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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. good afternoon everybody. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. first at 4:00, the man behind the bombings of the 2013 boston marathon has been sentenced to death by lethal injection. today jurors decided dzhokhar tsarnaev should pay the ultimate price for six of the 17 capital counts. each carried the possibility of the death penalty. >> three people died in the bombings and more than 250 were injured and an officer was shot to death during a confrontation with tsarnaev and his brother who was later gunned down by police. abc news reporter elizabeth hur with more from the courtroom in boston. today the jury has spoken and dzhokhar tsarnaev will pay with his life for his crimes. >> reporter: his fate decided by a jury, the same group of jurors
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that found tsarnaev guilty on all 30 counts, 17 of which carried the death penalty. >> the victims -- we can be done with it and move on. >> the decision following closing arguments from prosecutors and lawyers. the defense admitting all along the 21-year-old participated in the bombings but claiming he did so under the influence of his radicalized older brother tamerlan arguing dzhokhar was a gentle little boy, a friendly teenager and now a remorseful young man with a potential for redemption, but making their case for death prosecutors turn to these images showing tsarnaev planting his bomb feet from children and minutes later casually walking into a store and buying milk and then pointing to this video of tsarnaev making an obscene gesture in a holding cell. prosecutors told jurors you cannot see a trace of remorse on his face. it was back in 2013 the blast
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near the boston marathon finish line killed three people and injured more than 260. this had to be a unanimous decision because if even one juror voted against death tsarnaev would have been sentenced to life in prison and after deliberating for 14 hours the jury chose death for tsarnaev. elizabeth hur, abc news boston. >> and our coverage of the verdict in boston continues at 5:00, but bay area reaction from runners who were in boston during the marathon bombing and "world news tonight" will have a complete wrap up at 5:30. developing now a suspect is in custody for the shooting death of 17-year-old vallejo high school student max rusk. the gunman was zachary kroll of vallejo. he was found not far from bethel high where he went to school. they are not offering a motive so far. >> he wanted to let the public
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know that we do not believe that this is a random act of violence and that the victim and suspect were known to each other and we are relieved that the suspect is in custody. >> investigators are not ruling out that others may have been involved in the shooting, but they don't think it's gang related. max rusk's parent attended the police conference and we will have their reaction to the arrests and why they were trying to get their son out of bethel high school coming up at 5:00. more than 50 women who used a bathroom at this uc berkeley dorm room complex were secretly videotaped earlier this month. a man put a note on the bathroom and directed women to use the unit 1 building where he hid a camera pointed at a toilet. >> it looks like an electrical outlet and inside this device there is a battery that will record for several days. it records on motion.
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>> police say the camera was installed in late april. it wasn't discovered until may 8th. investigators aren't saying if the suspect is student or staff member. uc berkeley is checking facilities in case there are more recording devices. more this afternoon about the broken session of rail that caused a major disruption last week. the civic center bart station says it noticed an anomaly in that area last september that might indicate there is a problem with the steel and the entire batch of the replacement rail. they're investigating exactly why the rail broke and why it contributed to it. the rail was installed in 2011 and regular ultra sonic tests had indicated it was still in good shape. cleaning crews were back at san francisco's new cruise ship terminal this morning one day after a ship arrived with the norovirus update. crews were disinfecting the common areas of terminal 57 to keep passengers of other cruise ships from contracting the
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virus. 135 tourists and 16 crew members from the star princess got sick during their 14-day trip between san francisco and hawaii. turning to the weather now drying out after the storm that brought lightning and rain and a little bit of everything. >> spencer christian is live with it. >> today we have sunny skies for the most part and breezy conditions. let's go to live doppler 7 hd and you can see how sunny it is. right now across the bay area although we'll get more clouds moving through tonight and more rain and snow and during the overnight period we'll see the accumulation and five inches and lower aims at other locations and we'll go back to the current conditions here as we look across san francisco to the camera. 61 in oakland and san carlos 69 and mid to upper 60s in morgan hill and 58 at half moon bay and check out this view from the
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east bay hills camera and showing the low clouds moving over the bay and it's currently 74 in santa rosa and napa novato, fairfield, concord and livermore and the golden gate bridge showing mainly blue skies and a few puffs of cumulous clouds. this is our forecast breezy and we'll see partly cloudy skies and partly cloudy overnight and tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds and a cool day around the coast and we'll see highs up to low 70s inland and i'll give you a look at the week ahead in just a few minutes. larry and ama? >> thank you so much spencer. if you're driving around san francisco, beware. >> the city is cracking down on people violating traffic laws and lyanne melendez with what exactly what police are looking for. >> it is breezy out here already. to answer your question blocking the intersection like the one behind me is busy with mission and vanes in.
