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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 9, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. new this morning, on the run. the prison worker being questioned by police after that daring prison break. what did she know about the escape? as we hear exclusively from the two people who say they came face to face with those escaped killers in their backyard. >> lucky to be alive. happening now, health alert. the desperate search for the hundreds of people who may have come into contact with a woman infected with a dangerous strain of tuberculosis. the patient in isolation this morning after traveling around the country for months. dr. besser is here with the latest. pool party chaos. outrage rising as new video this morning emerges of what really happened at that suburban texas pool sparking that wild scene. a police officer throwing a teenage girl to the ground. we're hearing from the kid who recorded the disturbing video. why he thought lives were in danger.
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♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ hope solo on top of her game last night making save after save after save. >> save, solo. >> leading team usa to a big win over australia as they look to avenge their loss four years ago and recapture world cup glory. and good morning, america. what a game last night. hope solo saved the day and, robin, team usa really needed to start off strong here. >> and they did with a 3-1 victory. they have sweden on friday. it's called the group of death. >> a tough one. >> yes. paula faris is going to be in winnipeg for us in a little bit. we begin with that massive manhunt for those escaped killers. we're learning new details about the prison employee who was questioned by police.
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and we're also hearing exclusively from the people who came face to face with those two killers, moments after they got loose. abc's gio benitez is outside that prison in upstate new york with the latest. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning, robin. listen, the key question right now, was this an inside job? we have also now learned these prisoners had special privileges, because of good behavior. so investigators want to know if all of that helped them escape. abc news has learned investigators are questioning this prison employee, joyce mitchell, an industrial training supervisor at the clinton correctional facility to find out what exactly she knew about the dramatic escape of two convicted murderers. still at large this morning, despite a frantic, all-night manhunt. mitchell has worked at the prison since 2010 supervising inmate work assignments and lives about an hour away with her son and husband. abc news has learned the prisoners, one convicted of killing a sheriff's deputy, the other killing his boss, were
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housed on a floor for well-behaved inmates called the honor block, where the perks included getting to work as assistants to plumbers and electricians. even allowed to wear civilian clothes instead of prison-issued garb. two local residents are the only people known to have come face to face with the cold-blooded killers minutes after their escape. >> the one guy with a buzz cut had a guitar on his back, the guitar case. >> reporter: a guitar case. >> a black guitar case. >> reporter: okay. >> and they were wearing darker jeans. one with the case had the white t-shirt. >> reporter: the friends, who wished not to be named, told me they unexpectedly stumbled upon the escapees in their backyard shortly after returning home at 12:30 a.m. so what did you say? you immediately yelled something at them. >> i see them -- i ask them what the hell are you doing in my yard? get the hell out of here. and he was like, sorry, i didn't know where i was. i'm on the wrong street. >> reporter: prison officials wouldn't realize the two escaped until five hours later.
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and now, once you know who it was that you saw, what do you think? >> lucky to be alive, man. >> reporter: and you heard one of the witnesses there talking about that guitar case. well, you can bet investigators will be looking into whether a guitar case was used to carry out those power tools. george? >> yeah, they will. okay, gio, thanks very much. we turn to that urgent health alert. a woman with a rare, drug-resistant form of tuberculosis is in isolation at the national institutes of health. she came to the u.s. from india seven weeks ago and now officials are trying to track down anyone who may have come in contact with her. abc's david kerley has the latest from the bethesda medical center in maryland. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. the woman is in isolation in this clinic behind me that you see higher. and that difficult task under way this morning, trying to contact the hundreds of people in three different states she may have come in contact with. this morning, with the patient in isolation, the daunting task of trying to contact the hundreds of people who may have been in contact with the woman since she arrived in the u.s. nearly two months ago.
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this strain of tuberculosis is dangerous because it's resistant to drug treatment. the centers for disease control tells abc news the woman, who arrived on a flight from india into chicago's o' hare airport seven weeks ago, the first part of april, knew she had tuberculosis. in fact, she came to the u.s. for treatment. the woman had been treated in india on more than one occasion but never completed that therapy. the problem, after the woman arrived in chicago she traveled to missouri and to tennessee meeting health officials in those three states trying to find out who she had contact with and notify them as well as the passengers who were on her flight from india. while tuberculosis requires close contact, it can be spread through the air. it's unlikely anyone on the plane was infected. but health officials are taking no chances. which is why they are trying to contact all these people, find who she talked to. who she met with. george, she is being treated here and remains in stable condition this morning.
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>> okay, david, thanks very much. let's bring in rich besser for more on this. as david said right there, officials don't believe that anybody on the plane was infected, but this could be serious. >> yeah, this is a big deal. and it's not because this type of tb is more contagious. but if you get this xdrtb, 70% of the time, it's fatal. she got her infection the way most do. starting tb treatment, which could take six months to a year and not completing the drug therapy. >> what are officials doing? >> well, the good news is, tb is not contagious like a cold or the flu. you need a lot of hours of close contact. but they're going to want to come in contact -- going to want to test and monitor anyone who had close contact with her during that time she was traveling around. on the plane, anyone in her row, two rows in front, or two rows behind. they'll be tested and monitored for two months to see if they have the infection. >> rich besser, thanks very much. all right, george now to another story we have for you, the massive security breach, personal information for at least 4 million government workers stolen.
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intelligence experts are worried this is just the first wave of a major attack which could be used to spy on americans. abc's pierre thomas has exclusive new details from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we have disturbing new evidence today that the hack of the office of personnel management is worse than we knew, with potentially enormous national security implications. abc news has learn eded intelligence officials fear hackers who targeted the office of personnel management may have launched the first phase of a sweeping spy campaign against the united states government. private information about 4 million current and former government employees appears to have been compromised in one of the most devastating breaches ever, a cyberattack that authorities worry goes way beyond identity theft. among those government workers potentially hit, many working in key positions. some current and former cabinet secretaries, fbi agents and analysts conducting sensitive investigation, secret service personnel including agents who
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protect the president. it's just the kind of information u.s. adversaries would covet. >> a government could use all of this private information about federal workers, especially those who may have security clearances, to advance an espionage agenda. >> reporter: the president described the growing threat at the g-7 summit. >> both state and nonstate actors are sending everything they've got at trying to breach these systems. >> reporter: no final conclusions but sources say the evidence points to hackers working on behalf of the chinese government. and those sources appear stunned that the government would house so much vital information about so many key employees in one apparently unsecure place. george. >> such a massive breach, okay, pierre, thanks very much. we're going to get the latest now on former house speaker dennis hastert. he was once one of the most powerful men in government. today he'll be in court facing charges of bank fraud and lying to the fbi, all to cover up sexual abuse during his time as a high school wrestling coach. brian ross is outside the courthouse in chicago, good morning, brian.
