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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 12, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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next. >> for all of us here we appreciate your time. we will see you again at 6:00. major breaking news, as the manhunt for two escaped killers intensifies. the woman at the center of it, in custody. did she help them break out? 800 officers checking the area. helicopters overhead, our team on the scene. and severe storms and flash floods. hail cracking windshields. 18 million in the path. the tornado watch issued in new york. posing as black? and the naacp leader in the spotlight after her own parents say she's pretending to be black. tonight, we ask -- >> are you african-american? the 24-year-old nabbed by the fbi. how he went from high school graduate to plotting to attack americans.
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and five of a kind. america's first set of all-girl identical quintuplets begin to fill their new home. good evening, i'm amy robach. in for david muir. let's get to the breaking news. the two convicted killers still on the loose. nearly a week after escaping prison. but tonight, joyce "tillie" mitchell, just taken into custody, accused of helping them break out. the hunt for the two men intensifying. hundreds more officers joining in the search. the noose tightening in one community in particular. dogs picking up the scent. gio benitez is there. good evening. >> reporter: amy, good evening to you. state troopers arrested tillie mitchell just after 5:00 p.m. tonight. the sheriff saying he's been getting her cell ready all week long. tonight in the pouring rain, armetroops patrolling a small town.
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joyce "tillie" mitchell may be in custody tonight, but the inmates are still on the loose. >> we have a message. we're coming for you, and we will not stop until you're caught. >> reporter: mitchell, who supervised the shop in the prison, has been formally charged. did she provide tools and equipment to the inmates? >> based on our investigation, she has not provided power tools. >> reporter: authorities questioned her about whether she was supposed to drive the getaway car. last year, officials looked into whetr she was having a relationship with one of the escaped prisoners, david sweat, but nothing was uncovered. on the ground here, the search expanding. atvs plunging into the forest. in the skies, blackhawk helicopters on the patrol. the search is intensifying. a resident saying they thought they heard a gunshot. no word on what that might have been. but another sign of a town on edge.
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schools are closed, and road blocks preventing non-residents from entering. officer after officer is just standing by here looking into the woods to make sure nobody comes running out. people here told to keep their porch lights on at night. folks like laurie stacey taking extra precautions. >> in the daytime, i'm not afraid. when i go to bed, yeah, i'm scared. i have a loaded shotgun next to my bed. >> reporter: it's now been seven days since the escape, and still no one knows where they are. >> thanks. next, to the threat of severe storms tonight. 18 million people on alert from texas to the northeast. tornado watches in three states. this, after severe weather to the west, powerful hail in colorado shattering this windshield. and flooding in texas now raising waters in louisiana. the highest level in 70 years. these waterside homes, now islands.
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the weekend forecast, in just a moment. but first, here's rob marciano. >> reporter: tonight, extreme weather on the move again. storm clouds rotating through the heartland. this cell dropping at least one tornado in missouri. in colorado, kayakers riding the raging south platte river. cars stalling in flooded streets. >> i didn't realize it was like a lake and i drove right into it. >> reporter: another woman waiting on top of her car for help to arrive. >> this was once a golf course. it's now a river. >> reporter: the storms also bringing huge hail. >> here we go! >> reporter: cracking this stormchaser's windshield. in kansas, winds of more than 70 miles per hour knocking over campers. historic floodwaters in louisiana, the red river engulfing homes near shreveport. these two managing to stay dry using water-filled barriers. >> rob is here with the forecast. >> and we had a tornado touch down earlier this week, and a tornado watch for much of upstate new york.
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storming rolling through also. severe weather watches across the upper great lakes and oklahoma. these storms will have a decent amount of moisture coming off the gulf of mexico, hitting the stalled front. could see rains of over four inches through sunday and monday. watch out for flooding. >> the last thing they need. thank you so much, rob. and to tennessee, and the church van off the road, at least 16 children and their driver injured. their van crashing outside chattanooga this morning. the group traveling from south carolina, none of the injuries serious. and next, to spokane, washington, and the uproar about the head of the local naacp chapter, did she misrepresent her race? rachel dolezal. her parents claim she's falsely portraying herself as black. steve osunsami, with the controversy over race.
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>> reporter: under fire tonight is rachel dolezal, the president of the spokane chapter of the naacp, seen here at speaking at a civil rights rally. >> like maya angelou says, through all of the struggle and all of the pain, we still rise. >> reporter: and while she never said to the world that she was truly ethnically african-american, her estranged parents are coming forward tonight saying she's been pretending, telling krem tv in washington state that she's really caucasian and grew up blonde-haired and blue-eyed, changing her appearance to look black. >> our daughter is primarily german and czech and of european descent. >> so, she's white. >> she's white. >> reporter: she's under investigation for claiming she's white, african-american, and other ethnicities on a form.
