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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 8, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, wipeout. wicked wind, torrential rain across the country. powerful gusts create chaos at this baseball game. this car hydroplanes into a patrol car on the highway. more flooding on the way. a dozen states on alert right now. also breaking overnight, new details on that woman killed at a popular tourist area in san francisco. abc news learning that the gun used belonged to a federal agent. how did that happen? subway scandal. the fbi raids the home of the sandwich chain's longtime pitchman jared. >> hi, i'm jared the subway guy and this is my story. >> caught in a criminal investigation. the feds remove computers and other electronics and now subway suspends their relationship with their commercial star. ♪ as serena williams attempts
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to make history at wimbledon. her biggest rival under fire for her behavior on the court. the call for a crackdown on all that racket. we do say good morning, america. on this wednesday morning. a huge win for serena at wimbledon, but she's not the only one making headlines here, lara. >> making noises. >> is sharapova. >> and lots of noise. >> absolutely with the grunting or the groaning or whatever you call it. we're going to get into that later. >> you'll hear it up close. >> i am. i'm on my way to wimbledon. i'll be bringing it to you all. that is all coming up. right now, we begin with that dangerous weather. more than a dozen states on flood alert. ginger tracking the rain and wind. all across the country. >> right. you can see right here. this is from arkansas, the street covered. someone in their car watching this happen.
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you know there's going to be dozens of water rescues and there were including all the flooding reports. check that out from oregon to massachusetts. the bulk, abilene, texas, 8.26 inches of rain, the most they've ever recorded in history. >> one of the members of the ground crew getting caught up in that tarp. >> chaos at the pirates game in pittsburgh, winds gusting above 51 miles per hour with torrential rain. watch as it nearly swallows up a member of the grounds crew, trapping underneath. the players rushing the field to help. damaging winds up to 65 miles per hour from reno to pennsylvania. turning over tractor trailers in texas. >> flooded everywhere. >> that flash flooding in paducah, kentucky. stranding and submerging cars across the midwest. >> we hit that water and it just killed the engine. >> this red suv in branson, destroyed by rushing water. >> we got a basket of clothes, that's it. people grabbing what they could in indianapolis, indiana.
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neighborhoods engulfed. >> everything is underwater. i have nothing. >> reporter: and back in the lone star state, abilene, overflowing. people grabbing their fishing poles and nets after the streets became lakes. all that rain in just one day. it's amazing and could happen again in some places, flash flood watches that stretch from west virginia back into texas, just south and east of abilene. there's not as much rain coming at you, 1 to 2 inches in general from indianapolis down into southern illinois, all the way through missouri and texas but still something to watch for today, of course, we've got storms coming too and, george, i'll have that forecast coming up. >> thanks. we turn to that stock market crash that's being called the great fall of china. nearly $3 trillion in value wiped out. the chinese government scrambling to contain the damage and wall street watching it with a real worry. our business correspondent rebecca jarvis tracking global mark epths from london right now. good morning, rebecca. >> that's right. george good morning.
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trillions of dollars wiped out in just a matter of days and we're see how interconnected the economy is. the dow opening 130 points lower china is the second largest economy and their markets have been selling off for three straight weeks. investors are eyeing greece which is teetering on the brink of collapse. many atms completely out of money. their banks closed for the second week. but it is important to put all of this chaos in perspective. the typical 401(k) even after all of this volatility is still up about $1,000 this year, george. >> so far it's been a pretty solid year, rebecca, thanks very much. now to the disturbing new development in that deadly san francisco shooting. sources tell abc news the gun used to kill kate steinle belonged to a federal agent. abc's pierre thomas is following this for us and joins us with the latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the more we dig into the story
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the more tragic it becomes. an immigration system failure and now more unfortunate circumstances leads to that young woman's death. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> translator: i am not guilty. >> reporter: francisco sanchez in court pleading not guilty to the murder of kathryn steinle. his defense attorney claiming the shooting was an accident. >> the statement that the defendant made makes it very likely that this was an accidental shooting. >> reporter: but bail was set at $5 million and prosecutors were in no mood for leniency. >> it's about bringing justice to that family. >> reporter: word overnight that the gun used to kill steinle was apparently stolen from a federal agent. the interior department's bureau of land management telling us authorities are investigating whether it's connected to one of their employees. it's unclear how sanchez got the weapon or whether it was government issued or personally owned by the agent so the already hot debate over whether local officials should have released sanchez ignoring a
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request by federal immigration officials is now layered with another frustrating detail. san francisco's police union is blasting the city's sanctuary policy saying sanchez, quote, is an illegal alien not an undocumented immigrant and if he was where he belonged, mexico, this innocent victim would still be alive. robin. >> all right, pierre, thank you. >> so much went wrong here. we move on to that deadly midair collision in south carolina where an f-16 smashed into a small private plane and the f-16 pilot ejected but the two cessna passengers were killed. the faa now investigating what went wrong. steve osunsami is on the scene in south carolina. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. search teams and their divers are out this morning as they continue to search for the two victims killed in this midair collision. >> getting reports of two planes down at this time, small plane versus a military-style jet. >> reporter: midair collision over south carolina.
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the debris field is more than seven miles wide. burning engine parts like these, were falling from the sky into neighborhoods. >> do not go near the smoke. it's toxic. >> reporter: 10:58 a.m. the cessna carrying the two victims, left the berkeley county airport bound for myrtle beach. four minutes later it pulled up suddenly and the faster moving f-16 fighter jet sliced right through it. the military pilot ejected safely. his parachute seen in this video. the two local residents in the private plane were killed. police found one of their wallets in a river below. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to the crew in the civilian aircraft involved in the accident. >> reporter: major aaron johnson who survived the crash, is an experienced pilot and was on a military flight plan so experts say that air traffic controllers should have warned him about a potential collision or he should have seen the plane on his radar. the small cessna was difficult to see. >> when you have a very small, very slow airplane and have a very fast airplane the jet fighter that the f-16 is
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sometimes you don't see that little airplane. sometimes it blends into the background. >> reporter: mid-air collisions are rare, even more rare, when one of the planes comes from the military. since 2000 only a handful of these accidents worldwide. >> thanks very much. >> so tragic. now to that deadly ice cave collapse. this morning we're learning the 911 calls from moments after the wall of ice and rock came crashing down and seeing video from inside shot right before it all happened. abc's kendis gibson is on the scene in granite falls, washington. good morning, kendis. >> reporter: good morning. every year, an estimated 50,000 people hit up this national forest and make the one-mile trek towards the ice caves. this morning that trail shut down. overnight newly released 911 tapes capturing the terrifying moments after this cave came crashing down. >> there was an avalanche down at the ice cave and -- >> do you know of any injuries?
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>> there was a lady unconscious in the ice cave that nobody ended up bringing out. >> reporter: one of the survivors khloe jakubowski speaking of the horror that rained down. >> the boulders were the size of this and like anywhere from a softball to like a bowling ball. >> reporter: the collapse killing a 34-year-old woman and injuring five others coming just one day after this ominous warning captured on camera. this morning, the big four ice caves in washington state still closed as officials warn it can happen again at any moment. >> there is tons of ice and rock there that can fall and people are asked to not go into the caves because of the danger. >> reporter: thousands of visitors every year beguiled by the beauty. these cavernous openings with spectacular blue ice and waterfalls cascading from 6,000 foot high big four mountain, the lowest permanent ice patch in the continental u.s. >> absolutely stunning.
