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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 25, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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ucing new simply raised ch from foster farms. simply better. good morning, america. new overnight, inside the theater, the gunman's rampage and the eyewitnesses who saw everything. >> everyone was just running down the stairs, freaking out, climbing over chairs and people. >> plus, the woman who sat just down the row from the gunman, telling her story to us this morning. the time line of this tragedy, how it all unfolded and the new details about the heroes. one woman taking a bullet for her friend. plus, the mind of a killer, his history of mental illness, the rants on the internet and how he got a gun. team coverage this morning. wall of flames. over a dozen wildfires ravaging the west. flames, 300 feet high. the threat in napa valley and the vacationers that are high tailing it back home. the snowbird bandit, turned
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in by his own family, and the shocker, did he once wear a badge? and rush to the rescue. the woman trapped under a car. the adrenaline moment that saved her life. >> this is nothing short of a miracle. i had a lot of help with that miracle. >> telling her amazing survival story, this morning, on "good morning america." good morning, everybody. let's get straight to our top story, the new information pouring in about the movie theater shooting in lafayette overnight. these new pictures of a candlelight vigil on a warm summer evening in louisiana. neighbors coming together to honor the victims. over the past 36 hours, we have been seeing dozens of people coming to that theater to lay bouquets of flowers. lafayette joining the growing list of american communities scarred by gun violence. >> also this morning, we're
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learning much more about that shooter and his troubled and very confusing past. we're also hearing the extraordinary stories of heroism from inside that theater. in just a moment, we're going to talk to a woman who was right there in the back row, when the shooting started. she crawled her way to safety. but we begin with tom llamas who's in lafayette. a minute by minute account of the chaos. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: paula, good morning. people inside the theater where this happened just behind me, describe an empty movie house filled with abandoned shoes, purses, popcorn and bullet holes. police say the gunman fired off ten rounds in less than a minute as people scrambled out of the theater. overnight, a closer look and more details of the chilling moments this multiplex in lafayette, louisiana, became the scene of a mass shooting. friends of those who died now realizing what's lost. >> it's tough.
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>> reporter: thursday, 25 people seated for a screening of "trainwreck." including jonas and his friend, whose seat choice they said made all the difference. >> it could have been much different if we were in the back row when the shots were fired. >> reporter: because in that same multiplex was john russell houser, sitting alone. entering the theater like everyone else. until 20 minutes into the movie, the 59-year-old fires a .40-caliber handgun to the women in front of him. causing confusion and chaos. >> we thought it was the movie. but then, once we realized that this is real, this guy is shooting everyone in the theater. he was so close to us. >> reporter: houser firing at least 13 rounds, killing 2 and injuring 9 others. >> everyone was just running down the stairs, freaking out, climbing over chairs and people. >> reporter: but moviegoers jumping into action, helping one another escape safely, even forming a makeshift triage outside the theater.
