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tv   Nightline  ABC  July 14, 2015 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." tonight, manhunt. mexico's top drug lord escaped from a maximum security prison for the second time. el chapo on the loose with access to billions of dollars and heavily armed employees. border patrol on high alert. >> gone girl vindicated. it seemed like a plot out of a movie. >> disappeared three days ago. >> police may soon be apologizing to the couple who claim they were victims of a bizarre kidnapping case now taking another turn. tonight the harvard educated lawyer behind bars in connection with the alleged crime and others almost exactly like it. david muir's exclusive interview with governor scott walker, the republican presidential candidate and former mcdonald's employee.
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good evening. thank you for joining us. tonight, the hunt is on for one
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of the most dangerous criminals on earth, the notorious mexican drug lord el chapo. he is skapdescaped from a maximum security prison for the second time. gio benitez on the ground with new details about the jailbreak. >> reporter: on the run one of the richest most powerful drug kingpins in the world, joaquin guzman known as el chapo. >> like the osama bin laden of drug trafficking. >> reporter: el chapo serving a 400 year sentence for being the head of the silanoa cartel escaped from a prison 55 miles outside mexico city. authorities suspending flights at the nearby airport and took 1 prison employees in for questioning. >> what's incredible about el chapo, this is a man both on the dea's list as one of most wanted men, but also on the forbes list of one of the most powerful men.
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>> reporter: ranked on the for's billionaire's list from 2009 to 2013. the kingpin and cartel believed responsible for thousand of deaths and kidded to be the largest trafficker of illegal drugs into the united states. >> any community that has availability of cocaine, heroin methamphetamine, dangerous drugs, designer drugs, you can directly or indirectly connect it to el chapo. >> reporter: how could he have just slipped away unnoticed is baffling? el chapo according to officials was last seen in the shower area of the cell around #:50 p.m. under the shower a dugout hole just 20 inches by 20 inches wide. authorities finding a ladder they believe he used to drop himself 30 feet below ground. winding his way through an elaborate mile long tunnel. the passage as tall as el chapo himself. 5'6", well-lit and fully
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ventilated with pvc piping the passage outfitted with a motorcycle that rode on a track. >> this is a man known for building tunnels having a team of engineers and miners some of the best in mexico just to build the tunnels. >> reporter: the sophisticated tunnel led to a nearby construction site. this is where you could really see the audacity of this plan. that's the prison right there. right over here in the prison's own backyard that's the house where el chapo emerged from then disappeared. this is the hole they believe he escaped from. there are hundreds of these sophisticated tunnels built along the u.s./mexico border. >> these tunnels tend to be ventilated they tend to have motorized vehicles to move product back and forth. so you are talking about people who are expert at building tunnels. >> reporter: this one found in 2013 between san diego and tijuana, mexico. inside authorities discovered more than 8 tons of marijuana as
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well as 325 pounds of cocaine. the tunnel just like the prison one contained ape sophisticated track and ventilation system. >> the discovery of today's tunnel which we call a super tunnel is the fifth super tunnel that we have intercepted since 2010. built by engineers and architects. they're sophisticated, they're high-tech, they include hydraulically controlled steel doors. >> reporter: el chapo was captured before in 1993 only to escape then too. in a laundry truck after eight years in the maximum security prison. >> el chapo bribed his way out of what was supposed to be a high security penitentiary in mexico. >> reporter: for over a decade he evaded capture until 2014. when they caught up with him at a hotel. breakfast on the stove. the man of lore brought in by mexican authorities and law enforcement. took intelligence of two nations
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to corner el chapo. >> this arrest was monumental and showed the resolve of the mexican government and the administration to attack and destroy the major cartel. >> reporter: the president of mexico took a public victory lap. saying the capture of one of the biggest narco traffickers in the world shows the effectiveness of the mexican state. but tonight, victory has turned to defeat. >> when they captured him in february of 2014 the u.s. government officials expressed a desire to have him sent back to the united states right then and there. because they were concerned about corruption in the prison system in mexico. >> reporter: the american authorities wanted to extradite him immediately. >> that did not happen obviously. we are being told by a former dea official today that they warned the mexican authorities on at least a couple of occasions that the cartel might try to spring him. and that's exactly what