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when confronted by a reporter, carrying a picture of the black man she claims is her father, she stuttered. >> are you african-american? >> i don't understand the question. i did tell you yes, that is my dad. >> are your parents -- are they white? >> reporter: race is a delicate and uid concept, and no matter what's in her blood, no one can dispute she identifies as african-american. she graduated from historically black howard university. and as she told sky news, she and her family are distant, and fighting l legal issue >> yes, i do consider myself to be black. >> reporter: tonight, the naacp is looking past the issue, saying anyone can join and she does good work, writing that one's racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying standard for naacp leadership. but in black communities and online tonight, there is outrage and offense taken. that black isn't something that you learn to be or you can wash out of your hair. amy? >> thank you. to the new arrest tonight, tied to the boston terror plot. the suspect looking like the boy next door.
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questions about what allegedly inspired him to support isis. brian ross with the new details. >> reporter: the fbi moved in at sunset. the accused isis terrorist, 24-year-old nicholas rovinski. this was rovinski just six years ago when he graduated high school, a bright future ahead. a seemingly unlikely target given his online persona as a struggling musician, with a pretty friend, into health foods. but now friends and neighbors in this quiet neighborhood in warwick, rhode island, learned the boy next door, rovinski, was, according to the fbi, leading a second, secret life. >> it's scary. real scary. >> reporter: in court documents, the fbi said rovinski had taken an arabic name, nuh amriki, converted to islam two years ago, and studied this online video which showed how to make a machete without power tools. >> and here's the final product.
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>> reporter: he later told the fbi innocent americans should die. >> isis' strategy of reaching into the united states through their propaganda is working, they're able to mobilize people in this country to carry out these types of attacks. >> reporter: the fbi says rovinski is tied to the man seen in this dramatic video, lunging at an fbi agent and a boston police officer with a military knife. usaamah rahim, just moments before rahim was shot and killed. the fbi says in the days before that incident, rovinski and rahim met on a secluded rhode island beach and first hatched a plan to kill, behead, the new york woman who had organized a display of cartoons of the prophet mohammed. but the target later shifted to the police. in court today, his mother left without comment. unable to account for how her son apparently decided he would go to war with america, amy. >> brian, thank you.
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now to new information about a close call involving american and russian planes. we're learning there were two russian jets involved. the encounter, described as unsafely close. martha raddatz in washington tonight. unsafely close, what exactly does that mean? >> well, it means that russian jet could have been as little as ten feet away from the u.s. reconnaissance plane. it's hard for the crew to say, because it happened so fast. we learned the russian jet approached directly behind the american aircraft, passed underneath it and came to the right side of the plane. all of the maneuvers, way too close. and the thing to remember, the american plane is a big, lumbering aircraft that doesn't have the maneuverability of the fighter jet. the russians, clearly flexing muscles. but a dangerous game if someone makes a mistake.
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>> martha, thank you. and tonight, congress handing president obama a stinging setback. the president making a pitch to democrats to pass a cornerstone of his trade agenda. but they shot it down. republicans coming to his aid, planning to try again next week. next, charges dropped against a university of virginia student accused of public intoxication. his violent arrest, causing outrage. hundreds of students coming to his defense. tonight, he's speaking to abc news. but no charges against the officers. here's linsey davis. >> his head is bleeding! >> reporter: word today that this university of virginia student bloodied during his arrest in this viral video that made national headlines will not be prosecuted. >> i was ecstatic. it shows that while we are undergoing and enduring so many
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societal issues, some things can still go right. >> reporter: back in march, thousands rallied on campus in support of the 20-year-old after he was wrestled to the ground by alcoholic beverage control agents after trying to get into a bar near uva's campus. >> there's no law in virginia that states persons under the age of 21 can't frequent restaurants that serve alcohol. >> reporter: the officers claimed johnson was belligerent and very agitated, charging him with public intoxication and obstruction of justice. >> how did this happen, you racists? >> reporter: are you convinced that the only reason this happened was because you are a black man in america? >> it was a combination of race, poor training, and also the over-militarization of police officers. >> reporter: johnson, a member of the school's honor committee, says the ordeal has empowered him to be a more effective leader. >> every day i have to wake up and look in the mirror and see the scar on my head, but it will also be my motivation. >> reporter: he told me his hope is that the nation will see what happened to him, and decide
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there really is a problem when it comes to police and african-americans. as nor the officers involved they remain on restricted duty pending the results of an investigation. >> thank you. and next, inside the washington home where a family and their housekeeper were brutally murdered. tonight, we're hearing from the family's other housekeeper. you'll hear the voice mail from her boss, possibly saving her life. and we're also learning new details about the man jailed for this brutal crime. here's ryan smith. >> reporter: tonight, voices from inside the mansion in washington, d.c., before the murder of savvas savapoulos, his wife amy, son philip and their housekeeper, vera figueroa. >> amy is in bed sick tonight and she was sick this afternoon and vera offered to stay and help her out. >> reporter: housekeeper nelly gutierrez, whose life was likely saved by that voice message from savvas. >> i can't stop thinking about that day. >> reporter: she is traumatized, telling us she tried to call
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vera, the other housekeeper, several times, to no avail. >> that day i call her three times. >> reporter: and for the first time tonight, insight into the suspect, daron wint, under arrest for murder. michael babcock remembers meeting him at a cousin's house. >> he came out, was windmilling with the knives. i blocked him. this is where he stabbed me on the wrist. >> reporter: wint, described by his family as hostile. and he attacked him again, on this bridge. >> i didn't see the knife this time because it was really small. if it would have been a bit lower the doctors told me that i would have died before i made it to the hospital. >> reporter: and tonight, investigators are still on the hunt for wint's suspected accomplices. he was with five others, but why weren't they charged with any crimes? we'll address those questions tonight on "20/20." >> and it is the full hour of "20/20" tonight, mystery in the mansion.
