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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 9, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. happening right now, double trouble. dangerous tornado threats in the plains. >> here we go. >> roofs ripped apart. trucks overturned. streets flooded. >> oh, there it goes. >> thousands without power. meanwhile, the tropical storm season coming early in the east. ana gathering strength. the carolinas in the cross hairs. our weather team tracking all of it. highway fireball. a passenger bus explodes in flames after a chain reaction accident. >> semi is fully engulfed. >> over 30 people rushed to the hospital, lucky to escape with their lives. what triggered that fiery crash? caught on camera. close encounter. >> keep going! >> tourists at a famous national
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park sent scrambling by a family of bears. >> watch out, little girl. >> the advice from wildlife experts this morning on how to protect yourself this summer. and george and amal's first fight? the hollywood couple proving they're just like the rest of us. >> i was like, actually -- that's kind of how it works. >> the habit he has that's driving mrs. clooney crazy. should have gone to that. >> hey, good morning, guys. we're going to start with the breaking weather news on two fronts. right off the east coast, ana the first named storm of the season, has now just officially become a tropical storm, as it lurches closer to the carolinas. >> meantime in the middle of the country, 30 million americans are in the cross hairs. as a violent system brings high winds, massive hail.
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twisters, and drenching rain. we want you to watch and listen to this. that is the downpour of tennis ball-sized hail in one backyard. we have team coverage this morning. bazi kanani is in the carolinas. we kick it off with rob in the threat zone in oklahoma right now. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, paula. what's been difficult here in oklahoma city is that these storms have come day after day. the damage done earlier in the week by a tornado that came through the southern part of town has been difficult to clean up and recover because torrential rain keeps coming through. this is a motel that took a beating with the storm that came through on wednesday. last night here and across the plains another round of severe storms struck. >> oh, there it goes. it's going. >> reporter: overnight, wild weather whipping through oklahoma and texas. hail the size of tennis balls pummeling oklahoma.
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making roads nearly invisible and blanketing the ground. severe flooding from heavy rains and that melting hail taking over much of the state. while over 70-mile-per-hour winds pulled down power lines and ripped off roofs. thousands of people left without power. highway flooding so bad leaving this semi truck overturned. rainfall in parts of the state exceeding three inches an hour. on top of the severe weather threat, many of the exposed homes now here in bridge creek have to deal with, at times, torrential rains as they try to clean up. windows blown out at a local ymca. lightning likely starting this dangerous fire in an industrial area. look at this tornado-warned supercell in texas. four reports of tornados in the state. now beginning its fourth day of significant severe weather. more storms expected across the plains all weekend. putting more than 30 million people at risk. and after all of that now our attention turns to the storm
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that wept through california. now in the rockies. it will invigorate the atmosphere here again in the plains. the swirl across the four corners will bring snow to parts of the rocky mountains. lit bring more jet stream energy and cold aloft to get things fired up here. watch out for the panhandle. later today, more watches and warnings. the greatest threat across parts of texas, west of dallas. and the bull's eye where we think the most damaging tornado, strongest, longest, parts of west kansas and western oklahoma, out toward dodge city. tomorrow the threat spreads off to the east. it will get into more populated areas. mother's day will be a dangerous one from the northern plains to gulf of mexico. one of the reasons, the weather pattern is jammed up in part because of the high pressure and heat across the northeast. and below that what now tropical storm ana, which has
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been swirling across the carolina coast. dan, back to you. >> lets get more on ana. just before we came on the air, ana officially became a tropical storm. and hurricane season doesn't start for a month. bazi kanani is in myrtle beach, south carolina, where they're bracing. bazi, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. we can definitely see out here that she is coming. the surf is kicking up. there are rip currents out there already much too dangerous for a swim. on what's a busy tourist weekend here in myrtle beach and much of the carolina coast. also putting a damper on those plans, the rain, which is really moving in now. it's expected to be increasing throughout the day. the winds are picking up. we could see wind gusts up to 55 miles an hour. when tropical storm ana moves in by early sunday morning. so possibly some downed tree branches. minor flooding expected in the area. ana's early arrival, a warning shot, at least three weeks ahead of the typical start of the atlantic hurricane season.
