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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 19, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. new overnight, summer storms strike. severe weather is slamming the west. torrential rains, floods, washing through neighborhoods. >> oh, my god! >> as whipping winds send hot air balloons out of control. >> no, no, no, no! >> the wild ride for the people inside that basket. did the donald finally go too far? trump taking aim at senator john mccain's war record. >> he's not a war hero. >> the big backlash this morning from both sides of the aisle. can he survive this? new cosby revelations. the comedian's own words. about his extramarital affairs. his court case deposition about the pills he kept around and his rendezvous with much younger
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women. the shocking details this morning. rescue at sea. fishermen, including two boys, tossed into the ocean from their capsized boat, fending off sharks. >> they where are swimming through. >> treading water for nearly a day. their survival story and the moment when help finally arrived. good morning on a sunday, when donald trump of all people has managed to create bipartisan agreement. >> go figure, presidential candidates from both sides of the aisle condemning trump's latest eye brow-raising comment where he questioned whether fellow republican john mccain is indeed a war hero. >> the reaction has been swift. check out the cover of the "new york post." "don voyage." question this morning, can donald survive this? much more on this story coming up. but we do start here with the extreme weather coast to coast. from carolinas to california, flash flooding and damaging thunderstorms.
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>> the southwest especially hard hit. look at the radar from the last six hours, the atmosphere crackling with rain, thunder and lightning. rob is all over the story this morning. good morning, rob. >> good morning, dan. this is monsoon season where we get thunderstorms in the desert southwest. this is what's left over from major hurricane dolores. moisture that's beneficial for california but a tremendous amount of moisture crossing problems across the desert southwest. overnight, torrential rains leaving the flash flooding across arizona. a few inches in a few hours. >> oh, my god. i can't believe that. >> reporter: all that water running downhill quickly. watch as these campers are overtaken by raging floodwaters. >> scary, really scary. >> reporter: in phoenix, this time lapse showing storm clouds moving in, bringing a heavy down burst of rain and wind. in southern california, lightning and severe
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thunderstorms left thousands without power and shut down beaches on saturday. >> the threat is very real. lightning strikes can be deadly. >> reporter: in ohio, dramatic lightning streaking across the sky. bolts of lightning from dangerous storms in north carolina. a powerful storm with lightning striking the steeple of the bethlehem baptist church in north carolina on saturday. 100 firefighters were called in to battle the blaze. one person was injured and treated at the scene. back to the west we go, this is dolores, a shell of its former self. the tropical remnants throwing moisture into the southwest. couple more days of this. and because of that, flash flood watches have been posted for much of southern california, arizona and southern nevada, including las vegas. here's our future radar, and we expect the rain to continue to spiral up through san diego. los angeles. getting up into santa barbara as well. some of this beneficial. but again, some of it will cause flash flooding. on the other side of the country, a severe weather threat today, a lot of humidity will
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build up and the cold slice from indianapolis to cleveland. and then through up state new york. gusty winds, hail, possibly some tornadoes. tomorrow, st. louis, back in the threat zone. with more in the way of thunderstorms. more weather coming up in just a bit. paula. >> look forward to more in a built, thank you, rob. and now to the race for the white house. it's your voice, your vote. and this morning, donald trump is drawing scorn from both sides of the aisle after mocking senator mccain's war record. calling him a loser and saying he's not a war hero. this seemingly has to be the last straw from his last gop rivals who want him to end his campaign. abcs's cecilia vega is here. pretty inflammatory words for trump. >> reporter: good morning, guys, another week, another political firestorm courtesy of donald trump, just as quickly as he lobbed an attack, this time, the hits came right back at him. >> you're fired. >> reporter: this morning, donald trump has the political world fired up once again. but this time, he may have gone after the wrong person -- john
