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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 14, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. and breaking news. for our viewers in the west. historic deal. the u.s. and world powers reaching a major agreement with iran. blocking one of our biggest rivals from developing a nuclear weapon for at least a decade. >> the united states together with our international partners has achooifd something that decades of animosity has not. >> the e reaction around the world right now. and what this deal could mean for our security. also breaking overnight, deadly flash flooding. this home carried away by rushing water. the roof ripped off as it hits a bridge. dozens of homes washed away. and more severe storms threatening millions. plot twist. a major break in the case some call the real-life "gone girl." a couple accused by police of
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staging a kidnapping vindicated. >> they're absolutely 100% not just not guilty but innocent. >> a former marine and harvard law school grad now accused of the bizarre abduction that made national headlines. and miracle survivor. this 16-year-old found on the mountain road two days after her family's small plane slammed into the side of a mountain. the unlikely place she learned the skills to survive. and good morning, america. we want to get right to the big breaking news for our viewers in the west. after years of negotiations, an historic nuclear deal with iran. it's designed to block that country, which america calls a state sponsor of terror from building a nuclear weapon. >> here are some of the the key points in the major agreement. it keeps iran from producing enough material for a nuclear weapon for at least ten years. in exchange, the west will lift
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crippling sanctions on iran, including a long-standing arms embargo. it has huge implications for safety and security around the world. >> president obama spoke a sport time ago. the iranian president says a new chant sir opened. israel's leader already lashing out. calling it a historic mistake. martha raddatz starts our coverage in tehran. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. there are expected to be celebrations all day today on the streets of tehran after the announcement of this historic deal. 20 months of negotiations, fiery and contentious in the last weeks, led this morning to this remarkable announcement. >> today, after two years of negotiations the united states together with our international partners has achieved something that decades of animosity has not. a comprehensive, long-term deal
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with iran. >> reporter: the deal will keep iran from producing enough material for a nuclear weapon for at least ten years. and increase iran's so-called breakout time. the amount of time it would take them to build a bomb if they decided to go ahead. right now, it would take them a short two to three months to build a bomb if they wanted. now, with an agreement in place, it would take at least a year. in addition, u.n. inspectors can demand access to nuclear facilities, including military sites. though the inspections would not be immediate. an arms embargo will stay in place for up to eight years for ballistic missiles and five years for conventional arms. what does iran get? relief from the crippling oil and financial sanctions. it will mean billions and billions of dollars in increased trade. it is a deal that will not only change the nuclear landscape but
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could fundamentally change the relationship between the u.s. and iran. relations severed after the 1979 hostage taking when 52 americans were held for 444 days. >> and i have no doubt that 10 or 15 greers now, the person who holds this office will be in a far stronger position with iran further away from a weapon. >> reporter: reaction from israel is swift and strong. prime minister benjamin netanyahu accusing the u.s. and partners of making far-reaching decisions that will fund terror. and by that, the prime minister clearly means military action if necessary. as for the iranians, the foreign minister this morning called this deal, a win-win for iran. robin? >> all right, thank you very much. terry moran has been covering these talks from the beginning in vienna. terry, how did this deal come together? days of negotiation got very tense at the end. >> reporter: robin, at the end,
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it was a combination of long hours, late nights, creative problem solving and just plain grit. there were 18 days of grueling negotiations here. after two years and more of intense diplomacy. there was so much distrust to overcome. between the u.s. and iran. secretary of state john kerry and the iranian foreign minister forging a genuine partnership. over that time. that helped. what really drove this deal was national interest. as defined by the leaders. president obama looking for a diplomatic solution to the iranian nuclear problem and the iranian leaders wanting to get out from under the sanctions. that was what made this deal happen. robin? >> all right, terry, thank you. we want to go tojon karl at the white house. the president welcomes a debate from congress. he'll get it. >> reporter: the view from the white house is that this is an historic diplomatic accomplishment. one that will guarantee that iran can not have the ability to build a nuclear weapon for ten years. the view from congress is
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starkly different. from that. saying that this does not do enough to unravel the iranians' ability to build a nuclear weapon. and it lifts an embargo in place for the purchase of weapons that's been in place for more than ten years. congress will loudly object. not just republicans. look for real concerns from democrats, fellow democrats, saying this deal is not tough enough on iran. >> thank you to jon karl and our entire team. robin? >> all right, george. now the -- to the stunning arrest of the son of a boston police captain busted for allegedly plotting a major terror attack sponsored by isis and turned in by his own father. he's 1 of at least 11 suspects the fbi has arrested in the past few weeks. believed to be tied to the terror group. brian ross is here with those details. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, robin. officials credit the boston police captain for stopping a poe finally deadly terror attack at an american college campus by
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turning in his own son, who authorities say sought to carry out the next big isis massacre. he lived in a small massachusetts town in the picturesque berkshires. and 23-year-old alexander ciccolo, a one-time peace activist seen here was also the son of a respected boston police captain. but the fbi says he turned on his father, captain robert ciccolo, and other family members who were also cops, in an effort to become an isis killer. the fbi says ciccolo, a recent convert to islam, was inspired by the isis attack on a beach resort in tunisia. and by the boston marathon bomb attacks and the deadly pressure cooker bombs, where his father, captain ciccolo was among those on the scene. officials say the captain actually told the fbi about his son last year reporting he had gone off the deep end and become a jihadist.
