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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 3, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning i am cheryl jennings. i am it here for kristen sze. we have new details on the investigation of a terrible crime, the random shooting of a woman on pier 14. >> we have confirmed this morning that the suspect this man, 45-year-old francisco sap chose has signed a confession. sanchez admitted fire the fatal shot that killed 32-year-old. sanchez is on probation from
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texas and committed offenses in numerous states with the gun found near the pier the sanchez led investigators to it. technicians are carrying out the tests to see if it was used in the shooting. the victim was walking arm in arm with her father when shot. her father came to san francisco to take her back to pleasanton for a family party. we have the latest developments twitter@abc7newsbayarea. you can find the latest information. >> if you are traveling, will the weather corporate? our meteorologist joins us from the rooftop. >> we started with clouds and in the past 45 minutes sun has broken out leading to a nice travel day around the state of california. look at this: south, a lot of sunshine but 108 in palm springs and 78 in los angeles and lake
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tahoe has a chance of thunderstorm and a high of 81 degrees. we will look at what to expect in the bay area and the fireworks forecast when i see you with the details in a few minutes. >> today people are taking to the skies in the busiest fourth of july in years. our news reporter is in pleasanton with several of 9 factors fueling the great escape. janet? >> first i will tack about traffic which is light on 580. c.h.p. said usually it picks up later in the day when people are off of work and leaving town. many who stopped here where we are say that prices at the pump are a big motivator to leave town. this weekend is a record for fourth of july travel since 2010. aaa said that is because the gas prices are the lowest in five
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years, prompting more than four million in california to hit the road. here is a look at gas prices, in san jose the average for regular gas is $3.36. it was $4.12 a year ago. in oakland, it stands at $3.395 gallon and in san francisco the average is $3.52. all three cities saw more than a 70-cent drop compared to a year ago. we decided a road trip because the gas prices are reasonable. >> gas prices are dropping and the economy is improving and personal income is rising. >> we are good. air travel is also up with more than three million people getting on a plane this weekend. he is taking a camper because he could not hop on a plane the. >> i would rather my to mexico
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right now, believe me but this is a short weekend and i don't have vacation yet, we have to go camp. >> no matter the transportation style the trip is to plan ahead and beat the rush. >> i try to get going early do avoid traffic and we have kids and it is tough when the traffic builds. >> finally, to save some time and avoid trouble spots you can download waze and join abc7 group at apple app and google play. with more people on the road there is increased likelihood of duis and accidents so you are wanted to be cautious. they remind you to avoid stopping on the freeway to watch the fireworks. >> good advice. san francisco always puts on a glorious fireworks show for the fourth of july but it take as last preparation. amy hollyfield joins us with
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more. amy hollyfield? >> this is delicate work dealing with powerful stuff. imagine doing that on a barge that is rocking back-and-forth. they are loading up the works now. they are being very careful. the those getting ready for the fireworks are dealing with 10,000 pounds of explosive devices. they say it is busy, hard dirty work. they cannot imagine doing anything else. >> if you ever are on a barge like this or somewhere underneath where they go off you are hooked. the concussion, the molars are rattling in your mouth. it is a real thrill. >> this being san francisco, it is as impressive as you can fine the largest one in northern california. thisening san francisco, it is also the toughest show to see. looking at fog, that is always an issue in san francisco.
