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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 1, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, washout. dangerous flash flooding slams the east coast. that powerful pattern of storms that put texas underwater turns roads into rivers in an instant. drivers lose control of their car, some vehicles completely submerged and take a look at this. a bolt of lightning strikes and more storms on the way. abc news exclusive. security shocker. a frightening new report revealing dangerous weapons making it through airport checkpoints. screeners failing to spot almost every explosive and gun in a new sting raising serious questions about safety in the air. crane crash. a cable snaps on this huge crane over manhattan sending a massive four-ton air-conditioning unit plunging 30 stories to the treat taking a huge chunk out of this building and crushing cars below. >> cars destroyed.
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i hope nobody is hurt. >> seven people injured on the ground. what caused it to snap? and enrique iglesias not able to escape. the singer injured by a drone during a concert in front of thousands of fans. >> i feel numb. i feel numb. >> his crew struggles to stop the bleeding backstage but the wounded star finished the show before heading to the hospital. the latest on his condition. and good morning, america. we hope you had a good weekend. it was a scary one for enrique iglesias. you saw that right there. that drone is actually part of his act. going to be okay but we'll show you what is supposed to happen in just a little bit. >> but the show must go on. >> he did just that. that's ahead but we begin with that storm slamming the east overnight. torrential rain leading to flash
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flooding from the mid-atlantic to the northeast. it's part of that same pattern that hit the south so hard and ginger is tracking it all and starts us off. >> training thunderstorms so talking up to 5 inches of rain falling in parts of new jersey to connecticut in just two to three hours. you know you'll have issues then. this morning the heaviest through to long island into new england and chaos is far from done. overnight flash flooding soaking the northeast from virginia to new york. >> i didn't know if it was ever going to stop. >> staten island getting 4.5 inches in 2 hours. >> we're swimming. i don't think my tires are on the road. >> in new jersey, heavy equipment pushing drivers out. this pickup hydroplaning all over the road. >> caught me off guard. didn't really notice it. >> some cars submerged. many abandoning their vehicles. rescuers searching by boat in this new jersey suburb and with all that torrential rain,
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lightning. that is new york's one world trade center getting struck and check out this incredible bolt of lightning in mississippi last week. caught on police dash cam video, the officer said it was blinding. texas still recovering from record rainfall. the skies may be clear but not the roads. more than 30 people in texas and oklahoma lost their lives. ten still missing. flood warnings along the trinity river remain in effect in the dallas area today. and here in the northeast this is what's happening now. although it looks like this is moving east we've got a stationary front meaning it's not going to move much. the next 24 hours we're on flash flood watch from rhode island all the way back to washington, d.c. so it's not quite done yet. just don't want you to get that impression. there will be rounds of storms that come through dumping 2 to 3 inches and locally heavier amounts from boston back through hartford right here in new york city. i'll have much more coming up on what happens behind this, a little tidbit, a tease.
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cold. >> great. we got a sloppy day ahead. those two big security headlines overnight. after a dramatic intense showdown late into the night the senate allowed a key part of the patriot act to expire. you see rand paul of kentucky, he blocked an extension of the program that allows the government to collect americans' phone records to help hunt for terrorists. lawmakers will take up a revised version later this week. abc news exclusive, the alarming new report revealing just how easy it is to get weapons through airport security checkpoints. abc's pierre thomas in washington with that. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning. we're learning tsa screeners at numerous airports failed when put to the test by undercover agents trying to beat the system. abc news has learned that tsa screeners recently failed 95% of tests designed to see if marked explosives or weapons could be smuggled through airport security checkpoints. the series of tests conducted by homeland security red teams who pose as passengers setting out
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to beat the system. according to officials briefed on the results, tsa agents failed 67 out of 70 tests when red team members repeatedly able to get potential weapons through checkpoints. sources tell us in one test an undercover agent was stopped after setting off an alarm in a magnetometer but screeners failed to detect a fake explosive device that was taped to his back during a follow-on pat-down. homeland security jeh johnson was so frustrated he went to tsa headquarters in arlington, virginia, for a briefing about the findings. this morning the statement from the department of homeland security "upon learning the initial findings of the office inspector general's report, secretary johnson immediately directed tsa to implement a series of actions, several of which are now in place, to address the issues raised in the report." homeland security officials insist that security at the nation's airports is strong. that there are layers of security including bomb-sniffing
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dogs and other technology seen and unseen but the officials we spoke to admit these were disappointing results. george. >> okay, pierre, thanks very much. as we said the patriot act will likely get reauthorized later this week. >> we'll see. we turn to a frightening scene on the streets of new york city after a crane cable snapped sending a massive air-conditioning unit plunging nearly 30 stories, seven people were injured and abc's tom llamas is at the scene of the accident for us. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. eyewitnesses say it sounded like an explosion and that piece of equipment the size of a shipping container. look where it fell from, 300 feet from high above. you can see where it started to fall as it made its path falling from the sky and hitting the street. this morning, city offs vowing to figure out what caused a crane cable to snap over midtown manhattan dropping a massive four-ton air-conditioning unit. the unit smashing into a building as it tumbled 30
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stories to the city street. >> i looked out the window and i saw a plume of smoke. the street was not visible because there was so much smoke like a bomb hit madison avenue. >> reporter: he was watching tv in his apartment across the street when the accident happened. he shot this cell phone video. >> cars are destroyed. i hope nobody is hurt. >> reporter: the crane mishap left a gaping hole in one building. office chairs falling out and ending up on the sidewalk. cars along the street were hit with chunks of debris. >> heard an initial crash and rapid almost like firecrackers going off. >> reporter: two construction workers and eight others suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. new york city has a history of deadly crane accidents. in april a man inspecting part of a crane died when a mechanical failure caused the boom crane to collapse on him. and in 2008 a crane came crashing down flattening a town house and killing seven people. this morning, residents feeling
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shaken up as crews work to clear the destruction. and just behind me you can see and hear some of the cleanup and the investigation which will not be helped by this bad weather. robin. >> all right there. thank you, tom. we turn to another scary accident. this one at los angeles international airport where an out-of-control car smashed into one of the terminals critically injuring a 9-year-old girl. abc's ryan owens is at l.a.x. with the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning to you. you see that plywood behind me. that's the place where the driver slammed into the terminal. he barely missed crowds of passengers but as you said, he did hit that little girl. >> crashed into the window. he crashed into the wall. how is he going that fast? >> reporter: tragedy at the terminal. three are injured including a 9-year-old girl after a driver plows through this wall at l.a.x. one of this country's busiest airports. authorities believe the 67-year-old man behind the wheel of his porsche was dropping off
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a passenger here at terminal 7 sunday evening when he confused his gas pedal with his brake. >> the little girl was flying through the air. she clearly hit her head. she was unconscious, everybody was yelling for a doctor. >> reporter: the 9-year-old who was on the curb with her mother and siblings when she was hit is still in critical condition this morning. the driver and his male passenger were both injured, as well. but not seriously. investigators aren't sure how fast he accelerated but his luxury sports car ended up deep in a supply room, just above a stairwell. where this tsa agent was storing his bicycle. >> looks like i'll be using the bus for awhile. >> reporter: this morning police do not believe the driver was under the influence at all. again, they just think this was a terrible accident. one that, robin, could have been a whole lot worse. >> all right, ryan, thank you. now we remember beau biden, tributes pouring in for the vice
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president's beloved son who died after facing brain cancer. beau was just 46 years old. the two shared as you know a very special bond and abc's jim avila is in washington with more. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the biden family remains in seclusion, no public appearances scheduled and no announcement yet on when the funeral will happen for beau biden, the vice president's son who died of brain cancer over the weekend. joe biden, back at his family compound in delaware today, no public appearances scheduled as democrats and republicans paid tribute to his son, beau, the former delaware attorney general who died over the weekend at just 46. >> i would just like to express my sincere condolences to the entire biden family. >> reporter: the family bond forged by tragedy. the boys injured, their mother and sister taken in a fatal car crash when beau was just 3 years old. just two days before announce that beau was in the hospital his father had these emotional words. >> incredible bond i have with
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my children is a gift i'm not sure i would have had had i not been through what i went through. >> reporter: beau biden's bright future could only be stopped by a five year battle with brain cancer. at his bedside when he died, the vice president his wife jill and daughter-in-law hallie, now mourning. joe and beau's tight relationship on display back in 2008 when the son introduced the father at the democratic convention. >> my friend, my father, my hero, the next vice president of the united states. >> reporter: a genuine moment greatly cherished by the vice president. >> father knows he's a success when he turns and looks at his son or daughter and know they turned out better than he did. i'm a success. i'm a hell of a success. beauie, i love you. i'm so proud of you. >> here at the white house,
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president obama canceled all events last night to visit the bidens at the official residence of the vice president just up the road here a ways. the president said that beau biden had, in fact, been a frequent visitor at the white house, a close friend and a man of honor. george. >> jim, thanks very much. we send our condolences to the entire biden family. we turn to the race for the president and exclusive interview with hillary clinton's latest challenger, martin o'malley kicked off his campaign this weekend with a direct shot at clinton and jeb bush for their ties to wall street. take a look. >> the ceo of goldman sachs let his employees know that he'd be just fine with either bush or clinton. i bet he would. [ laughter ] well, i've got news for the bullies of wall street, the presidency is not a crown to be passed back and forth by you between two royal families. >> reporter: and governor o'malley joins us now. thanks for joining us.