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and there more heroes stepping up. two teachers seated in that same theater, jena using her body as a shield to protect her friend and co-worker ali, taking a bullet for her. freeing ali to pull the fire alarm. overnight, both women now released from the hospital. >> that's how we react to situations. we are very protective individuals, and i'm very proud of them. >> reporter: now, a community in mourning. a memorial growing outside the store victim jillian johnson owned. the 33-year-old, an entrepreneur and a musician. johnson's family celebrating her life, posting this photo on instagram, and mayci breaux, the 21-year-old student, remembered in a prayer service on friday. governor bobby jindal touring the grisly crime scene. remembering the two lives lost. and those injured in the shooting. >> we're going to get through
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this. it's going to be tough. but this is a resilient community. >> and governor bobby jindal described the shooter as barbaric and methodical. jindal, who's running for the republican nomination for president, has suspended his campaign temporarily and said that right now is not the time to talk about gun control. >> tom, thank you. new information about the gunman john houser. the portrait is troubling. allegations of mental illness and even a nazi flag. how did it all lead to him getting a gun, standing up in a theater and then opening fire in the middle of a comedy? abc's ryan owens is also in lafayette. ryan, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning to you. there were plenty of warnings sign. including his own family had him committed to a mental institution. in recent years, he was estranged from a family and essentially dropped out of society. but none of it adds up to a clear motive. he's the face behind america's
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latest mass shooting. a 59-year-old drifter with a violent past. so, the question this morning, how did he get that gun he used to kill two and injure so many more? >> the weapon was purchased at a pawnshop in phenix, alabama, in february of 2014. >> reporter: purchased legally police say, even though -- >> in '06, mr. houser applied for a concealed carry permit. that permit was denied. >> reporter: before his name made national headlines, john russell houser earned a law degree in alabama. he was politically active, even running for office as an ultraconservative in georgia. expressing controversial views in online forums. one post reading, america is so sick that i now believe it will be the enemy of the world. in 2001 he placed a swastik
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outside the bar he owned. he denied that he was a nazi sympathizer. the drifter spent the last few weeks living at this motel 6 in lafayette. what detectives discovered in his room only deepens the mystery. >> we found wigs and glasses and disguises basically in his room. >> reporter: but there's no disguising houser's troubled past. his last known address was here in alabama, where he was evicted last year after the owner say he booby-trapped the fireplace by tampering with the gas line and trashing their house. >> i didn't want him to hurt us. >> reporter: his marriage fell apart, too. in 2008, his wife and family asked for a protective order, saying houser exhibited extreme erratic behavior, including various acts of family violence. the court filing said he had manic depression and/or bipolar disorder. his wife so worried, she removed all guns from their home. houser's brother speaking exclusively to our atlanta affiliate, wsb.
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>> we're just trying to get our arms around this whole situation right now. >> reporter: while investigators search for a motive, the police of lafayette have a more basic question -- why was the gunman here? why were they targeted? this morning, investigators cannot find any clear connection between the killer and this community. paula? >> those new details continuing to emerge, ryan, we want to thank you for that reporting. and we want to turn now to 21-year-old emily mann. emily, joining us from lafayette, emily, you were sitting in the same row as that shooter, 20 minutes in, you initially thought you were hearing fireworks, when did you know that there was a gunman loose in the theater? >> well, after the first shot, there was about a second or two, and then you could hear the remaining shots begin, two, three, four, five, pretty quickly. at that point, i looked back to make sure you're hearing the right thing. that's when you see the lights coming out of the gun.
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and you understand at that point this is happening, this is real, this is what it is. you have to react. >> and how did you react, that gunman was so methodical, he was taking aim at those closest to him? you were in the same row, how did manage to escape, emily? >> there were a few girls in between him and i. so, to my left, there was a seat and then a couple of girls. and then he was seated as close in the theater as he could have been, and he initially started shooting down, so i had a little bit of time, unfortunately, at that point, i got down, it's your natural instinct, you see him standing, so he had this aerial view of the theater, and i got down, at that point, i couldn't see anymore. you just have to have faith that you can get out of there. >> emily, can you give us a sense of what the gunman's demeanor was like? >> i could see him standing and he was wearing a hat, dark clothes and just from that, you
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know there's something ominous happening. so, at that point, he seemed sure, but anyone with a gun would seem sure when you're in a room with those who don't have them. >> was there ever a moment that you made contact with the shooter or a moment that you thought you had been shot? >> no, i think, at that point i was crawling down, you can't see, there's a fear in that, there's always a fear in what you can't see. you hear the shots, you know they're coming. and you're just kind of waiting for it a little bit. >> you said the theater was packed. what was that scene like of everyone trying to get out of the theater in just a matter of moments, was it chaotic? >> as chaotic as that situation can be. there was an understanding amongst everyone there, we were in this situation together. that's the community here. so, as chaotic and as loud as the screaming, it was all to
