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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 24, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> for all of us here we appreciate your time. we'll see you again in h breaking news tonight. we have new reporting right now on the suspect in the deadly shooting rampage. the discovery in his hotel room. hours after he opened fire inside a packed movie theater. two young women killed. the hero teachers tonight. one who threw herself in front of another. the second, who pulled the alarm. and tonight, the suspect's wigs and disguises. the stunning images of the wildfire now out of control. families racing to evacuate their homes. flames shooting 300 feet into the air. the passenger jet stalling. 39,000 feet, you will hear the pilot declaring an emergency. and the massive ecall.
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more than 1 million cars oon the road right now. your steering wheel, your engine, could be hacked by someone outside your car. we have the list. and, on your marks. can you guess our persons of the week? good evening. we begin tonight with a new portrait just coming in now of the horror that played out inside that movie theater. moviegoers in their seats. about 20 minutes into the movie, a gunman opens fire. killing two young women, injuring so many others. police on the scene within one minute. victims carried out. the cineplex was packed. 20 people in the theater. he hit nearly half of the people there. bystanders rushing to help. just moments ago, we learned more about the suspect trying to run out with everyone else. he saw police. then ran back inside, shot more people, including himself. the faces here tonight. two young victims being remembered. we begin with tom llamas in louisiana. >> reporter: tonight, new
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details from inside that theater. the moments before police rush in. it's 7:00 p.m. 25 people settling in for a showing of the comedy "trainwreck." college students lucas knepper and emily mann taking seats near the back. in the same row, 59-year-old john russel houser. sitting alone, he'd bought a ticket, just like everyone else. 20 minutes into the show, houser stands up, pulls out a .40-caliber handgun, and fires at the woman in front of him. emily, watching it all. >> i saw him standing. he was wearing a hat and a big jacket and i could just see his hand going in a semicircle and the lights coming. and at that point, it's just sound and light. it's not a gun, still, because it can't be a gun. not here. >> we thought it was the movie. but then we realized this is real. this guy is shooting everyone in the theater and he is so close to us. >> reporter: then, chaos. something clicked in your brain to say "run."
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when did that moment happen? >> the second shot. when it wasn't just one. when it wasn't a kid with a firecracker. you want it to be. >> reporter: it didn't stop there. the gunman fired at least 13 rounds. >> everyone was just running down the stairs, freaking out, climbing over chairs, and people and everyone was screaming. >> by the time we got to the bottom of the stairs, a woman pulled me around. she probably got me out of there three or four seconds faster than i would have by myself. i would tell her thank you for sure, because she stayed there another second for me. >> reporter: and there were other heroes. teachers jenna meaux and ali martin. there together. when the shooting started, jenna threw her body between the gun and her friend. taking a bullet, but saving ali's life. ali then jumped into action herself, pulling the fire alarm. >> she had the presence of mind to pull the fire alarm. who knows how many lives were saved by that presence of mind? >> reporter: outside the auditorium, panic in the multiplex.
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300 people desperate to get out. and trying to escape with the crowd, the gunman. his 1995 blue lincoln continental waiting right outside. >> it is apparent that he was intent on shooting and then escaping. >> reporter: but as houser was running out, police were running in. >> he re-entered the theater, fired three more rounds, then the fourth round, he took his own life. >> reporter: tonight, a community mourning the victims -- 21-year-old student mayci breaux and 33-year-old jillian johnson. she owned a local boutique. tonight, flowers at its doorstep. >> i read a message reading it will be closed until further notice. they're asking for prayers tonight. i'm curious, any more word on the nine people who were wounded? >> of the nine rushed to the hospital, five are still there. and the one in critical condition, doing better.