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bush and clinton are birds of a feather. >> this is what i believe. i believe that the presidency is a sacred trust and i believe that we are best served by giving the choice of who our president should be to the people of the united states and not to the big banks on wall street. >> you think they have that choice right now. >> i believe when the ceo of goldman sachs says he'd be just fine with either bush or clinton that should be a wake-up call for all of us. we still haven't delivered on the promise of reining in excesses on wall street and our entire economy still vulnerable to that. >> i know you called secretary clinton right before you announced. did you tell her this was coming and how did she respond? >> i told her we would have a robust discussion about the issues that face our country. how do we make the american dream real for more family not only in terms of investing in our country again but reining in the sort of excesses that led to millions losing their homes and people losing their jobs. we still haven't delivered 0en that promise as a party and we need to. >> president obama's close adviser david axelrod tweeted o'malley is a dynamic accomplished guy but all in for
7:14 am
hillary in 2008, so isn't it a bit awkward to rail against royal families now? how do you respond to that? >> i was for secretary clinton in 2008 and she and i both worked hard to elect and re-elect the president but times change and different challenges require new leadership. >> did you change or did she change? >> i believe the times changed. here's the big intervening fact that happened between 2008 and now. that is the crash that was precipitated by reckless behavior on wall street that caused millions of americans to lose their jobs and cratered our economy and now people are earning less than they were, 70% of us earning less as americans than we were before the crash. we still have work to do. and in order to solve these problems and overcome these challenges i believe we need new leadership and most importantly that's the phrase i've heard from people all over the country, they say we need to get things done again and we need new leaders. >> you know, "the wall street journal" took aim at your own record in an editorial. as governor they say you have a record of tax hikes and slow economic growth as governor. >> actually i have a record of a
7:15 am
aaa bond rating and the best public schools and highest median income of any state in america and better rate of job creation than our neighbors to the fort and to the south of us and the u.s. chamber of commerce which as you know hardly ever says nice things about democratic elected officials anywhere named our state number one for innovation and entrepreneurship three years in a row. i'm a progressive leader and i also get things done and that's what 15 years of executive experience brings to the table. >> finally a lot of americans may not know you play in a rock 'n' roll band and played a little guitar "hail to the chief" as you had a video right before you announced. will we see that more on the trail? >> it's interesting, when i go through iowa and new hampshire, the guitar seems to fall out of the rafters from someplace. i enjoy music and i'm looking forward to connecting with people throughout our country about the better future we want for our kids. >> governor, thanks for coming on. >> thanks, george. amy has the other top stories and this breaking news in the war on isis.
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>> new video in. iraq's government saying this shows the iraqi fighter jets bombing armored vehicles and hideouts used by isis fighters. these air strikes part of the new offensive to retake the city of ramadi. meanwhile, there is word that isis captured more than 2,000 humvees during the fall of mosul alone. new controversy over who shot that passenger plane out of the sky over ukraine. an independent analysis has found the russian government digitally altered satellite photos to implicate ukraine's military for shooting down malaysia airline flight 17 last july. 198 people were killed. secretary of state john kerry returning to the u.s. after breaking his leg during a bike crash in the alps. the fracture is near the location of his hip replacement which could complicate his recovery. and more fal scandal over dennis hastert. his alma mater has removed its name from its public policy center.
7:17 am
he is accused of violating banking laws and lying to the fbi while allegedly paying hush money to cover up sexual misconduct. sources say there is now a second accuser allegedly victimized by hastert during his time as a high school teacher. a wild crash north of the border. look at this car flying over a row of cars before slamming into an auto repair shop in canada. the driver apparently hit the gas instead of the brake. he is expected to be okay. and finally police near detroit took quite a ham into custody. the perp got loose wreaking havoc. it was a neighbor's pig who you can see smiling there for his mug shot through the back window as the cops drove him away during the short trip. he turned the police into an absolute pigsty. cops till managed to bring home the bacon. >> oh, no. >> safely to his owner. it's monday. >> he looks like a real ham, amy. >> it's monday pun-day.
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>> lara just helped you out. >> a specialty. >> thank you, amy. oh, this -- i feel so bad for our audience braving these conditions. >> yeah, rain is not over. you have to see these brand-new pictures we got in from newark, new jersey. fish stranded in the storm drains, a lake that overflows and the fish there did get out. i want to make sure everybody knows good samaritans took them back to the lake. that's the type of problem you end up with once the flooding is gone like they did in wimberley, texas, the cars parked there from the flooding on the house and in the trees. all right. that's the big picture.
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>> hello, i am abc7 meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. off to a wet start with drizzle this morning. a stray shower across the north bay this afternoon. it will be cooler-than-average all week with our breezy days tomorrow and wednesday. the coast is upper 50's to low 60's and a few 70's are possible inland. cloud cover tonight and drizzle but not so wet as this morning. have much more ahead on this monday morning. enrique iglesias got up close and personal with a drone. the superstar injured by a drone in front of thousands of fans the latest on his condition. also an abc news exclusive in that mansion murder mystery. what the suspect told his former attorney really happened. hidden cash around your home. how you can turn your old
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electronics into hundreds of dollars in just minutes. and the biggest movie of the weekend. one we all want to see. "san andreas" rocking the box office. but this is shocking, it may not have gotten all of the facts right. we'll tell you what it got wrong coming up. you know what it got right. up. you know what it got right. ♪ call 1-800-royal caribbean or your travel agent today. ♪ to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix® ii. it's broad-spectrum protection k ills fleas ticks and mosquitoes too.
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morning and 6:00 in the evening. those who don't comply could face a fine. the restrictions stem from california's seemingly never ending drought. we have a major accident and car fire in vallejo, involving injuries, eastbound side of 80 as you come to redwood parkway. you can see all the traffic slow going. we also have an accident involving a bicyclist and two vehicles along skyline boulevard in daly city at john daly boulevard. we are seeing slowing as you approach in the northbound direction.
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good morning. if you are heading out
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specially around the bay and the coast where we have had a lot of drizzle. walnut creek, in and out of the cloud cover and dry. as we head into the afternoon, mid-50s at the coast. mid-70s inland with a stray shower possible across the north bay. this is the way it looks at the richmond san rafael toll plaza. you can see the wet weather there. that's going to continue for the next couple of hours. temperatures mid-50s to even 60 right now in livermore. if you are headed to the game, high risk in town.
