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tv   Nightline  ABC  July 2, 2015 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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e madonna they starin' at ka brought the chopsticks should have brought the chopper ♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight with new details coming out about the alleged affair between a convicted killer and prison worker an affair that may have led to a breakout, we look at a shockingly common kind of forbidden romance. why are female correction officers risking everything for love? lockup? what do you get when you combine parachutes with power tools? the property brothers. >> that was pretty good. >> tonight how the masters of buying and selling, all while cracking wise. >> boom boom boom! he's back. arnold schwarzenegger returns promoting "terminator: genisys" by scaring the pants off of tourists.
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good evening. a new warden and new security measures announced today at the prison in upstate new york from which those two murderers recently escaped. but these changes may not be enough to put an end to a dynamic that allegedly played a central role in the breakout. romantic entanglements between male inmates and female staff. this is much more common than you may think. here's my "nightline" coanchor juju chang. >> reporter: with her hands in cuffs and head down low, joyce mitchell walked into court to face the consequences. >> i've been over the charges with ms. mitchell. >> reporter: the 51-year-old prison seamstress arrested last month on charges she helped two convicted killers escape from a maximum security prison. men she allegedly romanced behind bars and met for sex reportedly up to four times a week. how easy would it have been for the two of them to have sex in that tailor's room? >> easy. when we left for lunch and they stayed back nobody's there.
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>> reporter: eric jenson was incarcerated with sweat for nine months in 2012 at clinton correctional facility. he claims he saw firsthand the flirtation that started in the prison tailor shop. >> she found somebody that paid her a lot of attention, gave her compliments, made her smile. he'd be at her desk all the time, he'd have her laughing. it's just like her eyes would glisten. she would be genuinely happy that he was paying attention to her. >> you're thinking she look the lovestruck? >> exactly. we had a joke. it was like that was his boo, that was his girl she'd bring him barbecued chicken, spare ribs things cooked on her home grill. >> reporter: and she was allegedly bringing sweat more than comfort food. >> she had taken the hacksaw blades, placed them into hamburger. >> reporter: the married mother of one has pleaded not guilty to all charges. if the allegations turn out to be true it wouldn't be the first time a female prison employee fell for the charms of a male inmate. >> sexual misconduct involving an inmate. >> 13 female corrections
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officers. >> prosecutors say the two were in love. >> reporter: government reports indicate that more than half of all sexual misconduct cases are committed by female workers. robin kay miller spent 20 years working as a new york city corrections officer before retiring in 2005. she says it's possible to become attached to inmates you see day in and day out. >> that's basically our second home. and if they don't have anybody at home or their man is not treating them right and then they come to work and this man is full of compliments and just telling them he loves them and he going to suck them in. once you get suck in the and even though you know it's wrong -- >> reporter: inappropriate relationships at the center of these high-profile cases. 2013 a baltimore inmate and notorious gang leader impregnated four prison guards. the women helping him run a drug ring inside the prison walls.
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>> a female federal prison guard in court charged with having an inlegal affair with an inmate. >> reporter: the same year in new york prison guard nancy gonzalez was sentenced to a year in prison after getting pregnant by a cop killer she was guarding. >> 13 secondx sessions that we know of. >> reporter: in oregon two prison workingers admitted to sneaking an inmate out for sex. both women now on the other side of prison bars. it's behavior that jansen says is rampant. >> did you ever have a female guard hit on you? >> no i never had a female guard hit on me. i had a female nurse hit on me. she wrote a letter stating she'd like to get to know me better. i'm not going to lie, i wrote her back. >> do you think if you pursued it it it could have turned into something? >> i do. >> reporter: emerge is as stronger job candidates there are more women working in the prison system than ever before. >> women are more likely to have those educational skills.