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>> tom llamas, leading us off tonight. and more details on the suspected gunman, the wigs and disguised discovered in the motel room nearby. ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: life began to unravel years ago for the man described as a drifter. rusty houser spent the last few weeks living at this motel 6 in lafayette. what detectives found in his room only deepens the mystery. >> we found wigs, glasses, and disguises in the room. >> reporter: there's no disguising his troubled past. his last known address, here in alabama, where he was evicted last year after owners say he trashed their house. >> he did a job on it, messed it up. put concrete down every drain. >> reporter: his marriage fell apart, too. in 2008, his wife and family asking for a protective order. saying he exhibited extreme erratic behavior.
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including various acts of family violence. the court filing says he had manic depression. and/or bipolar disorder. his wife so worried, she removed all guns from their home. in 2008, he placed a swastika on the bar he owned. denying he was a nazi sympathizer. he was well-educated and politicly active. and ran as an ultra-conservative anti tax crusader in georgia. >> he portrayed himself as a community watchdog against the government. >> reporter: tonight, investigators are scouring his postings on known anti government websites, hoping to find answers. why was he in the motel or in lafayette to begin with? a real question for people here. david? >> ryan, thank you. and so many of you at home are well aware that this is the third mass shooting in six weeks. charleston, chattanooga, and now lafayette, louisiana. pierre thomas sat down with the attorney general.
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lo loretta lynch. as these new details were coming in. here's what she told him. >> it's something that's very troubling, it's very disturbing. we're always trying to watch and prevent these. it's one of the most difficult types of acts to prevent. >> that was the most troubling thing, how to prevent these going forward. >> that's right. the recent surge in mass shootings is causing great concern. and in the interview, she told me they're almost impossible to stop. according to the fbi, in 2006, we averaged six mass shootings a year. by 2013, it was 16 a year. more than one a month. the trend was getting worse. >> from six to 16, pierre, thank you. and now to the wildfires raging, 14 fires in 6 states. look at this. and from the front lines, new images coming in from the fire outside napa valley, california. flames hundreds of feet into the air.
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towering over trees. and in california, smoke obscuring the side of the mountain. kayna whitworth on the families evacuating. >> reporter: tonight, a new western fire bringing new evacuations. this one, near lake tahoe, forcing the closure of the main freeway to sacramento. this, as firefighters continue to battle the fire in napa county. >> you got to get riddy up there. >> reporter: nearly 7,000 acres scorched. >> it's growing big real fast. >> reporter: with 14 large fires burning in 6 western states, flames have destroyed nearly 5 times the amount of land burned by this time last year. this fire in glacier national park, montana, lighting up 4,000 acres at the height of tourist season. tonight, reinforcements, a team flown in spending their first day battling the 300-foot flames. getting hit by wind, that's the worst case scenario?
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>> absolutely worst case scenario. >> reporter: while families rearrange their vacation plans, firefighters are digging in for a record-setting fire season. kayna whitworth, abc news. glacier national park. and 4.5 million americans also under the threat of severe weather. after a dangerous 24 hours, a tornado setting down in south dakota. and this downpour in florida, outside jacksonville. and now, more blinding rain in the forecast. let's get right to rob marciano, tracking the systems. first, the east. >> florida getting hit hard. this is a multiday event. the strong storms rolling down the west coast. that's where flood watches are up. tampa could get six inches of rain over the next couple of days. the severe weather tonight, the central plains, wisconsin, large hail and damaging wind. tomorrow, focusing the energy into nebraska, lincoln, omaha, kansas city. possibility of severe weather. heat and humidity building.