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good morning, america, and right now millions on alert for more storms after torrential rains triggered dangerous flash flooding in the east. turning roads into rivers. >> also right now new concerns about security at the airport this morning. a new report by abc news finds tsa screeners missed explosives and weapons in 95% of cases. and enrique iglesias recovering this morning after getting injured by a drone during a concert. it was part of the act but went a little too far this time. we go say good morning, america. on this monday morning and the new movie over the weekend, "san andreas," making a seismic debut rocking the box office. over 50 million opening this weekend. >> unbelievable opening and let's take a look at nick watt. he's in an earthquake simulator as you can see it is live.
7:31 am
he's holding on for dear life. that's in just a few minutes. >> really appreciate that, george. >> what the extras are saying about the film. also tips what you can do to stay safe in an earthquake. we begin with enrique recovering after that close encounter with a drone slicing open his hand during a concert and the drone was all part of his act. abc's t.j. holmes here with that. >> yeah, robin, he is on his world tour called the sex and love tour. it needed doctors and nurses on saturday night. he caught this drone in his hand like you said a part of the show but mishandled it. that's when this nasty injury took place and would not stop bleeding. he would not stop singing. this morning enrique iglesias is recovering from a freak accident involving a drone during his live concert in tijuana, mexico, saturday. the 40-year-old singer slicing
7:32 am
his hand open in front of 12,000 fans. things appear to be going just fine. iglesias was in the middle of singing "escape." this video from a fan capturing that frightening moment when his hand gets caught in the sharp rotating blade. >> one of the biggest risks of using drones would obviously be if the drone were to malfunction but if it's going to be used more and more it's here to stay. >> reporter: take a look at this video from a previous performance showing what was supposed to happen. the superstar grabs the drone, spins around with it before letting it shoot up into the air capturing these magnificent aerial shots among a cloud of confetti but not this time. watch as iglesias tries to hold the drone steady with his left hand then brings his right hand up and quickly tosses it to the ground. iglesias immediately rushed backstage. his crew struggles to stop the bleeding. >> do i have blood everywhere? >> reporter: he tells them i couldn't feel the pain. >> i feel numb. i feel numb ♪ i can be your hero baby ♪
7:33 am
>> reporter: but the chart-topping hero decides the show must go on. ♪ soldiering on with his hand till bleeding through the bandage for the next 30 minutes. yeah, it looks nasty there. get this. he is not going to miss a tour date. his next tour, wasn't scheduled until july. the 1st of july so gets time to recovered. what we didn't show you there was so much blood he actually drew a heart with his own blood on his shirt. >> no. >> as a symbol of his love to his audience, sure, but it was a nasty, very serious injury. we haven't gotten an official update but it was pretty bad. >> something to keep in mind of we've been talking a lot about drones. >> i've done the same thing and am always very careful. they're frightening. >> he's done it before. goes well when it works. didn't work this time. >> we'll turn now to new developments in the washington mansion murder case. a former lawyer for the man charged with the killing speaking out to abc news after visiting with daron wint in jail. this comes as the savopoulos family will be laid to rest and
7:34 am
ryan smith is outside the cathedral where the funeral will be held. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: at their wake scores of family and friends stood in long lines to pay their respects to the savopoulos family and today even more expected to fill this church for their funeral. and as their surviving teen daughter faces life without their family, the alleged killer is professing innocence. this morning two teenage daughters grieving for the savopoulos family and set to attend their funeral. those three along with their housekeeper vera figueroa were held 19 hours before being killed in a quadruple homicide and fire inside this mansion just over two weeks ago, the pain of this attack etched on the faces of family and friends at sunday's wake. and as they grieve, a former lawyer for daron wint, the man charged with murder in connection with the killings is speaking out after visiting the
7:35 am
suspect in jail this weekend. >> he is resolute in the belief and i also harbor the same belief that he wouldn't kill anybody. >> reporter: wint once worked for savopoulos' steel manufacturing company but left over a decade ago. according to the attorney, wint says he didn't harbor any negative feelings about leaving. >> he mentioned to me that no one would hold a grudge for 11 years, so he had nothing against the deceased man. he spoke highly of him, said he never met the wife at all and would never hurt a child. >> reporter: and he challenged some of the evidence police have collected like the bundles of cash found in a truck where wint was arrested. >> i don't believe he had any cash on him. i think there was cash in another vehicle. that's true. there was cash in a box truck. he wasn't in that box truck nor did he have any weapons. >> reporter: the attorney has not been officially hired by went and is not commenting on
7:36 am
whether wint has an alibi but the they say they have the wrong man. a relative of went painting a very different picture of the suspect. just after the search for him began calling him arrogant and very hostile. investigators are still looking for his believed accomplices and his next court date, june 22nd. george. >> okay, ryan, thanks very much. still working hard to get the answers. now to that new blockbuster "san andreas" raising questions about what would really happen if the big one hit. it was a number one movie over the weekend and nick watt has done some fact checking and joins us from earthquake simulator. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, the simulator here is set to 8.0 and it feels pretty real but a lot of seismologists are saying that the movie "san andreas" isn't quite so real. the rock. >> oh, my god.
7:37 am
>> reporter: rubble and a $53 million opening weekend. >> i found fault in their fault. everything was exaggerated. >> hold on. we got to get over it. >> reporter: number one the san andreas fault could never kick up a tsunami because it's on land. >> the earth will literally crack open. >> reporter: number two, this fault line only rubs together, never gapes wide open. >> the only falls that open up are ones that don't produce earthquakes. >> reporter: a 9.6 is not feasible in california. they say 8.3 is the worst that could hammer the golden state. that's still pretty bad. number four, in a quake, strong enough to crack the hoover dam. even the rock would wobble. no way he could run. >> it was great fun, i just wouldn't try to learn seismology from it. >> reporter: she says they did get some important stuff right.
7:38 am
>> drop, cover and hold on. because your life is going to depend on it. >> reporter: that's sound advice and, yes, aftershocks happen, one quake can trigger others. >> people need to know that the shaking is not over. we'll get hit again and it's going to be a bigger monster. >> reporter: and the fear, spot-on. >> we're going to get our daughter, i promise. >> i love you, dad. >> don't you quit on me. >> and you know what, when it comes to earthquake preparedness, it's good to make people scared so "san andreas" has done its job. i'm scared. i've got a kit. this afternoon i'll stockpile bottled water and canned corn in my garage. robin. >> the canned corn. >> that's combat -- >> absolutely but people on the west coast say that is no joke and they -- >> i lived there. you definitely wanted to have that kit ready to go. >> and be prepared but thanks to nick now to some incredible footage of cattle being rescued from that floodwater. >> not just the people, this
7:39 am
video shows you more than 500 cows stranded. some had to be taken out on boats. i can't imagine that's very easy and did get everybody out. it's a real cattle call like cowboys moving them and there was this indianapolis tornado over the weekend, ef-1, 90-mile-per-hour winds and see the damage to one home close to indianapolis. today severe weather in the northern rockies. >> it is a moist monday morning, hello to you. i am meteorologist mike nicco. check out what will happen this morning. a stray shower across the north bay. a little bit of sunshine with mid-50s at the coast and mid-70s inland. cooler-than-average again. it will be that way for the be >> this is >> this is pictured rocks national lakeshore in northern michigan in the u.p., where i was supposed to be but couldn't get out because of the flash flooding and we will reschedule, everybody. >> gorgeous. >> that's your producer, sam. >> she was all ready.
