma," sofia vergara breaks her silence
7:20 am
about the bitter battle with her ex over frozen embryos. why she's confident she'll win. also ahead, was it a poisonous plot? a student caught on camera putting windex in her roommates' food facing up to 20 years in prison. plus, the shocking new video. children tricked into leaving a playground with a stranger. what you need to teach your kids to keep them out of harm's way. and rihanna turning the red carpet yellow at the met ball. why she's getting a big slice of headlines. carpet into yellow getting a big slice of the headlines. la vie est belle. la vie est belle the eau de parfum, lancôme. receive a free gift. only at macy's, your fragrance destination.
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. . . . we're back. up around santa roesa and one in petaluma, our calmest conditions. that will start lifting by 9:00. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s in the north bay. the rest in the low to mid-50s. fremont, 48. los gatos, 46. if you are going to the game tonight, almost as chilly as last night. 57 at 7:15 dropping down to 54. more sunshine today. temperatures warmer than
7:29 am
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good morning, america. right now, isis claims responsibility for that foiled terror attack in texas. also right now, sofia vergara is speaking out. what she's saying about that ex-boyfriend suing her over their frozen embryos. and a college student faces up to 20 years in prison for a poison plot. caught on camera spraying windex on her roommates' food. >> ooh. we do say good morning, america, on this tuesday morning. and wait until you see this. the shocking video of children leaving the playground with a stranger, easily lured away. all part of an experiment and john walsh's son has some very important information for parents everywhere. >> scary how easy that was. this is really something. but we're going to begin with sofia vergara. she's breaking her silence in that legal battle with her ex
7:31 am
nick loeb over their frozen embryos. she says he has no case. abc's rebecca jarvis here with the details. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: hi good morning, george. sofia vergara attempting to set the record straight. she says she and ex nick loeb broke up a year ago and the contracts that they both signed with the fertility clinic were completely clear. >> i am a sitting goose out here. >> reporter: sofia vergara speaking out, opening up to howard stern about her legal battle with former fiance, nick loeb. >> you guys break up and you say, look, i don't want to have a baby with you. i'm not involved with you anymore. >> can you blame me? >> i can't blame you. >> reporter: the couple created two frozen embryos six months before they broke up. loeb filing a complaint and saying he now wants to bring the embryos to term. but the "modern family" star does not. >> by the way, a child needs a mother. >> a mother and more than a mother, it needs a loving relationship of parents that get along that don't hate each
7:32 am
other that -- >> you hate each other now? >> well i don't hate him, but obviously he has a problem with me. >> yes, when you break up with a guy, there's a problem. >> yeah. >> reporter: but vergara tells stern she's confident loeb's wishes will not be carried out. the contracts the couple signed with a fertility clinic say one person cannot use the embryos to create a child without explicit written consent of the other person. >> if it was so serious with him, this issue, then you should have taken it more serious at the time like i did. the thing is this, that fortunately and unfortunately, there is law. you wrote -- you signed papers, legal papers. >> reporter: we reached out to loeb overnight. he did not want to comment at this time. >> kids need parents to bring to the world, you know, kids that are already set up everything wrong for them, you know. >> right, right. >> it would be so selfish. >> reporter: now this is a topic legal experts expect to see a whole lot more of in the courts. there are currently 600,000 frozen embryos in storage in the
7:33 am
united states. and with the increase in ivf treatments, this is becoming a whole new area of the law that the courts now have to deal with, robin. >> that's right. all right, rebecca, thank you. now, the latest on that mystery lotto winner in california. turns out he's not a winner at all but an undercover inspector. the question now is whether that small payout was an innocent mistake or intentional. abc's matt gutman joins us with that story. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. and that's exactly what california lottery officials tell us they're investigating this morning. what they do know is that they sent in their compliance officer undercover for a test. he came in with a $75,000 winning ticket. he left $74,900 and change short. this morning that mystery lottery winner millions have been looking for has been identified. but he's not who you might think. >> we have undercover investigators. they have decoy tickets that they present to the clerk.
7:34 am
they have them to please check the ticket to see if they've won. >> reporter: that's right. abc news learns that the guy in the ball cap is an undercover lottery inspector sent to test this palmdale, california, convenience store at random to see if they would give him the right payout for a $75,000 ticket. the clerk giving him just 75 bucks. but the even bigger surprise came when the store released the video five weeks later unintentionally blowing his cover. this morning, the store insisting the piddly payout was an honest mistake. and that it released the video to try to track down the man but lottery officials not so sure. >> here we are wondering why did they keep the ticket for 40 days? >> reporter: it's not the first time store owners have come under suspicion. this clerk in syracuse, new york, convicted of swindling a customer telling him he had a $5,000 ticket when really it was worth $5 million. in california, officials say
7:35 am
undercover operations just like this one have even uncovered clerks stealing tickets. >> we advise, strongly encourage, all players to turn that ticket around, sign the ticket in ink. that way, it's yours. >> reporter: now if that clerk did, in fact, commit fraud, he could face charges and that store could lose its license to sell lottery tickets. as you just heard, there is a very simple way for not being duped. and that is signing the back of your ticket. i signed this one. but in case you were wondering, not a winner. robin, george. >> well, we're glad you signed it, matt. it's going to be tough to prove though that the guy did it intentionally. >> it will be. we move on to the south carolina college student caught on camera poisoning her roommates' food. they grew suspicious and set up a hidden camera to catch her spraying their food with windex. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: watch closely. police say this is 22-year-old university of south carolina student hayley king contaminating her roommates' food, allegedly pouring cleaning supplies into several containers
7:36 am