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warn each other and to help each other. >> emily, i got to ask you, how lucky do you feel to be alive this morning? >> as lucky as i feel to be alive here, i feel even luckier to live here in community. i was born here, grown up here, and i think we all feel lucky, we feel lucky to have the opportunity to learn from this and to overcome it. >> your community is so resilient. you guys are really coming together at a time of tragedy. emily, we want to thank you for joining us this morning on "good morning america." >> thank you very much. >> she said that this sort of thing doesn't happen in lafayette, louisiana, which was voted one of the happiest places on earth. great to see the community coming together. >> i think we're all tired of hearing of mass shootings. we're going to move now on to another developing story this morning, the out-of-control wildfires in the american west, more than a dozen of them doing real damage right now in six states, forcing evacuations,
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ruining vacations and threatening california's famous wine country. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: overnight, new images of more than a dozen roaring wildfires rapidly ravaging the west. two of them in the golden state of california, another fast-moving brush fire breaking out near lake tahoe. >> we still have evacuations in place. >> reporter: with extra dry combustible fuels everywhere, 14 large fires have ripped through 6 western states, where nearly five times the amount of land has been scorched compared to this time last year. the flames growing quickly and in extremely close range to some area homes, nearby napa valley residents being warned to evacuate. >> i got a text this morning from one that said that it got 40 feet from his house. >> reporter: and in the big sky country state of montana, this is the busiest month of the year for glacier national park. vacationers are scrambling to change plans and avoid the reynolds creek fire. with the flames nearly lyly 300 feet
7:13 am
high reinforcements have been called in. members of an elite team have been assembled to battle the inferno. the firefighters coming from as far east as maryland. wind is a major concern here in montana. firefighters expecting gusts as 30 miles an hour. it's not uncommon to see a gust of 50 and if it gets too high they have to ground their aerial attack. forecasters forecasting more high winds for the weekend. for "good morning america," kayna whitworth. >> all right, thanks, kayna. we want to go to ron, other top developing stories. tense moments in los angeles this morning. that is right, paula. very tense shooting. police fatally shot a man on a street in a popular shopping area after the man apparently fired his own weapon. alex perez has more. >> reporter: this morning, one person left dead after an officer-involved shooting in a busy neighborhood in southern california friday afternoon. >> all units, man with a gun, shot fired.
7:14 am
>> reporter: los angeles police responding to a man believed to be carrying a gun, behaving erratically in studio city. the late lunch crowd running when witnesses say the man began firing shots. >> one cop showed up, told him to put his gun down. >> reporter: you can see the man here in this cellphone video, rocking back and forth, the officer on the right holding his position. >> i saw him fire two shots drebtly at him which sent shim back. >> reporter: nearby businesses including a bank were evacuated. others sheltered in place. >> i went back into the store and i called the owners and they told us to close the store automatically. and everyone get back into a safe place. >> reporter: police did not confirm if the suspect fired shots, but a handgun and several bags were found near the suspect. luckily, no officers were injured and no additional explosives were found. >> they made sure that we were safe. they responded 100 .appropriately given the situation. >> reporter: for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, los angeles. and heading overseas, president obama is in kenya this morning, the african nation where his father was born and raised. it is his first trip to kenya as
7:15 am
president, and the first visit ever by a sitting u.s. president. the president of kenya and president obama's half-sister were among those who greeted him upon his arrival friday night. his step-grandmother made the trip to nairobi to dine with him. and back in the u.s. jonathan pollard, the american convicted of spying for israel could soon be a free man. pollard's lawyer saying he may be released from federal prison within months. this, after spending 30 years behind bars. he becomes eligible for parole in november. pollard was a civilian analyst. for the u.s. navy, convicted of selling u.s. classified information to israel. and now, to fiat chrysler, where they're recalling more than a million cars and trucks because of concerns they could be susceptible to hacking. the recall covers the 2015 versions of ram pickups, jeep cherokee and grand cherokee suvs.
7:16 am
fiat chrysler after "wired" magazine had an article saying the software programmers were able to take control of a jeep cherokee being driven on a missouri highway. and police in north carolina are trying to identify two women who allegedly dressed as nurses to allegedly steal jewelry from nursing home residents. the sutter video camera shows women going door to door, seemingly looking for empty rooms to rob. police say the fake nurses got away with tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. and finally, in florida, surprisingly, a story about a very angry bus passenger. now, check this out. winter haven police say that this guy got off a bus, he wants to get back on the bus to go somewhere else, but the bus driver is telling him that he has to pay the fare -- >> come on. >> -- to get back on again. the passenger didn't like that.
