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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 8, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™. whitwort good morning, america. breaking overnight. the first named storm of the season. ana takes aim right now. heavy rains, high winds. life-threatening flooding on the way as more tornadoes touch down overnight. lightning ignites an explosion at this gas well. hard-hitting hail. and millions brace for more dangerous storms. new overnight, tom brady arriving in a helicopter like a rock star. addressing the deflategate report. in front of a hometown crowd. the star qb didn't have much to say about that report. >> i haven't had much time to digest it fully. >> will the nfl be forced to punish its biggest star? >> fighting back. the footage of a teenage girl beating back the attacker inside her home. the hunt right now for the man who followed this girl from school. how she fought him off. the brave teen tells her story
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this morning. >> all: good morning, america. and meet the mom with 12 sons. anxiously awaiting her 13th child at any moment. will it be another boy for mother's day? and garth brooks with the mother of all surprises. >> i'm getting ready to go surprise some mom on "gma." >> our biggest mother's day event ever live only on "gma." and we do say good morning, america. happy friday, everybody. what a big morning just two days, you know, until mother's day. we have an early gift for one deserving mom. our huge live surprise with garth brooks is coming up. we have a lot to get to. we begin with the first named storm of the season. ana churning in the atlantic. picking up speed. targeting the coast. severe weather in the plains, too.
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rob marciano starts us off from blanchard, oklahoma. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, george. before hurricane season officially starts we have our first named storm in ana. winds in 140 miles an hour. not moving that much. but the forecast is to bring it to the car loans over the weekend and continue with heavy wind, rain, and waves. right towards the northeast. >> not quite hurricane season. it's tornado season. you tracked the new storm overnight. >> reporter: yeah, scenes like this are becoming prevalent across the plains. this welding shop got torn up. its heavy metal equipment, even streen about. last night texas saw the worst of it. >> reporter: overnight, texas hit with tornadoes. record rainfall. and lightning leading to fires. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: tornado. >> a multivortex tornado. >> reporter: after tornado.
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tearing through. >> our neighbor called and told us our house was gone. >> reporter: watch as this mammoth cyclone makes its way across denton county, texas. the skies lighting up. one of those bolts responsible for this explosion at a gas well. >> oh, my god, a fire. >> reporter: thankfully, no reports of injury. after all the twisters, torrential rainfall. if that weren't enough, texas believed to have caused this train derailment. juroring four crew members. texas hit with a 4.0 earthquake 30 miles southwest of dallas. in lincoln, nebraska. >> i can't get home. it's horrible. what a mess. >> reporter: so much rain, it's being called one of the worst natural disasters in the state's history. volunteer evacuations under way after seven inches of rain fell in just one night.
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with california dealing with drought conditions watch as these tumble weeds go flying into cars. this morning southern california getting rain but it's that storm that's going to eject into the plains over the weekend and stir up the atmosphere to bring us the biggest threat for severe weather right on through mother's day. robin. >> thank you, rob. back to you in a little bit. now, a frightening new alert about isis in america. the head of the fbi saying there could be thousands of people in the u.s. being influenced by the terror group. plotting deadly attacks. pierre thomas is in washington. the fbi director warned of surprising new online tactics by isis? >> yes. the fbi director was blunt about an unprecedented social media campaign by isis. what our investigation found was chilling. the fbi is warning this week's shootout in texas could be part of an urgent broader threat to the homeland.
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♪ >> reporter: fbi director james comey says the group isis has launched a social media campaign like no other. aimed at hundreds, if not more than a thousand followers here in the u.s. among them elton symptom on the seen here in new video. they are bombarded with two primary messages the fbi said. come join the islamic state in syria and iraq. if you can't, the message is to quote kill, kill, kill, wherever you are. >> they're shooting out into the ethersphere thousands of messages a day. over 90,000. a day. its to millions of people across the globe. ♪ >> reporter: they use rap music and video games to get their message across. they try to broaden their appeal by exploiting children and using this isis fighter with the model good looks. many of the isis productions are as polished as any commercial you'll see in the u.s.
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>> this is sophisticated. this is madison avenue meets documentary film making meets news channel with p.r. sensibilities and marketing value. you're speaking to them in a language they understand. video, moving imagery, and music. >> reporter: the fbi has launched hundreds of investigations of suspected homegrown radicals, many involving isis. the fbi says the propaganda is proving effective, despite the fact it's all lies. masking death, rape, and slavery. george. >> such a big audience for the message. now we get the latest on deflategate. last night, tom brady spoke out for the first time since that bombshell report was released. he did his best to laugh off the tough questions. during his appearance in salem, massachusetts. ryan smith has the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, george. last night here at salem state, tom brady was in his element in front of a packed crowd chanting "mvp" as he walked in.
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he shrugged off the scandal and he said the scandal wouldn't detract from his team's super bowl year. >> we earned and achieved everything we got. >> reporter: tom brady breaking his silence overnight to cheering supporters at massachusetts' salem state university. >> is the super bowl tainted? should there be an asterisk? >> what do you guys think? [ crowd booing ] >> reporter: the super bowl winner, at first coy about the report. accusing him of being generally aware, patriot staffers deliberately manipulated game day footballs. >> there is an elephant in the room. >> where? >> reporter: and then. downright evasive. even when pushed by jim gray on his reaction to the bombshell report. >> i don't have a reaction. i haven't had much time to digest it. when i do, i'll let you know how i feel. >> are you that slow a reader? >> my athletic career is better
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than my academic career. >> reporter: getting the rock star treatment. from the hometown crowd exiting his chopper to thousands of fans. tickets to the event started at $20, resold online for up to $1200. >> nothing will change the way we feel about tom brady. >> reporter: the embattled quarterback perhaps more of a draw after the release of the 243 page report on wednesday. a report that included a flurry of text messages between two members of the patriots' equipment staff. john jastremski and jim mcnally. eluding to brady's apparent knowledge that the balls were being tampered with. jastremski writing -- talked to him last night. he actually brought you up and said you must have a lot of stress trying to get them done. details brady refused to discuss in depth. >> there's still a process going forth. i'm involved. whenever it happens, it happens. >> reporter: brady got personal when he talked about the effect of this scandal. he cares what people say.