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ciccolo's plan on behalf of isis the fbi says was to build his own pressure cooker bombs to attack a major college campus and a nearby gay bar. and then, execute nonmuslim students live via the internet. his plot was disrupted when the fbi arrested him on the morning of july 4th, after he had bought four high-powered weapons from an undercover fbi operative. a raid of his apartment, the fbi says turned up a pressure cooker bought just the day before as well as a variety of other bombmaking materials. he'll be in court today where federal prosecutors will oppose any effort to release him. in a statement, his family said they're saddened and disappointed to learn of their son's intentions but grateful authorities were able to prevent a loss of life or harm to others. >> thank you, brian. we turn to the deadly weather overnight. one person killed by flash floods. dozens of homes washed away. kendis gibson is in morehead,
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kentucky with the latest. good morning, kendis. >> reporter: george good morning. incredible scenes. look at this. a wall of water came barrelling through, knocking that mobile home off of its foundation. leaving behind a whole lot of debris. overnight, flash flooding turning deadly in kentucky. leaving at least one person dead. watch as rushing water carried this home down river. and then -- the roof ripping off as it smashes into that bridge. this morning, rescuers searching for nearly a dozen still missing, as families wait. after flood waters washed away homes. >> it's unbelievable how fast it rose. just in a matter of hours. it's just a mess. >> reporter: dozens of mobile homes washed away. >> pretty sure that's her trailer right there. >> reporter: cars getting pulled downriver, too. ending up underneath homes and
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in heaps of washed-up debris. in kansas, tornadoes touching down. destroying homes. knocking down trees and power lines. the residents of this area evacuating before the flash floods moved through. a completely different story in nearby flat gap, kentucky where there's a desperate search for those that are missing. robin? >> thank you, kendis. that severe weather and flash flooding moving east. millions in the path. you know ginger is tracking it all. >> more than 440 severe storm reports, watch this, in the last 24 hours. follow the dangerous line of storms into the carolinas. of course, that tornado video you saw. there's still a line of storms with just tons and tons of lightning going on. flash flood warnings in parts of kentucky. the bulk is heading into tennessee and western north carolina. you'll have that line with the flash flood watches and warnings. a whole nother area. for severe storms today. damaging wind isolated
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tornadoes, and yes, large hail. robin? >> all right, ginger, thank you. to the incredible survival story. a teenage girl in a small plane crash over the weekend with her grandparents. she says they were killed. somehow, she managed to walk out of the wilderness two days later. abc's ryan owens is in introducen, washington, d.c. with her story. >> reporter: good morning, robin. she's in the hospital demind me. dehydrated. exhausted. otherwise fine. how did she survive? her father says it's because of things she learned by watching survival shows on tv. a selfie snapped in her hospital room. how else would a 16-year-old celebrate a remarkable reunion with her family. autumn veatch took another picture of herself just two days before. sitting in the plane that would soon crash and leave this teen stranded alone on the side of a mountain not far from the canadian border. >> she just -- she's been through a lot and, i guess,
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the -- i don't know. i just can't believe she went through all that she did. >> reporter: autumn was flying with her step grandparents, seen here with plane that crashed. they were headed from montana to washington state saturday afternoon. she tells the sheriff they hit bad weather and slammed into the side of a mountain. >> she's like a superhero. just amazes us, what she went through. >> reporter: the teen stayed with the wreckage the first night. but with no sign of help, she started hiking down the mountain. following a creek that led to a river. she slept the second night on a sand bar in the water. in the morning, she kept following the river until finally on monday, she found a road. and flagged down a car. the driver dropped her off at the only place around. this country store. >> she was -- clearly rattled and you know, shaken by the experience. >> reporter: autumn had no survival training. she's not the outdoorsy type. but her dad says she is a fan of
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those survival shows, like "survivorman" on the discovery channel. >> survival. expeditions. >> reporter: clearly she was paying attention. >> survivorman should be very proud of her. >> reporter: autumn tells investigators her step-grandparents are dead. so far, searchers have not been able to find them or any of the plane's wreckage which tells you just how rugged these woods really are. george? >> thanks, ryan. we have new details this morning on the daring prison break by one of the world's most notorious drug lords. authorities releasing a recent photo of el chapo, as the search for the kingpin intense fies. gio benitez has the latest from mexico. >> reporter: this morning, new details in the prison break of joaquin "el chapo" guzman. this recent photo released overnight to help with the search. offering a nearly $4 million reward for help with his capture. abc news learning the escape plan for the man whose nickname translates to the shorty was at
7:14 am
least six months in the making. this half built house, his cover. under construction. the starting point of the mile-long lit, ventilated tunnel that would lead directly to his prison cell. this gas supplier for the neighborhood says he saw people building it very quickly. [ speaking spanish ] six to seven months that house was built. mexican newspapers now calculating that el chapo's engineers dug out 379 truckloads of earth to create that tunnel. the mysterious, some may say legendary escape catching people by surprise. he's just blocks away from that house. his reach seemingly knows no boundaries. his empire extends to several continents. in the u.s. alone, at last count, his cartel infiltrating at least 76 major cities. his cartel responsible for at least 25% of the illegal drugs in the united states right now.
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and here in mexico this morning, we have just learned that three top prison officials have been fired, including the director of this prison and the head of all mexican prisons. george, 34 guards are now being questioned. >> thank you, gio. let's get the latest on the mysterious blast at a popular rhode island beach. investigators now trying to determine if an electrical line that runs under the sand might have triggered the explosion. linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: overnight, investigators digging up an electrical line running under this popular rhode island beach. to see if it caused the powerful explosion that sent a woman flying through the air saturday. >> the last thing i remember, um, was reading my book. >> reporter: 60-year-old kathleen danise, hitting the jetty. the impact knocking her unconscious. breaking two of her ribs. overnight, state police visiting her house. >> no comment. >> reporter: electrical workers digging in the sand near the very spot where she was launched into the air. shutting off power monday
7:16 am
evening before severing that electric line. >> we want to make sure that everyone's safe. >> reporter: even using pickup trucks and rope to pry it from the ground. officials refusing to comment on whether the line was active at the time of saturday's blast. >> you could feel the whole thing, like a miniearthquake. >> reporter: the beach reopening within 24 hours of the explosion, even though investigators are still trying to determine what caused it. would you feel better if they knew what happened before they reopened the beach? >> yes, i would. i would love to know what really caused that. >> reporter: the rhode island department of environmental management releasing a statement saying, the public safety remains our top priority. this is that electrical line. this morning, under police tape. it runs right down to the spot where kathleen danise was injured. investigators telling us they're still trying to figure out what caused that blast. george? >> thank you, linzie. now let's go to dan harris
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with today's other top stories. >> good morning. another big jail escape. four inmates escaping a detention center in mississippi, including a man charged with capital murder. we learned overnight that jermaine wilson the accused killer has been recaptured. his three fellow escapees are still on the run. this incident raising questions about security. two months ago, employees at the same facility were charged with helping other inmates escape. new york city has reached a settlement in the police chokehold death that sparked protests across america. the family of eric garner will receive $5.9 million. the grand jury refused to indict the officer seen in this video with his arm around garner's neck. even as garner said he could not breathe. it's an historic day in deep space. a nasa spacecraft travels past pluto. it will be snapping pictures after a 3 billion-mile flight that took more than nine years. it's so far away, nasa won't know if it went well until the
7:18 am
fly-by is over. and it hears from the spacecraft later tonight. a dramatic finish to the home run derby. in cincinnati. todd frazier of the hometown reds hitting 15 homers out of the park. he's only the second flir win the derby on his home field. and finally, we're all familiar, of course, with the problem of seagulls trying to steal food on the beach. this bird stealing a gopro camera. undaunted by the people yelling at him in german, the sea gull flies a few feet away and then takes off again, providing a lovely scenic view of this island off the coast of spain. he takes a selfie where he tries and fails to eat the camera. ginger, to you. so many storm reports. we have pictures out of north carolina. asheville included there. a place that will be very hot this morning. we were checking some of the numbers. apalachicola, florida, feels like almost 100. look at the highs coming in. heat advisory for so many states. back into the west and the plains. oklahoma city with heat index of 103 today.
