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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 13, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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new details tonight. the great escape. the world's most notorious drug lord on the run. the massive manhunt now. tonight, we are at the prison. the mile-long tunnel that began in the shower, right underneath his feet. and new outrage tonight from american authorities. also breaking, the boston police captain who turned his own son in. authorities say that son was planning a major attack. the massive storm. tornadoes touching down. severe weather for 60 million tonight, from minneapolis to atlanta. the east coast gets hit next. and an abc news exclusive. my interview with wisconsin governor scott walker tonight, just announcing he's in. his reaction to donald trump. we ask, is jeb bush a name from the past? and the family, very honest about the one issue they don't agree with their father on.
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good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and we begin with breaking news in that international manhunt. the urgent search for one of the most dangerous criminals in the world. joaquin guzman, el chapo, on the run after that brazen prison break outside mexico city. he's done this before, right here, recaptured after breaking free the first time. authorities tonight believe this was where he emerged. the hole at the end of a mile-long tunnel that began in that prison shower. and tonight, the feds here in the u.s. revealing the elaborate plots to bust him out of that maximum security prison may have started the moment he went in. abc's gio benitez on the ground in mexico, leading us off tonight. >> reporter: tonight, police searching pipes, cars and packed buses, searching for joaquin guzman, known as el chapo, the shorty, a billion-dollar man responsible for a quarter of the drugs in the u.s., and long-wanted by u.s. authorities.
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guzman escaping from this maximum security prison 55 miles outside of mexico city saturday night. he was last seen in the shower area of his cell around 8:50 p.m. authorities say he fled through a dug-out hole, just 20 inches by 20 inches wide. authorities finding a ladder they believe he used to drop himself 30 feet below ground, winding his way through a mile-long labyrinth of tunnels. the passage about as tall as el chapo himself, 56'6", but well-lit and fully ventilated with pvc piping. the passage even outfitted with a motorcycle used to help move earth and dig the tunnel out. this is the hole they believe he escaped from. >> this is a man who is known for having a team of engineers and miners. some of the best in mexico who are there just to build these tunnels. >> reporter: and this is where you can really see the audacity of this plan. that's the prison right there. and right over here, in the prison's own backyard, that's the house where el chapo emerged
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from, then disappeared. we met a man named eric who delivers gas to houses in the neighborhood and says it was built very quickly. six to seven months, that house was built? he's escaped before and was on the run for 13 years until his capture last year. the government had promised he would never escape again. and tonight, sources tell us that u.s. officials knew about possible escape plans from just about the day el chapo was captured. they say they warned mexican authorities and though they're upset, they're not surprised, david. >> gio benitez tonight in mexico. gio, thank you. and now to the other breaking headline we're following tonight. the veteran police captain from boston, one of the heroes who answered the call on the day of the boston bombings. tonight here, we've learned he has turned his own son in. now accused of plotting an isis-inspired attack. hoping to kill here at home, according to authorities. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross on what we know about this alleged plot. >> reporter: among the police
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officers responding to the boston marathon bombing, and its deadly pressure cooker bombs, was veteran captain robert ciccolo. but tonight, the fbi says the captain's own son, a one-time peace activist seen here, sought to build his own pressure cooker bombs and become an isis killer. 23-year-old alexander ciccolo was arrested by the fbi on july 4th, after a long investigation triggered, officials say, by a tip from his father, the police captain. the son's plan, the fbi says, was to set off his bombs at the crowded cafeteria of a major college campus and at a nearby gay bar. and then, the fbi says, execute non-muslim students live via the internet. he lived in the tiny massachusetts hamlet of adams, where he was arrested on the morning of july 4th, after buying four high-powered weapons from an undercover fbi operative. in a search of ciccolo's apartment, agents say they found a pressure cooker he had bought just the day before.
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tonight, the fbi says ciccolo had set a deadline of july 31st for his alleged campus attack. late today, his family said it was saddened and disappointed to learn of their son's intentions, but grateful he was stopped in time. david? >> brian ross with us tonight. brian, thank you. and we move on now to the severe weather slamming the heartland at this hour. 60 million americans from minnesota to georgia, severe thunderstorm and tornado watches in ten states. at least four reported tornadoes in just the last 24 hours. this one in campbell, minnesota. the racetrack in braynard minnesota, that's mangled there. and just look at this. and the gathering storms over indianapolis. quite a sight today. let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano, because this involves millions of americans and then the whole thing is moving eastward, right? >> reporter: that's right. over 300 reports of high winds in the last two days. some of them over 80 miles an hour. huge swath of damage. on the radar you see that line moving into the virginias now. that's gone over 800 miles in the last 20 hours.