of their food, even spitting in it. king's roommates who live in this house in columbia setting up this hidden camera telling police, they thought she was up to no good after weeks of fighting. and that they tried to kick king out of the off-campus apartment but say she wouldn't leave. >> what they found on the surveillance camera is quite shocking. >> reporter: watch again. in this tape filmed in february, police say king is spraying her roommates' food with windex. she even allegedly puts the food on the counter and pours the cleaning solution over it before putting the food right back into the fridge. police say after seeing this video, they brought king in for questioning and say she confessed to the incident. one of her roommates telling abc news overnight, "this not only affected me physically, having to deal with the repercussions of the incident, but also mentally from the anxiety that came along with it." king now facing felony charges and possible jail time is currently out on bond. she's not responded to our
7:37 am
requests for comment. >> these charges in the state of south carolina carry with them up to a 20-year prison sentence. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> amy, you said it. who raises these people? >> yeah. >> my goodness. >> who raises a woman who could do that? it's crazy. >> crazy. ginger, what do you got? i've got wildfire in the northeast. so it was dry, hot and windy, all of the ingredients coming together. this is part of new jersey. there were five wildfires. more than 80 acres burning. almost all of it is contained at this point, but you're going to have that gusty wind again today and especially in maine, new hampshire, vermont especially chances for wildfire. now, the front that i was talking about that's creating the winds going to cut people off from the warmth. you can see washington, d.c., mid and upper 80s. new york, going to close to 80. but burlington at 70, so it's really going to start to bring in some slightly cooler air but it's still going to be very nice after that front gets out of here and then high surf advisory
7:38 am
>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco check out the temperatures today: warmer. more sunshine. 712080 inland. 56 to 63 coast and san francisco and ambassador bay 65 to 71. we are in the 40s nearly 50 tonight. cooler on thursday with a slight >> it's pollen report time. and we're all so excited for this warm weather, but the blooms are out. and i'm one of these people that are so affected by it. so i'm with you, guys. high levels across most of the country. and then trees are still producing the most pollen, especially right here in the northeast. i was so feeling it last night. i couldn't sleep last night. >> me too. >> i was sneezing myself awake. >> me too. >> sick. >> i feel lucky. >> me, too. i'm like -- i don't know what you're talking about. >> sorry. we're going to move on to stranger danger coming up. a shocking new experiment children easily lured from the playground right in front of their moms. what parents need to know keep your kids out of harm's way. and a big "magic mike" surprise. one of mr. strahan's co-stars in the blockbuster will be popping
7:39 am
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there are signs of affection. and then... there are signs of affection. use gas that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. back now at 7:43 with "gma on the lookout." an important alert for parents this morning. a frightening new video experiment showing just how easy it is to abduct a child and making us question the lessons we've been teaching kids about talking to strangers. abc's mara schiavocampo is here now with the story. good morning to you, mara. >> reporter: lara, good morning. an estimated 460,000 children were reported missing last year. and experts say the use of a small, cute animal to lure kids is one of the most common tricks. well, now a disturbing new video shows just how easy that can be. stranger danger. >> do you want to go see the other puppies? >> yeah.
7:44 am
>> reporter: this morning, a shocking new video suggesting just how easy it can be for a stranger to lure an unsuspecting child from their parent. >> hey, you like puppies? >> reporter: in a social experiment now viewed more than 25 million times, the youtube prankster, joey saladino known as joey salad online approaches several moms for permission to talk to their kids. >> how many times a day do you tell your kids not to talk to strangers? >> i tell my kid every day. i'm pretty sure she's not going to talk to you, but try. >> reporter: but 3 out of 3 times he gets kids to talk to him and appears to easily convince them to leave the park hand in hand. >> let's go see the other puppies. let's go. >> reporter: all as their shocked moms watch. >> you have to ask me if you want to go see somebody. they could take you and you won't be with mommy anymore. >> reporter: did you expect that it would be so easy for them to leave with you. they even held your hand. >> yeah, that was a little unexpected there. sometimes kids are too young to comprehend the dangers out there. >> reporter: a 2005 abc news
7:45 am
hidden camera investigation found a would-be predator could lure kids away with just a photo of a dog. >> my little puppy named shorty. >> reporter: experts like callahan walsh, son of john walsh, says it's not not enough to tell kids to steer clear of strangers. he says parents need to explain who a trusted adult is. >> a police officer, a security guard. many parents assume that their child knows but really until it's put to the test, sort of like the scenario here, really determines whether your child knows what to do in that type of situation. >> reporter: a few other safety tips. tell your kids to use the buddy system. they should travel with a friend. and tell your children not to be afraid to say no to an adult if something doesn't feel right. another thing experts point out, kids who fight back, who kick and scream are the ones most likely to get away. >> trust your gut. >> trust your gut, absolutely. and kids are most likely to get in trouble on their way
7:46 am
to and from activities so keep your eye on them. >> not only not be afraid to say no. say no whenever you're uncomfortable. >> really scary video. thanks, mara. and coming up here, the secrets of sleepwalking solved. the stunning new report showing how your sleep might be affecting your kids. and the super bowl of fashion. why some are saying anne hathaway was channeling her inner princess leia on "star wars" day. >> i see that. >> may the force be with you. ♪ th you. ♪ now at chili's new top shelf ranchero chicken tacos.
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welcome back to "gma," everybody. welcome back to "gma," everybody. let's go to amy in the social square with "the speed feed." amy. >> all right, guys, dressing up your feeds this morning, the met ball. the ultimate night of fashion. so many beautiful dresses. all celebrating the night's theme, china through the looking glass. and there were a few standout looks. check out rihanna. dressed in a go pay yellow creation. the extravagant look gave a birth to a wealth of memes. take a look at this one, seeing it as a pizza pie. and then the famous foursome from "the wizard of oz," following the yellow brick road. and then take a look at anne hathaway's look from the ralph lauren collection. this meme suggesting it was inspired by "star wars."
7:51 am
spot on. and then, sarah jessica parker always a red carpet favorite donned this philip treacy hat, that reminded tweeters of the heat miser from "the year without a santa claus." george and amal clooney hitting the red carpet. amal wearing a crimson sequinned dress. a lot of people saying she looks like dancing girl emoji. back to you guys. pretty good, huh? >> not bad whatsoever. all right. well you know what, "magic mike" co-star joe manganiello is here live with a big exclusive from the new movie. that's only on "gma." you don't want to miss it. "gma's" "dancing with the stars" the morning after is brought to you by autotrader. find your car your way at autotrader. car your way at autotrader.