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paula? >> all right, bazi. thank you. and we want to move now to the big nfl headline and the scandal surrounding superstar quarterback tom brady. he and football fans everywhere they are anxiously awaiting if he'll be suspended by the nfl in the wake of the bombshell deflategate report. ryan smith has the story. the big question, ryan. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula. the nfl has told us that there has been no decision on deflategate and no timetable for one. the controversy continues to ensnare brady. ho was all smiles in front of a hometown crowd of thousands on thursday when he answered questions about that deflategate report. this morning, the nfl telling abc news they have not made a decision on deflategate. >> touchdown. >> reporter: this, as new england patriots star quarterback tom brady broke his silence thursday. his first appearance since the report said the quarterback was generally aware of staffers' attempts to deflate game-day
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footballs. >> is the super bowl tainted? should there be an asterisk? >> what do you guys think? [ crowd booing ] >> reporter: his response firing up pundits across the sports landscape. >> yo, they're calling you a cheater. >> the coverup is worse than the crime. >> reporter: penalties for the patriots franchise still uncertain. though some say it's a possibility. >> we look at possible discipline, you're looking at a fine. potential of a suspension. potential of lost draft picks. >> reporter: the 243-page report seemingly implicated brady in the scandal, in part because of a flurry of text messages between two members of the equipment staff. jim mcnally, referring to himself as the deflator, asking co-worker john jastremski to get brady to pay up if he wanted the balls inflated the way he liked. mcnally texting, let's make a deal. come on. help the deflator. >> is tom brady a cheater?
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>> i don't believe so. >> reporter: brady, denying cheating in january. and this week, brady's agent, don yee, calling the report a significant and terrible disappointment. the nfl had no comment on brady's remarks. brady says he hasn't really digested the 243-page report. he said he usually reads xs and os. and that report was just a bit longer, guys. >> you were in the room for that hearing, that event yesterday in boston. sounds like it was pretty enthusiastic crowd. >> he wouldn't let anybody in the room because it was more for fans. it was something that you bought tickets to in advance. there were thousands outside in the parking lot. going blocks long, chanting for brady. >> a friendly audience. >> yeah. >> all right. >> a hometown crowd. >> regardless, it's hard not to like the guy. he's very affable. very likable. almost just like you, ryan. >> oh, why thank you, paula. >> almost. >> and just like ron. and speaking of ron, ron joins us with the other stories. that we have been tracking overnight. good morning to you, paula and dan. ryan. good morning, everyone. we begin with a chain reaction crash on a busy u.s. interstate
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highway that triggered a massive fireball. and abc's marci gonzalez has this story. >> reporter: the flames so intense -- >> we have never seen anything like this happen around here. >> reporter: -- drivers in passing cars could feel the heat. >> semi is fully engulfed. >> reporter: two semis, several cars, and a packed shuttle bus igniting on interstate 80 in iowa in a chain reaction crash that sent at least 32 people to the hospital. >> the interstate is blocked. >> reporter: traffic from an early accident backed up for miles, when the driver of a semi hit the brakes. investigators say this shuttle bus, owned by a construction company, slammed into it. both bursting into flames. >> in broad daylight, with no weather to cause anything. >> reporter: more than two dozen employees on board that now charred bus incredibly managed to escape. >> everyone is out of the vehicle. the driver is out of the semi. it's engulfed. >> reporter: a rush of patients brought to hospitals in and around iowa city with burns and broken bones.
