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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 15, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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nto details. it said simply the high school is safe. this is the man vallejo police arrested after a traffic stop early this morning. zachary kroll 19 years old, a vallejo resident. as for a motive and his relationship with victim max rusk. >> all we can say is they were known to each other and we cannot go into detail about what the nature of the relationship is. >> the campus of jesse bethel high school while classes were in session. max rusk's family said they had never before heard the suspect's name. his father james bush senior who lachlted hear who lamented hearing through the media and not police. his mother, jamie rusk complained about safety owe the campus. her son wanted to change schools, but the district made it difficult. >> he didn't feel safe there and told me that several times. he just didn't feel safe. >> reporter: the family plans 14
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days of vigil asking for peace and they're happy that news of the arrest. >> this kid was going to find him. >> he was going to find him. they got lucky. he is a coward. i hope if that is the guy i hope he burns in hell. >> reporter: from vallejo wayne freedman, abc 7 news. we are following breaking news in downtown san jose. police have surrounded an apartment complex where a suspected gang member is barricaded inside. it is for the center of employment and training on grant street. they decided to evacuate the apartment building where the person is hiding just to be safe. >> children at a nearby school are being kept inside as a precaution even though it's late in the day. police say the suspect is wanted on a felony warrant. >> we'll stay on top of that story, but let's move on now. a jury sentenced dzhokhar tsarnaev to death for his role in the boston marathon bombing. jurors deliberated for 14 hours
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before reading their unanimous verdict. tsarnaev planted a pressure cooker bomb near the finish line. three people were killed in the attack. 260 others injured. 17 of them lost a limb. survivors say they're relieved this is coming to an end. >> it feels like we can take a breath once the verdict came in, it was, like okay. now we can start from here and go forward and really feel like it's behind us. >> legal experts believe tsarnaev's defense attorney will file several appeals which could take years to play out in court. his father who lives in russia promised to fight the sentencing until the end. abc 7 news reporter katie udas is live with reaction from runners who are getting ray for the bay to breakers race this weekend. >> reporter: dan, everybody has an opinion on the death penalty and they vary greatly but what everybody i spoke with wants to do is honor the victims and survivors and many people do
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that by lacing up their sneakers and participating in an event like beta breakers. it's an exciting time for beta breakers runners who also have an eye on boston. >> there are so many reasons why people run boston and what they carry in their hearts. >> triumph and tragedy and now the death sentence for the man who terrorized it. >> i'll be going back to run it and i'll be thinking about it. it's not complete closure and i don't think there will ever be. >> reporter: she was a block away as the bombs went off. he utsch wad the trial intently. the guilty verdict for dzhokhar tsarnaev came down before the race and the sentencing verdict before today. >> i thought there would be a lot of emotion. >> some stand by the death sentence. franks is a coach and had athletes running boston in 2013. >> it's a very difficult thing to say for me to take responsibility that somebody else's life is going to be put
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on the line, but it's -- there needs to be accountability and it's just not right. >> others think there are worse punishments. >> if it was life in prison because he's so young. >> reporter: or perhaps the ultimate punishment come from the thousands of people who refuse to stop running. >> start living very differently than the terrorists win. >> reporter: boston and the running world are different, but not in the way the tsarnaev brothers plotted. in the years since the bombing people lined the route ten deep cheering boston strong. >> that's when it hit me that's what it means to be you come back and don't let anything stop you from doing what you want to do. >> in san francisco katie udas abc 7 news. federal investigators are looking at the amtrak train that derailed in philadelphia to see whether it might have been hit by an object. they finished interviewing the conductor brandon bostian.
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he doesn't remember anything about the crash, but an assistant conductor says she thinks she overheard him talking about something hitting the train, possibly a rock. the damage on the left hand lower portion of the wind she would to see if anything hit the train before that crash. abid gilani is one of eight who died tuesday night. he worked in san francisco until 2008. his funeral will be held sunday afternoon in fremont and he will be buried nearby in hayward. a recovery mission will resume in daylight in nepal in the rugged mountains near the wreckage of where a u.s. marine helicopter was found. a military search team located the wreckage four days after it went missing with six marines and two nepalese onboard. three bodies were found and there is little likelihood that anyone survived. they were there during relief efforts after the first earthquake. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana shot this video near
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the site today. he was told difficult terrain hampered the efforts to work on the crash site. sergio is the only bay area reporter in nepal. his reporting continues on abc 7 news at 6 clok and tweeting updates constantly at svq journalist sgloos all of the restrooms at uc berkeley are being checked for hidden recording devices after a man was found recording women inside a dorm bathroom. police say at least 50 women were secretly recorded inside of the staff restroom at the unit 1 housing complex. investigators said the man put a note on the dorm bathroom saying it was closed and then directed women to use the staff bathroom in which he hid the camera. the recording device was pointed at a toilet. >> it records on motion and then it stores the images on a chip so it wasn't a camera, per se but it was a recording device. >> the device might have been installed in late april. investigators know who the suspect is.
