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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 26, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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ar coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. good morning, america. new overnight, towering inferno. the raging fire above the vegas strip. at one of the city's swankiest hotels. >> unbelievable. unbelievable! >> guests running for the exit. the investigation this morning. what started it all? deadly road rampage. driver's anger at the boiling point. gunning a man down right in front of his family. panic captured on a 911 call. what happened next and the charges this morning. happening right now -- the massive search at sea, two 14-year-old boys on a fishing trip, gone missing. they have very few supplies. their families are praying. we will hear directly from their moms this morning. and lion on the lam?
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new sighting. the frantic call. new eyewitnesses coming forward. can you believe their "lion" eyes? hey, good morning, everybody. paula is taking some well-deserved time off. but we're happy to have the wonderful cecilia vega onboard this weekend. >> the things i have heard already. yes, yes. ron claiborne. >> i can promise you that rob and sara will be on their best behavior. i can make no guarantees on ron claiborne. >> i'll try. >> clean it up. speaking of wild cards, our top story, look at this wild scene out of las vegas. smoke billowing over the strip. >> the five-star cosmopolitan, a magnet for celebrities.
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terrified guests running for their lives. this morning, the investigation into how it started. abc's alex perez is right there with the very latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: authorities this morning trying to pinpoint exactly what triggered this. guests were at the pool. enjoying the day. when all of a sudden, everything went wrong. >> oh, my god. this is unbelievable. unbelievable! unbelievable. there's a fire going on. >> reporter: intense flames and plumes of black smoke turning parts of the trendy cosmopolitan hotel on the vegas strip into a towering inferno. >> the whole thing was on fire. first thing was get out as fast as possible. >> reporter: the blaze breaking out on the 14th floor deck just after noon this saturday. guests screaming, running from the pool. >> it's so bad. look over here! >> oh, no -- no, there's
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something serious going on, it's like igniting. >> reporter: thick smoke taking over several floors of the 3,000-room luxury hotel. >> let's evacuate all floors above pool. >> reporter: 110 firefighters raced to the scene battling the flames. the fire took an half an hour to extinguish. >> everything burning was exterior. the pool area chairs furniture, landscaping. >> reporter: at least one person hospitalized and treated for smoke inhalation. hotel employees suspect the fire may have been started by a cigarette. and a few floors are closed here. but the hotel is up and running. authorities saying they are very lucky there were no life-threatening injuries here. >> thank you, alex. we turn now to that shooting in a louisiana movie theater, victims being remembered this morning at churches around the country, as investigators hunt
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down clues into why the gunman went on this deadly rampage. abc's ryan owens has the latest from the scene in lafayette. ryan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia, you're right, church services today and those funerals tomorrow for those two young women, as this community grieves, they still have so many questions as to why they were targeted. this morning, police have very few answers. an open door provides a first glimpse of the movie theater. where police are still inside looking for clues to a motive. why did 59-year-old john rusty houser open fire in the 7:00 showing of the comedy "trainwreck"? why here? some 500 miles from his last known address in alabama. where he was evicted after trashing this house. one thing police do know, his rampage was premeditated. >> this was a planned event, first of all. secondly, based off of how the vehicle was parked, we believe
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that, yes, he was going to try to leave the theater. >> reporter: he parked his car right next to the emergency exit door of theater 14. where he killed jillian johnson and 21-year-old mayci breaux. injuring nine more movie goers. >> i can just see his, you know, hand going in a circle and the lights coming. at that point, it can't be a gun. not here. >> reporter: that's the emergency fire door that the gunman run out. he saw the police were already here. witnesses say he ran back through the same door and shot himself. more evidence that he planned to live through his rampage. detectives said he switched the license plate on the getaway car. inside his room at motel 6, they found disguises, wigs and glasses. investigators say, houser, whose own family had him committed to a mental institution, was still
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able to legally purchase his gun at a pawnshop. he had a law degree, once ran for political office. but those who knew him say his behavior was so bizarre in recent years they weren't the least bit surprised that he's responsible for america's latest mass shooting. >> i just got that feeling. sometimes you get that gut feeling. it's got to be him. >> reporter: we have heard a lot there about his erratic behavior back in alabama. but this morning the "washington post" is reporting that he was acting strangely here in lafayette in the days leading up to the shooting, including dissolving into tears at a food pantry asking for food and then going to cracker barrel restaurant. offering to mow their yard in exchange for food. >> apparently a desperate man. we're going to turn now to the race for president. your voice, your vote.
