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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> abc7 news starts with live breaking news. >> that breaking news, a southwest flight out of san jose made an emergency landing at los angeles international airport with firefighters ready to go. >> an l.a.x. spokesperson said it took off from san jose with 77 passengers on board. it was headed to san diego. the pilot diverted the flight when heat sensors went off in the cargo hold indicating fire danger. >> once on the ground the passengers were safely evacuated from the plane. the emergency responders found no sign of fire. tonight the airline is trying to determine exactly what set off those sensors. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. you candy penned on ab -- can depend on abc7 news to bring you any updates. our other top story, the search for a suspicious suv. the chp is asking for score help locating the vehicle and the people inside last seen
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crossing the bay bridge on saturday night. >> authorities are earn cked -- are concerned for a young girl who seemed to be in distress. lilian kim is live at the bay bridge toll plaza. lilian? >> the chp says a toll taker felt something was not right which is why they want to find the young girl to make sure she's okay. >> this mid-nineties chevy blazer went through toll lane number two at the bay bridge around 8:30 on saturday night. the chp says a 60 something-year-old black man was behind the wheel while a black woman in her late 40s was in the passenger seat. what caught the attention was the toll taker was a young black girl kneeling on the center console. >> 12 years old distraught, screaming, crying and struggling with the passenger in the right front seat. >> the toll taker called chp, but they couldn't find the vehicle. officers are hoping the public can locate the girl to ensure she is not in danger. >> no missing children reports in the area but again we
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always make sure that we follow-up on all of the leads. >> toll takers are trained to look for anything suspicious and possible medical emergencies. one even saved a child's life several years ago by calling an ambulance after thtsing a -- after noticing a boy's swollen face. the boy was having a severe allergic reaction to peanuts. >> they have more interaction with members of cal trans. they are out there on a day-to-day basis and they see things that other people don't see. >> the blazer is tan or gray and has no license plates and two bumper stickers in the back with fog lights in the front. anyone is urged to call 1-800- tell chp. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> we are learning more about what lead to the arrest of the former 49er ray mcdonald. he was arrested on domestic violence and child endangerment charges. the chp released 9-1-1 tapes today. listen. >> i'm freaking out. >> i understand. i understand. who is it she is in domestic with? the father of the child?
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>> yes. >> just one second. >> he is drunk. i am not there she called me and asked to call 9-1-1 because she is trying to escape with the infant. >> police later arrested macdonald at a house in san jose on suspicion of assaulting the woman who was holding the couple's baby. macdonald is currently out on bail. >> those who live in the last mobile home park will be evicted. it came with the promise of an updated appraisal for their unit . katie attended the meeting and explained what is next for these residents. >> they approved the application to do so, and will they receive enough money to relocate within the city of palo alto. >> sunset over buena vista mobile home park. with it the last glimmers of hope for this mother of four. >> i hope the girls will have
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schools i didn't have. >> martinez moved to palo alto after losing her manteca home to a bad mortgage. >> it took me a longtime to take my trailer and complete it. >> a vehicle tim of the housing bubble burst she is beaten again by the real estate boom in the bay area. buena vista's owner will sell, says his representative. >> it will sell its property when it deems appropriate to who it chooses and for an amount that is acceptable. >> residents will be compensated for relocation. >> you will have a chance for an update and a peer review. >> she is eager for an updated appraisal. the $23,000 vee was quoted doesn't -- she was quoted doesn't add up in the market. >> no way i buy the mobile home for $200,000. >> and how do you put a price on a comparable school
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district? >> we just got a new 3-d printer and it is really cool. >> new appraisals may take weeks and there is a window to appeal the updated figures. abc7 news. >> the water crisis continues to get worse in the east bay. the board agrees to buy $11 million worth of water from placer county. they will buy five times that amount over the course of the year. and east bay mud has tried to solve a mystery in a family's backyard. abc7 news was in san ramon where the hillside behind their home has been leaking water for the last seven months, and it is creating a muddy mess. east bay mud has a pumping station nearby that has had problems with pipes but extensive testing has found no leak there. for now the homeowners are using a sum -- sump pump to recycle water and the rest is going down the storm drain.
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>> we will be the only yard in san ramon that will be green. i would trade the brown yard for none of these water problems at anytime. >> historically there are natural springs in the area, but it is still unclear if that's the source. we are getting a close up look at damage to a brej in napa -- bridge in napa following the 4.1 earthquake. a portion of the bridge over the napa river sank two to four inches pulling apart old cracks on the 100-year-old bridge. it was already scheduled for replacement. only bikes and pedestrians are currently allowed on the bridge. >> crews quickly knocked down a grassfire burning near the golden wheel mobile home park in san jose. the fire started about 4:30. sky 7hd is overhead as the firefighters worked to put out the flames. in the end the fire burned about four acres. they think it may have started in a homeless encampment. >> the san francisco unified school district decided that it is more important to protect its own.