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jaquiski good morning i'm kristen sze. meteorologist, mike nicco has our forecast. >> more sunshine than yesterday. we do have some fog. the moisture pooled in the form of a quarter mile visibility. fog, santa rosa. 2 in petaluma. still, 50s at the coast and 60s around the bay. still, 3-5 degrees warmer than yesterday. plus, more sunshine. accuweather seven-day forecast. warmer for mother's day. leyla. we are heading into hayward right now. ashton blocking a lane right at
7:57 am
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♪ bang bang into the room ♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and the glittering the glitzy and the barely there. a blockbuster night on the red carpet. sarah jessica parker leading the style stakes. amal clooney radiant in red. rihanna almost stealing the show. but perhaps beyonce trumped them all. >> yeah z, why are y'all fashionably late? was it jay z? it was jay z, right? >> so who was the best dressed? ♪ so wake me up when it's all over ♪ all in the family. are the secrets of sleep walking revealed? why parents may be the reason your children are sleep walking. a surprising new study. the little princess. the royal baby is back in the headlines for being named after the queen and princess diana. now, one of diana's closest
8:01 am
confidantes are here live talking about william, harry, and what she would think of baby charlotte. ♪ bang bang into the room ♪ all that and "magic mike" star joe manganiello is here with an exclusive surprise as we say -- >> good morning, america. what a gorgeous tuesday. ♪ you heard the man. it is a gorgeous tuesday morning. and, speaking of gorgeous, joe manganiello. welcome. welcome, joe. >> thank you. thank you. >> after a late night, a little surprise this morning for us. >> i can't believe i'm up. but yes. it was a great met ball last night. >> i'll bet. >> so how is this man in "magic mike "? that man right there? >> that's not a news question. >> nothing will prepare you for this magic mike. >> oh.
8:02 am
and we have a few pictures here. and joe, joe is here to reveal an exclusive first look at the brand-new "magic mike xxl" trailer. and you're only going to see it right here on "gma." you don't want to miss this. believe me. he's here in the flesh. and you're going to see a lot of flesh. that's all i can say. >> a lot of flesh. yeah, yeah. a lot of flesh. >> good morning, america! >> there's the tease of the morning right there. so now let's go to amy with today's top stories. all right, guys a big story this morning. the terror group isis has claimed responsibility for the attack outside a muhammad cartoon contest in texas. meanwhile, we're learning about the two gunmen. the fbi had one of the suspects on its radar for a decade. but was not watching closely enough to stop sunday's assault. the gunmen were roommates in arizona. one said he had planned to travel to syria to join isis but called off the trip when the people he was traveling with were arrested. and happening right now, john kerry has arrived in somalia.
8:03 am
he is the first secretary of state to visit that country which is in a fierce battle against militants linked to al qaeda. it's so dangerous, kerry is not venturing beyond the airport. and happening today, former arkansas governor mike huckabee is entering the republican race for president. he's announcing in hope, arkansas, where former president clinton was also born. and a brewing lawsuit in north carolina. that is where a police officer is suing starbucks for $50,000 after spilling a free cup of coffee on his lap. lieutenant matthew coors says he was badly burned and the incident caused so much stress it activated his crohn's disease. his wife is also part of the suit. saying she lost her intimate partner. your risk of sleep walking. nearly 20% of children walk in their sleep. the problem may run in the family. abc's linsey davis has more. >> reporter: turns out when things go bump in the night and your sleepwalking child is to blame, new research
8:04 am
suggests the propensity to walk in their sleep may be genetic. >> a child is walking. performing behaviors. they're totally asleep. >> reporter: canadian researchers found that nearly half of kids with one sleepwalking parent also walked around asleep. and kids of two sleepwalking parents had more than a 60% chance of having this behavior. compare that to kids whose parents slept normally. only about one in five of them ever sleepwalked. >> you tend to see these sleep behaviors more when someone is not getting good rest. make sure your child is well rested. you may find that the frequency of sleepwalking goes down. >> reporter: while sleepwalking can be funny, it can also be dangerous. the movie "sleepwalk with me" is based on a true story about a chronic sleepwalker who leapt unfortunately out of a hotel room window in his sleep. luckily, it was a second story room, and he survived with 33 stitches. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york.
8:05 am
>> thank you, linsey. new this morning. picture this. a driver in a real jam on a tennessee highway. his suv ended up wedged between two trucks after he was rear-ended. but somehow he managed to climb out without a scratch. amazing. and final in this morning trending up, did you hear the one about the koala that checked into a hospital? this little guy sauntered in the automatic doors of the emergency in australia at 3:30 in the morning. he was so low to the ground no one saw him. then blinky bill as they later called him turned around and walked out. apparently, the pain he was suffering wasn't so unbearable after all. and maybe he didn't have the koala-fications for the insurance. bam. how do you like that? >> that is a drop the mike moment. well done, my friend. well done. >> koala-fications. >> koala-fications. >> amy got up early this morning. >> bless you. >> thanks, amy. "pop news "and weather
8:06 am
coming up. let's go to michael in the social square. >> all right, george. here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu" from the social square power by samsung galaxy. the clooneys on fire at the met gala. joe zee here breaking down the all-star power in the biggest red carpet hits. also, princess charlotte elizabeth diana. the meaning behind the new royal baby's name. and how princess diana's legacy lives on. and let's get excited. joe manganiello, here live, to exclusively reveal the brand-new "magic mike xxl" trailer. only on "gma." all coming up live here in times square. the man. >> my man.
8:07 am
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8:11 am
♪ welcome back. now to the "gma heat index." this morning's hot button. all the glitz. there it is. all the glitz and glamour at the met. so many decked out. >> there it is again. >> there it is. >> the theme was china through the looking glass. and abc's rachel smith was looking there on the red carpet at it all. and she's here with us this morning. good morning, rachel. >> good morning, robin. well the annual met gala is indeed, the ultimate fashion feast, one that's become increasingly buzzy compliments of the event's chair -- anna wintour may be the belle of the ball. orchestrating every aspect of the spectacle from the unique theme to that jaw-dropping guest list. what do you get when you take george and amal and jennifer lopez and throw in kim and kanye for good measure? you get the met ball. the super bowl of fashion. >> this is fashion's night. it's their oscars.