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but adding there's a lot of people out there that don't like tom brady. i'm okay with that. while he isn't addressing the scandal now directly, the nfl is considering what steps to take. george. >> let's talk about that now, thank you, ryan, with jesse palmer. welcome back this morning. so, hometown crowd. they loved everything he was saying. he was going to shake it off. at some point, is he going to have to say more? >> i think he is. i watched it live. i didn't expect him to say much. i watched it live. he's so media savvy. calm and cool. it's apparent whether he decides to fight this or accept any sort of responsibility, he'll get with his own counsel. we'll hear from him in the next couple of days. >> his agent blasted the report. saying it's full of holes. >> yeah not a fan of the investigation and strong language saying at one point he thought the nfl may have worked with the colts to present a sting operation. against the new england patriots. i think don yee said some interesting things. questioning the integrity of the investigation. according to him, the nfl is a
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client of the investigative firm. therefore, was the investigation independent? was it unbiased? and secondly, apparently, tom brady's testimony was largely omitted from all this. that would have provided context to what happened. tom brady's testimony is something i would like to see made public. to give us all a better understanding of what happened. >> what about the nfl? what do you expect in terms of a punishment? >> if he's guilty. we're talking about the integrity of the game. i could see a fine. a suspension for a couple of games. something tom brady could appeal. nothing conclusive in the wells investigation. they talk about how tom brady more than probably had general awareness of what happened. in this country, you're innocent until proven guilty. i think it's a slippery slope. if you suspend or fine him heavily without hard core evidence. >> have not heard the last of it for sure. now to a scare on a flight from ft. lauderdale to new york. these pictures show the cabin filling up with smoke. pilots forced to make an emergency landing. david kerley is at reagan national with the details. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning,
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robin. some frightening moments as you said. think about it. the cabin fills with smoke. the pilot says he's shut down an engine. [ beeping ] smoke alarms sounded as the delta jet quickly filled with smoke. >> when i opened my eyes, the whole cabin was filled with white smoke. >> reporter: fabio diaz had been napping an hour after takeoff. from fort lauderdale. the jet headed to new york. >> people were coughing. some were crying. >> reporter: the crew calmed them. >> you really couldn't see. they told everybody to put their heads down in their laps. >> reporter: according to passengers, the pilot said an oil leak in one of the engines caused the smoke. he shut down the engine. now, with one engine, the pilots divert to charleston to get on the ground. >> it's an md 88 aircraft. >> reporter: by the time they safely land, the smoke had cleared the cabin. the passengers had to wait for another jet to be flown in to take them back to new york. they praised the crew. >> they were amazing.
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the staff were absolutely amazing. >> never experienced anything like this. it was definitely the -- the most eventful situation that i have ever encountered flying. >> reporter: diaz tweeted thanks, pilots. never a dull day. robin, the faa is investigating that engine fire and the smoky cabin. >> never a dull day. have a good weekend. now to amy with the other top stories. another earthquake in texas. >> the biggest to hit texas in years. the latest in a string of quakes nationwide. it jolted north texas. a magnitude of 4.0, unusually strong for that area. a sharp increase in quakes in that region is attributed to fracking. a new study finds about 150 million people are threatened by earthquakes strong enough to cause damage. last week, a quake hit michigan, revealing a fault line. there is more scrutiny for baltimore police following the death of freddie gray. there's word that attorney
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general loretta lynch is launching a civil rights investigation into the police department. the justice department is expected to look into whether there is a pattern of discrimination. >> the fight against yemen. the terror group announced one of the most senior officials has been killed. in a drone strike. anzi claimed responsibility for the massacre at "charlie hebdo" in paris. in this country, a philadelphia bus driver has learned a hard lesson about not buckling up. while making a u turn, she was thrown out of her seat. she steered the bus, from the floor, straight on to train tracks. she avoided the train. hitting a median instead. she and two passengers suffered minor injuries. wow. what a ride. new details about this scene at a military ceremony in mexico. take a look at that soldier holding on to a giant flag. it lifted him 45 feet into the air during a wind gust. he's now recovering from a
7:14 am
broken leg. otherwise, he's okay this morning. finally, this is definitely not what you want to see on your next fishing trip. look at this picture. yep, a great white shark, captured by an australian film crew. the shark was about 15 feet long. and in my opinion, looking aggressive. not so. the crew says she was just having a look around. >> just curious. not aggressive. >> just baring the teeth is a natural thing for them. >> just say cheese. work it, girl. >> thank you, amy. we move to a terrifying home invasion caught on camera. two men here who targeted a new hampshire woman, tying her up in her basement, ransacking her home. police are searching for the criminals. gio benitez tracking the case. >> reporter: police say these guys knew exactly what was in her home. rare coins, collectibles, jewelry. investigators using an internet app to search for the stolen items. now the hunt is on.
7:15 am
this morning, an all-out manhunt for these suspects. pulling off a brazen heist in the most unlikely places. a rural new hampshire home. their target, 63-year-old christine beebe. whose family owns a coin and collectible store. you could see the men right here apparently casing the house. the two men are waiting. once bebe opens the door, disarms the security system, the suspects attack. forcing her into the home, forcing her down. zip-tying her wrists. >> they brought her into the basement. in the basement, they zip-tied her to a support post and put a blanket over her head. >> reporter: police say the thieves demanded the combination to her safe, making off with $25,000 worth of loot and leaving her tied up for nine long hours. until a contractor doing work on the home found and rescued her. she's now in stable condition. >> it's discouraging to think that people are out there.
7:16 am
they're going to target a 63-year-old woman. >> reporter: investigators quickly tracking the sale of many of those stolen items to a pawnshop in new york city, using an app that tracks all transactions involving secondhand dealers and pawnshops. those suspects are still on the loose. we're told the woman is now recovering at the hospital. she's doing well. this shows how even with a security system in place, you have got to look around to make sure that someone is not hiding, lara. >> thank you, gio. we want to turn to a dramatic reunion overnight. a father and two young children have been found after going missing for two days during a camping trip. david wright has the story. >> hi. >> oh! >> reporter: overnight, an emotional reunion. nick and his children, 5-year-old nicky and 3-year-old mila found safe, after two days lost in the woods. >> we are so grateful to everyone who looked for us. i'm so sorry that i caused any worry.
7:17 am
>> reporter: the three had been camping when, on the way home tuesday, vlahos took the kids offroading nearby. as they were driving, the road gave out under their truck. the family stranded with no cell service. the woods too thick to signal. >> we had fires going. i had pink blankets up in trees. and yellow straps all over. we left bottles by the river. we did everything we could. >> reporter: he had his camping supplies with him. after two days, his resourcefulness paid off. >> i had a flashing, strobing light i should have started with the first night. i think that helped. >> reporter: rescuers air-lifted them to safety. bringing them together with relieved loved ones thursday night. >> we're real excited they're here. oh, what a -- what a relief. >> reporter: all three unhurt. and in good spirits. happy ending to a two-day ordeal. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, new york. >> so glad everyone is okay. what a reunion.
7:18 am
>> what a relief. now back to rob in oklahoma with more on the severe weather. rob? >> today is relatively calm as cleanup continues with the round of tornados. take a look at where the most severe threat. across the red river valley. big hail big winds and tornados and tomorrow a greater risk and even wider area. we could see large long track damaging tornadoing and that threat expands and moves off to the east as we get towards mother's day sunday. that's a quick check on what's going on nationally. your local is 30 seconds away.
7:19 am
>> hello, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area mayo climate forecast. more sunshine away from the coast and warmer temperatures today. mother nature is bringing you a nice forecast. cooler and dry next week. today, you can see the clouds at the coast and upper 50s to 60s and low-to-mid 70s inland. look for drizzle along the coast if san francisco the next couple of mornings and sunny away from the coast and temperatures are the say as today coming up, a frightening home invasion caught on camera. wait until you see how a 13-year-old girl fought off an attacker. who followed her home from school. stunning confrontation. this mom rescues her kids from a polygamist mormon group. our cameras rolling. sam smith.
7:20 am
silenced. going under the knife. will he ever get his voice back? and will it be a mother's day surprise for this mom? yes, that's a mom with 12 boys. the big question, is a baby girl on the way? she's due tomorrow. we'll have the latest when we come back. ♪ we are family ♪ ♪ ♪ call 1-800-royal caribbean or your travel agent today lowe's presents: how to install a new washing machine with one finger. maybe a little more that way... nice! now get 10% off major appliances $396 or more, at lowe's.