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>> reporter: but this season rapidly melting ice from extremely warm weather had officials concerned posting signs along the trail. this cave proving deadly before an 11-year-old girl killed in 2010 by falling ice. you had this ultimate beauty you're walking through. >> yeah. >> reporter: within five minutes -- >> it was just absolute like hell. >> reporter: this morning, she vowed never to return to the cave again. >> i'm very very lucky. i'm really glad that i got out of there and i hope those people are okay. >> reporter: the body of the 34-year-old female victim was recovered after an avalanche crew was flown in. they used small explosives to clear the area of dangerous debris. robin. >> all right, kendis, thanks. we move to that scandal swirling around the subway pitchman jared fogle. the fbi raided his home as part of a child pornography investigation and subway and jared have suspended their business partnership as the investigation goes forward. abc's alex perez is in
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zionsville with more. >> reporter: good morning, george. at this point, authorities have not revealed details of their investigation but officials spent some 11 hours inside fogle's home. >> hi, i'm jared the subway guy. and this is my story. >> reporter: this morning, jared the subway guy fogle now caught in the middle of an fbi investigation. fogle avoiding cameras leaving his home outside indianapolis tuesday, the fbi and state police along with a canine unit spending hours raiding his house removing computers and other electronic devices taking them to this mobile forensics van parked in his driveway. >> you just wouldn't expect it out of a family like that. >> reporter: sources tell abc news the investigation is an offshoot, following the arrest of russell taylor former executive director of of fogle's charity designed to raise awareness of childhood obesity. taylor was charged with multiple counts related to child pornography after authorities allegedly discovered sexually
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explicit images of minors in his home. fogle is severing ties with him following the arrest. investigators declining to say if fogle is a target or simply wanted to look at the electronics from his home. fogle's attorney telling abc news he is cooperating and has not been charged with any crime. >> how is he doing? >> whoops. i think he's going to do very well. >> 1998 i weighed over 425 pounds. >> reporter: fogle, who is reportedly worth about 15 million, became subway's pitchman in 2000 after losing 245 pounds crediting his weight loss to eating the restaurant's sandwiches and exercising. subway quietly removing him from its website tuesday saying they had mutually agreed to suspend their relationship due to the current investigation. and neighbors here describe fogle as a pretty private person, say they rarely see him in the neighborhood. his attorney says he is fully cooperating with the investigation. george. >> okay, alex, thank you. let's go to amy now with the
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other top stories. >> good morning works begin with new news affecting airlines. united airlines is cross the country is grounded because what is described as computer problems. it's related to network connectionivity. this is the second time in two months that the airline has been hit by a major technical issue and they are not saying how long it will take to resolve the problem. we will keep you posted. meanwhile, angry travelers fed up with high air fairsfairs are now trying to do something about it if. they are suing the four major airlines claiming the companies have conspired to keep prices sky high by limiting available seats. these major carriers are already being investigated by the government. one airline saying it's been asked to turn over information about its fleet and seat capacity. the industry insisting the airlines compete vigorously every day.
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well, a shocking headline in the fight against isis. defense secretary ash carter telling a national committee only 60, 6-0 syrian rebels are currently being trained by the u.s. to battle isis militants. that's falling far short of the goal of 5,000 per year. senator john mccain was outraged saying the u.s. is losing the fight. new fallout for donald trump since his controversial comments about mexican immigrants. the pga is moving next year's grand slam of golf from trump's course in los angeles. trump says he agrees with the move. doesn't want the pga to suffer any backlash but he is fighting back against new york city saying any attempt by the mayor to end trump's contracts with the city would violate his first amendment rights. some scary moments on a utah highway when a state trooper was helping a driver on the side of the highway. another car comes careening out of control, crashing into them trapping that trooper beneath the car. thankfully he is now recovering, whew, from his injuries. and a bizarre scene in new mexico, a man wearing no clothes he was trying to flag down cars. it's shocking no one stopped. they caught it unfolding and the
7:15 am
man got inside the officer's patrol car and took off. he was taken into custody a short time later and we're hoping that he was given a prison jumpsuit. finally, nobody likes parking tickets especially if you're 3 years old on a toy motorcycle. little declan tramley stopped along the busy boardwalk when he met up with the meter man and taking a cue from his dad the officer bent down to write out a fake citation, declan, can you see him there, slapping his forehead in shock. the scene posted on a facebook now a major hit on social media. give that 3-year-old his s.a.g. card. he was excited and slept with his ticket that night but -- >> all grown up. that is often our reaction when we get a ticket like that. >> i don't sleep with my ticket. >> that's the good reaction. >> some great action across the pond. >> you know we love a great tennis match and, yes, a lot of action and drama on the court at wimbledon. serena williams on the verge of
7:16 am
history standing in her way, though, an opponent making some noise of her own and not everybody likes it. this morning, all eyes on serena williams just two matches away from a possible sixth wimbledon title. the 20-time singles champion getting through to the semifinals after a tough, loud three-set win against victoria azarenka. williams may not want to discuss the possibility of winning her fourth grand slam in a row. >> i told you guys don't mention no slam, no. >> reporter: but everyone at wimbledon is asking, what's going on with all of the grunting? williams will face off in the semis against maria sharapova whose grunts and groans in her quarterfinal match against coco vandeweghe, started an uproar on twitter one person writing, i've had to mute the tv, pipe down. another adding, you're playing tennis, not giving birth.
7:17 am
and the twitterverse isn't alone in taking shots. vandeweghe accusing the russian tennis star of poor sportsmanship after her three-set loss. >> she was moving around in the middle of my second serve. i was trying to play as fair as i can and, you know, when i felt like it wasn't being reciprocated that's when i spoke with the umpire for her to deal with. >> sharapova had her screams recorded up to 105 decibels. guys, the same as a chain saw. just so you know. a lot of people say it's something that has to happen naturally to really get all of your energy out. others call it cheating. and just one other stat, i just got to share with you, so semifinals, we have serena versus sharapova. they have played many a time. >> she's on a role. she doesn't want to talk babout
7:18 am
about the slam or anything like that. >> she doesn't want to talk about the controversy about the noise. she doesn't want to hear it, so to speak. >> like a bird mating call. hoo. that's what it sounded like with me. >> we were talk bug this with monica seles back in the day. >> and azarenka was practicing next to nadal and it sounded like elephants mating. >> how do you -- >> i don't know. >> you are heading to wimbledon. >> i will let you know if that is in fact true. what does it sound like. >> we're just trying to figure out if it's elephants or birds mating. i don't know which one it is. >> let's go over to ginger. we had flood alerts in the midwest. now fire alert, as well. >> 28 uncontained wildfire as cross the nation, many in alaska. you can see the fires trying to put them out. concord, california, east of san francisco. we still have some of those red flag warnings, still at least a day or two of the heat out in the pacific northwest. then things start to change. all right. rainy cities brought to you by walgreens.
