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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 30, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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morning america" good morning, america. breaking right now, mystery solved. is this the wing from that missing malaysian airliner more than a year after more than 200 passengers disappeared without a trace? the new clues washing ashore this m do they hold the key to what really happened to flight 370? point-blank. a cincinnati cop charged with killing a man during a routine traffic stop. prosecutors saying the new body camera revealing a cold-blooded murderer. >> i discharged one round. struck the man in the head. >> the officer and the family of the victim speaking out this morning. under siege. the hunter now the hunted. protesters surround the office of that minnesota dentist who shot the world famous lion. shutting down his business. his new plea to patients as authorities overseas now want to question him.
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will he be charged? survivor story. one of the hero teachers from that movie theater shooting speaking out overnight. >> i've never told so many people, my family and friends that i've loved them as i have in the past five days. >> the woman credited with saving so many lives revealing what happened inside that theater for the first time. how she found the strength to get out alive. and good morning, america. let's get right to that huge break in the search for missing malaysian flight 370. one of the biggest mysteries in aviation history vanished without a trace more than 500 days ago. now the first clues, a brand-new one coming in just moments ago. reports this suitcase was found near the wing fragment that washed ashore. >> flight 370 disappeared over the night sky back in march of last year. the search has covered more than 46,000 square miles. this is the last known location of the plane and the 239 people on board it.
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abc's bob woodruff has been covering the story from the very beginning and he joins us now. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, amy. from here in beijing, you know, this has been big news here today. 153 of the passengers were chinese. families have been living with this tragedy for more than 16 months, perhaps this mystery is starting to unravel. it's about six feet long covered in barnacles and other marine life, a broken bit of wreckage that may hold answers to the mystery of what happened to flight mh370. it was found on a beach in the french island of reunion in the indian ocean more than 3500 miles from where australia continues to lead the search for clues. and even far farther from the last confirmed position of the plane near malaysia. >> it could have covered that distance in the 16 months since the aircraft presumably went into the water. >> reporter: aviation experts believe the part of the plane ahere appears to be a flaperon.
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a component unique to a 577. only five 777 have crashed in history. none from this part of the world. it took off with 239 aboard from kuala lumpur but disappeared from radar screens less than an hour later. the last communication was when the boeing 777 flew over the south china sea, the final words from the cockpit, good night, malaysian 370. a number on the wreckage bb 670 is expected to help investigators in the identification process. this number most likely not a serial or registration number but officials believe it could be a maintenance number. back here in beijing even if this turns out to be a wing part from flight 370, many relatives just wouldn't believe it. this man told me that any announcement by malaysia airlines would be a company conspiracy to cover everything up. this woman lost her five family members including her sister and grandson. if it's proven to be true -- she
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say says no matter what the officials say about the wing, it will be a lie. they've been doing the same thing since last year, she says. they just keep changing their explanation. of course, not everyone believes in conspiracy here in china. others do believe their friends or family members did not survive. they are just waiting for the facts to be confirmed so that they can finally get some closure. george. >> okay, bob, thanks. >> let's get more on this from aviation expert steven ganyard. what more could we know? we've seen few 777s that have gone done and have bb670. what does that tell us? >> i think we're seeing some positive reports this morning, george, that suggest that this is a piece of a 777 and i think that given the paint and all the other extenuating circumstances i think that we can probably say that this will be and will turn out to be a piece of malaysia 370. >> so what does that tell us about where the plane went down? >> unfortunately not much. remember this piece has been out at sea adrift for 16 months and if you look at the currents in the indian ocean they really run
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in a counterclockwise formation, counter circular formation so it's taken that 16 months for these pieces to drift from where we think the airplane hit the water all the way back over to the other side of the indian ocean so it's drifted for so long, there's probably no evidence on the piece itself that will help us figure out why the airplane went down or where it sits at the bottom now. >> so does it change the search area at all? >> no, i don't think it will. it's drifted so far away and done forensics and analysis pointing at that part of the indian ocean off the australian coast still remains the valid place where they're looking. george, i've met with these investigators three times over the past six months in canberra. they today remain absolutely convinced that they will find the wreckage of mh370 on the bottom of the indian ocean. >> after we get the first clue, okay, steve, thanks very much. now to that cincinnati police officer charged with murder for shooting a driver during a traffic stop, yet another case where the officer
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is white, the victim is black and the body cam video shows how quickly the situation escalated out of control. abc's tom llamas is in cincinnati with more. good morning, tom. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. the family of the victim praising god that body cam video exists, but the attorney for the police officer telling me his client is being crucified and that he only learned of the indictment on live television. this morning, university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing set to face a judge indicted for killing 43-year-old sam dubose during this traffic stop last week. >> this is without question a murder. >> hey, how's it going? >> reporter: it's july 19th, 6:29 p.m. watch on tensing's body cam as he approaches the vehicle in the driver seat is dubose pulled over for a missing license plate. >> do you have your license on you? >> uh, yeah. >> what's that bottle on the floor there? >> reporter: dubose hands over what looks like a bottle of gin
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but fails to produce his license. >> i'm asking you a direct question. do you have a license on you? >> reporter: that's when tensing reaches for the car door. >> i didn't do anything. >> go ahead and take your seat belt off, stop, stop. >> reporter: we won't show you what happens next but you can hear the gunshot. dubose's car starts rolling out of control. tensing racing after it until it crashes. the engine still revving. >> we need a medic now. >> reporter: moments later on police radio this is how tensing describes what happened. >> i almost got run over by the car. he took off on me. i discharged one round. struck the man in the head. >> reporter: the officer later claiming in a police report he was being dragged by the vehicle and had to fire his weapon. prosecutors say tensing never should have pulled the trigger. >> this is the most assanine act
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i've seen a police officer make. >> reporter: a second video taken from the body cam of another officer shows tensing on the ground. do you think your client was dragged, looking at this video, was he dragged by that car? >> you can tell from the second video that he was, in fact, how he ended up on the ground in the middle of the street. >> reporter: he says his 25-year-old client cried when learning of the indictment. >> he just hand -- face in his hands, dropped to the table and just astonished. couldn't believe it. >> reporter: dubose's mother had this message for the officer who took her son's life. >> may god have mercy on your soul. >> reporter: now, tensing's attorney believes dubose may have been trying to get away because of his extensive criminal record, arrested more than 50 times. i asked the dubose family about this and they say he has never run from the law, and he's had multiple opportunities. george? >> okay, tom, thanks very much. we learn so much from these body cams. we turn to a new wildfire erupting in the west overnight. hundreds of people forced to flee their homes. thousands of acres scorched. abc's neal karlinsky is in lake county with the latest.
