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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> and that breaking news is in southern california. take a live look where several drivers are stuck on i-15 because of the grass fire. these are live pictures of the north fire just north of san bernardino. >> the fire has grown from 50 to 500 acres in just a half an hour. a drone in the area is keeping airplanes from making water drops to put out the fire. we are getting word that several vehicles are on fire as well. >> look at the smoke. firefighters responded to a report of a vehicle on fire in the area. cal trans says there are major delays in the area so if you know anyone heading that way you may want to tell them to head to another route. look at the cars burst into flames on 15 north of san
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bernardino. >> we'll stay on top of this. follow us on twitter. wildfire spreads quickly. you see a plane making a drop in southern california. thank you for joining us on this friday. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley in for larry beil. our top local story with guns drawn officers raid a marijuana grow. >> it all happened at alum rock park. >> today's raid shut down the park for the rest of the day. some children had to be taken away for their own protection. >> wayne freedman is live in san jose with the latest. >> reporter: the parents of 33 children did not expect to be picking them up this afternoon all because of that pot bust that should have been a science camp. even by santa clara county standards it was a big pot bust.
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deputies raided an illegal grow on county land and made off with 7,500 plants with a street value of $16 million. there was a surprise when they arrived arrived. >> when they entered into the grow there were three suspects. all three ran. we were able to catch one suspect immediately. >> reporter: the suspects appear to have been armed headed in the direction of alum rock park where the city operates a summer camp for 33 kids. >> they were concerned about having children in harm's way of a police operation. >> reporter: the evacuation where the kids waited for parents to pick them up. for the sheriff's department frustration in not getting all suspects but a victory in finding the grow. >> the marijuana growers do carry fire arms. the dangers of being close to a park is possible civilians
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walking and coming across these marijuana growers. >> reporter: alum rock park remains closed. wayne freedman abc 7 news. police are looking for more possible victims of an east bay man accused of preying on cancer patients. vincent campbell was accused of posing as a doctor. during a raid at the clinic and his home police say they found 25,000 doses of prescription medications. abc 7 news spoke with a woman who says she paid thousands of dollars for him to treat her patient. >> we have hope and we desperately believe things that you wouldn't normally believe. >> police say he provided patients with expired prescription medications and in at least one case a bag of dirt. coming up at 5:00 laura anthony
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has more on the search for additional victims. a new turn for the daughters of charity hospital chain in the south bay. the nonprofit chain will be operated by blue mountain capital management based in manhattan. the company is expected to maintain the hospital chain as a nonprofit with an option to buy the hospital after three years. the last would-be buyer backed out four months ago citing quote burdensome conditions. crews are making progress against the adventure fire. fire broke out yesterday and forced the closure of highway 49 in both directions. officials say the fire burned 200 acres and is 75% contained. full containment is expected later this evening. the beach damaged in may's oil pipeline rupture reopened. the beach is now safe for swimmers and beach goers.