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the fine will be 103. if you double park $110 and they'll be out here from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. describing san francisco's traffic issues is easy. >> this is crazy. >> frustrating big time. >> double parking, delivery trucks and cars blocking intersections have made it harder for anyone to navigate their way through the city. i just think the growth in the city and the number of new folks have made it more and more congested overall. >> i don't know what goes on on fridays. it can take up to 45 minutes to get out of the city. yeah. it's crazy. cray cray. >> traffic has always been a problem even 100 years ago when pedestrians, horses, carriages and cable cars were all mixing it up. enter the san francisco metropolitan transportation agency, you know the ones that
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oversee the control officers. >> we'll make sure that any construction project that doesn't have the right to be in the road during rush hour is out of the road by rush hour. the crackdown will happen from 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning and during evening rush hour from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. muni bus drivers will also be able to call dispatch to report a driver. this is not the first time the city has taken measures to improve the flow of traffic. >> no. i don't think they have enough people out here to be ticketing. >> the city is asking people to give it some time. >> it's going to make the streets safer and more reliable. you know, you'll never solve every last congestion problem in the city but i think we'll make a big dent in congestion. >> the congestion strategy goes into effect in ernesto monday. in san francisco lyanne melendez nbc 7 news.
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the helicopter that crashed during a relief mission in earthquake-ravaged region of nepal. >> rescuers found the chopper's wreckage today. sergio quintana is the only bay area reporter in nepal and he flew near that site and has more from kathmandu. >> reporter: nepalese rescuers who are scouring the rugged terrain near mt. everest spotted the wreckage of the crash. the uh1 hughey crashed while delivering supplies in nepal. they were onboard the chopper after it was lost after the 7.3 magnitude earthquake. it was the second major quake in less than three weeks. it was found in pieces and no chance of any survivors according to nepal's secretary. >> we will continue to mourn the loss and observe the sacrifice was great soldiers from nepal
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and our marines who lost their lives. >> reporter: the military has not yet identified the marines in the affiliate, but kake in wichita interviewed the family of pilot chris nordegren, his mother got flowers day from him last sunday. >> i love you. i believe in you. proud of what you're doing and the recovery was called off in part because of bad weather conditions. sergio quintana, abc news, nepal. as ama mentioned, sergio is the only bay area reporter in nepal and his reporting continues on abc 7 news and he is also tweeting and you can follow his updates at svq journalist. the push to help nepal is more important than ever after this second quake and if you'd like to donate to the relief effort you can text nepal to 90999 to contribute $10 or call 1-800-red
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cross. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 tributes are pouring in for bb king and what fans are saying about the blues legend. get ready to see the tiny two-seater driving around the bay area. the silicon valley giant getting ready to roll out the self-driving cars. imagine driving the wrong way on the bay bridge. it could happen. the
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>> covering santa claire araclara san francisco, east bay and the bay area this is abc 7 news.
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♪ ♪ the thrill has gone away ♪ >> gone, but not forgotten, blues legend bb king passed away in las vegas last night, his home of 40 years. king had been receiving hospice care. the 15-time grammy award winner had diabetes and was hospitalized last month. >> he was a beacon for all of us who loved this kind of music and i thank him from the bottom of my heart. >> musician eric clapton hosted this heartfelt tribute to his friend bb king on his facebook page. clapton calls king a dear friend and an inspiration. clapton's post is among the millions of tributes poefrt ss posted on social media. >> president obama said there will be one killer blues session in heaven tonight. and a heartfelt post from apple ceo tim cook. he tweeted the thrill will never be gone. may he rest in peace. >> i love bb king. riding with the king. google revealed today it's getting ready to launch the next generation of the self-driving cars and this time both
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pedestrians and drivers of regular cars expect to look around and the high-tech vehicles near you. david louie is live in mountain view. it's pretty exciting. >> very exciting. the testing will begin this summer and there will be no mistaking them. they look huge which means they will be attracting a lot of attention and they may be distracting to some pedestrians and drivers. take a look yourself. the smaller prototypes will be two-seaters and will continue to have human drivers behind the steering wheel just in case. 25 of them have been built so far and they'll hit mountain view streets a few at a time. by making silicon valley a test bed, they're more likely to run into them, figuratively speaking. >> i don't know if i trust them implicitly, but trust them enough that hopefully they'll be doing the right thing apart from anywhere else on the road. they've driven over a million miles the past two years and
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there have been 11 accidents and the technology is involved. >> you have trepidation? >> unless it was a full and complete stop then i would go. >> reporter: it takes self-driving cars one step closer to reality especially for seniors who can no longer drive. options are limited for them. >> the ones that are out there are often costly and not ideal so this might provide a new solution and makes it easier to make the tough decision to give up the keys. >> still, there are skeptics. michael is 71. >> i would need to be convinced that they are completely safe and i'm not convinced yet. so i could aren't say that i would rely on those as i get older. >> at 93 betty schneider said she'd love to have a self-driving car. >> do you think that will happen in your lifetime? >> it might. i'll live until 200. >> just 200? >> i figure it's a nice round figure, don't you? >> it might happen much sooner than that.