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>> reporter: george, good morning. you can see the flames sparked up on this hillside. this fair came out of nowhere yesterday and quickly exploded into 3,000 acres officials say several structures and outbuildings have been destroyed but fortunately so far, no homes. overnight california mountains erupting with wildfires. >> about 25 -- >> reporter: in butte county they're trying to hold this back from more homes. this 85-year-old woman unable to walk had to slide down her driveway to escape the fire. >> i'm here. i'm alive. >> reporter: 500 acres burning so far and just 10% contained. here in lake county, mandatory evacuations after this massive fire spread for 150 to more than 3,000 acres in just six hours. >> you don't realize what it feels like to be displaced until you are. >> reporter: you can see from the air, fires surround these mountain homes. in just minutes flames engulfing this house. air tankers dropping retardant
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trying to contain the blaze. in oakhurst, fires spreading and exploding in the night sky. that fire at 30% containment now over 2,000 acres burning since saturday. officials announced yesterday the fire was started by a juvenile male. the winds have died down out here this morning. that will help firefighters but it's going to be another broiling hot day. temperatures expected to be triple digits yet again. just what firefighters don't need, george? >> makes it so tough. the race for president now, your voice, your vote, and a new poll this morning shows donald trump still at the top of the gop field, one week before the first big debate. let's break it down with jon karl. another strong showing for trump. some signs of trouble too. >> reporter: donald trump once again here on top with a commanding lead. the poll conducted by quinnipiac university has trump with 20% of the vote followed by scott
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walker and jeb bush with the rest of the field barely registering at all but in a hypothetical matchup against hillary clinton, trump does quite poorly. jeb bush, scott walker, both would be virtually tied against hillary clinton. donald trump gets trounced by more than -- by double digits and one key category here that explains that. trump leads among those who say there is no way they would vote for him one-third of republicans say no way they would vote for donald trump. >> and, jon, this -- next week is the debate. only the top ten will be in the first debate so this could help shuffle the bottom of that lineup, as well. >> reporter: yeah, there's probably as much attention at the bottom spaces on this poll and right now you have a battle for tenth with four governors, chris christie, rick perry, bobby jindal and john kasich are all right between 8% and 12% in the poll. >> thanks very much. now to the latest in the deflategate scandal. the nfl players union filing a lawsuit in federal court on tom brady's behalf asking a judge to overturn the superstar's
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suspension. this as the patriots owner blasts the league's decision to deny his appeal. abc's ryan smith is at gillette stadium with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. tom brady's team firing their first courtroom shot with that lawsuit and as brady looks to the courtroom his team and especially his owner are standing firmly in his corner. overnight, the nfl players association with tom brady's blessing filing a lawsuit in federal court to fight his four-game ban for deflategate. arguing the arbitration award makes unfounded provocative and mystifying attacks on brady's integrity. and as brady's agent tells abc news, his client is innocent. >> he didn't do anything wrong. if nothing occurred during the afc championship game, it doesn't make sense he should be serving any discipline. >> reporter: new england patriots owner robert kraft blasting the nfl and longtime friend commissioner roger goodell over their call to uphold the suspension. >> the decision handed down by
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the league yesterday is unfathomable to me. >> reporter: the super bowl winning owner fuming. the patriots accepting a penalty of $1 million and draft picks despite being exonerated in the scandal. >> i was willing to accept the harshest penalty in the history of the nfl for an alleged ball violation because i believed it would help exonerate tom. >> reporter: goodell's decision to uphold the suspension praised by owners like the dallas cowboys jerry jones. >> we've got a commissioner that is outstanding. he has to make hard calls. >> reporter: but condemned by brady. maintaining in this facebook post "i did nothing wrong and no one in the patriots organization did either." and head coach bill belichick while delivering his trademark vague answers on the scandal. coach, have you spoken at all to tom brady since the decision? >> i talk to the team every day. >> reporter: have you spoken to tom brady? >> i talk to the team every day. >> reporter: hoping the team can
7:14 am
look past deflategate and focus on defending their title. in that filing brady's lawyers calling his nfl appeal hearing a kangaroo court proceeding saying it lacked fundamentally fair procedures. brady is getting ready for the season practicing, participating in training camp even eligible to play in preseason games but unless he wins in the courtroom he'll be sidelined for the first four games that count. george? >> okay, ryan. thanks. we turn to that hero teacher from last week's movie theater shooting speaking at a church service very emotional as she described those horrifying moments and how she saved her friend's life. reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: overnight one of the hero teachers of last week's movie theater shooting in lafayette, louisiana, speaking out. >> we instantly got down on the ground and that's when i felt a bullet go through the side of my leg and into the other side -- out the other side of my leg. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: teacher meaux
7:15 am
taking that bullet in the leg to protect her friend, fellow teacher ali martin. >> just praying for my best friend. >> reporter: martin shot in the leg able to pull the fire alarm helping evacuate the theater. meaux now recounting to her local church how she made it out of that theater alive. >> i really thought he was going to shoot me in the back of the head and i crawled on the ground, so i prayed and i didn't know if i could walk. but as i was wrapped up in the corner i was able to stand and run toward the front exit. >> reporter: meaux and martin two of the nine injured by john houser on that evening. jillian johnson and mayci breaux both murdered. >> i never told so many people my family and friends that i loved them as i have these last five days. >> reporter: the community still shaken but healing nearly 3,000 attending the service overnight. >> so many people are looking at the evil that was in that theater that night but i saw just so many instances of god's presence and he protected and spared my life and that just tells me he's not finished with me yet. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news,
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new york. >> powerful stuff. >> see that gratitude right there. to dan harris for today's other top stories. you have a mystery off the california coast. >> that's right. good morning, guys. good morning, everybody. a massive oil slick appeared off the coast near santa barbara. the oily sheen stretches for more than three miles. so far the source is a mystery but experts do not believe it's linked to that pipeline break in may that spilled thousands of gallons of crude oil. new worries this morning about next summer's olympic games in rio. the associated press reporting that olympians will be swilling and boating in filthy waters contaminated with so much sewage and bacteria that athletes could get violently ill. brazilian officials insist that the water will be safe. today a jury in colorado will begin deliberations on whether to impose the death penalty on the movie theater shooter james holmes. his mother broke down on the stand wednesday saying her son never harmed anyone until that night. she blamed her son's schizophrenia. police in houston want to
7:17 am
know how this cobra slithered into a downtown high rise. they coaxed it into a bag using a broom. one man was so scared he crawled out of his neighbor's window then scaled the wall to avoid that cobra. as we all remember tom hanks famously said there's no crying in baseball. last night an exception. mets shortstop wilmer flores started tearing up when he heard rumors he was being traded. turns out those rumors were untrue. the mets manager told reporters that baseball players are not robots. they have emotions like the rest of us. michael strahan say that's not true of football players, just for the record. [ laughter ] >> and finally, before he beats me up, finally here, a story of grit and perseverance from the world of sports. i love this. look at this little dude at a basketball game. while all the other kids run mindlessly back and forth on the
7:18 am
court this conscientious objector s stand there's with his hands in his pockets occasionally he does do a little shuffling around but otherwise remains steadfastly above the fray as one online commenter pointed out this morning, what this kid knows is that win or lose you still get snacks. true. >> and you get a trophy. >> or as his dad said you cannot quit. >> i was always picked to play the position left out as a little kid unlike michael strahan. so, i know how it feels. >> he was just finding his center there. >> yeah. >> put him in the game. >> thank you. we turn to flash flooding in the southwest on alert for even more flooding today, ginger. >> it's already happening. flash flood watches and warnings in place. northern new mexico has had it for the last 24 or 48 hours in some spots. this is northeast of tucson. you got that picture out of new mexico. the area we're looking at now, east of los angeles through tomorrow.
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>> good morning, i am abc7 meteorologist mike nicco. the heat is easing for more of us today. the low clouds will turn interest high clouds but the coast where the low clouds stay. a slight chance of a thunderstorm with extra humidity the next 48 hours and the temperatures slide back to seasonal this weekend. 60s along the coast, 70s in san francisco and richmond and 80s elsewhere and inland east bay 90s. the upper 50s to mid-60s and tonight with the cloud cover and humidity, the temperatures a lot more coming up this morning including a new message
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from that american dentist who killed a world famous lion. worldwide outrage now spreading. his business shut down. his family in hiding. could he now face criminal charges? his new message this morning. has the tom brady case made you wonder just how private all of those texts and pictures are on your phone? wait until you hear what major phone companies are saying about it. botox® treats symptoms of leaking going too often, and the strong sudden need to go. ask your urologist if botox® can help calm your bladder and reduce your daily leakage episodes. the effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing speaking, breathing, eye problems loss of bladder control or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. don't take botox® if you can't empty your bladder on your own or have a urinary tract infection, or uti. side effects may include allergic reactions injection site pain, fatigue, uti painful urination and difficulty emptying your bladder.