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>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. big story the next two days, a chance of isolated storm sandwiched between a better chance of measurable drizzle during tomorrow's commute and next week, summer is back to the forecast. today we are below average again, upper 60s along the coast into san francisco and low-to-mid 70s around the bay and upper 70s in the south bay and north bay and upper 70s to low 80s inland. my seven-day forecast shows a slow warming trend starting on much more ahead this morning. the lapd revealing they are investigating bill cosby. this after news of that admission he apparently made about young women and drugs. caught on camera. a neighbor shoot-out turns deadly. what happened moments before they
7:20 am
fired those shouts. actor tom selleck in hot water. what one town said he did to keep his property green. it has him under investigation. big news for team usa. so many rallying behind them rooting for a ticker tape parade. we'll have the latest this morning. is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus. brandon thinks best foods is heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from... farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to
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as we take a look let's go to sky 8 hd. we're right over the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is still very heavy to get past those tolls and past the metering lights. looking at a 40-minute drive. still quite slow there. that's not the only problem we've got. the cig alert is cancelled, but it's walking the onramp to northbound 880. an overturned tractor-trailer. as we can see, we have that traffic just in front of us and just behind us. we're heading through fremont. going to turn it around. northbound much better bet. take bart. when we
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good morning checking out the forecast. upper 50s to 60s. a little more drizzle along the coast. winds will be an issue this afternoon north of the bay bridge. same time frame. if it you're going to the game, low to mid-60s under partly cloudy sky. a thunderstorm possible today and tomorrow. our best c
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good morning, america. right now, 17 states on alert for floods this morning after powerful storms swept across the country overnight. neighborhoods under water. cars completely submerged and roads crumbling. also right now, the big panic in china. markets there plunging this morning creating fear for investors all around the world. an investigation into how a gun that belonged to a federal agent ended up in the hands of that undocumented immigrant who killed a woman in san francisco. we do say good morning, america, on this wednesday morning, hump day. halfway home. hey, team usa celebrating their big world cup win -- big rally in los angeles on tuesday. the players getting the crowd of thousands going. they changed that chant of i believe to i believe that we just won. i believe that we just won and they did. >> i believe we're going to be hearing that chant in new york
7:31 am
on friday. they are getting that ticker tape parade and that's not the only news about the parade, robin. you are emceeing. >> i am emceeing that parade. i'm honored that the players asked me to do that but, hey, first time that a women's team is going to be honored like this and our viewers at home, you weighed in. you wanted to see a parade and you will on friday. >> cannot wait to see that. right now we begin with the latest on bill cosby. the lapd confirms he's facing an open criminal investigation after the bombshell admission that cost bought quaaludes for women he wanted to have sex with. linsey davis has been on this from the start and joins us now. good morning to you, george. new fallout overnight. cosby's bust at disney's hall of fame was taken down and lawyers for some of the alleged victims now promising renewed legal action against cosby. this morning, abc news has learned there is an open criminal investigation for comedian bill cosby. the lapd telling abc news overnight it will explore any sexual assault accusations
7:32 am
against him, even those for which the statute of limitations has expired. this, after cosby's seeming admission quoted in a previously sealed motion filed by the plaintiff in a 2005 sexual assault case made public monday stating the embattled comedian said yes, when asked under oath, if he purchased quaaludes, prescription sedatives to give to young women he wanted to have sex with. >> i knew something was wrong. >> reporter: the man known as america's favorite dad settled that case in 2006 for an undisclosed amount and has never been charged criminally in connection with those allegations or others. a source close to cosby tells abc news exclusively the only reason mr. cosby settled was because it would have been embarrassing in those days to put all those women on the stand and his family had no clue. that would have been very hurtful. >> the truth always comes to light. >> reporter: but this morning model beverly johnson and some of the more than two dozen women who have accused cosby of
7:33 am
sexually assaulting or drugging them are calling this bombshell development a relief. >> after all these years, i'm validated. >> it was like everything turned a 180. >> i am very happy for the women. i see that a lot of them are relieved and feel vindicated. perhaps maybe we can now all start a healing process. >> reporter: but not all have given up on cosby. whoopi goldberg on "the view" says she's reserving judging him. >> in america, still i know it's a shock, but you actually were innocent until proven guilty. he has not been proven. >> reporter: back in december singer jill scott had called the cosby allegations insane. but this week she tweeted that the sworn testimony is proof adding she was completely disgusted. the bounce tv network announcing it's pulling reruns of "the cosby show." robin. >> thank you, linsey.
7:34 am
now to a feud between las vegas neighbors that turned deadly. new video played in court captures the fatal shootout. we want to warn you the video you are about to see is graphic. abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: this morning james stapleton is facing a murder charge, a feud with his las vegas neighbor turning into a deadly showdown. a dramatic newly released video from may played in court shows giancarlo banova driving his truck, stapleton in red walks away but when banova returns firing a handgun stapleton reappears, this time with a 12-gauge shotgun. firing four times. >> i heard gunshots. i got really, really scared. >> reporter: both are hit. banova later died. nearby homes, riddled with bullets. police say the two had a long-standing dispute. their relationship so toxic police documents say stapleton allegedly texted an ex-girlfriend just before the shooting "you might not hear from me again, i think i am going to put an end to my problem with my neighbor.
7:35 am
can't take it anymore. she replies, please stop and rethink what is important. the bullets will always win, and everyone else loses. it's not the first time arguments among neighbors have turned fatal. a california man convicted of murder, the dispute -- >> stop cutting trees arrrghh. >> over landscaping. >> and i pulled out my involverevolver and shot him. >> reporter: as for that las vegas shooting stapleton will be back in court this morning. calls to his attorney were not returned. he has not yet entered a plea. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. >> thanks to clayton for that. >> terrible story. amy with "the speed feed." >> all right. guys, taking a bite out of the internet, the newest commercial from arby's. the meaty megachain is using bacon to tease vegetarians. it's called the vegetarian support hot line. take a listen. >> hello, you have reached the
7:36 am
vegetarian support hot line. sponsored by arby's and brown sugar bacon. we're here to help you. if you're a vegetarian feeling tempted by brown sugar bacon and can't stop thinking about that sweet meat, press 1. [ tone ] you've worked so hard for so long. we get it. brown sugar bacon is hard to resist but you can do this. now take a deep breath and go make a salad. >> sarcasm intended, guys. salad or bacon. what do you think? >> why do you have to choose? >> now i'm hungry. thanks a lot. >> brown sugar bacon. >> yes, yes and yes. >> but no to these storms in the northeast. >> no, we do not like to see this. >> damaging wind reports. there were around 60 across the nation but listen and look at what it looked like close to buffalo, new york. >> oh, no. >> oh, my god. >> oh, no. >> help. >> my, god. >> we repeated it so you could hear them.
7:37 am
the tree falling into this shed and you can see the cars just missing out there. we will see some more storms that way. look at hudson, florida, they had a huge shelf cloud to share and in arizona small hail so across the nation quite a few of those summer storms dropping a lot of severe weather. >> good morning i am meteorologist mike nicco with a break from summer continues with 65 at coast to 83 inland. the seven-day forecast shows a chance of isolated thunderstorm today and tomorrow and batter chance of measurable drizzle during the commute >> all that weather brought to you by car max. you watched this video. we got it in from los angeles. a time lapse of storms rolling through and you can see the skies change quickly, the strip was flooded at one point. sounds nice. >> looks like they put some music behind it. >> i like the music. >> yeah. >> vegas, baby. >> perhaps. thank you, ginger. more ahead. actor tom selleck in hot water accused of stealing water to keep his 60 acres green in the middle of the drought.