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introducing lunch at outback every bloomin' day! hurry in for all your outback favorites. plus new aussie tacos, new savory ribeye melt and our delicious burgers. over 70 lunch combinations starting at just $6.99. it's lunch at last every day at outback. good morning. i'm eric thomas. a man is now in custody after he spent several hours refusing to surrender to san jose police. the man gave up around 4:00 this morning. the trouble began when a woman complained that the man threatened her with a gun. this happened around 6:00 last
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night near north 13th and east julian streets. police evacuated some nearby homes as a precaution. mobile 360 traveling northbound along 101 hasn't applied the brakes once as you travel to burlingame. if you have a flight to catch, you are not going to be late. turn it rnda. see how southbound traffic is moving beautiful. san mateo bridge pretty heavy traffic there, however. tonight, at 10:00 p.m., it closes right through monday morning at 5:00 for repair on the
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good morning. showers and low pressure sinking
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down to the south. we do have a slight chance around clear late tomorrow. today, i should say and tomorrow afternoon of a stray shower. otherwise, a drying pattern is developing. heading outside, cooler than yesterday with mid-40s to upper 40s inland and upper 40s to low 50s around the bay and out towards the coast. going to the game tonight it is going to be cool. no surprise there. 61. 7:15 dropping down to 57. my accuweather seven-day forecast. you can tell mother nature is going to bring all you mothers a
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good morning, america. right now, we're tracking the first named storm of the season. ana. forming overnight in the atlantic. targeting the coast with heavy rain, high winds, dangerous flooding. also right now, a brave 13-year-old girl is speaking out about how she fought off an attacker who forced his way into her home. police still hunting for the man. and grammy winner sam smith announcing surgery on his vocal cord. big questions about what will happen to that award-winning voice? we wish him the best. >> big exciting morning here. we're counting down to our biggest live mother's day event. the crowd is trying to be quiet. they're hidden in a barn near the winner's house. rachel smith teaming up with garth brooks. in case you didn't get it. he's been flying all night to
7:31 am
give this deserving woman the surprise of a lifetime. it will be terrific. >> he's performing in nebraska. and again tonight. can don't worry. he'll be back in time for the performance. don't worry. you'll see him in a little bit. we begin this half hour with a brave 13-year-old california girl who fought off a man who followed her home, forced his way in, attacked her, it was all caught on camera. police are still hunting for the man. abc's aditi roy has the story for us. >> reporter: it's every parent's nightmare captured in vivid detail. watch as this 13-year-old girl is attacked inside her own home. the horror beginning on her walk home from school. you can see the man follow her up to her door. and then force his way in. but the teen, backpack still on, fights back. >> i tried to get him off of me. >> reporter: her identity hidden. that brave teen now speaking out. >> i pushed him back. i slammed my hand into his face. that's when he decides to get
7:32 am
off of me. >> reporter: after several agonizing moments, the man leaves. the teen, shaken, hides in the closet and texts her parents for help. california police want you to take a good look at the man who caused them so much terror. turns out, the same man followed a woman into a grocery store restroom last month in san jose and attempted to sexually assault her. releasing these photos from that incident. do you believe he'll hit again? >> without a doubt. >> reporter: how can you protect yourself and children? experts like callahan walsh, son of john walsh, say this girl did exactly the right thing. she fought back. >> i think this coward was very surprised about how strong and courageous this little girl was. i really commend her for that. aditi roy, abc news, san jose, california. >> she did the right thing. >> yes, she did. a story of a police psychologist in new york charged
7:33 am
with trying to kill her husband by shooting him in his sleep. prosecutors say she was having an affair. taking a drastic way to end her marriage. her lawyers claim she did not pull the trigger. abc's linzie janis with the story. >> reporter: incredibly, her husband survived the gunshot wound to the head and initially believed she didn't do it. now he says his wife was trying to kill him so she could be with her lover. dr. emily dearden and her husband, kenneth, a wealthy real estate developer seemed to have it all. a beautiful home. in a new york city suburb and two young daughters. >> do you have anything to say? >> reporter: this morning, 46-year-old emily dearden facing charges of attempted murder, 18 months after her husband was shot in the head as he slept in the couple's bed. dr. dearden long maintaining she had nothing to do with it. >> with every fiber of her body and every resource she has, she'll fight the baseless charges.
7:34 am
>> reporter: at first, mr. dearden believed the story. that an intruder shot him and knocked her out cold. but later, he said the police were skeptical. there was no forced entry. the home's alarm did not sound. the family rottweiler did not react. overnight, dr. dearden's lawyers echoing what they said at the time of her arrest in november. >> this is a very weak case. that's the last i'm going to say. >> reporter: but mr. dearden said his wife had a motive as old as time. alleging she had been having an affair since 2011 and was being pressured by her lover to do something to be able to be together. and avoid a divorce. before visiting her wounded husband in the hospital. mr. dearden says he's needed three surgeries on his jaw since the attack. if convicted, emily dearden faces up to 25 years in prison.
7:35 am
her arraignment is next week. robin? now to grammy-winner sam smith. he has such an incredible voice, as you know. it will be out of action for awhile as he undergoes surgery on his vocal cords. paula faris has more on that. ♪ i'll take care of you ♪ >> reporter: he's the uk crooner with the angelic voice. ♪ if i can't be with you ♪ >> reporter: but we won't be hearing much from sam smith in the next few months. the grammy winner revealing he needs surgery on his vocal cords. posting on instagram, i'm very upset to announce i have been battling to get my vocal cords better for the last ten days but unfortunately, they haven't recovered. i need surgery. >> when people say i blew out my voice often, a blood vessel breaks and bleeds into the vocal fold. >> reporter: singers often injure their voice from overuse or misuse. ♪ i know i'm not the only one ♪
7:36 am
>> reporter: and no, he's not the only one. he now joins the ranks of other singers, including adele. ♪ >> reporter: ariana grande. jordin sparks and lionel richie. who have also had hemorrhaged vocal cords. the best medicine? rest. in his statement on instagram, he says the doctors say i'll be back within six to eight weeks. i cannot wait to sing for you all soon. but taking it easy means his may and june tour dates have been canceled. he'll have to wait until july to resume touring. >> it will be very close if not the same. he may notice a bit of a difference. the chances are, again, nearly 100% that his voice will come back to close to what it was before. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> we have seen this happen from time to time. with various artists. hopefully he'll make a full recovery. >> the main thing is -- >> your voice?
7:37 am
>> i think it's finally getting better. slowly but surely. what you to think? can you understand me? >> i think you sound really -- >> kathleen turner-like. you have a big commencement address. >> yes. i've been trying to zip it as well. to make sure those graduates can hear what i have to say. hopefully they'll like what they hear. >> going home. alma mater. >> we've been missing ginger. she has an excused absence. she's on another unbelievable adventure. that's our girl. 24 hours of travel. three planes. buses cars throw in a couple of boats, a two-hour helicopter ride. a two-day hike. we're not kidding you here. >> all to get to this place? >> yep. all to get to this place. she's gearing up to take you live into one of the unexplored parts of the planet. she'll bring us that all next week. >> can't wait. >> one of her adventure. she loves it so much. it's been great to have rob here
7:38 am
to help us out. he's in oklahoma with the weather. rob? >> reporter: all eyes on southern california. because that storm is bringing showers also some snow in the sierras. and heavy snows across the rocky mountains. two feet in spots. rainfall here that they needed a couple weeks ago. they're going to get it with the next round of storms that will come over a two, three day period. several inches of rainfall and flash flood watches until sunday. we are watching ana across the carolinas and a beautiful weekend >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco check out the sunshine away from the coast and warmer wet today. 58 at the coast to 78 inland. we have the same temperatures the next couple of days but look for fog and drizzle in the >> this weather cast brought to you by carmax. back to you guys.