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that's where all the damage is. we've got watch boxes up including that tornado watch for northern illinois, including chicago. but more clusters fire. st. louis, indianapolis in through louisville. these are going to have strong storms, big-time hail, as well. really concerned about northern illinois as we go through tonight. tomorrow, it slides to the east. tennessee the target zone. as is the carolinas and, yes, the east coast. feeding into these storms, extreme heat and humidity. so many americans are facing up and over 100 degrees. uncomfortable energy that the atmosphere is using, david. >> all right, tracking this tonight right through "gma" in the morning. rob, thank you. now, to the race for 2016, and to an abc news exclusive this evening. wisconsin governor scott walker, making it official. he's in now. the 15th republican contender. he's topping the polls in iowa. and if you don't know his name, you're about to. over the weekend, i traveled to wisconsin to sit down with the governor and his family. no questions off-limits. his reaction to donald trump, is jeb bush a name from the past, and the disagreement with his wife and two sons over one major issue. the walkers, right here tonight. great to see you. >> yeah, thanks.
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>> the walker family at the governor's mansion in madison, wisconsin. this is the first sitdown interview with the entire family. i'm curious, how does the family feel about this? >> i think we're ready for it. i mean, we can never be ready for this, i guess, but -- we've had quite a few campaigns in the last four years. >> quite a few campaigns, because scott walker was elected governor, famously fought the unions, survived a recall, and was then re-elected. >> i didn't just face death threats, there were threats against them, they were protesting in front of our house. part of it is as a family we've been tested we've been tested like i think, nobody else out there. >> trial by fire for this couple. tinette was actually from a democratic family. you actually got married on ronald reagan's birthday. >> we did. i don't know if i knew that at the time, but i think he liked that fact, because he has yet to forget my anniversary. >> in fact, this year, he tweeted happy anniversary to his wife, and then a short time later, a tweet marking the anniversary of reagan's birth. one of his first jobs at this mcdonald's. maybe he served you a
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cheeseburger a few years back. >> he could have. >> he could have very well. >> inside, his former shift manager, rita, now runs it all. the grill where he stood still there but the second drive-through is new. >> just checking out the old stomps here i used to work here as a kid. >> he tells that young voter he's running for president. you are the 15th republican now to fight for this nomination. what do the american voters not know about you that helped seal the deal? >> if republicans are going to a name from the past in hillary clinton, they need a name from the future. >> is jeb bush a name of the past or a name for the future? >> well jeb's a good guy. he's a friend of mine. he was a good governor in florida. i don't think a name from the past beats a name from the past. >> there are a lot of people talking about donald trump right now. he's leading in some polls. jeb bush has said that he believes what trump has said about mexicans is really meant to inflame and incite. do you agree with that? >> well, i think donald trump and any of the others can speak for themselves. what i'm going to do is lay out for what i'm for. >> eventually, though, you could
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very well be on that debate stage with trump. if he says on that stage what he's said about mexicans, what would you say to him? >> i'd say like i said with other candidates. i respectfully disagree. i have a policy when it comes to immigration. mine is simple. secure the border, enforce the law. i don't believe in amnesty. >> you talk about amnesty. you were at one point for a path to citizenship. no longer? >> no. and part of it is -- i've laid it out. i've said, i'm clearly stating that, i'm not beating around the bush. >> what made you change your mind? >> well, a combination of things. i mean i looked at how this president messed up the immigration system we have today. >> and what do you do, governor, with the 11 million undocumented immigrants? do you send them home? >> i think part of the problem that we have is that everybody wants to jump forward to one part of the equation without dealing with things we need to do in the right order. >> you made some headlines this year when you were asked how you would deal with isis. you said, if you could handle 100,000 wisconsin protesters, those union protesters, that you could handle isis. would you answer differently? >> yeah. although i think the point -- the people who were there took it the way i intended and i
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would shape it differently. because i said, moments after that, when someone asked me, of course i'm not equating those protesters with isis. >> so, we give you a redo. what would you do? >> yeah my point is is that nobody even secretary of state clinton, nobody in this race has the experience that a president would need directly. so, my point is, as a governor, who went through incredible pressure to take on things that were literally, in my case, not just about political pressure, but about personal attacks, about death threats, i believe the next president is going to have to have the capacity to deal with that kind of pressure. >> and while his role model remains ronald reagan, he counts on his wife. and they were very honest, they don't always agree. most recently, on the supreme court's decision on same-sex marriage. you called it a grave mistake. and i know that you heard from the family, not everybody agreed with you on that. how difficult is that as a family? because, it was your cousin, you described her as a sister to you? her cousin married her long-time partner and one of the