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happened. >> reporter: still to many in mexico he is kidded aconsidered a folk anti-hero and in many circles idolized. over the years he found his way into imaginations all over into the hero worshipping lyrics of a rapper. ♪ all i wanna be is el chapo $3 billion in pesos ♪ ♪ all i wanna be el chapo ♪ >> presidential hopeful donald trump, seized on the news of el chapo's escape claiming it was proof his earlier dispairaging remarks were on point. donald trump saying this el chapo and the mexican drug cartels use the border unimpeded like it was a vacuum cleaner sucking drugs and death right into the u.s. he quickly reached out to the fbi after a tweet was posted by a possible associate of el chapo threatening retaliation. no doubt, el chapo and his
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powerful sinaloa cartel will do everything in their power to make sure he is never captured again. >> the sinaloa cartel doesn't only control the arizona southwest border. they also have the wholesale context of cocaine, they also control the passage ways from colombia into the united states via guatemala. the drugs come in through those states as well by air by boat and by land transit. >> if the past escapes are any indication el chapo on the loose again can only mean more pain. >> thousand of deaths from overdoses, murders, both in mexico and the united states assigned to his sinaloa ka tell. >> reporter: on both side of the border. >> there is not right now a more significant powerful trafficker than el chapo.
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he makes al capone john gotti look like boy scouts. >> reporter: for might line, gia benitez in mexico. next the mystery surrounding the strange kidnapping case some were calling the real-life "gone girl" and why a suspect is now behind bars charged with a very real crime. ♪ plus david muir is one-on-one with republican presidential candidate scott walker. do you like the passaaadd? it's a good looking car.
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new developments in a bizarre kidnapping story some were calling the real life "gone girl." after a missing woman reappeared 400 miles away from her home police believe her alleged kidnapper might have been imaginary. but now they have put a suspect behind bars. he has allegedly committed other serious crimes. how did this case take yet another surprising turn? here's abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: the disappearance of 29-year-old denise huskins seemed look a case of real life "gone girl." >> my wife amy elliott,
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disappeared three days ago. >> reporter: the hollywood blockbuster about a woman who staged her own kidnapping and magically returned. police had written it off as a hoax. >> our investigation has concluded that none of the claims has been substantiated. >> even nancy grace at the time questioning her story. >> everything about this kidnap screams out hoax. >> reporter: but today, the fbi announcing the arrest of 3-year-old matthew muller saying this man was allegedly behind her kidnapping all along. detectives say the alleged kidnapper seen here in the kdtv univision video was a former marine and harvard educated attorney who was practicing as recently as 2012 and recently disbarred. muller is already in custody charged with another home invasion. and authorities say there may be even more crimes linked to him. huskin's attorney speaking out
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today. >> today is a terrific day for them. that doesn't mean that they didn't suffer the ordeal that they went through, this changes nothing about the humiliation, the violence that was perpetrated on them nearly four months ago. by a psychopath sociopath. >> reporter: denise huskins told authorities intruders broke into this home she shared with her boyfriend in california. drugging them and tying them up and eventually kidnapping her. >> nearly four months ago we told you denise husksins was right. that she was not only innocent of perpetrating a hoax but that she was a victim of a very serious and violent crime. >> reporter: and tonight her family relieved and vindicated. >> can you imagine -- being rescued from a kidnapping and then people are on you for committing a crime? >> in this case the authorities wanted to come out and reassure the public don't worry, you got
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nothing to worry about, there is not some crazy criminal out there. this was a hoax. problem of course is that it appears now that they were absolutely wrong. >> reporter: it all began march 23rd huskins reported missing her family devastated. >> it was look a bad dream and i can't wake up. >> reporter: and the police were baffled. >> we are treating this matter as a kidnap for ransom. >> reporter: authorities previously said the physical therapist was abducted into the early morning, not until 1:55 ten years later, denise's 30-year-old boyfriend aaron quinn called to report it claiming he witnessed the whole thing but couldn't report it because he later said he was bound and drugged by at least two assailants. >> he was essentially saying that ms. huskins was forcibly taken against her will. >> reporter: the next day a stunning break in the case. "the san francisco chronicle," reporting it received an e-mail