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the suspect is being treated on the scene. no word on his condition. . let's get a check on the morning commute. this morning we are going to be focus focusing on the procession that is going to take place on behalf of sergeant scott lunger. this is going to start in hayward at chapel of the chimes. a memorial service will take place at 10:00 a.m. a funeral procession will take you along 880 so do expect heavy dela
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good morning thanks for for sticking around.
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main ly mainly e low to mid-60s to the bottom half. 59 degrees. now we had some cooling yesterday. it's inland east bay in the north bay is going to see the biggest drop. places like antioch from 108. cleveland in town to take on the a's. today pretty nice, 67 dropping down to 63. low clouds back to the coast by noon. mid-up ander level clouds as the moisture rolls in. it's going to be muggy this afternoon all the way through the weekend. temperatures
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al good morning, america. right now investigators believe this piece of debris could be a clue to the mystery of malaysia air flight 370. vanished with 239 people aboard nearly a year and a half ago. and this suitcase washing up this morning may also be from the plane. investigators arriving on the scene. also this morning the managing editor of "rolling stone" is leaving the magazine apparent fallout from that article about sexual assault on the university of virginia campus. three graduates are now suing the magazine over that now discredited story. 12 states from washington to new york on heat alert this morning. temperatures in some areas soaring above 100 degrees. >> whoo! good morning, america. we have a lot ahead on this thursday morning including the story behind this powerful image. it's trending everywhere right now. this one is going to give you goose bumps.
7:31 am
it's going to inspire you. an nfl player making a huge comeback from an off-field battle and michael will have that in our "speed feed ft. >> first that minnesota dentist under fire for killing a protected lion. walter palmer still in hiding stripped of his membership by a prominent hunting organization, vilified across the internet and now authorities in zimbabwe want to question him about the kill. abc's david wright is here with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning. the outrage that so many feel at walter palmer shows no signs of letting up, the backlash threatening his livelihood and the case also reigniting the debate about big game trophy hunting, whether we could and should be doing more to protect these creatures. [ chanting ] >> reporter: this morning, the lion hunter doesn't dare show his face at his minnesota dental practice. protesters surround the place, posting signs on the locked
7:32 am
doors, branding him a coward and killer. dr. walter palmer e-mailed his patients saying he deeply regrets killing the lion writing "i don't often talk about hunting with my patients because it can be a divisive and emotionally charged topic." in zimbabwe the two men he paid handsomely to facilitate the hunt now face poaching charges that carry a possible ten years behind pars. the authorities say they want to question palmer too. the u.s. fish & wildlife service says it's ready to help noting the agency is deeply concerned about the case. oxford university researchers have spent years tracking cecil and his pride. they too are concerned. >> as a human being, i was enchanted by cecil, his magnificence, his beauty. we are trying to study the factor that endanger these animals. >> reporter: among their biggest threats trophy hunters who kill about 600 lions a year in africa. more than two-thirds of those trophies come back to america imported by wealthy hunters like walter palmer.
7:33 am
until now the u.s. government has resisted efforts to list african lions as a threatened species. if they did so, american hunters could still kill african lions overseas but they would not be allowed to bring their trophies home. of course, walter palmer had to leave his trophy in zimbabwe when he fled the country. it's now exhibit a in the criminal case there. >> david, any word yet if he will have to return to zimbabwe and face any charges? >> it's not clear. the u.s. does have an extradition treaty with zimbabwe but so far as we know they've made no formal request. he says that he hasn't heard from the zimbabwe authorities. but, of course, he's kind of hard to find right now in yes, he is. thank you very much. now to a notorious bank robber who appears to have struck again, the co-called ak-47 bandit now linked to a robbery in iowa wanted in a string of robberies across the west and the fbi is offering up a big reward. abc's aditi roy has the story. >> robbery, heavily armed. heavily armed.
7:34 am
>> reporter: this morning the hunt is on for a criminal armed, dangerous and on the loose. >> employee on the phone said she just got into the store there and none of the employees are around that are supposed to be, beware. >> reporter: officials say on tuesday this masked man burst into a iowa credit union holding an assault rifle ordering employees into the vault, telling them he was leaving behind an improvised explosive device so he could make his escape with cold, hard cash. authorities now believe the man behind the mask, the so-called ak-47 bandit. the fbi believes he is responsible for at least six bank heists in at least five states, starting way back in february of 2012 in california. in that crime the bandit allegedly calling in a fake threat to 911. >> 911, emergency, what are you reporting? >> i have a bomb that is not a drill. you hear me? >> reporter: call drawing police attention away from his target
7:35 am
buying him time to hit the bank before authorities arrived. but not enough time, the bandit opening fire seriously injuring a police officer while making his getaway. >> he fires like four shots at the car, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: the images from his cross country quest all painting similar scenes. a tall man believed to be operating alone wearing a ski mask, gloves, blue body armor and always carrying his signature high-powered military-style weapon. >> his tactics suggest he may have some prior military or law enforcement experience. >> reporter: authorities now hoping someone will recognize the brazen bandit before he strikes again. for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, new york. >> thanks, aditi. now to a crazy stunt caught on camera. a man rolls under a moving train. look at it right there lucky to walk away without injury but put a lot of lives in danger. abc's t.j. holmes has the story.
7:36 am
>> reporter: dangerous and cavalier antics caught on camera in channelview, texas. heart-stopping footage of a man playing daredevil rolling on and off train tracks. even leaping across them as a fast-moving train speeds by coming within inches of running him over. panicked drivers honking in reaction to the man's death-defying stunt. railroad officials pleading for these types of stunts to stop saying actions like this one can cause derailment or worse. >> this is never a game. you're taking your life and the lives of others in your hands. >> reporter: earlier this year 37-year-old fitness instructor and model greg plit was killed after being truck by a train while taping a youtube video on the tracks. witnesses say this isn't his first reckless stunt with a speeding train and while he walked away unharmed this time they're trying to track him down before he tries this again and isn't so lucky. for "good morning america," t.j. holmes, abc news, new york. idiotic moves right there. going to get the weather
7:37 am
from ginger. you got those firefighters facing tough conditions out west. >> unfortunately endless pictures like this. this is from the lowell fire west of tahoe now 2300 acres burned, 50% contained. yesterday places like sacramento had record high, 107 was the temperature. that does not help when your relative humidity is 10% or 15%. you've got gusty winds, plenty of red flag warnings, especially cascades down into the south and heat advisories that include seattle. you'll go into the 90s today. portland, oregon, will go to 103 just short of a record. lots of heat out west. good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with thicker marine layer means not so hot and 90s inland, but mid-60s to 70s coast and san francisco and mid-70s and upper 80s around the bay and north bay and south bay. cooler but humid all that weather brought to you by dairy queen. we have another heat advisory here in new york city today. that was from the subway
7:38 am
platform, the "a" train. our friend amy freeze took that. this time of year i have to call for it. clinical strength deodorant day. it has to happen every year because you hold that arm up in the subway, hey, partner. >> thank you for that. >> i'll just walk. >> i'm staying home today. we have a lot more coming up. >> taxi! >> a lot more coming up and a lot will pay attention to this. do you ever really delete everything from your phone? the most common mistake when they're trying to keep their photos and texts private.