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>> reporter: good morning, george. like any accused criminal, the former speaker of the house will have to walk into the main entrance of the courthouse here today, wait his turn to enter a plea and will be booked and fingerprinted by u.s. marshals. a stunning fall from grace to a man once second in line to the presidency. hastert emerged from hiding monday leaving his vacation home in wisconsin. as he stopped to clean the car's windshield, it was the first times a tert had been seen in public since his indictment a week and half ago. he and his wife drove to their home in plano, illinois, as hastert engaged a new lawyer who said neither he nor hastert would have any comment on the charges the former speaker violated federal bank laws and lied to the fbi. federal authorities say the charges involve efforts to hide alleged sexual misconduct when hastert served as a popular high school wrestling coach in yorkville, illinois, decades ago. according to the indictment, he
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agreed to pay $3.5 million to an "individual a" who was an alleged victim. since the indictment, a second person has also been identified as an alleged sexual abuse victim. >> there are no words to describe what it felt like to, you know, it was just like stevie, we've done it. it's going to happen. we got him. >> reporter: the sister of the late stephen reinboldt, the team equipment manager, told abc news her brother told her he had been molested by coach hastert between 1967 and 1971. reinboldt's sister says neither she nor her brother asked for money from hastert. the identity of the other victim, who the fbi says did receive more than $1 million in hush money from hastert, remains a mystery. >> all right, brian, thank you. the growing outrage over the police officer pulling his gun at a pool barth and throwing a girl to the ground. this morning, we're learning
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more about what set off that scene. and hearing from the young man who shot that video. abc's steve osunsami is in mckinney, texas, with all those details. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, robin. even the kids who were here at the pool party say it was just one of the officers who was a little more excited than the others. police this morning are asking families here to be patient while they investigate what happened. this morning, we're hearing from the teenager who recorded this disturbing video of the chaos outside this private pool in mckinney, texas. >> in the grass! >> reporter: 15-year-old brandon brooks is telling kdaf-tv that corporal eric casebolt, who remains on administrative leave this morning, seemed to flip out long before he is seen pushing the face of this 15-year-old girl in the dirt. >> on your face! >> when he pulled his gun, my heart dropped as soon as he pulled out his gun. i thought he was going to shoot that kid. that was very scary. >> reporter: that's casebolt after arriving on the scene
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racing so fast he falls. but doesn't miss a beat. >> he trips and drops his flashlight then he's going crazy putting people in handcuffs. >> it seemed like the officer was going for the african-american kids? >> i do feel it's true because i was one of the only white people in the area when it was -- when that was happening. and you can see in part of the video where he tells us to sit down. and he kind of like skips over me and tells all my african-american friends to go sit down. >> reporter: by the end of the video he's sitting on the 15-year-old with his knees pressing into her back. >> he told me to keep walking. and i kept walking. then i'm guessing he thought we were saying rude stuff to him. >> reporter: this morning we're learning more about what started it all. police were responding to a fight between a handful of white residents and black teenagers who were here for an
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end-on-the end-of-the-schoolyear party posted on twitter. >> she hit me in my face. that's when both of the women attacked me. >> reporter: the families both black and white say the teenagers were the ones out of control. >> i think he did what he thought he had to do to control the situation. >> what do we want? >> reporter: kids at the pool at a protest march say white residents were targeting black kids, and not white ones. >> he questioned just us. >> he didn't question me, if i had my pool pass, which i did. >> reporter: corporal casebolt is a navy veteran and in 2008 was named officer of the year. he couldn't be reached for comment. robin? >> all right, steve. as you said the investigation continues. thank you. now to amy with the other top developing stories right now starting with more troubling news about airport security. >> that's right, robin. a government investigation has revealed a new flaw in airport security. homeland security saying the tsa failed to identify more than 70 airport workers with potential links to terrorism. whether any of them proved to be dangerous was kept secret in the report. the investigation blamed the tsa's lack of access to certain watch list data.
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we could learn more during a hearing on capitol hill today. a man who spent 43 years in solitary confinement could soon finally walk free. albert woodfox was convicted of killing a louisiana prison guard back in 1972. but a judge has now overturned that conviction and ordered woodfox cannot be tried again. woodfox has long maintained his innocence. the state is expected to appeal the ruling. and major league baseball says it will re-examine fan safety at ballparks following that frightening incident at fenway park. a woman suffering life-threatening injuries when she was hit with a broken bat. she is now in fair condition, one possible change would require teams to extend protective netting. and one daredevil is surely at the top of his game. take a look at his latest stunt, he's the first person in the world to stand on top of the arch that rises nearly 450 feet over london's wembley stadium. it took three months to plan the climb up to the top.
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and he told fans this stunning view comes with a don't try this at home warning. fair enough, didn't need that warning. 24-year-old james kingston. i like how people describe him, an urban adventurer. >> that's one way. i'm going to do a symbol. >> that's a good description. >> keep that topic bar up the whole time. don't try this at home. >> do try this at home, watch some great sports. all over tv these days. "gma" at the world cup, team usa kicking off its quest for glory last night. the women facing australia in one of the biggest sporting events in the world. our paula faris was at the winnipeg stadium in canada for all of the action. good morning to you, paula. >> reporter: good morning, lara. you know, over 31,000 fans packed this stadium for that game. the team told us afterwards so many, it felt like a home game. they drove in from south dakota, they drove in from st. louis, philadelphia, even florida, all
7:16 am
to watch team usa begin its quest for the cup. >> rapinoe shoots. >> reporter: a decisive 3-1 victory over australia in the first group stage match. u.s. goalkeeper hope solo laser focused and on top of her game with save after save. >> save, solo! >> she saved us, yeah, i told her as we were walking off the field at half, thank you. >> reporter: the embattled star's performance seemingly unaffected by her tumultuous private life. the coach saying the team has moved past those domestic abuse allegations. >> a shot! >> she's the best keeper in the world and looked really sharp for the last three or four months. >> reporter: this american squad a mix of youth and experience. five players making their world cup debuts including 26-year-old christen press. >> press, shot. >> reporter: scoring in the 63rd minute to put team usa ahead. >> i've been dreaming of this moment my whole life and, of course, in my dreams there's always goals. >> reporter: but it was megan rapinoe, who added two goals,
7:17 am
including the clincher. >> the second one just was a nail, i think, in the coffin for us in that game and just put it away. [ chanting ] >> all: usa. usa! >> reporter: team usa ready to avenge their 2011 world cup finals loss to japan. >> a brokenhearted usa. >> reporter: now sitting at the top of their group known as the group of death because of the tough competition. all right, so there are three games in the first group. they play sweden on friday, then nigeria tuesday and they are hungry to win. they haven't won the cup since '99 but consider they have unparalleled fans like these guys, who showed up in the rain the day after, you know, it's going to feel like a home field advantage. we want to know. we believe, but do you believe? >> of course we do. >> absolutely. >> of course we believe. [ cheers and applause ] >> paula, what did you say it's called -- the something of death. >> the group of death. >> the group of death. sounds lovely. >> yes. not intimidating at all.
