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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 5, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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i'm dan ashley and we appreciate your time and we'll see you again in half an hour. tonight, outbreak. tornadoes touching down. the watches right now. the stunning images. >> tornado on the ground! >> dozens of homes ripped apart. this pickup is lifted. the sinkhole, the patrol car plummeting. the major accident scene, a train colliding with a truck. the passenger plane, the fire in the cockpit. you can hear the pilot. >> we have an emergency. the abc news exclusive. this boy and his onetime coach, former speaker dennis hastert. for the first time, one of the families. what she says happened to her brother. and the moment she confronted hastert. ask the urgent hunt at this hour. they're being called the modern-day bonnie and clyde. accused of dragging a police
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officer. good evening. great to have you with us on a friday night. we begin with that twister outbreak and tornado threat. colorado, this giant tornado touching down. 5 million americans in the storm zone. flash flood watches in seven states, a tornado watch in colorado again. a car in colorado, dwarfed by the tornado. this home outside denver, the roof entirely gone. and also from denver, this is hail you're looking at. they're using heavy machinery to get rid of it. saturated earth, a sinkhole swallowing a police car. the officer calling from inside the giant hole. rob marciano with the storm track. but first, neal karlinsky in colorado. neal? >> reporter: david, good evening. just imagine being inside this house when the storm hit. it didn't just blow off the roof here, but this wall and in fact the entire side of the house.
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and this is just one of roughly 30 homes ravaged here by tornadoes overnight. >> tornado on the ground! >> reporter: at one point there were so many tornadoes on the ground, so much hail and rain. >> oh, my god. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: alvin allmendinger wasn't sure how he'd make it out. his house, peeling away around him. >> just as we got to the basement, the roof totally collapsed in on top of us. >> reporter: tonight, his home among those damaged as twisters ripped their way through colorado. storm chaser verne carlson, camera rolling, found himself inside a funnel cloud. with debris flying, his 4,500-pound ford pickup was lifted off the ground and damaged. >> the truck was rocking back and forth. it was like being in a blender. >> reporter: in denver, sergeant greg miller driving down the street looking for storm victims, suddenly crashed through the pavement. smashing his patrol unit, banging his face and cutting his leg deep. were you confused, thinking, what the -- >> yeah, i was a little confused, like, what just happened?
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when i'm looking out, i'm seeing the dirt walls basically and then hearing the water. i knew, yeah, i'm in the ground. >> reporter: it was a massive sinkhole. with water flowing in, a broken radio and a gas line right next to him, miller climbed through a window and scaled his way out. so much hail fell in denver, it took heavy machinery to shovel it all. kansas was hard-hit too. drivers forced off the road overnight by blinding wind and rain. and in missouri, this big truck swamped as torrential rains caused flash flooding, wreaking havoc on motorists. just to give you a sense again of the force, look at this truck that's been toppled upside-down in their yard. remarkably, nobody around here was seriously injured, but the entire area is under a threat of more storms again tonight. david? >> and the threat continues. so, let's go to rob. tracking it all for you. >> day four, another tornado watch for colorado. denver, the springs, smack in the middle. and more moisture with these tonight. watches extending to the
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canadian border and kansas city, still in a flash flood watch. change is afoot. moving to the east, nebraska and iowa, and sunday, from st. louis to cincinnati. and hurricane blanca. a category one storm. that's the good news. two storms already getting impacts across the desert southwest. we'll get more rain across the desert southwest. almost unheard-of. >> thanks. dramatic images coming from illinois, a train colliding with this rig. more than 200 passengers aboard, evacuated. it was traveling from san antonio, texas, to chicago. an investigation under way, but no serious injuries reported. now to a close call to plane making an emergency landing after a fire in the cockpit. tonight, the pilot and co-pilot you're about to hear their call
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for help. here's david kerley. >> reporter: passengers on the runway. this dash eight turbo prop was on final approach when they called out, fire. >> we have a fire in the cockpit. we're going to declare an emergency. >> roger. >> reporter: a pilot's worst nightmare. it sounds like they put on their oxygen masks. >> got some smoke in the cockpit. we have -- there is a flame but i think we'll be able to get it on the ground quickly. we have a visual. >> reporter: the united express flight from newark to hartford had 39 onboard. >> just, if you could, roll in the fire trucks, please. >> yep, they'll be out there waiting. >> we're going to do an emergency evacuation. >> reporter: tense moments as the plane nears the airport. firefighters at the ready. >> chief one, watch for arrival. touching down now. >> reporter: the pilots had been able to put out the fire, land, and evacuate their plane. nobody was hurt among the passengers or crew. the plane is out of service tonight. they want to figure out what started the fire in the cockpit. >> david, thank you. we turn to the abc news exclusive. reaction pouring in after our
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interview, a family breaking its silence with allegations against former speaker of the house dennis hastert. a onetime student at the school where hastert taught and coached. a picture of the wrestling team from the yearbook. the family saying hastert sexually abused their brother. brian ross with what the family says hastert wrote to their loved one in the yearbook. reporter: tonight, one of hastert's alleged victims identified. this young man, steve reinboldt, the student manager for hastert's high school wrestling team, who hastert called in that 1970 yearbook inscription, his great, right hand man. >> he damaged steve, i think, more than any of us will ever know. >> reporter: speaking publicly for the first time, reinboldt's sister jolene says her late brother revealed what she called the dark secret of abuse when he told her he was gay. >> i asked him, when was your first same-sex experience?