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crews cleaned up more than 21,000 gallons of oil that soiled the beach and ocean. more than 100,000 gallons leaked. preliminary information suggests corrosion played a role in the break. we want to turn to our weekend weather. >> spencer christian with a look at the accuweather forecast. >> blue skies right now over most of the bay area. there are a few clouds around but it's a lovely summer day. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have low clouds near the coast and mid level clouds traveling across the bay. in the sierra an outbreak of thunderstorms moving to the eastern slopes. looking at current conditions 67 degrees in san francisco. oakland 71. 75 mountain view. 79 san jose. here is a look at blue sky over sfo. it is 79 in santa rosa. 92 at livermore and as we look
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at clouds in various levels of the atmosphere but still features lots of blue. partly cloudy skies mild conditions this evening. some clouds linger in the early morning hours but nice and sunny and mild to warm tomorrow afternoon. mid 90s inland. we are looking at a chance of increasing humidity over the weekend but still not sure about the showers on the seven day forecast shortly. >> thank you. the remains of the four marines killed in yesterday's ram pain in chattanooga, tennessee. >> the victims were identified today as staff sergeant david wyatt of north carolina, lance corporal skip wells. last text to his girlfriend read active shooter. >> stephanie ramos is live in chattanooga where there are prayers for the families
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tonight. >> reporter: the fbi homeland security and local law enforcement continue to investigate how this young man can go from all american popular student to mass killer. today federal investigators are removing items from the home of the man they identified as the killer of four marines in tennessee. that gunman, 24-year-old mohammad youssuf abdulazeez didn't live far from the location where the ram painpain -- rampage occurred. >> it is extremely tragic to see an american soldier killed on american soil. >> reporter: eyewitnesss say the marines came under fire from about 15 yards away after abdulazeez opened fire. earlier the gunman used a high powered rifle to release a barrage of bullets. among the dead thomas sullivan
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seen here who served two tours in iraq. the 40 year old earned a purple heart, david wyatt active duty marines, skip wells 21 years old. the bodies of the marines are being brought to dover air force base. security and military recruiting is now being reviewed in the wake of the shooting. the white house agrees with the move. >> it's important for us to take necessary steps to ensure that our men and women in uniform are safe. >> as authorities search for crews that would explain what motivated the recent engineering grad to commit such a violent act so far they have found no known links to terrorism. public records indicate abdulazeez had no criminal history aside from a dui in april. behind closed doors the chattanooga community gathered for a vigil to honor those
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decorated marines who were killed. back over to you. >> thank you. stay with abc 7 news for the latest developments on this story. our coverage of the tennessee shooting continues on twitter. authorities are investigating a criminal cyber attack at ucla. university officials say the records of about 4.5 million people may have been compromised. the hackers have access to information including patient names, birth dates, social security numbers and medical histories none of which was encrypted. the uc system is pledging to use this breach as impetus to sure up data security at all universities and hospitals. new fallout from shooting death of an innocent woman. >> sheriff's deputies are at odds with sheriff over how the department handles contact. >> vic lee is live at the county jail withstory. >> reporter: this is the latest
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on this continuing story. this is the letter which deputies sent wanting to meet with the sheriff to discuss his no contact policy with ice. we spoke to the president of the union today and he firmly believes that this policy contributed to events that led to kate steinle's death. the letter is from the sheriff's deputies' lawyers in response to two orders barring deputies from contacting and saying mirkarimi's refusal to communicate with ice -- the reference is to kate steinle's murder. the accused murderer is an illegal immigrant who was deported five times before. the case has created a national uproar over sanctuary laws.
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>> can't stay as is. you can't silence us from speaking with a law enforcement agency on a criminal issue. >> reporter: the deputy's leadership wants the sheriff to rescind the directives. >> how many more people are we putting at risk for being hurt or killed because the policy ties our hands from talking to another law enforcement agency? i think that is crazy. >> reporter: sheriff mirkarimi -- >> i am an outsider. they didn't support me in 2011 so i'm not surprised. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says this letter is not a grievance because it won't change working conditions so there are no meetings planned. deputies say the sheriff's orders if unchanged will prevent them from doing their jobs as sworn officers. vic lee, abc 7 news. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 google's stock surge.