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david louie abc 7 news. kids in san jose are getting a new place to play thanks to the sharks and local community groups. >> they stepped up to build a shark-themed playground at sherman oaks park and that means this neighborhood has wanted and needed a new playground for a while. the cool thing about this one, the kids designed it. >> it truly is a dream come true for these kids and we saw so many different designs and so many different elements and they tried to implement as many as possible and it's not just a cookie cutter playground and it's something they truly want. >> i've been waiting for this since i moved into this neighborhood, and this has been exciting and the kids are absolutely thrilled. >> it's been a team fort. the campbell unified school district donated the land. the non-profit group led the building. the shark foundation picked up most of the $20,000 cost and the parks foundation will take care
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of the maintenance. >> spencer christian was bench pressing the swing set. >> one arm? >> yeah. >> i recall. >> i'm stronger than i look. >> yes. hercules got nothing on you. >> there you go. we have a nice sunny day with the strong breeze blowing right now across the bay area and here's live doppler 7 hd. it's lovely and windy where i'm standing on the roof and over -- i should say down in southern california there is still stormy weather from the storm that moved through our area yesterday producing some downpours and storms east of san diego. in fact there's been a report of debris flow in the town of pine valley and large boulder, the size of basketballs on the interstate 8 onramp near sunrise highway and that was a fairly challenging situation. back in the bay area things are looking good and blue sky over the bay and these are the forecast features and we'll see spotty drizzle overnight as
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clouds thicken and they'll be partly cloudy and dry this weekend and we'll have below average temperatures, a pleasant, but dry and cool weekend and on we go showing that storm pushed through the region yesterday and moving through southern california and the low moving inland and the high pressure offshore is creating a cool and breezy pattern that will continue right on into the weekend with below-average temperature but again, it will be dry this weekend except for the chance of spotty drizzle overnight. the week ahead, we're using downtown san jose as the indicator, and the average high temperature in san jose this time of year was 75 degrees and notice for most of the seven-day period daytime highs will be eight to 10 degrees below average in san jose. the entire bay area will be cooler than the next week or so. >> our event planner for sunday shows mainly overcast conditions in san francisco and a cool and breezy day and so that may be good for our runners and that's
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comfortable and by mid-afternoon we'll see more sunshine breaking through the skies here in san francisco. tonight, we'll see clouds moving through with low temperatures mainly in the low 50s and upper 40s in some of our inland valleys and tomorrow the partly cloudy day with a slight chance of some scattered sprinkles over the higher terrain and it's not likely to be widespread and high temperatures from 50s on the coast to low 70s inland and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast and although we're calling for dry conditions and sunny days late next week, temperatures will remain below the average range and i guess that's a good thing because as dry as it is the last thing we need now is the heat wave. larry and ama? >> we'll take cool for sure. >> thanks, spencer. >> the warriors are one win away from doing something they have not done in nearly 40 years. weir live in memphis with the preview of the gargantuan game against the grizzlies.