7:39 am
>> thank you, rob. coming up here on "gma," the scary confrontation for one mom trying to get her kids back from a polygamist mormon group. surrounded by its followers. wait until you see what happens next. the biggest mother's day event ever. garth brooks flies through the night to surprise one special mom. it's going to happen live. you see it there. in 50 minutes. >> i think it's right there that it's happening. minutes. i think it's right there that it's happening. immediately you are surrounded like a guppy in a shark tank. it just feels like car salesmen want to sell whatever car is best for them, not best for me. there's gotta be a better way. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them.
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we're back now at 7:43 with a mother of four fighting to get her kids back from a polygamist sect known as flds. her final confrontation with group members caught on camera. she's speaking out about the ordeal for the first time. dan harris has the story. >> reporter: it was a 22-hour standoff. a mom surrounded by a sea of polygamists as she tries to extract her children from an outlaw church. you displayed an enormous amount of calm in the face of all of this.
7:44 am
>> i knew my kids were watching. they needed to see me have courage. they did. >> reporter: her name is sabrina broadbent. once a loyal member of the fdls. mormons who live along the utah arizona border will they still practice polygamy and worship their imprisoned prophet, warren jeffs. doing life for sexually assaulting underage girls. when sabrina broke free eight years ago, she was forced to leave her four children behind. just last month, sabrina was officially awarded custody. so, with help, she went immediately to go get her kids. >> backing up. >> the god squad. >> reporter: as soon as she arrives, she's surrounded by church security known as the god squad. you were -- >> i got a bad feeling. >> reporter: early the next morning, sabrina returns and spots two of her sons. >> there's isaac. >> yeah, my cute little son. >> is that really? it's my baby, really.
7:45 am
>> reporter: her eldest makes clear the kids don't want to go. >> he's like, get away from me, get away from me. he jumped the fence and ran. >> reporter: almost immediately, scores of church members start pouring in. >> everybody here's against us. >> reporter: as the standoff approaches its 20th hour. she makes a tough call. she decides to give the local sheriffs permission to take her children by force if necessary. as if on cue, the church members react. walking the crying children toward their mother's van. the entire crowd descends, weeping, praying and singing. >> we're going on two hours' sleep. they're like, we can come back tomorrow. i'm like, no, we're doing it today. >> finally a sheriff's deputy intervenes. and that does it. the kids get in. the van pulls away. with the followers of warren jeffs waving and weeping. for this beleaguered mom, the ordeal not over. for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york.
7:46 am
>> you can see more of dan's report tonight on "20/20," right here on abc. and coming up, selfies revolt. the celebrities banning together to fight back against them. you won't believe what prince harry is saying. and a family with 12 kids. all boys. the new arrival coming any moment. will it finally be a girl? they're here this morning. stay with us. they're here this morning. stay with us.
7:47 am
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at prices that look good on you! keep your standards high and your spending low. maxx life! at t.j.maxx. we're down to three here. amy is over in the social square. >> that's right. and guys, selfies are in the spotlight. instagram estimates we all snap a million a day. at the cannes film festival, selfies banned. they slowed the flow of celebrities on the red carpet. can met ball also trying to nix them but not everyone got the memo. including kim kardashian. who was snapping away. there she is. even though she broke the rules on the red carpet, she recently set the rules, banning selfies at the party for her new book, "selfish." it's a book all about selfies, by the way. not everyone is a fan of those snapshots. prince harry gave this woman a royal rebuke. >> just take a normal photograph.
7:51 am
>> can't we all just take a normal photograph. when you could ask somebody passing by, can you take a picture of us? what happened to that? >> the good old days. >> these young kids today. garth brooks. big surprise coming up. >> tgif. coming up "gma" "shark tank" your life. brought to you by deluxe, provider of local services providing small businesses. deluxe, for the love of small business. kohls says yes to great gifts and
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good morning. i'm kristin ze. we have breaking news in santa clara. let's get right to sky 7 hd. a large crane has toppled over there. it happened at a construction site along great america parkway near highway 237 north of levi stadium and the great american theme park. you can see the scene. no word of any injuries. right now, mike has your forecast. mike? we'll talk about winds, only about 10 miles per hour down there. i don't think weather had anything to do with it. clouds will stick to the coast. 60 there. mid to upper 60s around the bay. low to mid-70s inland.
7:57 am
more drizzle possible in the morning. >> leyla? looks like clouds over the golden gate bridge. traffic is beautiful now. a crash in castro valley that is causing delays eastbound size of grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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♪ am i wrong ♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and sparking outrage. the video from the cleveland cavaliers, buzzing big for all the wrong reasons. why the team is apologizing to women for the big-time foul. ♪ safe and sound ♪ medical breakthrough. the cutting edge treatment that means you don't have to have surgery for a type of skin cancer. 1 in 5 americans have it. could this painless technique be the answer for so many? ♪ this is gonna be the best day of my life ♪ and meet the mom with 12 sons waiting for baby number 13. she's due to deliver hours before mother's day. will she have a boy or a girl? and do all these brothers really want a little sister? we'll talk to them just ahead. ♪ i need you mom ♪ and thousands of moms nominated for the mother of all surprises.
8:01 am
now country superstar garth brooks flying all night. >> all right. here we are on the plane. getting ready to go surprise some mom on "gma" in the morning. >> to give one mom the biggest surprise of her life. in our big es mother's day event yet. it's all happening live right here on "gma." a wonderful crowd with us here on a friday morning in times square. we do say good morning, america. two days to mother's day. this morning, we're just moments away from our huge mother of all surprises live event. >> the countdown clock there. less than 30 minutes until one very deservinging mom will get the surprise of her life. the closest family and friends right there. they're going to surprise her steps away from her house. cannot wait for the big moment. >> rachel saying, shh, don't let out the surprise.
8:02 am
so where in the world is garth brooks? well, he's right outside that barn, somewhere in this great country. hiding from our mom. and that big crowd. getting ready to give one extraordinary mom who takes care of everyone but herself quite the mother's day gift. how's it going out there, garth? >> oh this -- it's fantastic, robin. everybody's been great. the surprise is set up. it's going to be really cool. talk about mother's day. couldn't spend it better than this right here. >> oh, you are so dear. >> great shot. >> it's gorgeous. that's one clue. it's gorgeous. >> my guess is, he's not in new york city. just thinking. epic surprise, though, everybody. it's going to be great. don't miss it. we also have an amazing new edition of "shark tank your life." kevin o'leary is in the house. and he's -- ready to weigh in as the entrepreneurs face off in our shark tank. and we have a different shark tank in pop news. >> a little tease there. >> a special tease for you.
8:03 am
>> i appreciate that. amy worked her way over to the desk. she's got the morning run down. >> the big story, the wild weather battering the plains with more violent tornadoes and record rainfall. nine more twisters reported. texas getting the worst of it, including 70-mile-per-hour winds. record downpours. flooded streets. and parking lots near dallas. lightning struck a gas station igniting a large fire. the heavy wind may also be responsible for this train derailment in texas. 17 cars off the tracks. four crew members taken to the hospital. and the cleanup is just beginning in oklahoma. at least 50 homes were damaged or destroyed by twisters this week. residents bracing for more. we'll have rob's forecast coming up. on wall street investors are reacting to the monthly jobs reports. it found 223 jobs were created in april. reversing the slowdown we saw in march. the unemployment rate dropped to 5.4%.