8:12 am
>> reporter: held as a fund-raiser for the metropolitan museum of art's costume institute, the annual gala is overseen by "vogue" editor anna wintour. her goal? not only to gather a-list celebrities but a-plus celebrities from the worlds of fashion, music, film, and sports. sarah jessica parker is a met ball regular. but a theme like this, it could be a little risky. you know -- >> it's always risky. every year it's risky. >> a risk taker. >> reporter: this year's theme, china through the looking glass. galagoers were treated at to the first look at the exhibits. the costume institute's biggest ever. donning elaborate headpieces. gorgeous trains. red and gold. popular colors of the night. >> i like to have fun but still embrace my youth. >> reporter: icons like lady gaga did not disappoint. nor did amal clooney who wowed the crowd with yet another fashionable pick.
8:13 am
rihanna made a grand entrance. sporting a yellow gown that extended several feet and required its very own entourage. 90 minutes after most of the guests have arrived, finally, the moment we've been waiting for. beyonce and jay z on the red carpet at the met. beyonce dazzling in a largely sheer confection. but i had to ask jay z, why are y'all fashionably late? was it jay z? it was jay z, right? last year's met ball raised some $12 million. no word yet on how much this year's gathering raised. it definitely raised the spirits of fashion lovers everywhere. oh, what a night. many celebrities partnered with their designer months before the big event. sarah jessica parker told me she started pressing anna wintour for details on this year's theme back in december. but in true wintour form, she remained tight-lipped. >> yeah. >> she got it. >> she did. she always makes a statement on that carpet and she's typically one of the first to arrive.
8:14 am
takes her time, working that carpet so well with her date. >> your statement on the carpet. >> hey, beyonce! >> girl, i love you. but if you make me wait -- i was like -- >> hey, let's bring in celebrity stylist and yahoo! editor in chief joe zee. break it down for us. beyonce. >> beyonce. there's a lot of fashion on the red carpet. we were calling it the super bowl. but it's kind of like fashion prom. people really step out in their finest. beyonce, of course, in that givenchy dress. it took them five hours to get her into that dress. every single bead had to be strategically placed. they were still gluing it. which is why she kept you waiting. >> oh, gee. >> the beads were glued on after -- >> no they were on but they had to be careful. very strategic. >> how about sarah jessica parker. she brings it every time at the met. >> i think she's become the ambassador of the met. she does the theme really full throttle. she does not hold back. i love this headdress on her. philip treacy.
8:15 am
millin echlt milliner to the stars. did the royal wedding. this dress, by h&m. she had been working on the design, like you said rachel for months and that's her dedication to this particular event. >> you were saying it's very over the top. but that's what this event is all about. taking big chances. >> and having fun with fashion. because you can do that here. >> and topping amal clooney? >> amal clooney. talking about over the top in a different way, stripped down, minimal. like not a single piece of jewelry around the neck or the wrist. just a simple earring and, of course she's wearing the talked about designer that nobody can get to, margiela, which is the john galliano relaunch that i think anna wintour had a little bit of say in this particular dress. >> what about mr. clooney in the tails? >> in the tails very dapper. armani. i mean, he can pull that off. >> but everybody was looking at amal. come on. sorry, george. >> everyone was looking at rihanna's dress. tell us about that. >> oh, my gosh. okay so we got to get to rihanna. she wore a chinese designer. guo pei. they say as a
8:16 am
a couture designer she has a dress at the exhibit and it takes up a whole room in the exhibit. she show up in this coat, rihanna took four people to get her out of the car, on to the carpet and walk with her. i mean -- this -- that is princess. >> that is. >> then she actually performed, right? >> she did. she changed into a bustier. >> yeah. >> i mean, she has a tiny pink dress on underneath. but it's not really about the dress. it's about the coat. >> and the entourage. >> look at this. this is really drama. when you're talking about the fashion prom. i mean, she's giving it to you. >> but kerry washington, too. i like -- it was almost like a little mullet she had going on. >> party in the front. more elegant in the back. >> and i have to say it's almost like a modern-day marie antoinette dress for me. it was prada. she did it with a little bit of a green shoe. a peek of a green shoe. the pink was really feminine. it was dramatic in a very subtle way. >> my favorite. >> one of mine, too. and joe zee is one of our favorites. thank you, joe.
