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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 26, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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tonight. our next newscast is at 6:00. we leave you with a live look outside on this friday. breaking news tonight on several fronts. a special edition of "world news tonight." first, history at the supreme court on same-sex marriage. tonight, the reaction on both sides coming in. now legal in all 50 states. the lines. couples waiting to get married. the 5-4 ruling. justices who were against this, you will hear their fiery dissent. and the states refusing to let the weddings begin. . the breaking news in the hunt for the two escaped killers. tonight, they have shot and killed one of the men. at this hour, authorities say closing in on the other. we're live on the scene. american authorities on alert tonight, after 90 minutes of terror. three separate attacks overseas -- tourists at a beach resort an american-run factory targeted, and a mosque as well.
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brian ross is here, and bob woodruff, overseas tonight. and honoring the charleston pastor and the eight other victims. the president, and the moment a grateful community was not expecting. ♪ amazing grace ♪ from abc news world headquarters this is "absence world news tonight." good evening. it's great to have you with us on a friday night. we will get to the historic decision from the supreme court. the joy and the anger. we have it all covered tonight. but we begin with breaking news as we come on the air. 21 days on the run, and tonight authorities say they have shot and killed one of the two escaped killers, richard matt, found and taken down in upstate new york. at this hour they believe they could be closing in on david sweat, the other man on the run authorities are warning communities to lock their doors and stay inside. he's likely armed and dangerous and growing more desperate.
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they believe both men were trying to make a run for it across the border to canada. more than 1,100 officers near that border trying to catch one of the most wanted men in america. linzie janis on the ground in malone, new york. >> reporter: 21 days, thousands of officers, hundreds of miles of terrain, scoured. and tonight, the end of the road for one of those escaped convicts, richard matt. >> they got one guy down. >> yay! >> reporter: shot and killed by a border patrol s.w.a.t. team, in a wooded area shortly after 4:00 p.m. just 17 miles from the canadian border. one more escaped inmate, david sweat, still at large tonight. authorities saying he likely has a gun. they were likely together. they're setting up a perimeter around the area. a woman saying he received a strange knock at her door. police arriving in the area at 2:00 a.m., where dogs picked up the scent. and at 3:45 this afternoon, matt is spotted. 25 minutes later, shot dead.
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in the last 24 hours, clues leading authorities to the relatively populated town of malone. >> police continue the search, they are reminding residents in the area to remain on alert. >> reporter: including dna from a second burglarized cabin. and something they left behind outdoors. >> the items we've selected and submitted have been -- we've drawn definitive conclusions from that. >> reporter: authorities now closing in on sweat, reminding residents to be vigilant. >> and linzie janis joining us, with late information. about what they might have discovered moments before they were able to take one of these suspects down? >> reporter: that's right, about an hour before matt was shot and killed, he tried to carjack an rv. that rv coming under fire the driver speeding off, calling 911. >> linzie, thank you. she'll stay there throughout the night. we move on to the historic decision from the supreme court,
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ruling that same-sex marriage is now legal in every state in america. the american flag and rainbow flag outside the court today. same-sex couples celebrating the victory with their children and across the country from arbor mish ga to arc is a, from omaha, nebraska to louisville, same-sex couples lining up to get married. the hashtag #lovewince tweeted millions of time around the world. from inside the supreme court tonight, the passionate dissent as well. this was a 5-4 decision, and they spell it out, both for and against. terry moran is at the supreme court, with celebrations and the states where they're vowing to resist tonight. >> reporter: the news hit the crowd outside the supreme court like a wildfire. justice anthony kennedy, a longtime champion of gay rights on the court, he wrote today's landmark opinion describing the stakes in this case in the loftiest terms. "no union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love,
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fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. in forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were." and it was the children of same-sex couples, the hundreds of thousands of them across america. justice kennedy has so often written and spoken about them in the past, they were at the heart of his ruling today. "without the recognition, stability, and predictability marriage offers, their children suffer the stigma of knowing their families are somehow lesser." outside, we met melissa fobear and stacy makris, and their son niko. together for seven years, they waited for this day and now will be married. what does today mean for niko? >> it means that he will grow up in a country where his family is equal to every other family. >> reporter: jim obergefell, the lead plaintiff, carrying a picture of his late husband john arthur, together 21 years. ohio refusing to recognize their legal marriage, taking a call on the plaza from president obama in the oval office.