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in iowa, donald trump giving away free barbecue to fans. while hillary clinton held a smaller and more sedate affair under a sycamore tree. what kind of reactions did they get? abc's devin dwyer is here. >> reporter: of all the candidates in this race, donald trump and hillary clinton have the highest unfavorable ratings, yet, they're still out front and drawing big crowds in iowa. a front-runner face-off in the cornfields of iowa. >> i want to grab that corn like you've never seen. >> reporter: republican donald trump drawing a crowd around the block, about 1/10th the size of the city itself. never mind that editorial in the state's largest newspaper. calling calling trump a self-absorbed celebrity. >> you know, it's a super liberal rag, not respected around here. >> reporter: he tried to ban des moines register reporters at the event, but some made it anyway. one saying the staff was polite, trump, silent when he saw me.
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donald with his signature style. on immigration, giving a shoutout to "gma." >> abc, their cameras are setting up. >> reporter: we were setting up for our "good morning america" live shot. >> two people running behind them. trying to catch them. and this is the good part of the border. >> reporter: trump has the biggest lead by far of any republican. but the democratic front-runner also in iowa didn't seem daunted. >> i am not new to this and i have the scars to prove that. >> reporter: hillary clinton on the stump in a backyard but trailed by questions about classified information in her private e-mails. >> the facts are pretty clear, i didn't send or receive anything that was classified at the time. >> reporter: investigators now calling for an fbi review, saying potentially hundreds of clinton's messages left national security material exposed. >> this is about my desire to
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have transparency and make the information public. >> reporter: the campaign says the state department will make public more of clinton's private e-mails later this week. she'll testify later this year on the benghazi attacks. that's just as the primary campaign is hitting primetime. >> devin, thank you. for more on these two front-runners, let's bring in george stephanopoulos who will be hosting "this week" later this morning. just a week ago, you had donald trump insulting john mccain's war record, but here he is, still going strong, does he have a real chance of winning the republican nomination? or is he going to go the way of herman cain? >> i don't think he has a chance for the nomination. huge numbers of republican voters saying they're not going to consider voting for him. but he's tapping into something that's very, very real.
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dissatisfaction, anger. he's blunt. the big challenge for the other candidates, how do they harness that same energy he's tapping into right now, eventually a lot of his votes are going to go elsewhere. no one else is able to grab that same kind of energy now. >> george, what about this challenge for hillary clinton, this e-mailgate, it won't go away. you heard her adamantly denying that she did anything wrong. is it hurting her out there on the trail? >> she has a big lead over bernie sanders. but clearly, you look at her general election poll numbers, the number of people who consider her not trustworthy, continues to remain high. polls in key states this week, virginia and colorado, where she was behind for the first time potential republican candidates. so it's not helping her to continue to have this in the news, but so far, it's not fatal. >> george, thank you. cecilia you will cover the clinton campaign. by the way, george is going to
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have much more on the president's trip to africa, the race for the white house and an exclusive interview with attorney general loretta lynch. coming up later this morning right here on abc's "this week." we turn it over to ron claiborne, the president is in kenya. >> that's right. he's getting a national address in kenya, the president spending the day speaking to thousands of youth and civic leaders in nairobi, the capital there. he made history friday, becoming the first sitting american president to visit kenya. the president also visits ethiopia for his second and final stop in africa. in kentucky, an amusement park ride tipped over injuring at least eight children. on a swing ride in bowling green, kentucky. seven of those children were treated at the hospital. none of the injuries considered life-threatening. now to chicago, a commuter train that caught fire forcing the evacuation of dozens of passengers. firefighters removing 60
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passengers from the train. no one was injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation. here in new york, bystanders came to the rescue after an suv flipped over saturday night in queens. you can see the men kicking in the windshield, pulling the driver to safety. some good samaritans there. the driver taken to the hospital with minor injuries. and you may recall a few days ago the world champion surfer, mick fanning's encounter with a great white shark, and he's back, not the shark, but fanning, surfing for the first time since that terrifying incident six days ago. this time, he's off the coast in australia, posting this picture on instagram. saying first surf back feels so good. finally, chicago, wrigley field, where the philadelphia phillies' cole hamels was working on a no-hitter. two outs. ninth inning, watch what happens. deep center field.
