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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 21, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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s the level of racing. thanks for joining tonight, the dangerous heat. power lines erupting into flames. two separate cases saving children, smashing through windows to get them out. the highway buckling, the trains halted. and back up generators now after a hospital plunged into darkness. tonight, the new outrage. donald trump in front of cameras giving out a rival's phone number. and after trump said senator mccain is no hero, we find the senator. also breaking tonight. two new videos of the mysterious case. the moment the woman is discovered dead and what we didn't see when she was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. the drone armed with a semiautomatic gun in an american park.
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tonight, the investigation. and made in america. we take you inside the factory where ice cream is made. can you guess the famous name? we've got the scoop. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. and we begin with the heat wave for much of the country from power lines exploding to highways buckling. trains comes to a halt. 20 million americans from texas to philadelphia to new york. look at one of the power lines there overheating in old beth page, new york. a line of thunderstorms on the move tonight all the way south to beaumont, texas. the road buckling there and two dramatic rescues in the last 24 hours. this one here in kansas scrambling to free a child trapped in a hot car. another in philadelphia. gio benitez with the danger. the pictures and the warning about the car tires in the heat. >> reporter: extreme heat
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causing extreme danger. three days of 90 plus temps in philadelphia. those two toddlers were trapped in a car mom was packing up when they accidentally locked her out. >> she loaded up the kids and one of the kids locked the door. >> reporter: temperatures over 95 degrees, officers shattering that car window and that 2-year-old little girl in kansas saved from that sweltering car. tonight, the good samaritan is speaking out. >> i just did what i thought was right. i just hit the window until it broke. >> reporter: the heat hurting infrastructure. in texas, high temperatures buckling this road. in bethpage, new york, power lines overloading. in staten island, generators at the ready after a hospital lost power. new york's penn station, a sweaty mass of computers. the heat causing signal problems and major delays. >> reporter: david, another thing the commuters behind me need to worry about. the extreme temperatures can raise the pressure in your ties. right now, aas reporting blown tires, david.
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>> which is why we have to take it seriously. let's get to ginger zee. it's a huge part of the country. >> it's a huge part of the country and the folks dealing with it day after day. heat gets dangerous when it's cumulative. we look at the southeast and that is where it's going to stay. >> where it's worst tonight. the heat index, 108 in montgomery and tallahassee. we started to drop off in the northeast thanks to that. you can play a little game here called find the cold front. it's coming with storms tonight. right there on the map, overnight, things are going to change. we are going to call it the fresh maker. down to d.c., the humidity levels will drop. we will be so much more comfortable midweek and beyond. >> that part of the game, we like. ginger, thank you. we turn now to the race for 2016 and donald trump making a new headline tonight. already under fire for saying john mccain is not a war hero. tonight, feuding with another republican contender, giving out his rival's private cell phone number on national tv. tonight here, our jonathan karl with that phone number moment and we track down senator mccain
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asking about that other moment, trump saying he was no war hero. >> reporter: under fire for insulting john mccain, donald trump was at it again today. hammering mccain's good friend, presidential candidate lindsey graham. >> and then i watch this idiot lindsey graham on television today and he calls me a jackass. he's a jackass! >> reporter: and then he went further, actually giving graham's private cell phone number. >> i don't know if it's the right number. let's try it. 202. >> reporter: still stinging, trump's comments on mccain's military's service. >> he's not a war hero. >> he's a war hero. >> he is a war hero. >> five and half years in a vietnamese prison camp. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. okay? i hate to tell you. >> reporter: "new york daily news" called trump a gi joke. pointing out while mccain was being tortured in vietnam, trump was living the high life back home, avoiding the draft with multiple deferments. we caught up with mccain today in washington. hey, senator mccain,
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is it especially galling coming from a guy who avoided the draft with so many deferments? >> all of this i tried to put behind me when i came home to unite america not divide it. >> reporter: trump insists he's done his part for veterans. including serving as grand marshall for a veterans parade he helped pay for in 1995. >> jon karl is with us today. as you know the abc news/"washington post" poll shows trump surging into the lead. but it's hard to tell if it will ultimately help trump or hurt him. >> unclear because most of the people were before the comments on mccain. and among the smaller group surveyed after what he said, the report was lower. >> jon karl, thank you. studying the numbers the tonight. we have breaking news in the case that made national headlines. sandra bland found dead in her texas jail cell. three days after a routine traffic stop. these images seeming to show an altercation there. the debate continues, was it suicide or was it murder?