7:19 am
100, st. louis. memphis, almost 110. >> good tuesday morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. the marine laser back but we will see more sunshine this afternoon and the high clouds from yesterday are gone. hottest highs are slated tomorrow through friday and here is the new wrinkle. the recommend naps of delores could bring us thunderstorms this weekend. today is upper 60 to low 70s the coast into san francisco and mid-to-upper 70s around the bay and clear lake is 90 and
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7:25 am
bay. police had called the whole thing a hoax. attorneys are dmangds an apology. let's get a check on the morning commute. >> here's a look at mobile 360 moving through union city southbound side of 880. traffic heavy right now industrial parkway. northbound traffic a little lighter. just as you get to about highway 92. other parts of the bay area, looking at the san mateo bridge it is sluggish. bumper to bumper pushing in from hayward to foster city. we do have some construction at least one lane will be taken away until 11:00 for some maintenance work there. eric. >> thank you very much. when we
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if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. good morning. we're off to a cloudy start with
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a temperature cool in novato from 55 to 64 in livermore. that warm ocean water bringing us pretty nice nights. we've been watching some drizzle across the coast. the peninsula coast has the most likely chance of seeing that drizzle. now, as far as my accuweather seven-day forecast, check out the heat wednesday thursday and friday. low to mid-90s inland low to mid-80s at the bay and 70s at the coast. one computer model is picking up some moisture from dolores so we will
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good morning, america. right now the u.s. and world powers reach an historic deal with iran. blocking it from developing nuclear weapons for at least a decade. in exchange for easing crippling sanctions against the country, considered a state sponsor of terror. president obama says no deal means a greater chance of war in the middle east. also right now the son of a boston police captain accused of plotting a terror attack against a college will be in court for a hearing today. his father is the one who turned him in. tracking dangerous storms moving east this morning targeting millions. dozens of homes were washed away in an instant by floods overnight. we do say good morning, america, on this very busy tuesday morning. we are following, of course, all that breaking news and we have another story that happened overnight. >> this one is just unbelievable. big break in that case that appeared to be a real-life "gone girl" when a california woman
7:31 am
was abducted from her home, her boyfriend tied up and drugged, police accused them of faking the kidnapping. now, another man is behind bars. and authorities are saying it was not a hoax. abc's cecilia vega is in vallejo, california, with the story. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. this story is so bizarre, police didn't even believe it. but the fbi now says what happened inside this home here behind me is, indeed, very real, a reality stranger than fiction. this morning, vindication. >> today is a fabulous day for denise huskins, for aaron quinn, they are absolutely 100% not just not guilty but innocent. >> reporter: it was a real-life "gone girl," the northern california couple accused of staging a kidnapping just like the plot of a hollywood blockbuster. >> meticulously stage a crime scene. >> reporter: police accusing them of making up an elaborate story of being tied up drugged,
7:32 am
and held for ransom. >> mr. quinn and miss huskins has plundered valuable resources away from our community. >> reporter: but now, four months after the misystery began, the fbi announcing an arrest in the case. 38-year-old matthew muller, a former marine, a harvard law grad, a disbarred immigration lawyer. >> criminal complaint has been lodged against him charging kidnapping. we'll be pleading not guilty. >> reporter: the couple holding hands and holding back tears. >> this changes nothing about the humiliation, the violence that was perpetrated on them, nearly four months ago by a psychopath. >> reporter: court documents revealing new details in the bizarre ordeal. intruders holding guns with red lasers woke up the couple as they slept. huskins and quinn telling authorities they were forced to wear swimming goggles with tape covered lenses and headsets that gave a prerecorded message with instructions. the kidnapper allegedly demanding two ransom payments of $8500. huskins put in the trunk of a
7:33 am
car, driven 400 miles away, finally released two days later near her mother's southern california home. the fbi saying among the evidence believed to be in muller's possession, goggles with long blond hair in it, the same color as huskins. >> it's a relief to hear that they have found suspects. >> reporter: muller wasn't that hard to find. he was already behind bars accused of breaking into a san francisco area home last month. but authorities now say there may be even more victims. >> we firmly believe there are other people involved. we want to see these people off the street. >> reporter: now investigators will not say whether they believe muller was behind a series of e-mails and letters sent to local newspapers that detailed the abduction here. the vallejo police who called this whole thing a hoax they are not talking either. directing all questions to the fbi.
7:34 am
>> okay cecilia, thanks very much. an exclusive interview with the attorneys for denise huskins and aaron quinn, they are douglas rappaport and daniel russo in san francisco this morning and mr. russo, let me begin with you. i can only imagine the relief your clients are feeling. >> well, it's hard -- it's actually -- it was such a surreal experience that i don't think, you know, it's like -- i don't think he's feeling any joy. i think he's feeling tremendous relief that finally the law enforcement authorities have kind of woken up to what really happened. and so certainly, he feels a strong validation for everything he's saying and to be honest, both myself and doug put ourselves out believing in our clients, which is what we're supposed to do. but, you know it's just -- like i say, it was surreal. it's been a horrible nightmare. and we are hoping that they can
7:35 am
start doing their job now, the police and actually i think both of us believe that there are other people out there who need to be -- >> you believe other people are involved, mr. rappaport, do you have any -- can you understand how the police got this so wrong? >> you know, that's an excellent question because it went wrong very early on when the huntington police started interviewing miss huskins and as soon as the questions turned to her and started looking like she might have been a suspect in this she had family member who just recently passed the bar, i mean within days who advised her to ask for counsel. and as soon as she asked for what is a constitutional right, the police -- the investigation turned 180 degrees and it was turned on her. >> how is she feeling now? >> well, obviously she feels a tremendous sense of relief but it doesn't change the fact that she can't feel safe in her own home. that she's lost her dignity. that she's been publicly shamed.
7:36 am
and now she needs to go through the court process as the victim of a very serious crime. so she is certainly not overjoyed in any sense of the word. but she is relieved that now at least she's believed. >> so, mr. russo, are you planning to take legal action on behalf of your clients against the police department? >> we -- we're at least i myself am a criminal lawyer and so we have referred them to other counsel. but we don't -- we really don't have an impact on that. our real concern is protecting them and making sure this process that's kind of chewed them up and spit them up does the least amount of damage to them so they really can get on with their lives and, you know get off the tabloids. and do what they both intend to do with their lives, which is you know they're medical professionals. and they want to get back to helping people. >> mr. rappaport, real quickly, you both said you believe others are involved. do you think your clients are
7:37 am
still at risk? >> i don't -- i have no idea whether they're at risk. i certainly hope that's a question to be better addressed to law enforcement. but at this juncture i don't think they were targeted specifically aside from just generally who they were. it wasn't because of -- it wasn't them in particular. so they're not in that sense fearful. i think the public should be fearful, though. >> yeah, i think, you know, one of the tragedies is that if the fbi had followed up and the vallejo police followed up on the initial -- they had some evidence of a phone call to a place where this character they arrested they found him. if they would have followed up those people in dublin who were subject to a home invasion robbery, it never would have happened. they would have taken this guy off the street, at least him. he would have been off the streets but they failed to do it and so more people were victimized. >> gentlemen, thanks very much for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. to ginger with breaking weather news.
7:38 am
>> not only are there severe storms hitting but flash flood warnings in most of kentucky really central and eastern kentucky especially, west virginia, that line of storms has not only moved through but is bringing tons and tons of >> good morning, most of us are off to a cloudy start but tons of sunshine with 50s at the coast and 90s inland and full of 90s inland wednesday through friday and 70s at the coast. a chance ofgh >> all that weather brought to you by mcdonald's. this is round one, the same region, a lot of the same spots that got hit yesterday are going to get more severe weather, more flash flooding. so just because it's over for now doesn't mean it's not coming back this afternoon. >> it just keeps coming. >> yeah. >> ginger, thank you. so much more ahead. an abc news exclusive. a former college football player speaking out for the first time after he was caught on camera
7:39 am
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back at 7:43 with an abc news exclusive. a story that made national headlines. former florida state football quarterback de'andre johnson now breaking his silence for the first time after he was caught on camera punching a woman at a tallahassee bar last month. johnson was charged with misdemeanor battery and kicked off the football team. and michael, you had a chance to not only sit down with him, but his mother, as well. >> great conversation. de'andre johnson pled not guilty but realizes he should have never acted the way he did in that bar. the disturbing video at a tallahassee, florida, bar, first a confrontation then a 21-year-old woman punched in the face, left bruised. the man who threw the punch, de'andre johnson, a freshman at florida state. thrown off the football team at one of the nation's top programs as a result of the video.
