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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 11, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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toni tonight, are they closing in? an entire town now sealed off. the hunt for two escaped killers. the major highway shut down. police believe they spotted the place where the fugitives were sleeping. bloodhounds picking up their scent. and tonight, the woman who worked at the prison and her panic attack. breaking news in the case of the young boy shot dead in that park. the judge's ruling just in tonight involving two police officers. severe weather hitting now. 20 million at risk tonight from the middle of the country east. the tornado now confirmed in new york. late word of a new shark attack. another beach. this time, a young girl. the third attack this season. and the deadly mers outbreak, the so-called super-spreader and the concern now here in the u.s.
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dr. besser is standing by. good evening. and we begin tonight with new developments in that urgent manhunt for two convicted killers now on the run for six days. tonight, authorities believe they could still be in an area within three miles of that prison. the small town in upstate new york under lockdown tonight. armed officers combing the fields, the woods, going from door to door. families, in fact, receiving robo calls urging them to stay inside. and major roads into the town shut down. every driver questioned. and tonight, we have new reporting on the prison worker, the woman, and what they were investigating involving her and one of the prisoners even before the escape. abc's gio benitez back in upstate new york for us tonight. >> reporter: tonight, an entire town cordoned off. roadblocks, police checking every car. only residents allowed in. more than 500 officers now involved in this massive manhunt focusing on an area just a few miles from the prison.
4:32 pm
sources telling abc news bloodhounds picked up a strong scent last night and today, schools shut down. investigators are searching these dense woods by ground and by air launching helicopters to get that critical bird's-eye view all to find those prisoners. miles and miles of dark forest. the perfect hiding place. tonight, new york governor andrew cuomo says police are talking to several people who may have facilitated the escape. >> that is a crime in and of itself, and we will prosecute those people to the fullest extent of the law. >> reporter: authorities tonight telling abc news, there's a very real chance the murderers are on foot and still in the area, possibly because their getaway car never showed up. sources tell us investigators have questioned prison employee joyce tillie mitchell about whether she was supposed to drive that car on friday night and meet the murderers. but instead checked herself into a hospital complaining of a panic attack. sources say in just the past year, prison officials
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investigated whether tillie mitchell, who supervises the prison's tailor shop, had a relationship with one of the escapees, david sweat, but concluded there was not enough evidence. in an interview with abc news, sweat's mother begging her son to turn himself in. >> i love you and get back where you belong before you get hurt. >> reporter: local officials tell us they think they found the spot where the prisoners spent some nights, but so much tonight still unknown. >> they could either be four miles from the prison, or they could be in mexico. you just don't know. >> and gio is with us now live from upstate new york. and, gio, you reported there more than 500 officers in that small town. you heard the governor there just a moment ago. are they really convinced those prisoners could still be there? >> reporter: well, you know what, david, investigators are bringing in more and more floodlights. you can see one right there behind me. they are getting ready for a long, long night. david? >> just three miles from the prison. all right, gio, thank you. to another developing story tonight. late world this evening of a judge's decision in the case in cleveland that sparked national outrage.
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the deadly police shooting of a young boy in a park. 12-year-old tamir rice, shot and killed. he was holding a pellet gun outside a recreation center. a judge today now ruling there is enough evidence to charge two officers in his death. abc's ron claiborne tonight on what happens next. >> reporter: in cleveland tonight, the stunning ruling by a local judge, that there is enough evidence to charge the police officer who fatally shot 12-year-old tamir rice with murder. the judge also saying there's probable cause to charge officer timothy loehmann's partner with negligent homicide and dereliction of duty. the judge ruling on a petition filed by local african-american activists. the group saying it does not trust the criminal justice system to act fairly in this racially charged case. local prosecutors have yet to present the case to a grand jury. >> today, as citizens, we are taking this matter and the matter of justice into our hands. >> reporter: tamir was shot by officer loehmann back in november, responding to a report of someone with a gun. it turned out tamir had a
4:35 pm
nonlethal plastic pellet gun. tamir's mother told "good morning america" she wanted to see both officers charged with murder. >> i'm looking for a conviction for both of the officers. >> although that petition demanded that the two officers be arrested if there was a finding of probable cause, that will not happen. the judge saying only the prosecutors can do that. tonight, the county prosecutor's office saying it will await the decision of a grand jury, and, david, that could be weeks, even months or way. >> weeks or months. all right. ron claiborne tonight. ron, thanks. now, to the severe weather hitting at this hour. 12 states, 20 million americans expecting major storms tonight. the images coming in from just the last 24 hours. incredible there, lightning blowing out transformers in florida. and this supercell filling the sky above callahan, colorado. and this is the map tonight. the severe weather concerns at this hour from colorado to michigan and now a tornado confirmed here in new york. here's meteorologist rob marciano. >> reporter: tonight, across a dozen states, 20 million in the path of more severe weather. in the last 24 hours, more than
4:36 pm
150 storm reports, torrential rain and windshield-shattering hail in illinois. >> hit off the windshield and kind of got pegged in the face and i'm like, okay, it's kind of getting dangerous. >> reporter: in upstate new york, a confirmed tornado near rochester taking down trees. two tornadoes reported in florida, lightning blowing out transformers. and in the deep south, deep water. louisiana, along the red river, the highest the river has been in 70 years. the water flowing downriver from texas and oklahoma from rains that fell in may. residents now waist deep, sandbagging, trying anything they can to hold back the floodwater. >> right now, all we can do is wait and pray and stay hopeful. >> the flooding pictures are still just incredible. rob is with us now with the track for tonight. what are you watching? >> yeah, two big areas of concern, david. let's get right to the radar. storms are rolling across missouri right now. we've got a tornado watch out for parts of nebraska, iowa and missouri.
