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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 31, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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lue moon, the second full moon of the month. temperatures are in the upper 50s to mid-60s so another mild morning and we will see sunshine by the time we get do noon but the cost will keep you in the mid-60s in the afternoon. we will go from 70 around the bay to 78 by 4:00 and 80 to 86 and that is most of the inland neighborhood and inland east bay has a few areas in the 90s and a quiet evening and a color sunset mid-60s to mid-70s. laying has been following the traffic all morning and she has the commute. >> good morning everyone, if you are just waking up mobile 360 is trying to go to 680 to check out where the brushfire was and other parts of the bay area to check out what is happening at the toll plaza toll the metering lights have been turn on and we have heavy delays. on the golden gate bridge the traffic is light and not too bad. the other fire that we were tracking in oakland off of 880 and high street is actually put out and as we move over to the south bay 101 is loading between
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280 and 680 and the nimitz. >> the national guard is joining the battle compensation the wildfire in lake county hundreds of people remain evacuated at size of the place and the danger to communities grow. amy hollyfield? >> so far, 13,000 acres have burned but they are expecting the number to grow when they reassess and have the brief at 7:00 this morning. they say that the fire is burning so fast that pat of it is because it is in steep terrain and it races up the hillsides. 5 percent of it is contained. they do think that more firefighters will be arriving today. they have 630 but the fighters who have been on the wragg fire have been released and have gone through their rest period, their mandatory rest time. that will be up today and they will be up and ready to work for
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this fire. three homes have been destroyed. they have 200 people with have been of have been witnessed. everyone here is watching this fire closely. >> it crested the hill up the street by the mailboxes. you could see it. they said it was a mile away at that pin. that is when i left. in addition to the 200 people wore evacuated last night they put an advisory of vacation into place for the double eagle ranch neighborhood so those people should be thinking about packing up or starting to pack up and get out of there. they worried the fire is moving in that direction. at this point they don't know what started the fast moving fire but the good news in all of this is that no one has been hurt. >> an evacuation is take place in sacramento county and a grass fire destroyed seven homes and damned six more at a mole hole park with huge flames tearing
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through the homes and you can see the wind flipping the flames and whipping them. the fire spread when propane taps exploded and several cars and boats want up in flames. authorities evacuated the park and everyone made it out safely. >> bart riders have to make alternate plans to get between the east bay and san francisco this weekend. bart is shutting down service to the transbay tube. janet o is at the embarcadero station. >> good morning, an estimated 100,000 people used the bart service over the weekend so this is going to be affecting a lot of people, bart service is closed all day saturday and all day sunday from san francisco to oakland while major repairs take place to rebuild the tracks. the work is set to improve bart service making it faster and smoother and driving to the city will be busier than usual because of the bart closures. there will be an additional 20,000 driver on the bay bridge and some say that traffic mess
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is unavoidable but others land to take it easy this weekend. >> a headache. just staying at home. >> it will make it difficult if you do not have other forces of transportation. i do. yes, it will be rough for some people. >> there will be help if you need to get to the city, a bus service is running from oakland 19th street to the city with additional ferry rides. a lot of bay area transportation agencies are stepping up to make this an easier transition. if you have to come to the city tomorrow plan on leaving the house early. c.h.p. will be out with extra patrols to guide traffic to make it smoother. try to avoid coming to the city if you can. the final closure for bart repairs is the weekend of september 5.
