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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 16, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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♪ da...♪ sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. [ inaudible ] >> a resident of a berkeley apartment building speaks of his shock and authority report when a fourth floor balcony colt planned sending six young people plunging to their deaths. >> the building is located close to the uc berkeley campus and berkeley part stations all students from ireland. the irish times reports two of the when who died were cousins. >> we have coverage with the
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latest on the tragedy, the investigation and the victims. we begin with amy. >> there was a party going on on the small balcony, that you see that collapsed. police got a call that party was too loud a noise complain the they did not respond. that was an hour before the balcony gave way. a group of check students from irland were celebrating a 21st birthday when the balcony they were standing on collapsed. 13 of them fell six of them died. seven others were seriously hurt. berkeley resident heard the emergency sirens and saw two people would needed help. >> two desperate students waved me down and i took them to high land hospital. >> he said at the time, they did not seem to know the seriousness of the situation. they were trying to notify parents and figure out who was on the balcony and what their
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condition was. >> as the morning progressed the dire news started to spread. people would live in the building say they all from irland hear -- from ireland working here for the summer. >> i am shocked. we come over to work and enjoy california it is so beautiful and a tragedy like this happens, complete shock. >> students would live in the building started receiving frantic calls from their relatives back home checking to see if they were okay. >> we have been up since 4:30 in the morning and... [ inaudible ] >> look at the balcony on the building of the library gardens apartment on kittredge. it look like it foamed over breaking apart from the wall. police are doing all they can to figure out why it happen asked keep people from this potentially dangerous scene. >> right now the street is closed for safety reasons.
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we do not know what caused the collapse and we have concerns the balcony could fall to the street. >> you can see a large crane is now blocking the street. it looks like they are about to make the first attempt to get near the balcony. we have reached out to the building owner and have not heard back. city council member released a statement saying that building was constructed in 2006 so it is one of the city's new evidence apartment complexes. >> thank you. we are getting new insight into the tragedy from emergency responders. listen to some of the radio connections as 9-1-1 cause poured in to berkeley fire and police dispatch. >> a balcony broke and at least ten people fell. >> this is going to be a structural issue or were they playing around and fell off on
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the balcony. >> we have an aerial view of the collapse. investigators are talking with building inspectors to get a better idea what may have caused the balcony to give way. >> the complex is called the library guards newly renovated and marketed to students. the building was supposed to open in 2002 but was empty for a long-term because the developer backed out. the first building was finally completed in 2006 and the second building in 20 ten. the complex was sold and no is managed by houston-based developer called gray star managing five other buildings in berkeley. >> our reporter continues our team coverage in highland hospital in oakland where victims are being treated. >> eric, father mcbride from the irish immigration pastoral center arrived to counsel grieving students would have been here all morning to check on the status of their friends. it was chaos in berkeley early
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this morning as people were being taken away by ambulance. here is what we know: seven people are currently being treated at three different hospitals including john muir, highland hospital and eden medical center ranging from "serious," to "critical." they are irish students in their 20 and here on a j1 visa a popular summer work program. many irish students choose to come to the bay area for that. we talked with a highland hospital spokesman who said this to say. >> our health care professionals are focusing on the patient. that is their first priority. >> we have hat situations before and we are prepared to deal with these situations. we are a trauma center. >> the irish consulate is youing all students here to call their parents and let them know they are okay. after news of the tragedy broke, the department of foreign affairs has been flooded with hundreds of calls people trying
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to reach their loved ones in the bay area. >> victims worked at san francisco fisherman's wharf where we are joined by our reporter. >> every summer a large number of students from irland come to uc berkeley on the j1 visa, a cultural exchange visa. many of them end up working over the summer here in the san francisco bay area. many of them, a lot of them work at stores at fisherman's wharf. a number of students at the party are scheduled to begin work at 11 o'clock or noon today. we already know of at least one student who was called in sick too distraught to show up for work. a student from southeast irland heard all the come motion at 2:00 a.m. and not at the party because she was scheduled to begin working at 8:00 in the morning. >> i was asleep when i heard,
