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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 26, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news. state of emergency. flash flood alert in houston right now. at least 37 counties in texas declared a disaster area. >> this is the highest flood that we've ever had in recorded history in the state of texas. >> lightning sparks fires. highways and schools shut down. cars stranded. hundreds of fans and players trapped in the arena after an nba playoff game. rivers rising 25 feet in an hour. this suv washed away. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> and the desperate search for this woman and her kids after their vacation home was swept away. >> she called me, she said, "i'm in a house. i'm floating down the river. tell mom and dad i love you." >> more than a dozen tornadoes touch down destroying hundreds of homes.
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and more severe storms taking aim this morning. bounce house horror. this frightening video captured on the beach. a waterspout sending this bouncy castle tumbling end over end, then soaring into the air with three young children stuck inside. reality revolt. the duggar family under fire right now. calls mount to cancel "19 kids and counting" after those sexual assault claims against josh duggar revealed. one top sponsor pulls its advertising. will the show survive? and good morning, america. we want to get right to the breaking news. the state of emergency in texas right now. major flooding across the state. you're looking live at the white rock spillway in dallas. that's normally small creek, now a raging river. and these are the streets of
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houston. highways shut down. schools canceled. 50 million americans in the path of these severe storms. >> this dramatic image shows how quickly the water rises. this before-and-after shot taken just two hours apart. and look at these cars on the highway all swept aside. more than 1,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. thousands have been forced from their homes. we have full team coverage on the ground across the flood zone this morning. abc's phillip mena starts us off. good morning, phillip. >> reporter: robin, good morning. an incredible scene here in downtown austin. rushing water pushing clothes and debris into trees. even that dumpster near the creek. another example of the severe flooding that is pounding texas. this morning in houston, traffic at a standstill. hundreds of cars still submerged after at least ten inches of rain fell in just six hours in a flash flood emergency. check out this car stuck under four feet of water on this
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houston freeway. aubrey lane and her family heading home from a night out. they've been stranded two miles from their home since 10:00 p.m. >> it was really sudden. it was actually really scary. i knew it was a bad situation when the tow truck had a five-hour wait. so, i left my hazards on, we got to higher ground and actually found a bar. it was just insane. >> reporter: the houston rockets urged fans not to chance the weather after their playoff game win. star dwight howard stayed behind for hours. >> and i can't go nowhere, so i'm with the fans. i hope everybody is safe right now and everybody stays off the streets. >> reporter: severe lightning coupled with the rain striking an apartment building, sparking a two-alarm fire. all across texas, record rains leading to torrential flooding. raging water from swollen rivers spilling into streets, washing away homes and cars. >> this is unbelievable. >> reporter: in taylor, texas,
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highways disappearing under the blinding rain. in austin, that's a golf course, not a river. and that flooding closing schools in houston today. but every major city in this state, houston, dallas san antonio and here in austin, all being threatened by flooding this morning. george. >> thanks, phil. we're joined now by the head of emergency management for the city of houston, rick flanigan. mr. flanigan, thanks for joining us this morning. it sure seems to have been a harrowing night. >> let me tell you, we were hammered. tremendous amount of rain, a lot of street flooding a lot of power that was out in different communities and it just made things just a madhouse to navigate around houston. >> what were the biggest challenges last night? >> well, the biggest challenges was trying to apply the resources to the call volume. we had a tremendous amount of calls for help for police and fire.
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we had roadways that were inundated with high waters. and we could not get the emergency units to the citizens that were requesting help. we just have been busy all night long. we had stalled vehicles on the roadways, blocked roadways. the power lines were out so the signal lights were not working. people were attempting to reroute to get into the neighborhood and you're faced with high water. you can't move forward, so it was just a nightmare for many people on the roadway. >> and you had all those people stranded at the playoff game as well. >> you know, that was basically a good thing. the stadium or the arena stayed open. the people stayed there. they stayed there -- really there's some that i think are still there. that was the best thing so that they didn't really get into that traffic cycle. we have some of the lower-lying roadways for our freeways, and they were inundated with water. some of them up to four or five foot. >> what are you look at this morning? >> well, right now we're trying to make a general assessment of where we stand.
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i talked to the police and fire. you know, we always have to make an assessment of what they're able to do. some of the agencies and loss units or units have to be repaired. some of the fire stations and some of the facilities that law enforcement own and manage, they have been inundated with water. we have to make sure that we have roadway access to the hospitals. >> when is the last time houston had to deal with something like this? >> i do not recall that we've had one of this magnitude in years. i don't think there is anything in the archives that dictated we had anything of this magnitude. some areas we had up to over 8 inches of rain since 9:00 last night. and, you know, when the rain starts to come down, and it gets into the waterways, and it starts to spill out, problems just get a lot larger. >> well, good luck with it. mr. flanigan, thanks for joining us this morning. >> okay. have a good day. be safe. >> all right, george, thank you. >> people are tweeting there are
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still some people inside that arena. it has been a horrible weekend all across texas. the severe storms leading to countless rescues. crews are searching right now for that family washed away in a vacation home, and abc's matt gutman is in dallas with that part of the story. matt? >> reporter: good morning, robin. i want to give you a sense of what rescuers are up against this morning, this spillway leads to the trinity river. now, normally i would be able to walk right across the top of it. obviously, not today. and over the past couple of days across texas that biblical rain making for some apocalyptic scenes. fatal flooding across texas, leaving at least six dead and more than a dozen missing. in texas, the blanco river rising 26 feet in a single hour bashing through bridges and homes. it's there that rescue teams are back out this morning searching for laura mccomb and her two children. >> she called me. she said, i'm in a house. i'm floating down the river.
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tell mom and dad i love you and pray. >> reporter: their house breaking apart as it was swept down the river. somehow husband john mccomb survived. >> he is absolutely devastated. he did everything he possibly could to save them. >> reporter: also on the blanco, this suv swept away. >> here we go. here we go. >> reporter: you can see the driver inside. >> my god. oh, my god. >> reporter: suddenly, it capsizes, but somehow the driver escapes. >> there's the tornado. >> reporter: and it's not just flooding. at least 15 tornadoes touching down in the region. just a few miles from the texas border in mexico, a twister flipping cars onto houses. pancaking buses. 13 people were killed, including a baby, reportedly ripped from its mother's arms. back near san antonio, 18-year-old homecoming queen alyssa ramirez on her way home from the prom, losing her life when she got caught up in floodwaters saturday night. >> she did the right things. you know, she called 911. she called her father, but it
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was just too much and too quick. >> reporter: experts tell us that if you feel your car is being swept up in a flood or being submerged, do not call 911. help may not get there this time. what you should do roll down the window unbuckle your seat belt. get out of the car. you'll have to try to save yourself. george. >> okay, matt, thanks. boy, those stories are just heartbreaking and the storm is not letting up. moving right through the middle of the country now targeting chicago and minneapolis. ginger tracking it all. >> the great lakes, the mid-south. now going to get that heavy rain and eventually the severe storms this afternoon and evening, but the heaviest rain happening in central mississippi and eastern louisiana. new orleans seeing strong storms moving through and a few still plaguing east texas. yes, houston, not quite done. we'll have a few days of reprieve. and then the heavy rains come right back to the same area. remember, it's not just texas, but flash flood watches all along the gulf coast there from arkansas to oklahoma city. we've got cities that have not only had their wettest month or may ever but their wettest month
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ever and then the severe storms, the tornado, almost 200 severe storm reports and, remember, it is indianapolis, detroit, parts of nashville, louisville all included in the severe storms and also west texas or north texas especially and west oklahoma, so there's so much to talk about. i have a lot more coming up. >> all right. ginger, thank you. now to dangerous wind creating that scary scene on the beach in florida. take a look at this. a waterspout suddenly coming ashore sending this bounce house flying injuring three children inside. abc's gio benitez is in ft. lauderdale, florida, with that story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. that waterspout about 30 feet wide coming ashore right here, picking up that bounce house, and just slamming it into this concrete basketball pole. amazingly, all of those kids inside surviving. this morning, frightening video captured on the beach. watch. that's a waterspout spinning its way towards ft. lauderdale
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beach. within second look closer it's on the sand becoming more of a dust devil. >> oh, bounce house! >> reporter: the spiral of wind heads right for a bouncy house with three kids playing inside, all under 8. the bouncy house rolls over and over until it soars right into the air. >> next thing you know, you see kids flying out of the bounce house. the girl hits the floor. the boy hits the floor, and the bounce house takes off. >> there's kids. >> reporter: watch again. beachgoers terrified. as the waterspout takes that bouncy house 15 feet into the air. a mother watching in horror. >> i was scared. it was frightening. i was like, oh, my god, i can't believe this. >> reporter: all three kids conscious and alert, injured but incredibly okay. this is one of the children, a.j. dent, released from the hospital overnight. waterspouts, known as tornadoes over water, are eerie columns of rotating air. they can quickly spin up in the calmest weather. they're common off the florida coast and can be several hundred feet wide.