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>> this is something that we're trained to do. and that i think we do very well. >> reporter: all escaping this fiery scene with their lives. and two of those survivors are listed in critical condition. iowa state patrol hasn't said whether any charges could be filed. ron? >> thank you, marci. marci gonzalez reporting. and thousands of military installations across the u.s. are on higher alert because of growing concerns about home grown extremists. pentagon officials say these beefed up security measures don't stem from any specific threat. the bulletin comes after a warning by fbi director james comey that there are hundreds of active isis followers right here in the u.s. officials in australia say they have foiled a teenager's terror bomb plot. the bomb squad raided this house friday in an upscale area of melbourn. allegedly seizing several
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homemade ieds. police don't know when the 17-year-old boy who is apparently the son of a doctor planned to detonate the home-made bombs but say the attack was imminent. and in atlanta, a plane crash on one of the busiest highways in the country. the plane crashed shortly after takeoff. on interstate 285. somehow this plane managed not to hit vehicles. the aftermath of the fiery crash caught on camera. all four on board, a father, his two sons, and one of the son's fiances were killed. they were traveling to a graduation. a weekend of celebrations commemorating the 70th anniversary of victory day, marking the end of world war ii in europe. a huge military parade and solemn ceremony in moscow as president putin, the rush wran president and several word leaders honor the people killed in that war. meantime, queen elizabeth lit the first of 200 beacons. in the u.s., dozens of world war ii planes flew over washington, d.c. on friday to celebrate the anniversary of v.e. day. and the united center buzzing, coming to life after a three-point buzzer-beater, you
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see it there by derrick rose. nailing that shot off the backboard. maybe by accident. giving the bulls a 2-1 series lead over lebron james and the cavs. playoff action resumes today with golden state. the warriors travel to memphis to battle the grizzlies. game three of the western conference semifinals tonight on abc. 8:00 p.m. eastern time. >> that was no accident, by the way. >> did he bank that in? >> you don't think so? come on. >> that was not an accident. he's that good. >> i, well, i disagree. i know he's that good, yes. >> he's a skilled professional. let's give it to him. >> yes, go bulls. >> they won the game. that's what matters. we're going to switch gears to a story of drama and anger in the courtroom. a mistrial in an iconic missing child case. the disappearance of etan patz back in 1979 sparked the movement to find missing children. but in the murder trial of a man who years later confessed to killing the boy, a lone holdout juror led to a hung jury. etan's father frustrated and now calling for a retrial. our newest correspondent, phillip mena has this story.
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phillip phillip, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. deliberations lasted weeks. twice the jury informed the judge they were deadlocked. in the end, the jurors could not agree on a conviction. this morning, new york prosecutors are deciding whether to retry pedro hernandez. a judge declaring a mistrial on friday after just one juror says he could not agree to convict the 54-year-old for the murder of a manhattan first grader more than 35 years ago. >> ultimately, i couldn't find enough evidence that was not circumstantial to convict. i couldn't get there. >> reporter: his fellow jurors expressing strong disagreement after a post trial press conference overnight. >> pedro hernandez, you know what you did. >> reporter: for 18 days, the jury was repeatedly sent back into deliberations. despite pedro hernandez confessing to police that he kidnapped and killed 6-year-old etan patz, who vanished on his way to school in 1979. >> for me, his confession was very bizarre.
7:14 am
i felt like mental health issues were a huge part of the case. >> reporter: the defense arguing that hernandez's 2012 confession was coerced, a result of mental illness. patz's father refused to believe it. >> this man did it. he said it. how many times does a man have to confess before someone believes him? and it's not a hallucination. >> reporter: the decades old case helped change the way law enforcement searches for missing children. >> this case seemed to galvanize public opinion. >> reporter: ray kelly, new york's police commissioner when hernandez was arrested, was also with the department at the time of patz's disappearance. >> you say disappointed? i think that comes with the territory. >> reporter: etan's family says, after all these years, they do have closure for their little boy's murder. but still no justice. no physical evidence tying pedro hernandez to the murder was ever found. now it's up to prosecutors to decide whether they'll pursue a retrial.