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and now a severe thunderstorm watch out that includes kansas city. these storms will expand and get into the chicago, in through michigan by tomorrow morning. second area across southeast colorado into the texas panhandle. watches up there, as well. strong storms through the overnight. some of these will have damaging winds and flash flooding rains. the threat tomorrow there and across the lower great lakes, extending into upstate new york where we know tornadoes can happen, david. >> all right, rob marciano with us tonight. rob, thanks. now, to another train scare today, coming off the rails, two cars plunging off of a bridge. several other cars derailing. it happened on an overpass west of houston. one car stretched across the road there, blocking three lanes. we've seen so many train accidents in recent weeks. philadelphia and a string of others. abc's david kerley on this new accident and just how often this is now happening. >> reporter: the two freight cars that jumped the tracks and tumbled off the bridge slammed onto a freeway below right in the middle of rush hour. >> train wreck. >> they say it rammed into the back of some stopped cars. it derailed. >> reporter: the rail line doesn't know what caused the locomotive and nine cars to derail, but it is thankful. >> there were no vehicles
4:38 pm
passing underneath the bridge. we are very thankful for that. >> reporter: no one hurt, no dangerous cargo, just a mess that shut down a busy roadway. we've seen those rare derailments of passenger cars. the amtrak train in philadelphia. but freight cars leaving the tracks, like these blown off in new orleans, or those that are hit by vehicles in crossings here in south carolina last month. this happens about three times a day. nearly 1,000 freight derailments last year. fortunately, like tonight, not always with a loss of life. just inconvenience. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> david, thank you. we have been reporting here on the growing concern over the deadly outbreak of mers. there are now fears this virus could spread here in the u.s. the cdc just today issuing a new warning to doctors to be on the lookout and to new images coming in from south korea. at least ten dead now. more than a thousand cases worldwide. workers wearing protective gear to spray down this subway. abc's linsey davis on the new alert being issued right here in the united states and why
4:39 pm
they're so worried tonight. >> reporter: panic tonight is evident on their faces. in south korean airports, shopping districts, even elementary schools, young and old covering up with face masks in an attempt to protect themselves from contracting mers, the virus currently wreaking havoc in south korea. a disease so potent, it's believed to be spread simply by coughing. mers, which stands for the middle east respiratory syndrome, is a severe, acute respiratory illness with symptoms that include fever, cough, shortness of breath, pneumonia and kidney failure. today, the cdc issuing an urgent warning about the deadly disease as south korea battles a major outbreak. in the past two weeks, confirmed cases in south korea have skyrocketed to 122, and just today they announced a tenth mers death. 3,800 more are quarantined. more than 2,600 schools closed. the fear is that just one person can cause an explosion of the virus. it's believed that the first person diagnosed in south korea may have spread the disease to
4:40 pm
more than 20 people, who, in turn, spread it to others. david? >> linsey, thank you. let's get right to abc's chief medical editor dr. richard besser back with us here tonight. we had two cases of mers right here in the u.s. last year alone. how were we able to contain it to two given what we're seeing in south korea? >> well, listen to this. what they think happened in south korea is a very contagious patient went to three different crowded hospital emergency rooms looking for treatment. infecting people as he waited. in our e.r.s, we do a better job isolating people who have respiratory symptoms. and the cdc is now saying to these e.r.s, be ready. >> all right, dr. besser with us tonight, rich, thanks. now, to stunning testimony in washington today. the former green beret hero turned whistle-blower. a highly decorated lieutenant colonel now saying the u.s. could be doing much more to free american hostages, including an american woman, a mother, a wife, held captive with her baby and her husband by the taliban. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross with the urgent plea to get them help. >> reporter: this american woman, caitlin coleman, and her
4:41 pm
husband and infant son, are hostages of the taliban tonight because the u.s. botched a negotiation to free them. >> i am prisoner of the taliban. >> reporter: that was the stunning allegation today from a combat-decorated green beret hero, lieutenant colonel jason amerine, who ran a secret pentagon hostage unit and today defined his superiors and went public before congress. >> the hostage recovery effort was broken. >> reporter: and the lieutenant colonel also said american hostage warren weinstein, accidentally killed in a u.s. drone strike on a taliban target, also could have been saved. but amerine testified, chaos and in-fighting in the obama administration, including between the pentagon and the fbi, crippled a plan to swap this convicted afghan drug lord for weinstein and six other hostages. >> warren weinstein is dead. i used every resource available, but i failed them. >> reporter: weinstein's family had described to david muir the agony the family went through watching his pleas for help.