7:18 am
>> great stuff. we're rooting for the ladies. and you have something else? >> i believe and as you said, busy in sports. the city of cleveland is all in on the nba finals. rooting for their cavaliers, even though who are too little to know it. look at those babies. they're all in. that's the motto for the team. these kids there at the cleveland clinic. and the clinic is dressing up newborns in onesies that say, "born to be all in." >> that's right. >> i have a feeling, even if you're not a cavs fan, you have no choice in this. in cleveland they're hoping for the first championship in any sport in more than 50 years and they'll be rooting on the cavs tonight in game three at 9:00 p.m. eastern, right here on abc so -- >> oh, boy, another morning of a lot of coffee. >> oh, yeah. >> hey, we gotta show some love for hockey. the stanley cup finals going on right now. >> i know. it's incredible. >> tampa bay won, they have a 2-1 lead over chicago. >> we have a full wrap on all sports today. now we gotta get to the weather. deadly storms in tennessee. >> a 3-year-old killed when a
7:19 am
tree went into their home in eastern tennessee. one of almost 200 severe storm reports. we'll have a lot more coming up. >> morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. clouds increasing, heat decreases today. chance of showers and thunderstorms. a summer spread will develop this weekend. helpfully it will keep the triple digits away. today we go great 63 at half
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moon bay and 75 at oakland and 86 at san jose and 83 at santa rosa to 90 this antioch. tonight, because of the human it will be another stuffy night mid-50s to mid-60s. my "7 on your still ahead, the whistle-blower in that penn state fraternity scandal speaking out. and blade runner oscar pistorius set to walk free after just ten months behind bars. to walk free after just ten months behind bars. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. when it's go, go to the new the site with the right room, rewards and savings up to 20% when you book direct. this moment is perfect in every way. just like my kid. gooey. flakey. happy. toaster strudel
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altamont. traffic is moving once again. no word on the condition of the big rig driver. let's get a complete check on traffic with leyla. >> yes indeed. we're going back over to the altamont pass because there's a sig alert in effect. the grant line offramp is still currently blocked. speeds are 12 miles an hour is going to be your top speed but the backups extending out of tracy, 16 miles an hour starting from tracy boulevard. to make it from this point over towards dublin will take you an hour and 12 minutes. >> when we come
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good morning. couple players working right now. the sea breeze check out san francisco, 54. oakland 58, but inland mid to
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upper 60s. mid-60s in the south bay, so it hasn't reached there and it won't. it's the high clouds that's going to bring you back down from those scorching highs of yesterday. check out the sea breeze. sfo 13 half moon bay 15 17 at fairfield. and this is all ahead of an area of low pressure that's pushing some thunderstorms about 100 miles southwest of san jose. this batch is going to stay west of us. it's this that's going to come in during the afternoon, evening, overnight
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good morning, america. right now, police questioning this woman about those escaped killers and what she knew about their plot. also right now, health officials desperately searching for the hundreds of people who may have come in contact with a woman infected with a dangerous strain of tuberculosis who's been traveling around the country for months. and olympian oscar pistorius is set to walk free after just ten months behind bars. the parents of his ex-girlfriend that he killed firing back this morning. we do say good morning, america. on this terrific tuesday. take a listen to this. ♪ just a little bit just a little bit ♪ >> we all know and love this song by aretha. wait until you see what this little girl did with that song. >> oh, yes. snap. >> her incredible dance.
7:31 am
it brought down the house. and it was so cute because you could hear her parents going, that's my baby. that's my baby! as they were filming. >> she's giving it right back. >> yes, she is. >> that's coming up. right now, a scandal at penn state where a fraternity was suspended earlier this year for sexual assault and extreme hazing. and a whistle-blower is now suing the college. abc's linsey davis with the story. >> reporter: good morning. some of what this former student says happened to him and others who were also being hazed is too graphic for morning television. and while he says he never intended to be a whistle-blower, he says the school left him no other option. this morning, whistle-blower james vivenzio speaking out claiming penn state university turned a blind eye to his complaints about sexual assault, life-threatening hazing, and drug use at a campus fraternity. >> it is not an understatement to say that i was afraid somebody could die. >> reporter: the former kappa delta rho pledge suing the university and fraternity for
7:32 am
negligence alleging penn state did absolutely nothing when he presented the school with printouts of two secret facebook pages where frat members allegedly posted pictures of women being sexually assaulted. some of them nude and unconscious. >> when i saw what was going on, and the abuse that myself and others were repeatedly experiencing, and that the university was totally ignoring, they left me no choice but to go to the police. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news in march, penn state called the postings appalling, offensive, and inconsistent with the university community's values and expectations and subsequently suspended the fraternity chapter for three years. according to the lawsuit filed on monday vivenzio says he told school officials he was burned with great -- cigarettes force-fed repulsive concoctions,
7:33 am
and made to guzzle alcohol as part of a fraternity hazeing ritual throughout the 2012-2013 school year. he then waited eight months for the school to take action before going to the police in january. >> the university knew about this as long ago as april of 2014. james waited for the university to take action and that didn't happen. >> reporter: penn state dismissing those claims telling abc news in a statement that while vivenzio did approach school officials in 2014, neither he nor his family were willing to file a complaint, provide documentation, speak with state college police, or participate in pursuing the formal disciplinary process available to them. kappa delta rho fraternity confirmed to abc news yesterday it expelled 38 of its members in the wake of this scandal. some of its members may face criminal charges. penn state also says vivenzio never mentioned the facebook page to them. university officials say the school learned about that from police earlier this year. robin? >> all right, linsey, thank you. now to new developments in the oscar pistorius case, the blade runner in prison for killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp.
7:34 am
he's set to be freed in august after serving only ten months. this morning steenkamp's parents are speaking out, saying that is not enough. and abc's matt gutman has their story. >> reporter: this morning, the parents of the model and aspiring actress killed by olympian oscar pistorius in his bathroom enraged. the family of reeva steenkamp, a south african law graduate and promising celebrity, lashing out against his likely parole for good behavior set for august. after serving just ten months in jail. her family writing to his parole board "we have forgiven mr. pistorius, however, a person found guilty of a crime must be held accountable for their actions. incarceration of ten months for taking a life is simply not enough." last september a judge acquitted the former olympic athlete known as the blade runner of murdering steenkamp. it was a chilling trial spanning six months. >> you killed a person. that's what you did, isn't it? >> i made a mistake. >> you killed reeva steenkamp, that's what you did, say, yes, i shot and killed reeva steenkamp.
7:35 am
>> i did, milady. >> reporter: the story getting worldwide attention. oscar, are you feeling confident today? pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide and sentenced to five years in prison. but good behavior earned him probation. he'll now serve house arrest but eventually the blade runner will likely walk free. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> thanks to matt for that. now to those attacks on realtors in florida. a former military officer is in custody this morning, accused of robbery and kidnapping. abc's david wright is here with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. a big break in this case. a man accused of arranging a real estate appointment with a florida realtor and then kidnapping her and holding her for ransom. and then when that didn't work holding a second real estate agent an hour later. under arrest, police accuse him of attacking two realtors in st. petersburg, florida, in broad daylight. >> anything to say? >> reporter: the retired officer has no prior record.