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next hearing is june 10th. that is when we'll get a better idea of hat prosecutors want to do. >> i feel for the father. it's got to be incredibly frustrated. on a different note, paula and i want to welcome you to abc news. happy to have you. >> happy to be here. i can't wait for all the exciting things to come. >> absolutely. >> welcome to weekend "good morning america." and to the abc family. >> thank you so much. >> we'll keep you hopping. all right. thanks, phillip. now, we want to move to a terrible case of mistaken identity in which the cops shot the wrong person. it was a home invasion gone awry. the person who called the police wound up getting shot by the police. the crooks, meantime, got away. and the homeowner is now saying that he made a mistake. steve osunsami explains. >> he's inside my house. >> he is? okay. >> yes, hurry. please hurry. >> reporter: this morning, the 26-year-old on the line calling police for help remains hospitalized. shot by one of two sheriff's deputies who answered his call who are both now suspended.
7:16 am
>> we're as sorry as we can be. >> reporter: brian heyward is telling the operator that two men with guns were breaking into his home. >> someone is trying to break into your home? >> yes, they have guns. >> reporter: the two white sheriff's deputies were worried they were walking into a gunfight. according to the police report, richard powell and keith tyner saw a gunshot hole in the front window. police say they didn't know the alleged burglars were already gone. police say when heyward walked out the back door with a gun, they had no idea he lived there. and say that when they asked him to put the gun down and he didn't deputy keith tyner fired. [ gunshot ] >> it is a tragic situation. >> reporter: the sheriff's office, realizing the appearance of white deputies shooting black homeowners, is releasing audio from the ambulance. >> i should have put the gun down. but i didn't. >> right. >> and he thought that i was the crook. >> reporter: the family says
7:17 am
what police did here was wrong. they never should have been interviewing their son while he was suffering from a gunshot wound to the neck. >> i don't think he should have been questioned at that point. right about now, we're just looking for the truth. >> reporter: for "good morning america," steve osunsami, hollywood, south carolina. >> our thanks to steve osunsami this morning. now we move to a cautionary tale caught on camera as we head into the summer tourist season. look at this. a family of bears chasing tourists in yellowstone national park. and here's abc's kendis gibson. >> keep going! >> reporter: a trip to iconic yellowstone national park taking a terrifying turn. >> go, go! >> reporter: a black bear and her thee cubs unexpectedly appearing on a bridge, lined with sightseers earlier this week. sending them running. watch as the mother bear, seemingly equally terrified, charges one family as they scramble for their car. >> watch out, little girl. >> reporter: this group of photographers clicking away. as one of the young bears seems to explore an escape route. picking up the pace once the mother joins her cub.
7:18 am
the bears and the humans part ways without any attacks or aggression. but officials say this run-in -- >> go, go, keep going! >> reporter: -- is a perfect example of the dangers in the national park that draws 3 1/2 million visitors a year. >> a mama bear with cubs is not something you want to try and get too near to at all. >> reporter: spring may be the park's peak tourist season. in addition to bringing out more visitors, this warmer weather also brings out more bears. >> these bears do wake up with warmer weather. they're thirsty. they're hungry. and they come out. this is their time of year. >> reporter: according to wild life experts, the best defense is to keep your distance. yellowstone regulations require visitors stay at least 100 yards away from bears at all times. >> it's a beautiful animal we can all enjoy. it's their home. treat them with respect. film them at a distance. that's all. >> reporter: that sounds like a plan to me. luckily, no one was injured. the parks department posted this video as a warning. a cautionary tale.