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it's going back, back. herrera falls. hamels gets the no-hitter, the first no-hitter thrown against the cubs in half a century. ironically, hamels could be traded soon from the phillies. first no-hitter in a half a century. >> why would they trade him after that? >> it's a long story, but -- >> wasn't the last one sandy koufax? >> oh, look at you, sara. >> i smell a rat. >> how did you know that? >> september. 1965? >> yes, a perfect game. >> seriously, google. >> there was no googling. there was ron. >> wait, you guys, i would never cheat. ever. that's just rude to -- >> the professionalism of writing it on a napkin.
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>> welcome to the national news. >> that's how it's done. >> welcome, cecilia. >> thank you, now i know. >> we do turn now to that urgent search off the coast of florida, the coast guard out this morning trying to find two teens missing since friday. they went out by themselves on a fishing trip. they don't have much food or water with them and abc's kendis gibson has the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. things are calm right now on atlantic ocean. but within the last 48 hours we have experienced some intense rain and wind here in south florida, making conditions out there even worse. this morning, a frantic and increasingly desperate search for two boys missing off the high seas off the coast of florida. coast guards, helicopters and boats scanning more than 6,000 miles of the atlantic for the 14-year-olds. the two boys vanishing on their fishing trip, expected to last only a day. >> both boys have their boaters
7:15 am
certification. he's been on a boat since he was 7. >> this is his fourth boat. he's been around boats since before he could walk. we have been going to the bahamas since he was 8 months old. >> reporter: by 11:00 a.m., both teens checking in with their parents by text. around noon, snapchatting a photo of the boat with their fishing gear. they were last seen at 1:00 p.m., buying more than $100 of fuel at a marina. their destination, an island in the bahamas. parents becoming concerned around 5:00 p.m. on friday. with no word for the boys. concern is now borderline panic. more than 36 hours later. >> they have siblings looking forward to them coming home. >> reporter: this morning, coast guard expanding the hunt for the teens. rough seas overnight making the conditions of the search difficult for anyone to survive.
7:16 am
>> from my understanding, the boys are avid fishermen. they've been fishing their entire lives. at the same time, they're still 14 years old. >> reporter: two families, this morning, united in their hope for a miracle. and those families desperate to do anything they can, have now raised up to $60,000, a reward fund for anybody who can help get those boys back. dan? >> kendis, thank you. we're really pulling for those families and boys this morning. we're going to move now to milwaukee, a very different kind of story, a fresh sighting of the "lionlike animal" creating a local uproar and sara is here with the story. i'm sure you know about as much about this as sandy koufax. >> you did just hear dan correctly, it is milwaukee and a lionlike animal. if you live there, you may be one of the many people who have spotted this wild animal completely out of place, lurking
7:17 am
in the midwest. overnight, milwaukee police are once again searching for a lion and a cub that were spotted saturday. >> some girls talking about they saw a lion, so they took off running. >> reporter: could it really be a lion or is it something else? this newly released 911 call capturing the moment cynthia wilborn says she spotted a lion roaming the streets of milwaukee earlier this week. >> i'm calling to report the possible sighting of a young lion. i'm not joking and i'm not crazy. >> reporter: neighbors said she waited a few hours to call police. she didn't know it was even possible. a lion prancing around this residential neighborhood. >> it's a wild animal back there. >> what did it look like? >> like a lion or a tiger. >> i can't shoot him? >> no, don't shoot him. >> i'm going back in the house. >> reporter: more reported sightings. 31 calls according to police. >> we haven't found it. we haven't seen it. and haven't had any subsequent confirmed sitings.