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>> you can turn to abc7.comto check out the alternatives for getting across the bay. >> alameda judge is inclimbed to uphold previous determinations that jahi mcmath of oakland is dead causing the family a lot money. if jahi mcmath is ruled alive they can sue the surgeon and hospital for millions. the family trying to get the death certificate reversed to move the teen back to california. show was declared brain dead after tonsil surgery in 2013. the family moves her to emergency where she is on organ support. >> closing time for a long-term san francisco restaurant after losing a court fight. sinbads was tied up if a legal battle over the pier 2 property on the embarcadero. the "san francisco chronicle" said a jury voted in favor of the port and granted a request to have sinbad's pay $71,000 in rent accrued since the port
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filed suit in april. the port wants use of the property to, span the ferry terminal. no word if sinbads will appear. >> investigators are hoping to confirm a wing that washed up open a small island in the indian island belongs to missing malaysia airlines flight 370. we are joined with our reporter from washington, dc, with the latest on the investigation. >> good morning, kristen, the wing is being sent to investigators in france that will arrive over the weekend. officers are already confident it is indeed, the first piece of physical evidence from malaysia airlines flight 370. a critical clue loaded interest an evidence van now on the way to france but this morning investigators have few doubts about the origin of the 6' long wing part. a source close to the investigation tells abc this number was on the wreckage and it matches a boeing 777. only one is missing in the worm, malaysia airlines flight 370.
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the wing part is called a flapperon used to help the plane turn and to slow it down for landing. its condition is leading experts to believe that someone was alive and at the controls of malaysia airlines flight 370 when it crashed. >> it must have landed at slow speeds in the water over it would be a ball of metal. >> until the rest of the wreckage is found especially the black boxes they cannot know for sure where or why the plane went down so the greening fees of the 239 people on board will have to keep waiting for answers. >> san mateo workers found mosquitoes carrying the west nile virus in menlo park. the county is planning to do mosquito fogging in that area on sunday starting at 9:00 through
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monday morning at 5:00. >> we are in prime mosquito weather. it is nice and human. -- and humid. >> for here. >> mike? >> it is not overly oppressive but for us it is unusual. in the south bay we go from 60 at milpitas to 67 in santa teresa. alum rock is about 63. low-to-mid 60s elsewhere. brentwood is 67. calistoga is 55 and novato is 59 and bodega bay is 56. lafayette and san carlos around 61. this afternoon, the biggest change is inland again 72 to 8 if around the bay though, inland east bay, 86 still a hot 95 and along the coast pretty steady at 63-70. at the golden gate bridge the west wind at 11 to 15 miles per hour and the cloud deck will
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come down as we head through the morning commute. be careful. two degrees cooler with morning clouds becoming more dominant in our forecast. speaking of dominance how is the traffic? who is dominating the commute? >> i would say the altamont pass but as we look at mobile 360 you can see where we are, southbound 880 as we pass by oracle arena you can see the traffic is light as i turn 360 around northbound traffic is moving along without any problems and other parts of the bay area, the bay bridge toll plaza has gas in between the vehicles but it is 15 minutes to head from the east bay to san francisco golden gate bridge is in great shape and as we look at drive time traffic it looks like we have mostly green, however, 49 minutes to get you from tracy to castro valley and friday lite condition.
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>> still ahead another kind of drought facing the state. why california is facing a shortage of birth, death and wedding certificates. >> international olympic committee chooses the host of the 2022 games and the choice made history. >> we have more weather and traffic all morning. stay tuned.
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 70 percent of california previously uninsured adults -- no let's look outside. >> a gorgeous picture. looking from the embarcadero in san francisco across the bay, cloudy and keeping us warm this morning in the bay area but humid, too. mike will have the explanation ahead but now the very important story. >> 70 percent in california previously uninsured adults have health insurance coverage under the affordable care act. many challenges remain when it
6:14 am
comes to paying for and accessing care. since debuting cover california has help rolled 1.3 million and medical has enrolled 4 million. >> cvs is accused of over charging pharmacy customers submitting claims to insurance companies at inflated prices which was filed in a federal court in san francisco seeks class action status and unspecified damages. a cvs spokesman claims the company has not been served but said co-pay are determined by a patient's insurance. a similar service in mismass was dismissed. >> if you need a copy of your birth certificate you my have to wait because of a shortage of official paper after the enunited states company that made the paper went out of business.