7:19 am
dan and paula, apparently they're saying that running and flailing your hands and screaming is not how you're supposed to respond to bears like that. >> really? that's how i respond to pretty much every stimuli. >> reporter: that and crying. >> all right. kendis, thank you. reminds me of you, the mama bear. don't mess with paula faris' kids. >> do not mess with mama bear. i will chase you down. >> i have a similar shot of her chasing me down the street with her kids. it was with -- it was weird. >> sara, i would never do that. i would hunt anyone that would hurt my cubs. >> somebody that would never hurt a cub. >> rob. >> rob marciano, out in oklahoma city. how are you doing? >> you don't mess with paula and her bear cubs. dan, when we go storm-chasing later on maybe you could hang your head out the window and scream with your hands in the air. that would help. ana, now a full-on tropical storm. 100 miles away from myrtle beach.
7:20 am
drifting in that general direction. tropical storm warnings up from morehead city to charleston. landfall probably late tonight, early tomorrow. a formidable storm with high winds and heavy rains and pounding surf there. meanwhile, what's helping getting this storm kicking is the storm that's in the west. now into the rockies. it's going to stir up the severe weather that we've been talking about here in the plains. lit bring heavy snow the colorado rockies and the wyoming and montana rockies. lit bring another round of heavy rain here in the plains. could see an additional two to four, maybe five inches of rainfall in areas that have already being socked with heavy stuff. meanwhile, a dryer day across parts of the west. 71 expected in los angeles. in the '70s
7:21 am
more rob coming up in the next half hour. also coming up, the accused kayak killer. did she murder her fiance while they were out on the water? or did he accidentally fall over? for the first time, we hear from her lawyer. should you grab a new grab bag? a special edition of our "gma" mom testers. the daughters add their take to the latest as-seen-on-tv products. and george clooney opens up about his marriage to amal. what is the one thing his new wife doesn't dig about him? >> he's perfect.
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come on. okay. you want to play with us? okay. say hello to my little friend. >> oh, good morning, everybody. that is one of the most unforgettable scenes from "scarface" starring al pacino. the mansion where some of this was filmed is making news this morning. and on that note, we do want to say, good morning, america, everyone. paula faris alongside dan harris. was that one of your favorites? >> i watched that movie a million times as a teenager. i watched it. it was on hbo all the time. >> can you say -- >> say hello to my little friend. >> all right, sara. >> okay, sara just did what i was not going to do. >> you weren't going to go there. coming up, something that could not be more different. from "scarface." it's a special mother's day
7:31 am
edition of "mom testers." although these moms are pretty tough. >> being a mom is dangerous. >> yes. both moms and daughters this year, weighing in on some new as-seen-on-tv products like this thing called my spy birdhouse. hmm. >> cute. we start with the first interview with the lawyer of the woman accused of killing her fiance during a kayak trip. >> she says her fiance fell out of the boat. the cops didn't buy it. they said angelika graswald killed him, though no body was found. and this morning, her lawyer is speaking insisting that what happened was a terrible accident. abc's linzie janis is here with more. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. her attorney says she's being wrongly accused of her fiance's death. by allegedly tampering with his kayak. he says police don't have evidence or a motive and are judging her partially because of her behavior on social media in the days after he went missing.