7:44 am
now, in an abc news exclusive, johnson tells his story for the first time. why didn't you just walk away? a lot of people wondering why wouldn't you walk away from an incident like that. >> you're right. there's no explanation for that. i totally should have walked away. i'm sorry. if i could do it all over again, i would. >> now, were there any drinks involved? did you have any drinks that night at the bar? >> no. i'm not going to comment on that. >> reporter: according to the arrest affidavit, the victim suffered bruising under her left eye, swelling to the left cheek and upper lip, and a small cut. johnson was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery. he pleading not guilty. your lawyer said you were not the instigator. that the young lady said some racial slurs towards you and that was part of the equation. did that happen? >> it doesn't matter. what matters is i shouldn't have raised my hand to her. i should have walked away. >> is he guilty of battery? >> that's going to be for the courts to determine. there are people who make mistakes but don't deserve to pay for the rest of their life.
7:45 am
>> who do you think you let down the most? >> my mother. she didn't raise me this way. she didn't raise me this way, you know it kills me inside to know that i hurt her heart. >> i cried. i cried for three days. i still cry because i don't teach my kids to raise their hand. and for this just to happen i'm sorry. i'm so sorry. >> when this happened what did you say to de'andre? >> i wanted to jump through the phone and wring his neck. >> have you ever been violent towards women? >> i've never been violent towards a woman. >> ever? >> ever. >> reporter: johnson said that he doesn't second-guess florida state's decision to kick him off the team but he is devastated. now, do you believe you deserve a second chance? >> yes, sir, without a doubt. what you saw on the video is not who i am.
7:46 am
>> reporter: his lawyer says his client is forbidden from reaching out to the woman he struck. >> i would like to say to her and her family i am severely sorry. no words can describe this feeling. >> yeah, you know, de'andre says he's focused on continuing his education. and he's volunteering at a battered women's shelter. a court date has been set for later this month. we reached out to the 21-year-old victim and had no comment. >> she was waiting to hear what he had to say. and that's why he made that last statement to her. twitter blew up with this and people were on both sides saying, well, she was the aggressor and -- but does that -- >> michael asked the question why not walk away? >> yeah. >> why not walk away? i will say this. i expected to say she said this and -- he did not make any excuses. he said i was wrong. and owned up to his mistakes. really did. >> yeah. >> all right, michael, thank you so much. we do have so much more coming up including taylor swift mania in washington. why so many members of congress are trying to shake it off,
7:47 am
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time for "the speed feed." dan, you're up. >> so many ideas tossed around
7:51 am
for fixing the dysfunction in washington. who needs campaign finance reform when you have t. swift? she's in washington, d.c. right now as part of her world tour. there's a lot of talk that she may be temporarily easing all the political bad blood. >> nice. >> see what i did there. according to reports a slew of lawmakers from both parties are holding fund-raisers at swift's concerts. a group of interns made this tribute video and representative martha roby went so far as to offer her interns up to give swift a tour. she was countered by a congressman who said he would do it himself. >> why not? >> what doesn't she do? >> very few things apparently. >> coming up last night's footage. age. spread pain drained my energy. my doctor and i agreed moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. for some patients, lyrica significantly relieves fibromyalgia pain and improves physical function. with less pain, i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions
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lu tt2w r6,](@e4!f# :ct tt2w r6,](@ex#á& 0e60 tt2w r6,](@et#j' 0q6t tt2w r6,](@et#j) 0zv0 good morning i'm eric thomas. san jose police are investigating the fatal shooting of a man in coyote. it happened just south of the pg&e metcalf substation. police have not released the victim' identity or the suspect's. here's mike with a look at the forecast. good morning, everybody. i wanted to open the weather window at sfo where we still have arrival delays because of the low clouds and drizzle around for another hour or two. temperatures today 60s at the coast, 70s around the bay, 80s inland. we're going to see a lot of sunshine warmer than average temperatures by friday and chance of a thunderstorm by sunday. we have 5 to 10 minute delays on b.a.r.t. in downtown
7:57 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8 owe ago a.m. she says it's her last chance at fertility. her ex wants them destroyed. the startling divorce drama over the fate of frozen embryos that could have huge repercussion as cross the u.s. ♪ i know you lie ♪ ♪ 'cause your lips are moving ♪ savings smackdown. walmart and amazon go head-to-head. who has the prime deal? ♪ we got bad blood ♪ it's down to two. an explosive night on "the bachelorette" as the two men left standing cannot stand each other and a "gma" exclusive with the booted suitor who said good-bye to kaitlyn. >> it will not be easy not seeing you. ♪ girls want to have fun ♪ the strahans take washington.
8:01 am
michael's 10-year-old twins interviewing the first lady. how they teamed up with mrs. obama to turn the tables on michael. >> good morning, america! ♪ what you gonna do with your life ♪ and a bulldog right there in times square this morning. checking out the new woop washer. they say this is the brand-new way to clean your dog and the best possible way. that dog seems pretty happy about it. we'll test it out live in just a little bit. the woof washer. >> the woof washer. >> woof washer 360. >> oh, sorry, buddy. >> you can do it buddy. >> not too much. >> shake it off. ♪ shake it off ♪ >> also how adorable was that? >> making me cry. >> your twins are just so
8:02 am
precious and landed a big -- they're our youngest "gma" correspondents yet. we deputized them to head to the white house and talk to the first lady. >> they went right to the white house. they weren't nervous. they didn't hesitate and interviewed president -- i mean first lady michelle obama about the white house kids state dinner which they're excited about and bo and sunny crashed the interview which they were more excited about. they are so excited about dogs and animal dmrs they would fit right in here with the woof washer 360. >> they had those dogs stepping through that loop with no problem in never forget that in they're never going to forget that. i almost -- dad almost let it loose on tv. >> we'll let you cry in private over there. robin has one-on-one with kenny chesney coming up. you see them right there. a lot to get to. first the morning rundown from dan harris. >> hey, guy, the big story, of course that historic deal to keep iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. president obama saying this is a deal not built on trust but
8:03 am
verification. the agreement to curb tehran's nuclear capabilities comes with more inspections in exchange for the 4ri69ing of economic sanctions over time. facing a serious battle in congress the president this morning said this deal helps reduce the chance of more war in the middle east and abc's terry moran has more on the deal in vienna where the deal was hammered out. terry, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the basic outlines of this deal are clear. iran gets relief from those sanctions that have been crippling its economy. it essentially gets to become a normal country again. reintegrated into the world community. the united states and its allies get a very strict regime of inspections and monitoring of iran's nuclear activities a way of essentially making sure that iran cannot get a nuclear weapon. the president claims for at least a decade and maybe more. that's the basic deal, the devil is in the details. how will it work out and how will it proceed to achieve those objectives? right here there is a sense that history has been made after a
8:04 am
long and grueling effort president obama has had this in his sights since the beginning of his presidency. dan. >> terry, thank you. now it goes to congress and the debate begins. for more logon to the son of a police officer from boston due in court on terrorism charges. prosecutors say he wanted to support isis by carrying out a pressure cooker bomb attack on a college campus. legal filings indicate he may suffer from mental illness. more wild weather overnight, flash flooding killed at least one person in eastern kentucky, 11 others went missing overnight after rising water swept away dozens of mobile homes. look at that. as many as four tornadoes touching down in kansas and ginger's forecast is coming up. business news some are calling it a cybersmackdown. a fight between the biggest online retailer and the website of the world's biggest real world retailer and it could save you big money. here's abc's mara schiavocampo.
