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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 22, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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news tonight is next. i'm ama daetz in for cheryl jennings. >> i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. breaking news tonight, the family in front of the cameras, just a short time ago. new video tonight of their loved one. for the first time, you will now hear the back and forth. what the officer says, what she says back. and right here tonight, the woman's phone call from jail before she was found dead. also tonight, we fly you right over the massive fire outside new york city, along a very busy corridor. more than 100 neighbors evacuated at this hour. the extreme weather tonight, the lightning strike igniting a fire. >> oh, my god! >> just now word of another strike at a popular beach. three victims. the emergency at a popular cruise ship tonight, passengers rushing to emergency exits in their life jackets. and watch the trolley out of control in one american city. the passengers screaming for the driver to stop.
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why he could not change course. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. we have two major new developments in the case of that mysterious death in a texas jail cell. for the first time you will hear from sandra bland in her own words, the phone call she made from that jail asking for help before she was found dead. also tonight here, the part of the dash cam video the public had not seen of that traffic stop until now. tonight you will see and hear the escalation as it unfolds, what the officer ordered her to do, how she responded. her family late today saying they are appalled by what they saw. abc's ryan smith leading us off. >> reporter: from the local sheriff tonight, an explosive admission. on the day sandra bland was put in this cell the intake form notes she had attempted suicide within the last year but said
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she's not feeling suicidal today, all leading to new questions about whether she was watched closely enough. also tonight, the phone call. on saturday one of her friends received this message, the voice believed to be sandra bland's. >> i'm still just at a loss for words, honestly, about this whole process, how this switching lanes with no signal turns into all this. >> reporter: that call obtained by our houston station ktrk, came just hours after bland went before a judge. her bail set at $5,000. this dash cam video of her arrest raising questions about how a simple arrest could go so wrong. the trooper approaches her car. >> you failed to signal a lane change. >> reporter: the interaction quickly growing tense. >> you seem very irritated. >> i am, i really i am. >> reporter: he asked her to put out her cigarette. >> would you mind putting out your cigarette, please. if you don't mind? >> i'm in my car. why do i have to put out my cigarette? >> reporter: and when she refuses?
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>> step out of the car. >> you do not have the right to do that. >> reporter: the situation escalates. >> step out or i will remove you. i'm giving you a lawful order. get out of the car now or i'm going to remove you. >> and i'm calling my lawyer. >> i'm going to yank you out of here. >> you're going to yank me out of my car? >> get out. >> okay, all right. let's do this. >> reporter: moments later the officer points his stun gun at her. >> i'm giving you a lawful order. i'm going to drag you out of here. >> sir, you're threatening to drag me out of my own car? >> get out of the car! i will light you up. get out now! >> wow. >> reporter: former nypd detective nicholas casale tells us the trooper crossed the line. >> for you it seems like he's escalating the situation. >> it appears that he's starting to climb the mountain of escalation in this situation. >> reporter: bland's family appalled at what they saw on the tape. >> i simply feel like the officer was picking on her, point blank, period. >> ryan is with us now. this notion that she had
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attempted suicide before, her family reacting to that as well tonight. >> that's right. her family lawyer says they have no evidence of that. at the time of the arrest she had just gotten a new job. her family says that doesn't sound like someone who would take their own life. >> ryan smith with us here tonight, ryan, thank you. we're going to turn to a developing headline tonight and these live pictures coming in at this hour, what's left of a massive warehouse fire still smoldering near a major artery right here in the northeast outside new york city in fact. after a five alarm fire, families displaced tonight, more than 100 people at a middle school shelter told it's not safe to go home yet. they are now testing the air quality, and abc's gio benitez is on the scene tonight. >> reporter: tonight, 175 firefighters tackling a stubborn blaze. thick black smoke billowing into the air. >> we have heavy fire, we've got heavy smoke. >> reporter: it started in the middle of the night, 2:30 a.m. at a car repair shop, spreading so far it's destroyed 8 businesses. a warehouse as big as 50 football fields.