8:04 am
now to the quote of the day. absolutely not. that was tom brady's answer last night when he was asked if the scandal over the underinflated footballs tarnished their super bowl win. he said he has yet to fully digest the nfl report on the scandal. he could be fined or even suspended. a pro basketball team is saying sorry this morning after a video that was supposed to be funny backfired. it was a parody. featuring the song from the movie "dirty dancing." the humor was lost on many fans. abc's mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: this morning, the cleveland cavaliers apologizing for a promotional video that was anything but slam dunk. played for fans at wednesday night's game. showing man throwing his girlfriend to the ground after learning she's a fan of the chicago bulls. >> bulls fan? i didn't know you were a bulls fan. >> reporter: the video, a spoof of a united health care ad, leading to widespread outrage, including online. twitter users calling it about as stupid and insensitive as it gets.
8:05 am
and so tone deaf and inappropriate. especially in light of recent high-profile domestic violence cases in professional sports. like that of baltimore ravens' player ray rice. >> the nba is in a position here to take proactive steps. to be leaders in the fight to eliminate domestic violence. >> reporter: at the end of the clip, the girlfriend is apologetic. >> i'm all in now. >> reporter: now it's the cavs saying sorry. adding it was a mistake to include content that made light of domestic violence. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> mara, thank you. finally, a followup to the man now known as miserable vacation guy. we recently told you about kevin blanford. his boss gave him a free trip to puerto rico. he couldn't take his baby for liability reasons. so his wife stayed home. he put out the pictures alone and sad in bed. or in beautiful locations. last week, the puerto rico tourism agency flew kevin back to the same resort for a
8:06 am
vacation do-over. this time with his family in tow. >> yay. >> he wore the same clothes to take before and after pictures proving to the world just how happy he could be when he had his wife and daughter next to him. look at that. that had to take a lot of time to match up those photos. the one in bed. >> that's great. >> all smiles. >> he does look much happier with the family. >> what way to get two free vacations. >> not bad. >> good to be him. >> we have "pop news" and weather coming up. let's go to lara in the social square. thank you, george. here's what's coming up on your "gma morning menu." meet the mom with 12 boys. she's about to give birth to lucky number 13. could it be another boy? we're going to talk to the whole family just ahead. and then thousands of moms nominated from across the country for our huge mother's day event. one of you, one mom, is about to get surprised live by garth brooks. and then in "pop news" we'll
8:07 am
tell you why stephen colbert is giving everyone a reason to smile. and, who is this guy? kevin o'leary in the house. we're going to "shark tank your life" right here on "gma." good morning, everybody. thanks for being here. hi, kev. you ready? at jared, i'm known as the perfectionist. i will help you create a one-of-a-kind ring that can only be described as... perfect! create your own, one-of-a-kind ring at jared this thursday through sunday and receive get set in diamonds rewards- up to a thousand dollars toward a beautiful setting when you buy your diamond at jared. choose from thousands of diamonds and hundreds of settings. and that's why he went to jared... ...the galleria of jewelry. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type
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and we're back now with our "heat index." today's hot button. [ bell rings ] there it is. could there finally be a baby girl for the schwandt family? you first met them last fall. baby number 13 is on the way any day. we'll meet the whole family after jesse palmer brings us more. >> hey, george. that's right. 12 sons. the dad says the house is
8:12 am
testosterone-filled. the mother says it's like living in a locker room. they're about to become proud parents again. this time, will it be a girl? meet the schwandts. hailing from rockford manager mgs, they're just like any other loving family. except for one small difference. they have 12 kids. >> all: cheese! >> reporter: and not just 12 kids. 12 boys. ranging in age from 22 years old to 1 1/2. >> definitely outnumbered at times. >> from the outside looking in, it's chaotic 100% of the time. but that's -- that's just who we are. >> reporter: wait, there's more. mom kateri is pregnant with another baby. the question is -- will lucky number 13 be a boy or a girl? >> if a girl were introduced, into this household, i think there would be habits that would have to change over time for sure. i would welcome that. >> mr. schwandt is self-employed. and says he feels fortunate he can afford such a big family. he only has one sister. his wife is from a family of 14.
8:13 am
just one more than the schwandt family is about to become. but she says their family may not have stopped growing yet. george? >> wow. >> oh, come on. let's meet them. almost all the sons are there. what do we have 10 out of 12? >> 10 out of 12. >> two of the boys away at camp. and kateri i know that your due date is tomorrow. so thank you for being here. how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling good. >> oh. >> so, let's see. you have carried 12 boys. it's a family tradition. you all do not want to know ahead of time. you must be curious. come on, kateri. >> no, i'm very patient. >> you have to be. >> patient, smiling. how much do you want a little girl? >> um, you know, people just assume that's what we're aiming for. but, um, i think i just as soon have another boy. because we know what we're doing.
8:14 am
>> i would say so. >> i want to ask your boys, if you will, can they all raise hands or scream out, who wants a boy? >> who wants a boy? who is hoping for another brother? show of hands. who wants another brother? >> crickets. >> so a girl is very much wanted. even by the team. >> kateri, tell us what life is like. your husband said it's like a locker room with all those boys in the house. >> yes, yes. it is. there's -- there's a lot of activity. a lot of commotion. a lot of chaos. but, there's also a lot of love. >> yeah. >> we can see all the love. but we're going to give you a little test. rattle off all the boys' names. ty, zach, drew, brandon. tommy, vinnie, cal, gabe, wes, charlie, luke, tucker. did i get them all? [ laughter ] >> that's impressive. it's like the movie
8:15 am
"goodwill hunting." >> do you say them in order of birth? is that how you remember? >> that's the only way to remember 'em. >> we gotta tell you. if you open up having a girl, it will be very interesting when she has a boyfriend and has to deal with 12 older brothers and a dad. good luck with that. >> happy mother's day to you. >> happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day. lucky number 13. all the best to you. >> thank you. >> and we'll be sure to let you know. >> yes. >> on number 13. thanks for bringing that to us. >> absolutely. next up on "the heat index." a medical alert. skin cancer cases on the rise here in the u.s. now there may be good news for some patients. a new cutting edge procedure that could be key to treating certain types of skin cancer without surgery. linsey davis has more. >> reporter: hugh jackman. he's famous for showing photos about his bat m with nonmelanoma skin cancer. though he's proudly displayed
8:16 am
his post surgery band anls, some patients are candidates for a fairly new nonsurgical treatment called brachytherapy or ebx. >> patients on blood thinners. elderly who can't tolerate surgery. patients with multiple areas. >> reporter: ebx uses a tiny x-ray source to zap skin cancer. with radiation delivered directly to the cancer site. generally given by a radiation oncologist oncologist. >> other than the area directly being irradiated, they're getting essentially very, very, very little dose. >> i got my first skin cancer when i was about 50. i've had so many. probably 300 or 400 stitches all over my body. >> reporter: since then, the patient has used ebx for some new skin chancers that have cropped up. >> for me, no pain ever. no side effects. you get a little redness. >> reporter: it requires about eight appointments for removal. and several cancers can be treated on the same day.