7:40 am
>> all by herself this morning. >> thank you, ginger. a lot coming up on "gma." those old electronics lying around your home could be worth hundreds. easy ways to turn them into cash. circus accident. the terrifying moment this act went wrong in front of horrified families. come on back. families. come on back. there are thousands of ways into the complex health care system. and unitedhealthcare has ways to help you find care fast. like an app with an urgent care locator. so, what happened? ah..i got taken out by this car. ♪
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back to you at 7:44 with "gma" on the money. today hidden money that could be in your desk drawer, attic, we're talking about cell phone, computers, tablet, all that you can turn into cold, hard cash. abc's linzie janis shows us how. >> reporter: new jersey mom liz lentis juggles a full time job and website on the side. so finding time to clean is no easy feat. but lucky for her -- >> my husband is away this weekend. and it's a perfect time for spring cleaning because he's a little bit of a hoarder. >> reporter: hidden in this
7:45 am
house buried treasure. old electronic gadgets that could turn into extra cash that liz could use for an early father's day present for that husband. >> he needs a new computer but it's not necessarily something that he fees like he'd splurge on right now. >> reporter: enter joanna stern, "the wall street journal's" tech guru with advice on how to turn old devices into serious dough. joanna's first tip use websites like gazelle or glyde to sell your electronics even if damaged. just plug in your device info. >> you have the iphone 4s. >> reporter: these sites tell you what it's worth. gazelle buys straight from you. >> they put the money in your account. >> reporter: while glyde posts your items online for purchase by others. >> they tell you when to sell. sell now because the price is likely to fall in seven days. >> reporter: tip number two, need instant cash? head to the food court. >> you can actually go to an eco atm instead of online
7:46 am
shopping and get cash on the spot. >> $30. >> reporter: in liz's case glyde appraised it for $68 and tip number three, it pays to compare prices. an original ipad, 64 gigs and gazelle is saying that they will pay you $20 for it but glyde is saying they think you should sell it for $60 on their site. >> reporter: between liz's old macbook. >> $117. >> tablets, phones and digital cameras, joanna finds a whopping $427 worth of hidden cash and that's money to put towards her husband's new laptop. >> dolly. >> reporter: and treat alexa to a new toy too. so one website estimates americans have $47 billion worth of unused phones alone just lying around the house so time to start rifling through some drawers. >> absolutely. >> congratulations, you got married. >> thank you very much. i did. thank you.
7:47 am
>> we had to say congratulations. >> thank you all. >> everybody, next up on "gma" our "speed feed." no pun intended. taylor swift to the rescue. the surprising way the star is helping. >> why these nfl players are going undercover. come on back. players are going undercover. come on back. people across america are taking advantage of sprint's cut your bill in half event. what's that in your hand? um... my at&t bill. my verizon bill. what's the monthly rate? $85 about $160 what if sprint could cut your rate plan in half? i... would love to cut that in half. and give you unlimited talk and text in the u.s., and match your data. that's incredible. bring in your verizon or at&t bill turn in your old phone, and we'll cut your rate plan in half. switch now and we'll pay whatever it costs for you to come to sprint. visit us online or at a sprint store today. brandon thinks best foods is heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from... farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best.
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time now for "the speed feed." i'll talk quickly. trending on buzzfeed, taylor swift to the rescue. what three swifties say thanks to the glow in the dark bracelets given to fans on the superstar's "1989" tour. elizabeth dazz on the way home from the show and got into a car accident and went off the road out of sight and used those bracelets and someone found them, got them help, and they were all okay. taylor swift said this is unreal. i'm so happy they're all right. >> she does it again. >> to the rescue. then my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. enbrel helps relieve pain and stop joint damage. i've been on the course and on the road. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers,
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. san francisco mayor is unveiling a proposal. they have 400 million more to spend than last e twoonts buy new buses, hire more police officers and equip officers with body cameras. our camera is showing a gray picture, mike. even drizzle, still falling at the richmond san rafael toll plaza. at walnut creek, sunshine already. check out my accuweather seven-day forecast. 70s inland all week. >> leyla? >> mike, here we go.
7:57 am
we are taking a look at the golden gate bridge. as you come into the tunnels, there is a three-car crash blocking one lane. we also have a grass fire right off of highway 24. kristin? >> thanks so much. the
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ wake me up ♪ ♪ when it's all over ♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and bruce jenner set to reveal his new self to the word as he opens up last night about the latest on his transition. >> i'm looking forward to the future, and i can't wait to share that with my family. >> and the other big headline from his family about their new addition. ♪ you can't stop me no ♪ facebook foul, the new mom horrified to discover she was being publicly shamed for breast-feeding her child. how she fired back and why her response has so many people talking. ♪ on top of the world ♪ can't stop her now. our favorite bridesmaid turns super spy. melissa mccarthy roars into times square. she's here live as we say good morning, america. ♪
8:01 am
good morning, america. it's going to be a great morning with melissa mccarthy joining us live dishing on playing a hilarious super spy. oh, i saw this and i was one of those annoying passengers on the plane. i had the screener on my ipad with earplugs and i was laughing out loud and people were looking at me. >> you were entertaining everybody. it's okay. >> it is laugh out loud funny. >> she always is. >> can't wait to see her. also this morning, got a surprising turn for two high-profile nfl players. they went undercover in disguise to live on the street. hidden cameras rolling just $8 between them. jesse is here. you're bringing us this. >> yeah, it's an amazing story, guys. no cell phone, $8 in their pocket in disguise. i think the experience they had was even more eye opening than what they were anticipating. it's a good story. >> looking forward to that, jesse. amy is running over to the "morning rundown" desk. and here she is. >> a little exercise this morning. george, robin, good morning. the big story this morning, the abc exclusive raising serious questions about security at the airport. undercover tests by homeland
8:02 am
security investigators showed tsa screeners failed to find 95% of mock explosives or potential weapons being purposely smuggled through checkpoints. homeland security officials admit those results are disappointing but insist airport security is strong. they've directed the tsa to make several changes to address the concerns. meanwhile, the senate overnight allowed key sections of the patriot act to expire including the provision that allows the government to collect phone data to hunt for terrorists. a revised version of the patriot act is expected to be approved this week. and authorities say a crash at los angeles international airport may have been caused by the driver hitting the gas instead of the brake. the porsche jumped the sidewalk crashing into the terminal critically injuring a young girl. and human error is being blamed after a circus act took a terrifying turn. an acrobat was in the middle of a daring stunt hanging in the air when she plummeted to the seats below. more now from abc's cecilia vega.
8:03 am
♪ >> reporter: this is the shocking moment when a routine act at a circus in houston goes horribly wrong. watch again as vicki garcia plunges nearly 25 feet. stunned audience members watch as staffers move in to help garcia. garcia is one-half of the duo garcia performing with her husband pablo for the circo hermanos vazquez, a traveling circus known for its daredevil acrobatics. just last year eight female acrobats hanging by their hair at a ringling brothers circus performance in rhode island plunged 35 feet to the ground after a clamp failed. the company paid a $7,000 fine and promised new safety features for its aerial performers. >> the curtain went down, and we hear a huge popping noise and then just plummet to the ground. >> reporter: while the circus has said garcia is recovering at home and not granting interviews, we caught up with the general manager who had this to say about that accident.
8:04 am
>> we do have acts that require a lot of skills, and, of course, we do have equipment behind it. let's call it a human error. sometimes like things happen. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, san francisco. >> all right, cecilia, our thanks to you. and united airlines is apologizing for what it calls a misunderstanding after being accused of discrimination. a muslim passenger says a united flight attendant refused to give her an unopened can of coke telling her it could be used as a weapon. the passenger, a chaplain at northwestern university, claims the same flight attendant had just served an unopened can of beer to a man next to her. she is now gaining support online with thousands threatening to boycott the airline. and finally, $222,000, that is how much someone was willing to pay for this handbag, a rare hermes crocodile birkin bag in
8:05 am
fuschia. the hardware diamonds and solid gold, it sold at christie's in hong kong today smashing the world record for the most expensive handbag ever sold. $222,000. >> because it was fuschia? >> because it was fuschia. no, because it was hermes. >> i was going to say, the black model for 10 gs. that's no problem. >> a steal. >> wow. >> thanks, amy. "pop news" and weather coming up. also jesse is going to bring you the story of nfl players taking on a new role going undercover in disguise just $8 between them. show them how they survived on the streets. now to lara in the social square. >> thank you very much, george. coming up on our "gma morning menu," bruce jenner is set to reveal his new self and big headline overnight from kim kardashian about a new addition to the family. we'll tell you that and a new mom is publicly shamed on facebook for breast-feeding her child and she is firing back. we'll get into that. secrets of the super rich. what it really means to get a wife bonus.
