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tv   Nightline  ABC  July 15, 2015 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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like jeffrey dahmer ♪ >> and my pain is never over. this is "nightline." tonight, historic deal as the u.s. strikes an unprecedented deal with iron. but after weeks of negotiation, the opposition heating up now, and it's not a done deal yet. our team on the ground with the latest. i am jazz. she's been called a transgender trail blazer, sharing her story since she was a child. tonight one brave teen takes us inside her world, showing what it's like to transition before adult hood. and, he's the teeny action hero making a huge impact. paul rudd opens up how he
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joining us. tonight the opposition intensifying over that groundbreaking nuclear agreement with iran after weeks of grueling negotiations. in tehran, some are celebrating in the streets, but elsewhere across the globe and here at home critics want to kill the deal. terry moran with the implications we'll soon cici from congress to our gas pumps. >> reporter: this is the party they've been waiting for in tehran. the sights and sounds of a people with a new future in front of them, because of this. >> this moment has been a long time coming. and we have worked very hard to get here. >> reporter: after grueling negotiations a deal between iran and the united states and its allies the land of the ayatollahs doing a deal with the government they call the great satan. >> this deal offers an opportunity to move in a fu direction. >> reporter: the basic outline of the deal is simple. iran will voluntarily cut back
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most of its nuclear activities for the most decade or more and submit to constant inspections. in return they will lift the sanctions on their economy. netanyahu called it a stunning historic mistake. >> it may be the worse diplomatic agreement in the his history of the united states. >> reporter: and by the candidates hoping to replace obama in the white house. but secretary of state kerry defended the deal and challenged critics. >> so what's the alternative? the alternative is to go to war immediately? bomb them? sanction them further? wait you can't sanction them further. >> reporter: tonight my colleague martha raddatz is out on the streets. >> celebrations have been breaking out tonight, celebrating the historic deal
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between america, its partners and iran. all of these people know that those punishing sanctions will be lifted within the next couple of months and many civilians, many of these people have suffered under those sanctions. >> reporter: these scenes so unlike the images that defined u.s./iran relations for 36 years. the 1979 hostage crisis. in a revolution led by the fiery ayatollah khomeini americans were taken hostage for 444 days. "nightline" got its start covering that crisis which riveted and infuriated the country. >> again, today, iran is the major story. >> reporter: the hostage crisis led to decades of hostility between the u.s. and iran. by 2002 president george w. bush lumped iran in with north korea and iraq in -- >> an axis of evil, to threaten
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the peace of the world. >> reporter: today president obama closed that chapter. >> it can bring about real and meaningful change. >> reporter: this is a society in the process of change, and many are eager to speed that up. >> very good deal between iran and other countries. >> i think it some other countries are not very happy about this, but i think it would be a good chance for iranians. >> reporter: martha raddatz describes iran as vibrant, chaotic and divided. from the chic shopping malls where westernized young well push the limits on the legal requirement to cover their hair. >> many years ago you would have been arrested. >> yeah. >> reporter: to the mass marches she witnessed just days ago with the faithful shouting "death to america", and any nuclear deal
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with it. >> obama will back john kerry. >> reporter: it is a nation in a tug-of-war. 70% of iranians are under the age of 35, born after the revolution. its emboldened youth population battling against those who cling to the past. >> what is the one thing you wish would change here? >> i have problem with scars. and i have problem with going out. >> reporter: and for iranian americans living in los angeles, today's deal creating an opportunity to talk and reflect on their complicated heritage. >> growing up you had your american side and your iranian side. it can really make a big difference. >> reporter: amy malik is a lecturer at ucla. many of her students and friends and families back in iran share her cautious optimism.
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>> today we were sharing a bunch of stuff. >> it's exciting. i think it's a pinprick of a larger age of what diplomacy should be looking like. >> reporter: they're also hopeful a deal like this will change perceptions here in the united states. >> i think we need to end some of the stereotypes that occur with iranians in america. >> reporter: these kinds of changes take time but already the deal has impacted global markets. experts are redibting gas prices will drop first by only a few cents, but some predict prices as low as $2 per gallon by december of this year. but the changes here at home are likely to pale to those seen across iran where tonight there is hope in the air. for "nightline," i'm terry moran in vienna. up next jazz jennings is a teenager who happens to be
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you're about to meet an uncommonly bold young woman, a transgender teenager who's been sharing her story honestly since puberty. she has inspired fans for years and now they've landed her a reality show. today alise yeah melendez gets an inside look at her world. >> this is my hangout showplace where i do whatever. >> reporter: jazz has a room full of pretty things. >> i like flowy things nothing too showy showy. >> reporter: but inside this case something she considers a god send. >> ah! this is the estrogen pill i take. >> reporter: jazz is
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transgender. she's introducing female hormones all before adulthood. >> i start getting breasts, softer features everything more feminine and it's what i've always wanted. this is a power pill. >> reporter: known publicly as jazz jennings she's perhaps one of the most well-known transgender kids in america. first sharing her story nearly a decade ago in this landmark interview with barbara walters. >> if people say to you, are you a boy or a girl what do you say? >> a girl. >> reporter: and here she is expressing herself at age 7. >> i would say that i have a girl brain and a boy body and i think like a girl, but i just have a boy body. >> reporter: the trailblazing teen now has her own reality series on tlc called "i am jazz", which chronicles her life as a transgender teen about to
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navigate the challenges of high school. you're sharing very intimate details. why? >> i want to be as open as i k it will show other people that being transgender is okay. it's not something negative at all. and it is something that i embrace, my family embraces. we live our life. we face the challenges conquer them and move on. >> reporter: activities like dress shopping can be tricky for jazz who's grappling with her developing feminine body. >> i don't have the right body. >> i think it's beautiful. >> high school's approaching. i don't know if people will be accepting. >> reporter: do you mean people in general or boys? >> boys are less accepting than girls. they don't want peer pressure from dating a boy. >> reporter: her parents noticed something different. >> she liked anything sparkly and pink. so feminine. her movements were like this.