7:18 am
>> reporter: the department of natural resources continues to investigate the area around the sightings. >> something was here and it could have been -- it could have been much worse. >> and as i just confirmed, this just in, they have seen, by just in i mean last night, the most recent spotting of this creature. >> by the way, nobody was talking in her ear. >> they're going to be really embarrassed in milwaukee if it turns out to be a golden retriever. >> you heard the woman, i'm not crazy. >> you're right. it's not a dog. i had to make a wisecrack. >> any lions out there in the weather? >> there are cats, it's raining in florida. no lionlike creatures spotted there. but a lot of rain. here's video to prove it, pasco county, people having to move furniture, sandbagging. upwards of 12 inches falling since thursday. on the west coast of florida,
7:19 am
and that's going to continue, i think, today. we got flood watches for the tampa bay area. the bulk of the heaviest rain further south towards ft. myers and naples. miami will get some. here's a future radar. miami needs the rain. most of it has been north and west. watch this circulation over the next several days. meanwhile, heat and humidity across much of the midsection of the country. it is july but some of this heat is dangerous heat, but these numbers don't couple in the humidity. it will actually be 98 degrees in dallas. this heat pump will pump up not only heat but moist air into the areas that have been rather comfortable the past few days. 88 degrees, the high in chicago. across the pacific northwest, some cooling rain.
7:20 am
71 degrees in portland for the brewfest today. 77 expected in san diego and 99 in houston. that doesn't include humidity either. >> enjoy your sunday. enjoy your sunday. we're in july which gets a lot of lightning. later, we'll talk about how you can keep you and your family safe. >> have you been to that brewfest in portland? >> many times. >> had a few brews? >> yeah. >> i feel this conversation can quickly go off the rails. gentlemen, hold it right there.
7:21 am
coming up on "gma" -- caught on tape, you're going to hear the 911 calls before a road rage encounter turns fatal. how and why a man was killed in front of his family. plus, zapped by lightning strikes on the run, how you can protect yourself. how one woman brought her husband back to life. and holy johnny depp later feeding a baby bat. in "pop news." more incredibly weird stuff. "good morning america" is brought to you by pronamel tooth paste. protect enamel. choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth.
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coming up -- the deadly road rage incident caught on tape. how did it escalate to a man being killed in front of his family? when lightning strikes what to do and what not to do. rob is breaking it all down, keep it right here. >> this is how you look taller than cecilia on camera. walk right in. how you look taller than cecilia on camera.
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♪ check out these little virtuosos. you're listening to the joyous youth quartet performing katy perry's "fireworks." they've been playing together since they were 4. now, they're 8. i was out for a walk, and saw them playing. i saw these kids playing and they are just phenomenal. >> they are so cute. they're how old? >> they're 8 years old. >> and you're just a little bit older than that, because i understand, america, today is sunday, july 26th, and that means it's dan harris' birthday. ♪ happy birthday ♪ >> i'm just a little bit older. >> just slightly. >> i have to say i feel very
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lucky to come into work every saturday and sunday with my friends. also, sara is here. >> wow! it's like that. >> i was going to serenade you. >> i'm just kidding. i have my baby boy and my wife at home. i'm a very lucky man on my birthday. >> happy birthday to you. to celebrate, rob is going to teach us all about lightning strikes. what not to do, and what to do when it happens. >> my gift. >> thank you, rob. that's all coming up. but first, a case of road rage. ending with a driver shot and killed right in front of his family. >> it's all recorded in dueling 911 calls. abc's philip mena is here with the story. good morning. >> that alleged shooter is also accused of pointing his gun at the children in the vehicle. these 911 calls are simply disturbing. this morning, newly released 911 audio revealing the chilling
7:32 am
details behind a deadly road rage incident in citrus county, florida. >> he's going to flip me off? i'm going to -- >> i'm going home, the gun is coming out. >> reporter: gonzalez, shot and killed in front of his wife, his 8-year-old daughter and 7-year-old grandson, after police said he followed robert doyle home after a heated road confrontation. causing both men to call 911. >> we're not going to follow him there? >> no, no, no. he's not going to follow him. you guys need to go home. >> some maniac trying to run me off the road. >> reporter: doyle's wife trying to defuse the situation. >> don't take them to our house! the police substation is right up the street. >> my gun is out, it's cocked and locked. >> reporter: panicked neighbors also calling 911 before shots are fired. then, the disturbing final moment. >> don't shoot! >> they still got the guy at gun point. he shot him probably like five times.