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and still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. the rescue attempt at 14,000 feet. climbers trapped on one of the tallest mountains in america. the search under way tonight. and the moving nightmare. waiting more than a year for the movers to deliver. and, full house. america's first set of identical girl quintuplets is coming home. we'll hear from their already exhausted parents tonight. problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep them all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberry apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. with at&t get up to $400 dollars in total savings on tools to manage your business. americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients... ...become especially important.
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side effects may include headache pelvic pain, breast pain vaginal bleeding and vaginitis. estrogens may increase your chances of getting cancer of the uterus, strokes, blood clots or dementia so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogen should not be used to prevent heart disease heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. next tonight, about 43 million americans move every year. many families hiring movers to pack up everything but what happens when you get to your new home, and everything you own is nowhere in sight? here's nick watt. the mother still waiting, more than a year later. >> reporter: last may, heather lucas booked a move from georgia to minnesota through an online moving company. >> my daughter and i came from georgia with two weeks' worth of clothing. >> reporter: but more than a year later, the local mover hired by that online broker
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still hasn't delivered. >> i have still not seen any of my belongings. >> reporter: heather says she's tried everything. lodging complaints, hiring a lawyer. the manager telling wgcl tv this week -- >> this is the first time i heard about ms. lucas. >> reporter: and that they're waiting for a list of what she is missing. but e-mails show lucas was in contact with that manager. he even apologized for the excessive delay. it happens more often than you think. 1 in 10 moving complaints are about belongings held hostage. there are some basic rules of thumb when moving. number one, insist on an in-person pre-estimate. two, don't allow the mover to set the price after they've loaded the truck. and three, avoid unmarked moving trucks. as for heather lucas, she's still waiting for answers and her stuff. nick watt, abc news, atlanta. >> thank you.
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5:53 pm
photos on a sacred mountain. the community blaming them for causing a deadly earthquake. the court saying there was no connection, but called their behavior disrespectful. america has a new super hero. "raleigh man," with a not-so-secret identity. 4-year-old arlo jordan of north carolina. a little boy with impaired vision. his parents say his costume gives him courage. he goes around town doing good deeds. taking breakfast to firefighters. patrolling the streets with police officers. and in his free time, lunch with spider-man. when we come back, the proud parents of girl quintuplets. their small home filling up fast.
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finally tonight, the busby bunch. checking in on america's first set of all-girl quintuplets, born in april. the firsrstwo sisters coming home. and the proud parents saying hello to their babies, and good-bye to sleep. in april, we introduced you to the busby quints, born 12 weeks early y c-section. their parents giving us an update today. >> hi, everybody. i'm adam. the dad. this has been one heck of an experience. the girls are doing great. >> i'm danielle, the mommy. twins is nothing. i got two at home. >> reporter: two of the sisters, parker and hazel, going home for the first time just days ago. >> another one's coming. another one's coming. they're all coming. we're running out of space. they're quints. they're all the same. >> reporter: and how do they plan to tell them apart? >> this is parker. she's yellow.
5:58 pm
>> and this is hazel grace and she's teal. >> reporter: but identifying each one is not the only challenge. >> i need a nap. i had a nap at 8:00 p.m. the other night. and then i had coffee. i was like, who cares if it's coffee at 10:00 p.m. i'm going to be up anyway. >> reporter: big sister blayke, 4 years old, is excited too. >> i love my baby sisters. >> congratulations. and thank you for watching on a friday night. i'm amy robach. for david and all of us, good night. >> protests in oakland. >> and a dramatic turn of events after a home invasion in san jose. >> and we started the week with heat and ended it today. when will it cool off?
5:59 pm
the accu-weather forecast. >> warrern -- warriors returning home victorious. >> we want the names of the officers and dash cam, body cam surveillance. all of that. >> demands from protestors after the fatal shooting of a man in oakland. good evening. >> police say he was asleep with a loaded gun inside there was a stand off and then an officer shot him. >> family members gather where the shooting happened almost one week ago. saturday, a police officer shot a 30-year-old during a standoff. he was found asleep in a car
6:00 pm
with a loaded gun and lots of ammo. the female officer's attorney says he reached for the gun. >> they did this. or that. some criminal record or whatever, it's irrelevant. >> demonstrators are here with demands they want to know the names of the officers and to see their body camera video. >> this creates trauma for the community. you spend your life in fear. >> some are worried things could get out of hand. >> we saw a replay of what we saw in the past. jose durano and cheryl ward have been working to form a group to keep the


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