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all right, back now with a question a lot of people have been asking after the nfl said tom brady destroyed his phone with thousands of text messages on it. does destroying your phone actually delete the messages? how do you get rid of all your personal information when you turn in your ole phone? abc's gio benitez is here with
7:43 am
what you need to know. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning, michael. the issue is many text messages are not just stored on your phones, they're floating around on some server so this morning we've got the guide to your digital privacy. what's the best way to get rid of data on your cell phone? manualally delete or even physically destroy? "gma investigates" has shown you how people think they've deleted the info on their phone, only to be completely wrong especially thanks to digital clouds, automatically storing all of that info right in cyberspace. out of 100 phones we looked at with a company elysium. >> 31 had what i considered to be disturbing personal information. >> reporter: real information a real crook can do something with. >> we found social security numbers, bank account number, passwords. >> reporter: 2,838 photos extracted so what can you do to protect your information if you decide to sell or dump your phone? we went to the experts at cnet.
7:44 am
>> the chose common mistake is asupering setting the reset button will reset all the data. >> reporter: for an iphone log out of all of your accounts. then go to your settings menu. >> the instinct hit reset all settings, right? that is actually the wrong thing to do. you should actually hit the second option here, erase all content and settings and that'll effectively wipe the phone. >> reporter: as for an android encrypt it under the security menu before hitting factory data reset all under setting. >> even though you erase the data you want to encrypt it so if it manages to get recovered it won't be easily accessible. >> reporter: text messages, are they ever completely gone? it depends. two major phone companies tell us they keep records of text messages which for some include date, time and phone number and one attorney who dealt with this telling "gma" phone carriers typically only preserve the content of text messages for three to five days.
7:45 am
>> if someone destroys his cell phone and the cell phone carrier's records are subpoenaed, all the records will show is that a text was sent from one phone to another. >> reporter: now the experts at cnet telling us if privacy is important to you, apps like snapchat and whatsapp are encrypting their messages making them much more difficult to read and hack but the number one tip, have a really strong password on that phone. not 1234 like yours michael. >> you gave it away. got to change it now in they can have my phone. pictures move cats and babies, texts from my wife saying go to the store. it's not that big of a deal. >> famous last words. >> exactly. >> i'm tempting fate. >> yes, you are. next on "gma," this image trending all over the world this morning. now the incredible comeback story that's behind it and you won't believe who inspired him. hi!
7:46 am
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7:50 am
thing" from eric berry from the kansas city chiefs diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma in december and eight months later he's back, declared cancer-free and ready to take the field this season and eric had a press conference on wednesday and he talked about one of his inspirations, somebody we all know well here at "gma," our very own robin roberts. >> robin roberts, she had to do it ten days consecutively and anybody that's been through chemo knows what it does to your body and knows how it drains you and affects you. she did it ten straight days, you know what i'm saying and to see her, to be able to sit up and do what she's doing after that it was like, man, i can't complain about nothing. >> wow! you know, and we sit next to robin almost every day and you kind of take it for granted that she's here but what a strong woman. you see she inspires people from all walks of life from all professions and, you know, i may play for the giants but root for the kansas city chiefs and
7:51 am
rooting for eric berry, really amazing story. >> fantastic. so glad he gave props to robin. she's our inspiration every day. at the top of the hour the day's big headlines including the latest on the new clues in the search for the missing plane. and then tory johnson is here with great "deals & steals." get this, everything you'll see today is $20 or less. get your computers ready. >> got those lifeguards here too. you won't want to miss that. >> somebody is getting everything for christmas. all the christmas gifts. n with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today. windows 10. a more human way to do.
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good morning, i'm eric thomas. breaking news out of san francisco where two police officers were injured while chasing down a hit-and-run suspect. we believe those injuries are minor. we're told the suspect died on the scene. the street is closed between steiner and pierce and traffic is being rerouted. weather now with mike. >> good news, there's fog out there but it's not really all that thick. look at the visibility. what it means is a change in the temperature. 65 in half-moon bay. it's going to be cooler but humid all week. it sounds like family and
7:57 am
officers are about to leave a chapel of hayward and head along mission boulevard to 880 to make their way up to the arena. do expect road closures and delays. >> the news continues now with "good mornin e a bow and arrow ♪ ♪ a broken guitar ♪ ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ [♪]
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7:59 am
8:00 am
a. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and a day-care center under fire after a 10-month-old was locked inside crying after it closed for the night. >> and there's my baby just left. nobody's here. no cars or nothing. >> what his parents did to rescue their child just in time. ♪ bang bang into the room ♪ a global fashion brand called out for their superskinny mannequins. one woman taking them to task getting responses around the world. what topshop is saying now. ♪ can't stop me no ♪ declutter your home for good. simple secrets from the beyonce of organizing. how to get rid of what you don't need, organize what you do, could it be the real key to happiness? ♪ shut up and dance with me ♪ and pass the sunscreen and put on your shades.
8:01 am
lifeguards from across the country descending on times square to compete in our huge surf n' turf showdown live. >> this is so huge for us. >> as we say -- >> all: good morning, america! whoo! ♪ shut up and dance with me she said whoo ♪ look at those pumped up lifeguards this morning. a little slo-mo on their way out. these guys, three teams today all going head-to-head for a $10,000 grand prize. jesse, you're going to be doing the honors today. >> amy and i will be presenting the color commentary for what is one of the coolest obstaclewe seen. >> hopefully will be in slow motion. very "baywatch." also we'll tell you about the new workout that claims to give you the gains without all the pain called the 10-20-30 workout and apparently can help you get in shape in just minutes?
8:02 am
>> i wish i knew about this years ago. we'll tell you how it works and why experts say it could be the perfect method for almost everybody. >> makes a lot of sense. we're going to get to that in just a little bit. to dan harris with the morning rundown. hey, guys, the big story this morning. a major lead in the mystery of flight 370. possible debris from the malaysia airlines passenger jet that vanished nearly a year and a half ago with 239 people on board. that debris washed ashore from the indian ocean onto a tiny french island near madagascar. aviation experts believe it is a wing flap unique to the boeing 777, the same model as the plane that went missing and this morning a local newspaper this battered suitcase was found in the same area of the debris but it has not yet been linked to flight 370. just moments ago, a former police officer, pleaded not guilty to murder in connection with a shooting of an unarmed black man.
8:03 am
he was pulled over for not having a license plate. his body cam showed him having words with the man. before the car crashed. he's due back in court next month also this morning, the search for those two missing boys in the waters off of florida for nearly a week now is growing more desperate. the coast guard is searching as far south as south carolina trying to find any sign of 14-year-old perry cohen and austin stefanos. for the first time we are hearing from cohen's father who still has hope, he says. >> i believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's out there and he's alive. if anybody could survive this, it's my son. just be strong. we're coming for you. i miss you so much. i love you. >> and we hope he is right thi >> and we hope he is right this morning. there have been no new clues since the boys' boat was found overturned on sunday. a nightmare for parents in houston after their baby was left behind in a locked day-care center.
8:04 am
the frantic couple forced to break in, and now we're hearing from the owner of that day-care center. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> and i'm sorry. i'm as sorry as i can be. >> reporter: this morning day care owner joann davis apologizing for a mishap that left a 10-month-old locked up alone in her day care. watch as the child's father shatters a glass window breaking in to rescue his baby. mom catching it all on camera. >> he comes, and there's my baby just left, nobody is here, no cars, no nothing. >> reporter: sharonda ross admits she was late picking up her son jordan but was stunned when she arrived at the closed day care where her child was crying from a crib inside. >> it's never happened to us. i'm just apologetic. i thank god he was okay. >> reporter: for now jordan's parents say they are too angry to accept the explanation. >> i just want her to know if she could put herself in our shoes, in that moment feel like your life is over.