8:17 am
>> surgery is usually the first option we offer patients. >> reporter: the american academy of dermatology says while ebx may have a role for certain parents, surgery is most effective treatment for nonmelanoma skin cancers. more long-term data is needed on the safety and effectiveness of ebx. dermatologist marta van beek says she's apprehensive about the ebx. if the cancer reoccurs, it's difficult to reconstruct an area that's been radiated. >> it's concerning that someone would choose a type of surgery that costs ten times as much as surgical therapy when we know surgical therapy works very well. >> reporter: the two companies that make ebx machines they it is an effective option. there's data showing positive results with up to a four-year followup. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. outside now for today's "shark tank your life." we have two entrepreneurs to go head to head to win over kevin o'leary.
8:18 am
we gotta get right to it. first up, eric mann. he thinks his product will let you make a fashion statement with any outfit this summer. let's find eric. take it away. go for it. >> hi, shark. how's it going? i'm here to show you our sunglasses from sum company. a pair like this, easy enough. twist them right off, snap on a brand-phew pair. you have yourself a brand new pair of sunglasses. let's take it a step further. strip off the face plate. snap it on just like that. whatever you do this summer, make sure that you get sum. >> i love the wink. see what the home testers thought. >> i give this a thumbs up. i want five pairs for each of my kids. >> i definitely feel like this would be something everybody could use. thumbs up.
8:19 am
>> a couple of thumbs up right there. now we have ben mayberry. he says his product will make your next painting experience a lot less messy. what do you got, ben? >> hello, shark. my name is ben. owner inventor of paint handy. the first anti-gravity paint tool. pour paint into it. blend it into the surface with your brush or roller. it becomes nonspillable. it holds enough paint for you to get a solid start before refilling. paint handy is going places shark. and you should come along. >> wow. >> okay ben, thank you. let's see what the home testers thought. >> i'm turning this paint handy product all upside down and every which way. the paint isn't moving. i'm going to give the paint handy a thumbs up. >> i like that i can move around. i feel a little bit like an artist. i give it a thumbs up. >> wow. four thumbs up. way to go, ben.
8:20 am
kevin, what do you think? >> both products have merit. there's no question about it. now what i have to look at is size of market. there's a lot more people this summer wearing sunglasses than painting unfortunately. so i'm telling you. i'm going to go with eric. even though they're fantastic. ben, that's a cool product. he's going to sell a lot more in dollar volume. that's what i'm all about. the cash flow. >> eric, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> you're a winner. you go up on the shark tank hall of winners. >> also you get a $500 gift card from our sponsor to use toward a small business marketing service. congratulations. >> congratulations. before we let you go you have a new show out, "beyond the tank." following what happens after the experience on "shark tank." >> on "shark tank," we celebrate the deal. they start the journey. "beyond the tank" shows you how hard it is to run a business in america. it's the highs and lows. the ups and downs. the challenges the people face after we fund them.
8:21 am
i think a lot of people want to know what that's like. i think that's hi the show is so powerful. >> it's doing great. you're always doing great. tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on abc. "beyond the tank" right after. let's go to rob. such a great show. we're coming to you live from oklahoma. where it's going to be the target again for severe weather, not only today but going through the next two and three days. here's what we think will happen today. the red zone will be southwest of oklahoma. north part of texas. stretching to the mexican border. got the 8:00 update in from the national hurricane center on subtropical storm ana. we have a tropical storm watch out. we could issue a warning before the morning is over. a slow drift towards the north and west. likely a >> hello, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area mayo climate forecast. more sunshine away from the coast and warmer temperatures
8:22 am
today. mother nature is bringing you a nice forecast. cooler and dry next week. today, you can see the clouds at the coast and upper 50s to 60s and low-to-mid 70s inland. look for drizzle along the coast if san francisco the next couple of mornings and sunny away from the coast and temperatures are the say as today >> all is quiet right now. we'll be storm-chasing this afternoon and tomorrow right through the weekend. you guys should come along at some point. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, rob. time for "pop news" on this fabulous friday. we begin with stephen colbert. he may be done hosting "the colbert report." but this morning, he's giving us another big reason to smile. in fact giving back in a huge way to schools in his home state of south carolina. using proceeds from the sale of his "colbert report" set, he broke it into pieces to sell. he had a lot of takers.
8:23 am
he used that plus matching gifts from other organizations. he'll be able to fund every single south carolina public schoolteacher's grant request that has been made on the funding site that generous gift totalling $800,000 will help 375 schools. it happens at the perfect time. it happens to be teacher appreciation week. a special thank you to all of the teachers who have dedicated their lives to helping our kids. >> what a great, high-impact gift. >> perfect. >> terrific. we just had kevin o'leary on. the show is "shark tank." those savvy moguls deciding whose idea would make it. imagine if those sharks looked like this. a wolf in sheep's clothing. or in this case, a cat riding a roomba in a shark costume. and how about that baby-faced shark, drooling over your latest pick? waiting to pounce. >> both are so well behaved.
8:24 am
both of them. >> they're deciding whether or not to do the deal. this is a spin-off. this is my version of "shark tank." it's friday. >> amen. time -- it's time. shake it. >> oh, yeah. ♪ shake your groove thing ♪ >> too cool to move. too cool to move. >> i didn't know you had those kinds of moves. a little shoulder shimmy. >> i need to see a doctor soon. if i keep doing this. so any way, as i just said, it's friday. time to shake it. we say just ask this bear if you don't believe us. in yellowstone. oh, yeah, that's what i'm talking about, baby. >> oh. >> that's what i'm talking about. he may be getting a good back scratch. >> work it out. work it out. >> he's showing us he can shake his booty better than beyonce. or should i say bear-yonce. >> i like how he had his hands up. >> and if you can bear one more video. >> please. >> see how you did that. >> this next one might cause you
8:25 am
to pause. and think. is this guy -- >> that's why you get the big bucks. >> is this guy really a bear or is this a guy in a bear costume? >> that is a guy. >> come on buddy. where's the zipper? >> that can't be a real bear. >> the jig is up, dude. get out. guys, it's legitimate. this is a black bear walking on sunshine. >> no way. >> sthat not -- that is not a real plaque bear. >> it's a skinny black bear. >> that is a bear. there is no zipper. that's why i told you you would pause. >> it's a bear with bad posture. >> i told will to cut it before he gets back down. and -- i should have left that to prove my -- you know, this almost is a "pop news" scientific. >> close to an investigation. yeah. >> it's a zoological. >> great job with the bear-isms. very well done. >> thank you. i come bearing gifts on this friday. coming up, garth brooks. you don't want to miss it.
8:26 am
rachel smith is with him. getting ready for the biggest surprise. you don't want to miss it.
8:27 am
9:00 good morning. i'm kristen sze. so far no reports of any injuries after a large construction toppleded in santa clara. we checked out the scene about 30 minutes ago. the crane collapsed next to a parking garage and damaged the building, just north of levi stadium and the great american park. starting with b.a.r.t. recovering from an earlier problem, in downtown oakland in the sfo in millbrae directions because of some police activity, that was a look at the toll plaza. just past the tolls, there is an accident blocking one lane. this significant alert still in effect westbound size of highway 4. bailey road. two lanes blocked for the next 20 minutes because of an accident there. kristin? just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack...