7:38 am
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7:42 am
fast and furious. supercharged. ride it at universal studios hollywood. 7:42. back now with actor tom selleck in trouble for allegedly swiping truck loads of water for his california estate. this is serious business in the state hit so hard by drought. the star now facing a lawsuit and abc's kayna whitworth has all the details from los angeles. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: hey, lara, good morning. so the "magnum p.i." star not so stealthy on this one. according to a lawsuit filed on monday tom selleck is accused of taking one of california's most precious commodities, talking about water. and we're not just talking about
7:43 am
gallons but rather, truck loads. >> how much information do you want released to the press? >> stick to the basics. >> reporter: this morning, tom selleck finding himself in hot water after a droughted california city says selleck has been taking their water unlawfully. >> what's happening? >> reporter: investigators say they witnessed the same truck fill up and go back and forth from this hydrant to the "magnum p.i." star's sprawling estate on numerous occasions for the last year and a half. >> people are really paying attention right now and it's not surprising that water wasters and cheaters and even thieves are going to get caught. >> reporter: the southern california water district says it sent two cease and desist letters to the sellecks in 2013 but say selleck did not respond. the district now filing a lawsuit seeking more than $21,000 to cover the cost of the investigation plus damages still to be determined. and this morning #droughtshaming taking off with users criticizing what they consider water waste around the golden state. abc news reached out to selleck
7:44 am
for comment and has not heard back, but the "blue blood" star isn't the only one under scrutiny. >> it's a complicated issue. >> reporter: witnesses also adding they've seen lines of people helping themselves from the same hydrant. you can see signs of the drought everywhere. when you look behind me there is a big brown spot in what is normally a very green park here and when that happens to someone's yard, they take it personally. the sellecks have lived in their home for nearly 30 years and, lara, they even have an avocado farm on their ranch. >> yes, they do. thank you so much. the drought serious business. lots more ahead, huge news about team usa, the latest on the giant celebration being planned right now and we're taking it very personally here, as well, robin. >> yes, we certainly are and will talk about that and millions complaining about those annoying robocalls, a woman now is getting a huge payout firing back against a cable company. we'll be back. >> hello. >> hello. >> hello.
7:45 am
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♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ the u.s. women's soccer team is on top of the word and we are ready to help them celebrate. they kicked off their victory tour in l.a.
7:49 am
next stop, new york city for that historic ticker tape parade. the hashtag we started, you helped build the momentum for this event and paula faris is in the social square to tell us all about it. paula. >> oh, robin, the power of social media. exhibit a. [ cheers and applause ] the champions, they are back on u.s. soil, the party is just getting started. already a call from the commander in chief and now a trip to the big apple where on friday they will become the first women team ever to be honored with a new york city ticker tape parade. >> we won the world cup, baby! >> reporter: on the heels of their epic world cup win, the women's u.s. national team is on their next tournament. their victory tour. >> i believe that we just won. >> reporter: the championship team taking to the stage tuesday in los angeles. >> it feels great to wake up as a world champion and that feeling won't get old. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: their first stop since arriving back home in the u.s.
7:50 am
>> i'm honored to be american. i'm honored to be on this team and honored to play for you guys. >> reporter: thousands of die-hard fans following this team from the field of dreams to the plaza of triumph. >> i think it's so cool. i want to play in the world cup. >> reporter: even president obama personally calling in with his congratulations. >> couldn't be prouder of everybody here and, carli, what have you been eating? [ laughter ] >> i want to do what you're doing. >> reporter: so what's next? the larger than life team heading to the big apple friday for a rare ticker tape parade after an online petition and social media campaign. the fire department of new york city offering up a chariot for the victors tweeting let us know if you want a ride up the canyon of heroes. those golden feet set to stomp amongst the footsteps of champions. now that parade route is called the canyon of heroes, women haven't been honored there since 1960 along that route.
7:51 am
for olympic skating champion. never happened for a women's team. robin, you'll be seeing a whole lot of this stuff on friday. i know you're excited. >> very honored they asked me to emsee it. >> get ready for a lot of ticker tape. >> they wanted confetti. boy, are they going to get confetti on friday. thanks for sharing. much more ahead. can you remember your best friend's phone number? doctors warning too much technology could be giving you digital amnesia. usa. usa. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help. it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue and make intercourse more comfortable. premarin vaginal cream treats vaginal changes due to menopause and moderate-to-severe painful intercourse caused by these changes. don't use it if you've had unusual vaginal bleeding breast or uterine cancer, blood clots, liver problems, stroke
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good morning, i'm eric thomas. it's been a tough traffic morning. >> indeed it has. as we look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza heavy backups. you can see the traffic away from the maize. we still have a bit of a heavy commute coming in from berkley. we have heavy delays along i-80. that's causing backups on the parkway. farther to the south in fremont, we have this alert still blocking off the stevenson onramp to 880. use mallory instead. there's the highs for today. you can see they are a little be
7:57 am
below average. 60s along the coast. 70s around the bay. upper 70s in the north bay and south bay. scattered thunderstorms possible possible. it's mainly across lake county, but tomorrow it will be across northern sonoma county. binge eating disorder, or b.e.d., isn't just overeating. it's a real medical condition. and while the exact cause is unknown, certain chemicals in the brain may play a role. b.e.d. is also the most common eating disorder in u.s. adults. hi, i'm monica seles. when i binged, i wasn't in control. i never felt satisfied no matter what the quantity was. afterwards i felt so upset with myself. to learn more about b.e.d. go to and talk with your doctor. we spend a lot of time online around
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8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the super bowl champ and the a-list pop star making headlines for holding back. >> if you can really love somebody without that, then you can really love somebody. >> russell wilson, revealing he and ciara, well, they're waiting for marriage. ♪ i know you lie ♪ all american woman. the story behind this selfie that exploded on facebook overnight. how she took a moment of public shaming in a mall, turned it into a powerful message. we talk to her and her husband in a "gma" exclusive. digital amnesia. is too much tech making you forget the most important numbers in your life? from your spouse's digits to how to call your best friend. what's really causing it, and do you have it? we'll tell you. ♪ bang bang ♪ all that and jack black here live.
8:01 am
he's brought a world exclusive with him that you can only see here and anything could happen as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ ♪ on the outside ♪ you are looking at the hottest hair craze around right now. uh-huh. uh-huh. you know with the pastel colors in hair and things like that. >> thought about it. >> the hottest hair craze around. so many stars rocking that pastel look. we've got a celebrity stylist here. that's jason. he's going to transform people's lives and showing them how to get that look. >> george is doing it. >> yeah. pretty soon. that's not the only look going on around here. we got jack black. we lost him. >> where is jack? >> jack. >> come out wherever you are. >> there he is. >> ooooh! >> the creepy guy from under the desk. >> that's my creepy entrance.
8:02 am
i've been hiding under that desk for like three hours. >> you've been down there quite a while. >> how are you guys doing? >> everything good? >> yeah, i wasn't looking at anyone's feet or anything creepy. how are you guys? good morning. >> good morning. >> how does it feel? think you can get used to this. >> it feels good. yeah, i could. i'm a morning guy. yeah, morning shows. why nuts. why nuts. >> why nuts. >> you're here to talk about "goosebumps." >> yeah. i got a brand-new movie that's amazing based on the great kids books. >> love those books. >> "goosebumps" and, yeah, it's not just for people who have read the books. if you haven't, it's okay. it's really fun for kids and the parents too. everybody has loved it who has seen it so far. i'm very excited to unleash it. halloween season. >> we call it a world exclusive today, the trailer. >> that's right. and unleash it. >> i like when you say unleash. it makes me a little nervous.
8:03 am
>> well, it's a little scary but it's also -- >> coming from under the desk. >> yeah, exactly. >> but it's also really funny and it's like a smart kind of thing for the kids because, you know, the franchise of books actually turned kids on to reading. >> that's true. >> hundreds of millions of kids all around the world. >> they finish one and pick another up in my house. so you'll be with us all morning. >> that's right. >> good deal. >> i'm your new guest. >> amy's chair. she's over doing the morning rundown. >> don't get too comfortable in my seat jack. we begin with delays for thousands of air travelers today. united airlines had to be grounded because of a computer glitch. the system is back online but long lines remain at airports including l.a.x. it's a second big glitch in it recent weeks. and of 8 inches of rain fell
8:04 am
in parts of texas. we'll have much more in ginger's forecast coming up. and all eyes on asia. the kreis is is called the great fall of china. despite government efforts to stop the slide and the stock jitters are the result of the debt crisis in greece. european leaders have given greece until sunday to come up with a plan to repay its debts or face bankruptcy. and a stunning development in the san francisco murder case fueling the immigration debate. sources say the gun used to kill kathryn steinle belongs to a federal agent and was reportedly stolen from his vehicle. it's not clear how it ended up in the hands of francisco sanchez, an undocumented immigrant who was deported to mexico five times. he says he found the gun on the ground and claims it went off accidentally. well, a federal judge is leaving a message for time warner cable and other companies that use robocalls to contact customers.