7:36 am
58-year-old paul j. pinkston is now a computer analyst in the bay area. police say he was armed when they arrested him. >> it's a good day. we got our man. >> i'm a realtor. i was showing homes and someone just robbed me. >> reporter: police have been searching for the past week. their suspect, captured on several surveillance cameras. >> hi, this is robert evans, i am calling about a property you have listed. >> reporter: pinkston allegedly first arranged a meeting with one realtor, under the name of robert evans. tied her up with zip ties and pulled a gun on her. then called her husband demanding $50,000. her husband said no. that's when he allegedly went on to a second realtor. ana devine, robbing her at gunpoint. >> this is the guy that put the gun in my face and said if i called the police he would kill me. >> reporter: at the time of his arrest pinkston was wearing the same shirt when he allegedly
7:37 am
held up ana. now likely exchanging that shirt for a prison uniform. >> he's now paying the price. >> reporter: he now faces charges of armed robbery and kidnapping with a deadly weapon and police say there could be additional charges, too. george? robin? >> david, thanks. we turn to ginger. another round of severe weather for the northeast. >> overnight, so many airports had delays or cancellations. thanks to that severe weather. we start in philadelphia this morning, where the clouds are low. there were showers in the forecast. temperatures in the 70s now will end up in the mid-80s. two pockets of severe weather. north of philadelphia from nashua new hampshire, back to albany springfield, massachusetts. and hartford, connecticut. and damaging winds >> morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco, 100s are going. starting this afternoon through tomorrow, the chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms are cool of the days being tomorrow in the seven-day
7:38 am
>> all that weather brought to you by safelite auto glass and here we get that picture from overnight the storms moving through d.c., too. today, again, showery. and then by tomorrow, we'll start to clear it out. and we'll talk about 90s coming up in the northeast. >> wow. a lot coming up here. could a new high-tech drug be the secret to beating heart disease potentially lowering cholesterol and helping millions? the big warning about car surfing. a dangerous trend. one dad speaking out after his daughter nearly lost her life. i don't know if you've ever taken the time to learn a little tiny bit of somebody else's native tongue? that opens up the doors to trust. my name is kanyon. i'm a technician here in portland oregon. every morning, i give each one of my customers a call to give them a closer eta. and when i called this customer, i discovered that he was deaf. then i thought of amanda.
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7:42 am
(laughing) 7:42 and we're back now with a warning for parents about a dangerous trend. it's called car surfing. riding on the outside of a vehicle while it's moving. a utah dad now sounding the alarm after his 13-year-old daughter was nearly killed doing it. abc's kayna whitworth is here with the story. good morning to you, kayna. >> reporter: lara, good morning to you.
7:43 am
so sydney keener's father has had enough. so he's using a very scary image to show the world the dangers of car surfing. people are dying doing this and here's the thing, the car doesn't even have to be going that fast. experts say moving as slow as 5 miles an hour can have fatal consequences. it's the disturbing stunt happening more than you think. people surfing on cars, passengers even drivers seen anywhere but inside and buckled in. no waves. nonoake. a safer surf on the web and thousands of videos like this pop up. this high-risk hang ten not left to the younger generations, this 52-year-old man busted last month. many inspired by movies like "fast and furious." >> you're up. >> reporter: but in real life these stunts can turn deadly. >> ready? >> if i die remember, this was his idea. >> reporter: those words haunting. this 2011 video taken just a day
7:44 am
before two florida teens died car-surfing. police say the boys were killed when the vehicle flipped and burst into flames. >> this is kind of dangerous! >> reporter: it's more than dangerous. it's deadly. now one father is saying enough. hoping that posting this jarring image of his severely injured daughter will send a message to other teens. >> i just want parents to sit down with their kids to talk to them. >> reporter: 13-year-old sydney kerner recovering this morning after spending two weeks in the hospital after she tried car surfing. >> the car accelerated or popped a gear and sydney went flying back. >> reporter: she fell off suffering severe trauma to the back of her head and placed in a medically induced coma for two days. >> she's got blurred vision, severe headaches and it's going to take some time. >> reporter: already this year one person has died and two others sent to the hospital with car surfing injuries. a frightening trend you'd think would be obvious not to try. now, there's no specific laws against car surfing. and those behind the wheel,
7:45 am
though, could face more serious charges like reckless driving or recklessly endangering another person. and in the cases of injury or death, may face homicide or involuntary manslaughter. and in those cases of death, you guys, when they did a study back in 2008, more than 50% of the time, people are car surfing, it ends fatally. you worry about are your kids buckled up, on their phone. now you just want them to be in the car. >> it's amazing we even need this warning. >> i know. >> it's crazy. >> thanks, kayna. >> thank you. coming up, everybody, lots more ahead. new details from the billionaire family that built the american versailles. what they say happened to their 18-year-old daughter. next in our "speed feed," the little girl getting respect. look at that across the world this morning, what her mom is saying about those dance moves that she displayed. ♪ all i'm asking is for a little respect ♪ e.
7:46 am
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and get a $50 gift card you can use for just about anything. go you always have a choice. book now at let's mobile. same plan. new phone. or a new plan. and a just in case. add a new line. or three. and unlimited talk and text for unlimited tweens. take a carrier store detour at target and upgrade to a shiny new everything. all things mobile. all in one place. welcome back. to "gma," everybody. now it's time for our "speed feed." "the speed feed" and amy. >> michael, what you want, baby, i got it. >> ooh. >> all right. >> in this morning's "speed
7:50 am
feed," the video you're about to see has more than 20 million views on facebook and youtube and you can see why. yeah, check out 6-year-old johanna colon, there she is in the middle, stealing the show at her dance recital this weekend. the raleigh, north carolina, charmer is really feeling it. her mom says her instructor chose aretha franklin's classic because they just knew johanna would make it her own. >> look at that. >> and robin, you pointed this out. >> oh! >> one of the best parts, dad, carlos holding the camera steady as he can as he's cheering "that's my baby." >> yes, it is, carlos. >> i want to leave you with this freeze frame. that pretty much sums up johanna's attitude. can we get -- can we get -- there she is right there. you get 'em, johanna. gotta respect that. >> everybody in the world have that attitude and you will have a great day. >> just keep playing the video. just keep playing it. don't show us. just keep showing more. ♪ just a little bit ♪ >> the other girls are looking at her. >> you can go online.
7:51 am
you can keep watching the video over and over again like we have. and we have a lot ahead on "gma." one woman's makeup experiment inspiring so many around the globe so we're putting it to the test right here on "gma." shopping for a used car is so intimidating. i mean, you feel like you have to be this expert negotiator to get a fair deal. i hate to haggle. when you go to a restaurant you don't haggle over the chicken parmesan. why can't car-buying be like that?
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good morning i'm kristen sze. there could be an arsonist on the loose in the east bay or north bay. an arson investigation is under way at a dealership in novato after police say several cars were set on fire. plate last night people reported seeing flames at the chevrolet dealership on redwood boulevard. when firefighters got there, they found four cars on fire. all right certainly not as hot today. let's check in with mike. >> some locally gusty winds. 12 at oakland and 24 at napa, so we've got a little possibly a gust front from the thunderstorms that are well offshore that are going to stay offshore but this is what's going to bring us a chance of
7:57 am
thorps the next 36 hours. >> speaking of winds we have a high wind advisory for the richmond-san rafael bridge as well as for the peninsula and highway 17 as you approach the summit. sig alert still in effect westbound 580 at grantline road.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and new details overnight from the family who built the american versailles. what they're saying now about what really happened to their 18-year-old daughter victoria. the powerful new high-tech drug that could lower cholesterol and help millions. is this about to be a major breakthrough for everyone struggling with heart disease? ♪ i'm on the edge ♪ no more mr. nice guys as the boys do battle on "the bachelorette." she sends one of them packing. >> i don't trust you. >> our cameras are there and rolling inside the startling group date center stage. ♪ i'm on the edge ♪ are you ready for game three? our basketball super fans are
8:01 am
charged up as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow, that is what we're calling our fan cave. they're throwing down in there. the energy is electric. cleveland cavaliers and golden state fans gearing up for game three of the big nba final tonight. >> two games so far. two overtimes each team has taken one. we cannot wait for tonight's matchup. >> i may have to get there standing between them. i guarantee you i will be out in the sports bar tonight to watch that. these are the type of game ss you want to watch in a great environment with all the fans and screaming. >> yeah you wants to to unless you want to be up till 3:00 in the morning, a girl can dream. >> coffee. >> that is true. from basketball to a makeup youtube star causing quite a stir with this arresting video of her face. it's half made up starting a conversation about the transformational power of makeup so i guess au naturel versus
8:02 am
made up, and we've got two moms here taking the half and half challenge live. >> that's coming up but first "the morning rubdown" from amy. >> the big story, the expanding manhunt for two escaped killers in upstate york. david sweat and richard matt were on a floor for well behaved inmates. they want to know if perks they received helped them get power tools to pull off the escape. witnesses say one was carrying a guitar case. meanwhile, investigators are questioning a prison superadviser to find out what she may know about the escape. and new concerns about that massive cyberattack on computers at the u.s. government's personnel office. abc news has learned intelligence officials fear the attack may be the first phase of a sweeping spy campaign against the u.s. government. hackers may have compromised the private information about 4 million current and former employees.