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maybe at 2:00 and we were woken when our parents sent a text, were we okay. >> the irish immigration pastoral center that coordinated the j1 visa program one of the places where students come for their orientation and some of the staff are at the hospital dealing with the injured which they, the staff and students saying it is very sad and their hearts go out to the families who are so far away. >> thanks. we are hearing from irish foreign minister who said his heart goes out to the families and their loved ones. >> it has been appalling tragedy and appalling loss of life for young people whose hopes and dreams and future have suddenly
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without notice been shattered. >> the counsel general in san francisco is helping those affected with more information including the number to the help line at >> reaction is pouring in, east bay congressman treats "shocked and heartbroken by tragic balcony collapse, my heart goes out to the victims, their families and the berkeley community." the united states ambassador to ireland sent out a tweet, condolences to the family, friends and loved one of the irish students. >> and a champion swimmer scared grief "sending constant prayers to anyone involved." >> stick with us for continuing coverage of the balcony collapse. we have been pushing out alerts with late-breaking details all morning on the news app free from apple app and google play and at twit at thiser
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twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> the warriors are a win away from history. we go to cleveland and what the fans are staying about possible elimination. >> check out our national weather service, from emeryville and looking to the west the clouds have retreated to the coast with warmer weather on the way. it will be short-lived before a public of warmer temperatures this
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>> the warriors will try to become nba champions in cleveland for the first time in 40 years n oakland 17,000 fans packed into oracle arena for a watch party. the mayor schaaf said the city would celebrate oakland-style if the dubs win. the parade could be held on friday morning. if it goes on game seven on friday a parade could be held on monday. >> oakland could be leading the serious over the cavaliers 3-2 but if they seize the trophy or not many in cleveland consider the city a winner. >> wayne freedman reports. >> city and people friendly and accommodating to a point. >> i will guess based on the blue shirt you are a warriors fan. >> no chance. >> very lonely in cleveland. >> for warriors fans. for cleveland the serious has been a step into the sunshine party. >> cleveland has been the broad head -- has been the red headed
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step child for years. in 25 years everyone is saying what are you doing in cleveland? look at cleveland. >> nba finals rival has had a renaissance in commerce and attitude. forget a state by the lake it is a merchandise were city with old school charm and downtown is thriving and museums, 51 years since the city last won a world championship. >> we have been waiting since 1964! >> but hope springs eternal. >> what do the warriors need to go? >> the would? >> still looking for warriors fans? do not visit the de almost i where the sandwich measures the aspirations. >> how many calories? >> a herd. 80 percent lost but 20 percent win the 5th game. >> i am a clevelander we don't give up. >> chief birds of one feather.
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>> you are a warriors fan? >> incorrect. >> abc7 is the only place do catch the nba finals with coverage of game six in cleveland starts at 5:30 and if we need a game 7 it will be back in oakland on friday at 5:30. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> did you see the sandwich, all of us want to go to cleveland! and to see the win. >> morning, you can see the sun came out today and the winds are lighter and a warming trend is on the way and i will tell you how hot it will get in your neighborhood and how long. >> caught on video, what caused a roof to come down on several hundred people at a theater. >> the delicate rescue of the largest living sea
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,. >> covering santa clara, san francisco, east and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> overseas, six people were injured at a movie these december in the philippine when the roof collapsed. this is video from twitter. witnesses heard an explosion and saw sparks before the water started pouring on to the seat. the theater flooded from a burst pipe causing the roof to come down. 350 people were in the room for a movie sketching. >> billionaire businessman and corporate raider died at 98 years old. he was born in fresno to armenia immigrant parents and built and sold las vegas hotels and made it bigger by buying movie
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studios and braking them up and selling them off and got control of the mgm and tried to do the same with chrysler but was not successful. he died if los angeles after a brief illness. >> breaking news from martinez, sky 7 is over the scene of a brushfire that is burning, a two alarm fire that has destroyed an outbuilding and still is threatening a motor home and several other structures. the fire tweeted out that they are doing pretty well with the fire although you can see the scorched areas of the vegetation and this is butting -- burning in martinez. >> fires are throwing dirt on the edge where the flames are. >> new the weather forecast. how conducive is it to fires? >> the winds are not picking up much but they will in the afternoon and hopefully they can get that under control before the winds increase.