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the record setting increase. and the trip to the vatican san jose's mayor is getting ready to take and the one thing to visit. and let's take you live to southern california. grass fire has spread very quickly in the last 35 minutes or so to 500 acres along i-15. they are rushing to try to get a handle on this fr
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t we continue to follow breaking news in southern
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california the cajon pass. >> they have been fighting it from the air and the ground but a drone flying around made it tricky for fire crews to attack this from the air. six, maybe seven cars are burning as a result of it. you see that from this picture from a helicopter several cars on fire. >> interstate 15 is now shut down for safety north of highway 138. the chp is trying to evacuate the freeway right now. >> firefighters responded to a report of a vehicle on fire in that area. cal trans says there are major delays. if you know anyone headed that way maybe for the weekend or coming up tell them to take another route. that area of i-15 in san bernardino is a real mess. threatened. there are mandatory evacuations for people who live in that area. helicopters and planes are making the water drops that drone that we mentioned earlier
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doesn't appear to be an issue anymore. we are keeping a close watch on this and bringing you all of the latest information. you can always find the latest breaking news on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. no bail reduction for former rap mogul and murder suspect. a judge denied request to reduce bail and to allow his client to receive private medical care. he has been held on $10 million bail for allegedly running down two men with his truck killing one of them. his attorney calls the bail amount excessive. >> he's not going anywhere. he is not a threat. not substantiated. >> knight pleaded not guilty to the charges claiming self defense. prosecutors requested the bail set at $25 million given his
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long and violent history. it was a huge day for google stocks. shares hit a new high rising 15% in afternoon trading and soaring above for the first time. it was so big it set a one-day record on the nasdaq. surge came after the mountain view internet company reported strong second quarter financial results. the stock rose 93 points. the noise at san francisco international airport is getting tougher on the ears for residents along the flight path. the weekly reports is therefore taking the matter to the faa for possible changes to flight altitudes. neighbors say airplane noise has gotten louder and more frequent since the new next gen flight system requires aircraft to travel within a narrower corridor to free up air space for commercial and military drones. american and canadian
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citizens can use a new mobile app to speed up reentry to the united states called mobile passport control requiring no preapproval. you download the app and create a profile and you can add your customs forms before getting to the airport skipping that time you have to spend at the counter. bay area histor yns marked a big event that took place in san francisco. this is video of the liberty bell along the streets of san francisco on its way to the international exposition. the moment is special for rosemarie. her grandfather provided roses for the floats and shared unknown pictures of the liberty bell. >> they have been in boxes with a lot of other i thought they were very cool. i don't know if they have seen the light of day since they were taken. >> the california historical society is asking the public to
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upload pictures from the world's fair. we have a link at well, the weekend is upon us in case you didn't realize it was friday by chance. >> what are the chances of that? spencer christian is here with our accuweather forecast. >> i started looking forward to it last sunday. here we are on a glorious friday afternoon leading into the weekend. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. breezy in some spots and warm in others. here is a look at the golden gate bridge where we see low clouds beginning to form. warm inland through the weekend into early next week. humidity will rise on sunday. you will feel muggy. satellite and radar composite showing high pressure well to our north. we have systems to our south that may have an impact on our weather. tropical storm deloris is weakening. as it moves it may generate a
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stream of moisture and high clouds into the bay area. that moisture is aiming in our direction so forecast animation 5:00 sunday morning at which point we have high clouds around and will feel increase in humidity during the day on sunday. that will be a muggier feeling that bay area weather generally has. there is a chance of isolated shower or two sunday afternoon mainly over higher terrain and that chance repeats itself monday afternoon mainly over the high terrain. we are talking about a remote chance of isolated showers. sunday is the day of aids walk san francisco. early morning hours will be pleasantly cool but will warm up by mid day and mainly sunny skies in the afternoon with high temperatures in san francisco almost reaching 70 degrees. overnight look for low clouds and fog near the coast. low temperatures mainly in the low 60s tomorrow. sunny and warm with highs generally in the 80s. lots of 80s on the peninsula.
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low 80s. mid 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco high of 69. north bay low 80s from santa rosa to napa. east bay mid 70s to low 80s. inland east bay upper 80s to low 90s generally. here is the accuweather seven day forecast. warm and muggy on sunday. slight, slight chance of isolated shower or two sunday into monday. notice high temperature range remains on the warm side through tuesday. we start to get a cool down around the middle of next week. next thursday and friday inland highs only in the 80s. a pleasant week ahead but a few changes. >> nice. >> thank you spencer. this year's aids walk san francisco will be held in two days time. it's sunday in golden gate park. to register call or visit the website. good things do come in small
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packages. meet the stars of the latest movie addition to the marvel universe. jeb bush continues his west coast swing as his dad remains in the hospital. and at 4:22 we are taking another live look. you saw the car on fire. helicopter there. this is southern california just north of san bernardino area. look at all of the cars. the north fire is burning. you saw the helicopter just try to drop water on those cars and put out those flames. >> it's really an intense situation. this fire has spread very quickly.