8:06 am
all that and did we mention, melissa mccarthy is here live in times square. stay with "good morning america" and good morning to all you guys. thanks for being here. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). januvia should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a thanks for being here. rious side effects can happen, including pancreatitis which may be severe and lead to death. stop taking januvia and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area which may be pancreatitis.
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8:10 am
it's time for the "gma heat index" and this morning's "hot button." bruce jenner now set to reveal his new self to the world. he opened up last night about his transition. mara schiavocampo with the latest. hey, mara. >> reporter: good morning. bruce jenner has reportedly landed an upcoming cover for "vanity fair." the first print photo shoot and interview since the former olympian revealed plans to transition from male to female. "people" magazine reporting
8:11 am
annie liebowitz will shoot jenner as a woman. >> getting my nose and what they call an upper lip lift. >> reporter: bruce jenner candidly involving the latest steps as he makes a full transition from male to female opening up on last night's episode of "keeping up with the kardashians." >> have you talked to bruce? did you hear he's having surgery this week. >> reporter: prepping to undergo facial feminization surgery. cameras rolling as he unpacks boxes and sets up his new pad in malibu with his new glam room lined with mirrors and wardrobe. khloe, who reportedly is taking jenner's news the hardest, paid her stepfather a visit sharing an emotional moment. >> good to see you. >> so many things are changing but my love and how i respect bruce, that will never go anywhere. >> i love to share moments like this with all my kids now in my new home because, you know, it does kind of represent a new chapter in my life, and i'm looking forward to the future and i can't wait to share that
8:12 am
with my family. >> reporter: but the midseason finale had another surprise in store. >> i just got the blood test back, and i'm pregnant. >> whoo! >> reporter: after months of struggling to have a second child -- >> i am like so over it. >> reporter: -- kim and kanye are expecting a sibling for their daughter north who is almost 2. kris tweeting her congrats, "can't wait to meet your new little love bug." reps for "vanity fair" and jenner have not responded to you are request for comment. "vanity fair's" pictorial expected to hit stands in summer. as far as kim's pregnancy, no word on how far along kim is. her infertility has been a theme they've talked a lot about this season so now they have a happy ending. all those doctor visits and all that trying she talked about. >> she did talk about that a lot. >> they talked about that a lot. >> a little tmi. i'm glad it worked out for them. >> mara, thank you very much. next up on our "heat index," one young mother fighting back against breast-feeding shaming.
8:13 am
she fired back after a stranger posted a picture on social media questioning her for nursing her son at a restaurant. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: 20-year-old connor kendall says she was horrified to discover a picture of herself breast-feeding her baby posted on facebook by a man she claims was shaming her for doing it in public. >> shock, that was my initial response. >> reporter: the indiana mother was eating at a tgi friday's restaurant when it was time for her 4-month-old son to nurse. >> i turned away from everybody. i really didn't feel like i was that exposed. >> reporter: an unidentified man who was also eating at the restaurant snapped a photo and uploaded it to facebook. posting "i want to know if this is appropriate or inappropriate as i'm trying to eat, there are little kids around" and "could you at least cover your boob up." >> it really hurt my feelings that someone would try to shame me for taking care of my child. >> reporter: the young mother
8:14 am
was so infuriated she posted a lengthy response which has been shared online more than 63,000 times. >> i let him know that it's not okay to make me feel bad for feeding my child. i showed less than you see every day walking down the street. >> reporter: a flood of support followed on conner's facebook page with one poster saying "way to turn a bad situation into a positive one" and another one "way to stick up for yourself and all of us breast-feeding mamas." kendall wouldn't reveal the name of the man who posted the picture out of respect for his privacy but she did tell us the man later apologized to her in a private message. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> interesting ending to that story. >> yeah. next on our "heat index" a pair of nfl players trying to make a difference. st. louis ram chris long and william hayes went undercover to raise awareness about homelessness spending a night on the streets. jesse is here with their story. jesse.
8:15 am
>> thanks, robin. after passing homeless people on their way to the stadium every day long and hayes decided to put themselves in their shoes going undercover for "life on the streets" given makeup and old clothes and they went with just a few dollars in their pockets to see what it's really like to be homeless. they are superstars on the field, players for the st. louis rams. now they have gone undercover to reveal another side of the city they play in. >> excuse me, partner. can you spare maybe 50 cents? >> reporter: on espn's se featured "life on the streets" two nfl players making a remarkable decision to raise awareness for homelessness by experiencing it for themselves. >> that's me, chris long, of the st. louis rams, and that's my teammate william hayes. >> reporter: with the help of the rams community outreach staff, long and hayes transform themselves heading out to the streets of st. louis with no cell phones and a total of $8 in their pockets.
8:16 am
>> hey. where did you all just come from? >> reporter: just walking down the street in their disguises, they are quickly questioned by police and outside the home of their sunday games they beg for money. >> god bless you, man. >> the panhandling for me was an eye-opening experience. i didn't get a dollar. >> reporter: as darkness falls, another challenge, finding a place to sleep. >> you're trespassing, man. >> sorry, sir. >> reporter: on their second try deciding to camp out in the back of this truck. >> it's [ bleep ] cold. >> i'm about to die right now. >> it was the worst night i've ever had in my life. >> reporter: rising early long and hayes taking one last walk across town paying a visit to the man that ran them off the night before. >> we just wanted to apologize, man. >> and just say hello. >> reporter: his name is marty. he lives in this abandoned building with many others like nancy who hasn't seen her family in years. the building will be torn down soon. >> if i put you up for a month --
8:17 am
>> you guys would be good. that would help you out a lot? >> long and hayes generously deciding to make sure both marty and nancy have a place to stay for the next two months. >> what i do know more about now is the experience of being homeless and, you know, just what these people might feel for just a day. >> reporter: even though long and hayes are nfl football players, they quickly realized that life on the streets isn't safe. they had originally planned to stay on the streets for 48 hours but they ended it after 24 hours because they were concerned that the homeless people they were interacting with might think that they were undercover police officers. >> wow. >> yeah. >> keeping them in mind. >> hey, jesse, thank you. we want to join now as one of the players that we just saw going undercover on the streets, chris long is good enough to be with us this morning. hey, chris, thank you so much. what was the most eye-opening experience for you in all this? >> well, i think it was honestly i had a lot of expectations going in, but they were all blown out of the water.