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>> oh, my god. >> reporter: last summer, wind turned another bounce house into a bucking bronco. this 11-year-old stuck inside. and in upstate new york, a gust of wind sends this bouncy house soaring with two children inside both seriously injured. but in ft. lauderdale, police saying there was little they could do to stop mother nature's wrath. >> it was fast it was furious and there was no way for us to prevent or respond any differently than what we did. >> reporter: and the good news here in florida, those kids in that bounce house do not have any serious injuries, george. >> that is just unbelievable. okay, gio, thanks very much. we're going to move now to breaking news in the war against isis. a major offensive launched today against the brutal terror group. iraq fighting to take back key territory it lost earlier this month. abc's jon karl at the white house and, jesse palmer, this comes after that explosive accusation from defense secretary ash carter. he said iraqi forces are losing because they lack the will to fight. >> that's right, george. defense secretary carter said
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there's not. the united states can do if the iraqi army has no will to fight isis. the iraqis pushed back hard on that and this morning they are calling this a major offensive to take back anbar province. that is the largest province in iraq, one that's been controlled in part by isis for more than a year. we are told, george, the fighting has already begun and it involves not so much the iraqi army but shiite militias that are supported by the government of iran and also over the weekend, george, the iranian government said that the problem with isis is that it is the americans who lack the will to fight. >> and after that -- after that accusation from the defense secretary, the vice president actually had to apologize to the iraqis. >> reporter: that's right. he placed the call over the weekend. >> okay. jon karl, thanks very much. >> all right there, george. now turning to a frightening day of air travel. terror threats made against about ten flights. air force fighter jets scrambling to escort one of those planes to new york and abc's david kerley has the story.
7:14 am
>> emergency vehicles. change to frequency 121.65. >> reporter: this air france jet surrounded on the ground at jfk after it was shadowed in the air by two u.s. fighter jets. >> air france 22, shut down at your discretion. you may be there for awhile. >> okay, shutting down. >> reporter: passengers had no idea a thread had been phoned in. >> you see the police, you see the federal agents. whoo! >> i saw the fire departments, and we said, something must have happened. >> reporter: but this was just one of a rash of what authorities say were hoax threats. phone calls claiming a chemical weapon or bomb was on the plane. the threats made to local authorities. three flights into jfk, two into newark, one into boston. and fighting landing in oregon and illinois too. in all ten flights threatened. at jfk, passengers were on the tarmac, all clear, after dogs and security personnel go through the cabin and their bags. those fighter jets were scrambled and followed the jet
7:15 am
as it approached the u.s. coastline. for airlines and local authorities, there is little choice but to respond to these threats and that is not without a cost. >> other aircraft might have been to be delayed. it provides a disruption to the system far beyond one or two flights that may have received the threat. >> reporter: several of these threats have been made since 9/11. none of them have been real but they do have to take them seriously and so are the consequences. if this person is caught, it is a federal crime. robin, the sentence is up to five years in federal prison for threatening a jetliner. >> all right, david, thank you. now amy has the morning's other stop stories starting with breaking news that will affect possibly millions of cable users? >> that's right, robin. we begin with another media megamerger in the works. charter communications is set to acquire time warner cable for $55 billion making it the nation's second largest cable tv provider. the deal will likely face tough government scrutiny. and this t-shirt sparked a memorial day controversy for the clothing company pacsun.
7:16 am
one shopper offended by the upside down american flag posted it online and that sparked a flood of outrage. late yesterday, pacsun announced it is no longer selling that t-shirt. more breaking news overnight. a deadly shooting at a walmart in north dakota. at least two people were killed. several others injured just after 1:00 a.m. inside the chain's 24-hour store in grand forks. they're still trying to figure out what sparked the incident but say there is currently no public threat. a manhunt for a suspect responsible for killing a police officer in new orleans. the 45-year-old officer was shot and killed while sitting in his marked car while keeping an eye on a construction site. he is the first housing authority officer of new orleans ever killed while on duty. and some surprising news from the vatican this morning. pope francis is revealing he hasn't watched tv in 25 years after making a promise to do that to the virgin mary back in 1990. in a new interview, he also admits he misses going out for a
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slice of pizza. asked about getting a delivery, the pope said, it's just not the same. take a look at this. demonstrations of a self-parking feature from volvo, it might be a little tough to watch. the observers are very confident. oh, yeah, so they're just standing there as the car speeds up and plows into them. don't worry, they just got a few bruises. apparently, the operator forgot to switch on the car's other safety feature, automatic braking. a frightening scene from the nba playoffs. steph curry of the warrior, the league's most valuable player, oh, look at that. he crashed to the floor. he was checked for a concussion. he was okay to return remarkably. although the warriors lost, curry said he'll be ready for tomorrow night's game. and finally, maybe you're getting ready for summer. you need to work on that buff beach bod you want. michael strahan isn't enough inspiration. >> oh, boy. >> so take a look at this guy. just take a look. yep. that's a kangaroo.
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>> oh, wow. >> he's clearly pumped up. he stands about six feet tall. >> he's been doing push-ups. >> look at that. he's making himself at home in one of australia's neighborhoods. and no one is trying to kick him out. got to give him some credit. he sure is one muscular marsupial. >> whoa. >> pretty impressive. >> have you ever seen anything like that? >> he's a kangaroo version of mike tyson. >> don't box him. >> never see it coming. >> ginger, so much flooding everywhere. >> 234% of their annual average. that's where austin is at. quick look at that river. it's just incredible the pictures coming out of there and, no, it is not done by the end of the week. more rain coming. we've got to get to that local cutaway now.
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>> o, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area microclimate forecast. another great start with drizzle through the commute. then it will be brighter but, still, keeping us cooler than agency. less drizzle and warming trend will miss the coast later this week. we are in the upper 50s to 60 in san francisco and up to the 70s inland tonight we are back in the low-to-mid 50s. the seven-day outlook shows warmest on friday much more still ahead on "gma." the new clues that have police now searching for accomplices in that brutal washington mansion murder. and the duggar family under fire. growing calls to cancel their hit reality show.