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>> the new
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it is mid-may. that means it's time for bay to breakers. participants lined up outside fort mason to pick up their race packets which includes their runner's bid among other things and more than 110,000 people are expected to take part and some are in it for the competition and others just for the party. san franciscan kevin madden hates running, but says it's something he needs to do. >> i needed to lose a lot of weight because the doctor stared at me and said you're not in good shape and you have to think about this seriously so i made a lot of changes and i wanted to have a concrete goal and that is my concrete goal. >> the seven and a half-mile race begins at 8:00 on sunday morning and it starts south of market and heads west toward ocean beach and there will be a lot of street closures. so if you're coming into the city on sunday, please plan
4:24 pm
ahead. for help getting around you can download the traffic app and it's free and join the abc 7 group and it is available on the app store and google play. >> the warriors will take the court in memphis and they're hoping that at the end of the night they will be advancing to the western conference finals for the first time in 39 years. >> but first, they have to finish off the grizzlies. >> and ibns 7 news reporter rick kwan joins us live from memphis. >> reporter: hi, larry and ama. they'll be turning it for the grizzlies and end season. espn's veteran announcer mike terrico. >> i think it all depends on the threes. it's a 13 or 14 threes. six threes made in the two games they've lost. >> you called last night and you saw the crazy comeback by
4:25 pm
houston and you think that added the urgency. >> and on the warriors side, you know, number one you get done and get some rest and they'll play game seven on short turnaround. >> on memphis' side you believe. they had no business winning that game for houston and they did. >> you can pull out the impokt and get to a game seven and the grizzlies are banged up. he's not 100% and you expect him to be much of a factor tonight. he's always a presence and his energy especially in this building will get everyone going and my concern for them offensively is if they play off of him and play free safety like the 49er i don't think he has an answer for that offensively. >> you'll hear from seth curry and the warriors to hear what they have to do to advance to the western conference finals for the first time since 1976.
4:26 pm
this is rick. back to you ama and larry. >> the game starts in just about two hours and you can watch the game on our sister network on espn at 6:30 tonight and if necessary, and we hope it's not, game seven will be back at oracle right here on abc 7. now is a great time to snap fan photos to us and post them to your favorite social media site #dubson7 and you will see them on the air or abc 7 >> i have to get on the board. ail i do is cover the game and i'm never in the pictures. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. a sight you would not expect during a drought. a pleasant surprise visitors are getting at yosemite national park. >> and you could soon see wrong way drivers on the bay bridge. how this radical idea could actually cut down your commute time. coming up first, will criminal charges be filed in that deadly amtrak train
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live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc 7 news. >> now for the headlines where you live at 4:30 a federal judge ordered boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev to death by lethal injection. the 21-year-old was convicted of all 30 federal charges against
4:30 pm
him. >> vallejo police have arrested someone in connection of the bethel high school student. the accused killer knew the victim 17-year-old max rusk. wayne freedman joins us with who the family is blaming on this. >> more potential track trouble. bart tells us, a manufacturer's anomaly is to blame with the bart rail. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony shows us the inspection process coming up tonight at 6:00. >> back on the east coast, a conductor of the amtrak train told officials she heard the engineer say that train had been struck by something moments before crashing. abc news reporter is live karen travers. >> reporter: good evening, larry, that is what the ntsb is looking into right now and in they told us they're bringing in
4:31 pm
fbi officials to look at what seems to be a crack in the locomotive's windshield and whether or not train 188 was hit by a projectile but that doesn't factor in the speed and officials say they're still looking at why that train went from 70 miles an hour to 106 in under a minute. crews worked nonstop today to repair the damage to this rail line from tuesday's accident. new tracks were laid down piece by piece. electrical wires that had been snapped. amtrak says it's aiming to restore service between philadelphia and new york early next week and this busy stretch of track has been closed since the derailment. an attorney for 32-year-old train engineer brandon bostian has no recollection of what happened after the crash. the ntsb said train 188's speed increased by 30 miles per hour for the final minute before the derailment. >> the engineer is the only person that can control the speed of the train.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: this closed-circuit video obtained by abc station wpdi shows the train's final seconds. as the train hits that curve, a flash as the train derails. the ntsb says that accident would not have happened if had speed control technology. >> boo it will not happen again. >> family and friends gathered today for funeral services for justin zemser. the naval academy mid shipman was one of eight people killed in tuesday's accident. >> he put everyone before himself. he was not selfish at all. he just cared about other people instead of his own life. >> the philadelphia district attorney's office says it's working with local, state and federal officials to gather information and will then determine whether or not criminal charges will be filed related to tuesday's accident. reporting live from philadelphia, karen travers, abc 7 news. ama? >> karen, thank you so much.