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governor's sons, a witness at the ceremony. and so when your husband, the governor says it was a grave mistake, what do you say? >> well, i was more concerned that i got calls from both of the boys of being upset about what scott had said. and so, my advice to them was, don't come to me, go to him. he said it. and so, they had the conversation. for me, i reached out to my cousin right away and said, this is the same person that he was last week that you've known for 20-some years. took us two, three days to talk with family, with shelly and kathy and i think everything's -- we're, you know, we're back to where we were before. >> but you haven't changed your stance? >> no. no. but we love them. and for us, you know, love is going to be the focus of everything we do with our family and our close friends. >> governor scott walker and his family sitting down with us. we'll have much more tonight on "nightline." and on the same day as the announcement, hillary clinton taking aim, accusing governor
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walker of, quote, stomping on worker's rights, in her first economic policy speech. clinton promising to quote, propose ways for companies to share more of their profits with employees. around the world tonight, and to the middle east now, an update on the story that made global headlines involving that american teacher, the mother of twin boys, brutally attack and killed in a luxury mall in abu dhabi last year. this woman covered in traditional robes seen on surveillance footage. tonight, word the uae citizen has been put to death, two weeks after she was convicted of the teacher's murder. a developing headline from vienna tonight. the high stakes negotiations with iran to hammer out a deal, cutting iran's ability to build a nuclear bomb. the deadline now looming, and now comes word signs of an historic deal could come at any time. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran standing by. terry? >> reporter: good evening, david. today, we're hearing from these negotiators that they can see the finish line in these historic talks, but they just can't get there. they still can't get to yes. the basic deal is clear -- iran
5:43 pm
wants no more sanctions immediately. the right to develop peaceful nuclear programs. they basically want to be a normal country again. the u.s. wants sanctions lifted gradually, strict nuclear inspections for at least ten years, basically, iran on probation. so, the sticking points? how fast should those sanctions be lifted? and what about that u.n. arms embargo that stops iran from developing conventional weapons, like missiles? they aren't easy issues. these talks in vienna have gone on for 17 days, and no one here wants to give up yet. david? >> terry moran standing by for us. terry, thank you. and greece now agreeing to a third bailout. $95 billion in new aid. the tentative deal would keep greece in the euro zone, but it calls for new austerity measures. on wall street today, stocks soaring on the news. the dow closing up more than 217 points. and from the pentagon tonight, they are announcing they will now consider lifting the ban on transgender individuals from military service. defense secretary ash carter saying anyone wishing to serve
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should be able to do so openly. they will study it. a major development tonight in that mysterious explosion at a beach in rhode island over the weekend. a woman hurled four feet into the air. the cause remains a mystery. but late today, this image. workers digging in the sand for clues and abc's linzie janis on what they found. >> reporter: tonight, investigators trying to figure out what caused a powerful explosion on this crowded rhode island beach. the blast launching 60-year-old kathleen danise into the air. >> it was a beautiful day. the last thing i remember was reading my book. >> reporter: beachgoers say they felt a rumbling under the sand saturday. seconds later, the ground exploding. witnesses say she was like a human cannon ball, launched four feet into the air and then ten feet sideways slamming into these rocks. danise knocked unconscious for three minutes, suffering two broken ribs. >> you could feel the whole thing, like a mini earthquake.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: officials reopening the beach within 24 hours. would you feel better if they knew what happened before they reopened the beach? >> yes, i would. i would love to know what really caused that. >> reporter: right now, workers are digging up an electrical line that runs underneath the beach to see if it had something to do with that blast. david? >> linzie, thank you. president obama tonight granting clemency to 46 nonviolent drug offenders, the most in one day since the 1960s. >> america is a nation of second chances, and i believe these folks deserve their second chance. >> president obama has now commuted more sentences than the last four presidents combined. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. and breaking news in the case dubbed the real-life "gone girl." so many accusing her of staging her own disappearance. tonight, the man under arrest, and her family saying you should have believed my daughter. the late details coming in. also, the deadly drag racing accident under investigation. the driver losing control, crashing into the crowd. what we've now learned.
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and, of course, everyone remembers dorothy and her ruby slippers. stolen almost ten years ago. well, word tonight, an anonymous donor now offering a $1 million reward for anyone with a clue, anyone. are they hiding somewhere in america?