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low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz and routinely check certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you have been to a region where fungal infections are common, and if you have had tb hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take. ♪ one pill, twice daily, xeljanz can reduce ra pain and help stop further joint damage even without methotrexate. ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz. . . . good morning. i'm eric thomas. firefighters remain on the scene after the vacant home on vallejo. a fire broke out on martin street around 2:30 in the morning. nobody was hurt. a homeless man reportedly lives
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inside the house. the home was being renovated by a new owner after being vacant for 25 years. they also believe someone might have set the fire on purpose. here is leyla. we are using mobile 360. 580 westbound as we approach mcarthur maze. you can see some droplets on our lens. some drizzle in the area. we turn around in a direction. there goes the traffic moving just fine. we will take you to our maps showing this backup. two cars involved blocking two
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we're back. the fog is forming up around petaluma and santa rosa. that will become more dominant the next couple of mornings. visibility, fine everybody else. the visibility is not as widespread as yesterday. pretty mild this morning. low to mid-50s in many areas. you can see mountainview in san jose to 57. look at hayward. san carlos 55. san francisco, half moon bay 53. going to the game tonight, dress warmly. we will be in the upper 50s, dropping into the
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good morning, america. and right now we are tracking that state of emergency in texas. the worst flooding ever to hit the state. highways closed. for rush hour. schools canceled all across the state. at least six people killed over the holiday weekend. and the search is on for more than a dozen still missing. right now, police are combing over new clues in the mansion murder. did the alleged killer of the washington family have accomplices? and the investigation into what went wrong with this bounce house. a waterspout ripping it from the ground sending it flying with three young children inside. thankfully, only minor injuries. >> thank goodness for that as we say good morning, america. a lot to get to this morning, including a brand-new segment that will help put money in your pocket. rebecca jarvis found one family get this wasting hundreds of dollars on
7:31 am
their cell phone bill. they can charge you with things. and you're like what. we'll explain. we'll explain. we'll begin in this half hour on the latest on the d.c. mansion murders. police still searching for accomplices as the prime suspect's lawyer speaks out. ryan smith is in washington with the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: and good morning to you, robin. police have been combing through the rubble of this burned out d.c. mansion trying to solve a mystery. who are the believed accomplices of suspect daron wint? this morning, authorities hunting for accomplices they believe were involved in the brutal murders of d.c. businessman, savvas savopoulos his wife their son and their housekeeper. police revealing in a criminal complaint against daron wint the man they have charged with murder in connection to the deaths that they believe the murders required the presence and assistance of more than one person. >> it doesn't make sense that he came to the house alone, got in alone, did everything that went on inside this house which
7:32 am
is confined them constrained them brutalized them and then set them on fire. >> reporter: the complaint against wint offering critical clueing revealing why why investigators believe the 34-year-old had help. like a neon green construction vest they found in the family's porsche. discovering the car burning just hours after the house was set ablaze. and several other neon vests found in the family's garage. police have yet to identify any accomplices, releasing the three men and two women they had detained during wint's arrest. without charging them. among them wint's younger brother darryl. this morning wint remains behind bars. his lawyer claiming there is no direct evidence that links him to the crime. saying all of it including the dna they found on a pizza crust at the scene is circumstantial. no explanation has been given as to why the five with wint were released but authorities can elect to charge some or all of them at a later date.
7:33 am
authorities say one admitted buying $10,000 in money orders and say what they saw was a large stack of $100 bills in their car. george. >> thanks. now to the controversy surrounding the duggar family. petitions circulating to have their show canceled after the revelation that josh duggar molested young girls as a teenager. abc's linsey davis here with the latest. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. in the wake of the scandal, the duggars' oldest son has resigned from the family research council. he's canceled appearances. and he and his wife, now pregnant with their fourth child, have taken down their website. no word if the days are numbered for "19 kids and counting." >> all right, let's all hold hands here. okay. >> reporter: this morning, growing demands for the popular reality show that preaches chastity and christian values to be canceled. >> obviously, no sex before marriage. >> reporter: several online petitions now demands tlc take "19 kids and counting" off the air for good. one petitioner writing "there
7:34 am
should be no place for people who get rich holding up family values while hiding a criminal in their mitt". all of this after intouch published a police report saying that josh duggar engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with five underage girls when he was 14 and 15 years old. a source confirming to abc news overnight that police report stemmed from an investigation launched after oprah winfrey's production company harpo was tipped to the allegations when planning a segment on the duggars in 2006. and notified authorities. >> let's go. >> yay! >> reporter: last week, the 27-year-old father of three took to facebook admitting that as a 46 teen he acted inexcusably "for which i'm sorry and deeply regret." duggar was never arrested or charged with a crime. the police report now expunged. >> advertising dollars and ratings. both of those will be affected by this scandal. >> reporter: with the show set to enter its 11th season this year, tlc isn't saying if it will cancel the show or fire joshua duggar.
7:35 am
>> always resolve your conflicts. >> reporter: but one major sponsor, general mills, already pulling its ads in the wake of the scandal. >> tlc has confronted a similar controversy. "here comes honey boo boo" was one of the most popular series on their network and after the molestation scandal they canceled it. it's safe to say the duggars' reality show will suffer the same fate. >> reporter: tlc released a statement saying we are deeply saddened and troubled by this heartbreaking situation and our thoughts and prayers are with the family and victims at this difficult time. while tlc has pulled all episodes of "19 kids and counting" from the air, it has not announced whether that move will be permanent. george, robin. >> people waiting to see what will happen next. now to the warning about dangerous rip currents. hundreds of people rescued from the water in florida over the holiday weekend. ginger, you have more on that. >> yeah and while we're tracking that flash flood emergency in houston, this was another huge weather headline. fatal rip currents and while the skies were blue, the waters were violent.