8:05 am
he has now ordered the cable giant to pay a texas woman nearly $230,000. time warner called the woman 153 times in less than a year, even calling her after she complained they had the wrong number and even after she had filed suit. the judge found it so egregious he tripled the penalty allowed under the law for each call. this comes just weeks after the fcc introduced new rules protecting consumers from unwanted calls. there were more than 3 million complaints just last year. and a small change is making a big statement on facebook. the friends icon is getting a subtle makeover. many users may not notice it right away. but the new icon is on the right. you can see the woman is no longer in the man's shadow. they're equal partners. the facebook designer brought the woman's silhouette to the forefront. also, in case you hadn't noticed, updated her hair a bit. similar changes were made in the
8:06 am
facebook groups icon. the new icon on the right showing a woman in front of the two men. finally, one mother who's taught her children the rules of the road. watch as this car was approaching an intersection overseas. the dash cam rolling. a mama duck and her kids using the crosswalk to carefully reach their destination on the other side. look at that. so cute. so well mannered. unlike this group of geese in philadelphia interrupting the newscast on our station wpvi as they took their time scampering down the expressway blocking the right lane during morning commute yesterday so those angry geese, making everybody else upset. >> spanning the globe. >> can't we all be more like the ducks? >> that was something. >> get your ducks in a row. there's a reason why they use that phrase. >> get your ducks in a row. >> every day this week we got one from amy. >> that's right. >> let's go to lara over in the social square. >> i got nothing as good as that. here's what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." first the superstar couple making headlines for what they're not doing. why russell wilson says he and
8:07 am
ciara are practicing abstinence, we'll get into that. and then digital amnesia. yes, i suffer from it. could too much tech be making you forget simple numbers that you should know? plus, pretty in pastel. our models trying out the hottest hair trend and how you might be able to make it work for you. and i'm headed outside with jack black. he's here. good morning, america. don't go anywhere. aaagh! [ cheers and applause ] advil, fast and strong on tough pain. soaring away from home towards the promise of a better existence. but these birds are suffering. because this better place turned out to have an unreliable cell phone network and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering. birds hate that. so they came back home.
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8:12 am
we welcome you back to "gma." and time now for the "heat index" and this morning's hot button, the superstar couple making headlines for what they're not doing. super bowl qb russell wilson opens up about his relationship with pop star ciara revealing they -- well, i'll let paula faris tell you. she's back with all that. >> i'll abstain from telling you the story, all right, robin. russell wilson says god spoke to him asking him to leave the relationship jesus' way and take all that other stuff off the table. well, if you haven't noticed, his girlfriend ciara is super hot, and he says that their decision has not been easy. take one super bowl champ and one sexy songstress. >> she's everything you could ever want. >> and together you have a sizzling celebrity relationship. >> if there's a 10, she's a 15. >> reporter: but this red hot couple is cooling things down. this morning seahawks quarterback russell wilson is making headlines for sharing his decision to abstain from sex with his girlfriend ciara. >> i told her right then and there, i said, you know what, what would you do if we took all
8:13 am
that extra stuff off the table, you know, and just did it jesus' way. >> reporter: while the pop star's sex appeal may be undeniable in her sometimes scandalous music videos. ♪ i bet you want the goodies ♪ >> reporter: in a recent interview with the rock church in san diego, wilson says while he may be tempted, a higher power is calling the shots in his relationship telling him not to have sex before marriage. >> i said to her and she completely agreed and is the fact that could we love each other without that. if you can really love somebody without that, then you can really love somebody. >> reporter: his comments quickly sparking a nationwide conversation. >> sounds like he had this epiphany and decided this is how they were going to go forward from this point, which is to say we've heard that one before. >> reporter: on tuesday espn radio bamonte jones expressing his thoughts on wilson's decision leading to an all out twitter battle. espn analyst chris broussard tweeting to jones "regarding russell/ciara you implied people
8:14 am
trying to do it jesus' way waiting for marriage is stupid." jones tweeting back he thinks it's about controlling women. despite that ongoing conversation, wilson who was previously married to his high school sweetheart now divorced says he's only human, not afraid to make light of the touchy subject. >> i need y'all to pray for us. because i know y'all seen it on the screen now. >> yeah, she's really hot. she's super hot. now, the pastor joked during that interview that what russell needs is one of these, a wedding ring. i know a lot make this decision, it's not about being traditional or old school but holding on to core values that don't change whenever the wind blows. kudos to them because it's not going to be easy. >> yeah. >> whatever works for you. >> whatever works for you. >> yes. >> it's personal. >> very personal. >> yes. >> you had two very different stories for us today. >> yeah. >> how about a little ticker tape -- >> oh, no. >> how about we move on in the "heat index"?
8:15 am
>> thank you, george. >> please. i got to take a breath before this next story. it's one woman's emotional facebook post about a body shaming incident. it happened while she was shopping at old navy, her story resonating with so many, more than 65,000 people liking it on her facebook page. abc's linzie janis spoke with her in a "gma" exclusive. >> reporter: this morning, the story behind the patriotic dressing room selfie that's breaking facebook. meet rachael taylor. a 25-year-old photographer who went shopping at old navy over the weekend for a fourth of july tank top. >> a teenage girl picked up a tank top off a rack and held it up against her and she said, look, mom, me and so and so could both fit in this tank top and they laughed. she set the shirt down. and i started crying. >> reporter: devastated taylor fled the store crying in her car until her husband stepped in with some encouragement. >> it makes me angry.
8:16 am
i mean i wish people could understand how it makes other people feel when they say things like that. >> reporter: eventually taylor made her way back into the store to try on that plus size tank capturing this selfie while she was at it and later taking to facebook to share her story. she writes in the post, "be kind. think about others before you speak." adding, "i ended up buying that tank top because it turns out i look fierce in it." >> wow, you look great. >> reporter: and with over 200,000 likes on facebook, taylor isn't the only one that thinks people should think before they speak. "people need to get a little bit of human decency and compassion," writes one person. at the end of the day taylor hopes her message will help others. >> that doesn't mean that you're weak. it doesn't mean that you're a cry baby. it means that you're human. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> exactly right. be kind.
8:17 am
>> yes. >> is that so hard? no. just think. >> let's start right now today. >> you got it. also getting up the "heat index," digital amnesia, it's the reason you probably can't remember phone numbers anymore. the result of our growing dependence on technology. a new study finds over 91% of us admit to using the internet as an extension of our brain. but the risk may outweigh the reward. abc's gio benitez has more. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning, robin. isn't it incredible. it happens to all of us where we say to ourselves i need to remember that number. well, it turns out some believe it's an actual condition. today we rely on our phones for just about everything. >> it's with me at all times. >> reporter: louis ck joking parents at dance recitals are phone obsessed. recording digital memories they hope to never lose. >> kids are dancing and every parent is standing there like
8:18 am
this. every single person was blocking their vision of their actual child. >> reporter: phones have our phone numbers, addresses, our social calendar. they even help us with directions. it seems like our brains hardly have to remember much these days. do you ever forget information that you trust to a digital device? to store and remember for you? if your answer is yes you most likely have what some are calling digital amnesia. so just how dependent are we on these devices? in a recent online survey commissioned by kaspersky lab, a cybersecurity firm, most people say they use the internet as an online extension of their brain and almost half said their smartphone serves as their memory. >> the problem with this kind of digital outsourcing of our memory is that it prevents us from learning how to remember and it allows us to forget things more quickly. >> reporter: the study also found that most people can't remember their friends or siblings' phone numbers. >> i don't know my best friend's number.