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wam, watch, it's so close to a train track, you can see a new jersey transit train moving right next to that fire. >> the whole thing is on fire. >> fires are blowing up. there's batteries on forklifts inside and batteries on forklifts inside the building and they've been exploding at different times. >> reporter: the smoke visible for miles. environmental protection officials on the scene worried about the air quality. >> this fire is about the smoke more than anything else. the chemicals associated with this type of fire which is a plastic fire are largely volatilizing up and mostly out of harm's way. >> reporter: and back out here live in new jersey. just take a look behind me. there is still so much smoke. the good news, officials say they haven't been able to find any toxins in the air, but those evacuated residents won't be going home tonight, david. >> as a precaution. gio benitez live for us, thank you. we're going to turn now to the extreme weather across the country and a breaking headline out of florida at this hour, a dangerous lightning strike in miami beach. three people injured, one critically.
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this video tonight out of neptune, florida near jacksonville, the lightning there igniting a fire. further north storms ripping a house right off its foundation in north carolina, and across the country at the entrance to yosemite national park tonight, look at this, tourists narrating their own video. flash floods and mud slides trap is cars shutting down highway 140. what a mess. let's get to rob marciano tracking the severe weather. >> you mentioned the lightning in miami. storms still firing across florida, especially the northern part of the state. we have a couple that have gone severe north. a lot of heat and humidity fueling a steamy night across the gulf coast and that's going to carry over tomorrow. going to feel like 100-plus in new orleans, 105 in dallas and 105 in oklahoma city. more rain over the next few days. memphis, oando could see two to three inches of rain. in the mountain west we'll see a rain stream in here but it's not getting to the fires. dry, breezy conditions there. red flag warnings posted. >> rob marciano, thanks as always. i mentioned yosemite just a
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moment ago. another national park in the headlines tonight, dramatic images out of glacier national park in montana. a wildfire exploding in size, campers evacuated, rangers searching the back country for hikers at this hour. more than 2,000 acres now burning. strong winds and dry conditions fueling the blaze. we'll stay on it. we turn to a scare for passengers on board a royal caribbean cruise ship, a plume of smoke, a fire breaking out as it approaches jamaica. those passengers in life jackets crowded on the deck. abc's kendis gibson with the latest. >> reporter: the frightening scene. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: as royal caribbean's "freedom of the seas" pulls into port in jamaica. >> the ship's on fire. >> reporter: fire in the ship's mechanical area sending a plume of thick black smoke spewing from the top of the 18-story vessel. sirens wailing on board, crew members going door to door to alert passengers.
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>> we saw a lot of black smoke with debris in it. >> reporter: the 4,000-plus passengers frantically grab life jackets and head to emergency evacuation stations as crews quickly put out the fire. royal caribbean tweeting all guests and crew members are safe and accounted for, and one crew member was treated for a first-degree burn. the cause of the that fire still under investigation but royal caribbean says the ship is safe to continue its week-long caribbean cruise and will be back here in florida on sunday. david? >> kendis, thank you. we have new reporting tonight after those marines and a say lohr were shot and killed in chattanooga. the suspected gunman raised in tennessee. the victims, five lives cut short and a citizen army standing guard outside recruiting centers in alabama and texas. as we learn something here we never knew, what those american servicemen did that saved so many other lives that day. here's abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross tonight. >> reporter: the attack was described today as three to five
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minutes of both terror and heroism. after first shooting up the recruitment center seven miles away, mohammed abdulazeez raced to his second target, the naval operational support center. going so fast, he missed the turnoff. >> he then did a 360. then i see the police officer behind him and the police officer also did a 360. >> reporter: according to new details today from the fbi, abdulazeez crashed his conversable mustang through the navy facility's front gate. from there, the shooter headed to the facility's headquarters with an assault rifle. >> a service member from inside the facility observed him and opened fire on him. >> reporter: a counter-terrorism official confirms to abc news it was lieutenant commander timothy white, the center's senior officer, who fired on the shooter. >> the shooter then responded by shooting into the building. >> reporter: undeterred he entered the building's front door and shot the first person he saw. navy petty officer randall smith
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died of his wounds a few days later. from there the shooter went out the back of the building and headed to the motor pool where he shot and killed four unarmed marines. but that didn't stop other marines from racing to the scene, distracting the shooter and saving lives. the gunman was finally stopped by another set of heros, chattanooga police officers, including one who was wounded. they stopped him before he could kill anymore. david? >> they saved so many lives that day. brian, thank you. we have new information after that other national tragedy, the massacre at a bible study in charleston. the suspected gunman, dylann roof, now facing federal hate crime charges tonight, making him eligible for the death penalty. a federal grand jury finding proof that he was motivated by racial hatred and purposely chose mother emanuel church, quote, in order to make his attack more notorious. to a developing story, the urgent new danger in the skies and an arrest in dallas tonight after nine aircraft in one night reported lasers lighting up their cockpits as they tried to land.