7:36 am
deadly rip currents rising along the atlantic coast of florida. >> we have had close calls all day long today. >> reporter: more than 500 rescues from jacksonville to daytona beach to june know. the violent rips killing at least one trapping hundreds of holiday weekend swimmers. >> we had probably about seven or eight lifeguards out there trying to get the three people in. the rip current conditions are extremely hazardous right now. [ sirens ] >> reporter: red flags flying. a strong east wind sending water piling up along the coast. rushing back out and taking swimmers with it. that high parked up there in the atlantic. the east winds and, again, the rip current risk in eastern florida also along the gulf here waves to to three feet on top of that it's just going to be another day you have to take extra care or maybe just don't go in the water if those >> morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco after a gray start with drizzle well have more sunshine and a touch warmer 50s at the coast and 60s an
7:37 am
the bay and 70s inland. my seven-day forecast is going to feel like spring away from the coast fri >> pollen will be moderate to high in the west, upper midwest and northeast. and then we have to talk about grass pollen which will impact some of the south including moderate ragweed pollen in houston as if they need something else to worry about. >> it's high in new york. we can confirm. >> thank you, ginger. >> sure. coming up, the hidden costs on your cell phone bills. we'll show you where to find them that could put hundreds of dollars back in your pocket. and "pitch perfect 2" rules the box office. >> yeah, it does. >> yes, it does. we'll find out why star rebel wilson is making headlines for her age instead of her acting. "good morning america's" pollen report is brought to you by the makers of nondrowsy scare drowsyedrowse claritin. live claritin clear. ommend taking claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful non-drowsy
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7:41. welcome back to "gma." this is called on the money. it's something we're doing to help you and your family save some. we'll bring you tips and tricks to put money back into your pocket. this morning, we give you the secret to saving bill on your cell phone bill. abc's rebecca jarvis is here to tell us how to do it. good morning to you, rebecca. >> lara, good morning. we're here to save you you big, big money. the typical family spends about $1,000 a year on their cell phone bill. some experts estimate we throw away $50 billion annually on parts of these plans that we don't need or don't use. how do you know if you're getting the most bang for your buck? for the wilson family, staying connected is a priority. with dad, ron, constantly traveling internationally. >> just hanging out right now. >> reporter: mom kerry selling kitchen tools from home. >> that's a great choice. >> reporter: and 14-year-old hallie phoning a friend or two
7:43 am
on her prepaid line. >> she's limited to 50 calls or texts a month. and that's not really enough. >> reporter: now this dallas family of five is looking to save money on their $195 monthly wireless bill while adding hallie to their family plan and soon 13-year-old landry too. >> i would love a phone. but we don't have the pocket for it. >> reporter: enter insider todd dunphy. he used to work for verizon. but now runs validas, a company that helps businesses cut down on wireless waste. >> hey, how are you doing? >> reporter: todd's first tip, know your limits. apps like my data manager track your data usage and set off an alarm when you're close to your monthly max so you don't incur additional charges. >> streaming is the most dangerous thing you can do over the carrier network. >> reporter: tip number two, let free websites like do the work for you. tell them what you need. they'll tell you if your plan is the right fit or if there's a better one out there. todd and his team analyze the
7:44 am
wilsons' bill and found that while ron loves streaming sports games online -- >> that is firing through the gigabytes. >> reporter: -- kerry pays to get online, too, but never does. >> that will save around $240 every two years. >> wow. >> reporter: tip number three before you sign up, watch out for mystery charges. see this iphone 6 impact check smoke item. that's fancy language for a case. and it adds up. >> you don't pay $3 a month for something that most likely over two years is going to cost you $72. >> reporter: and tip number four, keep up with your carrier's latest promotion. even if you're already a customer you may be able to cash in. >> it's available to you. but they never come out and say, hey, 40 million subscribers, this is getter for you. >> reporter: that's how todd found them a new offer with a big return. >> that's $720 savings. >> that's amazing. >> reporter: $720 back in their
7:45 am
pocket. and getting hallie that new phone. more than 700 bucks back in their pocket. well, again, you can get a better deal based on a new sale and for the wilson family, they can even add their son landry to the new plan for ten bucks a month. that is still far cheaper. in a couple of weeks our expert, todd dunphy, is launch be his own app to do all that for free. >> i definitely want to know about that. i can't get over the fact they were renting their cases. >> that's outrageous you could rent an iphone case. miscellaneous fees, you can save money. >> adds up. all right, thank you, rebecca. just ahead on "gma," the supermodel mom making headlines for this cover photo sparking a new debate over breast-feeding in public. we speak to her exclusively. and this high school football player burning up our "the speed feed." this catch is just one of the reasons colleges are knocking on his door.'s evening again. time for the perfect night time snack.
7:46 am
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well, amy is in the social square with this morning's "speed feed." over to you, amy. >> that's right. we've got the vine that everyone is talking about feature inging an incredible stunt by
7:50 am
16-year-old marco wilson. the sophomore from high school from american heritage school in ft. lauderdale literally turned catching a football on its head. take a look. marco's flip has sports blogs comparing his feat to this amazing grab by the giants' odell beckham jr. against the cowboys last season. remember that one, oh, yeah, amazing. i think the degree of difficulty may go to marco. the blog reports that marco, class of 2017 is already on the radar of 11 college teams. after that move, i bet the u.s. olympic gymnastics team might be checking him out. also, another great catch we found. take a look at this one. michael, how does it compare? i'm told this is one of your best. >> i didn't have to do a flip. if i ever was catching the but, you know i caught -- the thing is if i ever was catching a football what was the thing, robin? >> then the other team's in trouble. if you're touching the football, the other team's in trouble. >> that was my ricky martin finish. i was in philadelphia. they threw stuff at me. it was great. i loved it. >> how unusual, philadelphia
7:51 am
they did that? >> absolutely loved it. well, good luck to that young man. coming up on "gma," we have a huge "gma" training together challenge. chris powell of "extreme weight loss" will be here to show you how to team up and trim down. and have fun doing it. get a little partner makes it all a little easier. choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number... don't miss the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. sleepiq tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! now we can all choose amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq. ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. how about this weather? let's check out your drizzle with mike nicco. drizzle and fog showing up up around santa rosa and petaluma. watch out for that. the drizzle isn't quite as widespread. still causing flight and arrival delays into sfo. sunshine, an hour quicker and more at the coast. mid to upper 50s there. 60 in san francisco. mid to upper 60s around the bay and upper 60s to low 70s inland, out at antioch. accuweather seven-day forecast warm starting tomorrow. here is a look right now at the drive. if you're heading up towards
7:57 am
marine, the southbound end of the tunnel on the northbound side of 110, we do have an accident blocking one lane. we are seeing mostly delays in the southbound direction. highway 17, an earlier accident involving an overturneded vehicle has cleared but ♪ (music throughout) ♪ sfx: (smash) sfx: (roar) ♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars)
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7:59 am
8:00 am
he good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and state of emergency. flash flood disaster in houston. deadly storms tearing through one of the biggest cities in the country. now searches for families washed away. ♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ also this morning, she's the cover model making headlines for this arresting picture. we talk emotionally to the supermodel mom sparking big headlines over breast-feeding in public. ♪ bang bang into the room ♪ top trending overnight. the bachelorette's search for love gets serious laughs. >> do you already have rules for yourself like, i'm not going to kiss everybody? >> i have already kissed everybody. >> amy schumer's dating advice for kaitlyn and all the guys. ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ and he's the fastest man in america. the indy 500 winner races into
8:01 am
times square live as we say -- >> good morning, america. and a whole bunch of couples getting in shape this morning in times square all led by chris powell. >> that whistle. >> he's kicking off our training together challenge live in times square right now. >> we're going to show you how to shape up better with a workout partner. moves you can start doing this morning at home to amp up that workout. >> come on nye. >> high knees. i think they'll be do jumping jacks. there you go. right on cue. burpees over there. to the right. a lot of energy. big energy for everybody at home, eating breakfast. put down the bacon. put down the oatmeal, the eggs, the bacon and work out with us. >> a lot of motivation. >> that's everything i eat every morning, too, by the way. >> it's in your voice.
8:02 am
>> and amy is getting her exercise by running over to the morning rundown desk. let's go to her. >> that's correct. good morning to everybody. a big story breaking overnight. relentless downpours leaving parts of texas underwater. rain coming down as fast as 4 inches an hour. homes and cars flooding. trapping basketball fans. 36 counties declared disaster areas. 6 people dead, 12 missing. matt gutman is in dallas with the latest. >> reporter: overnight in houston, a flash flood emergency. at least ten inches of rain in six hours. cars submerged. severe lightning sparking fires. aubrie layne and her family heading home in a night out have been stranded two miles from their home since 10:00 p.m. >> it was really sudden. it was actually really scary. i knew that it was a bad situation when the tow truck had a five-hour wait. so i left my hazards on, and we got to higher ground and actually found a bar. it was just insane.
8:03 am
>> reporter: the houston rockets urged fans not to chance the weather after their playoff win. star dwight howard stayed behind for hours. for hours. >> and i can't go nowhere, so i'm with the fans. >> reporter: near san antonio, the blanco river rising. 26 feet in a single hour. bashing through bridges and homes. it's there that rescue teams are back out this morning, searching for laura mccomb and her two children. >> she called me. she said, i'm in a house. i'm floating down the river. tell mom and dad, i love you. and pray. >> reporter: also on the blanco, this suv swept away. >> my god, oh, my god. >> reporter: you can see the driver inside suddenly capsizing. but somehow the driver escaped. experts tell us that if you do find yourself in a car that's being swept away, try to save yourself. rescuers might not have enough time to get to you. so don't call 911. just save yourself. amy? >> all right, matt. great advice. thank you so much for that.