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mccain. >> he's not a war hero. >> reporter: the brash billionaire saying mccain, a former navy fighter who spent 5 1/2 years as a p.o.w. during the vietnam war, was actually no war hero at all. >> he's not a war hero. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. >> reporter: well, fellow republicans did not like that. nearly every single gop candidate running for the white house firing back. >> i will denounce anyone -- anyone who speaks ill of someone who has been a prisoner of war. >> reporter: former florida governor jeb bush tweeting, enough with the slanderous attacks. former texas governor rick perry saying, trump's comments make him unfit to be commander-in-chief. mccain's daughter meghan saying she's horrified, disgusted, there are no words. and across the aisle, democrats outraged, too. >> there is nothing funny about the hate he is spewing. >> reporter: mccain isn't commenting. trump's war hero rant seen as payback for the arizona senator's recent public comments
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accusing trump of firing up the crazies with these now famous words. >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. they're rapists and some i assume are good people. >> reporter: but trump is not backing down. the donald not just refusing to apologize, he doubled down, saying mccain has done so little for veterans. the controversy only seems to be helping so far. the latest poll showing trump surging to the head of the republican pack. here's that front page, "don voyage." some say that this recent attack may have done his candidacy in. >> something that's going to galvanize both sides as well. thank you, cecilia. let's stay on this story and let's go down to washington and abc's martha raddatz who will be hosting "this week" later this morning. martha you saw the cover of
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"the new york post." "the new york times" also saying, i'm quoting here, probably mark the moment when trump's candidacy went from boom to bust. what's the sense in washington, can he survive this? >> well, i think you just have to look again at those comments that cecilia went through right there and remember john mccain's service, he said that he's only a war hero, said donald trump, because he was captured, i think it would be pretty hard for john mccain not to be captured. he was shot down, i think he was on his 28th bombing mission over north vietnam, broke both legs as he ejected from his fighter aircraft. broke an arm. he was tortured as cecilia said, held 5 1/2 years. all of those comments saying, it's not just about john mccain, it's also about veterans, and we still have a lot of service members out there fighting on the battlefields, around the world. >> criticism from the republican party has been much sharper on this one than trump's comments on mexican immigrants.
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do you think the party views it as a chance to drive trump to the sidelines? >> i think the republican party probably does. there have been statements from the republican national committee as well, and they have come together and have said these are completely inappropriate comments. i think some people will try to step in and say, wait, wait, what about me? i'm moderate. and you have rick perry who is also a veteran asking for trump to step aside. >> trump is not known for backing down. do we think we'll see an apology on this one? >> boy, we haven't seen one yet, dan. so i don't know whether you'll see an apology or not. he really did double down after making those comments. surprised a lot of people. we'll have to wait and see if there's any apology forthcoming. i just can't predict that. >> martha raddatz, we appreciate your analysis on this sunday morning. and a reminder that martha will have much more on this latest trump dust-up, and she'll also be speaking with secretary of state john kerry about that historic deal on the iranian nuclear program. that is coming up right here on abc. >> thanks, dan. we do have new details about that shooter who killed five members of the military in
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tennessee this week. mohammad youssufuf abdulazeez reportedly had a past arrest. all of this as we're learning more about his mindset, just before that deadly rampage and jim avila has the story from chattanooga. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, paula. overnight, a source close to the shooter's family telling abc news that he was not radicalized, but instead they say he was depressed about a dui arrest recently and that he was self-medicating. the family also releasing a statement saying they are sorry to the chattanooga community. a community they say they loved for over 20 years. a community that's been showing up at the shooting site by the thousands. as the fbi finished crime scene evidence-gathering overnight, the other side of the yellow tape filled spontaneously with mourners, entire families carrying flags and honoring the heroes who died in chattanooga. >> recognizing how much everybody loves them and loves
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our country and our community is what's made clearly the showing. >> reporter: as the memorial grows here, recruiting stations across the country are hunkering down, the pentagon ordering recruiters in civilian clothes at the office. in six states, texas, oklahoma, arkansas, louisiana, indiana and florida, governors have ordered national guard recruiters to arm themselves. florida temporarily moving all of the recruiting stations out of strip malls and into armories. even though the department of homeland security issued a joint intelligence bulletin, to 18,000 law enforcement agencies, saying there is no evidence yet the incident was either inspired by directed by or assisted by a foreign terrorist organization. >> we have no reason to believe it was anyone other than himself. >> reporter: we know measure about his hidden troubles too. abc news has obtained the dui