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we're going to turn next tonight to new developments in the case some had called the real-life "gone girl." the woman in california who claimed she was kidnapped, held for ransom. police at one point calling it a hoax. but tonight, no longer. word coming in of an arrest. and here's abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: tonight, a stunning development in the bizarre ransom kidnapping case with striking similarities to the movie "gone girl." police once called it a hoax, accusing the alleged victim of being a liar. the fbi announcing the arrest of 38-year-old matthew muller, saying he was behind the kidnapping of 29-year-old denise
5:49 pm
huskins earlier this year. >> the police department owes an apology to miss huskins and mr. quinn. >> reporter: her father spoke to abc news just a few hours ago. >> can you imagine -- being rescued from a kidnapping and then people are on you for committing the crime? >> reporter: in newly unsealed documents, huskins says she and her boyfriend were drugged and tied up. she was released 400 miles away near her mother's mother. the alleged kidnapper, muller seen here in a kdtv interview, is already in custody for another home invasion. they say he is a harvard-educated attorney who was working as recently as 2012 and was just disbarred. aditi roy, abc news, california. >> aditi, thank you. when we come back here tonight, the new consumer alert this evening. the growing chicken recall. and it involves popular frozen dinners. and the deadly drag race
5:50 pm
investigation. new details. the driver losing control, slamming into the crowd. and tonight, that $1 million offer for the person who can find those ruby red slippers. are they somewhere in america? slippers. are they somewhere in america?my constipation and belly pain el like a raging storm. i've tried laxatives but my symptoms keep returning. my constipation feels like a heavy weight that keeps coming back. vo: linzess can help. once-daily linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. linzess is thought to help calm pain-sensing nerves and accelerate bowel movements. linzess helps you proactively manage your symptoms. do not give linzess to children under 6, and it should not be given to children 6 to 17. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe.
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less appetite, chills, or rash. even if you've already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13® may help provide additional protection. get this one done. ask your healthcare professional about prevnar 13® today. to the index. authorities now investigating that deadly accident in north carolina, an illegal drag race outside raleigh. one of the drivers losing control, barrelling into the crowd of people. four were killed, three injured. and tonight, that driver has now been charged. a major recall growing this evening. 1.7 million pounds of chicken products, chicken tenders, chicken cordon bleu and more from barber foods. the recall expanding over fears of salmonella. at least six people ill. we have much more on our website for you. and the mystery of "the wizard of oz" tonight. dorothy clicking her ruby slippers, of course. those slippers were actually stolen from a minnesota museum years ago. well tonight, an anonymous donor now offering a $1 million reward if you find them. when we come back here on a monday, one of the most beloved
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try nexium 24hr, the #1 prescribed acid-blocking brand, and get all day, all night protection. nexium level protection. 55 years since "to kill a mockingbird" was released. the sequel tomorrow with a stunner. here's tom llamas. >> reporter: atticus finch, the crusading lawyer from "to kill a mockingbird," about to show his true colors in the sequel "go set a watchman." in this novel, hitting bookstores tonight, atticus supports segregation, saying, you can't have a set of backward people living among people advanced in one kind of civilization. "watchman" now the most preordered book on amazon since the 2007 release of "harry
5:58 pm
potter and the deathly hallows." to give you an idea how anticipated this book is, we're in the basement of a barnes & noble, this is one of the shipments. and barnes & noble not even allowed to open the boxes until midnight. harper lee's lawyer revealing today that "watchman" was discovered years ago in a safety deposit box, along with what could be a third book bridging the two. for now, lee, at 89, about to set the literary world on fire again. this time, showing hero and anti-hero are one and the same. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> thank you for watching here on a monday. i'm david muir. we new, team coverage of a kidnapping arrest of a local attorney and bizarre details in the abduction of the wrong person. >> looking into what a sexual predator might have done that got him sent back to the hospital.
5:59 pm
>> who gets custody of embryos being stored in a fertility clinic? >> and choir practice in a church the voices of hundreds of young singers from around the world. >> can you imagine being rescued from a kidnapping? and people are on you for committing the crime? you know? how would you feel? >> the fbi has a man in custody suspected of a string of violent crimes. >> while it looks like police have explaining to do, but they're not talking tonight.
6:00 pm
here is the man and we'll begin in vallejo tonight. >> reporter: this case may have come together because the suspect in all of this apparently left his cell phone behind at the most-recent home invasion. the couple in that march kidnapping stood with their hands held tightly, strongly alongside the attorneys who called for calling a hoax all while the alleged suspect continued on a crime spree. nearly four months after denise says she was kidnapped an attorney has been arrested for the kidnapping. >> the fact that we have wasted all


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