8:19 am
>> i do not know my brother's number either. >> reporter: but guess what number they can remember? >> my childhood home phone number. yeah. i have to write it on every document i ever have filled out so i remember that. >> reporter: if you find yourself forgetting things often, don't worry. and you shouldn't worry because experts say forgetting is totally normal. that our brain is not geared to remember all of the extra information that we get every day. we really are creatures of habits, guys. >> i'm sorry. i can't remember what you said. what, what. all right, gio, we wanted to see how well our viewers could remember some important phone numbers without using technology so we challenged three people from our audience to write down the number of a sibling, a friend and a neighbor prior to the show without using technology, the person who gets the most right will walk away with -- what are they going to walk away with, vanna? >> the golden brain. >> our props department outdid themself. >> yes. >> playing today, emma from grand rapids.
8:20 am
howard from janesville and mahi from virginia. are you ready to name that number? >> i believe we are, robin. here is your first card. >> thank you very much, vanna. where is the skinny mike when you need it? when it comes -- first of all, good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> thank you for playing our game. this is what you're vying for, okay. let's take a look. >> please stay. >> please. when it came to remembering a sibling's digit, who was able to name that number? let's take a look. let's see. who was able to name -- oh. wow. smarty pants with us. >> phone numbers? >> phone numbers. >> that's impressive. >> you really did? >> yes. >> howard? >> howard. >> i did. >> that's so sweet. the next question is, name that number. when it came to remembering a friend's digit, who was able to name that number?
8:21 am
who was able to do that? ooh, emma, emma is in the lead. you couldn't remember a friend? >> howard? >> they asked me for my brother-in-law could be a friend. he was a friend before he was my brother-in-law. >> get your own show, howard. very good. when it came to remembering a neighbor's digits, who was able to name that number? come on, mahi, come on, emma. come on, howard. none of you. oh. >> i got a neighbor. 774 -- >> howard has a lot to say. >> he truly does and so when we tally it up, the winner is emma! >> thank you. >> emma, congratulations. >> thank you. >> whoo! >> somebody, please get my agent on the phone right now. thank you for playing our game. >> thank you. >> you're very, very welcome. let's get outside to ginger. if that is such a fun game. congrats, guys. a big long line of ladies from texas.
8:22 am
hello. we wanted to say good morning to them, and they feel comfortable here in new york city because it is hot and humid. it's the same in boston this morning. temperatures already in the mid-70s and look what's going to happen today. that cold front coming closer so there is cooler and drier air behind it but you got another hot and humid one today. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. big story the next two days, a chance of isolated storm sandwiched between a better chance of measurable drizzle during tomorrow's commute and next week, summer is back to the forecast. today we are below average again, upper 60s along the coast into san francisco and low-to-mid 70s around the bay and upper 70s in the south bay and north bay and upper 70s to low 80s inland. my seven-day forecast shows a slow warming trend starting on >> we got a big 15-year anniversary from what's your names? >> julie. >> ryan. >> congrats, guys. 15 years, that's something to go for and a good morning to
8:23 am
this -- hey, dad. dad is not here? >> dad is not here. >> hey, dad. >> hey, dad. all right, should we go back in to lara. she's "popping." >> i'm "popping." ginger, get in here. we need you here. we got jack black. this is a -- my producer named it the jack dub version of "pop news" today and there's a reason you're listening to that song because this is what begins "pop news" today. >> i love you. >> i know. >> yeah, guess what, guess what, han solo, the rest of us love you too. that's why hollywood is embracing his name and ready to have han fly solo with his very first spin-off movie, and everything is awesome because the guys behind "the lego movie" "21 jump street," who are among the hottest teams in hollywood have signed on to direct disney is slating the stand-alone film for 2018 release. it's about time, guys. 32 years since everyone's
8:24 am
favorite smuggler turned hero won our prepubescent hearts. >> you just made jack black's jaw drop. >> that's exciting. i love "the lego movie" and love han solo. >> good combo. >> probably going to be -- chris pratt! >> oh, yes. >> that's just my inside feeling. that's my vibe, and i'm available for a boba fett. if you need one. >> are you listening, casting directors. i love that chris pratt. >> hey, also in "pop news" this morning, first lebron brought his basketball skills back to ohio. now he's bringing a little bit of hollywood there too. the athlete makes his acting debut in the new movie "trainwreck" this month. it's just been revealed, though, that the premiere will be held in akron. writer and star of the film amy schumer tweeted king james confirming the big screening would take place in lebron's hometown on friday night. as for the rest of us, "trainwreck" comes crashing into theaters nationwide july 17th. >> some real props there.
8:25 am
>> he sure does. >> i'm going to play some professional basketball, you know. >> are you saying stay in your lane? >> hey, lebron, enough is enough. don't get greedy. you don't have to be a big famous movie star too. >> leave something for the rest of us. >> yeah, really. >> exactly. also in the news today, it turns out a 15-year-old has schooled a major museum. joseph rosenfeld was visiting the boston museum of science when he realized something didn't add up. he noticed there were minus signs where there should have been plus signs in the museum's display of the golden ratio which has been sitting without a single comment or question for 35 years. well, word of the teen's epic discovery has spread like the exponential theory and you don't need a calculator to figure out that he has now become an instant internet hero. the museum admitting, hey, joseph, you were right. >> uh-huh. >> whoa. what about the rest of boston? >> and, by the way, what is the golden ratio?
8:26 am
>> i don't want to say. >> beautiful mind. >> a beautiful mind. that young joseph. and finally you know what else is beautiful, bob. i want you to meet bob, jack black. bob is like the dr. doolittle of the dog world. go slow on these pictures. friend of all animals. the golden retriever lives with his owner's six birds and a hamster. as you can see, they're birds of a feather, flock together whether napping, playing or posing for the legion of instagram fans, they do it side by side. no sibling rivalry there. it's waggin' tails, shaking tail feathers all the way, and that, my jack black and my team is "pop news." >> thank you, lara. >> happy hump day. >> more jack black coming up. don't miss it. [ cheers and applause ]
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. people have spotted one mountain lion roaming in san francisco and daily city. a camera captured a big cat last week. it's been many years since one has been seen in san francisco. this one appeared to be headed south. it was first seen twice last tuesday in the sea cliff neighborhood and then again on wednesday not far from city hall. last friday was the last sighting. all drivers are seeing a lot of traffic this morning. >> exactly, take bart. if you're heading from the east bay to san francisco, i would highly advise it. we're still at twice the amount of time it takes. you can see traffic very stacked as it comes in from the maize. all because of an earlier cig alert that cancelled more than an hour ago.
8:28 am
we're going to take you to san jose where we have this accident. it's closer to northbound side of highway 85. two cars involved. one lane blocked. very heavy traffic. a cig alert still in effect to northbound 880. that's going to be closed. one of the cool perks of this place, is you can eat as much cereal as you want. you can go to any line that's running, and pull a box of cereal. alrighty. we just like cereal, we make it, eat it love it, live it. (laughing)
8:29 am
we're back and looking at the seven-day forecast. we're going to have our best
8:30 am
♪ ♪ look at that. >> beautiful. beautiful. so talented. misty copeland in action. she is opening up about making history in the ballet world. talks to mara schiavocampo who has some news of her own that she will share with us but misty's story is so uplifting and heading to broadway too. >> starring on a different kind of stage. we all can't wait for that. i have a feeling she'll be great. >> she's just so talented and also this morning, so many stars are going pastel right now. at least on top of their head. our stylists are going 0 show you how you can make the look work for you. >> i can't do ha. >> can you?