8:05 am
♪ more to prime ♪ >> reporter: this morning amazon and walmart going head-to-head in on online shopping bonanza some are calling christmas in july. amazon celebrating their 20th anniversary with prime day on july 15th. a super sale beginning at midnight tonight for members of its $99 per year prime service claiming they'll be offering better deals than on black friday and now walmart announcing its own sale to referral amazon's. more than 2,000 special atomic deals on online purchases also starting wednesday. >> this has gotten nasty. walmart doesn't like to lose. amazon is killing them in e-commerce. >> reporter: walmart taking a swipe at its prime pay service saying the idea of asking customers to pay extra in order to save money just doesn't add up for us." amazon's response, the idea of charging your in-store customers more than your online customers doesn't add up for us." >> amazon walmart, a lot of
8:06 am
other retailers want to get a leg up on this because they think eventually people will be doing most of their shopping online. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> thank you, mara. finally what's better on a hot summer day than a waterslide? behold what guinness has confirmed to be the world's largest inflateable waterslide. it is nearly half a mile long. it's made of the same material used in bouncy houses and now been set up on a ski slope in new jersey. some test runs have been made by the staff but state safety officials need to approve it before the rest of us can use it. one commenter on said what happens if you lose your bathing suit halfway through this thing? that's a long way to go bare backing it. >> quarter mile run. >> did i say that out loud? sorry about that. >> can't unsee that one now. let's go to michael in the social square. >> thank you. here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu" in the social square powered by samsung galaxy. the huge battle over frozen
8:07 am
embryos happening right now that could shape the future for so many families and my twin daughters taking the white house going two-on-one with first lady michelle obama plus a "gma" exclusive, "the bachelorette"bachelorette's ben sits home. and these dogs putting the woof washer to the test live on "gma" live in times square with the people. what's up? [ cheers and applause ] ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil. advil, fast and strong on tough pain. e earth over 65 million years ago. like our van. yeah. we need to sell it. hi. need an appraisal? yeah. we do. vo: when selling your car, start with
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♪ the goodness that goes into making a power kale chicken caesar salad is rivaled only, by the goodness felt while eating one. panera. food as it should be. welcome back to "gma." time now for the "heat index" and this morning's hot button
8:12 am
legal battles over frozen embryos. one california couple headed to court to determine if the wife has the right to keep them following a bitter divorce. this case could lay the groundwork for future courtroom fights. abc's kayna whitworth has more. >> reporter: each fantastic in their own right both harvard educated mimi lee a juilliard trained pianist and doctor specializing in neuroscience married stephen findley a financial analyst. before they tied the knot mimi was diagnosed with cancer. in a race against time they decided to freeze embryos knowing her treatment would render her infertile. signing a consent form that they would be destroyed if they divorced. now five years later they're on opposing sides of a historic case as they fight over the embryos. >> the court needs to give individuals more direction. what should be in those contracts that can make them
8:13 am
impenetrable. >> reporter: in court documents obtained by abc news lee says the embryos now represent the destruction of my last and final chance at fertility. >> she's currently infertile given her age and a cancer survivor and think of her infertility the balance will tip in her favor. >> reporter: lee says findley who wants them destroyed would have no parental responsibility. >> he is a biological father. courts are going to be reluctant to wholesale give him a pass. >> reporter: this modern age dilemma fought publicly by sofia vergara who made a similar decision as she told "gma's" amy robach. >> i don't want to allow this person to take more advantage of my career and try to promote himself. >> reporter: her ex nick loeb has filed a second lawsuit seeking custody of the frozen embryos they created. something vergara doesn't want. meanwhile, the court will decide if the concept form signed by lee and findley is binding or could be voided for a variety of reasons, either way it will be precedent setting. for "good morning america,"
8:14 am
kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> okay we asked the question on our website who should own fertilized embryos after a couple split. 32% said the woman. 3% said the man. 65% said both should have rights. let's talk about it with dan abrams. this could be a landmark case. >> such a hard case because you can look at it both morally and legally. morally you want to be able to say, boy, this is her last chance. her only chance to have a child. she ought to be able to do it. legally it's not that simple. she did sign this consent form that made it pretty clear that if they get divorced and as a result both respect agreeing to it then she does not have the right to move forward. she's basically saying in this case, you know that was a consent form. that wasn't an agreement between us. that was between us and the fertility clinic basically laying out various details. not an enforceable contract with
8:15 am
regard to the two of them. and that's why it's so important if people are worried about this in the future that they need to have a separate contract between them because as you point out this is a new area of the law. >> and in many ways much more difficult than this sofia vergara case which we talked about. >> i've always said that's an easy case. in the sense that you know there's no argument there that he can't have other kids. he doesn't have the sort of appealing moral argument that she has in this case. and so far most of the cases where one person has been allowed to move forward without the other person's concept have involved someone like this where it's her only shot that if she can't do it here she'll never be able to do it. and so these have been the kinds of cases where courts have been receptive to this argument but, remember the contract, if you want to call it a contract the form whatever it is that she signed was very clear on this
8:16 am
issue which makes it a very difficult argue still for her legally. >> we'll be watching it all. dan abrams thanks very much. to michael. >> thank you, george. next up on our "gma heat index" remember those papers you wrote in school what i did on my summer vacation? well, my twins just did something that trumps anything i ever got a chance to do as a kid. turning into "gma" correspondents with their first ever interview at the white house. ♪ the white house kids state dinner a glam use gala for the grade school set to cover this event we've enlisted the help of some very special kid correspondents. my 10-year-old twins sophia and isabella. okay girls, you know i'm sending you out on a big assignment. you'll get to interview first lady michelle obama. is that exciting? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i want to play michelle obama right now. so give me a question you would ask michelle obama at this kids tate dinner. >> what is your favorite thing
8:17 am
to do as first lady? >> my favorite thing to do as first lady is sit down and do interviews with kids like yourself and i got tosay you two are beautiful. you remind me a lot of your father. you now are both official "gma" correspondents, go out there and make us proud. one, two, three. >> hi "gma." we're here at the white house and we're about to go inside. >> we're going to meet the first lady. let's go. ♪ thank you so much for inviting us to the kids state dinner. tell us about the event and how the kids are going to attend. >> we started the kids state dinner because we thought wouldn't it be fun to reward kids who were eating healthy and teaching other kids to eat healthy and creating new and interesting recipes. over a thousand kids submitted recipes from all over the country and we we had a team of people who tasted every single recipe and they picked one representative from every state
8:18 am
in the united states of america. >> what is the most important thing you think kids should know about the food they eat? >> you know it's really important for kids to understand that food is fuel. if you eat fruits and vegetables and whole grains then you're going to be able to go faster and farther and you'll be able to succeed. >> and for our last question you have two dogs bo and sunny, will you please convince our dad that we need a dog? >> dad, let them have a dog. they're so cute and cuddly and they're going to be responsible and if they can do this interview they can take care of a dog. come on, michael. all right. i hope that helped. >> thank you. >> thank you. ♪ >> reporter: the white house dog, well, they even stopped by for a practice run. >> dog, look how cute these dogs are. >> can you please get us a dog? please. >> reporter: with the big interview under their belt it was final for the main event. >> welcome to the white house. >> reporter: where they met one very special guest.