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even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, free set-up, and free removal of your old mattress and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ when it comes to superheroes good things do come in small packages. >> leyla gulen travelled to the disney studios to meet up with the stars to the latest addition
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in the muvl universe. >> reporter: this warrior can shrink to the size of a subatomic insect. the smaller he gets the stronger he becomes. antman is played by the lovable paul rud who co-wrote the screen play with his friend adam mackay. >> we were making it our own. it helps when i was shooting it because i felt like i just knew the story so much more. >> reporter: which is not just only about antman saving the road. a man just trying to be a good father to his young daughter however being chosen to have superhuman powers doesn't hurt. what was it like putting on the suit? >> the first time i put on the suit i was a kid. just standing in front of a mirror looking for a scene where i put it on standing and looking into the mirror. it is impossible not to feel heroic. >> reporter: michael douglas plays the physicist and inventor
4:26 pm
behind the recipe. this character is a slight departure from more usual roles. you have played greedy, manipulative. what was it like playing such a good guy in the face of evil? >> a pleasure. just a pleasure. playing a good guy it's nice after a while. >> reporter: it's not just douglas's softer side. director tells us this project has something for everyone. >> our movie is a more intimate movie by design about families, about the fathers trying to be a part of their daughter's lives. that was appealing. instead of going bigger let's go smaller. >> reporter: marvel is owned by disney abc 7's parent company. leyla gulen, abc 7 news. >> as mentioned antman opens today in theaters nationwide. abc 7 news at 4:00
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continues. desperate for water. the unusual steps some neighbors are taking to get those precious drops. and from the largest city to vatican city what has the mayor of san jose getting ready to go to rome? >> continuing coverage of the terror attack in chattanooga. clues that could reveal if this
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abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> and we continue to follow that breaking news as we check on your headlines today at 4:30. the fast moving fire in southern california spread to cars on interstate 15. these are live pictures of the north fire. this is just north of san bernardino. you saw that car on fire. fire has grown from 50 to about 500 acres in just about a half an hour. we take a closer look and zoom in with this chopper shot. you can see the cars on fire. this is the pass area. 15 has been shut down in both directions right now. as fire crews try to get a handle on this. there are homes that are threatened in the area. some evacuations are taking
4:31 pm
place as firefighters try to keep folks safe. you can see the dark smoke coming off of those cars that are now burning and you see the chopper there coming in as well, the chopper that was making water drops and see shortly here taking a closer look. this is 15. water raining down as they try to put out the fires. flames shooting up. we will continue to follow this here on air and online. you can find the latest breaking news on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. there is actually a boat hitched that is burning right now as well. also, today we learned the identities of the four marines killed in the shooting rampage in tennessee yesterday. their bodies are at the national military mortuary in delaware. >> reporter: this leafy tree lined street was home to
4:32 pm
abdulazeez. school friends remember him as a good southern boy. >> he was just really a good guy, all american kid. >> reporter: so it is with disbelief that they learned the friend they knew as a jokester is a accused of killing four marines and wounding three others in a shooting spree yesterday. >> we are all pretty shocked. >> authorities wondering what changed as investigators looking for clues of what motivated abdulazeez to act. >> his communications devices are going to washington where they will be combed over very closely. we will know a lot more in probably the next 12 hours. >> reporter: abdulazeez was born in kuwait but came to the u.s. when he was a toddler. it was in a 6th grade classroom that he saw the attack at the world trade center. >> when that happened he took it as an american. he didn't take it as a muslim. he took it as an american like
4:33 pm
all of us did. >> reporter: he was employed as an electrical engineer after graduating from university of tennessee at chattanooga. authorities say they are actively investigating whether or not the alleged shooter acted alone. the fbi says they have tracked leads so far. >> stay with abc 7 news for the latest developments on this story. our coverage of the tennessee shooting continues on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. investigators are looking into what caused an overnight fire at an abandoned building that was red tagged. near second and f streets. the roof partially collapsed. firefighters think someone might have been inside just before the fire started but the building was empty when crews arrived to put it out. some bay area leaders will head to the vatican next week to take part in a conversation about social justice and climate change. how does the bay area fit into all of that?