8:17 am
if you want to see more, go to on yahoo! also in our "heat index," the meaning behind the princess' name. a kensington palace spokeswoman saying charlotte elizabeth diana speaks for itself. now the whole world remembering one of the most famous women she's named after. ♪ princess charlotte elizabeth diana made her debut on saturday to the world and many can't help but look back at her grandmother, the late princess diana. >> she would take them out on the streets to meet homeless people. she would take them on the bus. she was somebody who actually wanted to just be a mum. >> reporter: diana, though gone, is clearly not forgotten. with the newest in line to the throne carrying her name. and like diana, kate has been shown to be a very hands-on mother. in 2012, prince william spoke candidly about missing his mother on their wedding day. >> i think she would have loved the day and hopefully she would be very proud of us both for the
8:18 am
day. i'm sad she'll never get the chance to meet kate. >> reporter: as for what diana would make of the young royal family, all are in agreement. she would have been an extraordinarily proud mother and grandmother. >> i'll bet. and joining us now, patrick jephson, princess diana's chief of staff for eight years. welcome back to "gma." you had such an emotional reaction to these three names. >> i did. george, you know the british like to think they have a stiff upper lip. but a couple of months ago i became a u.s. citizen so maybe it's welled up the emotion in me. i did. i felt really emotional. i teared up. it was the most emotional moment almost since diana's funeral and this is because diana is such a magical name. all over the world, she's still remembered with respect and affection but in royal circles, she was the first wife. there's a second wife now. so, you know she was not really headline news in the palaces anymore. now, by using this name, by deliberately recalling his mother's legacy, it's like
8:19 am
prince william got a hammer and chisel and banged her name into the front of buckingham palace. >> and she, of course, adored her sons. did she ever talk about wanting a little girl? >> well, she did. i was lucky enough to have two very beautiful daughters while i was working for princess diana. so she would often talk to me about them and baby girls and she said yes, she would have loched one. this, i'm sure, would have been the next best thing. i'm sure she would have been a fabulous grandmother. very involved. not just on the domestic front. but also teaching the little princess what it's like to be a princess. that, you know, this is not a celebrity. you're here to work. it's your duty. and as diana said, royal work is something she's always going to be working at. it's never finished. >> well put, patrick. well put. so wonderful to have you on this side of the pond with us. >> well, it's lovely to be living here now. i feel very fortunate. and it does give you that little bit of extra perspective on stories like this. we do tend over here to look at this as kind of a branch of the
8:20 am
celebrity industry. royalty is not celebrity. and we should be very careful to not treat it the same way. you know this is serious stuff. rile people i mean you guys are all famous but you can all remember a time when you were normal. you were regular. >> we are still very regular. >> princess charlotte will never be able to remember a time when she was not a princess. >> good point. >> that requires -- that's a particular destiny she has. >> it sure is. >> thank you, our friend. >> thanks very much. let's go to ginger with the weather. >> whoa, hey, we're on. good morning, everybody. i was just making chats about arizona, right? you guys all met, tons of different groups from arizona and now they've all met and they're friends. we love that here in times square. it's a party every day. not in miami. look at that camera. a live look brings you all the rain showers. they're going to stay that way. low 70s now, closer to 80 you'll end up. that's all kind of spinning off the disturbance in the atlantic over the bahamas. that will move north very slowly. but mostly in the southeast it's a high, 82 for atlanta today.
8:21 am
>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. check out the sunshine. it will be brighter. still breezy. but slightly warmer today. a chance of isolated shower thursday and friday. warmer and dry through mother's day. today we are in the upper 50s along the coast waller than yesterday. low 60s in san francisco. mid-to-upper 60s around the bay and 70s inland. warmest in antioch at 78. the seven-day forecast shows it will be coolest with the chance of a sure on [ cheers and applause ] >> ah, there we go. [ cheers and applause ] >> ah, there we go. now we're all paying attention. and you are all from where? >> michigan. >> western michigan university? >> yes. >> sweet. all right. let's get back inside. >> you get back inside, ginger. we have "pop news" time and first up in "pop news," everybody, an exclusive first look at the new trailer for "magic mike xxl" starring channing tatum, michael strahan, and joe manganiello. roll 'em. >> i got a little treat for
8:22 am
y'all tonight. we're gonna see if he's still got some magic in that mike. >> tomorrow, start the pilgrimage to myrtle beach for the convention. >> i wish we had known you guys back in our day. >> well, i'd say it's still your day, ma'am. >> i mean, if this is our last ride, what if we make up new routines? >> are you ready to be worshipped? are you ready to be exalted? >> what are we? >> we're like healers or something. >> oh, yeah. ♪ >> yeah! >> it's not bro time, it's show time. are you guys ready? ♪ >> oh. they don't call it magic for nothing.
8:23 am
it's a "pop news" pop in with none other than star of "magic mike xxl" joe manganiello. thank you, joe. >> hi, hi. those are really cleaned up versions. >> is it even saucier than we're getting a glimpse of there? >> everything is extra, extra large in this one. >> oh, my. your fiancee, sofia vergara, you were telling us was on set while you were filming. >> she was. >> what was her advice to you about how to get into character? to really become that method actor? >> she was really shy about it. which made it really fun for me to practice my routines on her. like, she was on the machine in the gym where you lock your legs in and do this. and so she couldn't run away. so i would catch her and practice -- >> wait, wait. can we get -- >> you're missing it. >> on camera. >> can you show us that again. >> yeah, that's it. >> and she would cover her face. she's in bed, she would just pull the sheets up over her face. i kind of go -- >> yeah, i'm sure she was pulling her sheets up over her face. don't show me that, joe.