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it's going to feel like 111 in little rock. and as far as the wildfires, breezy conditions on shore for the napa fire. very windy for the glacier park fire. not ideal conditions. >> rob, thank you. and now to a stunning investigation and growing outrage. you remember the images of the deadly train accident outside philadelphia in may. the smoldering wreckage of the amtrak train after it jumped the tracks, shutting down a major artery in the northeast. tonight, allegations that major airlines spiked prices for their flights. here's david kerley. >> reporter: with that derailment shutting down the vital northeast amtrak corridor for days, travelers flocked to the airlines with complaints of sky-high prices, raising questions tonight. >> did they gouge prices so high and take advantage of a situation? >> reporter: the transportation secretary launching an investigation. demanding information from five airlines on those reports of $500 fares doubling, with one
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account suggesting a $2,300 ticket. you've not made a conclusion as to whether the airlines gouged passengers who were trying to get around the derailment? >> no, but we do feel that there's a sufficient amount of information and evidence to begin an investigation and to learn more. >> reporter: already the head of one airline -- >> absolutely not, sir. >> reporter: -- asked on the record, says travelers ended up paying last minute fares, which are higher. >> we would never take advantage of an opportunity like that, if you viewed it as an opportunity. >> reporter: the airlines say they didn't change their pricing because of the derailment. american airlines saying they're cooperating and confident they will be cleared. >> and while i have you, we're learning more about a terrifying moment aboard a skywest flight, a passenger jet at 39,000 feet, the pilot radioing that the plane seemingly stalled in midair? >> atc, skywest, declaring an emergency. we ran into some issues, we had a stall situation. >> what's going on for you?
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>> we somehow got into a stall-type situation. and we had to descend immediately. >> incredible to hear. what do we know about this? what's the airline saying? >> skywest flies 28 million americans last year for the major airlines. american united and delta. this is a very serious incident. twice the pilots said stall. the airline says it wasn't a stall, but the faa has capped how high skywest can fly. and that remains in effect tonight. >> david, thanks. now to the race for 2016, and hillary clinton's e-mail under the microscope again. over that private e-mail server used during her time as secretary of state. tonight, the question, will the fbi investigate? jonathan karl with the story. >> reporter: hillary clinton today ignored questions about calls for the fbi to investigate the handling of classified
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information on the private e-mail account she used as secretary of state. mrs. clinton has been emphatic in her denials. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. >> reporter: but tonight, internal investigators for the intelligence community say at least four of mrs. clinton's e-mails and potentially hundreds more included classified national security information at the time they were sent. mrs. clinton said today she has nothing to hide. >> i have said repeatedly that i will answer questions before the house committee. we are all accountable to the american people to get the facts right and i will do my part. >> reporter: investigators have not suggested anything criminal and have not called on the fbi to investigate mrs. clinton herself. but what they're most worried about, that there is still
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classified information out there. some of it on a thumb drive in the office of mrs. clinton's private attorney. >> jon, thank you. to a breaking medical headline, what's being called a game changer for 70 million americans with high cholesterol. the fda approving the first of a new class of drugs. lowering bad cholesterol up to nearly 60%. experts calling this the biggest advance in 30 years. it's an injection you take every two weeks, now being recommended for those that haven't been able to lower their bad cholesterol enough. it can cost more than $14,000 a year before insurance, though. overseas to kenya, where this evening president obama is in his father's homeland. having dinner with his extended family. his fourth trip to kenya. his first trip there as president. met at the airport not only by
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his half-sister, but a world leader. the first sitting u.s. president to visit kenya. meantime, back at home, an unprecedented recall to tell you about. fiat/chrysler recalling 1.4 million vehicles after fears they are vulnerable to hackers. it comes just days after the eye-opening investigation. hackers taking control of the car, you see the steering wheel moving on its own, even shutting down the engine. here's linzie janis tonight. >> reporter: tonight, that shocking recall affecting cars with this touch screen. the manufacturer offering a software security update after hackers did this to one of its jeeps. >> kill the engine. >> reporter: it's going 70 miles an hour, when hackers shut off the engine. driver andy greenberg starts to panic. >> it's dangerous. i need to move. >> reporter: a writer at "wired" and the hackers trying to show how some new cars with internet connections can be vulnerable. >> navigation, entertainment.