4:34 pm
abc 7 news reporter is live in san jose to explain. >> reporter: the mayor of san jose will be on that trip. he says whether it is breaking down social or environmental issues the bay area can help lead the way when it comes to the exchange of ideas. san jose mayor is heading to the vatican this weekend. he is just a handful of u.s. mayors invited to speak at a global symposium where he will address topics. >> they wanted to hear from the largest city in silicon valley about how we're utilizing more innovative approaches to tackle the challenges that so many big cities face. >> reporter: he will be joined by san francisco mayor ed lee as well as governor jerry brown himself a former jesuit seminar yn encouraging people of all faiths to fight global warming. >> respect and reverence for the world is fundamental but it's
4:35 pm
something that really has been missing in most of christianity for the most 2,000 years. this is a big break through on the part of the pope of rome. >> reporter: going green isn't anything new for parishes in the south bay. solar panels have been installed in a number of catholic schools. over at santa clara university students and staff are focused. >> the pope called for a new humanism that is going to integrate economics, science. >> reporter: a senior lecturer in environmental studies. >> whether you are catholic or not i think any caring person at some point needs to be thinking about that. this provides a good tool to move the conversation forward. >> reporter: and another opportunity for the bay area to contribute on the global stage. republican presidential candidate jeb bush says his
4:36 pm
father is still in intensive care at a hospital in maine but is getting better. the younger bush spoke in nevada today one day after visiting the bay area. >> my dad gets in the hospital pretty regularly at 91. he is a little frail. when he starts telling semi dirty jokes to the nurses you know he is on the rebound. >> he cracked a vertebrae after a fall on wednesday. doctors say the oldest living president didn't injure his spine. when abc 7 news at 4:00 continues after a week of fire storm there is new fallout for planned parenthood. first we continue to follow our breaking news out o southern california. this is the north fire burning on the cajon pass area. there were vehicles and a boat on fire. crews are trying to drop water
4:37 pm
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back to breaking news. you are looking live at a 500 acre fire burning on interstate 15 in southern california. this is in the cajon pass area.
4:40 pm
>> the fire swept across the lanes catching several cars on fire. the highway is completely shut down and drivers left their cars to escape the flames. this is the major artery between l.a. and las vegas. no reports of injuries. that's the good news especially how quickly this thing spread. >> spectacular video where you see cars on fire and a boat right there just flames shooting out of it. there are evacuations in the area. they are trying to get the freeway evacuated at this point. it is a rough go right now. >> we'll continue to bring you updates. you can follow us on twitter. the good news at least no one has been hurt. let's get to spencer christian who is checking on weather conditions. >> i'm going to give you a look at a graphic put together to show you conditions in the area. the fire is hot as you no doubt know. 92 degrees. it's very dry.