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each certificate requires security features to recollect them from counterfeiting and 38 states have adopted new regulations to use up to date technology to print vital ask vital statistic certificates. >> schultz drivers will vote on a young contract. 180 drives work for transportation companies for apple and yahoo and ebay and more and will be part of the team materials local and will get a raise from $25 to $29 an hour. it would get paid holidays and overtime similar to facebook recently formed driver union. google drivers have not formed a union. >> windows so is out and it has a new feature making some people uneasy. it is called wi-fi set allowing friends to log in to your wi-fi without a passport. it is safer than telling a password but the new features
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allows facebook friends and skype and other contacts to log in. it excludes people using a mac or droid or iphone. there is an opt out setting. >> beijing the host the 2022 winter olympics. kazakhstan was the other contender. the vote among the international olympic committee was close 4-40. beijing will reuse several venues from the 2008 summer olympics. this is the first time a city will have posted both the summer and winter games. >> if a picture is worth a thousand words the california academy of sciences is compensating an encyclopedia with stunning photos part of the big picture natural world photography contest. we got a look at exhibit which opens today. the academy expects the pictures to create awareness of the animals and the habitats
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captured. >> it brings an emotional connection when you see the images and it touches you in a way that hearing facts and learning about things doesn't. >> academy receives 6000 entries and the brand prize winner is the egret at a national park in hungary, which are facing >> we wish we had that this winter. >> hopefully this winter if the building el level clouds and inland, we will see a hue drop at 7-14 degrees cooler than the day before. shear why. the patch layer came back and it was tall enough to climb over the east bay hills into the seem and same in the north and south
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bay and it will do it today as we look at our camera. forecast is coastal clouds around with spotty sun hype and mild for all of us and slow cooling but a humid weekend and that will spark the chance of a thunderstorm the next 24 hours with below average highs likely nbc week. live doppler hd shows thunderstorm in the foothills and the thunderstorm is off monterey chest and those are moving to the northwest and we have a few of them trying to come up to gilroy and parallelling each side of 101 so keep an cry on the santa cruz mountains and south bay. you could be the most likely to see the random shower this morning. if you are going to the beaches this weekend because of the southern swell our temperatures are starting to swell again we are 4-7 degrees above average. as far as highs we are only 74 dead in santa cruz. low-to-mid 80s for the south bay. 83 in cupertino.
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and san jose. 77 san mateo and 71 in milbrae. the cloud cover is in the mid-60s. nearly 70 downtown and sausalito. 79 in petaluma and san rafael and 83 in santa rosa and 78 in vallejo through the north bay we will have 72 at richmond and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 70s until you get to newark and union city and fremont and castro valley and 80s. and mid-80s to my 90 inland east bay so there is the potential, again for needing the air conditioning. if you are going do hawaii we are watching the hurricane by wednesday or thursday could be knocking on door. a couple of degrees cooler through our coolest day on tuesday. leyla? >> yes we have mobile 360 now heading down 880 and you can see the track is behind us it is actually move along pretty well. as i turn it around, you can see the traffic is light ahead of us pushing to win
6:20 am
and moving through pleasant hill to walnut creek it is a nice commute, and as we look further to the south as you travel 680 through danville and san ramon that is also at top speeds but i warn you this is a brand new crash at castro valley boulevard with debris all over the road and although the vehicle crashed into some 15ing off to the side there are no delays so far. as we look over the altamont pass 32 miles per hour heading away from tracy to dublin with the drive going to take 39 minutes. >> next the giants make a move ahead of the trade deadline. >> hundreds of musicians united to play the same song in northern italy. >> and the golden gate bridge looking good in this picture with weather and traffic during the
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unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. >> bail trade dead lynn almosts today and the giants have acquired a starting pitcher from the reds as number two or three starting. right hander will replace hudson in the row face. giants gave up two minor
6:24 am