8:05 am
at this point i don't know what i could say to joann's day-care center. >> reporter: the harris county sheriff's office now investigating the incident but no criminal charges have been filed. and the employee that left the baby, joann's day care says they will not be firing her. >> it was our mistake. i'm not saying it's not. the main thing is the baby is okay. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> so scary. and finally a much, much lighter story involving kids. this is going viral this morning. it's a collection of letters sent from summer camp by children to their parents. this one says, "i'll have to write another letter. no joke. i'm forced to write to you guys. okay, bye." how about this one, "need some money, love, christie" and finally another kid writes, "i'm only smiling in the pictures so you think i'm having tons of fun but i'm not." the honesty of children this morning. amy, back out to you. >> yeah, hits you right in the heart. i love that, dan. all right, let's head now to
8:06 am
michael in the social square with a look at the morning rundown. >> all right, thank you, amy. here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu" in our social square powered by samsung galaxy. how one woman took on a fashion giant with the power of facebook. and the secrets to decluttering your closet from the beyonce of organizing. we all need a little bit of that. and how it could change your life. plus, the new workout promising you to get you in shape in minutes. i said minutes. and our giant "gma" lifeguard surf n' turf showdown live on "gma" here in times square. let me get my "baywatch" on. [ cheers and applause ] available without a prescription. issues. until i realized our body handles a lot. 1,100 meals a year... 730 rushed snacks... add 300 stressful decisions... no wonder our digestive
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♪ dance with me ♪ here's one of the entries for our surf n' turf lifeguard showdown. ♪ and dance with me ♪ here's one of the entries for our surf n' turf lifeguard showdown. three finalists here live competing for the chance to win $10,000 for their communities. that is coming up. but right now it's time for the "heat index" and this morning's hot button. clothing chain under fire for skinny mannequins. one customer didn't like it. launched a campaign on facebook to prove just how powerful social media can be. paula faris here with the story. >> reporter: hey there, this started with one simple but very powerful post on social media. a consumer said she didn't like what she saw in that store and the goal now is that this story empowers women from all over the globe to speak up to retailers and say, this isn't right. i want to be reflected in your st they're the widely popular clothing store known for their kinney jeans and even skinnier
8:12 am
mannequins but topshop with an about-face this morning after one concerned shopper posted this photo on facebook. laura berry's message was poignant writing every day i am surrounded by strong women and men who struggle with the daily battle of body image. i'd love to hear how you can justify the ridiculously tiny mannequin adding, perhaps it's about time you became responsible for the impression you have on women and young girls. topshop heard her loud and clear. responding almost immediately saying, "going forward we are not placing any further orders on this style of mannequin" and that "we've taken yours and other customers' opinions and feedback on board." >> the more people are exposed to very thin mannequin, the more likely they're going to have body image problems. >> reporter: in an interview with b>> reporter: in an interview with bbc's points west berry said posting that was an emotional decision. >> i hoped other women would read it, see it and feel as though they're not alone if they feel that way when shopping.
8:13 am
>> reporter: topshop mannequins are six feet tall and reportedly wear a u.s. size 4 or 6 but those extremely lengthy limbs and sleek thighs have many questioning its true size especially when the average american woman is 5'4" and wears a size 12 or 14. and to show the difference between topshop's mannequin and her size 4 or 6 frame, one woman posting this pic to demonstrate that contrast. mannequins don't just sell clothes, they inform beauty ideals that are reflected in our society. >> reporter: regardless topshop's decision, one giant victory for women of all shapes and sizes. now, this mannequin i'm going to call her danielle in honor of you, dan, she's standing in the box about six feet tall. i'll take my shoes off. she's approximately a size 4 or 6, but topshop's mannequin in question appears to be even thinner and you guys imagine walking into a store you're shopping and see that, my thighs
8:14 am
touch and i'm proud of it. i just want to say that but these mannequins really shape the ideals and beauty standards and i'm just glad that they're actually doing something about it. >> i didn't hear anything else you said. >> my thighs touch. >> paula, i heard you because i think especially young girls walk in and feel like how -- i can never look like that and the clothes never look the same either so it's deceptive when you get into the dressing room. >> mannequins typically have the tops and blouses cinched in the back. not reality. ladies and gentlemen, let's just say that. >> thank you, paula, for your honesty. we appreciate that. >> and, you know, also burning up the "heat index," this is a question i have for you too, dan. want to get your life in order? >> oh, really. >> yes. >> why are you asking me? >> "the life-changing magic of tidying up," just cleaning up a little bit. you can get your life in order by decluttering your home and she's known as the beyonce of organizing and was named one of
8:15 am
""time" magazine's top 100 influential people. dubbed japan's queen of clean marie kondo is behind a new force gaininging momentum worldwide to declutter your house and life for good. in her "the new york times" best-seller, "the life-changing magic of tidying up," kondo gives a step by step guide to her pad ented komari method. it's a one-time life event. you're examining things on the principle of joy. does it bring me joy? if not, goes out. >> reporter: a philosophy that "new york" magazine's design ed editor wendy, thinks will forever transform us. >> she's very much about having a relationship in a very direct way with objects and coming to terms with the things that you actually need. her method is simple but ingenious. to properly declutter your house, start with the easiest items, your clothing. then move on to the books, papers bs are and finally the
8:16 am
hardest area to tackle miscellaneous items, chargers and keys. >> you do not go room by room. you go category by category. everything has its own space and its own life. >> reporter: depending on the size of your house the process can take around six months to complete. and a single person following the method can easily discard or donate 20 to 30 45-lighter bags of stuff. for a family of three closer to 70 bags. >> you will not end up doing major tidying again. >> reporter: goodman who had a consultation with kondo in her home is slowly implementing the process. >> this process is about putting yourself in the present to go forward. >> reporter: californian, suzy had a session with p her in january. january. >> i'm really realizing whether i need something. and i'm buying less.