8:24 am
michael strahan is your co-star in the film. he is one of our dear friends. on a scale of 1 to 10, dancing ability? >> michael went for it. >> he did? >> because michael was the rookie. we were all the veterans. he joined our team. we were all very skeptical. is he going to bring it or not? and, man, he dove right in. >> he did. >> he went wild. like i was saying earlier, i -- i've seen it -- his routine probably eight times. and i still can't not do this when -- >> a wow factor? >> i mean, yeah, you can't believe it. nothing will prepare you. nothing will prepare you. >> a tease for us. >> i mean -- >> it's going to change the way you look at him for sure. >> oh, no. >> yes. you're not going to be able to look him in the eyes. >> no wonder he didn't stay. >> he had to go back over to the other show. thank you for, you know, preparing us. july 1st, everybody. >> let's bring it. >> "magic mike xxl." we're going to have a contest
8:25 am
for our viewers. we're not going to reveal the details. >> why? >> well, because, robin, i think we're still working on them. >> oh, okay. >> it's a contest. big prizes. big, big prizes. >> xxl? >> xxl-size. so all that. joe, we thank you. how do you sleep at night? are you a good sleeper? >> i could sleep on the floor right -- i was up all night at met ball, so, i mean -- >> oh, oh. that's horrible. >> oh. >> poor joe and sofia. >> it's easy for me. i get ready in ten minutes. she's the one who has to have shifts and teams and things like that. but, no, i'm a good sleeper. >> well, we all have to get up very early. there's a new study out. we would like to call these "pop news" investigations. this is a very serious, scientific investigation. when you have to be awake in the wee hours, like we do, i know that we'll all try just about anything. but in this investigation, a new study shows we can put the sheep we used to count out to pasture and just start counting to four,
8:26 am
seven, and eight. this comes from harvard trained doctor, dr. andrew weil. robin, i see your face. but listen up. he says the ancient technique is guaranteed to work. first you exhale through your mouth with a whoosh. you inhale through your nose for a count of four. you hold your breath for seven. and then you exhale for eight. it's four, seven, then eight. he says if you do it four times, it clears your brain, you stop thinking. >> i like it. >> i've tried it. it works. >> it does work? >> it definitely does work. yeah. >> turn your brain off. >> there you go. >> george s. approved. george s. approved. >> i just touched joe's knee. i apologize. sofia, i'm sorry. do it when you can, people. we gotta go. no more "pop news." we're skipping the other pod. >> jack black and james marsden coming up. >> thank you, joe. pod. >> jack black and james marsden coming up.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. another whale has washed ashore. biologists haven't determined what species of whale it was that washed up. they haven't figured out what killed the whale from last month. sky 7 hd shows us a history. the coast guard wants to find out how this minicooper ended up on the rocks at the island. the car is several hundred feet from the nearest road. they are looking for people connected to the car. how are the cars out there this morning? a terrible crash. we don't have too much traffic here at the bay bridge. where is everybody? we have about a 16-minute delay
8:28 am
as you come in from oakland into san francisco. we do have this crash. it is still closing things down in woodside. the east and west side along highway 84 between trip road. it had to be repaired but we ♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time
8:29 am
anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ hi. hi, we're here to look at a camry. we just came from a birthday party. ohh, let me get you a new one. camrys are so reliable. yeah... and you gotta love that bold new styling. here you go. whoa! wow. those balloon towers don't make themselves. during toyota time, get 0% apr financing for 60 months on a bold 2015 camry. offer ends june 1st. for great deals on other toyotas, visit thanks jan. thanks jan. now you both have camrys. yeah! toyota. let's go places. early sunshine. flight delays. 51 minutes into sfo.
8:30 am
the fog is as thick as it is going to get up in the north bay. going to the game, 57-54 tonight. good morning, america. >> and that's miley cyrus. she needs no introduction, though. i had a great interview with her. we'll have more on a very powerful mission and message that she has for everyone. >> i can't wait to hear your conversation with her. >> i can't wait to hear it. what a night on "dancing with the stars." rumer and val with two perfect scores. more from all the drama on the dance floor just ahead. getting down to the nitty-gritty. let's get inside to george. >> i'm here with jack black and james marsden. they star in "the d. train." it's a new comedy about the high school loser who tries to track down the big man on campus for their 0-20-year reunion. take a look. >> ask me why i'm here, oliver. why i'm really here. >> business meeting, right? >> huh uh.
8:31 am
that's what my wife thinks. what my boss, who is sleeping right above us, thinks. but the truth is i came here to get you to come to our high school reunion. >> jack black, james marsden here now. kind of pathetic right there. >> um, you know, i choose to call him sensitive. he's sensitive. he's an insecure guy. >> he is an insecure guy. and your character, he's a completecome completely different kind of loser. >> yeah, he's just as desperate. >> i don't think, in my eyes, he's the king of the universe. so, loser is a relative term. >> right. that sun tan lotion commercial does it all. you blew my mind. you went all in. with your performances. i don't want to give anything away. but i understand there was one scene in the movie that was the reason you actually wanted to do the movie. >> uh, yeah.
8:32 am
but, like you said, no spoilers. so -- next question. no, i mean, i would like to spill the beans on all the -- >> don't do it. >> twists and turns. i think it would sell tickets. if i spilled the beans. it would make the movie not as enjoyable. when i read the script, the surprises made me love it. >> a lot of twists. very funny. a little dark. but we also want because this is something, we want to -- thinking about a 20-year reunion. this is a 20-year reunion for you guys, as well. you know what's coming, right? >> are we about to throw to a 20-year-old clip? >> 20 years ago. the two of you on "touched by an angel." >> oh, boy. >> yeah, it's me, man. >> you haven't aged a day. >> yeah, look at that guy! whoo! >> doing my best john malkovich. >> ooh.
8:33 am
>> you don't know the context of that. you were selling drugs or something. like, we were drug dealers. >> yeah, a real hardened criminal. >> it was a very special episode. >> a powerful performance. >> is it true, the producers of this film saw that and thought you might have chemistry? >> yeah, yeah. >> yeah. >> resurrected. how did this little gem go unnoticed? and not taken advantage of. >> i don't know that that's why they wanted to work with us. >> i'm pretty sure it's why. >> that's why? okay? >> it got us all excited. let's go back to high school. voted most likely to -- >> uh. i didn't get a superlative. >> nothing? >> no. i didn't qualify. >> you weren't the big man on campus? >> no. no. i was the drama kid. a hybrid. i was in between. i was like a crossover vehicle. just like -- do everything. >> he's not buying it at all. >> i was not. >> and you?
8:34 am
>> oh, you know, i was the theater kid. so people probably thought i would end up in the performing arts. you were, too. don't sell yourself short. >> what, in drama? >> we were theater dudes. >> a terrific movie. "d train" opens nationwide this friday. now to ginger and the weather. >> such a nice crowd. a beautiful morning in new york city. it's a rainier morning in denver. that's where i want to begin. the temperatures in the upper 40s. as we start our day. they'll end up in the low to mid-50s. some of the melting snow will get a little rain extra snow in the mountain areas. south and east, parts of oklahoma and texas panhandles have a shot at large hail today. damaging winds. and a few tornados. if you see your city >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco check out the temperatures today: warmer. more sunshine. 712080 inland. 56 to 63 coast and san francisco
8:35 am
and ambassador bay 65 to 71. we are in the 40s nearly 50 tonight. cooler on thursday with a slight chance of >> and all of us here at "gma" are honored to grace the cover of "live happy" magazine. on stands now. to brighten your morning, we're writing some of our favorite sayings on the sidewalk in chalk. right here outside our studio. here's a message that i love. it's right on the ground here. we shall never know all the good a simple smile can do. i'm watching these kids coloring and saying, that's enough for me to smile today. good morning, everybody. you can pick that up on news stands, of course, as we said. we want you to share your favorite sayings. just tweet us @gma. lara? >> i'll take it. thank you, ginger. now to "dancing with the stars." the couples facing double elimination tonight after pushing themselves to the limit last night. rumer and val pulling off not one but two perfect scores. melissa rycroft, our dear friend
8:36 am
is here with the drama. from the dance floor. >> there's always drama on the dance floor, right? >> absolutely. >> so what happened last night? >> i'm sorry. i thought we were going to a piece. >> i thought i would talk. i figured we would chitchat. >> there's a lot going on here. let me ask you, melissa rycroft. wah, wah, wah. rumer seems like it's hearse. she really does. >> she's been the front-runner from week one. now is when they'll start to feel the pressure. they have just a few weeks left. i kind of think it's still hers to lose. but nastia is right there. noah has become a huge fan favorite. >> oh so inspiring. >> so you can't count anybody out. >> which dance was your favorite last night? >> derek, sasha, and nastia. derek is phenomenal. he's injured. but his mind still works.