8:04 am
and caught on camera, a waterspout whipped up off the ocean and onto a ft. lauderdale beach, ripping a bounce house from its moorings. families watched in horror. as it rolled and then went airborne. three children were inside. they tumbled out. two suffering fractures. the third hospitalized overnight oretght for observation. celebrity chef sandra lee is back home recovering from breast cancer surgery. barely a week after she had a double mastectomy, she posted this photo on facebook relaxing at home with her boyfriend, new york governor andrew cuomo. she says there's no place like home. a major change for the nation's most popular baby formula responding to overwhelming consumer demand the maker of similac says it will begin selling its formula that is non-gmo by the end of the month. it will be sold at target. and a weekend wedding is melting hearts and burning up the internet.
8:05 am
marine corporal caleb earwood and his bride-to-be wanted to pray together but didn't want to see each other before the ceremonies so their families brought them together in this doorway for an emotional moment and for the photographer who then posted this photo on facebook. millions have shared that very sweet moment, as well. finally, here's a warning. don't mess with an angry alligator. and if you think your truck is safe against this guy, well, you'd be wrong. watch as it grabs hold of the bumper. it's thinking about it. and it's going to go for it. it rips it right off. look at that. >> ooh. >> the gator eventually let the bumper go. the driver was able to bring the car home and straight to the repair shop. >> yeah. >> that's remarkable. >> there's your little sampling. >> yep. don't mess with an angry alligator. >> it was like he was waiting for the bumper to pounce. >> and the alligator won. >> they always do. >> thank you, amy. coming up, "gossip girl" star kelly rutherford granted sole custody of her kids. dan abrams is here with the latest on that.
8:06 am
but now let's go the mike in the social square. >> thank you, george. time for the "gma morning menu" powered by samsung galaxy. and this magazine cover going crazy online. fueling the debate over breast-feeding in public. and "pitch perfect 2" star rebel wilson is lighting up the big screen right now and why people are asking questions about her age. and pop star justin bieber shocking fans with an impromptu performance. going a little old school with his song selection. all that and chris powell right here, baby. high knees. chris powell is here in our incredible "gma" training together challenge. i'm being inspired. what's up, man? >> good to see you. water, we take our showers with it. we make our coffee with it. but we rarely tap its true potential and just let it be itself. flowing freely into clean lakes - clear streams - and along more fresh water coast line than any other state in the country.
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come realize water's true potential. dive in - to the waters of pure michigan. your trip begins at
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♪ you can't stop me now ♪ stop it. >> welcome back to "gma." time now for the "heat index." let me tell you, it's hot in here right now. the hot button. that magazine cover generating a lot of second looks and second-guessing right now. "elle" australia putting this supermodel on the cover breast-feeding has a lot of people talking. abc's linsey davis is back with more on this. good morning again, linsey. >> reporter: hello, again, robin. it, of course is not the bare bottom that has people buzzing but the breast-feeding mom on this iconic cover. the response? overwhelmingly positive. but this intimate mother and child moment will not be seen on supermarket stands out of fear too many people will take issue with the issue. on the runway, aussie supermodel nicole is used to turning heads. this morning, this photo has everyone buzzing. appearing on the june cover of "elle" australia breast-feeding her 5-month-old son zion.
8:12 am
>> there were periods i would take off to feed him. i had on this beautiful outfit. and the stylist was like wow, that looks amazing. let's move you on the set to have this picture taken. not that it was going to become part of the shoot. >> reporter: the images going viral with the #normal lyze lyzebreastfeeding. trunfio says she doesn't mind being a voice for moms. >> i didn't think it would be such a big deal. there's nothing worse than as a mother doing something so necessary like feeding your child and feeling like somebody could have an opinion about it or somebody's looking at you in the wrong way. >> reporter: trunfio is not the first celebrity to advocate normalizing breast-feeding. in 2008, this image of angelina jolie appeared on the cover of "w" magazine. a candid moment snapped by husband brad pitt and other stars like gisele bundchen and alyssa milano taking to their social media pages in an attempt to make breast-feeding less taboo. >> overall, the social media
8:13 am
response has been overwhelmingly positive. women have been really happy to see motherhood and breast-feeding celebrated and out in the open. >> reporter: but not everyone will be seeing this cover exclusive to subscribers only. this is the cover appearing on supermarket stands. "elle" saying in a note from the editor in chief "not everyone walking through a supermarket is our target demographic nor are they all going to be understanding of the message behind this cover." >> i think it should be something that isn't covered up. it's a huge part of being a mother. it brought tears to my eyes because my two worlds collided at that moment. >> reporter: the editor in chief of "elle" australia defending her decision not to sell their iconic breast-feeding cover on the newsstands saying "in an idea world, no one would have an issue with seeing breast-feeding on the cover of a magazine. but this is not an ideal world" this is inspiring so many mothers if you look up the hashtag to take their own
8:14 am
selfies nursing their babies in solidarity. it's a movement to get this -- >> and we're talking about it. >> thank you. >> thank you, linsey. up next on the "gma" "heat index" "pitch perfect 2" star rebel wilson at the center of a firestorm about her age. the actress claiming she was younger than she actually is. putting more mow cuss on age discrimination in hollywood. abc's chris connelly has the story. ♪ who runs the world girls ♪ >> reporter: you've heard "pitch perfect 2" written and directed by women and starring everyone from anna kendrick to hale halee steinfeld. soared for the second week at the box office, where it's doubled the first film's take. yet in some parts this would be reason to scold her barton bella rebel wilson for can you imagine, lying about her age? >> what an odd thing to say. >> reporter: the media in her native australia declares wilson, who get this might have changed her name a little too is 35 instead of 29. yes, way.
8:15 am
>> sorry, my boobs are all crazy and i was just jumping. >> reporter: hope you're sitting down. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> reporter: why would she do such a thing? please ask, instead why wouldn't she? >> my girl power is hanging out. >> reporter: it's a hollywood where 37-year-old maggie gyllenhaal last week that a producer told her she was too old to play a 55-year-old's love interest. and amy schumer had everyone nodding in agreement with this gone viral satire from her comedy central show. >> is it someone's birthday? >> oh. >> reporter: in within an actress' last day of desirability is celebrated by patricia arquette julia louis-dreyfus and tina fey. wilson's take on the whole thing was cheerful enough. she tweeted, "oh, my god, i'm actually a 100-year-old mermaid formerly known as cc chalice." then invoked an australia presentation for chopping down those who stand out by
8:16 am
concluding, "thanks, shady australian press for your tall poppy syndrome." >> do you need some of my confidence? because i could maybe tone mine down a notch. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> and where she ultimately took the confidence from. >> that was funny. >> i like the tall poppy thing. >> if you look 29, go ahead and say you're 29. >> next up on the "heat index," kelly rutherford's big victory. the "gossip girl" star is traveling to monaco this week to get her kids back after a judge awarded her temporary custody. this morning, kelly rutherford is one step closer to finally getting her kids back, the latest twist in a painful six-year saga. >> i just got a message that our kids are in some kind of trouble at school. >> reporter: on friday, a california judge awarded her sole and legal temporary custody of her 8 and 5-year-olds. since 2012, those children, hermes and helena, have been living with their german father rutherford's ex daniel giersch.