4:42 pm
>> it's just heartbreaking, because he's asking for help, and i can't give him any. >> reporter: after weinstein's death, the family publicly criticized the u.s.' efforts to free him, as have the families of other american hostages who also have been killed. >> and brian is with us now. we reported here that the white house is reviewing the administration's hostage policy. and, brian, do we have any idea when we're going to learn their findings? >> well, today, officials at the white house said results are expected soon, likely we're told in a week or two. and they stressed, no effort has been spared or will be spared to try to save any american hostage. >> and we'll stay on the cases of these families. brian, thank you. a stunning case this evening. recruiting for isis here at home. and this time, it was a 17-year-old american honor student convicted. the student in virginia, pleading guilty today admitting to helping another teenager to join the terror group. abc's martha raddatz is with us live. and, martha, it's the age that stands out here. the first juvenile convicted? >> reporter: we believe he is, david. ali amin's lawyer says he is a good kid, an honor student, but
4:43 pm
in court today, amin now admitting he was the secret voice on a pro-isis twitter account trying to radicalize his thousands of followers. amin sending one isis recruit to syria where that teen is still believed to be fighting with isis. amin's lawyer said that his client got caught up in his desire to topple the assad regime in syria but said his actions were also due to his immaturity and social isolation. he could face 15 years in prison, david. >> all right, martha raddatz with us from washington. martha, thank you. overseas tonight, a revelation in that terrible germanwings crash, that jet deliberately crashed into the french alps. french prosecutors met with family members of the 150 victims today telling them that the co-pilot, andreas lubitz, who crashed that jet, had seven doctor's appointments just in the month before the flight, and some doctors felt he was mentally unfit to fly. german privacy laws presented prevented doctors from
4:44 pm
alerting the airline to their findings. we turn next here tonight to that dramatic rescue at sea in frigid alaskan waters. the captain calling mayday. a crew member that can't swim, and with just seconds to spare, you'll see this here, a decision that saves four lives. abc's neal karlinsky with the rescue team that made the difference between life and death. >> mayday, mayday. mayday, this is the kupernof. we are taking on water over the stern. >> reporter: tonight, four fishermen recovering after this rescue at sea. their salmon fishing boat sinking fast in rough alaskan waters and a coast guard helicopter has just arrived. >> one guy just went over on the starboard side. >> reporter: the four fishermen on board have put on survival suits needed to stay alive in the freezing water. >> i've got one man that's pretty old and can't swim. >> reporter: the coast guard sends in a rescue swimmer, a sort of elite lifeguard of the sea, as we found out when we flew with them in alaska. what's it like having your legs dangle off the edge and jumping out of a helicopter into the ocean? >> that's our job.