8:31 am
i don't know. >> it's not for everybody. but -- >> it is pretty fabulous on some. we'll talk about that but first to george. >> i'm here with jack black. having fun with him all morning long and time for that big reveal. you see "goosebumps" behind us now you'll get an exclusive first look at the trailer. take a look. ♪ >> these are all "goosebumps" manuscript manuscripts. >> did you unlock a book? >> oh, no. >> abominable snowman just crawled out of a book. that doesn't happen. >> every monster i've ever created. it's the invisible boy. >> ow chlt. >> you've read them. >> yeah. >> if we know their weaknesses we can capture them all.
8:32 am
>> we're the only ones that can do this. >> there it is guys. "goosebumps," the trailer. it is out in october. jack black here you see the red button. this means you get to hit that button whenever you want and ask me a question. >> oh good to know. i can flip it. >> you can flip it. >> whenever i want. >> whenever you want. >> he started right away. don't want to talk about "goosebumps." >> what did you have for breakfast? >> greek yogurt almonds. how about you? >> i didn't have breakfast. just this tea. this english breakfast tea. >> as fascinating as our diets are i'm not sure -- how about "goosebumps." tell us about this. we all know the kids' stories. you play the writer, r.l. stein. >> the movie turned out dynamite. i'm so excited because the books are funny and scary and exciting and we just wanted the movie to be as awesome and cool as the book series was and i think we cracked the code and my kids are
8:33 am
7 and 9 years old. >> two boys. >> two boys sammy and tommy and getting into scary stuff now and there's something about that age when scary becomes cool and it becomes like a rite of passage when you can withstand a little bit of scare, that means -- >> how tough you are. >> shows you're tough and getting older. you can -- that you're not a little kid anymore. >> you are just a little bit older than them when you started out in this business. do you have hopes for them to follow you. >> well, you know they're creative and i'm going to support them in whatever they want to do much that's what my parents did. they never discouraged me from acting or painting or music or anything. >> you're a painter. >> well i did a lot of doodling and animation when i was a kid. i could have gone a lot different ways but, yeah i'm not going to be tiger momming them into a life of acting if that's what you're asking but, yeah i will ahe support them. >> having so much fun watching
8:34 am
"the brink" on hbo. >> thanks. >> it's such a great farcical show but, you know jerry weintraub, the executive producer, we lost him this weekend. >> so sad. >> you got a big kick out of him. >> such an amazing giant of a man and so filled with joy and creativity and just happy to have known him for the short time that i did and he did an amazing job setting up this show "the brink" and i'm really going to miss him. don't know how we're going to go on without him. >> we loved having him on. he would come on the show all the time. he was just a force of nature. >> tremendous man. >> other force of nature tenacious d. you guys are coming back in october. you got the festival going. >> yeah festival supreme october 10th and then "goosebumps" right after that october 16th so it's like i got a jam-packed situation there but -- >> here we go. real quick hillary rodham clinton or bernie sanders?
8:35 am
you just have to say one and america knows the rest. >> he's made it a real race. you know i'm not going to answer -- >> you're not going to answer. that's the whole thing of the button. you have to answer -- you don't have to say anything about them just say -- >> i said he's made it a real race. >> he's made it a real race. okay all right. >> you a fan? >> is it pronounced grexit or grexit because you're greek. >> you're showing all kinds of knowledge? have you ever walked around central park? because i did it yesterday. it's over 100 blocks. >> that's a real walk. i have done it many times. >> not like going i walked an the park. i mean walked way around the park. >> and yesterday was a hot day too. >> so far, dude. it's like a marathon. i am dying here. my thighs it's so far. >> go get some breakfast. >> go see "goosebumps." >> i definitely will. we will all see it. it opens october 16th. now let's go to ginger.
8:36 am
>> and all the way from houston, texas, my friends here, they're just asking where they should eat. always a question in new york city. a question today in southern california might be is it going to be this rainy and cloudy and the answer is yes. laguna beach another day with showers coming in. you know where the heat wave is coming to an end finally in the pacific northwest. seattle will drop out of the upper 80s and low 90s back into much more average upper 70s, low 80s. you're looking west to east with the heavy rain in the middle of the flash flood watches still in >> good morning i am meteorologist mike nicco with a break from summer continues with 65 at coast to 83 inland. the seven-day forecast shows a chance of isolated thunderstorm today and tomorrow and batter chance of measurable drizzle during the commute >> all that weather brought to you by verizon. and we're celebrating shark week on "gma." this is the 28th year of the discovery channel's event and
8:37 am
this year the message is all about conservation enprotecting these amazing creatures. tonight it's a show called ninja sharks diving into the behind-the-scenes ocean most ferocious shark species including the short finned mako. it's the world's fastest shark with a top recorded speed of 46 miles per hour. so fast one expert called it a rocket ship with gills and teeth. shark week airs through sunday on the discovery channel. always entertaining but nothing like this. >> ninja sharks okay. stay right there. it'll all make sense in a moment. now to the groundbreaking ballerina we've been wanting to bring think story. misty copeland oh my goodness these taking on a new challenge. last week you know she made history becoming the american ballet company's first female african-american female dancer and now headed to broadway. you showed us a side we didn't see before. >> she's such an inspiring
8:38 am
person making her debut on the great white way which she won't be just dancing but singing and acting for the first time just one of many firsts for this star. ♪ she's the unlikely ballet star now making history. >> misty, take a bow. >> reporter: as the first ever african-american woman to be named principal dancer at the world renown american ballet theatre. your dream has come true. have you had a chance to sit with that. >> no i definitely had my moments of questioning whether or not this was really the path for me. and it's so surreal that it happened. >> reporter: it's a dream the 32-year-old wasn't sure would ever come true. one of six kids raised by a single mom she started dancing at 13 and was often discouraged. >> it's a european art form and you're used to seeing a type of person as a ballerina and i don't look like a lot of the
8:39 am
girls around me. just being told i'm too muscular, too short. >> must have felt so east lating for you. how were you able to push through that? >> support, mentors, so many african-american women that just came into my life and helped guide me and keep me on track and encourage me. >> reporter: that support helping her become one of the most famous dancers in the country. >> you have the wrong body for ballet. and at 13 you are too old to considered. >> reporter: even doing an ad for under arm our so as the world gets to know her better we wanted to as well. what is the last song you listened to. >> "i feel blessed." big sean and jake. ♪ i'm way up i feel blessed ♪ >> favorite junk food guilty pleasure. >> i ate a bag of doritos the other night with tabasco sauce on it. i out of nowhere? that's a good one.