5:46 pm
each one of those features is a potentially hackable bug. >> reporter: they're able to control everything from the wipers to disabling the brakes. >> hold on tight. >> reporter: tonight, that recall including dodge, jeep, and chrysler models. and now regulators are looking into whether other vehicles may be vulnerable, too. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> thank you. still much more ahead tonight. we want your opinion. the war between neighbors. watch this. video showing this man using a bulldozer to tear up a fence that doesn't belong to him. one of them behind bars tonight, but is it fair? and, the mystery explosion on the beach. the woman thrown into the air. investigators revealing the answer tonight. and a stranded orca, crying for help. and the people on the beach that came to its rescue. we'll see how this ends.
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next tonight, to a case making national headlines, sentencing coming after a war between neighbors leading to a bulldozer being used. here's david wright. >> reporter: in a quiet suburb of washington, d.c., a neighborly dispute prompting 43 separate calls to 911. socrates kondilas is allegedly trying to bulldoze his neighbor george buckland's fence. pouring motor oil in the pool. and allegedly trying to block the driveway. surveillance cameras catching him in the act. the two squaring off over the property line between their two homes. kondilas' wife, who doesn't want her face to be shown, says it's all george buckland's fault. >> this guy he gives me heart problems. for me, for my husband and my kids. >> reporter: last fall, a court ordered her husband to take anger management. kondilas lied about taking the classes and is now behind bars, convicted of perjury.
5:50 pm
what started off as a property spat could now land this neighbor in prison for two years. david wright, abc news, new york. >> david, thanks. when we come back here, the beach blast that sent that woman four feet in the air. we now know the cause. and, crying for help. the orca, and what volunteers smartly did to buy themselves some time. help. and what volunteers did to buy themselves some time. s by removing some sugar from your body. along with diet and exercise farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. with one pill a day, farxiga helps lower your a1c. and, although it's not a weight-loss or blood-pressure drug farxiga may help you lose weight and may even lower blood pressure when used with certain diabetes medicines. do not take if allergic to farxiga or its ingredients. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction
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new larger size now available. the special olympics kick off this weekend. tonight, the sailor and his brother. robin roberts with our persons of the week. >> go around it as though it's a buoy. okay? >> reporter: when terrel hits the water at this year's world games, he will become the first u.s. sailor to ever compete at the highest level of competitive sailing offered at the global games. >> nice, terrel. >> reporter: but this story isn't solely about athleticism. it's also about the bond of two very similar, yet different, brothers. >> terrel and i have always been extremely close. >> reporter: joel limerick is terrel's identical twin.
5:58 pm
>> early on, i think i was the only person that understood him, so he kind of had his own language and i would translate. >> reporter: terrel gives all the credit to his family. >> they help me carry on. when i was younger, they pushed me. don't believe in disability. you are good in your life, so believe in that. >> it's easy to judge, or to feel pity. i would encourage people to take a moment and to see that individual as they really are. >> so we choose terrel limerick and the special olympians. the games on espn. we'll see you monday. killed in the line of duty. a verdict in a 4-year-old cop killing case. we're live with reaction. a murder suspect appears in court, and his mother comes to his defense. we're live on the fire lines. evacuation orders lifted for
5:59 pm
dozens of families. we'll hear from firefighters who attack from the air. the clear and present danger faced from drones. this was the scene four years ago, the killing of a vallejo police officer murdered on the job chasing down a bank robber. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. the jury has handed down a verdict in that case. the officer was murdered in 2011. the suspect has been found guilty as charged but this isn't the end of the proceedings. laura anthony is live with the developing story. laura? >> reporter: this is a verdict for years in the making. lots of stops and starts but the jury did find that the defendant, henry albert smith junior guilty on all counts in
6:00 pm
the murder of the va llejo police officer. shots were fired and when the officer's fellow officers reached him, he had been shot three times. he died from his his injuries. the jury in this case say several jurors had been removed. one for expressing antilaw enforcement bias and other times, jurors were ill. now, the jury did find this


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