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police report from the shooter's april arrest. officers write, they smelled marijuana and noticed a white powder residue around his nose. abdulazeez told them he crushed caffeine pills and snorted them. the 24-year-old was scheduled to appear in court later this month. dan and paula. >> lot more questions to be answered on this one. thank you for staying on top of it. jim avila reporting this morning from chattanooga. we want to turn things over to ron. other stories we are tracking including a man hunt in california. manhunt under way in northern california, police try to track down what they're calling a person of interest in the deaths of three children and two adults which they're calling a homicide. all five were found dead saturday in a modesto, california, home. police think a man named martin martinez knows something about those deaths. they are not saying what his connection is though to the victims. and now to long island, new york, where a night of fun turned deadly for some friends, a pickup truck crashed into a limousine with eight people inside. killing four women and seriously injuring two others, the crash
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happened when a limo attempted to make a u-turn. that is when a truck rammed through the middle of that vehicle. in south carolina the confederate flag debate rages on from demonstrators from several african-american groups, including the new black panther party and nation of islam clashing verbally with ku klux klan members and others supporters, this was on saturday, five people were arrested in that incident. now to the british open and golf over in scotland, which was supposed to be today, the final round, but horrible weather literally blew that away, blew it off schedule, high winds causing nearly 11-hour weather delay on saturday. forcing the cancellation of the third round. only time to finish the second round. a day late. the final round will take place on monday. tiger woods will not be contending, he's out of the tournament, he missed the cut. a tournament he's won twice before. the president and the first daughters managed to squeeze in a stroll through central park here in new york city, on their
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weekend visit in the city. mr. obama was in manhattan for a democratic party fund-raiser. he brought his daughters and a few of their friends for the visit, that included a broadway show. and a tour of the new museum of american art. finally, this from the philippines, a new zumba dance party record, everybody. thousands packing the streets today in manila, busting their moves as part of the new world's largest zumba dance party. in all, 12,975 people. they counted all of them. taking part in the zumba dance. surpassing the previous record by more than 4,000. >> what i can't believe there was a previous record. >> isn't that weird? >> that's a little bit -- >> big fan of zumba, rob. >> huge. i'm surprised i wasn't out there leading it. >> how do you think he stays so slim? >> yeah. >> i would want do that so badly.
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>> sara would partake. >> totally, i would lead that thing. >> that is why it's painted into this small corner. can't get out any time in this show. >> those hips don't lie. >> whatever you're doing it's working for you. >> i appreciate that. >> more or less. >> thank you, ron. to california now, that freeway inferno, firefighters are finally getting a handle on that fast-moving wildfire that jumped across a packed interstate, and they're blaming drones which were taking close-up videos of the flames for delaying their response. abc's aditi roy is there. some pretty strong words from responders to those drone operators. >> reporter: good morning, paula. we're at the command post of the fire which is now 45% contained. firefighters taking a much-needed break before heading back out to attack those last hot spots. one major set back they faced, at the peak of the fire. recreational drones like this one which hovered over the fire and delayed air tankers. this morning, new details about the battle between firefighters and drone operators during this raging inferno in southern
7:15 am
california, the fast-moving flames fueled by desert winds. >> it was kind of hard to tell where the fire was going. so, it was kind of crazy to try and outrun a fire. >> reporter: but in the midst of the firefight, a setback for firefighters, officials say at 3:00 friday afternoon, five drones were reported in the air, forcing authorities to ground six air tankers carrying water out of fear they may collide with the drones. >> they can either damage the aircraft or worse, bring that aircraft down. >> reporter: at 3:26 p.m., officials say the tankers were flying again, attacking the blaze from the sky. officials say the drones delayed the air response by 25 minutes. during that time, the fire chewed through 200 acres and some are wondering what else could have been saved. this woman lost her home in the blaze. now, she has some fiery words for the drone operators. >> reporter: they cost a lot of people a lot of heartache. it could have been a lot worse.