8:18 am
it was a human element of it for me. i never felt so invisible. you know, that's something that while we could never gain the true experience of what it's like to be homeless in just 24 hours, it was never supposed to be a challenge to see if we could tough it out. it was more about putting yourself in somebody's shoes for just a second and one of the things we were able to gain was that feeling of invisibility, you know, we were panhandling right in front of the edward jones dome where we play football and not one person recognized us and there's a big picture of myself and a couple of other players right behind us on the dome. we sat outside the dome and an executive from our team walked by and didn't even recognize us, so that feeling of invisibility, you know, is just -- it really struck me and stayed with me and i kind of ask myself, do i project that same invisibility on people that are displaced and homeless and, you know, i just kind of critiqued the way i go about things. >> very powerful. >> chris, i know we saw you transform yourself physically, which is why people didn't
8:19 am
recognize you, but how did you prepare yourself mentally for this challenge? >> well, for me, you know, it wasn't as much of a how do i psych myself up for something like this. it wasn't for me about trying to get through it. it was for me about trying to prepare myself to respect the situation that i'm walking into and be sensitive, you know, in mind and action, you know, beyond just the exercise, you know, into right now, being sensitive to that problem that so many people in america have that it's a reality for them and we were just stepping in trying to raise awareness. you know, for us it wasn't for the longest time about having cameras follow us around. this was something we planned to do for a year to pair an experience with some of the money that we donated as a defensive line for a couple of years now and, you know, when espn called us, we were a little apprehensive but, you know, i think overall being able to raise the awareness that a platform like that brings will
8:20 am
make it worth it and some of our apprehensions have kind of gone away seeing some of the reactions. >> chris, you say you weren't there to prove you could tough it out. but it did seem like a pretty tough night in the back of that truck. 30 degrees. >> well, it's cold and, you know, st. louis gets very cold in the winter and a lot of cities in america get super cold in the winter, and it made you think, you know, this is a cold night and we on purpose didn't have a lot to kind of cover up and i've been camping. i've gone out, spent nights outside in colder weather but, you know, you try to imagine and pair that cold and imagine that it's maybe zero degrees down there in downtown st. louis and some of these people that aren't accessing some of the services and the shelters for whatever reason are stuck out in that cold, and maybe they have children. you know, i'm a 270-pound man but you pair that cold with that feeling of insecurity that these people might have with that lack
8:21 am
of safety that somebody has children with them or, you know, a woman who's far smaller than us, you know, that's a striking feeling. >> just real quick, we saw how you helped both marty and nancy find temporary housing. just can you just let us know quickly, have you kept in touch with them? how are they? >> yeah, we've kept in touch with them a little bit. we don't want to smother them with too many phone calls or bother them too much because, you know, you want help but some people are very prideful, and i think marty and nancy were very nice to let us kind of help them out and so we call them and check in. as of last week marty was still working at the new job he found as a foreman and nancy's accessing services that i don't think she ever would have had we not run into each other so it was good to meet them. hopefully they were lucky to meet us and, you know, we didn't assume that it was going to be a happy ending right away because it's so complicated, as you know, but we'll keep in touch
8:22 am
with them and i think just given a little effort and hopefully the awareness this raises gives us the opportunity for maybe people to set the wheels in motion for something good to happen. >> bless you for bringing awareness. thank you for being with us this morning. we certainly do appreciate it. you take care. and what he said is so true. >> thank y'all. >> thank you. how many times do you not make eye contact? you don't want to -- then for him to -- his picture to be there, people still didn't see him, educational. >> yep. hey, ginger has another check of the weather for us. >> we've got some drizzle out here. some wonderful ladies. 10-year-old birthdays. you're both 10? >> yeah. >> yeah. this is marina and this is skylar. happy birthday to them and start in louisville. they're raining too. they'll have showers throughout parts of the day. starting in the upper 50s, only going into the mid-60s but the real cold is up north in the great lakes, temperature, 42 in chicago this morning. wisconsin, 39. flint, michigan, 45. that's cold. the freeze warnings will
8:23 am
eventually get out of there and hot, hot, hot, vegas, tied a record over the weekend at 104. >> hello, i am abc7 meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. off to a wet start with drizzle this morning. a stray shower across the north bay this afternoon. it will be cooler-than-average all week with our breezy days tomorrow and wednesday. the coast is upper 50's to low 60's and a few 70's are possible inland. cloud cover tonight and drizzle but not so wet as this morning. have a >> despite the nasty weather we have a lively crowd out here. all right, you guys. >> thanks, ginger. and trending now and happening now to top "pop news," it is the end of a special romance in paris. this has been a tradition for years for lovers to celebrate their feelings with love locks signing padlocks with special
8:24 am
messages on the pont des art bridge that's leading to the eiffel tower so very romantic location then they throw the key into the river seine. but there's no love lost for the locks by the locals. they say the practice is an eye sore and city officials call it a safety hazard. part of the bridge has started collapsing under the weight of the estimated 1 million locks so as we speak, those symbols of everlasting love are being clipped. >> i know i read they weigh 45 tons. is that possible? >> that's a lot of love. >> a lot of love. >> people doubling down for sure. >> yeah. >> well. >> i feel bad for them. >> look at jesse. >> from now on, the couple also have to settle for a lip-lock in the city of romance. >> there you go. well played. well played. >> thank you. i had to find my moment. i thought this was interesting. real estate news. the house where f. scott fitzgerald began writing "the great gatsby" on the market for $3.88 million.
8:25 am
inform in this house on long island back in the early 1920s. it was a more modest version of the current seven-bedroom, six bathroom home. it was the other grand houses around this house in the waterfront community that were said to inspire fitzgerald to write "gatsby" in a room over the garage. the parties he and zelda threw in the main house were legendary as were the fitzgeralds' house rules, visitors are requested not to break down doors in search of liquor even when authorized to do so by the host and hostess. >> see, that was the small house in the neighborhood. >> yes, yes, exactly. and he would -- was it east egg and west egg, so the house is available for all of you literature lovers out there in my homeland of long island. and finally it's monday which means you're headed back to work. let's hope you don't have to work as hard as this guy. >> oh, wow. >> this bird feeder is actually designed to keep squirrels off it. nope, not this one. in the words of the great orange
8:26 am
juice jones, he's just a squirrel trying to get a nut. >> or some bird feed. >> it looks easy for any squirrel to go into a feeder. make it interesting, right? figure it out. >> i bet the ones that fall down just slide right off. but i have not seen the tenacious -- >> cirque du soleil squirrel, well played. >> cirque du squirrel. >> little known fact, jimmy kimmel's favorite song. >> yes, indeed. >> this one is for you, j.k. happy monday, everybody. that's "pop news." >> thank you. melissa mccarthy is coming up. we cannot wait for that. we'll find out what her favorite song is too. the secret lives of millionaire wives. one woman's shocking tell it all with something called the wife bonus. with something called the wife bonus.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. get ready to use 20% less water or else. water usage taking effect across the state limiting watering to twice a week and no watering between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. they will put a $48 penalty on a bill if they use four times as much as the average of 75 gallons a day. take a look at how wet it is at the richmond san rafael toll plaza. the traffic is busy coming in from castro street upstairs to the north bay. only about ten minutes. over to the nimitz, southbound side looking quite busy coming away from 238. an accident northbound at winston avenue with delays from
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. we have had measurable drizzle a few raindrops. mainly around the bay and the koeflt. coast. sunshine. as we head deeper into the forecast, we are going to see some sunshine this afternoon. temperatures in the mid-50s at the coast. it will be mainly cloudy to mid-70s inland. north bay. inland east bay. we will have a chance of a stray
8:30 am
shower in the north bay. in the mid-50s. already some low 60s. temperatures are ♪ florence and the machine. they are going to rock our party in the park this friday. cannot wait for that. >> yeah, the indy rock band led by florence welch out with a huge new album right now. just love their music. >> they'll take center stage only on "gma" and we are looking forward to that and it might be raining out here but guess who is warm and dry inside, robin with melissa mccarthy. >> i'm just here having the best morning right now because i'm with one of the funniest women on the planet. no pressure. melissa mccarthy. [ cheers and applause ] whoo! >> wow! >> telling you. a lot of love and there are no lights flashing. that's all from the heart.
8:31 am
>> gosh. >> her new movie "spy" hits theaters this friday. she plays a cia analyst with a secret crush on a secret agent jude law. ♪ hey bradley you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind hey bradley ♪ >> that's his character's name. >> just in daily life i cheer for him. yeah. >> and he appreciated that. >> he's -- i mean, he's worthy of a good couple of cheers in the morning. >> you're going to see why in just a moment because she's working behind the desk, her character and she can save the day from behind the desk and hold on to some dignity, as well. let's see. fire now. >> now. >> close one! nice work, coop. i could kiss you. >> oh. well, i would -- i would accept that with an open mouth. >> just throw that in a little bit.