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you have to pass background checks, you can't have a criminal record. that plays in women's favor. >> reporter: between 2001 and 2007, the number of female corrections officers in male facilities has jumped from 24% to 40%. guarding facilities overcrowded with inmates. >> i don't think they think of the consequences whether it's going to last. i don't even think they think that far down the line. i think they go with their emotions. >> reporter: the problem starts with the relationship turned personal and there's a shift in power like what allegedly happened to mitchell, who helped the two convicts escape for 22 days. >> i understand prisons run on a delicate balance. and having a good relationship between guards and inmates is important. but there's a line. and when the line is stepped over then action has to be taken. >> how easy is it for a prisoner
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to have sex with a female corrections officer? >> it's real easy. >> why? >> it's so rampant in the system. the supervision and the frater inization cancel each other out. you can do whatever you want. >> what did you see? >> i've seen women coming in and having sex with inmates in county jails and state facilities. downstate. >> cos? ochltc.o.s? >> corrections officers yes. >> reporter: he said there are plenty of blind spots making it extremely easy for willing partners to sneak away for sex. romantic rendezvous in hidden corners. >> i want you. >> reporter: like a scene out of the hit prison drama "orange is the new black." >> the sex occurs, that points out there are other huge institutional failures in terms of supervision and oversight. and that is so so very clear in
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this incident involving the prison in new york. >> reporter: we now know that weave the prison break, mitchell was investigated for her alleged improper relationship with sweat. but no action was taken for lack of evidence. now she's facing possible prison time. and this week 12 more staffers have been suspended indefinitely. >> in every state, all 50 states, sex with someone in custody is a crime. it's like having sex with somebody who's underage. it's a strict liability offense. >> why would a woman jeopardize her entire livelihood for a relationship with an inmate? bottom line straight-up stupidity. because you're putting yourself in jeopardy. >> reporter: but it's an offense that's rarely brought to the taken of attention of authorities. >> why do you think it was never reported? >> if somebody would have reported it excuse me you would have been labeled a snitch. in that facility you don't want
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the snitch label. you would have been stabbed, you would have been cut, you would have been beat up disfigured then shipped out of that prison. >> not worth it? >> not worth it at all. >> reporter: with budgetary and staffing complaints, policing sex misconduct in prisons is a problem with no easy solutions. >> if they don't change this system it's going to become worse. it's about time that somebody does something about it. everybody's turning a blind eye. it's a lot of corruption. the system is very broken. they need to fix it so maybe these guys coming out won't want to come back in. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm juju chang in new york. coming up how twin brothers who couldn't be more different became massive reality tv stars. can they boost your home's resale value? later, arnold schwarzenegger. is he sick of uttering his famous catch phrase? >> i'll be back. >> i'll be back. >> i'll be back. >> absolutely not. he sat down with our nick watt to discuss "terminator:
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they are twin brothers.
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they share a spot on "people" magazine's list of the sexiest men alive. together they say they can dramatically boost your home's resale value. they're the stars of four hit tv reality shows. rebecca jarvis goes on the job with them. >> that was pretty good. i let out a girlie scream when i do it. >> reporter: why am i taking a sledgehammer to old garage doors? >> i see why this is fun. >> reporter: why are these two strapping young gentlemen cheering me on? they are jonathan and bruce scott. >> i'll help them realize a fixer upper could be their perfect home. >> reporter: the property brothers. stars of some of hgtv's most popular shows. >> how does that tuition of labor work? >> it's simple. brain, brawn. >> reporter: we are demolishing part of this beautiful home so they can fix it up and sell it for television. >> we've got complete confidence in what jonathan and gerald have
12:54 am
planned. >> reporter: help max out the value of this three bedroom, two and a half bath colonial which they bought in 2006 for $515,000. so far they've put $75,000 of their own money into renovations. now they're looking to move. and they've called in the experts. >> why work with them? >> well, they've got a great reputation. >> they've got great design ideas. things that we would never be able to come up with. >> eric and misty are living through a diy disaster -- >> reporter: it's one of at least a dozen homes the brothers are renovating here in westchester, new york for their hit tv show "buying and selling." >> it's all about helping people do a mild reno and stage their home to sell it quick for top dollar and move on to a house that works for the family. >> reporter: real estate expert drew assesses the properties. he estimates this home will sell as-is for $575,000 a lot less
12:55 am
than what chris and beth are hoping for. can contractor designer jonathan's upgrades get them the price they want? what do you need to do to this house? >> oh boy. >> whoo! >> what don't we need to do to this house? >> we're doing a light applicationover on the entire house. that's going to involve, my goodness ripping over walls. it's going to involve, you know cabinets and tile and all kinds of stuff. >> reporter: while jonathan gets down to demo work drew takes the couple on a parade of homes. >> this is just a bonus area but this would be a great big dining room. >> oh! that i really like. >> red, blue purple, and green lights flashing. you can dance in the mirror. >> friday night date night. >> there you go. >> reporter: jonathan swings the power tools. drew sports the power suits. >> jonathan likes to get dirty, he likes to sweat. i don't. >> how many suits do you have? >> i probably have -- 350? >> 350 suits?