7:33 am
>> then the guy held them hostage with the gun until the cops arrived. >> tragic, we have kids that play around here all the time. you know, one of them could have been driving down the street on their bike when this happened. >> robert doyle in jail this morning, charged with second-degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault. he's not yet entered a plea. meanwhile, gonzalez's funeral is set for friday. >> just a horrifying story. another look at the headlines with ron. hi again, dan and cecilia. good morning, rob. investigators trying to figure out the cause of a poolside fire in vegas. sending guests running for they're lives. it took 110 firefighters to put out that blaze. broke out on the 14th floor deck the pool area of the cosmopolitan. in northern california, raging wildfires are forcing
7:34 am
residents from their homes, the blaze is now threatening at least 150 houses in the sierra nevada, authorities say the fire spread quickly throughout the drought-stricken area. now to massachusetts, where a family's first day on the water on their new boat went up in flames, it was caught on camera, a father and his two children jumping into the water to escape, they were pulled from the water by a passing boater. all three treated for minor injuries at the hospital. nch. >> ron, is everything here going to be on fire? >> no. the president on fire here. dancing. yeah. getting his groove on at the state dinner last night in kenya, the moment caught on camera. posted on instagram by a popular kenyan band. along with his half-sister and kenya's president and first lady. >> you'll be showing that to us later, dan. >> our state dinners, we're doing it all wrong. >> we need some dancing.
7:35 am
>> music. >> for sure. your hometown, boston, massachusetts, it's your birthday. another gift. i couldn't be more generous today. a couple of showers trying to kind of sneak through, you have been comfortable. it's cooler than it could be this time of year. it will warm up. this cold front not going to stay cold. that will happen here across the northeast throughout the day today. clouds giving way to sunshine. couple of showers later on tonight. california, central california the valleys here, outside of sacramento, dense smoke advisory. clearing out later on this afternoon. 67 degrees in san francisco bay. 80 degrees expected in los angeles.
7:36 am
107 in palm springs. a monsoon flow is going to start to kick up. a big severe threat today, one reported tornado across south dakota yesterday. here's the spot tomorrow across north dakota and eastern parts of montana. this is the time of year where the jet stream weakens and it goes way to the north. our friends in canada often get more severe weather than we do here in the states. 90 degrees. hot and humid in houston. 89 with rain across parts of florida including orlando. that's a quick check on your >> i'm new to this. the things that happen when the cameras aren't on. >> yeah. >> this weather report brought to you by lyrica.
7:37 am
thank you, lyrica. >> boston they are having a tough summer after that horrible winter they have? >> they're not sweating so much up there. >> a positive spin. >> they're being punished for that whole deflate thing. >> oh! >> even though they didn't do it. >> whatever the key to the city you may have had, give it back. coming up here, it's lightning season, already this summer we have had a few people hit. after the break, rob has some tips for how to stay safe. what to do after you hear that thunder. sara? >> i have been encouraging people to dance on periscope. well, remember, you can click on these links for the next 24 hours. if you missed it, make sure you log on. you don't want to miss the behind the scenes action. >> oh, yeah. >> no, dan. >> no. >> no. no.
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female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ whoa, lightning is one of whoa. lightning is one of those beautiful, powerful and dangerous events in nature. >> yeah, but it can be deadly, too, you can though protect yourself and rob is here to school us all on how to stay safe.
7:42 am
>> a lot of people get outdoors and we get a lot of this -- thunderstorms. july is the deadliest month when it comes to lightning. with that, here's some information to keep you and your family out of harm's way. it can strike almost any time. just about anywhere. five times hotter than the surface of the sun. packing a charge 8 million times more powerful than a household outlet. lightning strikes the u.s. almost 30 million times each year. on friday, a lightning strike causing an inferno in this apartment in florida. gutting the attic. in june, 14 people struck by lightning while hiking in colorado. >> several people hit. >> reporter: five sent to the hospital, one in critical condition. earlier this month, four people struck while hiking in colorado, less than 100 miles away.