7:32 am
this morning, anjelika graswal's attorney is calling for her release, saying new york state police rushed to judgment. >> this attorney is not telling us what she's charged with. what she's indicted for. we think she's being held wrongly. >> reporter: she's not been before a judge since her arrest ten days ago for the murder of her fiance vincent viafore. even though his body hasn't been found. police citing inconsistencies in her story. >> that led us to suspect something other than a tragic accident had occurred. >> reporter: graswald sharing that story with the local news, just four days after she reported 46-year-old viafore's kayak capsized in choppy waters on april 19th. >> and then i just saw him flip. >> reporter: but in the days after, her activity on social media inviting scrutiny. changing her facebook status to these carefree poses. even uploading this seemingly light-hearted video of her returning to the place where she
7:33 am
met viafore. >> driving at the cornwall yacht club. yes. >> reporter: her defense attorney, richard portale, says the latvian citizen's behavior is a cultural misunderstanding. >> she comes from a society where weakness, whether it's in the form of sorrow, grief, fear -- is frowned upon. >> reporter: insisting the couple was happy. did she stand to gain financially from vincent's death at all? >> absolutely not. i know that he did have a life insurance policy. but she was not named as the beneficiary. and she knew that. >> reporter: one possible motive being explored by police, diary entries made by graswald in which she complains about sexual requests from viafore. but portale says that doesn't prove anything either. >> you said cultural differences. >> she's a latvian citizen. there may be cultural differences. and there may be something lost in translation. it's not her first language. >> english is a second language
7:34 am
as well? >> right. >> thank you, linzie. let's get to the overnight breaking news. for that let's get it back to ron. hi, again. we begin with the nfl's number one draft pick, jameis winston, fighting to clear his name. attorneys for winston have filed a counterclaim against the woman who has accused him of sexual assault. winston just drafted by the tampa bay buccaneers is seeking $75,000 in damages. he says the accusations are false and defamatory. the world health organization has just declared liberia ebola-free. once at the center of the ebola outbreak. is the first of the three hardest hit west african countries to bring a formal end to the epidemic. a traditional nose-to-nose exchange by britain's prince harry. as he arrived in new zealand. as you can imagine, the warrior greeting caused quite a stir among some or most or all of the women on hand. and finally, take a look at this orangutan stepping in as a nanny.
7:35 am
while zookeepers are busy with other animals. the ape-sitter spends the day cuddling, hugging, even bottle-feeding these tiger cubs. >> that is the coolest thing i have ever seen. >> isn't that cool? >> ever seen! >> the clip is from the my dog's crazy animal friends, which airs on discovery family channel. thursdays. 9:00 p.m. today is national baby-sitters' day. so -- if you need a baby-sitter, consider an orangutan. >> dan, you were looking for a nanny. >> we have a nanny. that reminds me. i guess i need to send flowers. >> you do. you do. >> nothing like some last-minute love from dan harris. >> i really thought this through. i want you to know that. eleanor, i hope you're not watching. >> dan always thinks it through. >> yes, i do. rob marciano, can you save me? is there any way you can save me? rob's in oklahoma city. >> yeah i can. >> do it. take it away. >> there are websites and services for guys like you and me, dan. i'll set you up. don't worry about it. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> procrastination is the name
7:36 am
of the game, especially in the breaking news business. when you never know where you're going to get pulled. boy, the weather today across the plains is going to be tough. across the northeast, my goodness. has it not been july-like? temperatures yesterday in the upper 80s. it hit 90 degrees in syracuse, new york. records falling in many spots. a little bit of a back door cool front for parts of the northeast. dropping to the 70s. back into the 80s and near 90s on monday and tuesday. meanwhile, winter storm warnings posted with the storm in the rockies. winter storm could bring up to two feet of snow in some spots. especially across the northern rockies. not so great a snow year. they'll take every bit they can for water storage. meanwhile, more water coming into the plains. with heavyier rain and severe threat in northern texas and western parts of kansas and oklahoma. that's where we'll be going today to potentially intercept some of these strong storms that will likely produce tornadoes. drying out across the west
7:37 am
coast. warm across parts of florida. >> this weather cast brought to you by flonase allergy relief. and i actually went and bought some of that stuff. i've been suffering with the heat across the northeast. and it -- it works. so -- take it easy out there if you have allergies. the tree pollens are flying. >> a tough time of year for a lot of people. rob marciano, thank you. >> i've been miserable. coming up, moms and daughters getting together for a special edition of "mom testers." what they thought of hot stamps and hot hues to add flair to your hair. >> something you might be interested in, dan. >> oh, yeah. i'm always looking for that kind of product. and get ready for muppet mania. the news sure to make you smile.