8:19 am
>> aren't you michael's daughters? >> yes. >> i thought so. i knew i'd recognize you from somewhere. >> "gma," we just finished interviewing the first lady. it was so much fun. >> now we're going to go play in the white house garden. bye. >> oh my gosh. >> unbelievable. they're so cute i'm going to get them a dog. >> get them a dog. >> the interview about the state dinner and i have to get a dog. they've been on me for awhile. >> what's the answer. >> to be determined. >> said like a politician. >> i know. thank you for sharing them with us. >> thank you. i'm glad they had a chance to do it. it was awesome. >> also burning up the "heat index," big drama on "the bachelorette" last night. just two men left to fight for that final rose and this morning, we're hearing exclusively from the one guy who did not get a rose last night, rachel smith is here with all of that. good morning, rachel. >> good morning, robin. well kaitlyn has tough choices ahead of her and the
8:20 am
twittersphere is taking sides. #teamsean and #teamnick trending all night. take a look. >> even worse than i thought. >> are you kidding me. >> the battle between nick and sean playing out in another epic showdown. >> how about get the [ bleep ] out of my place right now? >> reporter: nice guy of the group, finishing last. 26-year-old ben sent home handling it with class. >> it will not be easy not seeing you. >> reporter: now we're hearing exclusively from the heartbroken bachelor. >> i'm aware her relationship with other guys when she sent me home probably progressed further but you still miss her in one appeal of ben was drama-free and left with nick and sean who hate each other and that upsets her and makes her anxious. >> reporter: despite the tension between nick and sean both of kaitlyn's relationships with the two going strong. on his overnight date sean
8:21 am
losing more than just a golf game. >> mom, dad, granny you might want to change the channel for this one. >> reporter: take a look at this exclusive deleted scene of nick and kaitlyn. >> i am a little bit sillier or goofier than most he would go after. he's a little more serious than most i would go after but i think we really appreciate that in each other. >> reporter: another "the bachelorette" milestone, kaitlyn meets the parents. mother worried her son will get heartbroken a second time around. >> he went through a lot and i just don't want him to be blindsided. >> reporter: in the end kaitlyn winning both families over. making final decision even more difficult. >> what i think about saying good-bye to one of the two i have left i don't know how to do it. >> it was a very emotional
8:22 am
night, guys. >> i'm going to use my tie mere. >> all right guys now that nice guy ben has been sent packaging he is now the hands down fan favorite for the next "batch lo." i said teamben. >> chris harrison will get the scoop. thank you. >> thank you. >> robin. >> speechless. >> go outside to ginger now. >> i thought my little friend his name is becker he was telling me his life story. he's from san antonio, he moved to seattle now you live in san antonio but you're here in new york and going to -- >> boston. >> boston today. he's not nervous at all for his first time on tv. we aren't either to check on philadelphia, warm day along the east coast. already 75. the dew point, 70 so lots of moisture and had storms move through and flash flood warnings still in place in a lot of >> good tuesday morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. the marine laser back but we will see more sunshine this
8:23 am
afternoon and the high clouds from yesterday are gone. hottest highs are slated tomorrow through friday and here is the new wrinkle. the recommend naps of delores could bring us thunderstorms this weekend. today is upper 60 to low 70s the coast into san francisco and mid-to-upper 70s around the bay and clear lake is 90 and 90s are mother dominant with 80s around the bay and 70 at >> love these summer crowds. all right, lara. let's get to pop. >> thank you very much ginger. we begin "pop" this morning with this. get ready for your fan girl fan boy to freak out. members of the backstreet boys and 'nsync teaming up to fight zombies of all things. nick carter leading the charge on a new zombie/western movie called "dead seven" for sci-fi channel writing, directing, starring and now casting fellow boy banders, a.j. mclean and joey fatone to star in the film as well. the surprising news sent fans
8:24 am
into a tailspin declaring the backstreet is back, all right. it could even get better with carter tweeting mell b. aka scary spice and niall from one direction could have possible roles. ready to say bye bye bye. >> competing with "sharknado 2." >> absolutely. ginger are you ready for this? you love comic-con. >> of course i do. >> 35th am comic-con wrapped up its comic book culture in san diego highlighting "batman v. superman: dawn much justice." ben affleck in it and our first glimpse of wonder woman. panel attend dis looked at ryan reynolds' film getting tons of buzz. >> is it? >> yes.
8:25 am
a character of "x-men" origins trailer released in three weeks. i know you can't wait. it's very funny, very cool. perhaps though the most epic moment of the conference was this superhero selfie though. if you have to look closely all the stars of "x-men," and other movies gathered in one giant selfie and channing tatum jumped in for a little "magic mike" moment and then marvel creator stan lee top right, the man who started it all. and then george this last one is for you. cue the music. ♪ to play ♪ >> the wiener takes it all is this fresh take on the abba classic. this weekend -- >> there they are. >> it's coming the 20th am wiener nationals, george. get daisy ready. >> she's losing some weight. >> almost there.
8:26 am
this is a dachshund only race taken very seriously at the los alamitos racetrack in california. the wieners take it all. they've been training this week. we'll see frank whose owner had this to say about her baby boy. >> i think he did horribly. he ran the wrong direction. he knocked into another dog. >> frank, better luck next time. >> 1 oo00 wieners expected. the wiener takes home $500 and all proceeds go to the seal beech animal care center. >> daisy is dropping some l b's. >> she had a rough winter but she's working out. >> we have one of the songs of the summer. "cheerleader" in our last half hour. come on back for that.