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tonight, we have new images from inside the jail and we have new video from the moment of that arrest. here is ryan owns. >> you seem irritated. >> i am. >> reporter: dash cam video showed tonight shows how 9 traffic stop escalates. sandra bland pulled over for changing lanes without using a turn signal repeatedly refuses to comply. >> do you mind putting out your cigarette? >> why do i have to put out my cigarette? >> you can step out of the car. >> i don't have to gept it. >> reporter: he reaches to get her out of the car. most of what happens next is off camera. once in handcuffs, bland began swinging elbows at me and kicked my right leg in the shin. this video from just outside her jail cell three days ach the
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traffic stop. it shows the moment a female guard goefs to check in on her. and she gestures for help after seeing her with a trash bag around her neck. three minutes later, the paramedics go to help. it's too late. voot doesn't show the inside of the cell but here it is. they found her hanging from the privacy partition. and they say what happened here was a suicide. the jail shows no one entering or exiting the cell in the hours before her death but her family doesn't believe it saying bland just v just got a new job in texas and had so much to live for. >> whand to sandra bland in police custody? what happened to her? why she was removed from our car. >> reporter: a few months ago, bland expressed online she suffered from depression and ptsd. the investigateors say they will
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investigate as a homicide until they learn. >> thank you. overseas tonight and to the uk, two terror arrests. an uncle and his nephew in court charged with attempting to join isis. in syria, the nephew plotting an attack on a u.s. air force base in england. planning to use a knife and a suicide vest to kill u.s. service members. here at home, more details on the suspected shooter in the massacre in chattanooga. a possible motive, the chilling possibility that he was influenced by a well known cleric who died years ago. tonight, president obama ordering the flag at the white house to fly at half-staff to hon nosh the five victims. a memorial for the first victim tonight. there is a new debate this evening on whether to arm the guards after the the recruitment centers. here tonight, abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: just five days after it was attacked, its personnel unarmed, the chattanooga military recruiting office opened its doors again today. >> we are open for business. >> reporter: with new recruits, including tristan wood, eager to sign up because of what happened.
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>> it just pushed me over the edge and i'm mad about it. >> reporter: across the country, governors in seven states ordered personnel at national guard recruitment centers to arm themselves, something a top general said today the pentagon may also order. >> we should seriously consider it. in some cases, i think it's appropriate. >> reporter: as the fbi narrowed its focus today into the motivation of the shooter, mohammod abdulazeez, officials said they now have evidence he was a follower of the radical american cleric and al qaeda recruiter anwar al awlaki. awlaki was killed in a u.s. airstrike in yemen almost four years ago. but his recorded messages in idiosyncratic english. >> never under estimate the power of fear. >> reporter: continued to lure young muslim men to carry out the acts in the name of allah. as he reported here last night, abdulazeez apparently went online saying he can allege his
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sins and avengs on the u.s. military to take up for his drug addiction and failed life, david. >> brian ross, again, thanks. now to arkansas tonight and the air traffic controller accused of being drunk on the job. place say the controller at springdale municipal airport was found passed out in this chair last thursday. a pilot requesting run way clearance did not get an answer. the controller arrested. he has since resigned. we are going to turn now to startling video we showed you last night here. you remember the images. the drone and attached to it, a loaded semiautomatic weapon. being fired right from that drone right in that park. and the faa now investigating, raising big questions were laws broken? here is david kerley tonight. >> reporter: it's disturbing. a quad rotor drone with a semi automatic handgun mounted. firing several shots. this 18-year-old connecticut college student who built it says that he was just applying technology he's learning as a
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mechanical engineering student. trouble is, he may have broken two federal aviation laws. releasing something from, and arming a civilian aircraft. it could be a setback too for an industry promoting drones. >> i want the faa to enforce their rules. that this device is actually taken apart, we want to discourage people from doing this. >> reporter: there are plenty of other problems. drones around airports with landing jetliners. >> i know it is bizarre but it looked like a little drone went beneath us. >> reporter: to just last week, grounding aerial tankers in the middle of california fires. >> fire having to shut down until drones can be removed. >> reporter: tonight, the faa says, this gun drone and its owner are under investigation. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> david kerley tonight, thank you. tonight, jaw dropping allegations against a national charity claiming to raise money to help children battling cancer. raising $13 million. but here's the question, how much of the money went to patients?