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morning everyone we will jump in to what going on because we still have kids in high school and waiting to get out and that is the trojans at castro valley high school at 6:30. it will drop from 7:00 at 5:30 to 63 by the end of it. enjoy and congratulations. here is what is left of bill that city look impressive tornado watch in yellow, flooding from houston all the way to st. louis. that is what you can see in green potential hazards. the lighter winds but sfo is at 15 miles per hour and that is why the clouds broke up and we did not have delays. the weather service believes the winds will 900 east of the golden gate bridge and through the areas into the delta and along the coast. they will be 21 do 33 knots with more sunshine along the authority bay coast and the clouds are starting to fade just a little bit and the rest of us
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are total sunshine right now and another reason why we are up to eight degrees warmer than yesterday. however if you want to go to the golden gate bridge that is an area that could be foggy for the day compared with walnut creek which is 30 degrees warmer. you can see the sunshine with haze in the air and the warmer afternoon is coming, with clouds and cool air and free air conditioning overnight and a stronger warming trend on friday through father's day on sunday. here is the high pressure that is stopping the main layer and drying it out enough for us to get warmer temperatures today and temperature and that low and cold front is what brings us the cooling trend for thursday before another area of high pressure comes in. mid-70s to 80 for most of the south bay and los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy will surge and low-to-mid soviets on the peninsula until los altos and mountain view heading into the south bay with upper 20 and low 60s along the coast and upper 60s around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito at 71 and petaluma at 78, the cool spots in the north bay and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80s until you get
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to cloverdale and mid-90's there. and along the east bay more berkeley is 70 and fremont and hercules at 75 and mid-80's to low 90 inland east bay. going to the game today? sunshine is guaranteed. 61 at 12:45 warming to 63 and too much sunshine the u.v. index is high. tonight the temperatures are low-to-mid mid-50s and cloud cover not so dome nap inland east bay south bay and north bay. if mexico on the coast, heading to cabo but it will fall apart with hurricane carlos that could cause rough surf. back home tomorrow a couple of degrees warmer inland and you can see the drop thursday the marine layer will be deeper and the high pressure will push us into the 80s at the bay this weekend and 60s still at the coast and 90's inland and hopefully not too hot for father's day. we will be sitting in our
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hammocks notify anyway. >> with cold drink in hand. >> new video of a turtle rescue by the coast guard in new york's long i'll, the turtle was caught in a lobster pot line and was life or death for the sea turtle. the line was wrapped around its neck and fin and the crew cut the line free and freed the turtle. >> a drone is help life guards fight find sharks on the coast allowing them to quick large areas quickly. the lifeguards have used a jet ski to survey the water and it takes two hours. the drones get it done in 20 minutes. >> may any officials are expected to approve a plan to bring a big change to san francisco and prohibit cars from turning right on to market street we between third and 8th with the changing reduces traffic by up to 50 percent and
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make it safer tore pedestrians and bicyclists and uber launched a petition against the plan saying it will make it difficult to get a ride. >> obama administration said trans fats are a threat to public health and need to go. today, the f.d.a. is ordering food companies to phase out the fats in three years. four say the move will present thousands of fatal heart attacks which mostly are used in fry and baked goods including popcorn and doughnuts the companies can petition the f.d.a. to accident to use them but many have gotten rid
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and that number's growing. like your guys' scores. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. >> now develop news a deadly balcony collapse at an apartment building in berkeley near the uc campus. six were killed and seven seriously hurt. college students from ireland were celebrating a 21st birthday and the balcony collapsed. we are looking into the structural design and an engineer said is with waterproofing. the berkeley police and alameda coroner will hold a news conference at 1:00 o'clock p.m. we will carry it live on air and we are going to stream it live on abc7. our coverage continues now on twitter, twit at this time --
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twitter. >> at 5 o'clock, it is dubs on 7 and pre-game show and at 5:30, abc7 is the only place where you can see the warriors in game 6 of the nba finals. >> our special "after the game," will follow game six and jimmy kimmel live, game night, followed by abc7 at look so get ready for a lost exciting basketball action. >> or warriors can end it on the road and we hope that happens. >> thanks for joining us.
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