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they have not arrested that person and they're not saying whether the suspect is associated with the university. san francisco is cracking down on drivers who cause traffic tie-ups by double parking or blocking intersection intersections intersections. you've seen these people. they will speed up traffic, and parking control officers will hit major streets during the morning and evening rush hour in search of violators. construction projects will also be targeted. >> every construction project has a very specific permit and we'll make sure that any construction project that doesn't have the right to be in the road by rush hour is out of the road by rush hour. >> here's something that might think drivers think twice, the fine is $103. the double parking fine is $110. >> ouch! in about an hour and a half the golden state warriors will square off against the memphis grizzlies in the series. >> rick kwan is live for us tonight and they could close it
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out this evening. >> hi dan. yes, i am in memphis the home of elvis and after two blowout losses to the warriors i've got to say the grizzlies look all shook up. golden state wants to close out the series tonight and they should as long as they can continue to play some suffocating defense and remain hot from three-point range. this afternoon both teams went through shoot arounds here at the fedex forum. last night the warriors staid up late and watched the rockets rally from 19 down in the second half and forced a game seven with the clippers. steph curry insists what happened in that game will have no effect in their effort in tonight's contest. >> our mission is the same. that game that happened last night is the same sense of urgency for us, the same focus. >> you see the team and you give it a shot early and if the things won't go their way they say we'll get them in game seven and you can't do that in the playoffs. they can easily win the two games and go to the playoffs and
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we hopefully win. >> i thought they played with a high level of urgency and in four and five i thought we played with a high level of urgency in two and three. that's not to say you're not trying that hard and for us not being at home, game six we're fired up and love the crowd here and love our community and we'll go and play as hard as we can. >> reporter: game five with the hamstring injury but he only expects to be about 60%. the warriors don't seem to be too concerned about allen's return. they believe they've made the proper adjustments and as long as they play their game they can beat the grizzlies with or without tony allen in the lineup. this is rick kwan reporting live from the fedex forum in memphis. back to you. >> warriors fans are sharing really great pictures with us on social media to the #dubson7. take a look at this cutie pie. her mom says she's a proud warriors fan and born into the dub nation.
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take a look at this this is her brother and son courtside at oracle arena. keep tagging those pictures with dubs on 7. we'll keep featuring them on the air and abc 7 >> good stuff. watch the game on the sister network at 6:30 tonight. if necessary game 7 will be back at oracle on sunday at 12:30 p.m. right here on abc 7. leaving the campus behind. coming up google hits the streets with the self-driving car and how the company who could become the biggest beneficiaries. >> also the drought in the sierra. >> what is turning forests brown and creating a fire tinderbox. >> it took one match to light the burn pile. plus how some sharks are helping kids find a safe place to play in san jose. free comedy and free
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covering walnut creek, burrellinggame campbell and the bay area this is abc 7 news. tonight google says it's self-driving cars are ready to roam and the latest prototypes will hit mountain view this summer. abc 7 news reporter david louie is live in mountain view tonight. this new model is a bit different? >> it is very different, dan, and we'll show it to you but we'll also show you the streets of mountain view will be an interesting lab for google. it has developed better software to handle difficult situations such as getting to a destination that might be blocked by construction. it also wants to have pilot programs to better see how people want to use self-driving cars. >> it will be an attraction or possibly a distraction depending what you think of the small two-seater electric self-driving car. google designed them this way to see how people react with them and interact with them. a human will retain manual
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control is needed and its speed is limited to 25 miles an hour and joe haun is behind the wheel and speed is not a word he'd associate with them. >> they're typically on the fast lane and going too slow. so they're on the slow side in my experience. >> nurse jamie peterson has no fears of being struck by one. >> i would trust it to stop. i would definitely trust it to stop. >> reporter: do you think that the technology is roadeady? >> yes, yes, i do. >> it is closer to reality for seniors who fear losing their independence and mobility. >> for a lot of folks they're forced to perhaps give up the keys, and that really limits and decreases their independence. >> ginger johnson is 84 years old and still driving. >> sometimes we lose the ability or we have diminished ability to judge distances and speed. so i think it would be a terrific thing. >> reporter: google has built 25 of these prototype cars and put
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on the streets of mountain view a few at a time. >> would you walk in front of one in a cross walk? >> no. >> reporter: you have trepidation. >> unless it was a full and complete stop then i would go. >> reporter: that's the kind of behavior that google will study as it moves forward with self-driving cars. in mountain view david louie, abc 7 news. the san francisco-based ride sharing service lift is getting a $150 million infusion and most of it from billionaire carl icahn. and others include alibaba and the venture capital firm and jason horowitz. this is in the battle for the market share for the much larger uber. united airlines has launched a reward program for anyone who can find bugs in the software and its website. programmers can earn up to a million miles to find the most serious vulnerabilities. it comes after the government warned about the security of software use of in-flight systems. the san jose sharks are taking a bite out of the boredom
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for kids in one neighborhood. the team and 200 volunteers stepped up today to build a shark-themed playground at sherman oaks park in san jose. the this neighborhood has wanted and needed a new playground for quite some time. >> i've been waiting for this since i moved into this neighborhood 16 years ago. so this has been really exciting and the kids are absolutely thrilled. >> it's been a real team effort. the campbell unified school district donated the land. the non-profit group kaboom led the planning and building and the sharks foundation picked up most of the $120,000 cost and the san jose parks foundation will help with the maintenance. >> lovely project. the city of san francisco today responded to complaints that thousands of gallons of drinking water an hour in candlestick park. state public health regulations prohibit contractors from using recycled water during control operations. crews are required to wet down the plumes of dust to protect nearby residents during the demolition.