4:45 pm
>> looks like they've got a good system going, straddling that thing for stability. >> reporter: one at a time each fisherman hoisted onto the hovering chopper. >> as we were getting the last person out of the raft, the ship was actively sinking. >> reporter: without a minute to spare, the 73-foot ship goes under. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> neal, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the new shark attack. another beach this time and this time a teenage girl. this is what's left of her boogie board tonight. the shark taking a huge chunk out of it. and this evening, her condition and the other shark incidents just this season alone. the fight that broke out at a walmart. these two women, a young son joining in. tonight, the frustrated mayor now speaking out saying walmart has to do something here, that the police are overwhelmed. and the police dash cam video. the encounter with this lemonade stand? the little girls told they could no longer sell, that they needed a permit. whoa. how this one ends, and we want your opinion tonight. you'll hear from them coming up. ♪
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tonight here, word of a new shark attack. we showed you that boogie board just a few moments ago, that's what's left after a teenage girl was attacked off ocean beach, north carolina. the second shark attack just this week. and here tonight, abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: tonight, another shark attack. >> it got ahold of her foot and bit her board in half. >> reporter: dinner plate-size bites taken out of a 13-year-old girl's boogie board. >> is there any serious bleeding? >> yeah, it's bleeding pretty bad. she's got two huge chunks out of her foot. >> reporter: eyewitnesses on that north carolina beach shocked. >> i was like, oh, my gosh, i just hope she has her legs. like i felt so bad for her, because she was so young. >> reporter: the girl is being treated in a hospital for what is the fourth shark attack in u.s. waters in just two weeks. earlier this week, it was cocoa beach, florida, a boy with a severe bite on the leg. and off huntington beach, california -- >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: -- this shark cruising by a paddleboarder. as i recently learned in the bahamas, sharks don't go for
4:49 pm
humans. >> turn around, matt, turn around. >> reporter: but they can mistakenly attack what they think looks like their food or in the case of today's attack, a boogie board. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> matt, thank you. when we come back here tonight, remembering the well-known actor who starred in some of the biggest movies. and those women we showed you fighting in the aisle of walmart. the son jumping in. well, the fed-up mayor speaking up. how often he says this is now happening at the walmart. and we reported last night on the assistant fire chief that responded to this call. his wife and son in that crash. tonight, the superstar, what she's done. and you'll learn after the break. making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines. at our infusion centers or in patients homes.
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4:53 pm
next week. a passing to note tonight. sir christopher lee has died. a 60-year career playing bad guys. this role in "lord of the rings." but the role that first made him famous, dracula. ♪ of course, his famous role in "star wars" too. >> i've become more powerful than any jedi. >> married for 53 years. he said his secret was to marry someone wonderful. he was 93. and an update to a story last night here. that first responder who arrived at the accident scene, only to realize that it was his wife and 7-year-old son. that little boy out of the hospital. his wife still on the mend. look at the gofundme page for their hospital bills. and you'll see right there on the right, taylor swift. $15,000 donation. and we loved seeing that. and when we come back here tonight, those little girls and their lemonade stand shut down by the police. they were told they needed a permit. how this ends and your opinion, right after the break. you know the importance of heart health. you watch your diet, excercise...
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finally tonight here, the finally tonight here, the lemonade stand, the two little girls and the police who showed up to shut them down. all of it recorded on dash cam. who wins? here's david wright. >> reporter: dash cam footage of a shocking encounter with law enforcement. the suspects? sisters andria and zoey green. lemonade bootleggers. >> we had kettlecorn and lemonade. the lemonade was for 50 cents and the kettlecorn was for $1. >> we were trying to raise some money so we could take our dad to splash kingdom. >> reporter: not so fast, said the overton texas police. >> it is a lemonade stand, but we also have to have a -- we have a permit.
4:58 pm
>> did you get a permit from the city to serve this? >> really? for a lemonade stand? i had no clue. >> i think that's ridiculous. i think they're 7 and 8, and they're just trying to make money. >> reporter: but the police chief stuck to his guns. >> we have to follow by the health, state health guidelines. >> reporter: closing the girls down until the health department can inspect their lemonade stand. that old saying, when life gives you lemons, today the family posted this picture to facebook, "lemonade run!" on saturday, the lemonade will be free. tips optional. david wright, abc news, st. louis. >> we hope they get some tips. and game four of the nba finals tonight at 9:00 right here on abc. and we'll see you right back here tomorrow. good night.
4:59 pm
toyota pregame show. >> alley-oop to james. he throws it down. >> down, dejected. the warriors are facing their biggest challenge of the year. can they stop the brute force of lebron james can they tire of a new hero named delly. as we discover his jumper. can the warriors stare down a team at a town absolutely desperate for a championship? >> dellavedova banks it in! >> we find out next. >> i'm pumped up just listening to that. a live look at quicken loans in cleveland, home of the cavaliers, where the warriors have so many questions to answer tonight. starting with a simple one -- how badly do they want this? hello, everyone, welcome to dubson7. the lower right of the screen shows with rejust over 30
5:00 pm
minutes away from coverage of game four. mike schuman is live in cleveland. we will get to him in a moment. the question facing golden warriors tonight. starting with how do you slow down lebron james? also, can the warriors speed up their own offense, try to get some easy basket and can steph curry solve the awesome puzzle known as delly? we get to that in the next 30 minutes. right here schu, before the xs, os, do you double team or not pick up the pace? some of this is really simple, like heart. who wants it more? agreed? >> there is no question there. we will find out from this warriors', just who has some heart. it seems like the cavaliers have dominated this team. mike johnson came out. he told me they want to come out mad and mean like they're down 20 points so they don't give u


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