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here in new york city six cases in the last 24 hours. last week 12 more cases. tonight the faa and law enforcement now investigating, trying to catch the perpetrators before passengers are put at risk. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: it's the nation's busiest airspace. >> we just got lasered from our, uh, about 10:00 o'clock position. >> reporter: dangerously, lit up again, six strikes near new york area airports. some of the jets at 3,000 feet where many aircraft are hit. but last night, three hit much higher, at 7,000 feet. one source tells us aircraft have been hit at altitude, 35,000 feet. >> the approaches into new york's airport and most commercial airports in this country are over neighborhoods at just a few thousand feet. >> reporter: here on the ground it's easy for someone to use one of those powerful lasers and shine it up at a jetliner, blasting the cockpit with light. a record pace this year, averaging 15 strikes a night, nine in dallas alone last night.
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but there an arrest, a 23-year-old suspect facing prison. >> reporter: even the light from one of these store bought lasers can travel more than four miles but it's the more powerful lasers that pilots are worried about could damage their retinas which is why they're calling for stricter controls. david? >> david kerley at laguardia airport, david, thanks. to the race for 2016, donald trump, new fallout after igniting a firestorm first with his comments about john mccain, then revealing a rival's private cell phone number on national tv. tonight the question, is trump helping or hurting his fellow republicans, and the new troubling numbers for hillary clinton. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: it's come to this, lindsey graham doing to his cell phone what many republicans would like to do to the trump campaign, after trump gave out the senator's private cell phone number on national television. >> i don't know if it is the right number. let's try it. 202 -- >> reporter: trump is relishing his attacks on fellow republicans. >> rick perry put on glasses so
5:43 pm
people will think he is smart. i'm not a fan of jeb bush. then i watch this idiot, lindsey graham. >> reporter: republicans are worried trump is hurting their party. we caught up with lindsay graham today on capitol hill. >> at this point he's not only the front-runner, he's way ahead of all of you guys. >> he's a car wreck and everybody's stopping to look. if we did pick him, it would be the end of the republican party. >> reporter: trump today released a 92-page financial disclosure that lists him as president or chairman of more than 400 companies, most named after himself. he's got the president's attention. >> i'm sure the republicans are enjoying mr. trump's current dominance of their primary. >> anything that makes them look less crazy. >> jon karl with us now from the white house. republicans worry that donald trump might be hurting them but it doesn't seem to be helping hillary clinton. they've got troubling numbers in key battleground states tonight? >> reporter: new polls out in the key states of virginia, iowa, and colorado show that hillary clinton is losing in all three of them to republicans
5:44 pm
rubio, walker and bush. >> but the clinton team telling you tonight that they're not worried about this? >> reporter: they say, look, it's really early and all of the attention right now has been on the republicans and she'll have plenty of time once the attention turns back to her. >> jon karl, always great to have you. we turn to your money tonight and an explosive government report revealing a number that's astounding and it's all your money. $60 billion in taxpayer dollars, medicare payments sent out to addresses never checked. abc's jim avila tonight going straight to those addresses on the hunt for your money. >> reporter: our hunt defined how medicare is losing billions of dollars brought us here, chicago's south side, and this odd location for a doctor's office. >> you run the mailbox place? >> yes, we do. >> reporter: right next door to a porn shop, a mailbox store where medicare has sent nearly $600,000 in payments. it's listed as suite 308 which in reality is just a mailbox. >> nobody is practicing medicine in here? >> no.