8:28 am
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8:29 am
good morning. low to mid-50s just about everywhere. 49 at cooper tino. going to the game. cool at at&t park. dropping down to 57. near claire lake possible shower. otherwise, morning clouds and a little bit of drizzle near the coast and the coast will stay pretty cloudy throughout the holiday weekend. we'll see a little more sunshine
8:30 am
around the bay and inland. temperatures around the same as today, upper 60s to mid-70s. in just moments, we're about to give one lucky mom the mother of all surprises with a door knock she'll never see coming. and look who's doing the knocking. garth brooks. garth is going to sing for this lucky mom, just seconds from now on "gma." >> do not have to wait long now. we're so close to that big surprise from garth brooks to one supermom. he's right outside her house right now. >> we're not going to wait much longer. you remember a few weeks ago, we asked viewers to nominate deserving moms for a huge "gma" mother's day surprise. we got more than 1,000 entries. beautiful photos. you can see some of them on our wall here. there were so many moving stories from dads, from their children, from friends. all about these wonderful amazing mothers. but one woman's story stood out.
8:31 am
garth brooks is at that mom's house right now. getting ready to surprise her and rachel smith teaming up with him to break the great news, rachel. tell us where you are. >> that's right, robin. we're outside a beautiful farmhouse in darlington, wisconsin. we're about to surprise a special mom. and, girl, trust me. she's garth's biggest fan. come on, guys. let's do this. follow me. watch your step. watch your step. get out here. what are you guys doing? good morning, i'm rachel. >> good morning. >> and you're live on "good morning america" right now, young lady. come on over here. come over here with your family. are you okay? are you okay, hon? >> it's embarrassing. >> oh, my gosh. don't be embarrassed.
8:32 am
we're going to get you wired up. we want you to hear our team back in new york city. how are you? you seem a little nervous. >> i'm a wreck. >> don't be a wreck. don't be a wreck. the tears are already coming. well, we're here because we wanted to kick off mother's day weekend with you. we want to celebrate and honor you, miss karen. you young lady, you. your daughter, brook, wrote in to tell us how special you are to her. to everyone around you. so we had to come here and meet you for ourselves. see how special you really are. first, we want to introduce you to our viewers at home. you know robin roberts, right? >> yep. >> the cool robin roberts from "gma." she'll share your story with our viewers. >> every morning, karen garrison checks on her new baby chicks. nurturing them. mothering them. second nature for this farmer's wife and hairdresser. her three children matter most. >> she was always my backbone.
8:33 am
best friend, always there to support me. >> reporter: karen never missed a school play and has gone to every game, every track meet. in more than 30 years of teaching and coaching, arnie says he's never met a mother quite like her. >> she has a very unique and genuine balance of loving her kids to the end, but yet, being that tough love and tough mother love that if there's baloney, she calls it out. >> reporter: they all remember when the track team won the state championship. mom won along with them. >> the look in her eyes that day. i will never forget. that was my paycheck as a coach. >> reporter: struggling to make ends meet, karen has always put others first with quiet acts of kindness. her elderly hair salon clients who can't drive, she picks them up. her son's friend's expensive car repair, quietly paid by karen. as a protective mother she helped her daughter through a terrible bullying crisis in high school. >> my mom gave me the confidence to not let people bring you
8:34 am
down. >> reporter: this morning, we celebrate a mother's ultimate gift. just listen to her youngest. >> she would always call me her sunshine because, when i woke up, i brightened up her day. that's kind of how -- my mom just -- showed me unconditional love. i guess. and my friends. their mom will, you know, they can go and do anything they want. they could leave if they're in town and their mom didn't care. my mom, i couldn't hardly get out of the house. she didn't want me to leave. she actually loved me and wanted me to be there. i mean -- i couldn't -- i couldn't live without my mom. >> she's just awesome. i got really lucky. i always say that i hope some day when i have kids, like, i can do it as good as my mom. >> reporter: and did we mention that karen is a huge garth brooks fan? >> my mom has an extra copy of every album. i swear it's just because if case one goes bad, she has
8:35 am
another one to back up with it. >> really? >> reporter: and that's not all. her daughter's name is brook. her son, one guess? >> i love my name. i love it. i love that my mom and dad thought of that name. it's unique. i wouldn't want any other name. thank you, garth brooks. >> so, miss karen. were you expecting "gma" to knock on your door this morning. >> no. >> no? how are you feeling? >> nervous. >> nervous? don't be nervous. and brook, you are the young lady that made all of this possible. what do you want to tell your mom this mother's day? >> just that i love you. you're my best friend. >> i love you, too. >> and i want you to know how much we love you. i feel like you don't believe us sometimes. you don't believe what a good mom you are. so this was an ultimate thank you from us kids. but also the people that you also have become a second mother to. because you take care of everyone. you know?
8:36 am
and it's a big thank you from all of us. >> well, miss karen. it sounds like you're everyone's mama around here in darlington, wisconsin. and how about, you know what? i have one more surprise for you outside. a few people that you may -- [ squealing ] don't back up, young lady. get on out here. look. all these people. look at this, miss karen. look. they are all here to cheer you on and to support you and thank you for being there. happy mother's day. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. all right, guys. shh. bring it on down for me. wait a second. if i'm not mistaken, you said your named your son and daughter, garth and brook. after garth brooks, if i'm not mistaken. right? >> yes, yes. >> gosh. it's a shame you can't tell him face to face that you named your kids after him. and really have that moment -- wait a second.
8:37 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> you're a great mama. you're doing great. how are you? happy mother's day. >> thank you. >> cute babies. i have already met your oldest. sweet, sweet boy. >> aw. >> a dream come true. thank you. >> a beautiful family. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. how are you doing, doll? >> good. >> this is the young lady. this is brook. >> you were fantastic. i don't know if i have ever said this, how you doing, garth? beautiful family. beautiful family. >> mark and marcus. >> we met earlier. good to see you. >> so this all went down. how does it feel to meet garth? in the flesh? >> i don't know yet. >> she's still contemplating it. awesome. >> oh my god. >> this is wonderful. it's great to have you here. garth, thank you so much for bringing this surprise to wisconsin for us.
8:38 am
>> so did you have any idea at all? >> she told me she did it. but no, i had no idea. now i know why everything got done. >> you were a little upset with your kids for skipping out on their chores earlier this week. they were helping us get the surprise ready for you. do you take it back now? >> yes, i will. >> you're off the hook. >> looks like everybody loves you. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> so sweet. [ cheers and applause ] >> look at that. pretty tough keeping it a secret in this town, karen. >> amen. >> all right. you know what? let's -- let's get back to -- we gotta get prepared for this big performance here. garth's going to sing you a special song this morning. right here on your front lawn. >> you are? >> we're going to pass it off to you, miss robin, while we get ready. >> thank you, miss rachel. appreciate that. we all do. it's wonderful. and a special performance is coming up. >> i think it's just sinking in. >> i think it is. can you imagine? come on. garth brooks shows up?
8:39 am
>> is this happening? >> to see all those people that are there. garth was in nebraska last night for a concert. flew all night to be there. he'll fly back. people that have tickets in nebraska, he'll be back. he'll be back for the concert. not before he performs here in just a little bit. a special song, "mom." let's get a final check of the weather now with rob. >> hey, robin. we're looking at more in the way of rainfall here across the plains. flood watches up not just for today but right through the weekend. i mean, they have had extraordinary amounts of rain from nebraska through kansas, oklahoma. we were in a bit of a drought here in okc. but that's done. just western parts of oklahoma still in a drought. the forecast for the next couple of days. over five or six inches in spots. we're watching subtropical storm >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco check out the sunshine away from the coast and warmer wet today. 58 at the coast to 78 inland.