7:43 am
one hiker killed by the powerful shock. 22 people killed by lightning so far this year, compared to only 15 at this time last year. so how can you stay safe during a thunderstorm? first, avoid open fields. >> whoa! all right. that was close. >> reporter: stay away from tall objects, such as isolated trees. what's the safest thing to do during a storm? go inside and stay off corded phones and tvs, computers. >> don't answer the phone if it's a land line. don't connect yourself to the outside world. >> reporter: just last week, her quick-thinking saved her husband's life. finding him lifeless in the front yard, struck by lightning. >> he had no pulse. he was not breathing. i just started doing chest compressions right away and praying and telling him to come back. >> reporter: performing cpr for 20 minutes before he started breathing again. >> i just started crying. i was delighted he was back.
7:44 am
>> i get chills from that, cora jean, you're a hero. and dispelling one of the many lightning myths. one being, if someone is hit by lightning, you can't touch them. she saved her husband's life. get in cars, cars are safe. get in your house. don't lie flat on the ground. you're exposing yourself to more possibly ground currents. >> running wouldn't work? >> running in circles. >> outrun the lightning. >> if you're going to pray, pray standing up. lee trevino once said, hold up the 1 iron. back when they had it. only god could hit a 1 iron. trevino got hit by lightning three times, by the way. so that doesn't work, either. move over rob lowe, eli manning is the face of this new ad and the results, well, let me just say, there's a leisure suit involved. ron, you're going to love this. coming up in "pop news."
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♪ the beat is infectious. watch me nae nae. sara, what did you have? >> did you just drop that, really? i'm hoping for an "a" today. i start with cute and end with cute. johnny depp fans are seeing a more sensitive side of the actor, sure they're familiar with him as the captain jack sparrow, but here's a softer johnny. feeding an orphaned baby bat. while filming down under earlier
7:49 am
this year. he stopped by in full costume and took a liking to the little ones. >> what they don't say, he's terrified of this person. >> the little bat is a little preemie. he was born prematurely. >> johnny depp and a bat? done. >> johnny depp and any baby. directv is turning to a quartet of quarterbacks to sell its service, and who knew they could be so funny? here's a look at the dallas cowboys' tony romo and new york giants' eli manning. >> i'm tony romo. and i have directv. >> and i'm arts and crafts tony romo, and i have cable. >> hi, i'm eli manning and i have directv. >> and i'm bad comedian eli manning and i got cable. what? >> -- gives you every game. >> of course, they're channeling those popular rob lowe commercials. andrew luck and peyton manning will also be featured. i think it's hilarious that these guys that are so used to
7:50 am
being looked upon these gorgeous athletes, have, like balding hair. fall -- fat little bellies. that was the best part for me. >> a preview of what's to come. >> you've had your best days. >> eli was good. >> time is cruel. and the newest take on king arthur turned the legendary hero into an action star, "entertainment weekly" giving you a first look at charlie hunnam as the once and future king. he's apparently ready to give his new character an edge to make him more appealing to the audience. he calls arthur a hustler and street kid. saying there's nothing boring about his royal reign. the movie comes up next summer. that's a side of king arthur we've never seen. >> guy ritchie treatment. >> a totally different look. i liked the old king arthur, but i like charlie, too. maybe a little. and who says you have to
7:51 am
walk before you dance, meet one little guy who has all the moves. here he is grooving. look at those feet. that kind of looks like dan harris' baby. but the head is smaller. >> oh! >> i don't mean that mean. your little baby has a more -- >> he's less coordinated than this baby. >> look whose his dad is, he's not going to get the beat. >> how did she do today? >> "a"-minus. >> i would like to thank the academy and my mom and dad -- they really like me. >> we'll be right back with sally field and the rest of the gang. ook whose his dad is, he's not going to get the beat. how did she do today? >> a-minus. >> i would like to thank the exactly how traditional cooling and heating systems work. so you pay more than you should. but mitsubishi electric systems give you a better way... with no waste and lower energy bills.
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"good mornin "good morning america" is brought to you by a zillion th "good morning america" is brought to you by a zillion things home. before we go, two things, first of all, thank you, cecilia
7:56 am
vega, great job. >> thank you. also george stephanopoulos will be back with "this week" very soon right here on abc. thanks for watching, everyone. have a great week. >> all: happy birthday! >> all: happy birthday!
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