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we are about to get the answer from tom llamas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the national children's leukemia foundation, a multimillion-dollar charity group, under fire. new york's attorney general says the foundation raised $13 million and devoted less than 1% on direct assistance to young patients. at most, 6% to charitable programs. the state filing suit against the foundation and the founder steve shor who allegedly pocketed more than a million dollars in salary and perks running the charity out of the basement of his brooklyn home. that's shor in a video posted on the group's youtube site presenting the late randy "macho man" savage, a professional wrestler, with an award on national television for donating money to the foundation. >> thank you, macho man, thank you! >> reporter: state investigators say much of the money went to professional fundraisers asking unsuspecting donors to fund a bone marrow registry and using this bogus photo to promote a cancer research building. neither of which, investigators say, existed.
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>> if you're going to raise funds for children for what may be their last wish, you better make sure you provide it. >> reporter: david, tonight steve shor sells abc news the allegations are false and he will be vindicated in court. authorities tell us if you is a question about a charity, look them up on sites like to find out where your money is going. david? great tips. thank you. now to the race for 2016. the 16th republican contender joining the field tonight. ohio governor john kasich trying to reach every american with his message. >> if you're poor, if you're black, if you're brown, if you're struggling, we care about you and we want to make sure you are in the american dream. unity is such a big part now. >> do you think your party is ready to accept that message? >> it doesn't matter, does it? that's my message. >> we will have more of george's exclusive interview with governor kasich first thing in
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the morning. right here on "good morning america." in the meantime, we turn to the terrifying moment watched by millions around the world. the pro surfer attacked by a shark on live tv. we all saw the shark before he did. his mom watching from home. he battled the shark for 25 excruciating seconds. tonight that surfer walking us through the video revealing what was happening that he would not see. here is abc's kendis gibson. >> reporter: world champion surfer mick fanning returning home to australia, surfboard still in hand, swarmed by cameras and supporters. it all could have been so different. fanning revealing, the great white came at him not once, but twice. >> if you look at the footage closely, there's more splashing as the wave goes down. and that's when it came back again. i felt so insignificant. the thing was so powerful. >> reporter: the 34-year-old punching and kicking. the 25 second attack, felt like a lifetime for him. >> it's a miracle, really.
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>> reporter: still shaken from >> reporter: fanning now part of a social media feeding frenzy with dozens of memes making light of the encounter. and tonight, a message for the shark. >> thanks for not eating me. >> reporter: kendis gibson, abc news, miami. there is still much more ahead tonight on "world news tonight" this tuesday. amazon getting big competition tonight. they promise every product they sell, but cheaper. we put it to the test tonight and show you how to do it to get the cheaper price. also warning about hackers being able to control your car. because cars are so electronic these days. able to shut off the engine in a new experiment. the new move to protect drivers tonight. and made in america is back tonight. we fake you inside the great american factory where famous ice cream is made. and they put me to the test. can you guess the famous name? omer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep them all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest
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next tonight, american consumers with a new website to find a cheaper deal. paula faris puts it to the test. >> reporter: in the all-out battle for your business,
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there's a new player online. jet, which is a cross between costco and amazon launching today. promising club price savings on millions of items from tvs to toiletries. as easy as it is for consumers to shop online, jet is making it easier. we looked up some of the more popular items on amazon. a set of sheets, dishwasher gel. and a tablet. jet listed amazon's price next to theirs. they beat it. they said they can make it cheaper, waving the option for free returns. and depending on what you buy, the more you buy, the more you save. the company says its profits are not coming from products. they are making their money on a $50 membership fee. jet's founder who sold for a half billion is called a rock star by industry experts. he said they will undercut everyone on price. now, amazon has massive warehouses. jet is working with retailers
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close to your zip code, cutting down on the shipping costs, david, the savings get passed on to you. >> all right, thanks. a new study with women and memory. also, we will show us a moment a driver's engine is shut down by someone else. a warning about hackers after the break.