12:56 am
>> i have about 180 shoes. i probably have close to 1,000 ties. >> i have four pairs of boots. and maybe three plaid shirts. he brings a shopping cart to my house and goes through the closet area. >> the best thing in the world. that's why you have a twin brother, so you can steal all his stuff. >> so exciting! >> reporter: a winning condo with the do it yourself crowd. >> what's up? >> not too bad. >> oh my god! >> with fans across the globe. >> is that weird when the two of you go out and you're swarmed this no matter where you are. >> it's not weird. i appreciate it i love the fact that fans love our show. if they're showing their appreciation, that doesn't bother me at all. >> are either of you dating? >> you're married. whoa, whoa, is she flirting with us? i'm dating. he's single, ladies. right there. >> next season of "brother
12:57 am
versus brother," instead of us each dying a house, find jonathan a date. >> reporter: call it brotherly love or sibling rivalry. >> we're in this together. hermano hermano. >> do you know what that means? >> drew is the most competitive man alive. it doesn't matter if you're just running to the car to get to the car, opening a beer first, he's got to win everything. >> that's true. he was here ten minutes ahead of you. >> it took you so long getting ready. >> this takes a lot of work. >> reporter: it's not just good looks and cheerful banter that have made these twins so wildly popular. it's their eye-catching property makeovers. >> when you do a renovation or a makeover when you walk into the house, buyers should instantly know that you have renovated. my favorite design is what i call rustically modern. you have something fresh and clean and updated. pop in something rustic. >> reporter: you don't have to be a property brother to up your
12:58 am
own home's appeal. >> declutter depersonalize. it does make a difference. >> some of the houses we go through, people would get thousands more for the home if they just cleaned it. >> whoa! i see one person working! >> reporter: which brings us back to those dlap rated garage doors. with construction in full swing, going after that door with all my might -- >> arrgh! >> so close. >> reporter: thanks to a little help from my new friends. >> success! >> oh, god, look at that! you're crazy! >> reporter: thanks to those renovations, garage deck and playroom chris and beth could fetch an estimated $625,000 when they sell their home. a cool $50,000 increase. exactly what they wanted. because of these two. and maybe in small part because of this honorary property sibling. >> you've officially been christened a contractor. >> we're going to call you
12:59 am
property sister. >> put the body into it. i know what i'm talking about. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm rebecca jarvis swinging sledge hammers with the property brothers in new york. >> thanks to rebecca jarvis and property brothers "buying and selling" airs wednesdays on hgtv. coming up here a schwarzenegger scaring the crap out of an unsuspecting tourist who sits down with us to talk about the new "terminator" movie. wait till you hear what he has to say about the last one. ♪ take me in, into your darkest hour ♪ ♪ and i'll never desert you ♪ ♪ i'll stand by you ♪ yeah! yeah. so, that's our loyalty program. you're automatically enrolled. and the longer you stay, the more rewards you get. great. oh! ♪ i'll stand by you ♪ ♪ won't let nobody hurt you ♪ isn't there a simpler way to explain the loyalty program?
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when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many. finally tonight, he's back.
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arnold schwarzenegger wielding his famous catchfradsphrase "i'll be back" in the fifth installment of the "terminator" movies out today. he sat down with abc's nick watt. >> reporter: wax work arnie promoting the "terminator" reboot. no wax work -- it's the man himself. >> i'm looking for sunglasses. >> reporter: a prank for the charity website. >> i've been waiting for you. >> reporter: and 31 years after the first terminator arnie is back. fighting his old self through cgi. he wins? i'm not telling you. >> i'll be back. >> i'll be back. >> i'll be back. i'll be back. >> i didn't want to ask you to say the line. but you've just said it. >> that's so nice of you. >> you've just said it now 38 times. >> he didn't want to ask that
1:05 am
unbelievable what an interviewer. >> reporter: in this movie he's sent back in time to before the first installment. >> this is the beauty about a film that involves time travel is you can go back and change the entire premise. >> so long as you have rules that make sense and that you're within those rules. >> reporter: amelia clark of "game of thrones" fame plays badass sarah conner. >> come with me if you want to live! >> "game of thrones" was a good introduction into this scale of movie. >> john sent me here to save you. >> reporter: jai courtney is kyle reese. >> why australians? >> inn why not? >> popular with the ladies. >> reporter: this has the same janay sa qua of the original and one of the same lines. >> i'll be back. >> what? >> reporter: i'm nick watt for "nightline" in hollywood. >> big thanks to nick watt for that story and big thanks to you for watching abc news. tune into "gma" first thing in
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the morning. we're online 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page and at thanks again for watching and good night.
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