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. caltrans is investigating what caused a frightening scene on the bay bridge last night. a fire broke out on the new span heading east toward oakland. firefighters tell abc 7 news it looked like debris caught fire possibly from a tossed-out cigarette. crews closed two lanes at one point but put the fire out before it caused any major problems. let's see about any problems out on the roads this morning. >> we've got light delays left on b.a.r.t. after police activity wrapped up in downtown oakland. there's a five-minute delay in the sfo, millbrae and east bay directions. here's a look at the macarthur maze and travel starting to loosen up a little bit. there is a report of a fire eastbound side of 80 in san pablo but the slowing is all in the westbound direction. we'll check out (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you
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good morning. thanks for sticking around checking out the forecast. we'll start with current conditions if you're stepping outside. still pretty cloudy along the coast and bay shore line. temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-60s. not much loeg upshowing up on live doppler 7 hd until you can see drizzle along the coast. small craft advisory all across the bay water and out over the ocean. as far as temperatures this afternoon, we'll be pretty close to yesterday but i'm looking at
8:30 am
a big warming trend, especially inland, wednesday through friday and now a chance of a thunderstorm sunday and monday. have a great day. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] my alma mater, we are small but we're mighty, respect we? welcome back to "gma" and exclusive right now, the new "star trek" movie, "star trek beyond" this production and you can be part of it. take a look. >> trk trk, fans we are back with an incredible announce many. pressing the button. >> thanks. this announcement will literally blow your mind. >> offering one lucky fan and a friend a chance to win a walk-on role in the next "star trek." >> it's all part of "star trek" boldly go. a new philanthropic initiative. >> dedicated to supporting nine
8:31 am
global organizations. >> in addition to the grand prize we're selecting six more winners for our honorary "star trek" crew. >> we'll fly out out for an exclusive behind-the-scenes visit. >> you'll hang out with us. >> you might get to meet brand-new characters. >> it only takes ten bucks for your chance to win. >> and if you can give more you'll exclusive "star trek" swag. >> the best part is your contribution will support all nine remarkable causes. >> glad you can join us. >> what's up chris? >> now it's your turn. >> let's kick it. ♪ >> cool right? >> cool is that and we'll be partnering with "star trek" beyond going to their set being there for the big moment when the lucky winners shoot their scene. oh that's going to be something else. >> for a great cause. coming up this morning, this one, robin roberts, going one-on-one with country superstar kenny chesney taking you behind the scenes of his
8:32 am
spectacular new tour that's coming up but first george you got cute dogs. >> we got a lot of dogs because we're trying out the woof washer. we showed it before. dana conklin is here who will tell us how it works. where did this idea come from. >> you know what it came from a man named ryan diaz 30 years old from los angeles, california. he saw his dad washing his dog with gloves on so invented for a science project and spent the next 20 years making it happen. >> i have a lab. even though they love swimming they don't love baths. people have got to love the idea and do 62 million people viewed this on facebook. >> 63 million people within a few days of launching it got to 50 million and it's been viewed in 199 countries across the world. >> we should say all these dogs right here are up for adoption from the best friends animal society. let's show how it works. they look pretty calm right now. >> they've all been washed and want to get washed again.
8:33 am
>> it looks so sweet and like i said people wanted to find this -- it's a tough thing to get your dog washed and tough to send them to the groomer. how do they find this. >> go to woof washer 360's website. it attaches to your garden hose. slide it over your dog and there's a nozzle that turns the water pressure on and off and the second to turn the soap on and off. literally hands-free. >> and happy dogs. >> and happy dogs. dana thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> back inside to lara. >> i'm here with the one and only michael douglas. >> thank you. >> excite ed tod to have mr. douglas in our studio about to hit the big screen in the latest marvel blockbuster called "ant-man" and michael stars with paul ruud who he teaches that big power comes in small packages. take a look. >> how do you make them do that?
8:34 am
>> ants can lift objects 50 times their way and cooperate with each other. >> right. but how do you make them do that? >> i use electromagnetic waves to stimulate their olefactory nerve center. i speak to them. i can go anywhere hear anything and see everything. >> dr. hank pim in the flesh. michael, how was it to play this in a marvel block buster? >> it's one of the great experiences in my 45-year career. i have to say that i've always wanted to do you know one of these comic special effects superhero pictures paul ruud was wonderful. and how often do you get a chance to act with an ant on your shoulder? talking to him, you know. >> i love reading four different units would be shooting at the same time. >> right, right. >> first time you've done a
8:35 am
special effects type film. >> like when you go to this movie you're seeing it for the first time because you have the first unit the actors and stunt coordinator and green screen special effects and fourth unit which is cool the macro unit which is shooting from the ant's point of view. >> with giant set furniture? >> yeah i mean no it's all done like in miniature so it's all -- point of view and it's fabulous. you'll see the picture and the whole finale because everything in these comic supergiant things are getting bigger and bigger right so now we're getting smaller, you know. >> i like that. you're always one step ahead, douglas. i understand that this movie officially made you finally after how many films cool to your two kids. >> yeah no i've done maybe 50 55 films and when this came up my son dylan, he's 14 my daughter cara said no dad, you
8:36 am
don't understand this is important for your career. i mean this actually -- this gives you a whole new audience. never seen you before. >> maybe you'll finally make it. >> maybe. i think dylan will be my agent >> that's hilarious. they have not seen it yet. >> oh yeah they saw -- we were in the london premiere. catherine and i took them down the red carpet and the whole experience and, yeah he loves it. he can share this with his friends and learning all about this social networking you know. >> that whole thing, the internet. >> dinosaur. oh that's how it works. >> it is an important component in it. >> it really is. >> big year for you. 15th anniversary of -- in catherine having our 15th anniversary. >> big birthday also. >> well i mean not that big anymore. you know but we share -- catherine and i both have the same year -- >> september 25th. >> september 25th. >> barbara walters is. >> barbara is so all kind of exciting when catherine and i
8:37 am
first got together. now we'd like to have our own day. >> understandable. we'd love to play a little game with you because we always love having you. >> a game with me. >> words with friends. >> words with friends. >> but this is called words with leading ladies because you have had so many. so michael douglas, first word that comes to mind when you think of these following leading ladies 30 years ago you romanced kathleen turner in "romancing the stone" "jewel of the nile." you say. >> trooper. >> love that. you had a basic instinct for sharon stone. >> first word that comes to mind? >> i have one. notice i'm crossing my legs. >> best one word, fantastic. >> you are far cleaner than i am. >> right. >> fatal atrengs for miss glenn close. >> the best.
8:38 am
>> oh wow. >> the best. >> you and jane fonda discovered "the china syndrome." >> workaholic. >> then finally you got more than you bargained for with demi in "disclosure." >> true. >> oh i wish we had more time. >> one word is hard. >> i love michael douglas. everybody, you got to see "ant-man," marvel monster picture. it is fantastic. it hits theaters nationwide on friday. thank you so much. >> thanks lara. so good to see you. >> have a good summer. >> have a great summer. ginger out to you. >> oh lara that -- [ cheers and applause ] michael douglas. we wanted to clarify. these three dogs are the ones that are up for adoption from the best friends animal society. this is mexico napoleon and sara. our friend over here is still getting washed. he's doing so well. congratulations. how about we do weather? let's start in denver.
8:39 am
we do have a western look for you because kmgh gives us that nice start. 87 for a high but out west seattle feeling a little more like they should this time of year. only in the 70s with that low >> good morning, most of us are off to a cloudy start but tons of sunshine with 50s at the coast and 90s inland and full of 90s inland wednesday through friday and 70s at the coast. a chance of thunderstorms sunday >> all that weather brought to you by carmax and mookie is a rock star lara. i got to get him to teach otis. >> i love mookie. we have so much more coming up on "good morning america." robin going one-on-one with country superstar kenny chesney. that's next on "gma." ♪
8:40 am
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8:42 am
♪ wow. the dynamic kenny chesney after taking a year off has a big revival tour the number one tour this year. i got a behind-the-scenes look at how he makes the magic happen. he opened up about his time away from the spotlight and his decision that has changed his life. ♪ reality yes sometimes love ain't all that it's cracked up to be ♪ >> kenny chesney's reality is more than just a name of his hit single.