4:33 pm
here in the bay area vigils are set to begin in a few hours for two of the three high school girls who died in a crash near gilroy tuesday night. farrah williams, esennia jimenez were passengers in a crash and went off a ravine 50 feet off the road. joseph vasquez, the driver, the 23-year-old man was the only survivor and facing charges of driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter. picture this you're driving eastbound on the bay bridge and then suddenly you see a bus traveling toward oncoming traffic. taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. that wrong way traffic could soon happen. it's an idea transit officials are mulling over as a way of easing the morning commute. elissa harrington e plains how this would work. >> reporter: it's a familiar problem for bay area commuters.
4:34 pm
traffic jams, crawling bumper to bumper on the bay bridge. >> the freeway is always cool. an ac transit proposal aims to ease some of the congestion, but the plan is an unusual one. right now busses and cars share lanes of traffic on the bay bridge so they're all in this mess together during the morning commute. the proposal would send busses to the eastern span into one lane of traffic heading west. >> so drivers heading to oakland would have busses passing by in the opposite direction going toward the city in what's called a contra flow lane. >> you know, and i think they would be a little scary and you know, to see busses coming at you while you're traveling down the highway. the bridge would require a movable barrier like the one on the golden gate and narrower lanes. the contra flow lane would only operate during the morning commute. the pat efrjer is not convinced
4:35 pm
it would save that much time. >> if it were up to me i would have added the bridge wider and maybe added two more lanes on top and it's foolish to spend more money on the bridge. >> the cost has not been nailed down. the metropolitan transportation commission is reviewing the proposal and it would ultimately have to be approved by caltrans. alisa harrington, abc 7 news. the complaint claims asian-american students with almost perfect college entrance exam scores and top grade-point averages are more likely to be rejected than similar applicants of other races. harvard officials would not comment on this complaint, but the admissions policies comply full we the law expectation-americans represent 6% of the u.s. population and make up 21% of students admitted to harvard's freshman class this
4:36 pm
fall. a show of honor and support today by president obama at the 34th annual national peace officers memorial service on capitol hill. the president placed a flower honoring officers killed in the line of duty. he thanked the men and women national wide for their service and called them heroes. >> it takes a special kind of courage to be a peace officer to be the one people turn to in their most desperate moments to be willing to run into a dangerous situation when everybody else is rungning the other way. >> the president acknowledged the trust issues of officers in the communities they serve. michael johnson shot and killed on march 24th. in an exclusive interview with abc's lindsay davis, bill cosby is responding to questions about sexual assault allegations. more than 30 women have come forward just in the past six months accusing cosby of
4:37 pm
drugging or sexually assaulting them. his legal team has issued a number of denials and cosby has never been criminally charged but in an effort to turn the page the comedian is trying to raise awareness now of underfunded schools in alabama. >> if a young person comes up to you and says my mom says you've done some bad things, you know how will you answer them? >> i am prepared to tell this young person the truth about life. >> some are accusing cosby of ram belling and dodging the questions. you can see more of the exclusive interview tonight on "nightline" on abc 7. coming up, abc 7 news investigates counterfeit air bags, why they're easier to buy than you might think. the route change for cyclists taking route in california after an unexpected storm. i'm spencer christian
4:38 pm
looking out over san francisco. lots of blue sky but we may see grayer conditions over the weekend. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. >> at 4:38 taking a live look at traffic through berkeley not moving on either direction and that is
4:39 pm
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a spring snowstorm in southern california is disrupting the largest bicycle
4:41 pm
race in the u.s. the stage of the amgen tour of california that was supposed to take place in big bear lake had to be moved to santa claritia. as much as six inches of snow was expected along the original route. the decision was made to ensure riders' safety and that race will finish sunday in los angeles. hard to bike through six inches of snow. >> yeah. hard to be bummed about snow and anything falling from the sky we'll pretty much take and the precipitation, and we're not getting it today and sunny skies right now and it looks like some clouds are moving our way and maybe not precipitation. before we go to live doppler 7, let me show you this picture and we've got yesterday with this amazing rainbow over sfo late in the day. as you know the skies were interesting yesterday and there were many rainbows yesterday. and we go to live doppler 7 hd and clouds will thicken
4:42 pm
overnight and the national weather picture tomorrow shows a showery pattern over the entire 48 contiguous states and it looks like every state will get some level of shower activity and that includes the state of california will see showers tomorrow over the mountain's regions in particular and down into southern california and here in the bay area tomorrow after some passing clouds overnight. we'll have lingering clouds tomorrow and it is possible but not likely we could see a spot or two of light sprinkles over the higher terrain tomorrow and generally dry tomorrow and the highs ranging from 50s at the coast to mid-50s across the bay to lower 70s inland and it looks like the same picture for sunday and cool and overcast day for the runners and chilly for the walkers. larry and ama? >> all right spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00. first, it was mayweather versus pacquiao. now romney versus holyfield? we'll tell you why the former presidential candidate is getting ready to enter the ring.