8:17 am
>> reporter: and says it's already fundamentally changed who she is as a person. >> it's a huge relief almost, the things that are left are the things i love. i definitely feel lighter. >> here with me now style director at "good housekeeping" magazine, lori bergamotto i was just telling you, this is my bible. i'm in the middle of it right now. and i love it because it gives you permission. >> yes. you can remove the guilt. if it gives you joy you can keep it. >> exactly. it's life-changing, right? it really is. >> it begins with the clothing. >> so the difference here, the konmari method tells you to do, you just can't stand and say i'll get rid of that. you physically need to touch it so, amy, we'll get started so the first step is you throw everything on the floor. we'll start here. and now, amy, what i'm going to do is i'm going to say, amy, please touch this and decide to keep or toss. does it spark joy? >> no, no joy. >> no joy. >> joy? >> nope. >> okay. >> all right. so you kind of get the idea. what about this one? >> i've been doing this all day yesterday, by the way. we'll keep that one. >> you wind up -- people are instagraming and tweeting they are getting rid of 30 and 40
8:18 am
bags of stuff. >> i'm among those ranks. how you store your clothes the ones you decided to keep is key. paula is folding. which is something i also love to do. >> once you get your affairs in order, your whole life is in order. >> so paula is going to show us how to fold. socks. >> i'll do a shirt. >> you can't lay flimsy material on top of flimsy material. you're not respecting the piece. what you want to do is make it nice and taut, rectangular. >> and you can see everything you have this way. >> vertical storage is key. no more of laying things on top of each other. >> i like it. >> want to scan each piece as soon as you open and fit more. i got rid of my dresser and fit everything i had in my closet now. >> no more -- >> you can roll then or fold them then you know how they get baggy at the top, they don't anymore. >> i love it. >> clothing is one thing, the harder thing is getting rid of the miscellaneous and sentimental. >> you have to build up your backbone to decide does this spark joy. when you take out photos, you
8:19 am
wind up reducing them by 30% and keeping five photos per each special event. >> that's a really good way to look at it. >> tough. >> we have the cloud too. we have the cloud. >> yes, start scanning things and putting them right in the cloud. i'm with you. >> all right, lori, i'm rolling up my sleeves again this afternoon. george. >> thank you, amy. i can't wait for the day where ali says, you're not sparking joy, and she turn throws me out. anyone who hates time working out, it gets you in shape minutes a day. we learned about it in "the new york times" and our abbie boudreau gave it a try. >> all out. >> reporter: it's called the 10-20-30 workout. interval training by the second. >> deep eight seconds. >> reporter: a recent study in denmark at the university of copenhagen says not hours but just minutes at the gym can add up to real results. so how does it work exactly? it's more than just a minute long workout. >> it's 30 seconds of slow exercise low intensity.
8:20 am
followed by 20 seconds of moderate intensity. followed by 10 seconds of superhigh intenseityntensity. that's one minute then immediately repeat that. 30-20-10. five times, two-minute break. five times again, actually 12 minutes of working out. >> shouldn't it be the opposite, 30-20-10? >> it sounds better. >> it's catchy. >> it's catchy. >> three, two, everyone is done. >> reporter: harley pasternak is a celebrity trainer and author of the new weight loss book called "5 pounds." believes the workout can be effective for almost everyone. >> the study says this is for everybody. i would say be careful. any time you do something exhaustive, or 100% intensity, there's always a risk. >> reporter: if you're pregnant like me, harley says a modified version -- >> you're going to jog. >> reporter: without sprinting can be good. my workout partner sydney and i give it a shot attempted the recommended 12 minutes. >> coming up on your 20-second speed walk. >> perfect. all out.
8:21 am
ten seconds, close your eye, job it out. walk with authority. pump your arm, kicking up your speed from three miles an hour to four miles an hour. >> you can definitely feel your heart rate pick up. >> yes. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> that's smart stuff right there. >> it is. >> out to ginger. >> hey, george, it is a soupy morning out here. that's what i'm calling it at least. my friends here from cyprus, texas, say what? >> it's really cold out here. >> it's cold. okay, they're wrong. it's not cold. the dew point is already 71. the feels like index, 83. heat advisories for portland, oregon to new york city. excessive heat warning in philadelphia. you just saw the heat index. well above 100 in some place, wilmington, delaware, you also have it. and guess what, you can feel it storms are coming today. this afternoon and evening especially along that cold front. >> good morning, i am abc7 meteorologist mike nicco. the heat is easing for more of us today. the low clouds will turn interest high clouds but the
8:22 am
coast where the low clouds stay. a slight chance of a thunderstorm with extra humidity the next 48 hours and the temperatures slide back to seasonal this weekend. 60s along the coast, 70s in san francisco and richmond and 80s elsewhere and inland east bay 90s. the upper 50s to mid-60s and tonight with the cloud cover and humidity, the >> let's get it to michael and get some "pop." ♪ all right, thank you, ginger. time now for "pop news." it's a little different "pop news." >> this is a little different. >> look at this. we're all amy's -- >> that's right. >> i feel like you today, george. >> wow. >> you know what, we bow down to you and we bow down to the cast of the hit netflix comedy "unbreakable kimmy schmidt" because they are flawless. he's fiercely channeling his
8:23 am
inner beyonce, and you think it's just him rocking out the queen bey, but a partition reveals some irreplaceable backup singers. ♪ >> look at that. titus can no longer keep a straight face, they are so good. did i mention all three of these very funny arcs are all nominated for emmys. >> wow. >> rightfully so. that show is amazing. i love it. >> big fan of the show? >> yes. >> he steals a lot of the show. he's really funny. >> you guys noticed all on a private jet. >> yes, i did. >> #jetlife. >> amy -- >> yeah. >> they were borrowing michael's jet. >> no, they wouldn't. have been sitting in coach with me if that were the case. if you got the eye of the tiger this morning we've got just the thing to help you channel your inner italian stallion. how about slipping on the gloves sylvester stallone wore in the "rocky" movie. the 69-year-old actor announced
8:24 am
this morning, he's actioning off hundreds of props from his 40-year acting career. you can get his glove, the robe, even his boxing trunks and stallone, he's also going to auction off one of my things, the jacket he wore in "rambo." you drew first blood, dan. a portion of all the proceeds will be donated to military charities which is really a good thing, amazing. even though he's parting with all of these legendary props, he's not saying good-bye to the characters he's going to come back as rocky balboa in the spring-off movie, "creed." >> i can't believe he's almost 70. >> and training michael b. jordan who plays apollo creed's son. >> oh yeah. that's going to be a good one. >> cut me, mick. >> he was in "friday night lights." great actor. >> new "fantastic four" movie. big news from our friends at i heart media. they are announcing a lineup for their two-day music festival in las vegas and it is a big, big, big lineup.
8:25 am
the power players are sam smith, kanye west, the who, david guetta, blake shelton, you like him? duran duran and janet jackson just to name a few. a little bit -- something for everybody. >> have this image of jesse palmer beating up the beat. >> i've got glow sticks in my pocket. whatever. >> way too much. >> you may want to keep those in your pocket. >> sorry. >> keep whatever is in your pocket in your pocket. how about that? hozier is going to also be there and they'll perform this friday at our central park for -- in central park for our "gma" summer concert series which is a who's who of the music biz all come together at the mgm grand in las vegas on september 18th and 19th. when you're not here we know you got your glow stick -- you're out interest jamming. >> and my whistle. glow sticks and whistle. >> the more we keep this going, the -- considers. >> can we wrap up "pop"? >> the more you dig. that's it.
8:26 am
that's all i've got. >> wipe those images away. "deals & steals" is coming up. all for $20 or less and our surf n' turf lifeguard teens ready to shut up and dance. who will come out on top we'll find out.
8:27 am
good morning, we're continuing to following breaking news out of san francisco this morning where two police officers were injured while chasing down a hit-and-run suspect. one of the officers received injuries to his head. the other was punched several times. the suspect started having a difficult time breathing while in custody. the officer administered cpr. the suspect died before the ambulance arrived. let's get an update on the morning commute with leyla gulen. >> thank you so much. good morning, everyone. we're positioned here with mobile 360 in hayward near 880. we're waiting for the first procession to pass by. this is the procession for hayward sergeant scott lunger. this is all going to take place within the hour as they travel up to 880. we haven't seen anything.
8:28 am
there will be streets closed. i want to show you a map of the procession route that takes you along 880. expect heavy delays.
8:29 am
every summer the best tennis players in the world collide in new york. but that's just the final chapter of a great story. one that's unfolding all summer long right in your backyard. be there when the emirates airline us open series turns to stanford for the bank of the west classic. come experience the action and feel the drama as the best in the sport duke it out in stanford. august 3rd to the 9th. don't just watch the action. feel, hear and taste it. for ticket and player information visit good morning, thanks for cpcking outçñr2 )ñiñiñiokkmn the=ñ60s now with the clouds pt$u the biggest temperature drop inland east bay.