7:17 am
>> that's going to leave the mark. >> he hurdled himself into the bus' door. we don't know exactly why. >> who did he think he was punishing by doing that? >> wait, is he down for the count? >> he's down for the count. he knocked himself out. from our florida file. >> he full-blown knocked himself out? >> yes. he was unconscious as a consequence of running into the side of the bus. >> at that point, you just pay the $2. >> you know what, pay the 2 bucks. >> from the florida file. i love the state of florida for many, many reasons. >> an angry bus passenger. sara has a story about possible angry airline passengers. >> it's a major price gouging investigation. the fed wants to know why some of the big airlines raised their fares. took advantage of passengers after tragic rail crash knocked out service. abc's mary bruce has the story from new york's laguardia airport. good morning, mary. >> reporter: hey, sara, good morning. well, the cost of flights at this airport and several others
7:18 am
along the east coast, allegedly skyrocketed after that train crash, and now some are accusing the airlines of purposely raising prices on desperate stranded travelers. this morning, five major airlines under investigation after complaints of unfair sky-high prices. authorities are questioning whether they took advantage of a horrific deadly train crash to jack up fares. after this train derailed in may in philadelphia, the popular northeast corridor shut down for days, leaving passengers stranded with little option but to look to the skies. reported airfares of $500 doubling. one politician even complaining of a $2300 ticket. >> did they gouge prices so high and take advantage of a situation? >> reporter: the transportation department wants answers, sending letters to the airlines demanding information. this investigation coming just weeks after a justice department probe into several u.s. airlines
7:19 am
for possibly colluding on prices. but this morning, already, the head of one airline is pushing back on the current investigation, saying united airlines did nothing wrong. >> absolutely not, sir. i would never take advantage of an opportunity like that, if you viewed it as an opportunity. >> reporter: he said passengers ended up buying last-minute tickets, which usually come at a steeper price. >> what we saw was certainly a surge in demand for tickets and the only available inventory was the last-minute business inventory. >> reporter: now, no conclusions have been made. and some say this is simply market forces at work, as travelers flock to the airlines. we have reached to the other airlines involved and southwest, jetblue and american tell us they plan to fully cooperate with the investigation. dan and paula. >> mary, thank you. appreciate it. >> we certainly hope they don't capitalize on that tragedy. >> absolutely. let's check the weather now,
7:20 am
and you can tell it's when it's and you can tell when it's warm the weatherman has a tan. >> oh, yeah, and it's been slow in the weather department. >> in a good way. >> it's summer. i want to take you to my own florida file, tarpon springs, florida, lightning right through the house, nobody hurt. thankfully, but that will scare you and certainly give you a zap if you're anywhere close to that. rain across the sunshine state. this is liquid sunshine in some cases north of tampa, 8 inches falling, this stalled frontal boundary is going to create more in the way of rainfall. could see another 2, 3, 4, 5 inches of rainfall from tampa south to ft. myers. we have flood watches out there. they don't need the rain. we need the rain in miami and south florida. by the way, we're watching that stalled frontal boundary for maybe something tropical developing here in the next few days. we'll keep you posted on that. severe weather threat today, missouri north to iowa, nebraska
7:21 am
getting into south dakota, south dakota the spot where you might see some tornadoes. some showers across the pacific northwest. >> it's summertime, summertime, back by popular demand, the beach forecast is coming up in about 15 minutes. >> thank you for the wonderful weather. i know we can give you all the credit. >> you're welcome, too, dan. >> i was just going to thank you even though you don't deserve it. love you, though. coming up here on "good
7:22 am
morning america," was a love triangle at the center of a bizarre murder case involving a former fireman? we're going to hear from the victim's family. where is the woman allegedly at the center of it all? good samaritans helping police and firefighters to save a motorcyclist's life, pinned under a car. her remarkable rescue story. and the "baywatch" reboot on the big screen starring the rock all up ahead in "pop news." "good morning america" is brought to you by famous footwear. famous for brand name shoes for the whole family. famous for brand name shoes for the whole family. ♪ this isn't just the start of school this is the new year. find the styles and brands they'll love for every big moment. where? famous footwear. fact. advil is not only strong
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♪ ♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk. all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. squeeze. stir. share.