8:37 am
he can still perform these. it's amazing. i can't talk. i'm watching right now. sorry. so creative. >> what about chris "the bachelor "? we heard julianne say he was the most improved. >> i don't think it's the dance ability. he admits it. i'm not the best dancer around. his confidence. look at this. he did not come out week one and do this. something has happened in these past weeks that makes him go out and feel like he can own it. therefore, i do. i think he's the most improved. >> if there's an award for that -- >> right. give it to "the bachelor." >> why not? now, you know because you were on the program before when you get down this far to the quarterfinals. the nitty-gritty, does the pressure start to build? >> absolutely. we definitely saw nastia crack a little bit last night. uh, not anger. it's frustration. and you know, you mentally start to shut down. and you're physically shutting down. your body is not doing what you want it to do.
8:38 am
and what your instructor is telling you to do. you're so close to the end. you can feel the competition. they have a double elimination tonight. that's huge. >> what's your bet? >> i mean, i hate to say anybody. i think it might be robert's week. you know, he's been at the bottom. and then, i'm torn. i'll be honest. it could be "bachelor" chris. or i think maybe riker. i don't know a lot about riker to be honest. i don't know the fan base he's got. he's a better dancer. but i think "the bachelor" nation fans could pull chris through. >> could be. could be. >> they're out there. they're all over the place. i don't know. >> we'll find out. >> you look fantastic. can i say that? i find time to say that? >> thank you, thank you, thank you. lots of concealer and spanx. >> all right, melissa. you can see all the "dancing with the stars" action tonight right here on abc. at 8:00, 7:00 central. now to the abc news exclusive. a rare look inside air force one. jon karl got incredible access. >> reporter: it's the world's
8:39 am
most famous plane. also the biggest target in the sky. >> looks like we're losing fuel. >> reporter: the hollywood version has gone down. in our exclusive visit to the most highly secure cockpit in the world, we didn't find anyone losing sleep. >> in every movie, they're trying to blow up air force one. it's concerning to me because this is my day-to-day job. in the real world, he's very well protected. >> reporter: a flying fortress with no mechanical delay or security breach in 25 years. we had an all-access pass. seeing the flying oval office. i mean not quite oval, but we get the idea. and a look at the president's magazines. this is on the president's reading list? >> that might be on the first lady's reading list, or the girls'. >> reporter: there's the airborne situation room. the galley. and on every flight, the president's personal doctor. so you could quickly turn this into an emergency room? >> we can definitely do that. >> reporter: hidden hospital
8:40 am
beds. and a refrigerator to carry blood for the president. upstairs encryption systems to protect the president's calls and e-mails. >> reporter: do you have a lot of weapons on this plane? >> the president is very well-protected. that's all i'll say. >> reporter: that sounds like a yes. we rode with the president on his trip to new york city. we visited with his staff. i had a quick lunch of quinoa salad. i tried the phone. on average, air force one arrives within six seconds of its scheduled arrival time. precisely on time. for "good morning america," jonathan karl, abc news, on air force one. >> not a second to spare. >> if all airlines could run on time like that. we would be so much happier. >> it looks just like it does on "house of cards." that was my takeaway. coming up, miley cyrus speaks out on how bruce jenner inspired her.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
d their families. well, miley cyrus certainly knows how to raise eyebrows. now she's using her star power to raise awareness, launching a foundation to help homeless youth. i got to talk to her about her initiative and how bruce jenner inspires her. >> my name is jesse.
8:44 am
>> reporter: it began with a surprising and unconventional date to the vmas. >> i'm accepting this on behalf of the 1.6 million runaways and homeless youth. >> reporter: and miley cyrus firmly published her role as advocate for homeless and lgbt youth. >> i'm the one that can fix it. and i think, i've been able to identify with it just because, i never thought of myself as, i'm a girl and so i can't do this. i can do this. i feel completely like i'm not tied to a gender or to an age. i feel -- you know, like an infinite cosmic thing. that's what i want people to feel. >> reporter: that feeling inspiring her to launch a foundation committed to helping homeless young people in the united states. >> what's going on in here? >> reporter: tell me, the happy hippie foundation. what is it? >> we started a year ago with jesse. we were focusing on l.a. and different support groups. in san francisco and the bay area. now we're going bigger and kind of wanting to take on america and by the end of it, we're going to be taking on the world. >> reporter: because the homeless youth problem much of it surrounds the lgbt community.