8:30 am
my seven-day forecast for you shows a cooling trend through ♪ bound to get together bound to get together ♪ welcome back to "gma." you know that so many thousands of you voted for your favorite surf n' turf lifeguard teams and now the final three just moments away from facing off. >> can't wait for that. they're goint to battle it out taking on our water-themed obstacle course. >> whoa. >> live in times square. >> there they are warming up in the waves right now. there's a lot at stake, guys. the winning team will take home $10,000 for their community. >> i think they all brought their "a" game. >> i hope so. can't wait to get out there. >> they better. >> you heard it from jesse. >> that's right. >> that was a warning. >> you get called out. we are now going to have a big reveal. this is an exciting new app that
8:31 am
could be the future of texting. it's from yahoo! and it's called livetext that allows you to see the other person's reaction when you send them a message. abc's becky worley checked it out. >> reporter: you've got video chat like skype or facetime. >> that's perfect. >> reporter: then you've got texting. omg. but now something different that combines the two. it's called livetext and from our partners at yahoo! i'm livetexting with my producer in new york and right now we're typing away, we can see each other's video. but here's the catch, there's no talking, no audio at all. the video is silent just for show and tell or seeing reactions to your texts. by offering this free service, yahoo!'s playing catch-up in a space that yahoo! instant messenger along with aim used to dominate. now whatsapp is used to send 30 billion messages a day and snapchat says 2 billion videos are watched on its service but as i first
8:32 am
try out livetext, i have to ask why silent? >> what we found was if we removed that audio that actually people were connecting as though they were texting but receiving the expressiveness of the person they were communicating with. >> reporter: imagine the app being used in public places, trains, planes, meetings maybe even a boring class. >> we definitely find that our early adopters are closer to the millennials and some of the teens in the sense that those tend to be the folks who are the early communicators and frequent communicators. >> reporter: it does take some getting used to, but i can imagine occasions where livetexts could be a lot of fun. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> all right, how about this nonmillennial try to have fun with livetext. we have the president and ceo of yahoo! marissa mayer in san francisco connected via livetext. she's already sent me a message. hi amy. how is times square? i'll type back, it's great. how are you?
8:33 am
>> she heard it's hot. yes, it is hot, marisa. normally you don't have to talk to the phone. i'm just doing that for television sake. i'll send that emoji, yes, we need our shades here in times square enjoy the rest of your day. same to you, marissa mayer. see, isn't that cool? bye bye, marisa. you're supposed to smile when you text too so you know because you can look angry when you're texting like that. you can get them in app storeses on any smartphone. give it a try. george? >> thank you, amy. we're going to turn to a new school making a big splash. it teaches you to be a mermaid and sara haines took the plunge. >> reporter: it's dreamy under the sea. ♪ under the sea ♪ >> reporter: and now the life of a little mermaid is becoming a reality here in new york city. this world of swimming class is taught by estonian swimming champ merle liivand. >> yes. now we're moving to the next
8:34 am
skill because mermaids have different skills. >> reporter: what are some of the mermaid skills i'm going to learn today? >> so, mermaid kiss mermaid kicking, mermaid navigating, mermaid swimming. >> reporter: students learn all the basic techniques of swimming while embracing their inner mermaid or merman. i'm like a new mermaid to this clan. i named myself summer. it's my mermaid name. any tips for me in my first mermaid class? >> if you don't know how, believe and you will. >> reporter: sage advice, and with that it's time to put on my tail, which isn't as easy as it looks, seriously. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: and then get warmed up with some classic mermaid kicks. holy gosh, this is a good workout. next, how about a kiss like a mermaid, which is blowing kisses with bubbles. ah.
8:35 am
and it's not only what's happening above water, the mermaid moves flow underwater too. what is the best part of your job? >> to be around people who are scared of water and seeing them becoming a water lover. >> reporter: this class making a splash and making all my mermaid dreams come true. for "good morning america," sara haines, abc news, under the sea. >> she really gets the funniest stories. >> looks magical, doesn't it, george? jake gyllenhaal gets pretty beat up in the ring as boxing champ billy hope in "southpaw" but his toughest opponent could be his little girl laila played by oona laurence and they recently stopped by our studio together. take a look. >> do not hit a lot, dad. >> i know. you should see the other guy. >> no, she should not. she needs to go to bed and so do you. come on. the party is over. come on.
8:36 am
>> why can't i go see the fight? >> mom thinks it's too violent. >> yeah. >> but i see stuff like that on tv all the time. >> i know you do. >> what do you mean? >> i watch "the walking dead" with gloria. >> we are thrilled to have jake and oona with us this morning. oona, i'm a huge fan of "walking dead." did you ever actually see an episode? >> i watched like the first few episodes but honestly i'm kind of a wimp so i stopped watching. they scared me a lot. >> it's very scary and very gory but i have to say when you said that i was like ooh, i like this little girl. oona, were you at all intimidated meeting jake gyllenhaal? >> i was. i was. i was like a little. >> a little. >> a little. it was very -- it was very cool meeting him. it was a little nerve-racking because he's like so experienced and like -- no, like really. he's so experienced and knows so much. >> that also means old. >> that's old. >> but, yeah, it was really, really awesome. >> it was beautiful to watch the
8:37 am
both of you because it was so real and so raw. what did you draw on for your inspiration? >> it's hard not to love her, you know. and it's -- it's hard for me not to love any child really. having to fight for her is not really very hard. >> what was the toughest scene each of you shot? >> there's a scene where i tell her that i can't -- i can't be there for her in a certain moment, and her response, her reaction to me was really hard. i see it now because he's an angry character and there's a moment i think where you realize what you pass on, you know, and he passed on anger to her and she expresses it in a similar way that he does, and it's this really powerful scene and amazing work by her. >> you also in the movie had a great mom, rachel mcadams, and i hear you were a little starstruck as my daughters would have been too because you're a big fan of "mean girls." >> yeah, yeah, i was a really big fan of "mean girls," and, i mean yeah, it was
8:38 am
really amazing to meet like all these famous actors and actresses. >> well, you're among them now. what do you hope people, jake, take away from this film at the end? what is the message? >> i think that, you know, family is everything and the people you love are everything and that you fight for the things that you love. >> "southpaw" is in theaters now. let's head out to ginger now and i hear you've got something new for us this morning. >> yes, new, and we hope that you will be a part of it. so many of you are curious about the weather. i get all kinds of questions every day in the street, on social media especially from ve decided to create a brand-new segment called "ask zee" where i'm going to answer your kids' biggest weather questions on the show. so, here's today question from 9-year-old kylee brown. >> hi, ginger zee. i'm kylee brown from paw paw, michigan. and today i want to ask you what kind of clouds are those? >> all right, kylee. what you're seeing there looks like wave clouds are altocumulus clouds. we have another image, kind of a
8:39 am
still from your photo. there was a front just southwest of you over chicago, and you probably had convection down there. all those types of clouds can live come ahead of that unstable air, so altocumulus is the answer. and i hope you're not the last one. she'll be 10 and wanted to say happy birthday to you, parents, submit your kids' weather video questions, just use the #askzeegma. grown up i want to hear your good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with thicker marine layer means not so hot and 90s inland, but mid-60s to 70s coast and san francisco and mid-70s and upper 80s around the bay and north bay and south bay. cooler but humid by >> all that weather brought to you by tracfone. amy, you can submit too. >> all right, ginger. i've made a list already. we have a lot more ahead. "deals & steals" next on "gma"
8:40 am