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here's to the explorers. those diagnosed with cancer who explored their treatment options by getting a comprehensive second opinion at cancer treatment centers of america. call today or go online to schedule your second opinion here. learn more at to the index tonight. a new study finding older women with impaired memory worsened almost twice as fast as men. nearly two-thirds of the americans with alzheimer's are women. they are still researching the reason why this happens. there is new video tonight from demonstrating how someone else can control your car. an experiment from blasting your radio and even shutting down your engine. >> guys, i'm stuck on the highway. >> talking with people there with the experiment. it comes as two senators call for legislation to protect drivers from hackers.
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get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. bottom line, ask your doctor about linzess today. finally tonight here, made in america. an idea born 80 years ago this past week. two brothers, ice cream and a dream of a friendly place to eat. they wanted ice cream back then too, 1935, two brothers looking for summer jobs but everyone looking for work then. so they asked their parents for
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a loan to buy a simple freezer. and their business in springfield, massachusetts, was born. friendly ice cream. >> selling double dipped ice cream cones for a nickel. >> less than competitors. >> half the price. >> this past week the company celebrating its 80th birthday. it started out as friendly ice cream. >> and everyone called it friendly's? >> yeah. everyone always called it friendly's. >> they wanted everyone to have a friendly experience. like the one we had visiting the factory in massachusetts. still making their own ice cream supporting the local dairy farmers. filling three cartons every second. >> this is our jim dandy. it's our signature sundae. >> they're new temp. first the strawberry. and chocolate. the topics. the homemade marshmallow, the syrup, the whipped cream. >> oh, beautiful. right to there. that's okay. you're new. >> sprinkles next. walnuts and a cherry on top.
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take two, take three. how do they do it? it's not as easy as it looks. will it pass the taste test? >> good? >> it's pretty good. might be ugly but it tastes the same. we will definitely leave it to the pros tonight smiling and waving in the factory. they knew why we were there, the three words -- >> made in america! >> by the way, the original blake brothers are 100 years old and 98 years old. we salute them. thanks for the ice cream. see you tomorrow. good night. >> new information tonight on the man accused of five modesto murders. why one man warned months ago he was dangerous. a bay area father hopes to inspire change after his daughter's tragic death. that story is coming up. >> the overnight burglary of a
5:59 pm
church tonight the minister makes a community appeal. >> why your favorite restaurant may be taking eggs off the menu. what is behind the nationwide shortage. >> suffered a self inflicted wound in the murder of of our daughter. >> the father of a murder victim urging congress to take actions to deal with immigrants who break the law. good evening. >> kate steinle's family appeared before a senate committee to plead for immigration reform. kate steinle was shot and killed while walking with her dad on pier 14 in san francisco the man accused of killing her is an undocumented immigrant. we have team coverage tonight. chris? >> reporter: good evening,
6:00 pm
today's hearing was packed. there wasn't an empty seat in the room. and jim steinle sat front and center. today, on capitol hill, a bay area father opened up about the death of his daughter. >> the u.s. suffered a self inflicted wound by the hand of a person that should never have been on the streets of this country. >> jim steinle pushed for immigration reform. >> we feel kate's law saves one daughter, one son, a mother a father kate's death won't be in vain. >> their hope for undocumented felons to be deported or detained. earlier this month kate steinle was shot and killed while out for a walk. the convicted felon has been


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