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mean one thing. it's time for one of our favorite features here on "gma." when moms try out those as-seen-on-tv products you know you've been wondering about. >> always wondering about. gotta get that seal of approval from moms. on this mother's day weekend, the moms are getting a little help from their daughters. here's abc's becky worley. ♪ >> reporter: mother's day is tomorrow. so we're back with a special mother/daughter edition of "mom testers." we picked three moms and three new as-seen-on-tv products. will they be mom approved or mom disappointed? let's meet our moms. from newtown, connecticut. former abc newser, cara. from pennsylvania, krysti. and from portland, oregon, marybeth. first up -- >> you need a grab bag. >> reporter: a reusable shopping bag that clips to your cart. >> here. help mama. >> now we're going to start our shopping trip. >> reporter: krysti brought her mom along. >> i think that they're great bags.
7:43 am
>> reporter: marybeth thought it was just as durable as it claims. >> reporter: cara had trouble keeping the bags on the cart. >> i'm going to move it. down here so they don't fall. >> reporter: we reached out to grab bag on this. they tell us that the wide range of carts used by retailers makes it impossible for one clip to fit every cart perfectly. this one gets two moms approved. one mom disappointed. next up, hot stamps and hot hues. >> the anything but ordinary hair accessory. >> reporter: known as the hottest new trend to add flair to your daughter's hair. >> that is going to look so cool. >> reporter: cara tries the colorful chalk and stamps. >> you have to press it harder, mom. >> i love it! >> reporter: marybeth and her girls enjoyed the makeover, too. >> oh, yeah. it's kind of cool. >> reporter: and krysti's 3-year-old loved styling up her hair. >> yea, you got a heart. >> reporter: all thee moms gave this a glamorous mom approved. last but not least -- >> it's a birdhouse. >> the my spy birdhouse. >> reporter: you attach it to
7:44 am
your window with a two-way mirror for a look into the secret lives of birds. >> you're going to watch the birdies, right? >> reporter: cara's daughter checked each morning. >> anything? >> reporter: same situation at krysti's house. >> is there anything in there? >> no. >> reporter: no bird love at marybeth's home either. >> maybe some birdies don't know where the birdhouse is. >> reporter: the my spy birdhouse doesn't claim to attract birds. only to give you an inside peek at their lives once they arrive. we'll just give it an empty nest rating. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> too bad. that would be really cool. >> you have to actually buy the bird with the birdhouse. they don't tell you that. >> like batteries not included. >> with one caveat. all right, thanks to becky. coming up on "good morning america," the habit that george clooney has that is driving mrs. clooney loony. straight ahead. with our version of loony. sara. >> in-house loony. our version of loony.
7:45 am
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♪ okay. time for "pop news." hainesy, what you got? >> i miss rob right now. the in-house band is a little slow here. >> we're not good enough? >> well, play an instrument, and maybe i'll think about it. if there was one celebrity everyone in the world would love to party with, or at least watch party, it's sofia vergara. take a look at how the "modern family" actress celebrated her new star on the hollywood walk of fame this week. she was joined by family and friends, some traveled from colombia. and her gorgeous fiance, joe manganiello. look at them on the dance floor. >> they are hot. both of them. >> yes. it was an epic night. complete with a mouth watering dessert bar.