7:16 am
>> reporter: the use of these remote-controlled devices are on the rise. authorities say it's the fourth time in less than a month drones have interfered with fire-fighting efforts. prompting the l.a. county sheriff's office to tweet this message to drone operators. if you fly, we can't. >> i don't think the public understands how this impacts our pilots. >> reporter: the fire has burned through 3500 acres so far. one one question that remains? whether or not the drone operators will be held liable for any property damage. they're looking into that but for now, that answer still up in the air. >> either way, let's hope that message gets through to the drone operators. thank you. now to the story of 20 harrowing hours off the coast of south carolina. two fathers and their two young sons treading water and kicking away sharks after their boat capsized. how they survived. who came to the rescue. sara is on the story. hey. >> yeah, this story ranks up there with one of my biggest
7:17 am
fears. oi can't help of think of the movie "open water." not knowing if they'd get out of the water at all. this morning, lucky to be alive. >> we were coming back. >> reporter: watch as four boaters are reunited with their families after spending over 20 hours stranded off the coast of south carolina. heath, his 11-year-old son and his friend, along with heath's friend, kenny, all fighting for survival after their boat lost power and capsized miles from shore. >> they were all my responsibility, being on my boat, these two kids. we were all coming back one way or another. >> reporter: the shipwrecked group spent nearly a day in shark-infested waters slowly losing hope. >> all of us kicked several sharks. they were swimming through our legs. >> there were several times i just wanted to stop. >> reporter: until their prayers were answered. >> they noticed some people waving their arms in the water, so, we were very, very happy and
7:18 am
relieved that all four people had been found. >> reporter: the four survivors now home safe but the emotions still overwhelming. >> exciting, happy feeling. kind of like having a newborn, i guess. >> that story is bad enough, imagine being out there with your child. >> i know. >> yeah. >> you feel so responsible. >> absolutely. >> and you're blind in that water. so to see -- you can't sigh the sharks. >> overnight. you just could feel them nipping at you. >> my heart is beating. >> glad there was a happy ending. let's protect sara's cardiovascular fitness. let's move on now, rob, still storms popping on the east coast. >> yeah, we got heat and storms yesterday across parts of virginia beach. we saw some intense rainfall. hampton roads area. three-inches-plus of rain plus falling in a short amount of time. a lot of pockets of severe storms. there's a few drivers that will instigate more widespread action. here's one of them. slow moving front with a southwest flow. it will kick off some showers, from missouri through parts of
7:19 am
indianapolis, indiana, illinois, where you got a ton of rain. this will stretch into upstate new york. could see two to three inches of rainfall in spots. there will be pockets of dry air as well. there not going to be dry air in the northeast. as far as the humidity temperatures are going to feel like they are up and over 10 degrees, in washington, d.c., 102 in philadelphia. at midnight tonight, it's not going to cool much beyond that.
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>> >> this weather report brought to you by the "good morning america" beach ball. >> yeah! >> ready, set, spike. >> i feel like i'm at an early morning concert. > nothing good happens at concerts like this. nothing good. >> i promised this yesterday. >> one of our floor directors said that it's not going to end well. mildly. it was okay. it could have been worse. >> you break it, you buy it here, guys. >> it ended better than i thought it was going to be. >> all right, thanks, rob. and coming up on "good morning america" -- shocking confessions from bill cosby, revealed in a deposition ten years ago. in it, details of he says how he seduced women. a giant balloon flying out of control, flying right into a crowd of spectators, what people inside did when the thing went airborne. and we have a sneak peek of leo dicaprio's new movie. due out at christmas. why it's getting oscar buzz already. >> it kind of looks like "game of thrones." >> you wish. you wish. "good morning america" is brought to you by lumber liquidators, hardwood floors for less.