8:03 am
among them cabinet secretaries fbi agents and secret service personnel. the hackers are believed to be based in china. in medical news a major new class of cholesterol fighting drugs that could help millions fight heart disease will get a critical hearing at the fda today. an advisory committee will review what are known as psk9 inhibitors which could help patients that can't tolerate statins. these injectable drugs lower bad cholesterol by enhancing the liver's ability to remove it from the body. if approved they would be the first new class of anti-cholesterol drugs in nearly three decades. and new details about the tragedy that has rocked a celebrity family featured in the movie "queen of versailles." a long struggle with prescription drugs likely played a role in the death of victoria siegel, 18-year-old, according to a family statement. her billionaire parents starred in a documentary about the rocky process of building their 90,000-square-foot dream home. the teen fought addiction after a history of seizures and in a statement the family says
8:04 am
"victoria was a beautiful spirit with a wonderful smile who was greatly loved and will be deeply missed." well, there was a big glitch during this will month's s.a.t. exam. the college board says they will not score a section of that s.a.t that contained a timing error. a printing mistake on the june 6th exams resulted in a widespread mix-up. the instruction said students had 25 minutes to complete the section, but only 20 minutes were allotted. well rare footage of it was taken on what is believed to be the start of her ill-fated journey in 1937. no one as seen the grainy three-minute video until now and is being released with a new book. her plane vanished somewhere over the pacific as she tried to become the first woman to fly solo across the pacific and this morning, picture this the image of president obama and german chancellor angela merkel deep in conversation at their
8:05 am
summit high in the alps. a background remarkably like the peaks behind julie andrews in "the sound of music." there it is, and you know what's going to happen. yep, it spawned countless memes. this one seems to be the most popular showing the president relaxing in the tub there while merkel talks to him, but you know those crazy internet kids, they just have so much fun with these pictures, don't they? >> he does seem pretty chill in there. >> no official comment from merkel or obama. >> no? >> no. >> no. >> shocking. amy, thanks very much. let's go to michael in the social square. >> okay, thank you george. what's ahead on the "gma morning menu" in the social square powered by samsung galaxy. we are so excited to have all these nba fans with us and also this morning, that book about wealthy stay-at-home moms is under fire. why some are saying "primates of park avenue" isn't adding up. inside last night's "bachelorette" blowup, ginger taking you inside the group date.
8:06 am
our cavs and warriors fans, they're going crazy inside our cave. look at them all here, there, everywhere. warrior fans, cavs fans live on "gma" here in times square. may the best team win. welcome to the sleep revolution. all new emergen-zzzz. a natural way to power down. with melatonin plus vitamin c and other antioxidants. to work their magic while you sleep. don't just sleep, revitalize. new emergen-zzzz power down to power up. ♪
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two million, four hundred thirty-four thousand three hundred eleven people in this city. and only one me. ♪ i'll take those odds. ♪ be unstoppable. the all-new 2015 ford edge. look at this wonderful crowd we have with us here this tuesday morning. in times square and the weather is cooperating and love this time of the year when people on their break, vacation, spend time with us. >> all those flowers out there. time for "heat index" and today's hot button questions about the best-seller "primates of park avenue," claims uncover shocking details about the ultra wealthy on new york's upper east side but how much of it is really true?
8:11 am
mara schiavocampo is back with that story, hey, mara. >> reporter: that searing tell-all got lots of people talking with its juicy stories about the glamorous life of some new york mothers but now there are ago sakes that parts of the book might be faust. it's the provocative book that raised eyebrows with claims rich stay-at-home moms on upper east sid get wife bonuses from their husbands. >> this is one of the things this he described to me. >> reporter: now in the spotlight again, "the new york post" raising question about wednesday martin 's memoir on raising kids saying "primates of park avenue" is quote, full of lies." the paper reporting martin claimed to live in the neighborhood for six years with two kids when records show she was there for three years with just one child. she claimed to have shopped at businesses that weren't even open at the time she lived there and that a friend used uber which didn't debut in the city
8:12 am
until four years after she moved. >> i think there will be a lot more debate about whether this is true or not. one review pointed out that what she calls a wife bonus other people call presents under the christmas tree. >> reporter: martin isn't the first author to come under fire for alleged mistruths. >> why would you lie? >> reporter: in 2006 james frye was exposed for fab bray indicating entire sections of his memoir "a mill little league pieces" and author of "three cups of tea" also accused of taking liberties in his book. over a span of six years living and attending programs on the upper east side potentially identifying details were altered to protect the identities of others and to explore issues by topic. simon & schuster now saying they will add a note to the e-book and subsequent editions to show how the interviews were reported. "the new york post" used property records to establish
8:13 am
much of martin's time line. the publisher is claiming it is a common technique to alter chronology in this way and she was trying to protect people's identities and didn't want to call anyone out. >> all right. >> interesting read. >> it is a great read. it's a good beach read but now people are wondering how much is fiction and how much is fact. >> i hope they don't write anything about my neighborhood. they'll be bored to death. [ laughter ] >> smh. smh. just shaking my head. next up a dramatic experiment showing how makeup can transform your face and how you feel about yourself. it started with one woman on youtube. millions of people are sharing it and we're about to try it ourselves, but first abc's kayna whitworth is back to show us how it's done. >> i was inspired to show you the power of makeup. >> reporter: in this emotionally honest video, beauty blogger nicky transforms half of her face from this to this.
8:14 am
i love the power of makeup. >> reporter: the jaw-dropping reveal showing how she can play up her own features with makeup application. one side is bare and beautiful and you can see the dramatic transformation on the other using just beauty products. >> you can be maleficent or kylie jenner kim kardashian, general jennifer lopez, you can be whoever you want with makeup. >> reporter: the video has been seen over 7 million times on youtube leaving viewers in awe. >> let me introduce you to the world of done touring. >> reporter: she's not the only one. women around the world have posted their half face makeup transformations. >> makeup can potentially make you look like a different person but i think that the real purpose of makeup is to make look like your best sefl. >> reporter: amy schumer mocked as her bare face scared a boy
8:15 am
band. >> lots of makeup. >> reporter: for nicki it's not about hiding who you are but enhancing what you already have. >> everyone is gorgeous with and without makeup. i think everyone should love themselves for who they are, what they look like it's just that makeup is just very fun to play around with. >> kayna is with us and we're joined by mally roncal and our two models katherine and jesse. oh my oh my. we love having you here. so you ran upstairs and took off half your makeup because you were on earlier. >> yep. >> what caught your eye first. >> they just swiped off the makeup on one side. it's interesting. i don't know. i'm normally pretty comfort without makeup on. that's how i was raised. beautiful on the inside but in this business you get really comfortable with your makeup up and feel empowered a little bit so i felt i was maybe overanalyzing a little bit each side of my face and so you know i don't know. i think the idea right, is to
8:16 am
be comfortable and feel confident both ways. >> why is this so powerful? >> because a woman gets to see live right, in her face exactly how she looks with and without makeup. that saying just because we wear makeup doesn't mean we're insecure or we don't love ourselves, it's just like a suit of armor and helps you feel powerful. you can feel beautiful, get out there, conquer the world and a little bit of a tool helps. >> we have two moms here. you have not seen yourselves. are you ready. let's show the audience first. >> oh. >> yes! >> wow. >> all right. i know you want to put the mirror up to see yourselves. all right. put the mirror up. >> so what is it that jumps out at you right away. >> my eyes. they just pop and look so defined. >> uh-huh. >> really polished. >> and for you? >> i look so awake. it's amazing. >> see. you see.