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>> reporter: doctors told her parents she had what is now called gender disfor yeah. feeling different on the inside from how you look on the outside. >> i was dumbfounded. i didn't know a child could have issues like this. >> reporter: jazz's parents decided her to live as a girl allowing her to grow out her hair and wear dretss. but as she got older, she expressed concerns about male puberty. >> i said don't worry. we'll do what we have to do when the time happens. >> reporter: they intervened with doctors and experts, staving off male puberty with an implant in her arm that blocks testosterone. it costs upwards of $18,000. >> basically, it lasts for one to two years. >> reporter: is there some point when it's over and you take it out? >> if i get the surgery my
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test testicles will be removed and i won't produce anymore testosterone. >> reporter: do you have a lot of questions for the doctor? >> i'm going to ask about increasing my dosage and maybe getting more boobs. >> reporter: managing her hormones is a delicate balance. she routinely checks in with her doctor. >> the fact that you're still seeing breast development tells me that your body's still reacting to this dose. so we're going to talk about that how fast do 2003 advance to final adult dosing. what does that mean for breast development, other things particularly your height. >> i'm willing to wait. if you can get the height and full development just by being patient and waiting a little more i prefer to do that. >> reporter: do you worry about the decision to use these therapies? ? >> i feel it was the right decision to make. and even though you're worried about it what would be the consequences if you didn't.
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we didn't want a child going through life hating herself. >> reporter: one of the largest transgender youth clinics in the country says the alternative letting puberty taking its course can be devastating. >> we see high rates of attempting suicide and alarming rates of depression rates that are five to sincex times higher than the general youth population. >> reporter: but jazz with the support of her family is flourishing. she's an athlete, the author and act vest. >> being transgender is more than just medical, books and procedures. it's something spiritual in which you're finding yourself and really discovering who you are. and learning to love yourself. >> i think a few of us are boy crazy here. >> reporter: on the show, jazz tackles that complicated topic, date being. >> i am like the only one who
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has never done anything. no one has liked me. >> reporter: like most older siblings her sisters and brothers are protective of her her romantic prospects. >> i hope she will get through a relationship and not get hurt the wrong way because someone is transphobic. >> hi! >> reporter: in the show, her sister lends moral support when jazz goes bikini shopping. >> look how thin it is. >> would you be uncomfortable? >> reporter: her solution? a coverup. and when she heads to the beach her friends decide to wear coverups too, in kol daughter. >> . >> i didn't want her to be the only one. >> there's times when i'm thinking about my friends have great bodies. i don't have that amazing body
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because i'm developing a little behind. >> reporter: jazz's journey is still unfolding but one she continues to share. >> you've been called a trail blazer. is that how you see yourself? >> i would say it's not about me but more my message. in the end, everybody deserves the right to be their authentic self. and i hope we can come to that place some day. >> reporter: for "nigh florida. "i am jazz premieres tomorrow on tlc. up next an unlikely action star plays an unlikely action hero. paul rudd on "ant man." abc news "nightline," brought to you by snhu.
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you know paul rudd has always been hollywood's go-to nice guy boyfriend or the shluby friend. but now he's joining the action star club in "ant man." tonight abbie boudreau is with him and michael douglas. >> reporter: paul rudd like you've never seen him before. >> damn right, i'm "ant man." >> reporter: playing a super hero in marvel's new action adventure film "ant-man." a stark contrast from his so-called dad bod in "this is 40", to the best shape of his life. did you know you were going to have to strip down a little bit? >> there is a great motivator for staying on course and exercising and eating well.
1:04 am
it's like knowing you're going to be playing a super hero in a marvel movie. >> reporter: famous for his string of cult classic movies from one hot american summer -- >> tastes like a burger. i doesn't like you anymore. >> reporter: to anchor man. >> 60% of the time it works every time. >> reporter: now paul rudd makes the move from comedy star to action star all be it a tiny one with super human strength on a mission to save the world. >> you must be familiar with "ant man." but when you tell people he shrinks to the size of an ant that means you're invisible. >> reporter: it uses macro photography to capture sequences from the point of view of an ant. ? the world sure seems different from down here doesn't it, scott? >> reporter: among the all-star cast of characters the legendary michael douglas who plays the role of the master man
1:05 am
behind the ant suit. >> it's the first time michael douglas is in a super hero movie. >> that's right. it's about time somebody agreed. >> reporter: why did you wait so long? >> nobody asked me. >> reporter: this is the first movie he's in that his kid also actually get to see. >> my 14 year old was like my achlgt agent. dad, you don't understand. don't screw this one up. >> reporter: marvel owned by disney is set to release "ant man," its 12th film in the marvel cinematic universe, and both actors feel they have a new respect for their tiny co-stars in the film. is it true that you used to enjoy chocolate covered ants? >> i used to love eating
1:06 am
chocolate-covered insects. i haven't eaten any ants since i've done the movie. >> i have total respect. i don't flick them i don't set ant fraptraps. i let them alone. they're my brothers and sisters. >> "ant man" hits movie theaters friday. tune in to good morning america tomorrow and as always we're on 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page and at abc goodnight, america.
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