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>> not only have you been a great example for people, but you're also going to, you know, bring about a lasting change in this country. >> thank you, sir. that means an incredible amount to me. >> reporter: four of the nine justices dissented, chief justice john roberts arguing that all the good feelings today are not grounded in sound constitutional law. "by all means celebrate today's decision. celebrate the achievement of a desired goal, but do not celebrate the constitution. it had nothing to do with it." and justice scalia, in a rage, scorning kennedy's poetic opinion as little more than a fortune cookie. but in the rose garden, president obama spoke of the history and the hope in this moment. >> when all americans are treated as equal we are all more free. >> reporter: this afternoon on that plaza, the gay men's chorus of washington singing our national anthem, while balloons spelling out "love" soared into the sky. >> and terry moran, who has
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covered the supreme court for us for years, joins us live. you reported, some states planning to resist. but does ruling this go into effect immediately? >> reporter: it certainly does. gay marriage is now the law in all 50 states, and the weddings have already begun. there are a few states where officials are reluctant to go forward. they want to wait for an order from this court and then an order from a lower court, but you can't say no to the constitution at the end of the day. and this is now constitutional law in america. >> terry moran, who has grown accustomed to those cheers all day long outside the supreme court, thank you. we're going to turn to the three major terror attacks that played out today, all within 90 minutes. tonight authorities here in the united states are on heightened alert. the department of homeland security urging all americans to be vigilant and prepared. as we head toward the fourth of july holiday, and here's why. here are the pictures coming in tonight, first from tunisia. 39 tourists killed at a hotel.
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the suspected gunman opening fire at a swimming pool. and a second attack at a american-run factory, and here's the map, a third attack in kuwait, at a mosque. isis claiming responsibility for that attack. it's unclear who was behind the others. this evening authorities are on alert tonight, and bob woodruff has teamed up with our chief investigative correspondent, brian ross. >> reporter: it was just before noon when the gunman hit. hi targets mostly british and german tourists, still in their bathing suits on their beach chairs, as rescue workers rushing them to the hospital on this popular resort in the mediterranean. >> i turned, the bullet just hit me in my arm. >> reporter: it was a massacre. at least 39 people dead, 39 more wounded, the bodies covered with beach towels. >> i just saw the gunman firing shots randomly. people laying on the sun beds on the beach. >> reporter: he killed people in the sea, said another witness.
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and he killed people in the swimming pool. another tourist told an irish radio station that the gunman even shot at one of the area's popular hot air balloons. >> it was about 500 meters from me and i saw a balloon sort of collapse down under rapid fire, and the security on the beach started saying, run, run, run. >> reporter: unchecked terror, as the lone gunman, identified butut mission media as the man in this photo, stalked the ground with an automatic weapon before he was eventually killed by police. bob woodruff is in tunisia tonight. >> reporter: authorities said the gunman arrived in a boat, hiding his gun in an umbrella. authorities trying to determine his background and whether he's connected to isis or any other terror group. >> reporter: and one hours of the tunisia attack, there were two other terror attacks, one at this american-owned gas company in france.
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one person was found beheaded. and a suicide bomb attack in kuwait where 27 were killed during prayers at a mosque. tonight in london, british officials are considering a mass evacuation for more than 20,000 tourists still left in tunisia, after a day of terror raising alarm bells all the way here to the united states, david. >> thank you both tonight. and pierre homeland security -- as you said, there's a real sense of urgency to prevent an attack here at home. what are you hearing? >> reporter: there's real concern. the reason, isis is using a social media campaign, to blast out messages to thousands of followers here in the u.s. encouraging them to kill wherever they are. the fbi is target inging this, and seven arrests in the last two days alone.