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>> reporter: the law says payment should be sent only to a location where someone is practicing medicine. still your money flowed in. >> how much? >> $592,000. >> could have at least got a bigger box. >> reporter: today in a government report first obtained by abc news, federal investigators charging medicare is not checking where it's sending your money, making it too easy for thieves to steal a record $60 billion, an estimated 23,000 fake or bad addresses like the address for this hamburger stand outside dallas and this vacant lot west of denver. >> we need to fix this problem and can fix this problem. >> reporter: we went to capitol hill to ask the man in charge why they aren't using a simple computer program investigators told them about two years ago that can tell the difference between a doctor's office and a vacant lot. he says it's in the works. >> you haven't been sending checks to fake addresses? >> i think where we have, we have eliminated them from the program. >> reporter: but federal investigators say until all the
5:46 pm
fake addresses are off the rolls, it's a risk to your money. david, medicare says it wants to move carefully against the fake addresses as to not penalize innocent doctors who accidently broke the rules. investigators say the solution is long overdo. david? >> jim avila tracking taxpayer money, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the out of control street car in one american city. the collision with an suv, passengers screaming, children crying, tonight why that conductor could not turn away. there's also new promise for treating alzheimer's, the medical headline tonight, two new drugs fighting that debilitating illness. and look at this, the two shelter dogs hugging, the shelter saying with little time left. what an extraordinary photo and you won't believe how this story ends. it's "america strong" coming up. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation.
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5:49 pm
after street car service began in charlotte, north carolina this, a street car goes hurdling down the track, gathering speed, narrowly missing several cars as it runs through an intersection. finally, the street car smashes into a white suv. >> metal and wood and glass and just -- i grabbed my 4-year-old. >> reporter: street car accidents are becoming increasingly common as more and more cities turn to these electric mass transit systems to reduce the reliance on gasoline and cut emissions. in washington d.c. several collisions between cars and trolleys. and in 2012, a street car hit a car in philadelphia, killing the car's driver. in the charlotte crash, three people suffered minor injuries. the transit agency says it appears operator error was to blame. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> ron, thank you. when we come back, take a look at this tonight. authorities want your help. they're asking for you to weigh in. is that a lion right there on the loose in one american city.
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try head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. to the "index," two alzheimer's drugs making headlines tonight, one reducing the amount of plaque in the brain, the other showing some success at slowing mental decline in those with mild cases of alzheimer's. we'll have more on our website. milwaukee on alert tonight, fears there's a lion on the loose. this image right here taken by a couple from their deck. something walking around. authorities taking it seriously. the local zoo tweeting all of their lions are safe and sound. good to know. two brothers on this beach in florida coming to the rescue of an injured hammerhead shark, removing two hooks, the crowd then cheering as the shark swims back out. you'll be cheering in a moment but you've got to see this. when we come back the adorable hug, two little dogs who desperately needed help.
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finally tonight here, two dogs, one hug, and the desperate search for someone to save them. that someone tonight, "america strong." >> reporter: meet kala and keira. kala, the brown 8-month-old hound mix, hugging the 1-year-old boxer mix, keira. the hug captured in a rural georgia shelter but the snapshot soon seen all over the country. it was believed they were just hours away from being put down at this shelter. but the image posted by the etowah valley humane society and then shared by the charity angels among us pet rescue came up with a message from the dogs saying we've comforted each other while we were here, and it
5:58 pm
goes on to say they need help. >> we've had so many calls and our website was struggling through this. >> reporter: the website crashing, and with good reason. that original photo, that's the before and tonight the after. still hugging, this time one of the volunteers in the middle who helped save them. >> good, sit, get it! >> reporter: right here, the first image of them with their foster mom. tonight chris says she'll take good care of them until a permanent family can be found for kala and keira. >> it doesn't get better than that. thank you for watching. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. until then, good night.
5:59 pm
700 acres. >> it fire broke out in the cold canyon area. three hikers were rescued. at this time the fire is 0% contained. cal fire spokesperson is joining us. do we know how this fire started? >> it was started from an accident that occurred on highway 128. it was able to ignite and with gifty winds able to grow rapidly. >> are we still at 700 acres? >> it's continued to grow. that is the best estimate throughout the canyons. this fire has been able to
6:00 pm
continue to grow. >> how many homes are threatened? >> most of the fire is burning in an area that is very remote. the fire is burning and that towards a mix canyon area, outside of the vacaville area. that is our biggest concern. there are not of homes but we're working on plans to make sure we have resources should this fire continue to burn in the area of those homes. >> what tactics are you using? >> there is this terrain that isn't easy


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