8:32 am
>> just an offer. just a casual offer. >> we always enjoy when you stop by here and it seems like every character you come back with is funnier than the previous one. tell us about coop. susan cooper. >> she's -- you know what, i fell in love with her kind of immediately. i think i was on page 4 or 5 and i started screaming to my husband ben, i was like, i love her. i think i really love her. he's like, okay. you're three pages in. can you read the whole script? i was like, i really love her. >> what was it about her? >> she's just -- you know what she had such a good heart and i love that she was -- it's not often you get to read a really smart female character that's really capable and that -- she was still really sweet and then to watch her kind of start out at "a" and end up beyond "z," i mean to get to do that arc with a character and still be funny and still have a ticking clock and to kind of get that much action into one movie i just thought, oh, my god, if we can pull this off, it'll be
8:33 am
fantastic. >> there was a lot of action. you're happening from the helicopter and all that. >> yeah, yeah, being climbed statham. i mean, we did that for 3 1/2 days so hanging from a helicopter for 3 1/2 days and at a certain point i was like, what is happening exactly like if ten years ago you would have said you'll be hanging from a helicopter with jason statham, i would have said oh you've gone crazy. >> it was unbelievable. >> we were doing it. i thought there would be a trick to the action. i was like how will it look like you'll be hanging from the helicopter. the trick is you're going to be hanging from a helicopter. oh, all right. >> that's a trick and the motorcycle and high heels and everything. >> craziest thing but i loved the action. i loved it. i don't know what that says about me but i absolutely loved -- i'll take every bruise again. >> you talked about jason. this cast, come on. rose byrne. >> rose's hair. she played two characters. she played rose's character and then rose's hair.
8:34 am
>> as we -- do we have some clips of the hair because you were looking to see what would come out of it every time -- >> i always wanted to weigh it because i was like i wonder if it weighs the same or more than rose because it was -- i was impressed she could keep her neck up all day. it was at least a foot high at times. it was impressive. >> you had a couple of wigs on too. >> i like me some wigs. >> you were sporting -- what was on the bbc that i saw recently and they were showing -- >> oh, no. >> yes, yes. >> oh, god. was it -- >> yes, that's it. >> oh. >> what was that? >> oh i got flushed hot -- it's like i'm having -- someone talked me into if i wanted to be a real actor i needed to do character shots and i said i find them crazy but i think they meant like a cop, a waitress, a working stiff. i didn't really understand so i just did characters. i didn't know it meant something hirable. so i did strange characters that i had been working on at the ground links theater and when
8:35 am
they came out, it was like who is going to hire like a 26-year-old dressed like an old woman in -- making weird faces? shockingly i didn't get a lot of work from those. >> oh, but because of that, that inspired you when you went in to audition for "bridesmaids" didn't you kind of -- you didn't really audition the way they wanted you to. you kind of used your background. >> i did and also i was with -- i was running -- i was running to see with kristen wiig who i had known for so long and it was kind of great that i kind of trailed off in my head and we just started improvising and when i left, it got so strange with a romantic encounter with a dolphin that by the end i left in the whole car ride home, i was like, oh, my god. you had one shot and you just talked about being romantic with the dolphin. the whole way home i was like, you have no sense. you have no sense sometimes, so when they called and said i got it, i literally was like is this a prank? >> worked. led to an academy award nomination. still remember you on the red carpet with your mom. >> i have the picture of the three of us talking in my office. >> kristen wiig, "ghostbusters."
8:36 am
>> i mean, delicious! >> oh that's coming up. >> i cannot -- we start that in like three or four weeks and i can't wait. those women with kate and with leslie it is going to be a good time. >> well and then reu nyed with your director who is going to be coming here. >> amazing. he's the best. he's truly -- he's the kindest, most free-thinking fellow in the world. he sees no boxes for people to fit into and it's just -- it's a very joyous thing. >> yeah and we saw that with the movie. i love that your boss was a woman. >> it doesn't occur to him. i don't think he's trying to -- everyone is like he's figured it out. no, he's not thinking about it. he doesn't put limits on anything, and that's where his real genius comes in. his heart. >> how are the girlies? i know you brought them to budapest with you. >> we've been all over in atlanta, chicago, we're officially turned gypsy. >> well, it is always -- a little cameo from your husband, as well. tell him i like pop ice better too.
8:37 am
just so -- >> i will tell him. i'll spread the word. >> also you have to stay through the credits, okay. stay seated through the credits. >> all the way through. there may be two -- that's all i'm going to say. there's two rounds of it. >> oh, really. >> well at the very -- did you see the very very end? >> yes, i did. remember, i got -- >> oh, no. >> "spy" opens. see, now you got to see it. then you'll know what we're talking about. "spy" opens nationwide on friday. once again, melissa mccarthy, gracious to be here at "good morning america." >> thank you. really wide awake. really wide awake. >> let's get out to ginger. >> it's amazing. >> thanks, melissa. look what we found, a little pocket in the southwest. we've got new mexico and -- >> arizona. >> arizona. heating up over by them. but cooling down in the pacific northwest. the pattern has changed. it has been warm for places like portland. but look at seattle this morning. only in the 50s heading only into the 60s and, yes, the showers are back, even some thunderstorms along the oregon coast and into the mountains there.
8:38 am
temperature only 67 for a high in medford today. here in the northeast same deal happening. a pretty raw day in boston, only in the 50s, rainshowers and storms along the stationary flood. that's why we have the flash >> it is a moist monday morning, hello to you. i am meteorologist mike nicco. check out what will happen this morning. a stray shower across the north bay. a little bit of sunshine with mid-50s at the coast and mid-70s inland. cooler-than-average again. it will be that way for the >> we've got a s >> and we've got a sneak peek at tonight's episode of "the bachelorette" right now on the group date, clint -- or the group date, clint is playing coy and decides he wants kaitlyn to come to him to make an effort to impress him. take a look. >> i definitely want to talk to her tonight. get some one-on-one time. >> i think i might hang back tonight, and if she wants to talk to me -- >> why? >> -- we can talk. >> i don't think that's -- you should do that.
8:39 am
>> i think it's her move. >> after the date that we had i would think that if she cared about getting to know me anymore, i would expect her to put forth a little bit of an effort so i feel like tonight if she wants to talk to me she has every opportunity. >> oh, clint. you can watch an extended sneak peek at our website on yahoo! and see what happens tonight on "the bachelorette" at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on abc. lara. >> yeah ginger and then tomorrow we'll have our friend jen winer here to discuss. right now, time to yahoo! your day and just in time for the summer we have some quick and easy workouts to keep the coolest celebs fit. abc's sara haines is one of them. she tried it out. ♪ yahoo ♪ >> reporter: rihanna, katy perry, megan fox, they're the red hot red carpet bods we all dream of having. but just how do they stay so fit and fabulous?
8:40 am
first we turn to michele promaulayko, editor in chief of "yahoo! health" to get some tips on how to help you burn some more fat. >> choose snacks that work for you so a combination of protein and fiber. protein actually boosts your metabolism and fiber keeps you fuller longer. you don't really need to fuel your workout nor do you need to eat right after because if you do that you're just going to offset the calories you worked so hard to burn. >> reporter: with that in mind we hit crunch gym in new york city turning to celebrity trainer harley pasternak to get his quick a-list workout moves to help you fit it in. first the skull theed arms. >> this is called a modified press-up. we're going to lay on the ground, you're going to put your hands shoulder width apart with your palm down so from this position you're going to press up as high as you can and then you'll come down two-thirds of the way and press up. >> reporter: next megan fox's killer abs. >> the next move is a plank and you're going to imagine
8:41 am
there's a string that goes from your tailbone and you're being pulled straight up to the ceiling. make sure your heels don't move back. crunching up, four more. >> reporter: what about lady gaga's to die for derriere? >> this is called a single leg hip thrust. lay on your back. when you think you can't push them higher push them higher. there you go. it's that last 10% that will make the difference. >> whoa. i can feel it. >> reporter: jessica simpson's flawlessly toned legs. >> this is called the bulgarian lunge. specifically your left arch and heel, down and up. pick up the pace a little. down, up. down, up. so all the pressure is right here. >> oh, yeah. >> five. snon non nonstopping, four no stopping, three, two, switch sides. >> reporter: ow. workout secrets to the stars to help you get one closer to your dream bod. >> burns, right? >> reporter: for "good morning america," sara haines, abc news, new york.