8:40 am
favorite show. >> i love "blackish" right now. >> heels or flats. >> heels. >> interesting because i'd expect your feet need a break. >> they do but i love heels. i'm 5'2" and i like feeling tall. >> reporter: and now a towering figure on stage and off. i know copeland is not change changing the stage but outins too expected to introduce a lot of people to ballet. just a little perspective about 6 million people go see the ballet live each year. more than 8 million have seen her underarm our ads. >> what a delight she is. she's inspiring so many people. she has some odd cravings and maybe you may be soon. do you have something to share. >> i can ditch the two layers of shapewear. i'm coming out expecting a baby right behind ginger. [ cheers and applause ] so this is a mommy sandwich here. >> got a mommy sandwich. >> we have a daughter who is 3 so this is our second and
8:41 am
thrilled and she's thinked to get a sibling. she says she wants a girl. i want a girl one. sadly not up to her. >> you both are just beaming and beautiful. even the audience was commenting and saying how you're both glowing. congratulations. congratulations. >> thank you. >> wonderful. you'll have more on misty's story on "nightline." >> yes, absolutely. we're bring a lot more of her story, again she's lovely open and inspiring so many people. >> she certainly is. as are the both of you. oh. i hope it's not -- be careful. a lot more ahead this morning revealing the final results of our pastel hair makeover next. come on back.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ all right, everybody. wlm time for our big beauty reveal talking about the hottest trend right now, women coloring their hair with a whole new palette. pastels. abc's abbie boudreau checked out the new color craze. >> reporter: it's the summer friendly trend taking hollywood by storm. from pop superstars like katy perry to nicole richie and kelly ripa. celebs all over turning their ponytails pastel. >> i like to mix it up a little. i get very bored and had the same color hair for -- i don't know, six months at least. >> reporter: and now everyday people are jumping on board with tutorials and pinterest pages popping up everywhere online.
8:45 am
>> this is the darker part and going to be an ombre. >> reporter: some turing to sand art. >> ready to go pink? >> reporter: rita hazan says turing your locks every shade of the rainbow is becoming more and more popular. >> about three years ago i did katy perry's hair pink purple and blue so this trend that's still sort of keeping the wave of all these colors and so fun to see that it's now mainstream and okay to go to the office with like pink hair. >> reporter: but she warns you have to be willing to spend time in the chair. depending on your natural hair color it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to four hours. >> before you go any of these pop colors these pastel colors you have to bleach out your hair so you have to like be the palest you can. this works for people with really light hair. this is a total commitment but a fun commitment. >> reporter: her clients agree. >> i really, really love it. >> this is maybe a new thing. >> for sure my summer look.
8:46 am
>> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> all right, so it's a look right. this morning our celebrity hairstylist jason backe has been working hard to transform models meredith and chiara. big reveal. let's see meredith please. >> yes. >> the before picture of meredith total blond like myself and she went with a color that i actually think would be kind of fun. she went with the pink pastel. so come on out, meredith. >> come on out, meredith. >> yes. >> so pretty. >> i think it's really fun. meredith, more importantly, how do you feel. >> i feel great. it's exciting. i really don't take myself too seriously when it comes to hair and makeup so this is a fun seasonal new me. >> any time i see a celeb doing it i -- kelly ripa looks so cute and i thought nicole richie looked cute. i always think maybe it would be fun but then what do you do? >> something like this is great because it's modern sexy. on trend, what we did is used
8:47 am
l'oreal professional permanent or demi permanent hair color. >> the word permanent is the word that terrifies me. >> so demi permanent which will last about 28 shampoos so it's not like a tattoo. >> are you ready for 28 shampoos. >> i'm ready, bring it. >> a lot of our viewers willing saying all well and good but maybe -- >> the great thing, when she came in she had really blond hair so any of these pastel shades look great like you could go pastel. harder on a darker shade. >> speaking of darker -- if speaking of darker. >> a before shot of chiara. she is a brunette. yeah not even that dark but look at what you did to her. come on out, chiara. >> pretty major stuff happening. yes. >> i love it. >> i really love it. navy blue with streaks of green, teal in it. how do you feel chiara? >> i'm really loving it. i mean changing my hair is kind of like changing myout fit so it's like -- >> you have to keep it. >> this one is going to be a
8:48 am
long time but i'm loving it. >> chiara's color is a different product. kind of a -- you can get this at beauty supply or this online. a direct dye so stains the hair and this will last about 10 shampoos. both of them aren't going to damage the hair at all. when you prelighten the hair you might feel a little bit of a texture change but using something like this color protecting shampoo and conditioner, the products are going to be amazing for keeping it soft and shiny. >> thank you so much everybody. ladies you look beautiful in your colorful hair. always do clip-ins. >> they would be great. we're doing that. >> maybe. thank you so much. thanks guys. next on "gma," one-on-one with one of the stars of
8:49 am
ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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we are here now with the hilarious wendi mcclendon-covey she stars in the hit abc show "the goldbergs" chichi plays an
8:51 am
overbearing mom in the '80s and so happy to have her with us this morning? thank you. >> congratulations. you now are going on to your third season. wrapped up your second season and for anyone who wants to catch up or relive their favorite episodes they have the summer to watch them. >> the whole summer to watch 24 episodes. you can watch them on or hulu plus but i am so thrilled that we got a third season. >> can you give us any hints? >> it's going to be more delicious snug byes from bev. more uncomfortable mother love. >> bev has -- uncomfortable mother love. bev has been called the heart of the snow but it's a smother extraordinaire. >> i was raised in a similar manner so -- >> was your mother a smother. >> she was a big time smother. you to what i will be the same way if i had kids i'd be hiding in the bushes and peeking in their classroom to make sure that no one looked at my kid cross-eyed but it is embarrassing for children i guess.
8:52 am
>> it is but you know what is also embarrassing i would imagine reliving the '80s. i had the experience as did you. favorite part about going back in time? is it the shoulder pad, the big hair the applique sweaters? >> well those are all wonderful things. no i don't miss them. let's not bring them back. although they are coming back but we don't need to bring them back. >> when you're on set and in full regalia, i mean do you feel like it's a time warp. >> i feel just as uncomfortable as i did in the '80s, yeah. >> you look in the mirror. >> i can't move and oop, do i look like a clown? yes i do. >> what does wendi do when not on the set of "the goldbergs." roller skating. kind of '80s of you. >> it's also kind of '70s of me. let's just say it i'm old. i'm ancient and i go back to my ancient ways. i love roller skating, okay.
8:53 am
i adore it. i love a bit of laundry. >> i kind of do too. folding clothes. >> because i can watch tv and fold clothes. >> organizing. >> i'll refold the same basket over and over so i can keep watching tv. i like to take a relaxing jaunt through target. >> oh. you and i are very similar. who knew? >> very glamorous. >> the glamorous life. >> all about glamour. yeah. >> well it is an awesome show. we're so happy it renewed. "the goldbergs" airs wednesday nights a
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ it took tim morehouse years to master the perfect lunge. but only one attempt to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. ♪ southwest is having a sale because when there's a reunion every cent should go to a killer dress. ♪"never gonna get it" by en vogue ♪ and heels. and a blowout. mani/pedi. three weeks of tanning. facial. a backup dress. bronzer, lip gloss...
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book for as low as 73 dollars one-way now at "good morning america" is brought to you by new emergen-z seem z with mell tony, vitamin c and other antioxidants. >> all right. enjoy your strawberries and cream. >> lots of pimms. >> or two or three in see her from the grass next. have a great day, everyone.
8:57 am
e a bow and arrow ♪ ♪ a broken guitar ♪ ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ [♪]
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good morning, i'm kristen sze. breaking news the new york stock exchange stopped all trading. . there's no word from wall street as to why it shut down. other exchanges like the nasdaq remain open. more on abc 7 news at 11:00. right now mike has a check on the weather. >> ts winds will be open north of the bay bridge today. out of west at 21 knots. small craft advisory. temperatures below average. 70s elsewhere until you get inland. low 80s. we have a chance of a thunderstorm across the north bay today and tomorrow. a better chance of measurable precip could be tomorrow morning. it looks like the misery is fading away. 41 minutes will get us between highway 4 and the maize. it looks like we're a little back to normal at this hour. an alert for a few more hours to northbound 88>> now it's time for
9:00 am
live with kelly and michael. join us for our news at 11:00. >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, award-winning actress laura linney. and host of "hollywood game night," jane lynch. plus, double trouble from the co-hosts as we continue "live"'s "no kidding week." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are emmy winners kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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