8:45 am
>> 40% of homelessness is really focused on it. because i think of the lack of acceptance. and especially alienateing people from society. i thought it was cool in bruce jenner's interview. he talks about using the platform. something like being on a reality show. or me being on a tour can get you in front of that many impressionable people. taking the power with social media is the best thing ever. we're putting an online support group. so this is giving them a place to ask questions and to be educated. >> reporter: and obviously, it's a serious subject. you're not afraid to have humor with it. you were putting happy hippie hoodies on kim and kanye. >> everyone wants to wear what kim and kanye wear. i was just doing what everyone else does. i thought, okay. ♪ i came in like a wrecking
8:46 am
ball ♪ >> reporter: and for her fans, the two-year wait for new music is finally over. only this time, there's a greater purpose. ♪ live your life outside the box ♪ ♪ blow up all the empty talk ♪ >> we're launching with the back door sessions. facebook has a donate button. they rarely do this. but it's embedded with the video. >> reporter: you brought in friends. joan jett. ariana grande. >> yes. >> reporter: you literally did this in your backyard? >> i was the best day pretty much ever. again, bringing back to something that matters. i don't want to sing just for myself. i want to be doing something. >> reporter: and your advice to anyone out there watching a part of the lgbt community, anyone that feels like they don't fit in. >> i've learned how to love myself as i got older. when i was 16 or 17, that was the hardest years ever. i hate to look at pictures of myself and i know that that day was the day i was freaking out about my skin or i felt like i didn't fit in with everyone. i didn't dress like everybody
8:47 am
else. you want to be peaceful with yourself and happy with yourself and love yourself. sometimes i think, as women especially, i think we're taught that we're not supposed to say i love myself. >> reporter: it's vain, right. >> that that's vain. i love myself. that's what everyone should be able to say. >> bravo. robin says, amen, miley. coming up one of the men who helped build espn. opening up about the best car [♪] ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ gonna have a look around ♪ ♪ now is the time ♪ ♪ i started flyin' ♪ ♪ both feet off of the ground ♪ ♪ head in
8:48 am
the sky ♪ ♪ eyes open wide ♪ ♪ happy to look around ♪ it took tennis legend serena williams, fencing champion tim morehouse and the rockettes years to master their craft. but only moments to master paying bills at
8:49 am
depositing checks at the atm and transferring funds on the mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. how do you turn a tiny startup into an international powerhouse? that's a secret revealed by one of the men behind the success of my alma mater, espn in a brand-new book. former president of espn george bodenheimer is out with a new book "every town is a sports town." george started in the mail room as a driver. he learn a lot from driving the legendary dick vitale.
8:50 am
and as dickie v. would say, george is a ptp. a primetime player. let's talk about this book here. from the mailroom to the board boardroom. you literally started in the mailroom. >> my interview lasted two minutes. i'm not sure the human resources director looked up at me. i was a college graduate. he said i was qualified to be a driver. what espn called its mailroom personnel. my dad took me out for a beer to discuss it. he gave me what i think is the best advice i ever received. he said if you're interested or you could be interested in sports television, then if they offer you the job, i recommend you accept it because you would be making a career decision versus a money decision. >> what were some of the key on-air moments that you remember most? from those early days? >> i would say the nfl draft in 1980. early college basketball including the early rounds of the ncaa tournament. "sportscenter" at the world series. at the earthquake in san
8:51 am
francisco in 1989 was a big event. >> i know firsthand your open door policy. you listen to everyone. and you said there was one employee in particular about veterans that you write about, that said hey, we're falling short here. >> i never turned down a single employee that asked to see me. one gentleman had something on his mind. i knew it the second he walked in. he basically said -- why doesn't this company do more to recognize veterans? out of that formed our veterans committee. we took "sportscenter" to kuwait. took "sportscenter" to west point. and basically promoting what america's 1re9er ranveterans do for our country. >> you, at the height of everything, you stepped down. why did you make that decision when people work their entire lives, their careers to get to where you were? >> i felt like i was ready for a change. there's other things to do out there. of course, i'm involved with the v foundation, which you are as
8:52 am
well. >> and the proceeds from the book go to the v foundation as well, don't they? >> all of my proceeds are going to be donated to the v foundation for cancer research. i think it's healthy for companies to give other people a chance to rise and grow and run the company. >> what is your advice to those young people heading out into the work force to become the new leaders that we need? >> i would say to choose something you are or can be passionate about. choose a career over money. second, be prepared to work hard. and be optimistic and persistent. both of those still pay. >> one final question. what is your favorite this is "sportscenter" commercial? >> i would say the one around the millennium. when all the computers were going to stop working. when the clock ticked to the year 2000. follow me to freedom was probably my favorite. >> all right, thank you, george. oh, he is one of the good guys. definitely. he takes pride in what the company has been able to accomplish, including heroes work here.
8:53 am
which has hired, did you know this, 5,000 veterans. >> fantastic. >> "every town if a sports town" is in stores now. all of george's proceeds go to the v fo
8:54 am
[beeping] ooo come on everybody, i think this is my grandson. [lip syncing] ♪little girl you look so lonesome oh my goodness. ♪i see you are feeling blue ♪come on over to my place ♪hey girl ♪we're having a party happy birthday, grandma! ♪we'll be swinging ♪dancing and singing ♪baby come on over tonight
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8:56 am
dear friend, john nance, on his 50th anniversary as a pilot. abc news aviation consultant. decorated air force pilot. over 13,000 hours of flight time. a veteran of vietnam. an internationally recognized air safety consultant. >> you know he knows his stuff. he knows his stuff.
8:57 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. still gray here. elsewhere, we are seeing the sun. we'll check in with mike. >> clouds opening rapidly. still, a little fog across the north bay. even that is starting to list. hopefully, we will get rid of the flight/arrival delays. we will have temperatures in the upper 50s along the coast. warmer than yesterday. mid to upper 60s around the bay. low to mid-70s in the south bay, north bay. upper 70s in highway 4. 57-54. that's your temperature tonight. here is my accuweather seven-day forecast. 40s to near 50 tomorrow morning. a little cooler thursday and friday with a c of a stray shower. looking at 101 northbound fx traffic is slow. we have an accident reported just behind there at oakland roads. you might see some slowing as you approach the nimitz.
9:00 am
major damage in the southbound direction a announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, broadway, film, and television star, kristin chenoweth. and from the new series, "grace and frankie," the one and only lily tomlin. plus we'll meet a tall teacher from south carolina as we continue "live"'s "top teacher week." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are your emmy award-winning hosts kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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