4:41 pm
relative humidity 92%. gusts up to about 25 miles per hour. so of course it's hot and dry and breezy. on we go to a look at tropical pacific where former hurricane and now tropical storm continues to weaken and continues to move northward away from land areas. as its remnants move to the north the remnants push into southern california in the form of high clouds and humidity early next week. there is already some humidity in southern california with thunderstorms expected there tomorrow. here in the bay area we have a dry day, a sunny day and a warm one with highs getting into the low 90s. throw in the subtropical moisture flowing into the bay area by sunday which will make it feel a little more humid and a little muggier here but we don't expect showers, slight
4:42 pm
chance of maybe an isolated shower sunday evening. >> thank you so much. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the bay area cities that are the worst in the country to be a driver. and do you know people smoke pot, ingest pot and now there another new way for marijuana users to get that high. and planned parenthood apologizes for this controversial video. wh
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san francisco is considered one of the world's most beautiful cities. when it comes to driving it's near the bottom. the new study ranks san francisco as the worst city for drivers on the west coast even beating out los angeles with oakland and san jose not far behind. the personal resource factored in time, money and safety for the rankings and finds the average driver spends about $7,500 per household in wasted time and fuel. don't forget about gas prices. >> it's outrageous.
4:46 pm
i pay at least $1.50 less in alabama. >> what do you think of our roads? >> it's very complex. lots of tol bridges. you spend about $10 a day just getting around. >> theexas took top spots for best place for drivers. new york city is the worst place in the country. two girls are thanking their brother and friend from stopping a man who stole cash from their lemonade stand. the suspect approached the girls saying he wanted lemonade but didn't have cash. moments later the man returned and grabbed the girls' money box. >> he caught our eyes like looking at him. he started running. >> i was scared because i didn't know what he would do if we went off running after him. it was really scary. >> tectives are investigating other crimes committed earlier
4:47 pm
in the day where the suspect fits the criminal's description. this sunday it's the premiere of a new reality show taking you behind the scenes of top hospitals called "save my life." >> reporter: a hectic scene inside a trauma center emergency room. there is heartbreak and hope. >> he has a broken bone but she's going to be fine. >> reporter: premiering on abc "save my life boston trauma" takes viewers close and personal to emergency rooms in the nation. this is from -- they have unparalleled access. >> we don't have an agenda. we don't have a story line. we don't know what we are going to see. >> reporter: first responders arrive at the scene of a crime.
4:48 pm
staying with the victim through the frantic effort to save their lives. >> tell me your name! >> if we don't find the bleeding and stop it he is going to die. >> our concern is where did the bullet go? >> reporter: cameras are with a team that witnesses this motorcycle accident and stay with him for the trip to the er. >> i don't know if his leg will be salvageable. >> reporter: viewers get a rare behind the scenes look at dedication and deep investment these medical professionals bring every day to their work. >> unique window into medicine and it's not a window you are likely to see anywhere else. >> reporter: and watch as patients go through an entire arc of care from injury to treatment and hopefully recovery. >> going to live and it is pretty incredible. a second chance at life. and you can see the premiere of "save my life boston trauma"
4:49 pm
this sunday and stay tuned for abc 7 news at 11:00. planned parenthood is blasting a new video released by an antiabortion group. [ inaudible ]. >> the highly edited video shows talking to actors posing as employees of a human biologics company proving the video proves planned parenthood sells fetal organs and tissues. planned parenthood says the claims are flatout untrue. >> the allegation that planned parenthood profits in any way from tissue donation is not true. our donation programs like any other high quality health care providers. >> did apologize for the tone of
4:50 pm
the video. the donation of tissue is legal and the money being discussed is for shipping costs. right now medical marijuana users have several options to get their high. they are smoking patches and you can add pills. the first extended release pot pills last up to 12 hours. users say the capsules are convenient but doctors are cautious about the new pot pills saying it could be harmful in the hands of a child. in other health news a major magazine is putting a plus sized model on its cover and more women are choosing to smoke. >> reporter: a large amount of young american women smoking is growing in popularity. researchers at university of austin found heavy smoking is down more people identify themselves as light smokers especially women 18 to 20 years old. making strides for curvy
4:51 pm
women on the cover of the august issue of women's running magazine. women's running says it wants readers to understand runners come in all shapes and sizes. kids fitness level goes down at fifth grade. study suggested exercise habits are formed. and there is a way to take a wellness center vacation for less a lot less. yoga and meditation retreats are costly. families can take their focus on wellness and apply it to their vacation. it says family kz choose serene locations and do yoga on their own. hiking is a another area found to be relaxing and allows people to refocus. i'm jane king. here's to your help. abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. the california city where people are so desperate for water they are stealing from their
4:52 pm
neighbors. new at 5:00 the unique partnership saving swallows in one bay area community. and a special training the sheriff's department is getting that could save the life of a child.