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the board voted in favor of banning out of district students getting to the school of the arts. alan wang was at the meeting. >> i am noah goldstein and i am a freshman at the school of the arts. >> he was allowed to travel from his home to the school of the arts in san san francisco. >> it is three four, five hours a day with some of the most highly trained artists in the business. >> after tonight out of district students will thought be admitted into the prestigious school that focuses on dance music and theater. proponents say what started as a way to brings in exceptionally talented students turned into a process without oversight and transparency. >> the school is about san francisco and we want to draw from san francisco and encourage our premiere school of the arts to really make sure it is benefiting san francisco. >> they say limiting admissions will dilute the school's pool of talent.
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>> you are going to creep on my program because there are not enough kids in the city that have interest or enough for me to take them in. >> students who were accepted this spring will be admitted. after that the school of the arts will only be for students who live in the district. in san francisco alan wang, abc7 news. >> new drugs, new dangers. why scientists are warning to switch birth control pills. >> and it is not part of the pre flight checklist. why it landed one flight uh 10 department in -- attendant in hot water. >> and it is to the reality, but we could all learn important lessons from that new movie "san andre yous." >> i am sandhya patel. your morning starts out with clouds and spotty drizzle. i'll let you know who
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recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus. this is abc7 news. >> more bodies have been discovered in texas as floodwaters recede a bit. at least 13 people have died as a result of torrential rain. tonight 11 people are still missing including a family of eight whose home was ripped apart by raging floodwaters near austin. the blanco river reached an estimated 40 feet deep, 12 feet beyond the reef yous flood record. and in oklahoma a tornado touched down on the west side of the state tonight. it quickly formed and disappeared mens later. no damage reported. tornadoes were much nor destructive killing four people. >> a new study finds women on newer forms of birth control pills have a higher risk of
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blood clots than those on older versions. they say that the newer forms have certain advantages but the blood clot risk is something doctors should consider before prescribing the pill. a photo opportunity for a flight attendant has landed her in some trouble at work. take a look. it is a cute shot, but there is an issue. passengers at o'hare airport got concerned when they spotted her on the tarmac even scrunched in front of the turbine blades. she posted the pictures on facebook. spirit airlines says her actions go against company policy and the airline is now investigating . a snap shot of a young cancer patient has dwon -- gone viral. she is just five years old but has been battling cancer for three years. malea met another patient in pennsylvania. they instantly hit it off. the picture was posted on facebook and has been shared thousands of times. malea is getting further treatment at a hospital in new
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york. well, the big one is coming, sort of. hollywood's latest disaster flick opens on friday and san francisco plays a staring road. role. san andreas will get a lot of attention in earthquake country. the city's emergency team plans to be among the first to see it. >> reporter: if we were watching a movie this would be the last of the innocent scenes before disaster strikes. >> are you worried? >> no. >> didn't you see the coming attractions ? >> no, i didn't. >> hold on. we've got to get over before it crests. >> reporter: coming friday to a theater near you the golden gate bridge will be wiped out by a tsunami and elsewhere the san andreas fault will crack open leaving san francisco in ruins. >> wait a minute. stop. if it is any reassurance to you, experts at the geological
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survey have told us that such damage and affects from a quake on the san andre yous fault are virtually impossible unless hollywood gets involved. >> you are grateful for this movie? >> yes and that's why we want to ride the wave. >> david ebberley. you better hope you never hear his name again. while duane johnson saves you on screen he does it at the department of emergency management. he will be seeing that movie and finds it a good time to remind locals of being prepared for earthquakes. >> we want them to go home and check their supplies and find that they are probably more prepared than they already think. >> better off than hollywood leaves us anyway because when the big one really does arrive your iphone watch probably won't be working. david ebberley will however with some help from his friends. >> is that life size?
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>> absolutely. >> reporter: in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> it is going to be intense. that's like a magnitude 12. >> something like that. that's insane. >> makes us pay attention. we should be prepared as best we can. >> time to turn to our weather so we can be prepared for what is in store tomorrow. >> it may include a little windshield wiper action. sandhya patel is tracking it for us. >> that's right. i want to show you this before we talk about the windshield wiper weather. sunset at 8:22 tonight from the mount tam cam. it is an amazing sunett is. of course you know, the marine layer stayed low though to where we were able to capture that. as we look at live doppler 7hd, the cloud cover is extensive. the low clouds have pushed out toward concord and livermore and up to the north bay. when you look at the wind southwesterly gusting to 37 at fair field.
