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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 23, 2015 1:07am-1:31am PDT

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my name is fernando gonzalez. i'm the gas service supervisor here in sonoma county. we moved up here 35 years ago and we just love it up here, it's a fantastic place to live. our function is customer support... ...making sure that our customers are safe
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and that's the most important thing. we know we are part of a huge company but sonoma county is our home. sonoma county is our pg&e. what we're doing really means something in the community and it's just a great, great feeling. together, we're building a better california. if you're a man over 50, you're in a group most likely to develop skin cancer including melanoma. that's why your best shot is to check for a spot. follow through and check your skin. go to to find out how. millions of gallons of
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water destroy an east bay dam. >> tonight police want to know who would do such a selfish thing in the middle of a drought. i'm dan ashley. >> it happened in fremont. >> that's where alan wang is live tonight with his developing story. it is really unbelievable. >> dan and ama, i am told 49 million gallons is a year's worth of water for500 homes. all of it was wasted when it washed down the alameda crook behind me. it released 49 million gallons down the creek and into the bay. whoever did this didn't realize the magnitude of it. police are checking to see if sur surveillance cameras captured the crime. >> many people tried before to
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do something like that. they tried to shoot it a bunch of times with guns. that's crazy because it will ricochet and come back at you. >> the rubber is one inch thick. it is not easy to punctuation tour. but police were aware of past attempts. >> we live so close we president can't hear the helicopters yelling to them. >> the water comes back and percolates. >> it seems senseless when everybody needs the water. >> it is half a percent of the total supply. >> i think everything else is conserved as well. everything to conserve. >> they believe the dam was punk punk -- punctured early in the morning. alan wangabc7 news. >> people have been told to stay out of the water at quarry lakes regional
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recreation area. the popular swimming and water sports park has toxic algae. there is no swimming until at least wednesday. boating and fishing will be allowed and the rest of the park will remain. a dramatic chase where a man was tied up in the trunk of a car. it ended at mission and paradise boulevard. sergio has new details. >> reporter: this is surveillance video of a kidnapping coming to a smashing end in hayward. the suspect car a black buick is quickly surrounded by police. from across the street he saw the crash and captured it on his smartphone. >> i heard them asking for it as they got the bag out and then they proceeded to go to the trunk. when they opened the trunk there was a hostage in the trunk. >> you can see police opening the trunk of the suspect's car. >> we heard sounds at the
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trunk area of the suspect vehicle. we opened the trunk and that's when we observed the victim inside bound. >> police carried the man away. his hands and legs tied up. they say the 59-year-old victim was abducted at about 10:30 the nice before. his kidnappers called his family. police were called and they were able to track the kidnappers. >> investigators were lead to an outside city and a home where they surrounded. the suspects were seen exiting that house and lead the officers on a brief pursuit. >> and the surveillance video you can see an suv spinout of control. it was rear-ended by the culprits trying to get away. >> tonight that victim is home with his family. the two suspects are in jail. in hayward, abc7 news. the mother's day beating of a grandmother in chinatown is now a homicide investigation. the family of leong removed
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her from life support. on mother's day a woman started hitting her as she got off a muth i bus. three days later she fell down the stairs sending her to the hospital. her granddaughter believes an autopsy will show a head injury sustained in the attack that caused the fatal fall. they hope they can find her grandmother ease a attacker as well as the good good samaritan who uh taked her. >> in my heart i don't think i will ever get closure until i find out what exactly happened to my grandma. >> police are looking for surveillance video to help with the investigation. >> a fire burned the area near a well known south san francisco landmark. this picture from twitter shows large pictures. it started just before 9:00 tonight. the tweet shows the flames just behind a home. the fire burned for about a half hour before firefighters put it out. prosecutors in san francisco say an epidemic of zip car thefts can be traced to one woman. ray charles was accused of
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stealing at least 76 zip cars in over a month's time. customers need an access card to use the card sharing service. authorities found nine of the cards in dipo's home along with other tools commonly used by car thieves. some of the cars may have been sold. >> a bridge in napa is closed because of last night's 4.1 earthquake near yountville. the oakville crossroad bridge appears to be the only thing damaged in the quake. the bridge was old and cracking and had already been scheduled to be closed and replaced next month. >> yesterday afternoon she sped off her droif way and it went right into a neighbor's pool. it was in mill valley. firefighters were worried the hybrid's battery was dangerous in the water. they didn't want to get shocked. but it turns out there is no hazard. the car was towed out