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♪ ♪ everybody, can you just say welcome back? say, welcome back. >> all: welcome back. >> welcome back, janet jackson. >> that's miss jackson if you're nasty. >> yes, that's right. >> that was great, dan. >> yep. i was alive in the '80s. >> so, miss nasty janet has released her first music video in five years, it's titled no sleep. we know a thing or two about that. i love this video, it has a personal touch. sara, you'll have more about it coming up in "pop news." >> sure will. also coming up, look at this, the people who sprang into action to save a woman trapped under a car, unbelievably she'll
7:31 am
be just fine and you'll hear from her in just a few minutes. first, though, the former firefighter accused of murder in what's being called a messy love triangle. >> jonathan hearn is accused of killing his lover's husband. a judge just made a critical ruling in his case. did his lover put him up to it? both sides speaking out this morning, and abc's phillip mena has the story. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. a california judge ruling there is enough evidence to try the former firefighter for murder. jonathan hearn now facing the possibility of life in prison. this morning, former firefighter jonathan hearn awaiting trial on first-degree murder charges. >> the trial will determine guilt or not guilt. >> reporter: after a judge ruled friday that prosecutors have enough evidence to try the 24-year-old in the fatal shooting of robert limon last august. hearn accused of lying in wait before attacking. authorities linking hearn and robert, citing an alleged love triangle. the center, robert's wife, sabrina.
7:32 am
>> jonathan hearn had become involved in a romantic relationship with sabrina. >> reporter: sabrina was arrested in november, accused of conspiring with hearn to plot her husband's murder. but no charges were ever filed. robert's family says they haven't heard or seen since their sister in law. >> not reaching out to robert's family to say i had nothing to do with this. >> if she didn't love my brother anymore, she should have divorced him. >> reporter: court documents alleging the mother of two admitted to police that she knew her lover killed her husband. even telling hearn where robert would be working the day he was murdered. prosecutors pointing to this surveillance video, allegedly showing hearn pacing around the railyard where robert limon worked the same day of the
7:33 am
murder. but the attorneys claim her statements were coerced and that prosecutors are relying on weak evidence based solely on the affair. >> i don't think they have a very strong case against jonathan hearn. >> and hearn has pleaded not guilty. meanwhile, police telling abc news they're still investigating whether sabrina limon played a role in her husband's death. but her lawyer telling us that she was not involved in the murder. >> phillip, thank you. we want to send things back over to ron with another look at our top story, that shooting in louisiana. while investigators try to figure out a motive we're learning more about the accused gunman in that deadly attack in a louisiana movie theater. court records show the 59-year-old john houser suffered from manic depression and/or bipolar disorder. according to his estranged wife, she was so worried, she removed all the guns from their home. officials say that houser was still able to buy the gun used in thursday's shooting legally.