8:17 am
after their divorce in 2009, giersch had his visa revoked. a judge ruled their children would live with him in europe. she told us how painful that is. >> i told my son, i said, you know, mommy is still fighting for you. my children, not only were they taken away, but they were sent to a foreign country. i don't know how you even explain to someone what it feels like. >> reporter: the 46-year-old mother says that last thursday she went to visit the kids. but giersch wouldn't allow it until she handed over their passports. rutherford then asked a california court to intervene. >> i know it's not right. everyone knows it's not right. >> reporter: rutherford's attorney tells abc news overnight she's grateful for the decision rendered by the california court and is looking forward to being reunited with her children. dan abrams here right now. so many different twists on this case. it was kind of unusual for the judge to award her the custody without giving the father a hearing. >> really unusual. it tells you how serious this california court thinks this violation is
8:18 am
this notion that she can't see the kids unless she turns over their passports? the california court immediately saying, that's unacceptable. now, remember this is in addition to other things he's done that violate the california court order. he was supposed to have applied for a visa. the state department confirms that hasn't happened. he was supposed to get an order that mirrored california's in monaco. instead, monaco now establishing the kids as residents of monaco. they're supposed to remain u.s. citizen children. i think there is a series of violations here that finally led this california court to say, wait a second. >> how about the fact that both parents should be able to see the kids? >> absolutely. look absolutely, and the question is just, how is that going to happen? i mean i think -- the end result is, how is it best going to happen that they can both see the kids? >> because, this is not over. this is not. it's been going on for some time. i'm sure the father will appeal. it's going to continue. >> absolutely. she doesn't have the kids yet. he's first got to get served with a california order. they have to inform him
8:19 am
about it. then they have the monaco court to deal with. >> she's going over there. that doesn't mean she'll physically be able to take custody. >> she was just in monaco. she's back in the united states. there's a hearing on june 15th. the kids have been ordered to come back to los angeles by june 15th for this hearing. the question will be, does he fight it? so, monaco has its own order. if monaco comes forward and says, sorry, we're not going to abide by the los angeles ruling, you then have an international incident. i'm convinced the state department will step in because you now have the california court unambiguous. >> could they actually extradite him if he say he's staying in monaco? >> they can't extradite him but they could take the kids. >> this is temporary custody. when it comes to permanent custody, what's the most likely outcome? >> june 15th is the time to have another discussion about this. but if he's confronted with this california order and he refuses to turn over the kids, i think that will be a further case for her in california.
8:20 am
to say, he's not abiding by any of your rulings. and that could really hurt him when it comes to the permanent custody. now, remember, if she were to get physical custody of the children, and there was a visitation, they would probably do what she's done before. she would make sure she was visiting with him in canada, mexico, bermuda, other places. >> some place neutral. >> exactly. but look, he's got the apply for a u.s. visa again. >> which he may not do. >> he hasn't done it. that was one of the fundamental requirements in the california court ruling. it said you got to at least try to get back in this country so the two of you can live with your u.s. citizen children here. he hasn't even tried. >> what a case. >> kids first. >> okay, thank you, dan. let's go outside to ginger. >> we're celebrating a 50th birthday. this is nancy from canada. and we're doing a little happy dance because the weather has been good for you. >> it's been great. >> perfect here in the northeast. far from perfect in houston.
8:21 am
the flash flood emergency still happening. they say do not go on the roads. these are brand-new images from i-45 and i-10. lots of spots that still have all those stranded cars. the water still very high. even though the rain has stopped. but it is moving east and that central parts of mississippi, louisiana getting some of the heaviest even iowa with some flooding this morning and that's why we've got davenport, iowa pictures. those pictures are showing where the storm is headed. places like detroit, indianapolis going to get into it but the heaviest moving to the east. give texas a bre >> o, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area microclimate forecast. another great start with drizzle through the commute. then it will be brighter but, still, keeping us cooler than agency. less drizzle and warming trend will miss the coast later this week. we are in the upper 50s to 60 in san francisco and up to the 70s inland tonight we are back in the low-to-mid 50s.
8:22 am
the seven-day outlook shows warmest on friday >> lara, my louisiana lovelies wanted to say good morning. and that, yes, was alliteration. >> robin -- >> may i? clearly winning the shoe game is amy robach this morning. >> a competition. >> not me? >> george said a close second. a close second is george. >> you can never go wrong with red, robin, either. >> ooh. >> and louisiana lovelies outside, mwah. thank you for being here. how about a little "pop news," everybody. shall we? beliebers knew it all along. yet another positive step in the comeback of justin bieber. it happened sunday night. the biebs surprising pit trons at the w hotel in l.a. at the hotel's jazz night but when jazzy justin went in a different musical direction, the fans went nuts. he belted out "i'll make love to you" by boyz ii men. it was released in 1994, oh, the
8:23 am
year justin was born. the soulful performance coming as fans await his upcoming album, which he's working on with producers like kanye west and rick ruben. i think it's on. >> he's one step after another making the right one. >> he's trying hard. >> i think he's surrounding him wildfire himself with really great people. he had almost a whole album done and scrapped it. he wants to do it right. we're rooting for you. where is my friend, jennifer weiner is here. >> hey, welcome back. >> the shoes. hello. >> a new entrant into the shoe game. >> thank you so much. >> jen is back with this week's "bachelorette" update. jen not only wrote "in her shoes," "the new york times" best-seller but has a highly anticipated book due out called -- >> "who do you love?" >> "who do you love?" celebrated blogger. you love "the bachelorette."
8:24 am
a slightly obsessive interest. >> it's a problem. i admit it. >> it's funny. if you watch or read her tweets. what do you have to say about this week's episode? >> we have a lot of craziness to deal with. let's start with the boxing match. right back to cavemen time. we have men literally battering one another for kaitlyn's love. >> and not going to be a fair fight. >> no, poor jared, 170 pounds of love versus ben z. who got an nfl tryout. like what governing agency is going to sanction that fight. >> chris harrison. >> chris harrison. harrison, why did you let this happen? poor jared. he ended up in the hospital. >> another moment that you found captivating? >> amy schumer. amy schumer. give it up for amy. showing up and explaining why we all love the show. it's basically like we're judging your choices and mentally sleeping with your rejects. >> which i believe she actually said to kaitlyn. >> she did. right. she's like could i just have a couple of the -- she said it was like thanksgiving. i'm packing them up in
8:25 am
tupperware in my head already, so amy schumer just speaking for us all sort of being the voice of reason on this show. >> and what she did was gave the guys tips. they had to do comedy. >> it was dreadful. >> what did she say to the guys? she's like, you're not funny. >> well, jared. jared kept saying -- not jared. j.j. kept saying, i just feel like i'm smarter than everybody else. she's like, yeah, no you're not. not even close and then okay so then we get to the rose ceremony and jared, who has the rose already, does the jerk move. when kaitlyn shows up, he yanks her away. from the men who have had their time with her. >> yeah. >> then he says like i'm smugness wrapped in confidence wrapped in cockiness wrapped in i just got the girl. he was like a jerk turducken. layers and layers of unkindness. and coopa lost his business. >> he lost his -- >> he lost it. >> can you imagine the show if you actually did this in real time? >> in realtime? hours. >> she does it on twitter.
8:26 am
it's amazing. >> right, okay so poor coopa. he's like, i don't want to be the token man of color. respect. but then he wasn't even talking to her like during the boxing match he was all up in laila ali's business. >> oh no. >> so you can't have it both way, my friend. >> who is on the leaderboard? >> jared. jared with the patchy soul patch. >> not the one -- not the turducken guy. >> not the turducken guy. no. but jared who got the crap beat out of him. he's getting the sympathy rose. >> you like the guy in the cupcake. >> he was funny. i like funny. >> we like jen weiner. will you come back next week? >> i would love to be here next week. i'll be back every week. i'm moving in. >> all right. i had one more pod but i think we ran out of time and it was well worth it as far as i'm concerned. >> we have so much more ahead. chris will be here.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristin ze. san francisco residents will learn today about how much more water they need to save as california grapples with the ongoing drought. they will talk about conservation measures. they want to cut water used by 10% compared to 2013. city residents use an average of 45 gallons per day the lowest in the state. economic growth has attracted more workers and residents, therefore, more demand for water. let's see how the traffic is going. leyla? it is simply awful, kristin, i'm sorry to say. as you are traveling out of san francisco, southbound side on highway 101 at caesar chavez street, we have an accident blocking one lane. heavy delays coming away from
8:28 am
the skyways. 580, a jam. 15 miles per hour will be your stop speed. once again at the seminary, those speeds dropped to 10 miles per hour right up to the
8:29 am
the your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at good morning. we haven't come off our morning lows still a lot of mid-50s. santa rosa 51. livermore, san jose, los gatos 57. i do believe we will see sunshine quicker today.