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tonight's programming lineup starts with shark tank at 8:00 followed by what would you do at 9:00 20/20 at 10:00 and abc 7 news at 11:00. now to the california draut some people getting so desperate for
4:56 pm
water they are stealing from neighbors. >> forcing homeowners to lock hoses and faucets. >> reporter: it was a month ago in this west stockton neighborhood that linda discovered she was a victim of water theft. >> the hose was totally out of the pot and spread out across the front lawn. the nozzle was thrown in the grass. the water was still running. >> this hose was stretched out nearly to the street sometime between 1:00 and 6:00 that morning. she knows that she didn't leave the hose out with the water running. >> i catch water in the sink i am really careful. i freaked out when i saw it. >> reporter: being the good neighbor she posted on the site a reader said she was headed to ace to get a faucet lock. >> this cap goes over it and
4:57 pm
then you put the padlock through this little opening and you're done. >> reporter: a lot of people have been to this hardware store for locks to stop water theft. sales are up 200%. >> i don't think it is going to get a whole lot better, either. it's just a sad thing that is going on these days. >> reporter: linda didn't buy a lock. she does use a screw driver to remove the handle each night, whatever it takes to use water efficiently to keep the yard looking as good as she can. a neighbor is taking a different approach. the grass is gone drought resistant vegetation is on the way. thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. mix it up and put in my mouth. >> it's very dangerous. >> the arrest of an accused quack. how can a man give a desperate cancer victim a bag of dirt for
4:58 pm
medicine? breaking news a wildfire shuts down a freeway. scorching cars stuck on the road. >> a pot raid sets off a manhunt in san jose. one man taken down as a bus load of kids high tail it out of there. also tonight wild life welfare. the bird barrier caving bay area swallows. it's getting a little sticky this weekend and there may be slick streets. i'll explain why coming up. abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> and that breaking news is in southern california where a brush fire has swept across interstate 15 lighting cars on fire andskpand forcing people to abandon vehicles. >> this is north of san bernardino. we just learned the fire have grown to 2,000 acres. >> this is the main highway between southern california and
4:59 pm
las vegas. the entire highway is shut down. the fire is threatening homes and there are mandatory evacuations. >> firefighters are making water drops from the air on the cars and the fire itself earlier a drone over the fire had delayed that air response. the temperature out there is in the upper 90s. definitely not making things easy for fire crews today. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz in for cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. let's take a look at conditions there. it's not only getting gusty but also it is hot at this hour. let's take a look at the temperature. it's 94 degrees. relative humidity running low 18%. winds out of the west to 17. it is an on shore breeze. we are not talking about an offshore flow. it should help bring cooler air in but the wind gusting to 24 is no help to firefighters.
5:00 pm
obviously, some of the pictures we are seeing out of there the smoke is blowing side ways. it will remain on the gusty side through the afternoon hours. >> thank you very much. other top stories tonight investigators believe there may be many more victims of an east bay man they say portrayed himself as a cancer doctor and duped at least one patient out of thousands of dollars in false hope. abc 7 reporter laura anthony is live in berkeley with the story. >> this address behind me is one that vincent listed on his website for his natural oncology institute. it's actually a ups store and he does have a p.o. box in here. this investigators believe is part of a larger facade created by a man they say is no doctor. >> to the bones and the


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