4:43 pm
two, one -- >> up first, the california family that unknowingly put counterfeit air bags in their car and the danger behind the wheel they narrow low avoided. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. coming up next we partnered exclusively with consumer reports to test sunscreens and
4:44 pm
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>> covering santa rosa berkeley, san jose and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. if you spent any time outside sunscreen is always such a good idea. which brands are best? >> consumer reports has partnered exclusively with 7 on your side to find out and michael finney joins us now. >> you grew up in daytona beach. >> back in the day we would put all of this tanning oil -- >> and baby oil. nobody thought about the hazard of it. >> i was the irish kid with the sunburned nose all of the time. that was me. most dermatologists would recommend using a sunscreen that delivers an spf of 30 or higher so consumer reports tested a wide variety of lotions and
4:47 pm
sprays. >> when you choose a sunscreen most people check the spf that's supposed to indicate the amount of protection you get from the sun's uvb rays which cause sunburn and increase the risk of skin cancer. consumer reports tested 34 sunscreens to see if they deliver. technicians apply sunscreen to panelists and have them soak in a tub for 40 or 80 minutes depending on the products. then the area is exposed to urgs vb light. >> the next day the test area is examined for redness. the test revealed a cause for concern. >> almost a third of the sunscreens we tested had spf below what they promised. if you aren't getting the protection you think you are, that could be a problem. >> reporter: for example banana boat claims an spf of 50-plus, but only averaged an spf 24 and
4:48 pm
cucumber's natural finds apfspf 30. you want one effective against uv arrays which is effective against cancer. broad spectrum should provide both uva and uvb protection but in consumer reports lab tests some of the sunscreens didn't adequately guard against uva rays. >> the worst is theal gator gel. >> consumer reports did find 17 sunscreens to recommend. they are named best buys. no ads for it spf 50 lotion for $10 and from walmart's equate brand, sport continuous spray spf-30 for $8 and an ultra protection lotion and spf 50 for $9. we contacted the name it makes banana boat sunscreens and it
4:49 pm
said we are proud of the sun care products. people should feel confident using our products for safe protection as directed by the product labels. yes2inc.. yes to cucumbers sunscreen says we can confirm it is supported by testing done at an accredited third-party laboratory. using the current fda regulations for sunscreen drug products. the makers of aloegator sunscreen emailed this statement, ags has been producing a high-quality sunscreens that consumers have been using around the world since 1984. consumer reports has previously tested and reviewed the aloegator products in the past which has scored highly in previous reviews. >> tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, experts say counterfeit products are popping up everywhere. you can buy one and not each know it. >> we found situations where our
4:50 pm
major retailers are getting counterfeit products returned back to them. and that's how they can end up on store shelves and you buy them. a 7 on your side investigation looks at what retailers are doing to fight back. that's tonight at 11:00 on abc 7 news. >> we'll look for you then. thanks michael. speaking of counterfeit goods. an abc news investigation had people nationwide that have fallen victim to a counterfeit air bag ring. >> the air bag they purchased online was bogus and authorities say they bought it from this man in north carolina who is now in custody. he allegedly stole nearly $2 million worth of counterfeit air bags. agents say they seized more than 1500 air bags from his house and $60,000 in cash. world news anchor david muir offered to have the air bags the larsons purchased replaced and tested and here's what happened. >> two, one. >> whoa! >> wow!