8:30 am
1-2 degrees warmer. still cool tonight at the game. ♪ oh ♪ ♪ oh ♪ [ cheers and applause ] three days until our party in the park. ed sheeran takes center stage. and you can be there to hear him live. but you're going to need a ticket. go to to find out how to get yours. we'll see you at the park on friday. >> that is going to be a big crowd on friday. also coming up right now, matthew mcconaughey, one on on one with jesse palmer. can't wait to see that. he opens up on fatherhood and how he's giving back and those three famous little words. >> all right, all right, all right. and robin brings us the story of wnba star abby bishop
8:31 am
her biggest assist coming off the court. wait until you hear what she did for her family. >> part of our "everyday heroes." because we all are everyday heroes. but first, our extreme weight loss pal chris powell joins us. the new season begins tonight? >> yes. >> fifth season. congratulations. you have twin brothers that will be on the show. so what is this thing that you call game-ifying. >> game-ifying workouts. you have a training partner. you're working together toward a shared goal. a shared objective. it challenges you together. it increases the bond. raymond and robert, they love basketball. i wanted to game-ify their workout. raymond had to shoot ten consecutive free throws. not an easy thing to do. >> make ten consecutive free
8:32 am
throws? >> if he missed one, he had to start over. while robert was suffering. he had to go through an incredible challenging circuit. it's not just a psychological challenge. but the huge physical and fitness components. >> where is your beautiful wife? where is heidi? there you are, heidi. >> she's right here. >> oh, great to see you. >> thank you, you, too. >> do you do this game-ifying thing? >> we do do it. in fact, we always say, the couple that plays together stays together. this is our form of playing. it makes the workout so much more fun. it builds an incredible bond. this is how we train nearly every single day. >> well, it's working. it's working. >> right. look at these guns. >> game-ifying. that's all we did. >> are you going to help us with the team challenge? >> yes. >> we are, yeah. >> let's start with team pipgnk here.
8:33 am
>> here's aditi. she has to dribble a soccer ball. agility and coordination. she has to make it through the cones twice. and while she's doing that, and until she does it twice radhika is doing mountain climbers. then they switch. it's not easy. it's a challenge. while she's doing that, once again, these are incredible components of fitness. >> what if you don't have a net available? is there something you can compromise with? >> it's like high knees. 100 high knees. the other has to keep doing the work. >> and team blue? >> oh we're going to have fun here. right now, will is doing squats. dean has to sink a putt. >> no pressure. >> until he does, will has to do the squats. will, your legs are going to be burning, buddy. dean, come on, buddy. >> he has to make it before he can move on? >> he does. >> come on, buddy.
8:34 am
>> the best part is they get to putt. and then will will be in charge of hitting the putts. it's a team thing. they have to hustle for each other. >> come on, dean. no pressure, buddy. it's a physical and psychological challenge. >> what do you do for a putting green in your house? >> you can wad up paper and shoot baskets. it's accuracy, agileityagility, balance. >> the last team over here, team green. >> this is my favorite. lauren will do 20 consecutive jump ropes while michael does burpees. if lauren messes up or stops at 18 or 19, she has to start from number one. and michael will be doing burpees the entire time. >> how are you doing, michael? >> then they swap. >> keep going. >> she did 20. >> he's a pro. >> you can add a time factor, right?
8:35 am
>> absolutely. throw a time cap on it like five minutes, seeing how many times you can do together. once again, it's working together toward a shared objective or shared goal. >> and they're saying thanks for staying on this end for so long. thank all of them. >> all good. did he finally sink a putt? did dean finally make it? >> season five? >> season five. some of the most incredible transformations. jaw-dropping. >> and wonderful that you're being a part of it, heidi. >> thank you. we like to do everything together. working out. transforming lives. it's an honor. >> thank you for transforming these lives right here. >> thank you. >> the season premiere of "extreme weight loss" tonight at 8:00 central, right here on abc. amy? robin, thank you. time to yahoo! your day with the most dramatic must-have look for your eyes. the smoky eye.
8:36 am
abc's mara schiavocampo found out how you can make it work for you. ♪ yahoo! ♪ >> reporter: from emma stone to rooney mara and zoe saldana. red captain celebs are rocking the smoky eye look. a lot of women love the look. what's the right way to do it? >> first of all, don't use black eye shadow. i like to build up a smoky eye. i like to start with lighter tones and layer. >> reporter: we caught up with bobbi brown. this is something we can do in the day time then? >> yes, this is going to be a daytime eye. instead of gray or brown, i'll do violet. the smoky eye means it's well-plended. it creates depth and drama. this is a cream shadow. you apply it on the whole eye. get a little bit of sparkle in it. a little bit of shimmer. and i'm going to layer.
8:37 am
i'll do a little bit underneath. i'm just using a deeper shade. this starts at the lower lashes. this look is great for work. you could certainly add more for the evening. you could pair it with false eyelashes even. >> you're mostly using your fingers. >> i am. and i'll add a bit of a dark black pencil. this is the final thing. this gets more drama. you could do the top if you want. how dark and how much you make the smokiness is up to you. depending on your style, where you're going, what you're wearing. it can be as dramatic or natural as you like. >> reporter: the key to a true, smoky stare, right at your fingertips. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> thank you, mara. let's go back outside now to ginger. >> i'm right here in front of this great crowd of bostonians.
8:38 am
boston will be very warm. as is new york city most of the week, really. philadelphia, close to 90 for a high. a cold front will push through. that's the same one that creates the severe storms for places like nashville and kentucky. all the way up to detroit today. that will move through. we're talking about heat in the southwest. 90s again back into the phoenix area. a bunch of numbers that will be looking more like average for this time of year. >> morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco after a gray start with drizzle well have more sunshine and a touch warmer 50s at the coast and 60s an the bay and 70s inland. my seven-day forecast is going to feel like spring away from the coast friday >> all that weather brought to you by verizon. now, we're happy to have this year's indy 500 winner. look who's here. juan pablo montoya. congratulations.
8:39 am
>> thank you very much. >> thrilling victory. now you have won twice. this one was extra special. who was at the finish line? >> the wife, the three kids. my daughter was there. my daughter was there when i won the first one as well. it was special. i mean, to come back to indy car, i wanted -- i did formula i, i did nascar. i did everything. to come back to indycar and with verizon verizon, my second try back winning it, i'm good. >> your car with was hit from behind. how did you recover? >> it was a rough time before a restart. we all bunched up. he ran into the back of me. we fixed it. and it just made the day really long. >> it's important for you to get this out. you're racing fen this week end. tell us about that. >> to detroit. it's hard because it's a race. i'm going to spend all week here
8:40 am
in the media. i'll to straight back to detroit. two races there. >> you have to be feeling good about it. you did race nascar. so what is the transition? >> they're very different. these cars are quicker. nascar, they bring great racing. these cars, we're going, you know, 30, 40 miles an hour quicker. >> that much difference. we want to thank you so much more being here. thanks for bringing your car. we'll watch you this weekend. >> thank you. all right, thank you, ginger. this summer is sure to be the most fun on record. we're saying it here first. we're dancing our way into summer. counting down to what we dare say is the movie of the year, "magic mike xxl." here to tell you all about it is our own magic michael. >> you're counting down. i'm like, oh, no! if you have the moves to muscle in on "magic mike" territory, you could win dpam's "magic mike xxl" epic dance contest.