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he looked at me and said that it was with dennis hastert. and i just, i know, i was stunned. i said, why didn't you ever tell anybody, stevie? he was your teacher. why didn't you ever tell anybody? he just looked at me and said, who is ever going to believe me in this town? who is ever going to believe me? >> reporter: hastert became a kind of father figure for her brother, she says. as a member of an explorer's troop run by hastert, reinboldt was among a handful of young men hastert took to the bahamas, seen in these photos reinboldt took of the boys and hastert relaxing. >> here was the mentor, the man who was, you know, basically his friend, who was the one who was abusing him. >> reporter: steve reinboldt died of a.i.d.s. in 1995. his sister says she confronted then-congressman hastert when he showed up unexpectedly at the funeral home. >> he just stood there and stared at me, and then i just continued to say, i want you to know that your secret didn't die
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in there with my brother. and i want you to remember that i'm out here, and that i know. >> reporter: then two weeks ago, she says, the fbi showed up at her door to ask about her big brother steve and tell her dennis hastert was about to be indicted. >> there are no words to describe what it felt like to, you know, it's just like, stevie, we've done it. it's going to happen. we got him. >> reporter: his sister says neither she nor her brother ever asked for any money. and the former speaker has not responded to our request for comment. >> you said she first reached out to you years ago. why did she go on the record now? >> she raised her allegations off the record nine years ago. she says she's going public in the hope that other alleged victims will feel they're not alone. >> thank you. and tonight, new clues in
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the murder mystery in washington, d.c. the home set on fire. tonight, a major new development. two cars, a key part of the investigation. and what they discovered inside. here's ryan smith. >> reporter: tonight, authorities revealing what was inside the car with a suspected killer charged with murder in that quadruple homicide and fire in this d.c. mansion. police finding two knives, cash, cell phones, money orders, and clothing in a chevy cruise carrying daron wint when he was arrested in connection with the death. according to a search warrant. and in a ford truck carrying others traveling with wint during that arrest, cash, money orders, and a cell phone. the five people detained with wint were released within hours of his arrest and have not been charged. sharp objects, key to this case, because an autopsy revealed sharp force injuries were what killed the three adults. the evidence in this case piling up. this boot print found on the mansion's side door. that door, broken near the lock
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suggesting forced entry according to another warrant. and today authorities once more scoured the burned out mansion for evidence. later, erecting a fence around its perimeter. the search for clues continues. police believe wint had accomplices, but we don't know who they may be. police haven't revealed any other suspects at this point. >> thank you. to colorado, the suspected serial shooter. a driver and bicyclist shot. authorities asking if a third attack could be linked. all three cases within a 15-mile radius. they've all started on this stretch of american highway. tonight, the fear in the communities. here's ryan owens in colorado. >> reporter: the search for a possible serial sniper in colorado has moved from the street to the crime lab. tonight, scientists are scrambling to figure out if the ballistics match. did all the bullets come from the same gun? >> this has people shaking and
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wondering if one person is behind all of this. >> reporter: the shootings have happened in a 15-mile radius of the town of loveland in northern colorado. the latest victim, 65-year-old william connole, a grandfather shot and killed on his walk wednesday night. >> it's very scary. you don't want to walk at night. >> reporter: two others have been hit. cori romero survived. john jacoby, shot and killed. police say they have connected those two shootings, but are still working to determine if the most recent one is the work of the same shooter. even if the ballistics do match, experts say it's not uncommon for a shooter to change weapons. trying to throw off police. either way, there's real concern on the streets someone else may get shot. david? >> thank you. now to the massive data breach. 4 million current and former government employees. their private information hacked. federal sources pointing the