4:51 pm
>> v rap knell. >> you would have had a face full of plastic. >> a piece of plastic from the bogus air bag flew more than 40 feet. you can see more of david muir's report tonight at 10:00 on "20/20." trending now, jimmy kimmel had three ridiculous questions for soccer star david beckham. >> what is your favorite spice? >> posh. >> i made the right choice. cinnamon's not going to hit you over the head with a frying pan. >> definitely not. >> that was a good answer. that was very quick and wise. beckham is married to the spice girl posh. they've been married since 1999 and have four kids. kimmel asked beckham if he could take a bad selfie. ama is doubting that. beckham proved that he could by snapping one. that's not a good selfie. it's still pretty good compared
4:52 pm
to most others. >> well, sorry! a former heavy weight champion will fight a political heavy weight tonight. mitt romney will square off against evander holyfield for charity in less than an hour and i hope it's better than pacquiao and mayweather. romney aides say he took the training very seriously so he could learn how to dodge a punch. all proceeds will go to charity vision which helps fight blindness. the chair the's president is romney's son josh and he hopes to raise $1 million and that will cover 40,000 surgeries for blind people and the fight tonight is in salt lake city and begins at 5:30 our time. i hope the real deal will go very light. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. up next yosemite is defying the drought and we'll take you to the park for a close-up look at the unexpected surprises visitors are now getting and here's dan ashley with what's coming up at 5:00. >> ama larry, thanks very much.
4:53 pm
>> on the subject of the drought in the sierra. creating a fire tinderbox. who is hunting for bugs in exchange for free place and we'll explain and the bay area air show reaching new heights. those stories and a lot more on this friday coming up
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
gushing waterfalls morning dew, they aren't exactly sights you would expect during the drought. >> they're happening right now at yosemite national park. >> reporter amanda venegas with our sisterer station kfsn went to the park to get a look. >> reporter: yosemite falls is mighty. it showed its power friday and park rangers say the recent storm was a welcome sight. >> we got some snow up in the meadows and up at glacier points with expected warm weather it will probably melt but we got good rain in the yosemite ral
4:57 pm
valley. >> reporter: even the deer enjoyed the morning dew with their breakfast. >> breathtaking and we always call it god's country. it's just beautiful. it's very flat where we're from so big difference. >> reporter: tourists are enjoying the fresh scenery. so much so the ranger says they're seeing an increase in visitation. >> we've had about a 20% increase. our real busy february, march into april and we think a lot of that has to do with the warmer weather and the drought. there's a lot more accessibility so we'll open roads earlier and we're getting more people up here. >> reporter: another attraction that's opened up early half dome. >> the hike up to the top of half dome is on a lot of people's bucket list. >> there is a two-day lottery system people can enter and they encourage hikers to wear good shoe before embarking on the iconic hike. more than 2 million people take in the sights every year. park rangers expect the waterfalls to flow until june or
4:58 pm
possibly even july with the warm weather officials expect a busy tourist season ahead. >> amanda venegas abc 7 news. >> it looks spectacular. >> thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins with dan and cheryl. >> he just didn't feel safe. >> a mother says her son's school bears responsibility for his killing. tonight, the teenagers now booked with murder. >> the boston marathon bomber gets settenced to death. abc 7 news talks to bay area runners who were there on the that fateful day. fighting rush hour new enforcements underway to unclog san francisco's congested streets. >> we're live in memphis with the warriors and what players say they need to do tonight to win this searies. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. i'll let you know if this pattern will continue for the weekend coming up. live from the kgo tv
4:59 pm
broadcast center this is abc 7 united states. >> >> parents aring can to pull their kids out for a reason. they don't want their kids at an unsafe school. >> they say it contributed to the death of their 17-year-old son. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. thanks so much for joining us. police have made an arrest connected with the shooting of a high school student. max rusk was a sophomore and the shooting happened just off campus. wayne freedman joins us outside the vallejo police department with the name of the suspect and more details. wayne? >> reporter: good afternoon, cheryl, it began as a normal press conference and it didn't end that way and it began with vallejo police telling us the name of the suspect and what they could tell us about the crime and then an interruption from the family because at the press conference the school district superintendent was there. the family was complaining about security at the high school saying better security might have saved their son's life. the school district said it wasn't going to go into details.
5:00 pm
it said simply the high school is safe. this is the man vallejo police arrested after a traffic stop early this morning. zachary kroll 19 years old, a vallejo resident. as for a motive and his relationship with victim max rusk. >> all we can say is they were known to each other and we cannot go into detail about what the nature of the relationship is. >> the campus of jesse bethel high school while classes were in session. max rusk's family said they had never before heard the suspect's name. his father james bush senior who lachlted hear who lamented hearing through the media and not police. his mother, jamie rusk complained about safety owe the campus. her son wanted to change schools, but the district made it difficult. >> he didn't feel safe there and told me that several times. he just didn't feel safe. >> reporter: the


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