7:49 am
an incredible cake. featuring a mini me version of sofia. congratulations to her. on a well-deserved honor. she had me at dessert bar. >> that is such an innovation. i love that. dessert bar. >> so simple. >> my kind of party. >> he loves sweets. and george clooney can't stop gushing about his wife of eight months, amal. in an interview with "entertainment tonight," the actor listed all the reasons he fell in love with her. from her great sense of humor. to her eccentric but fun sense of style. it seems they don't see eye to eye on everything, though. specifically george's addiction to espn. the actor reveals the fight for the remote on "extra." >> it kills her because i got her into, the -- you know, march madness a little bit. because i'm a uk guy. and then, the next week is the masters. she goes, so every week we're watching -- every weekend we're watching a sporting event. i was like, actually -- >> that's how it works. >> -- it's kind of how it works. >> something about when george clooney says that's the way it's going to be, i want to be like, okay. >> it was the only reason my
7:50 am
wife agreed to marry me is i don't watch sporting events. that would be a huge issue around the house if that's what i wanted to watch. >> really? >> ron, that's probably why you don't want to be married. you're not fighting over the remote. it's a sure victory at this point. and you're fighting with kids. which is a whole different ball game. i'll take the sports over the kids programming. >> thank you, sara. the muppets are officially returning to prime time here on abc. they've wasted no time getting back to work. here they are at a table read. the whole cast running through their scripts. the new rebooted series is expected to explore the muppets' personal lives. they're going a little kardashian on us. and relationships. miss piggy will no doubt bring the drama. here's a "gma" exclusive photo of the diva on set. there she is. she's got a good blowout there. that blonde hair looks beautiful. >> it does. >> and another "gma" exclusive. here's kermit, watching back his scene with joel steingold. how cool would it be to work on sets with the muppets, now that we've established that that's what they are? >> don't you feel like you're
7:51 am
working with muppets. on a daily basis. >> i was going to say something along those lines. >> oh, wow. you just stole dan harris' thunder. >> just goes to show you we're in synch. >> harris and faris, they're here every weekend. and if you're in the market for a new house, a piece of film history could be yours. it's the montecito mansion made famous in "scarface." the sale price on the 10,000-square-foot villa has been slashed from $35 million to the low and completely affordable price of $17.9 million. >> claiborne, let's go half sis on this thing. >> this is in montecito, california? i thought it was in florida. >> it only had four bedrooms. they have nine bathrooms and four bedrooms. >> they said it was in florida. >> they cheated. >> you guys have never heard of tv magic? >> that scene outside when he says, fly, pelican, fly. any way. i could go on and on. >> i'll show you my little friend. >> you just burst their bubble. >> we'll be right back. >> this one i go free. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. after all, healthier doesn't happen
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thank you for watching "gma" on a saturday morning. we really appreciate it. we hope to see you back here tomorrow. unfortunately, rob will be in oklahoma. we miss you, rob. >> miss you, rob. here tomorrow. unfortunately, rob will be in oklahoma. we miss you, rob. >> miss you, rob. good morning. excitement is building for warriors fans. abc 7 news was at oakland international airport as the warriors boarded third flight to tennessee. the searries is tied at one a
7:57 am
piece. officials will gather to hold an emergency water summit to address the ongoing drought. elected officials will discuss potential solutions to the water crisis. organizers say the event is focus on creating a regional framework within communities to regulate water use and conservation. today's summit gets under way at the convention center at 10:00 this morning. let's get a check of the weather. >> good morning. it's certainly gray out there. you don't need me to tell you that. i will tell you it's going to brighten up today. another mind day but cool around the bay. 54 in san carlos. temperatures in a narrow range. we will look at the mist and drizzle to stay at the coast. coolest numbers warmer than yesterday, 50 right know. highs today will range from the upper 70s if you are well east of the tunnel to the mid 70s.
7:58 am
very pleasant here around the bay. a little breezy at times. 65 in oakland. 63 in richmond. from two to five degrees cooler than we should be for early may. 71 in san jose. upper 50s, the clouds cling to the coast and the look ahead, cooler into next week. coming up next on the saturday morning news. a shocking discovery in the south bay leads to the arrest of a camp counselor. the latest on the investigation and why parents are so concerned. we are taking a live look at a closed bridge. what you need to know to get around the big shut down.
7:59 am
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instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™. good morning. thanks for joining us. it's saturday, may 9. let's start with a quick look at the forecast. >> good morning to you. we have an extensive marine layer. you can see the low clouds and fog up and down the coast. a look outside shows that the marine layer is really socked in there in the north bay. we will look for the sun to erode the low clouds throughout the mid to late morning hours in the north bay. soon you will be sunny. it's 55 in san jose. look at the picture where you see the delta in the clear.


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