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and she was not hurt. it is a safe push to cut back on water use in farms. as long as they won't get hit with reductions during the crucial growing season. senator feinstein issued this statement on the deal. she writes the california drought isn't isolated to one region or one industry. it affects the entire state and will require sacrifices by all. from now until early monday morning the san mateo bridge is off limits, closed for maintenance work. here is a live look at the bridge. crews are beginning a weekend of work on the spain. abc7 news reporter katie is there with a live look at what they will do. >> it allows cal trans to finish repaving the entire span. this surface is the original material from 1967, but why now? they say there is less traffic and therefore less impact on a
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holiday weekend. tell that to the thousands of gamers in town for a convention. >> it is a game convention. it is not a video game convention. >> it is the largest board convention in the western united states. as many as 3,000 people are descending on the high yet regency in burlingame for the event. >> i would man even folks coming from the authority bay -- i would imagine even folks coming from the north bay would take the bridge to get here because we are so close to it. >> but from 10:00 p.m. on friday until 5:00 a.m. on monday the san mateo bridge is not an option. this is the last closure allowing cal trans crews to repave the span. >> commuters will notice a smoother ride, a softer ride. it will allow the material to last another 50 years. >> during the mother's day weekend closure the bay bridge took the brunt of the back up. this time cal trans hopes drivers wilt consider the dunbar ton bridge as another alternative.
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gamers as you can imagine have a strategy. >> we went out of our way and spent the money on taxis to take the train and taxi over because we knew it would be insane trying to get in and out of here. >> he says the cabs will cost twice what parking would. they plan to leave the convention early. abc7 news. >> and to make matters worse out on the roads there won't be bart service between the fruit veil and coliseum because of the on going rail replacement project. a bus bridge will beset up but riders may have to deal with delays. be warned. next on abc7 news. >> a bad day to be a crook. how this guy turned the tables. >> and a chase through the streets of l.a. that's nothing new. it happens a lot. what about one that tops out at just five miles an hour. this is video you have to see. >> and keep an eye out. the music memorabilia that
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vanished from sight. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. a warmer pattern is setting up in time for your holiday ├Ěh
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coaxed the oil-covered animal to a carrier. rescuers are using a toothbrush to scrub the thick tart-like oil off a sea lion they saved. a rescued seal and six pellicans are being rescued. a dolphin and three pellicans have been found dead near the area of the spill. row teres reports -- routers reports they are looking into charges of the texas company that owns the pipeline that ruptured. they will be closed until june 4th. that's a week longer than expected. the high waves are delaying clean up. the snow now covered 10 square miles. a music group from san francisco wants you to keep an eye out for a special prop that is now missing. it is a giant eyeball masks used by the residents. the mask was part of a
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traveling museum tour over the last three years. it was fed exed back to san francisco, but never arrived. a group spokesperson says fed ex claimed someone signed for the box, but he believes it was taken by somebody wanting to ransom it. >> if somebody is driving by and they picked it up, as soon as they looked at the box and looked in they said what is this? if they still have it hopefully they will find out and realize that somebody wants it and it is available to somebody. >> taken by a random person for some reason. the mask is ensured for $100,000. an original album art photo in the box is insured for $20,000. a would be carjacker in atlanta picked the wrong car and wrong driver. that's because the man behind the wheel had a gun and turned the tables on the alleged thief. >> it is the cell phone video from atlanta cheering for the
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guy with the gun. >> you thought i had a rob me sign on, right? >> there is an alleged carjacker being held at gun point from the young man whose car he is accused to steal. >> i thought you were my friend. >> you thought i was friend? you thought i was friend? so you woke up stupid? >> he was operating well within state law and held the man until help arrived. he just pulled his new nissan into a family dollar to do i.t. work when this man, 61-year-old edgar horn slid into the passenger seat demanding the car. he told him what time it was when he pulled a gun from under his seat. >> he said he was sorry rchlt. >> in so many words i asked him to get out of the car. >> the accused thief is out on bond.