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good morning. coming up here on "good morning america" -- coming up here coming up here on "good morning america" -- bill cosby on the hot seat. revelations from a deposition from a lawsuit from a young woman who accused him of drugging and molesting her, keep it here. it here. young woman who acc
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♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ ♪ sara is laughing because this is her soulmate. this young woman -- yes, she's making the best of her road trip. we don't know who the woman is, but her mom is totally unimpressed. >> only a mother would not react at all. >> the not is not only unimpressed. acting like she's oblivious to it. probably because she's seen it one too many times. >> she's driving. >> how could you avoid this woman? she's amazing. >> she is. sara, if you ever take a weekend off, we need to invite her. >> you know how amazing this would be, dan. >> there are moments on this set
7:31 am
where i'm trying to do something serious and sara is doing things like that right off-camera. >> that is exactly how dan looks. >> so true. >> unimpressed. >> keep my eyes on the road. also coming up this morning, we'll be showing that video in greater details coming up in "pop news," also coming up, the power of nature, a big wind gust sending this giant hot air balloon flying out of control. spectators scrambling. we have it for you here. but first here, the latest bombshell in the bill cosby sex abuse scandal. >> "the new york times" reporting on the comedian's deposition from a woman who accused him of drugging and molesting her. abc's linsey davis is here with the details. >> reporter: excerpts from that deposition published by "the new york times" bill cosby allegedly goes into detail about multiple affairs. in one instance, the comedian once sent funds from his personal account to
7:32 am
reimburse a mistress all of it while hiding it from his wife. new reported details in the sexual assault allegations against comedian bill cosby, "the new york times" saying it obtained a deposition from a 2005 court case in which a young woman sued cosby claiming he drugged her before allegedly raping her. cosby refuting her allegations, saying the act was consensual. reportedly saying during the depp position that he's a pretty good reader of people when it comes to sexual reads. the times reporting that the actor admitted under oath to obtaining quaaludes for recreational use. telling lawyers, young people were using them to party, i wanted to have them just in case. cosby reportedly even saying he suspected his doctor knew he wasn't using them for the back pain they were prescribed for. the times characterizing cosby
7:33 am
as standoffish throughout the questioning. reportedly sparring with the attorney when questioned about why an employee stopped working for him. that's confidential. what do you mean confidential? look it up in the dictionary. >> my lips are sealed. >> the once-beloved comedian was once beloved and now is being pressured. the nonprofit group promoting victim empowerment encouraging president obama to revoke the presidential honor of freedom. >> there's no precedent for revoking a medal. >> reporter: cosby has never been formally charged for sexual assault and denied wrongdoing in this case. he later settled out of court. when the embattled comedian sat down with me in may, he was reluctant to discuss the allegations directly. >> i have been in this business 52 years and i will -- i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: according to "the new york times," cosby did admit during the deposition to giving
7:34 am
women druks but insisted he never did so without their knowledge. but several of cosby's accusers are hopeful they'll be able to use this deposition to continue their own charges. >> thank you. over to ron now with another look at the morning's top stories. you're beginning with trump, i believe. the growing outrage over the comments made by donald trump slamming senator mccain's war record. the brash billionaire saying that mccain, a former navy fighter pilot who spent 5 1/2 years as a p.o.w. in the vietnam war, was no war hero. hillary clinton criticizing trump for his comments about mccain. and now to the deadly attack in chattanooga, tennessee, we're learning more about him overnight. the family saying they are devastated over the shootings which killed five. sources telling abc news the family was being -- family says
7:35 am