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a number of these people are accused of planning bombings, so, yes, high concerns. >> seven arrests in two weeks. as you point out, pierre, thank you. we turn to a poignant day in charleston, south carolina. the president coming there to eulogize the reverent clemma pinckney. the line forming as early as 3:30 in the morning, the arena filled to capacity. but no one could have expected what they were about to hear from the president. abc's byron pitts is in charleston tonight. >> reporter: today in charleston, though somber the occasion, scorching the heat, mourners came out by the thousands. inside the packed td arena, more than 5,000 strong, the going home service for state senator and pastor clementa pinckney. president obama arriving midservice, here as the nation's comforter-in-chief. >> what a good man. you don't have to be of high station to be a good man. >> reporter: a good man, gunned down with eight others inside
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mother emanuel a.m.e. church during midweek bible study. accused killer dylann roof was never mentioned by name, but a sign near reverend pinckney's casket seemed aimed at him and all who hate. "wrong church, wrong people, wrong day." >> blinded by hatred, the alleged killer could not see the grace surrounding reverend pinckney and that bible study group. the light of love that shone as they opened the church doors and invited a stranger to join in their prayer circle. >> reporter: the president spoke of the nation's long struggle with race and the south's seismic shift this past week regarding the confederate flag. praise across political lines to south carolina republican governor nikki haley. she called for the flag to come down earlier this week. >> the flag has always represented more than just ancestral pride. for many, black and white, that
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flag was a reminder of systemic oppression and racial subjugation. we see that now. >> reporter: in church, the president acknowledged the national conversation about race. >> we talk a lot about race. there's no shortcut. we don't need more talk. >> reporter: a plea not just for conversation, but change. >> it would be a betrayal of everything reverend pinckney stood for, i believe, if we allowed ourselves to slip into a comfortable silence again. >> reporter: and then an ending that took the audience and the nation by surprise. ♪ amazing grace ♪ >> reporter: the president defined grace as unmerited gifts from god.
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for the people here, the nine men and women murdered inside emanuel a.m.e. church were all a gift. david? >> byron pitts tonight, thank you. what happened with the president as he continued with that hymn in the entire arena, in a moment here. in the meantime, the ntsb now investigating a deadly plane crash in alaska. believed to have slammed into a cliff, all nine onboard killed most of them tourists from a cruise very popular with american families this type of years. they had all set sail from seattle. here's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: tonight, in steep, rugged terrain, recovery efforts are being slowed by more bad weather. it was 2:06 p.m. yesterday when a report came in to authorities that the dehavilland otter float plane, like this one, was overdue on a sightseeing flight out of ketchikan, alaska. the eight passengers, tourists from the holland america cruise ship "westerdam."
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along with the pilot, all were killed. the plane's wreckage indicates it slammed into a granite rock face about 25 miles northeast of ketchikan. this picture, taken from an faa webcam around the time of the crash, shows low visibility over the mountains. >> pilots who fly these routes dahl in and day out, in clear weather they know where everything is, but clouds can rearrange that. >> reporter: these tours are popular, but they can be dangerous. near ly nearly -- have crashed in alaska in the last 30 years. the ntsb says at this point it's too soon to know if weather played a role in the crash, or if it was mechanical or something else. david? now to the severe weather tonight. seven states in the west under heat and storm advisories. up to philadelphia tonight, 11 states under severe watching. flash flood watches. ginger zee is tracking this all. >> 73 severe storm reports. the pink is a severe thunderstorm watch.