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without fog it is amazing. >> this crew has a lot of work to do. they have to load the mortar and the 3000 devices on four barges. though are looking forward to adrenalin rush to the count down with the first burst in the sky and of course, the ending. >> everyone knows at the end because the sky lights up and boy, after that last show goes up, you go wow! >> wow well that show starts at 9:30 tomorrow night. for a complete lifting of fireworks show and fourth of july events go to >> while the rest of us enjoy fourth of july and fireworks show law enforcement in the bay area and across the nation will be on high alert with more officers and agents on duty this weekend because of possible
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terror throats and they are asking members to be vigilant. abc7 reporter has that story. >> people are gearing up for fourth of july celebrations crass america, while law enforcement officials are beefing up security. at the national mall in washington tens of thousands of visitors are expected tomorrow. >> if new york city a state-of-the-art command center is up and running armed units patrolling the streets and the water and the skies. in boston, metal detectors and checkpoints and $1 million in security cameras, locals and tourists already crowding philadelphia's independence hall the place where it all began 239 years ago. >> we hope nothing goes wrong. enjoy the day. >> law enforcement bulletins are common around the major holidays but in light of the attacks and the growing net from isis officials are not taking chances. >> our challenge is identifying those people and giving them the help they need or the protection
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we need. >> this year 40 people with suspected ties to isis have been arrested in the united states and seven in the last two weeks. >> happening now the marin county sheriff is holding a news conference on the arrest of a novato high school track and field coach. 64-year-old steven deschler is accuse evidence having a sexual relationship with 17-year-old student. he bonded out of jail this morning, this is the picture of deschler on the school website. authorities took deschler into custody last night at oakland international airport after he returned on a flight from hawaii. investigators say the firm's mother found evidence of a sexual relationship between her daughter and deschler on the victim's phone. >> crews are cleaning up after a water main break in san francisco flooded several streets. it happened on 22nd and portrero. neighbors say they did not want to let the extra water go to waste and used buckets to water their lawns around 5:00 this morning and a construction crew
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was, working in the area at the time of the break. the san francisco public utilities commission said it is hard to tell how many gallons were lost. >> we do not know yet, because we have to estimate when this started to figure out how much water we lost so at this point i cannot even give you a guess. >> a resident said that the same thing happened a week ago. officials say it was going to take crews another hour to clean the line. our the california public utilities commission will vote on proposals that could raise our electricity rates dramatically. one of the proposals will eliminate the more you use the more you pay rate and replace it with a flat rate. power providers stay low cost energy users, low energy users cost money because they do not use enough to pay for delivery.
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our bills could rise by do 10. >> opponents of the law to boost vaccination rateds among school children are planning to hold a protest in san francisco today. supporters of the no vaccine mandate rally at noon in the parking lot of the golden gate bridge to demand the repeal of the new law signed by governor brown early this week requiring all schoolchildren in california to be vaccinated next year unless their daughters gives them a medical exemption. >> signs warn people of shacks off the santa cruz coast will remain up through the holiday weekend including at sea cliff state beach. those at the beach entrance. the santa cruz sent nil reports several great whites were spotted yesterday. the beach will be open for the holiday weekend but rangers have posted signs advising swimmers to stay out of water. >> a giant leap for green energy the record-setting solar flight that just touched down in hawaii
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with a remarkable 120 help hour trip. >> a terrifying ordeal at a train station after a woman falls between the train and the ♪ ♪
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together, we're building a better california. ♪ ♪ >> a report setting journey 120 ours in the air for the pilot flying the solar impulse touched down in hawaii just a short time ago. the five-day journey is the longest nonstop solo flight in
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history considered risky because there was nowhere to land in case of emergency. the plane travels at the same speed as a car and is going across the world with the next stop phoenix. >> terrifying moments for a woman in new york as she was getting off a train in long island. she fell into the gap between the train and the platform and everyone started yelling and the train did not move but the woman was still in danger if she touched any rail tracks she could have been electrocuted. the rescue took more than 30 minutes as firefighters realized the gap was too small to get her out and she was shaken but they got her out and she was okay. scary much the weekend is here. our meteorologist drew is here for meteorologist mike nicco. >> it is turning out to be sunny, a gorgeous view to start the holiday weekend and if you are staying holly we will show you where you live with the