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recycled water is not cleared for use because it could fly through the air and could be inhaled or ingested. as communities across california struggle with dwindling water supplies the drought is creating perfect conditions for a dangerous insect. reporter kate valentine of the sister station in fresno shows you the tiny bug threatening trees and people. >> reporter: something is killing the trees in the sierra nevada mountains. beetles, smaller than a grain of rice sucking the life from the pines. >> the problem is there's just too many of them. u.s. forest servicence ence entemolologist has never seen anything like this and now pine trees are dying by the millions across the state. >> the bark beetle activity that hasn't stopped. >> when it first started happening i was so sad. >> it feels like a tragedy. mahalia has watched the change from her backyard in pinehurst. her sadness now turns to
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concern. she is working to clear out nearby dead trees. >> we burned a cedar tree that had died. it took one match to light that burn pile. >> i'm just going plan for the worst and hope for the best. >> u.s. fire chief brent skaggs says it's more important than ever for people living near the forest to clear 100 feet around their homes. >> it gives us a fighting chance because you can envision the house that doesn't have protection around it at all. we're not going to stop at all. >> you can hear the wood chipper in the background and this is one of the areas that the u.s. forest service is using hazard reduction and they're working to make these areas safe for people that visit the forest. fire crews are working now to clear up parts of the forest before fire season picks up. the forest service is checking public areas in identifying dead trees that could potentially fall on people or roads. then crews like this one are coming in to cut them down. >> we live in the forest and we live here because we love it and
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we don't want to take down everything. >> she's hopeful that what they're doing now will be enough to save their home if fire forces her to leave. ? sequoia national forest, kate valentine, abc 7 news. that's a real problem. let's focus our attention on the weekend weather forecast. >> we want more rain. come on sandhya! >> i know i can't order it up. come on now! >> not like a pizza? >> no, i can't do that, dan and cheryl but there are hints that maybe the end of next week perhaps something might show up right now and we're not putting it in the forecast and what you see behind me which is a mix of sun and clouds is what you're going to get for the upcoming weekend and let me show you live doppler 7 hd and there's rain but not here locally. let me show you where it has been raining down to the south, the same system that brought us the active weather yesterday has dumped one to more than two inches of rain in southern california and so they've seen some flooding and debris flows down there. we are still tracking some scattered showers and snow showers, that is in the sierra
5:19 pm
nevada and so far in the last 12 hours or so we've seen anywhere from eight inches of snow at incline village to an inch and a half at grant grove, but it is lovely to see this from the lake tahoe camera and this is just above 8,000 feet where we have fresh snow on the ground and 58 in san francisco and low 60s in oakland and san carlos 66 in half moon bay and bright and sunny in san jossy and if you like it that way it will be that way tomorrow down in the south bay. 72 in santa rosa. temperatures in the 60s from napa to livermore and the highs so far have made it up into the mid-50s to the mid-70s. a beautiful view from the golden gate bridge camera and we're looking at spotty drizzle and partly cloudy and dry weekend with below average temperatures continuing. cold front that pushed into southern california basically is out of the picture. high pressure to low pressure the wind flow keeping us in a cool and breezy pattern. below average temperatures will continue as one trough after another basically come down the
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coast and head toward southern california. we're not expecting any rain at least not in the near future. the only thing you will notice is the temperatures for san jose, if you look at the week ahead falling shy of the average of 75 degrees and mostly 60s right on through the end of the workweek. if you're going to bay to breakers this sunday it is actually going to be just exactly what you need as far as conditions are concerned. cool with clouds low to upper 50s as you take part in that race. you don't want it to be too hot especially if you're going up the hay street hill and ideal conditions there. tomorrow morning watch out for some damp spots due to drizzle and upper 40s to low 50s and you'll probably need to bundle up for your early morning plans. it's looking nice and cloud cover lingers and 67 in the south bay and 68 gilroy on the peninsula and mid-60s for menlo park and hang on to that sweater, you'll need it. 60 in downtown san francisco and in the north bay 72 santa rosa
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and 69 in napa and mid-60s for most of you and 65 for oakland and inland spots 72 in antioch. accuweather seven-day forecast will keep the temperatures very close to saturday's levels on sunday. a little cooler for the start of the workweek and then the numbers will rise just a few degrees as we head towards the middle part of the workweek but we'll keep an eye on that thursday, friday slight possibility of showers? let's hope that changes. dan and cheryl. >> sandhya, thanks very much. how about finding love. >> and making their mark. new at 6:00, a preview of the spectacula
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can you spot fake clothes or jewelry? experts say counterfeit products can be so good they're actually tricking reputable retailers.