7:34 am
and now to an unlikely bank robber turned in by his family -- bank robber suspect. a former lapd turned in by his daughter. once part of the team to arrest robert kennedy's assassin, is now accused of robbing several banks in southern california. he was taken to a police station after his children recognized him in surveillance video. police say, once they showed him those photos, he replied allegedly, i'm cooked. in illinois, dramatic police dash cam video of the rescue of a police officer stuck in a window of a burning home. the police officer was trying to check to see if anybody was inside the house. fellow officers were able to get him out safely. and finally, a minor league baseball team playing in port charlotte, florida, had an unusual visitor to their dugout. there, a gator, when they arrive at the ballpark thursday night. no word how the alligator ended
7:35 am
up in this that dugout. >> it was the opposing team. >> they actually called in the lefty. okay, bad joke. >> what? >> yeah. >> let's save paula, get it over to rob for the weather. >> rob, you're used to cleaning up our messes. >> it's a full-time job. let's take you to asbury park, gorgeous day on the shore. stone pony, springsteen, there you go, 64 degrees. sunny, mid-80s. water temperature isn't too shabby this time of year. rising above 70 degrees. beach forecast. here you go. handful of beaches. long beach, 79 degrees. these are air temperatures. miami beach, 86. malibu, can't forget socal, temperatures there, perfect, 75 degrees. meanwhile, heat and humidity. the heat index is going to be on the rise. excessive heat warnings includes tulsa, up through joplin, missouri, also, memphis is going to feel like 105 today when you factor in the heat. plus, that humidity,
7:36 am
107 in tulsa, that's a sweater. we're going to expand this heat as we go through time. it's been fairly cool and unsettled across parts of new england. boston, showers the past several days. it might touch 90 degrees by tuesday. 70 degrees with some showers across portland and there is your severe weather threat. that's your national outlook. 's >> this weather report is brought to you by walgreens. enjoy your saturday. i wish people could see what goes on behind the scenes here. when we cut away to the local forecasts, rob dances. >> and you have some moves, i should just call you fred astaire. >> they're so good we keep them
7:37 am
off the air. >> yes, i'm worried sometimes he's going to pull a muscle. >> he's break dancing. >> it's not break dancing. >> moving on. >> breaking something. coming up here on "good morning america" -- when seconds count, a woman trapped under car and the frantic efforts to save her. we'll hear from her after the break. meanwhile, sara, what you got? well, when you said you want people to see behind the scenes, that's what we do, we do periscope through the whole show, to give people a glimpse of what goes on during commercials. tune in for more. >> if you want more. >> ron loves periscope. >> everyone wants more. okay, we're going to be right back. >> bye-bye. dance, dance. >> dance, rob. dance, dance. >> dance, rob. bye-bye. dance, dance. >> dance, rob. what happened to your hair? i got it. walgreens has all you need to keep it all under control. from a little touch-up... come on, guys! to finding that perfect finishing touch... to making memories at the touch of
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7:42 am
she's now speaking out to thanks those who came to her rescue. ron is here with that story. >> the video is absolutely chilling, that motorcyclist pinned under that car, barely able to breathe. they had to act now. >> i can see video. i see them running to the car to save me. i see the bystanders. i wasn't breathing when they pulled me out. every second counted. >> reporter: speaking out for the first time since the devastating caught on camera crash that she says nearly killed her. surveillance video shows a car veer into the right lane, smashing directly into gibson's motorcycle, violently launching her and pinning her beneath the car. first responders teaming up with good samaritans with no time to waste. >> i told the firefighters there's enough of us here let's just lift it up. >> reporter: up it went, freeing the trapped motorcyclist, until they could pull her to safely. >> i remember a car looming in front of me, seemingly out of nowhere. >> reporter: that was the last thing she remembered until she woke up in the hospital 13 hours
7:43 am
later, battered and bruised but okay. >> this is nothing short of a miracle. i had a lot of help with that miracle. >> reporter: days later, gibson watched the security camera video of the gruesome accident. >> i remember, it seemed like a terrible dream. >> reporter: gibson said she's alive today only because of the quick thinking and the physical strength of the police officers, fire and rescue team and civilians who rushed in to her aid. >> they changed so many lives by changing mine and i am deeply, deeply grateful. >> reporter: gibson says that two of the dallas officers who helped rescue her came to visit her in thopt on their own time. telling her they had to meet the luckiest girl in the world. she said they told her when you get out of here go buy a lottery ticket. >> oh, that's amazing -- you hear so negative stories about law enforcement these days. but it's so great to see these guys in action. these are true heroes. this is an amazing story, ron and coming up on "good morning america" -- the paintings that come to life,
7:44 am
drop by drop by drop. little droplets, i guess. it's all ahead in "pop news." >> it's magical. >> okay. >> every "pop news" is magical. >> i wish you kept that in mind during the ratings. gs. >> i wish you kept that in mind during the ratings. when the phone rang at 5am i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at if you misplaced your discover card you can now use freeze it to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds. and once you find it you can switch it right on again. you're back! freeze it, only from discover. get it at no fifth grader's ever sat at the cool table. but your jansport backpack is permission
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squeeze. stir. share. ♪ ♪ all right, time now for "pop news." what you got? >> what we all have been waiting for. >> always, thank you. >> janet jackson's new music video "no sleep" is trending big time this morning. take a look. ♪ ♪ together with you ♪ >> it's her first video since 2010's "nothing" and fans are going crazy for it. the single was recorded for her upcoming album due out in the fall.