8:17 am
>> both moms. >> that's right. >> she hasn't slept in like two weeks so a lot of difference. >> it is sometimes nice to give your skin a break and not have makeup on. >> absolutely that's the important thing, all about loving yourself. they are obviously beautiful. you're all beautiful with or without makeup right. but, again, it's tools that give power, really takes you to the next level. >> what do you think with this experiment? >> it's really amazing to see yourself and especially being a mom we don't have makeup on all the time but it's really powerful to see what we look like. thank you, mali. >> we're not going to leave them like this. >> we're putting on more or taking off more. >> you stay that way. >> but it's twofold. you can really be someone else but just enhance what is there to begin with all of us. >> what god gave you is beautiful but no crime in making it look a little better. >> i remember way back when i would not wear makeup and have my hair in a ponytail.
8:18 am
and moi momma said, honey, only natural beauty will take you so far. with love she said that. with love and it's from within. always a pleasure. i think you can pull this off. >> you can do it. >> wait the half and half or doing none? what are we doing now. >> thank you all. thank you both. love that. all right. lara? >> thank you, guys. i have to say they both look great with the makeup but also beautiful, natural beauty and great experiment. "heat index," big drama for you, yeah last night's episode of "the bachelorette." kaitlyn and the guys take a bite out of the big apple if you will and ginger you were there for it. >> oh this episode was all theater, the end of a bromance the reintroduction of a potential villain and love story on broadway and i was in the front row for it all. overnight "the bachelorette" drama kicking into overdrive. >> he is going to go down in flames. >> reporter: kaitlyn immediately sending one suitor packing. >> so you're done with it.
8:19 am
>> i'm done. i don't trust you. >> reporter: controversial clint, one-half of the season's much talked about bromance gone. but not before things with best friend j.j. take an ugly turn. >> i'm sorry. >> don't touch me. >> okay. >> but no sooner had one suitor vanished a new one appeared. the runner-up from andi's bachelor season nick v. showing up in kaitlyn's life hoping to win her heart. >> i definitely need to think about this. >> and i get it. if like it's too late -- >> reporter: kaitlyn letting nick in stirring much debate in the twitterer speer. the date i crashed going behind the scenes as the show took over at new york's hit broadway musical "aladdin." i'm going to give you a hug. >> please do. >> this is fun. >> this is really fun. this up my alley. not so much theirs. ♪ ♪ i want to show you the world ♪ >> reporter: the dating
8:20 am
challenge, the guys had to audition before "aladdin" leads adam jacobs and courtney reed for a chance to woo kaitlyn. some of the guys had more musical experience let's just say ♪ i can show you the world ♪ >> reporter: than others. ♪ a whole new world ♪ >> how can you not fall in love until you hear people singing? >> ripping her heart out of her chest when i'm singing. >> i'm not sure if that's a requirement for a future boyfriend or fiance. >> i hope not. >> reporter: jazz hands. >> what i learned you have to run away from the jazz hand. it's like something that you're like running away from. >> running away from the jazz hands. >> jazz hands. >> all of them were doing a very strong and i thought maybe that's not going to work but what really hit me was after chris went through the challenge he got to take the stage with kaitlyn. kaitlyn is really in this for
8:21 am
dating. >> you can tell who she's into. >> so transparent. >> don't give it away. >> very nervous and it's not jazz hands. you can see >> morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. clouds increasing, heat decreases today. chance of showers and thunderstorms. a summer spread will develop this weekend. helpfully it will keep the triple digits away. today we go great 63 at half moon bay and 75 at oakland and 86 at san jose and 83 at santa rosa to 90 this antioch. tonight, because of the human it will be another stuffy night mid-50s to mid-60s. my "7 on your >> all right, guy, time for a little "pop news" and we begin this morning with this from the network that brought you "the house of cards" and "orange is the new black" comes a new giant collaboration with none other than brad pitt. netflix has agreed to finance and distribute his new film.
8:22 am
a satirical comedy called "the war machine." a $30 million deal in price, the highest profile yet based on the book called "the operators" is about a gung ho general determined to win a war by whatever means necessary and because "war machine" has a limited theatrical release as well it makes it eligible for an oscar and emmy. >> wow. >> it's a whole new world, people. while, wild west. >> i can't pay attention -- >> it's coming. in case you're wondering filming starts in august enandand now help yourself. i'll explain. do we not see these people? >> double-fisted. >> attention starbucks lovers and not a lyric in taylor swift's song. there is a whole new cadre of caffeine-enhanced confections un-vrieling not one, not two but six new frappuccino flavors to fall in love in honor of their
8:23 am
20th birthday. what do you have. >> a lemon and cotton candy. >> what do you think? >> i'm going with the lemon. >> the lemon is good. and -- >> i got caramel, cocoa and cupcake. >> you lucked out. >> oh, wow. >> anyway there's also -- >> i have red velvet and vin mon -- are you -- >> they both are excellent. >> mikey is happy is all i got to say. >> mikey likes it. >> mikey likes it. this is really good. >> mm-mm. i think we can -- >> cheers. >> say cheers and thank you to starbucks. who doesn't love a little liquid decadence and from june 19th to june 30th customers can vote for their favorite frappuccino. sounds like we won't be able to on next month starbucks is will make one of these a permanent member of hit menu. >> i go with the red velvet. >> caramel.