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all way from oklahoma to west virginia, right there in north carolina the flood watch on the front end, that's what i'm concerned overnight tonight. along that warm front, heavy rainfall, 2 to 3 inches at times. tomorrow violent weather possible tonight from atlanta to washington, d.c. and record heat in the west, .to 101 tomorrow. >> ginger, thank you. still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. the growing danger at the beach. a new case tonight a suspected shark attack again. the man bitten off north carolina, this would be the fifth attack in just two weeks. new warnings going out tonight. also, the american olympic sailor now lost at sea. his boat found empty. what investigators are saying at this hour. and the refund that could be on the way for a certain brand of beer. all of it over this question. was it made in america? and are you owed money tonight? the news continues in a moment.
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tonight. another suspected shark attack. it would be the fifth in two weeks and abc's cecilia vega with the new warning now. >> reporter: the latest victim recovering tonight the man on the stretcher, a 47-year-old dad. >> subject is on the beach. respond for a shark bite. >> reporter: swimming off the outer banks. bitten on his backside and ankle. witnesses said he yelled shark and ran out of the waist-deep >> water. the victim with multiple bites, is stable. >> reporter: though shark attacks are rare, experts say one possible reason, warmer water attracting sharks. >> i saw the shark on my left arm, it was halfway up my beaccept just attached and then it wasn't attached anymore. >> reporter: tonight, a coast on high alert, and a dad thankful he lived to tell. cecelia vega, abc news, new york. >> thank you. when we come back, the other warning involving a parasite
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happens at the water's edge. here, they must look their best. smooth, beautiful skin is an advantage. the others can only hide in shame. introducing the new dr. scholl's dreamwalk express pedi. . to the index, the cdc warning about a dangerous paraside that can live in pools up to ten days even those treatwood chlorine they say young children at particular risk. we have more details at our website. also the coast guard searching for trevor moore, his wallet and belongs on board, but moore nowhere to be found. and does anheuser busch owe you money? a lawsuit that says they misled their customers, they could now berle forced to offer refunds. stay tuned. when we come back the
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control you need... ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. finally, the president remembering the faces lost in charleston. >> cynthia hurd. susie jackson. ethel lance. depayne middleton-doctor. tywanza sanders. daniel l. simmons. sharonda coleman-singleton. myra thompson. good people. >> reporter: and in the end, a
5:58 pm
rare turn. ♪ amazing grace ♪ [ applause ] >> reporter: a president leading a grateful community in song. we watched as they began to stand, realizing he was going to sing "amazing grace." ♪ that saved a wretch like me ♪ it was a p >> a live picture from san francisco where a pride march about to get under way holds special significance. >> the u.s. supreme court hands down a landmark decision establishing a constitutional right for same-sex couples to get married.
5:59 pm
good evening everybody. >> today's decision may prove to be as significant captain as the roe vs. wade abortion ruling. or the the brown versus board of education ruling that granted racial equality in the schools. [ cheering ] >> that was the reaction outside san francisco city hall where the first same sex marriage licenses were granted 11 years ago. and in moments of this morning's 7:00 ruling this giant rainbow banner was unfurled hailing the decision as a victory for all of america. >> to begin our live team coverage we have abc 7 news reporters dick lee in san francisco and david louie in san jose. you were at city hall this morning when the news broke. what was the immediate reaction? >> reporter: well i was, it was very early in the morning just after 7:00.
6:00 pm
i was with a small group of people here at the civic center who were eager to know how the justices would go, and when they found out this place erupted with joy. the decision brought cheers hugs, and tears. just raw emotion among the dozen or so same-stex couples who gathered here to hear the the decision. >> i feel like i'm part of the american dream now actually. yeah. have the opportunity to live the american dream like everybody else. >> it did take a long time, but it says a lot about our country that we could get to the right place. >> i'm very happy that this is happening now. it's a new beginning for us. yeah. i'm very, very happy. >> congratulations. >> inthe credible. we waited all of these years. >> anupg those here senator mark leno who came out more than four


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