7:48 am
the video also includes photos from the singer's childhood, hitting the perfect note of nostalgia for fans who have been waiting years for janet's big comeback. >> like ron. >> she looks great. >> she always looks great. >> i love the melody. >> she's timeless. the people who surpass time are the true stars. >> like ron. >> oh, wow. >> move on. and can you smell what the rock's cooking up next? it's the scent of suntan lotion and a salty ocean breeze. >> this is slightly less deep. >> dwayne "the rock" johnson's big-screen adaptation of the hit tv show "baywatch" is moving ahead with the rock. the director says he's boarding the project. he's the guy behind "horrible bosses". this one is bound to be hilarious. no word yet on any cameos from david hasselhoff or pamela anderson. so, keep your fingers crossed. but plenty of slow motion
7:49 am
running scenes, i'm sure. >> crossing fingers. >> can you imagine -- that's not a marriage i saw happening, the rock and "baywatch." >> when is somebody going to do "knight rider." >> el coche fantastico. >> el coche fantastico. >> say it with an accent. how is it. >> el coche fantastico. that's how they say it in spain. and get ready for a little magic, from a pint-sized magician. she was on a whale-watching trip and watch what happens next. >> i got two. >> do your magic to make them come out. we haven't seen any. >> whoa! >> good job. >> you have really magical powers. >> how adorable, she's 3 1/2. she has also superpowers that turn red lights green and open garage doors, her parents say.
7:50 am
david copperfield, eat your heart out. >> she is magic. >> she's so cute. can you imagine of throwing down and seeing that happen. >> i can imagine. >> it happens to you all the time, ron. >> ron's actually controlling you now. >> and that happens every day as well. >> keep talking. going viral right now on facebook, an artist who primarily paints with water, it sounds weird, but when they add a drop of ink it's like magic before your eyes. watch this the paint comes to life with the paint filling out shapes and faces and animals. look at that. >> that's remarkable. >> yeah, you know what that reminds me of those invisible pen you used as kids, you color with them. the ink comes out. >> as a kid? i still use them. >> you could write secret code to your siblings. >> yes. >> i was going to let them keep going. >> i can't tell if dan was falling asleep or was
7:51 am
mesmerized. >> it was a really deep "pop news." sara "socrates" haines. >> thank you. thank you. >> you got a b-plus from ron. >> this is how i feel about ron, don. >> you know the point of tough love, to make you a better you. >> "pop news" is going to rock soon, someday. >> thank you, father ron. we'll be right back. with more tough love. >> really, really? >> yeah. >> you're with ron? "good morning america" is >> yeah. >> you're with ron? nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus.
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one of our producers, chris campbell and his lovely wife, are proud new parents. >> congratulations. >> and what a photo, by the way. >> bowtie. >> you guys should switch things up. >> i put glasses on to look smart.
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it's saturday, july 25th. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast with frances in for lisa. >> good morning, everyone. great to start off. in the north bay we had fog and limited visibility. petaluma five miles. elsewhere the clouds will clear to the coast pretty quickly. right now, temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to low 60s except for parts of the north bay. mid 50s in napa. beautiful shot from mt. tam. you see the low clouds and clearing inland in east bay areas.


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