8:40 am
we have the same temperatures the next couple of days but look for fog and drizzle in the >> this weather cast brought to you by jared, galleria of jewelry. i'll be wearing my bling as we go storm-chasing this afternoon. [ cheers and applause ] all right, we're here, everyone is excited because jennifer morrison, the lady in red and star of abc's hit show, "once upon a time" thanks for being with us on "gma." >> i'm so happy to be here. >> i'm so happy you're here because we're going to get a little inside scoop on the season four finale. say it ain't so. is it over again? >> it will all happen again next year, thankfully. >> we're happy to hear that. you're known, i'm a big fan of the show. your season enders really often have major twists and turns. kind of set up the next season. can you give us any ideas? >> i can say that the season four finale will not let you
8:41 am
down in the sense of having a big cliff hanger, as usual. i'm not allowed to say very much about it. anyone at comic con will get a sneak peek. >> oh, at comic con. all right. well that's good to know. the thing i thought was interesting, i was reading in the research. the tables have kind of turned. who you thought was evil is no longer evil? >> we have tried to find out if a redeemed villain can have happy ending? >> can they? >> i think we all can find happy ending. i think that life is complicated. no one's entirely good and no one's entirely bad. >> snow white goes to the dark side, you know life is getting complicated. >> the author writes the villain version of the book. and everyone ends up in flipped positions. we get to see the dark side of some heroes and the light side of villains. >> so as you're wrapping season four what's nest for you? will you work this summer or
8:42 am
just enjoy? >> i just directed a short film at the tribeca film festival. i've been in town doing that. >> look at you. >> thank you. i'm about to go to bulgaria to shoot a film called "albion, rise of the danan." >> will you take time and relax and enjoy the summer? >> i'm trying. i'm trying. i'm definitely trying. i just did a photo shoot for "good housekeeping" in barbados. >> the pictures are gorgeous. check out the season finale of "once upon a time." right here on abc. on sunday. at 8:00, 7:00 central. thanks for stopping by. guys, jennifer morrison. coming up, the perfect last-minute mother's day gift. it's quick. it's easy. it's from the heart. and moments ago, we surprised one supermom with a visit from the one and only garth brooks. and there's more. an unbelievable performance just ahead. we're celebrating mother's day all morning long. kristin chenoweth is one of the
8:43 am
celebrity contributors in the book, "a letter to my mom." and she had a special message to her mom this morning. ever wonder how that star can be so tough? take a look. >> how can i be so tough? i've seen you battle cancer several times and come out the winner. i've seen you handle difficult surgeries, barely complaining. you have shown me how to handle any difficulty with grace. you have given me many gifts. the most important one is easy. you told me to believe in myself always. [♪] ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ gonna have a look around ♪ ♪ now is the time ♪ ♪ i started flyin' ♪ ♪ both feet off of the ground ♪ ♪ head in
8:44 am
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8:46 am
time now to yahoo! your day with a perfect gift for mom. diy crafts that are easy, inexpensive, sure to make your mother's day. abc's reena ninan has more. ♪ yahoo! ♪ >> reporter: on the quest for the perfect mother's day present to really wow mom this sunday? well, look no further. happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day. let's get crafting. >> reporter: all right. we met up with katie brown, editor in chief of diy at yahoo! to get some quick, easy inexpensive gifts you can make at home in make or made. >> i have a piece of tile. with a little bit of cork, cut it to size, glued it on the back. then took kids' art that i trimmed down with mod podge, connected it. put it on top. it's a trivet to put coffee on. these are some twigs that i got
8:47 am
at my local craft store. i cut it. connected the "i." made my heart out of berry. connected it together with wire. spray-painted it a bright red. this is for the more ambitious crafter. i took a shadow box that you can get just about anywhere. and in the first piece of glass, i took a photo and i printed it out on transfer paper. see-through paper. i cut around the two girls. glued to it the first piece of glass. on the back, i just painted a couple of stripes. just to giver it a little bit of 3-d dimension. >> impressive. true gifts from the heart. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> us moms always like those homemade gives. up next, garth brooks with a live epic performance. that's a pretty good gift, too.
8:48 am
8:49 am
it's the thought that counts, right? so make it count... at t.j.maxx. give them brands they'll love, at prices that help you be generous. make t.j.maxx your first stop for gifting... and maxx life! this was the moment just a short time ago. garth surprising a very special
8:50 am
mom. and we're going to head back out to wisconsin now. karen garrison is the special mom. and "gma's" garth brooks mother's day surprise we promised her. garth has the perfect song for her and all moms. it's called "mom." >> indeed. >> all right. are you ready? >> sure. >> okay. >> as ready as i'm gonna be. ♪ a little baby told god hey i'm kinda scared don't really know if i want to go down there ♪ ♪ from here it looks like a little blue ball but that's a great big place and i'm so small ♪ ♪ why can't i just stay here with you did i make you mad don't you want me to ♪
8:51 am
♪ and god said oh, child, of course i do but there's somebody special waiting for you ♪ ♪ so hush now baby don't you cry cause there's someone down there waiting whose only goal in life ♪ ♪ is makin' sure you're always gonna be all right a loving angel, tender, tough and strong ♪ ♪ come on child, it's time to meet your mom ♪ >> you can come any day. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> oh. >> okay.
8:52 am
so -- i talked to your husband. okay. and we talked -- we talked quite at length, actually. and since you didn't get to come to chicago, i'm going to ask if you would like to jump on the plane and come back with us and go to the show tonight. you can bring your babies. and your babies can bring their boyfriend and girlfriends, too. i talked to everybody. they said they'll run the farm for you today. okay? fair enough? can you come? >> of course. >> but honey, you have to get dressed and get ready. oh, my god. >> i already did. i already did. >> you already did? >> yeah. >> my customers? >> yep. i told them your brother will take care of it. >> come on. we'll go on the plane together. it will be fine. >> i know you wanted mulch for mother's day. does garth brooks suffice? >> it's 100% better. >> we'll make sure you get all the mulch you want, too, on the way back. >> all right. guys. back to you in new york.
8:53 am
>> you tell everybody, we're giving them a big old hug. and thank garth brooks for us for the ultimate mother's day gift. she's going to be on the plane to omaha. she'll be at the concert. thank y'all. please thank everyone. for us rachel. beautiful. >> will do, robin. will do. >> like she said. he can come anytime. >> and we agree with karen. garth can come here any time. have a great weekend.
8:54 am
8:55 am
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8:56 am
you're going to see everybody out there in wisconsin. there they are. a big good-bye. thank you, garth brooks. what a great surprise he brought us for mother's day. what a gentleman. >> they're heading to the plane as we speak. happy mother's day. happy mother's day. >> thank you. >> happy mother's day, everyone. >> have a great weekend. >> can't wait to see my mom. she's flying in today. mom. she's flying in today.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. all-important, mother's day weekend, mike, you have the forecast. a lot of pressure. i think mother nature is going to help us out quite a bit. the area of low pressure is sinking to the south and so is the threat of any wet weather. the outside chance of a stray shower near claire lake. upper 50s along the coast. mid to upper 60s around the bay. low to mid-70s inland. four-game set. game two with the marlins. at&t park, 51 dropping to 57. morning clouds and evening drizzle at the coast. afternoon sunshine away from there through the mother's day weeken amazing. take a look at this. you are not dreaming. that is the bay bridge toll plaza. there is no traffic. it is all emptied out. as you come in from the east bay, not going to take you much time to make it into san
9:00 am
francisco. announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, award-winning actor jim parsons. and we'll announce the winner of "live"'s "top teacher" 2015. plus, a special mother's day performance from country star trisha yearwood. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are the emmy award-winning talk show hosts kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: thank you. hi! michael:


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