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>> the employees were unable to identify it as a counterfeit and felt it was authentic. >> we wanted to see if that could happen in the bay area and watch a 7 on your side special investigation with michael finney tonight at 11:00 on abc 7. right now 7 on your side's michael finney is here with his finney friday's free stuff. >> what do you have? >> $250 worth of stuff. >>y no kidding? >> free stuff! let's start with cobb's comedy club. we'll give you four tickets and you will see al madrigal. if you've never been there it's a huge room and great place to go. al is a fan favorite because he's on the jon stewart show as a correspondent. that's why the name is probably familiar to you. he's had numerous guest spots all over television. you've seen him. your free tickets are good next friday may 22nd and also on the 24th. cobb's comedy is located in north beach, as i said. the tickets are worth $25, and you will get four of them if you
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so wish. there you go. okay. so that was the show dan was talking about, where is the love? let me show you right here. here's the love. >> oh! >> maddie's pet adoption days are the two day fee-waived event in the bay area. it's at various locations all over the bay. you can adopt a cat or dog on those two days and the fees are waived. >> nice. >> the fees tend to be around $150. maddie's pet adoption is based in san francisco and a great charity. >> how would we get there? >> what a great question. >> you find love when you look for it. >> 1-800-546-7176. >> you can make us laugh and smile. >> all right. you might enjoy this. you can catch an air show in the east bay this weekend. sky 7 hd was over the hayward airport today as pilots were getting ready for this year's airport open house on sunday.
5:26 pm
you can see all kinds of classic aircraft, war birds, jets and helicopters. >> we're expecting somewhere around 50 airplanes on display. we're going to have the big c-130 hercules that the kids can get in and walk around. we're going to have a variety of airplanes, corporate jets home-built airplanes private airplanes and rescue helicopters. we'll have it all. >> very cool. having it all includes our own sky 7 hd helicopter. you can meet our crew and check out the airplanes and free event sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. >> that is fun. >> the newest chick in the city. coming up, the baby penguin making its public
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covering daley city dublin los gatos and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 6:00 thiefs on the hunt for hybrid cars.
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these guys are plugged in and after one thing. the story you'll see only on abc 7 news. also new concerns about the quality of steel in the bart tracks. how many more rails could fail like this one did last week. and the failure of the do not call list. 7 on your side's michael finney explains how telemarketers are getting through and ways to stop them. all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. we are getting our first look at the newest addition to the california academy of science. >> cute pictures. today biologists released pictures of a new african penguin chick to celebrate endangered species day. >> this is the fourth african penguin chick in the academy. scientists will reveal the gender and the next few weeks. what do you say, dan? cutie pie. >> very cute. if you've never seen that not any it's great. >> got to go there. >> world news with david muir is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings >> and i'm dan ashley and
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michael finney, we appreciate your time and we will see you again in half an hour. >> bye-bye. the breaking news. in philadelphia, the fbi now called in on the train derailment. the train conductor revealing new information about what she may have heard. was the engineer or train hit by some type of object? and the acceleration in the final seconds. also developing, the reaction coming in now. the boston bomber sentenced to death. and the bomber's family. what they're now vowing to do. the reported tornado. severe storms hitting as we come on the air. 40 million bracing for a dangerous 24 hours. the abc news exclusive. bill cosby, breaking his silence for the first time, right here. and the mystery fire near the vice president's house. the wealthy family gone. late details coming in. and, we remember an american legend. there was no one like him.


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