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>> abc news atlanta. a slow-speed chase in l.a. had dozens of cops and hundreds of onlookers scratching their heads. it reached the blistering speed of five miles an hour. >> for nearly an hour they lead police through the streets smiling and waiving. almost like he is in a parade. he has signs on the side of his car that read "victory parade." >> it wasn't the police who brought the chase to an end. it was a random bystander who walked in front of the mustang. >> the man stopped and then police got involved. the driver may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. >> something was going on. at least nobody was hurt. and now the weekend forecast. >> sand yaw patel has more -- sandhya patel has more. >> dan and ama as we look at
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live dop her 7hd -- live doppler 7hd it is quiet and we are seeing mist and drizzle. look at the clouds as they came in. we saw peeks of blue and then as the evening went on it started pushing in. it is still a bit cooler but that is about to change. 50s across the region. here is the view from the kgo roof camera. spotty drizzle and it will turn cooler on memorial day. this is the low that kept us cooler than average today with the drizzle around this morning that measured in some parts. but as that low is kicking out of here, high pressure will start to come in and a warmer pattern is setting you up for this weekend. we will ease you into the warmer pattern. do look out for some dense spots.
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you are hitting the roads to head out at 6:00 you will run into some slick roadways. then you will see plenty of sun the temperatures will react a little warmer for your saturday. the numbers will get into the 70s. as we head toward your sunday low 80s for the warmest spots. the clouds will still linger and be foggy along the coastline. it will be cooler on memorial day, but it will stay dry. you will see plenty of sun. the temperature first thing in the morning low to mid50s. you may need an extra thin layer and then it will be a nice day. 68 in san jose and 65 mill pea dis. on the peninsula temperatures in the upper 60s. palo alto 61 in millbrae 56 pacifica and you will still happening on to some of that cloud cover well into the afternoon. 62 in downtown san francisco. 57 daly city.
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you are not exactly where you should be this time of year but as we head toward sunday you will be 73 napa and novato. east bay a mix of sun and clouds. 66 oakland, fremont if you have outdoor plans it will be nice and mild. concord and livermore and 70 in pleasanton. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. it will be a season knee yes, sir, milder one for your sunday. those numbers dip for memorial day and then we start to see a recovery in the middle to latter part of the workweek. we are back to where we should be for spring. low 60s to low 80s. back to normal which we haven't seen in awhile. >> thank you sandhya. coming up next he can address millions around the world. but this left the president sp
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space x released new video showing it for the first time. they say the video was taken earlier this month. space x said it reached 345 miles per hour. the flight was a test for the capsule's abort system designed to get astronauts away from a failing rocket. >> even the president doesn't have the power to calm a crying child. >> look at her. she is face down. the president seems to be puzzled by it all. obama invited the girl's family over for passover. they are not one bit ashamed. they shared the toddler tantrum on facebook and twitter. mom saying my daughter is an
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internet name. >> somebody make this kid stop. we are in the oval office. >> i was in that same pose when james hardin was coming up the court in game two. >> that was the fetal position. >> i was sweating it out ?ie. a coors field classic for the giants. it was a visit from mother nature in a
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good evening. the giants had to beat the rockies and mother nature. they were three outs away from victory in denver and then it started pouring and pouring and pouring at coors field. rewind a few hours earlier. cute little girls had a foul ball but not sure what to do with it. six score less.


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