8:41 am
check it out. >> how does this sound to you? win a trip to l.a., air fare and hotel included to see the premier of "magic mike xxl." what do yu have to do to win? >> put a little magic in your morning. >> like those moves? >> we're a morning show. keep it pg. go to on yahoo! to find out how to enter the epic dance contest. it's not just for guys. both women and men are eligible. >> it doesn't get more exciting than that. >> just a sampling. >> all you dancers out there. all of you. you know who you are, we're looking for you to show us what you got. and again. this is a morning show. we need you to dance it up but keep it pg-rated. >> can they have costumes, though? >> you can have costumes. >> i encourage it. pg even g.
8:42 am
for anyone thinking of entering, do you have tips? advice? moves. >> let the role cover you. just let it go. >> and some clothes, too. show us your morning show-friendly dance moves. enter the contest. listen to that advice. head to our website, on yahoo. any final shots? oh, yeah. a sampling of the magic. up next, the inspiring story of a young basketball star going above and beyond on the court and off. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ ♪ tt0w@qg)@uí!t& )o0 tt0w@qg)@u""tq [(é tt0w@qg)@ug"t& fd tt0w@qg)@u$'4,@uiáh tt0w@qg)@ux't.@uzbd tt0w@qg)@ut&t2@u2)$ tt0w@qg)@uh't5@u='$ tt0w@qg)@ud&t9@ue:h tt0w@qg)@u8'4
8:45 am
now we celebrate "gma's" everyday heroes. people who quietly make a difference. this morning, we honor abby bishop. a young pro basketball player standing tall in the life of a toddler in need. her own niece. ♪ on the court, she's a fierce forward, making her return this month to the wnba's seattle storm. but off the court, 26-year-old abby bishop is adjusting to life as a single mom to her niece, almost 2-year-old zala. >> my sister was pregnant. three weeks before zala was due, she tried to overdose on precision medication. i decided to take zala on
8:46 am
instead of her going to foster care. >> reporter: she was navigating a rigorous team schedule while juggling the needs of a newborn. the organization wasn't as understanding as she hoped. including implementing a new parental policy. one of the rules? zala had to stay in a different hotel. >> it wasn't all about me anymore. life changed very quickly for me. i guess zala put everything into perspective for me. >> reporter: she decided to withdraw from the team just before the world championship. >> i couldn't just take her away and leave her in a hotel room with somebody i didn't really know. >> reporter: she's now speaking out about the challenges of balancing basketball and baby. >> there are a lot of people who thought i couldn't do it as well. i'm one of those people that thrive, i guess, off people telling me i can't do things. and the doubters. so, yeah, it's made me work a little bit harder. >> reporter: and this everyday hero is bringing her talents back to the states with zala and a new nanny in tow. >> i have bills to pay.
8:47 am
i want to pay my house off. i want to retire early. obviously, i have zala as well. i work to feed her, put clothes on her. and, and -- to try and set her up to have a good life. >> way to go, abby. and the wnba is happy to have you. up next, jesse palmer one on one with matthew mcconaughey. talking about his new project, fatherhood and so much more. come on back.
8:48 am
8:49 am
after a breakout year, it's full speed ahead for matthew mcconaughey. the oscar-winner has more movies in the works. a clothing business that is growing fast. and embracing fatherhood, too.
8:50 am
jesse palmer went to texas. >> reporter: all right. or should i say, all right, all right, all right. >> three times right there. >> reporter: famous. you coined it. >> first words i ever said on film. all right, all right, all right. the very first words i ever said on film. >> reporter: the center piece of his just keep livein' clothing company. you becoming a designer? >> i don't think i'm becoming one. i'm just putting a lot of cool stuff i have heard along the way on a t-shirt. >> reporter: with slogans from his movie life. >> it would be a lot cooler if the you did. >> reporter: and his real life. >> leave it like you found it. >> that came from a guy that i went to college with. he borrowed a lawn mower once. he returned it cleaned up and full of gas. leave it like you found it. or better. >> reporter: money from his sales go to his foundation that funds afterschool programs in five states. mentoring these kids is his
8:51 am
passion. and perhaps, a peek into his life as a father. >> i just knew i wanted to be a father. >> reporter: yeah. >> i think a man gets much more courageous and brave once they have children. how i present myself, what i say to you, what i do every day. is a mirror and shadow on them. >> reporter: i read when you were growing up, you were only allowed to watch one our of tv. >> one hour. >> that is hard core. >> "the incredible hulk" man. >> reporter: "the incredible hulk" is a good hour. what about your kids? >> we limit the screen time. we have our nights. friday night is movie night. sunday morning before church cartoons. >> matthew, you won't answer if people call you matt. >> hi. >> reporter: how are you? >> i'm ann. i'm matthew's mom. >> reporter: very nice to meet you. i was just asking why, his name matthew. and how people are not allowed to call him matt. >> of course not. we were in the hospital, my husband and i could not agree on a name. i said, i'll tell you what we're going to do. we'll go to the bible. to the new testament, boom, there's matthew.
8:52 am
right there. it was in front of me. i said okay we're going to name him matthew. that means gift of god. he was a gift. i wasn't supposed to have any more children. and boom, he appeared 16 years later. suspect that a great story? >> reporter: well, all right, all right, all
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
okay. we're in. >> i'm in. >> and the reason why amy won, in part, the shoe game. her toenail polish matches the color of her shoes. bonus points for that. >> it was all planned. >> oh, my gosh. >> it was a great tuesday morning, amy. before we go, you have a big announcement. >> yes, we need your help. we want you to pick where i bring you the weather next week. it has to happen in michigan. it's the beginning of my michigan adventure. sleeping bear dunes.
8:56 am
picture glass national lake shore. or, the lake of the clouds in the porcupine mountains. let's just do 'em all. find out more on on yahoo!. don't forget to vote. the poll closes on thursday. i can only do one. it's sponsored by pure michigan. we can't wait to find out where i'll be. >> do you get to vote? >> i'm voting. i hope i do. >> and you are pure michigan, aren't you? michigan proud. >> have great day, everybody. >> be sure to vote. every summer the best tennis players in the world collide in new york. but that's just the final chapter of a great story. one that's unfolding all summer long right in your backyard. be there when the emirates airline us open series
8:57 am
turns to stanford for the bank of the west classic. come experience the action and feel the drama as the best in the sport duke it out in stanford. august 3rd to the 9th. don't just watch the action. feel, hear and taste it. for ticket and player information visit
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8:59 am
zm. >> good morning. i'm kristen sze. still kind of gray in this picture. let's check things out with meteorologist, mike nicco. >> mike? still some drizzle. good morning, everybody. we should see sunshine a touch quicker than yesterday. specially inland where we have low to 70s in the east bay and 70s in the south bay. everybody else in the 60s until you get to the coast. mid to upper 50s. going to the game. we have won three in a row. 57 dropping down to 55. here is my accuweather seven-day forecast. cloudy less drizzle. 50s at the coast, 70s and 80s around the bay and inland. we do have an accident blocking a lane northbound on 680 as you come up to stone valley road. we have heavy delays coming right out of danville. the trouble doesn't stop there.
9:00 am
once you get on to highway 24 another injury accident bloc announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, one of the stars of "entourage," kevin dillon. and from the reality series, "the little couple," dr. jennifer arnold and bill klein. and a performance by "american idol" runner-up clark beckham. plus all this week the co-hosts share their favorite workout moves as we kick off "live's fitness countdown." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are emmy award-winning -- winners, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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