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accweather forecast. our thank you, drew. >> an automaker has a plan to cool down your phone while you drive. >> a patriotic project, a flag made of
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>> there is a land to make sure your phone can chill out, starting next year chevrolet will feature an act iphone cooling system for smartphones on the dashboard that keeps the phone cool as it charges. chevrolet's 2016 models will feature a wireless charging system, some have been worried the charging system would
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overheat the phones. who me? that is the important thing. >> now let's talk about how cool the temperatures are today. or not. >> not too bad along the coast it will be comfortable but inland not too hot. it has been hot in the past but look at this, refreshing view from santa cruz right now and a lot of people are on the beach. live doppler hd shows you an equally beautiful picture with a random downpour protecting as it is locally close to live doppler hd and this is pushing off to the north and this is the only shower that has popped up for the rest of the bay area we expect dry conditions for the day and, really the holiday weekend. now we have the clouds are pulling back to the coast and sunshine has broken out and right now 65 in san francisco, oakland at 67, mountain too at
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72 and half moon bay at 61. back to santa cruz it is a gorgeous shot of the people soaking in the sun. you do notice not many people are dipping their toes in the ocean with the water at a cool 59 degrees. regardless, it is warm in the bay area. 69 in napa and 76 in fairfield. 78 in concord. livermore is 79. now, what to expect later this afternoon. a lost sunshine in the south bay at 85 in san jose and 87 in cupertino, and 85 in sunnyvale and 81 in redwood city, and 83 from mountain view later today at 68 degrees and 62 for day city, and the north bay, 83 in sonoma and into the east bay, 77 in oakland, 74 for fremont, 77 in richmond and 91 in fairfield today and 92 in pittsburg and 95 for brentwood. if you are headed to the cove
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tonight for the baseball game they will have a last sunshine and temperature of 70. overnight tonight we have a mix of stars and clouds and a mailed overnight period, mid-50s to lower 60s across the bay area. if you are heading to lake tahoe later on today and for the holiday weekend, each day we have to include the chance of a thundershower with no day a wash out of the chance is there every afternoon. if you stay here locally for the fourth of july fireworks the sun goes down at 8:35 and clear skies and fog along the coast and temperatures are generally in the 50s and the 60s. here is the temperature forecast tomorrow evening at 9:30 in the evening 61 in berkeley, 68 in napa, a cool 59 in san francisco 69 in san jose, and santa rosa is 63 and redwood city is 67. enjoy. it will be a nice night. the seven-day forecast shows partly cloudy, fine for the fourth of july, average on sunday, and the next three days the holiday weekend look
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gorgeous and next week, sunshine and temperatures comfortable and back to average. >> love it. >> this weekend the english countryside will be swarming with royal watchers hoping to see princess charlotte christened on sunday. it will be a royal celebration to remember and a tribute to princess diana. she will be cristened in the same church where her late grandmother was baptized. >> it is a we of -- of william keeping his late mother close, doing things she did and pay be tribute to her. who will be her godparents, prince harry and kate's sister are considered likely. >> ahead of july the national museum of american history in washington dc is displaying a very special american flag. visitors help to celebrate the opening of the new innovation
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wing by making this flag out of legos 14' tall weighing 560 points and it took 109,000 legos to complete and 11 hours to build. the massive flag will be on display until the end of the summer. stay tuned.
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>> coming up, an emotional reunion former classmates end up on opposite sides of the law. what a june said that had this man in tears. on abc7 at 5:00 an overview honoring veterans with a new memorial. and the local legends making it all happen. >> time new for friday's perfect pet. >> drew is back to introduce us to a new friend. drew? [ inaudible ] skelly what is his name? >> this is magic mike. >> the chippin' dog. >> tell us about magic mike. what happened? >> magic mike is about six and he came to us with extreme matting the hair was matted, and he looks like we did this
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the matting was so bad. he has hair and a little bit of issues with the hair but it is all growing back and he looks great and he has his chippin' doc bow tie. >> fell us about the loud noises for the holiday. our what we recommend is for the fourth of july which is scary for the animals. i wreck keeping then indoors, make sure your animals are wearing a collar with identification just in case something happens. some thingsry do myself with my dog is i turn on the music in the house or the television and just a little bit of white noise, keep the white noise there. >> thank you is great. and they adopt today or the holiday weekend? how can they get magic mike? >> if you are interested in this wonderful dog contact us at the
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hour main today, s vessey and give us a call. he is also online at 408-262-2133. >> thank you so much. our thank you, drew. happy fourth of july.
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