8:24 am
>> man, there you go, ginger. >> there's enough for everybody. crew help yourself. meantime we'll tell you about this that's happening in new york. i want you to get ready for the harry and, well the scary. i said it. facial hair fanatics and, well they call themselves beardos faced off at the competition sixth annual captured by "rolling stone" magazine. it was fast and fur-ious in categories such as full natural beard over 8, i'm assuming 8 inches. starter beard, fake creative beard that has massive amounts of hair spray and geometric patterns apparently a qualification to be in the event. best in show. had some creative curl the follow call-fueled fun all benefiting local charities. i guess we're not going to see the super hair are superhero so use your imagination and that everybody, i believe is "pop
8:25 am
news." do you want me to wrap or do you want me to give you one more? it's a wrap. we're going to drink and i say cheers. happy tuesday. >> the rest of the show should be a lot of fun. >> a lot coming up includeing an explosive new book that really happened to bobbi kristina. the author will open up on "gma." day two of our big "gma" backyard barbecue. it's your turn robin. >> i thought you went down south on me. [ laughter ] >> whoo! >> we'll be right back.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. pg&e crews are working to restore power to customers who have been in the dark since yesterday. customers in gilroy may have suffered the most. they were without air conditioning all day with the temperature hitting 109 degrees. some customers in walnut creek and danville also had no power overnight. they should get power back in the next hour or so. >> let's see if things are hot under the callollar for drivers. >> there's a bit of fog coming out of the waldos but fog is lifting. there is a sig alert in effect blocking one lane westbound side of 580 also the grant line road offramp is blocked. 9 miles per hour will be your top speed. one hour to get from tracy to
8:28 am
dublin. >> we'll talk about the cooler conditions but
8:29 am
good morning. looks like we may have had a gust front roll through and that's why the winds came up so quickly. they're 22 in napa 22 in fairfield, everybody else is quieter. there's a gush of cold air coming out with rain and these storms are close enough that could have been what happened. this is the line that i'm concerned about that's going to bring us a chance of some
8:30 am
showers and even some scattered thunderstorms as we head through okay, america, here's the question. do you know an incredible loving amazing dad, a father so super that he's like the superman of all dads? is it your dad? well then go to on yahoo! to tell us about this super dad and he might end up here on "gma" in time for father's day. come on now. it's time to start bragging about your dad. [ cheers and applause ] >> we cannot wait to kick off our giant father's day celebration next week. your dad could be going home with the surprise of his life. >> we love dads. >> that's right. we do. we had our best megaman makeover of all time. could your dad use a new look like this one we did earlier? are we going to show it? this is a huge change. >> look at him. >> this was a huge -- >> that was one of my favorites.
8:31 am
>> same guy? >> he looks like a movie star. yes, it's the same man. >> guys, go to on yahoo! now to find out how you can enter your dad and we know you have so many out there who deserve it. >> absolutely. and we're also excited for our of monsters and men performing live just ahead. you kind of remember their hit song of course "little talks" and we'll have them coming up in just moments. >> all right, looking forward to that robin. but first now, some shocking new allegations about the troubled life of whitney houston's daughter bobbi kristina and an explosive new book called "whitney & bobbi kristina: the deadly price of fame." and mara schiavocampo is back with more on that. mara, good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning. the book takes a look at the circumstances leading to bobbi kristina's tragic accident six months ago claiming her mother's death led her to drug use and to all the wrong people. this morning, controversial new allegations about bobbi kristina brown's life and troubles. >> it's terrible what had
8:32 am
happened to this girl who was entering the prime of her life and had so much to offer. >> reporter: in january the 22-year-old was found unresponsive in a bathtub nearly three years to the day after her mother's death. now in his new book, "whitney & bobbi kristina: the deadly price of fame," best-selling investigative author ian halperin claims bobbi kristina had been leading an unstable life leading up to the accident. >> there were allegations of drugs and alcohol. she never dealt properly with the loss of her mother. >> reporter: halperin says though bobbi kristina's childhood was turbulent, she and her mother whitney houston were extremely close. ♪ i got my baby ♪ >> reporter: and that whitney's death sent bobbi kristina into a downward spiral, he says, leading her to surround herself with enablers who were just using her for her access to whitney's money including friends like nick gordon. gordon was at the home when bobbi kristina was found. >> 21-year-old female in the bathtub face down, pds en route. >> reporter: later behaving erratically and breaking down on
8:33 am
an interview on "the dr. phil show" before entering rehab. >> my pain is horrible. my heart hurts. i have panic attacks. >> deep breath. deep breath. come here. sit down. nick. >> reporter: in one of the book's most explosive claims halperin says he is not convinced what happened in january was an accident at all and says he believes there's evidence suggesting foul play. >> there's no doubt the circumstances are highly suspicious because she was found in a bathtub of cold water. there is a criminal investigation going on as we speak. >> reporter: now he says despite conflicting reports, bobbi kristina's prognosis is not good and that her father, bobby brown, is the main one holding out hope. >> he's been at her bedside almost 24/7 since the accident happened, and he's believing a medical miracle is possible. >> the roswell, georgia, police confirm the criminal
8:34 am
investigation is ongoing adding no decision has been made to prosecute anyone at this point. we reached out to nick gordon and bobby brown for comment but did not hear back. it's such a sad story. >> such a sad story, mara, thank you very much. we told you in "pop news" about brad pitt's new deal with netflix. well now the mastermind behind "the matrix" is bringing their first show to netflix, as well. it's called "sense 8" and nick watt went behind the scenes for it. >> few know what it means to be reborn. a sense 8. >> reporter: it's the highly anticipated new show on netflix by the wachowski duo, the masterminds behind "the matrix." >> you have to let it all go, neal, fear, doubt and disbelief. >> reporter: "sense 8" their first series. >> i see them. >> reporter: about the lives of eight strangers across eight cities around the world tangled in one giant supernatural web. >> you're not really here, are you? >> no. >> there's no sort of
8:35 am
fancy-schmancy effects. it's all real. >> reporter: we sat down with the stars including the iconic daryl hannah who plays a mysterious mother figure connecting the eight characters. >> my character is angel, and i have to make a very, very difficult choice. >> reporter: the cast includes "lost" star naveen andrews, proud that the show is breaking boundaries. >> each episode was like a movie. >> reporter: by embracing racial diversity. >> it addresses that issue but in a way that's exciting, funny, dramatic. it's brilliant. >> reporter: and not shying away from serious issues like religion and sexuality. >> i can't think of another show that's got a sex scene that happens simultaneously in san francisco, chicago, berlin and mexico city. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> looks like another hit. nick, thank you. beyonce bringing attention to a new passion project. five years after the devastating earthquake in haiti, the superstar is helping raise money for the country's only
8:36 am
children's hospital. she recently visited to see what progress has been made, and we got an exclusive look. abc's juju chang has more. ♪ i was here ♪ >> reporter: she's a pop star whose global reach may be as big as her heart, and now beyonce is hoping to shift some of her spotlight on to haiti, which continues to suffer since the devastating earthquake that struck the island five years ago. >> bonjour. >> all: bon sure. >> reporter: one of her stops in the capital port-au-prince, st. damien hospital, the only children's hospital in haiti. >> how many children do you guys see in a day? >> reporter: providing high quality health care to the poorest of the poor. >> our care is almost free. we only charge a modest fee, and we call it participation of the family. that only covers less than 10% of our whole budget. >> reporter: while beyonce was there, she met with doctors, cancer patients and newborns in
8:37 am
a specialized intensive care unit. one of the few in the country. queen bey rocking a t-shirt to bring awareness to her charity, bey good, raising money for the hospital, which is funded entirely on private donations. >> she brings attention to our facility. it's good for us because all of what we're doing is free to the families, therefore, we need to raise the money. >> reporter: today 40% of the haitian population is unemployed. thousands still living in temporary post-earthquake camps. and cholera, an infection from dirty water, is an epidemicment >> cholera. we've seen about 2,000 cases this year so far where in a typical year we see about 10. >> can i have a high-five? oh! >> reporter: mrs. carter holding hands with the sick, laughing with the healing. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> so handsome. >> reporter: bringing smiles to the faces of sick children and