8:42 am
>> sara is looking good. and those are some easy moves, not easy to do but easy to understand kind of. coming up on "good morning america," we have something that may not be easy to understand. secret lives of millionaire wives. one woman telling all about the competition and something she's calling the wife bonus. we'll explain on "good morning america." on his quest, jack searched the globe for a flavorful spice coveted by kings and sultans. at last, he found it. exotic black pepper. jack knew what he had to do. trade his most beloved possession. and that's how far jack went to bring you the black pepper cheeseburger. black pepper cheese and peppercorn mayo. the black pepper cheeseburger. taste it before it's gone.
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tt2wút3n@/4 bt@qx
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we're back now with a buzzy new book that goes behind closed doors in one of america's most exclusive neighborhoods. it's called "primates of park avenue." it reveals one woman's up close and personal encounter with new york's wealthiest families. mara schiavocampo back with the inside scoop. hey, mara. >> hey, george. she calls them the glamorous stay-at-home moms, women that manage a household staff that need full hair and makeup to drop their kids off at school and will spend any amount of money to keep up with the joneses. manhattan's upper east side, multimillion dollar penthouses and meticulously dressed women. >> oh, look at that. there's a huge imperative to be thin and fit and beautiful. >> reporter: meet wednesday martin. this author and mother of two is peeling back the curtain on a specific set of women she calls glamorous stay-at-home moms dishing on their secret life in her fourth coming memoir, "primates of park avenue." she says that one of the benefits to being in this tribe is a yearly wife bonus handed out by the husband.
8:46 am
the wife bonus, the idea that some of these wives that their wealthy husbands were giving them a performance bonus at the end of the year like so many people get at work. tell me about that. >> this is one of the things that they describe to me. and what's interesting is that now we're seeing people posting stories, i get a bonus, mine's not performance based. why i'm proud of it. why i think it's retrograde. it's kind of started a conversation. >> reporter: we spent the day with her last week. >> now i have on my social face. >> reporter: martin first joined this exclusive world in 2004. it's like "mean girls." in reading it it felt like a high school you were describing. is that how it felt? >> we talk about power dynamics in the workplace, but these power dynamics exist between the women of the sandbox set as well. >> reporter: we tag along as wednesday heads to meet one of the all-important fixtures of the tribe, her cosmetic dermatologist. >> little fine lines in through here. we're going to do botox when you're ready.
8:47 am
>> reporter: next it's off to fifth avenue where wednesday links with her girlfriend barbara. >> it costs $85,000 a year just to be beautiful enough to play ball in the worlds that i lived in and clothing is a big part of that. >> reporter: the ladies decide to lunch at michael's. the spot to see and be seen. >> it matters who you know where you sit, who's around you. >> reporter: an inside look at a very unique tribe in this concrete jungle. now, the revelation of those wife bonuses has gotten an awful lot of attention. but, you know one point that a lot of people are making that with all the glamour in these lives, these women have no financial independence because their husbands are controlling all the purse strings so that's one of the more serious aspects. >> the bonus makes them feel -- >> more independent? >> they can tuck it away. they can put it in a bank account. they can save it for a rainy day. they can do whatever they like. >> is is it really called a performance bonus? >> she's saying this is a performance-based wife bonus. >> are you taking notes, lara?
8:48 am
>> no i just find the term performance bonus interesting. >> absurd. >> your bonus is getting cut by 30%. >> robin, you're just shaking your head. >> i'm just a little girl from mississippi trying to figure it out. >> all right. a lot of people are talking about this one. for more on wednesday martin and her book "primates of park avenue," tune in to "nightline" tonight.
8:49 am
mmm, red white and blue pancakes. it's patriotism on a plate. i bet washington and jefferson would have eaten these. and at $4.99, that's less than a lincoln. red, white & blue pancakes are back
8:50 am
and only $4.99. denny's. welcome to america's diner. ♪ wouldn't it be ♪ wouldn't it be nice ♪ so much buzz about "love and mercy," the highly anticipated new movie about the beach boys' co-founder and troubled pop icon brian wilson. he's played in his early days by paul dano. and we have a clip. here he is in the studio producing the band's classic album, "pet sounds" along with a few pets. ♪ >> yeah. so here. ♪ >> no. it's like a gasp in between. >> woof. [ dogs barking ] >> woof, woof, woof.
8:51 am
woof, woof, woof. [ dogs barking ] ♪ >> cut! i think we got it. chuck, mix that in with the sound of the train going by at the end. >> all right. >> chuck, you think we could get a horse in here? >> paul dano, well played. thank you for being with us this morning. as we mentioned, you play brian wilson in his early days, john cusack plays him in his later years. and it's been said that john wanted to meet brian but it was professionally strategic for you not to meet brian initially. >> yeah, i mean, one, brian seems like one of the most sort of open and raw spirits there is and so i just didn't want to fall into the idea of trying to mimic him in any way. it was sort of about the spirit of the music, so i spent months listening to the studio sessions, learning to play the piano, learning to try to sing and then i felt like i could meet him because i was already in touch with his spirit. >> and you are a musician. you sang and played guitar in
8:52 am
bands before. taking this role on you've been on broadway. what was it like trying to re-create the legend of brian wilson? >> you know at first the idea of it is scary but it turned out to be the most fun i've ever had acting by like miles. >> why? >> i mean, i just -- it's the music. you know, and that was the quickest way to the character, brian is in the music and to wake up every day and sit down at the piano and try to play "surf's up" or "god only knows" or "you still believe in me ♪ >> some of the best. >> just to wake up and find yourself in the character -- it was such a gift to also work with so many musicians, hang out with so many cool people. >> such a complex story. such a complex man in his younger days. how would you describe brian wilson, the younger man? >> oh, brian is a complicated guy, but he's one of the more beautiful people that i've ever come in contact with, and i really do think that he had a gift and was sort of -- he still
8:53 am
had his kid with him like i think when we become adults, we often build up an extra layer of skin to sort of help deal with the world. i don't think brian ever really was able to grow that extra layer, so he's just one of the most open, sort of beautiful spirits that i've ever known. >> when you and brian finally met, what was that moment like? >> oh, it was so good. it was so good. and you know what, he had heard me sing at that point. i was so nervous to hear him say -- and he said, paul dano, you sing good, and i will never forget -- i mean, it was -- i wanted to cry. it was like the nicest thing i've ever heard. >> i can see it in your face. well played and well sung, i'm sure. i cannot wait
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by subway. >> we barreled right through this monday. >> we certainly did. >> have a great one, everyone. >> well said. >> well said.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. san francisco mayor ed lee will unveil a budget to hire hundreds of new police officers, firefighters and 911 dispatchers, to create 1200 city jobs. we have some gray skies still. mike? still some drizzle out there. once in a while, the drops get big enough to call it light rain. you can see it right here. as we cross the richmond san rafael bridge. thatily with be the case for the next several hours. once we get into the afternoon hours, we will focus in the north bay. my accuweather seven-day forecast, below average. still recovering from an earlier problem on b.a.r.t. due to earlier track maintenance and medical emergencies on the train. daly city, an accident t in effect
9:00 am
for a little while involving a b announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, host of "the late late show with james corden." and from the new film, juries-world -- juries world bryce dallas howard. plus to bee or not bee. the co-hosts challenge the 2015 scripps national spelling bee winners. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are emmy award winners kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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