8:43 am
♪ for me it's a beach ball ♪ ♪ or on a boat underneath the stars ♪ >> it's this. over 55,000 dedicated fans that have packed lincoln financial field to see their country music idol rock the stage. i'm imagining you starting out in a small club guitar tip jar and now this. now, welcome to no shoes nation. >> i didn't -- i did not dream this. that's true. i mean and to stand in the middle of it and feel it is just really really amazing. >> reporter: home to the philadelphia eagles it's just one of the 23 stadiums chesney is playing in his 55-day big revival tour and i got a sneak peek at how the magic happens. >> i bet i spend 85% of my time of the night right here going back and forth on this. i can close my eyes. i've had this same dimension of my stage for awhile and i could
8:44 am
probably -- you could blindfold me and put me up here and i could run all night. >> don't challenge me because i will blindfold you. you know me. don't challenge me. >> robin is going to blindfold me. ♪ blue jean baby ♪ >> reporter: a tour that's been a year in the making after chesney took 2014 off to hit the reset button going back into the studio to focus solely on his new album. ♪ put me on the cover of the rolling stone uptown down home -- >> did you get what you needed from it. >> i did. it was the best thing that ever happened to me as a creative person, as a songwriter as a son, as a friend as a human being and that time away was spent still being creative but it fed me out here. it fed everything. >> how do you keep the essence of who you are? you change but you keep the essence of who you are? >> i'm pretty simple though robin. i really many am. i had a girlfriend tell me one
8:45 am
time i was so simple i was complicated. >> that should be a line in a song. >> maybe you're right but i will tell you that i've got a lot of people around me out here that this is their dream also that really keep me grounded and once i leave that stage, robin, i don't try to be that person that much. you know until it's called upon. i love that person up there on stage. i love being that guy. don't get me wrong. but i like leaving him up there. ♪ >> there's a great quote talking about you going out with george strait. out on tour with him and you said there was a moment when you stopped trying to be like someone else and just wanted to be you. and that it changed your life when you came to that realization. >> i did. i think it's only human nature to see your idea of success and idea of a star and you try to emulate them. i knew where i wanted to go but i didn't think i could do it trying to be someone else and that's when my life changed and i really tried to get better and
8:46 am
tried to get better as a songwriter and entertainer and all around. made a list. i remember the night that i did this i was in bed and i got up -- i had what you call an ee testify -- epiphany. there were 35 things i wrote down. >> can you share what was on the list? >> it was just about just trying to be a better creator. try to be a better musician and about being better. getting up every day and being better. that's when i became so pinpoint focused that it was hard to get me out of that zone. you know and it was just boom every day and i'm still that way. >> and that chesney focus continues to break records. he sold over 1 million concert tickets every year for 12 done second tiff tours including this one and will have played an unprecedented 113 career stadium shows when he wraps the big revival tour next month. >> i've always just made the music that came naturally.
8:47 am
but i do think it's important to push your audience but not alienate them and i think that's the one thing i'm the most proud of the big revival because i took a year off to push them and bring them along with me to the next chapter of my life and they came. it's great. >> you remember last october here on "gma," kenny announced that he was coming back and, boy, is he back. coming up next here on "gma," oh, one of my favorite songs of the summer. omi performing "cheerleader." ♪ cheerleader ♪ >> you got to. come on back. ♪ ♪
8:48 am
(vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. notice how this breakfast burrito starts with the basic tortilla, but then inside... it's stuffed with tender, juicy, sliced steak.
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whoa whoa...slow down...what? i said steak. in a breakfast burrito? i can't keep up. this is advanced burrito, right? this is intro to burrito. boom. jack's new steak & egg breakfast burrito's got tender juicy steak, scrambled eggs, and creamy sriracha sauce, all wrapped in a warm tortilla. lookin' for a basic burrito? this ain't it. [ applause ] >> i love this song. i love this song. we are excited. you're about to hear one of the hottest songs out there right
8:50 am
now. "cheerleader." ki be your cheerleader? i could be your cheerleader. one of billboard's hot 100 chart just certified platinum last night, ladies and gentlemen. [ applause ] here omi making his u.s. television debut. here it is, "cheerleader." >> all you cheerleaders let me hear you make some noise, come on. ♪ ♪ woo yeah ♪ ♪ oh when i need motivation my one solution is my queen 'cause she stays strong yeah yeah ♪ ♪ she is always in my corner right there when i want her ♪ ♪ all these other girls are tempting but i'm empty when you're gone and they say ♪ ♪ do you need me do you think i'm pretty ♪ ♪ do i make you feel like
8:51 am
cheating and i'm like no not really 'cause ♪ ♪ oh i think that i've found myself a cheerleader she is always right there when i need her ♪ ♪ oh i think that i've found myself a cheerleader ♪ ♪ she is always right there when i need her ♪ ♪ she walks like a model she grants my wishes like a genie in a bottle ♪ ♪ yeah yeah 'cause i'm the wizard of love and i got the magic wand ♪ ♪ all these other girls are tempting but i'm empty when you're gone and they say ♪ ♪ do you need me do you think i'm pretty ♪ ♪ do i make you feel like cheating and i'm like no not really 'cause ♪ ♪ oh i think that i've found myself a cheerleader she is always right there when i need her ♪ ♪ oh i think that i've found myself a cheerleader ♪ ♪ she is always right there when i need her ♪
8:52 am
♪ ♪ oh yeah ♪ ♪ oh yeah ♪ ♪ oh yeah ♪ ♪ oooh oo ochltoh ♪ ♪ she gives me love and affection baby did i mention ♪ ♪ you're the only girl for me no i don't need a next one ♪ ♪ mama loves you too she thinks i made the right selection ♪ ♪ now all that's left to do is just for me to pop the question ♪ ♪ oh i think that i've found myself a cheerleader ♪ ♪ she is always right there when i need her ♪ ♪ oh i think that i've found myself a cheerleader she is
8:53 am
always right there when i need her ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ ♪ oh yeah oh yeah ♪ ♪ oh yeah ♪ [ applause ]
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"good morning america" is brought to you by panera bread, food as it should be. [ applause ] >> just can't help but move. "cheerleader," thank you, thank you. >> we couldn't tell at all. >> no. >> we are celebrating today. have a great tuesday, everyone. [ applause ]
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8:59 am
. good morning, i'm kristen sze. the berkeley city council will vote today on tougher regulations for balcony construction after last month's deadly collapse. they want inspections every five years and better design standards. how about your forecast, mike, anything interesting? >> some drizzle out there, thanks for asking. there it is on your weather window. flight arrival delays continuing at sfo and more drizzle the next hour or two along the coast. as we head into the afternoon hours, it's breezy at the coast. 67 at half moon bay, 70 in san francisco, mid to upper 70s around the bay and 80s inland. even some 90s showing up around antioch and that's more of the case through friday. there's an 18-minute wait heading away from the east bay into san francisco via the bay bridge with a stalled vehicle just before the toll plaza. you also have this accident that's causing a major jam in los alto, northbound side of 280
9:00 am
at mag lana. 7 miles per hour is your top speed. now it's time for >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, academy award winning actor michael douglas. and from the new film, "trainwreck," john cena. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are your emmy winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: hi. hi! hi.


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