8:38 am
awareness to a hospital in need. for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> you can see in her eyes how sincere she is about this and how it just brings so many smiles as was said. >> sure does. let's go over to ginger right now. >> and i've got quite the crowd out here with me today. this is kylie from texas. you said your favorite part of new york so far? >> it was a ferry. >> a ferry to the statue of liberty. all right. well we're going to keep chatting a bit. we have to take a look at the weather forecast. look at this outside of oakland, california, brush fire turned into a couple-acre fire and shut down part of the highway for a time and a lot of heat moved angulo into northern california and a change for las vegas. they could see their first measurable rain in june in six years. all of that coming from the remnants of blanca and that upper level low out in the pacific. so as that moves on up, not only are we already seeing showers in arizona, new mexico this morning, but southern california could even see a few
8:39 am
>> morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco, 100s are going. starting this afternoon through tomorrow, the chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms are cool of the days being tomorrow in the seven-day >> and all >> and all that weather brought to you by petco. amy. >> all right, ginger. thanks so much. next up on "gma," our big backyard barbecue, summer cookoff. what is robin cooking up this morning? it smells really good. we're going to have her favorite
8:40 am
8:41 am
(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
8:42 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] and we are so excited for day two of "gma's" backyard barbecue summer cookoff where each member of "gma" presents their favorite summer recipe to the picnic table. hope to go win over a star-studded panel of judges when they make their final decision in central park on friday. on monday george did his delicious shrimp sensation. >> set the bar really high. >> and this morning it's robin's chance. i got to be honest. i've been watching you all morning. you got that game face on, you look like you're ready to bring that heat. so take it away. >> that golden spatula, i have a spot picked out in my dressing room. you heard me, george stephanopoulos, you're going
8:43 am
down. lara ginger, amy, everybody. i got to come clean here i'm a huge barbecue fan and have a friend that knows how it's done and wanted to have him on my team. please welcome dr. jay. yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> hi robin. >> he's my chiropractor and also a huge, huge foody. >> yeah, yeah. >> so can we do it? >> yeah. see what you got. drum roll, please. [ drum roll ] >> are you ready? >> yeah. >> oh. >> tell them what we have here dr. jay? >> we have barbecue bacon burgers, so juicy and awesome on the grill. >> how do you make it? >> we have sweet, salty bacon that goes right in there. voila. right in there. we got some onion right in there too. a little zest. >> he likes to sing. >> i like to sing. >> thyme and then sweet deep roasted garlic, 400 degrees, 40 minutes, perfecto.
8:44 am
>> okay. that's all you need. >> are you ready to dance? >> let's dance. >> let's blend dance. we're going to blend it up. >> it's all done. >> and there you go. this beautiful bacon piece. >> yeah. >> and mix it all together. >> yeah well then you take a big pinch best friends forever, salt and pepper. a little bit on you too and then you're ready to do the dance. the diet is off. >> okay do the dance. >> all right, here we go, one, two, three. there we go. >> this is my doctor. [ cheers and applause ] >> get it all in there. >> all in there, you mix it all up. smells so good. nice and juicy. >> and about ten minutes on the grill. >> actually three minute ss on one side, three on the other on high and got a perfect -- >> i want you to be my life coach. >> i love this. >> he's got a great blog, chop happy. >> chop happy. >> 20,000 people. >> 25,000. >> it looks incredible, guys,
8:45 am
but that's not it because you have a bonus basket item. >> what's in the basket? >> wait a minute, wait a minute, wait. no, no, no. oh, wait. we got to cue the music first. [ theme to "the addams family" ] >> there's the hand. >> a little "addams family." >> and there's the hand. >> thing right there. thank you, thing. >> we are all about -- what it is is a grilled peach. put a peach on the grill and put a dollop of classic vanilla ice cream and you get some flavor in it. so it's a little sweet to go with the bacon burger garlic -- >> sweet is always a good idea. >> i do like -- this is a whole family favorite for many years. you can see the ice cream already melted. >> love that. >> okay. >> really, really good. >> listen, robin, dr. jay, thank you and congratulations, great job. let's go over to our picnic table board. we're going to give you a seat at the table here. we're going to put you right there alongside george.
8:46 am
as you can see, still lots of room for the rest of us. in the running for that golden spatula. >> yay! >> only one of us is going to be made champion come this upcoming friday, guys. our barbecue cookoff is just heating up. we're going to have more favorites all week long. you can find out all of our favorite recipes online, go to on yahoo! and you can go on facebook and tell us what you think. if you think we're having fun now, just wait. because coming up -- >> another thank you to dr. jay. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. >> chop happy. >> chop happy. >> of monsters and men performing here live. don't go anywhere. [ cheers and applause ] >> great job. >> thank you. ♪
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8:48 am
trying to do this without looking ride right hire.
8:49 am
we're excited for of monsters and men. their platinum hit "little talks" has 200 million views on youtube. today they're releasing their second album, "beneath the skin" and kicking off a world tour. here is of monsters and men with "crystals." ♪ ♪ lost in skies of powdered gold caught in clouds of silver ropes ♪ ♪ showered by the empty hopes as i tumble downfalling fast to the ground ♪ ♪ i know i'll wither so peel away the bark ♪
8:50 am
♪ because nothing grows when it is dark ♪ ♪ in spite of all my fears i can see it all so clear i see it all so clear ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ cover your crystal eyes and feel the tones that tremble down your spine ♪ ♪ whoa cover your crystal eyes and let your colors bleed and blend with mine ♪ ♪ making waves in pitch black sand feel the salt dance on my hands ♪
8:51 am
♪ raw and charcoal colored thighs feel so cold and my skin feels so paper thin ♪ ♪ i know i'll wither so peel away the bark ♪ ♪ because nothing grows when it is dark ♪ ♪ in spite of all my fears i can see it all so clear i see it all so clear ♪ ♪ whoa cover your crystal eyes and feel the tones that tremble
8:52 am
down your spine ♪ ♪ whoa cover your crystal eyes and let your colors bleed and blend with mine ♪ ♪ but i'm okay in see-through skin i forgive what is within because i'm in this house ♪ ♪ i'm in this home all my time ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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"good morning america" is brought to you by ford. we go further so you can. [ cheers and applause ] >> you see, they love my burger. they love the bacon burger. thanks to our fans in our nba fan cave. be sure to tune in to game three of the nba final tonight 9:00 eastern right here on abc. before tip-off you better catch "jimmy kimmel live game night" and thanks to of monsters and men.
8:56 am
>> what a performance. >> thanks to our star of the morning, johanna colon, take a look. ♪ >> oh, yeah. ♪ just a little bit ♪ >> go, girl.
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good morning, i'm kristen sze. with fourth of july around the corner the santa clara county board of supervisors will vote today on a new ordinance to crack down on illegal fireworks. the measure would affect property owners who know fireworks were being discharged and those unaware and not present when they were set off will get a notification and could be cited for future violations. certainly a little cooler today, mike. >> absolutely. and we just had i think an outflow boundary roll through and that's why the winds got fast for a while but that's moving inland. you see 23-mile-per-hour wind in fairfield. you can see the thunderstorms to our west. i'm more concerned of what's down to our south. during the evening, overnight and tomorrow afternoon we have a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. leyla. and we still have that sig alert right out of tracy near the altamont pass but now we've got a brand new accident. in fact here we look at walnut creek, southbound side of 680 it is packed conditions all because of thing to see some
9:00 am
bigger delays southbound 680 >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, hollywood superstar hugh jackman. and the triple crown winning jockey victor espinoza. plus performing their latest hit, "go big or go home," american authors. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are emmy award winners kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: hi!


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