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it's time. tory johnson here again. let's get going. everything under $20. >> everything is 20 and under. >> okay. >> ready? >> yep. >> spin it around so from kings of cole your girl all three of them, will know this company. fun t-shirts. you get either a v-neck or tank top. your choice, six different patterns. i love the skulls. skulls are sort of -- >> they're so in. >> especially when you got the shades on them. big dramatic discount on this one. normally $110, every single one of them is slashed by 82%. 20 bucks. >> wow, that is fantastic. all right. that's fun. >> really good deal. >> these are fun. >> really fun. oh, good. >> almost lost one. >> that's okay. so i love these from crayo watches. two different styles for you to choose from. i think the ones with the stripes are just really fun. it's a way to very instantly accessorize. like who can't smile when you've got like a nice pop of color on your wrist. really, really great discount on these and i love that they come
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in a gift box so whether it's for you or somebody else, normally $42 slashed by 57%, each one is $18 and free shipping and there's an assortment. >> free shipping too? >> free shipping on this one. there's a great assortment for men, women and kids so everybody is covered on that one. >> here we go. >> so from rume, really great scarves. i folded one here to be able to open up to show. look how it's like a big scarf. very big, so it has lots -- and it's super soft, as well which i love which has lots of different uses. you can wrap it around as either a cover-up, around your neck, so many different ways to fold it to use it. i love that versatility and i love that you choose your pattern and then you can put an initial on it which is great for personalization, normally $40, these are slashed in half, 20 bucks. >> right on the nose. >> right on the nose. and very soft, as well. >> kids need these. >> kids need these and they make them now for adults too. so these are from brush buddies, it's a big variety of toothbrushes including the ones that have the built-in timer, so not only do you get that good
8:45 am
vibration for teeth, which is great for gums but also a timer so it'll stop. so it'll stop automatically. >> two minutes. >> i tried and tested it. it showed me that i'm like woefully underbrushing. when you realize like two minutes is a long time. it's as long as this segment. we should be brushing that long. anyway, normally this assortment depending on what you choose, $5 to $25, everything slashed in half, so starting at $2.50. last but not least from rapid ramen, this company got its start on "shark tank" and make all these amazing things, two different ones and you can cook all these things much faster and healthier, whether it's oatmeal, rice, mac and cheese under five minutes, great for dorm rooms or for anybody who just is sort of in a hurry like us. $10 normally, slashed in half, $5 and, again, each one comes with two so you're getting two of them in there for 5 bucks. amazing, right? >> always great deals. these ones all cheap. and we want to thank all the companies for providing the great deals. you can get the links and the codes on our website on yahoo! you're also going to find a
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♪ that's the team from gulf shores, alabama, one of the finalists here for day one of our "gma" lifeguard surf n' turf showdown. teams of lifeguards from across the country sent us their lip dubbed videos and you picked the top three. >> a big thanks to shopping site retail me not for providing a $10,000 grand prize for the winners to take home to their community. now we're about to kick off the competition. but first let's get to know the contenders. ♪ shut up and dance with me ♪ we put out the call for lifeguard across america to shut up and dance for a chance to win $10,000 for their town. ♪ shut up and dance with me ♪ >> reporter: and you, the
8:49 am
viewers, have narrowed it down to three finalists. ♪ shut up and dance ♪ >> reporter: first up the lifeguards of milwaukee, wisconsin. >> we didn't even expect to get this far. we were so excited to be here. this is so huge for us. [ chanting ] >> reporter: next team to make a splash -- >> aaagh. >> reporter: -- the guards of barton springs pool in austin, texas. >> we're planning on using the money for aquatic scholarships. >> we'll be able to have a more diverse population within the swim lessons. ♪ >> reporter: and diving in full force, the lifeguards of gulf shores, alabama. >> as beach lifeguards at gulf shores, we are most proud of coming out to the beach on a daily basis, help the citizens, help the guests and make it a memorable experience for them. >> reporter: so which team will take home the money? the "gma" lifeguard showdown starts right now. ♪ shut up and dance with me ♪ >> that's right.
8:50 am
they're the heroes of the beach and the pool and so excited to have them with us. >> one member of each team starts off the relay. austin is team yellow. gulf shores is team red and milwaukee is team blue. jesse, what are they up against? >> this is one of the coolest obstacles i've seen. today is our surf day, water themed relay race. here's how it will work. team members will be positioned all throughout our studio. they'll have to suit up in an inner tube and make their way to social square. you see through those tires there. their teammates then are going to take over by grabbing a whistle from a pinata and then head outside with a water bucket. now once they get out here the final team member will get doused in the water before diving into our surf machine you see right there looking for the coveted plastic lobster and the first two teams to find that lobster get up on the podiums right here are going to be our two winners, and they're going to be moving on to tomorrow's obstacle. >> one team eliminated. >> that's right. is everybody ready? [ cheers and applause ] all right, guys, let's count them down. three, two, one. go! and there you see them there off
8:51 am
of those lifeguard chairs picking up those inner tubes, it's really hard to do. >> yellow is off to a quick start there. >> passing it off -- you see pinatas breaking, grabbing the whistles and have flippers on, as well, and here comes the hard part. >> it's starting to rain out here jesse, so it's slippery. >> you're right. footing will be -- oh, we have a spill by the red team but a great job getting up quickly dousing their teammates then in the surf machine going all through -- wow, look at the red team. in the hole there's a fall. you got to get on the podium and that's it. officially stand on the podium, wow, goes right down to the wire. amy, the red team and the blue team fighting through. >> congratulations. you're very wet right now but very happy. >> congratulations. i'm amazed how fast you found that lobster. >> what an effort. it is very slippery. you truly took one for the team. congratulations. we have medals for you and your team. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll hand these out. >> and we have a parting gift for yellow. do we have this to take back home. thank you so much.
8:52 am
>> oh, yeah. >> you all really went in full. >> tell you what, it wasn't easy. through the conditions like you talked about but a tremendous job. a big thanks to bulls and boards for that awesome obstacle course and surf machine, as well. great job. >> we cannot wait to see our final two teams face off tomorrow. stay tuned. hopefully it won't be raining. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] because 100% whole grain oats are incredibly good for you. because they're heart healthy because they're good for kids. and granddads and everyone else in the family. everything we do is because of what really matters most. the goodness of oats and the people we love.
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so, ladies, who wants a makeover so to die for it's fit for a hollywood star. come on now. who doesn't? look, you have a party, a wedding, a reunion and you want to look just fab, well, we want to give you the full "gma" glam squad treatment, so go now to on yahoo! to find out how to enter "gma's" hot mess express makeover. ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by famous footwear, famous for brand name shoes for the whole family. ♪ shut up and dance with me ♪ thanks for watching. tomorrow we have our big party in the park with hozier. >> let's hope it's not raining tomorrow. i don't think it will be. there's going to be a lot of people out there. have a great thursday, everyone. bye-bye, guys.
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inland. that puts you in the 90s in our inland neighborhoods. cooling. continues but the humidity is going up today through the weekend. we are right at the corner of 8th street in hayward. we are now just seeing a few motorcycles coming on by. they are going to be heading in the westbound direction. traffic is backing up heading east because they are not allowed to turn as we wait for the procession to make its way over to 880. do expect to see traffic delays on 880 as well with onramps
9:00 am
blocked. michael." today, abc news world news tonight anchor david muir. and an artist from upstate new york gets a new look as we continue our picture-perfect makeover week. plus performing her new hit "thunder," leona lewis. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [applause]


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