he was being treated for depression. and in portland, oregon, a fiery explosion at a gas station, when a car ran into one of the pumps. two teenagers having lunch nearby saw it happen and they rushed over and helped pull the driver out of the vehicle to safety. finally, one sacramento, california, police officer decided to get his groove on with some kids in his community, check it out, they're doing the stanky legg -- >> is that zumba? >> with some elements of the dougie. included? that move. >> the stanky legg. >> ron, in your view, how much influence does the nae nae have on that? >> 10%. >> i like your math. >> said with such authority. >> yeah, i like -- that was good community relations on the part of that officer. >> ron, you are the stankmeister. i tell you what. >> he is. >> i think i'm going to thank you for -- >> in some ways. >> louisville, where they have been having --
7:36 am
i'm just going to -- >> yeah, leave. just keep going. keep going. >> louisville has been dealing with some, you know, heat, some humidity and a lot of storms. and right now, there's no storms you see that sun baking. temps in the 70s with the humidity, it's going to feel awful. some showers and storms that kind of mix it up just a bit. these are the actual forecast highs for today. heat advisories across a good chunk of the country. near 100 in oklahoma city. near 100 in little rock. 93 degrees in louisville. when you couple in the humidity, this is what it is going to feel like, 107 in memphis, 106 in nashville. 106 in little rock. some of this heat and humidity pressing off to the northeast. we do have some thunderstorms that are pretty strong this morning. severe thunderstorm watch out for parts of st. louis. right now, the complexion just north of there and north and west of kansas city. the front will slowly press off to the east. behind it, it's cooler. a little bit drier, that's going to be the key, lower levels of humidity there. meanwhile, the rains continue
7:37 am
across parts of the south. san diego, seeing over an inch of rain yesterday. that's like 30 times what they would get for the entire month of july. tremendous amount of beneficial rain in california and >> this weather report brought to you by lyrica. thank you very much. >> i thought it was lycra. >> don't mess with the sponsors. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, gentlemen. coming up here on "good morning america" -- the frantic scene at a hot air balloon festival. what happened when this balloon headed straight toward the crowd.
7:38 am
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welcome back. welcome back.
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a serene scene watching a hot air balloon festival, it turned frantic when gusting winds suddenly sending a balloon away crashing it towards the crowd. >> yeah. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. that was the dramatic scene in wisconsin, when a sudden storm front moved through, breaking the tethers on at least one balloon, it actually happened while the balloons were being deflated, and it is not the first time we have seen something like this. whipping winds wreaking havoc at a hot air balloon festival in wisconsin, this balloon landing on its side, workers frantically fighting to keep it in place. people running for their lives as the balloon flies overhead, and then another balloon suddenly launching into the air pitching the baskets and its two passengers sideways. >> oh, no. no, no, no, no! >> reporter: overnight, we spoke to the man piloting that balloon. >> i got down in the bottom of the basket with the passenger.
7:43 am
and i just told him, you know, if we stay in this basket we will not get hurt. >> reporter: the balloon becoming a makeshift sail. dragging the suv it was tied to and crashing into nearby tents. susan and her friends witnessing it all. >> my chest was pounding and i was trying to get out of there as quickly as possible. >> reporter: luckily, only minor injuries. but last year a different story. >> we could see the two passengers inside of it. >> reporter: at the mid-atlantic balloon festival, two killed when they balloon rose out of control, after catching fire. and in 2013, former nfl player donte' stallworth and his fiancee shocked when their balloon crashed into live power lines. >> i literally thought i was dead. the longest two, three seconds of my life. >> reporter: overnight, the waterford balloon fest releasing a statement about saturday's near-miss, saying it was skill and training that prevented this from becoming a much worse incident. one person was taken to the hospital for treatment.