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manifesto in what appeared to be a hostage recording from huskins. along with a ransom request for $8,500. two days after the abduct tgs, denise was found alive by police, 400 miles away near her mother's home in southern california. that's when police called the disappearance a fabrication. >> mr. quinn and ms. huskins, has plundered valuable resources away from our community. >> reporter: then a striking twist, court documents unsealed detailing a home invasion last month, eerily similar to huskin's case. that investigation leading the fbi to this home in south lake tahoe where they arrested matthew muller. inside officials report finding huskin's boyfriend's laptopened and in a stolen car outside. goggles with blond hair like huskin's still attached. the car's navigation system they say still had the huntington
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beach address in its history where husk spins was dropped off in march. tonight muller's attorney speaking out for the first time. >> we don't admit to any of the allegations that are conattend in the federal complaint. >> reporter: meanwhile the huskins are looking for closure. >> today the police department owes an apology to ms. huskins and mr. quinn. >> reporter: tonight questions for police about how this case was handled. >> when the police just get it wrong, it scancan we tough to sue them. when they come out and make a public statement that says effective low you are lying then they could be in real trouble. >> reporter: a hollywood ending for what so many thought was a real-life "gone girl." the fight for her truth now apparently over. for "nightline," aditi roy in alameda county, california. and next -- there are no questions offlimits when our david muir sits down with presidential candidate scott
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finally tonight, republican presidential candidate scott walker going up against pretty famous family names. among his fellow contenders the
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trumps, the bushs. tonight he is letting abc news anchor david muir in for an unfiltered look at his own family. there is enoughing off-limits in this candid interview. >> reporter: scott walker is officially running for president and she is aware how many announced before him. you are the 15th republican now to fight for this nomination what do the american voters not know about you that helps seal the deal? >> if the republicans will take on a name from the past like hillary clinton they need a name for the future. jeb is a good guy. >> there are a lot of people talking about donald trump right now, he is leading in some polls. jeb bush said he believes what trump has said about mexicans is really meant to enflame and incite incite. do you agree? >> donald trump and others can speak for themselves. >> eventually you could be on the debate stage with trump. if he says what he said what will you say? >> i respectfully disagree with him. i have a policy when it comes to immigration. secure the border. enforce the law. i don't believe in amnesty. >> reporter: we drive to wisconsin, and one of his first
1:04 am
jobs at this mcdonald 's. the grill where he once stood still there. the second drive through is new. >> just checking out the old stomps here. >> reporter: for the first time his family sits down with us at the governor's mansion in madison. >> with your dad running for president, with your husband running for president, i'm curious how does the family feel? >> we have been telling our dad we think he should. >> i think we are ready for it. you can never be ready for this i guess, we have had quite a few campaigns in the last four years. i think we are ready. >> reporter: when he first met his wife she was from a democratic family. >> reporter: you got married on ronald reagan's birthday? >> we did. i don't know if i knew that at the time. >> reporter: he counts on her for guidance. they don't always agree. nor do the boys. after the supreme court ruling on same-sex marriage. they were on one side dad on the other. >> reporter: you called it a great mistake. not everybody agreed. >> her cousin married her partner. one of the governor's son a witness at the ceremony.
1:05 am
roichl when >> reporter: when your husband the governor says it was a great mistake. what do you say? >> i was more concerned that i got calls from both the boys upset about what scott had said. and so my advice to them was don't come to me. go to him. he said it. >> reporter: you haven't changed your stance? >> no no. we love them. and for us you know love is going to be the focus of everything we do with our family. >> reporter: they talk a lot about family. his mother and father a baptist preacher. he might share his idol ronald reagan with someone else. >> one of your college professor professors said you wore three piece suits instead of jeans like teaching alex p. keating. >> i got to attend all right evening meetings. >> alex p. keating not a bad thing. funny. >> are you ready for the race? >> i'm excited. >> i'm david muir for "nightline" in madison. >> thanks to david. thank you for watching abc news. tune in to "good morning america" tomorrow.
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as always we are online, 24/7 "nightline" facebook page and at good night america. ÷h
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