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finger at china tonight. china responding with a message of its own for the u.s. pierre thomas tonight. >> reporter: the hack of office of personnel management computers has exposed the names, dates of birth and social security numbers of those 4 million current and former government employees. but the office also conducts 90% of federal security clearances. >> imagine if they get enough information about an individual who has got a security clearance. they can start to learn how to target those individuals as potential espionage targets, maybe blackmail. >> reporter: the breach was discovered in april and sources say the evidence points back to china. but china has denied the allegations. even saying the u.s. should show more trust and participate more in cooperation. >> pierre, any sense how long this has been going on? >> they may have been inside the computers for as long as four months. the fear is that they may have been vacuum-cleaning mountains of information all that time. >> thank you. overseas to china, the ferry
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capsized. rescure teams using cranes to lift it upright. they drilled holes to search for survivors, but as of tonight, 14 are alive, at least 97 dead, more than 300 still missing. and to iraq, tariq aziz the 8 of spades in the infamous deck of cards, has died. at the age of 79, he was behind bars at the time of his death. and to pennsylvania, the teenagers wanted in two states. police say armed and dangerous. accused of a crime spree, dragging a police officer. and tonight, still on the run. here's linsey davis. reporter: an intense search tonight for two teens on a multistate crime spree. >> we got a modern day bonnie and clyde out here from ohio. >> reporter: police say 15-year-old rose may and 16-year-old triston kindle, stole shotgun shells from this ohio wal-mart before taking off in a stolen truck.
5:44 pm
pennsylvania state police say they found the truck abandoned in the woods. at another location, they found cash and clothes. the duo is accused of an armed robbery at this mini mart about an hour south of pittsburgh. >> officer was injured. >> reporter: a responding officer allegedly dragged by their stolen getaway car. >> they were pulling out in a truck. grabbed the male. he was dragged out of the parking lot. >> reporter: police now scouring the area. searching by air, foot and atv. they are considered to be armed, dangerous, and desperate. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> thank you. still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. the little boy kidnapped, and the frantic search. but the alert bus driver saving the day when he saw who was getting onboard. details coming up. and the "real money" team, to buy or to lease a car? the new trick, the nearly new car we found for $8,000 less.
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finally tonight here, any parent knows, getting your children up for school in the morning is a real challenge. but sending them off with instruments larger than they are? instruments they never thought they'd play? tonight, a journey and a gift that ends in perfect harmony. our persons of the week. >> my name is mauricio. i'm 12 years old. >> i'm liliana. i'm 11 years old. >> my name is will and i'm 13 years old. >> my name is megan, and -- is it how many years? >> the instruments their parents never thought they would play.
5:57 pm
parents that couldn't afford music lessons. opening his bedroom door, brushing his teeth, carrying his viola, donated by the program. two hours after school, practicing. leslie getting a ride to school. her father, a cabdriver. after school, her mother carrying the cello. and megan, playing her cello at home in pink slippers. every day, her ride to school, an hour and a half. the city bus, subway, and another bus. they're among a group of eight that have been practicing for years. showing such promise, they're chosen to perform with the new york philharmonic. we're going take you into the rehearsal. minutes to go. remember mauricio? play a little something for me? ♪ >> justin and his trombone. we told him what we've already heard from the musicians.
5:58 pm
i heard you also like some football. >> yes. >> they told us they see something in you. did you know that? >> no. >> you didn't. this performance, with the new york philharmonic. ♪ leslie's mom, the giant smile. megan's parents, capturing an image. the final moments. ♪ [ applause ] >> and then the medals for the eight faces, whose parents never imagined their children would make music. so we choose those young musicians. thei tonight some of the stars of the nba finals drop in where kids are encouraged to live learn, and play.
5:59 pm
>> will the warriors get an arena in san francisco? the environmental impact it could have. >> and governor brown checks up on south bay water users. tonight one place you can get the water you need. >> the fbi arrested an armed and danger robber who has been targeting bay area banks. >> vic lee is in the newsroom with the story you'll see only an abc7 news. >> fbi and local police became more and more concerned because it began threatening teller was a gun. they did not know who he was because he slipped through the federal system of checks and balances
6:00 pm
between march and the beginning of the fbi, the fbi figured he robbed nine banks six in san francisco one in antioch, one in elk grove and the 9th in san rafael. >> he first brandished a knife then displayed a handgun. >> reliable sources tell us the 48-year-old was completed his term in prison when transported to a halfway house here in the tender loin. in march, he disappeared from the facility and our sources say his robbery spree began. abc7 news learned federal authorities failed to issue an arrest warrant after he


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