7:44 am
their condition is unknown. officials say the event is still ongoing, the festival runs through today. they get a little bit of a chance to do it over. >> this sort of thing is rare. but it's still frightening when it happens. but as you said, ift could have been a lot worse. coming up on "good morning america" -- leaping lizard. the little green girl who loves to play this bubble-popping game. it's straight ahead in "pop news." >> this is not a geico ad. whatever. >> is this real or animated? >> doesn't it look animated? >> it looks animated. ed. it looks animated. caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am his sunshine. i am his advocate. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine,
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come see it all dazzle like never before. come feel forever young ♪ forever young ♪ ♪ ♪ when ron gets percussive, it can only mean one thing. >> sara. >> bring it, sara. let's go. we have a ways to go towards
7:48 am
awards season, but the oscar buzz is loud and strong for leonardo dicaprio's new movie. it's based on the life of a frontiersman hugh glass. he plays a fur trapper injured in a clash with a bear and then robbed and left for dead by a friend. it's a fight for survival, fueled by revenge. the movie is directed by alejandro inarritu took home the oscar for "birdman" and this movie will be hitting theaters this christmas when all the good movies hit. so, get ready. >> a little bit of a turn. intense. >> i love movies about frontiersmen. >> i want leonardo to finally get an oscar. like that guy deserves it. i'm going to campaign starting now. do it. and it's hard to believe but it's been 20 years since "clueless" taught us a thing or two about high school and high fashion. >> ew get off of me. as if. >> cher's got attitude about
7:49 am
high school -- >> it's not easy being a teenager, let alone growing up in beverly hills. but while cher and the girls might have been clueless in some ways, they were pretty savvy in others like making sure that you always rsvp making sure that a quality hand shake can never be under estimated. and it pays to negotiate. these anniversaries are making me feel so old. ♪ rolling with the homies ♪ that's a quote. you don't remember it either, okay, cool. and lots of us have dogs, cats or birds that can do tricks. but what about a chameleon? check out this little gal who likes nothing more than to prop up on her owner's fingers and pop bubbles. >> it almost doesn't look real. >> it looks fake. >> that is fantastic. >> but, listen to this, the lizard name is laura and she's still a baby. but obviously, enjoying this little game. look at her -- what do call her arms or her -- >> paws.
7:50 am
>> claws tallons? >> look at those little chompers. >> so easily distracting. >> completely mesmerizing. >> it is. >> easily entertained. >> the best part of that story is her name is laura. and we'll introduce to one of the world's least finicky dog. if you show it to him, he's ready to beg for it. you'll notice, not all of them are edible. look at this. body spray. >> all right. >> we have seen the commercials for that. >> body wash. i don't know what that was. everything is backwards. i can't read. >> look at this. >> there's a boom. >> how cute. this dog will beg -- he does get a hot dog in the end. >> oh, good. >> that is his treat. oh, good doggie. >> i think it's a wise strategy, beg, you never know what's going to happen, you might get lucky. >> you don't know some of the
7:51 am
things may taste good. >> a broom? >> probably not. >> no we're not done. one more story. one more. oh, stop, we're obsessed with this young woman, she made this video for family and friends on facebook and was shocked to see it went viral. we're not. >> sara, you can do your impression, too. sara, you guys are kindred spirits. i think this is your long-lost twin. yep. >> we have confirmed that is her mom there in the car with her. >> yeah her mom is so impressed with her child. >> you can relate. >> is the story of my life. >> you're giving her a "c." >> i loved the video but she rambled. we'll be right back. keep it here. in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded
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starting right now on abc's "this week" -- trump firestorm. "this week" -- trump firestorm. what he's saying now that has some republicans demanding he drop out. did he just go too far? donald trump is here live to respond. and terror in tennessee. the race this morning to find out more about the gunman, new details about his trip overseas and his troubled family life, did authorities miss any warning signs? plus, nuclear reaction, israel calls it a historic mistake. john kerry is here to defend the deal. from abc news, "this week" with george stephanopoulos begins now. good morning, i'm martha raddatz. so many stories developing right as we come on the air.


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