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the temperature in the 50s. the marine layer is getting pushed by the on shorinds. here is a view of the gray skies you will be facing from the exploratorium camera. a cloudy morning and warmer inland the next few days looking at a cooler pattern. and it will hold on for one more day on monday. in case you are wondering why it has been so cool a good three to eight degrees below average, one trough after another keeps coming through, and that is what has been responsible for the drizzly conditions. we'll see it tomorrow morning and then a weak ridge starts to push in behind those systems which means weak warming starts tomorrow and it continues through the end of the workweek. look at the temperature trend and it was in the low 70s and tomorrow you are going up to 78 degrees. you will feel the difference as we head toward the workweek. you will be at average and then a little above as the temperature falls again. more drizzle is possible as a
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low pressure will move through northern california. there is one computer model is hinting at a slight chance of a few showers perhaps in the north bay. so we will wait until we get some agreement and get closer to the weekend. tomorrow morning drizzly and cool. you will need a sweater if you walk to bart. you will need to keep that in mind. 53 in oakland and 52 in san francisco and 52 san jose. the coolest spots in the north bay valleys. upper 40s expected. watch out for the damp roadways. for the afternoon go from the low 70 tots low 80s tomorrow. antioch will feel the difference. 78 livermore. 67 in eke onnd -- in oakland. san jose 74, san francisco 63 degrees. half moon bay cloudy and staying on the cool side 61. the accu-weather seven-day forecast temperatures will inch up a couple more degrees especially around the bay and inland on thursday. we will see mid80s inland
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and low 60s coast side. we will keep you close to that for saturday before it cools off on sunday. temperatures will level off before they recover on tuesday. the upside to these drizzly mornings and the nights we have had dan and ama it does help in this drought to keep the fire danger down. >> anything we can do will help. up next why this pug is making such a big splash in the dog wor
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it makes me work a lot harder knowing that this is my community. together, we're building a better california. in terrifying robot news they created a tiny cockroach-like robot that runs fast enough to launch a second robot into flight
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. scientists want to mimic the way real animals move. right now they are remost control. right now it is to make them think and move on their own. >> and they are going to bite and sting us. >> let's put everybody at ease now by looking -- look at the little boat. her name is pip and she is just four inches tall. the four-month-old pure bed is half the size of her sister. she lives in england and fits in the palm of her hand. she may be small but she has big character. >> and big charisma. >> let's talk sports. >> larry beil is here. >> it is a huge day for steph curry. will -- it will be steph versus lebron.
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one half is set. will the king be paying a
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good evening. the giants' plan was to replace pablo sandoval bought he was sent to triple-a. matt duffy was at third base and he delivered in milwaukee. the home of the barrel man. we share similar physiques. number two coming back with a broken fore -- forearm. he doubles deep to right center.
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here comes mad bum. 2-0 giants. wiry, but strong. bumgarner goes six inning and it is an r.b.i right there. a's and tigers and the kids are still doing the lean. have to do something out there. no runs are scored. and then it is funny cabrera trying to trick the rookie. burns did not fall for it. eight strong innings 0 for 11 with men in scoring possession. much debate on whether steph curry will -- steph curry.
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if curry goes off for like 40 the debate will end. coach steve kerr talked with the media and was asked several times about curry's condition today. >> i asked him a couple times if he was okay. >> as long as steph says he is good to go and the doctors say he is cleared i am going to listen to that. >> check out pops on top of all of those chairs. and he got down safely. irving sat out the last few games. lebron james is battling quite a few injuries. that's from mad max. nobody know trksz but i will keep repeating it.
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118 and lebron was the first to reach five straight. i am running out of video. to the ice. the former shark denied but another exshark and james shepherd on the rebound. the rangers win it 7-3. that will be fun. >> what a lovely day. >> thanks larry. >> abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices with the abc7 news app. >> the next newscast is tomorrow morning.
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feet off of the ground ♪ ♪ head in the sky ♪ ♪ eyes open wide ♪ ♪ happy to look around ♪ >> that is our report. we appreciate your time. >> for larry and sandhya and all of us.
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up next actress elizabeth banks. ♪ from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- elizabeth banks, marc maron, and music from earl sweatshirt featuring badbadnotgood. with cleto and the cletones! and now for the most part here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. thank you. hi, everybody. thank you.


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