leaguers in the deal. he will have a ten game road trip to texas and if you want to see what he looks like in a giants uniform you can go to my twitter page. >> cool. >> we will check with a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> coming up, new trouble for the departmentist from minute who shot a world famous lion in africa is facing a federal investigation and well hear from the lawyer for one of the men who helped him hunt that lion down coming on "good morning america" next. >> see you at 7:00. a group of los angeles airport police officers in the bay area for the funeral of a fallen hawaii police officer made a slight detour on the way back to los angeles. they wanted to deliver in person something they could is deeped in the mail but they say it was too special a brief case with ad welcoming album and other price less momentoes belonging to an
6:25 am
afghanistan family living in modesto. an intenter for the united states army in afghanistan before he moved to the united states back in september. accidentally he left the am bull on the plane at lamb. >> the family heirloom, a treasure does not deserve to be put in a card board box and sent here. >> i cannot explain how happy i am. >> he and his wife wanted to thank the officers for going out of their way so they prepared them an an afghan meal before parting their ways. >> we have the top stories ahead with a new muni streetcar >> big boost for efforts to create a west coast earthquake early morning system. >> the rocky fire is growing quickly and necessary, what firefighters are expecting for today. >> more weather and traffic for you all morning and a new way to keep you updated at san
6:26 am
francisco international airport under clouds and what is a spider
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, a beautiful sunrise just gorgeous this morning. we have cooler temperatures, really hot going of the work week and now moving on to friday. >> thanks for joining us. i am matt keller here for eric thomas. >> we start with a beautiful sunrise and end with a blue moon. >> live doppler hd is getting active right now with thunderstorms to the east and, also, to the south and these are rotating up toward us so there is the possible of a stray shower or thunderstorm today with the added humidity. we also have the man layer that will lay a big part in our forecast. pretty mild this morning temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s and we will stay in the my 60 at the coast with pockets of sunshine account clouds will open up by noon and 70 an the bay and 80 inland and in the upper 70s to inland at 4:00 and enjoy a comfortable evening
6:30 am
by 7:00, we are in the my 60 and mid-70s and when the sun is secretary at 8:19 you will need a light coat. how is the morning commute? >> mobile 360 is headed into fremont southbound 880 we are getting closer to maury and it is friday light. it is nice. as we look at the northbound direction traffic is smooth. it is tricky if you are headed interest castro valley because of an accident that dumped debris if the lanes. it crashed with one vehicle on the side. c.h.p. will post likely have to come out and do a traffic break clean it so folks can get to where they need to be the right now, everything is green and you are moving at top speed. >> thank you, leyla developing news in lake county, hundreds of residents remain evacuated as the wildfire grows. our reporter is if lake county with the latest. >> the fire is still burning and look at the smoke rising in
6:31 am
the distance behind me. coming out of the canyon. fighters tell me the fire pillowed out a little bit overnight but it was still active. you can see it is get going this morning. they will hold a briefing at 7:00 this morning and they expect to hear the fire has grown. it is already burned 13,000 acres and it is 5 percent contained. they have evacuated 200 people a mandatory evacuation and three homes have been destroyed. evacuees say it is structural and scary being told to leave. >> left if a hurry and... [ inaudible ] get our dog and leave everything behind. >> the shelter at the high school is preparing for more people, more evacuees. firefighters think the fire could be headed to the double eagle ranch and people living there have been advised to
6:32 am
evacuation bit. it is not mandatory. but it could change much the fire is borrowing fast and make quick runs up dry hills and that is why they are expecting a larger number this morning when they have the briefing. more firefighters are on the way with 630 here right now. some have been released from thing where fire and their mandatory rest period is coming to an end so they can now head this way. they are hoping to make some progress today. at this points no one has been hurt in the fire and they also do not know what the cause is. >> a grass fire destroyed several homes in the delta yesterday afternoon and it started at a possibly home park in sacramento. huge flames tore through the home, seven structures were destroyed and six damaged. the fire spread when propane thanks exploded can several cars and bets with the up in films. authorities evacuated the park. this is what it lacked like the everyone made it out safe.
6:33 am
>> an accused drunk driver charged with killing a mother and her baby have a pre-trial hearing. brian jones seeing in court earlier is held without bail in dublin after losing control of his car may 2 and crashed and an apartment come mention. 46-year-old mother and her 14-month-old daughter died at the scene. miss say conference had attended the livermore wine country festival before the accident. >> san francisco police say a man who died in a struggle with officers yesterday was wanted in connection with a bra tall beating in -- a brutal filimoni raiyawa crashed his car in the marina and police say the 6' 265 pound man started a violent confrontation with two female officers. filimoni raiyawa was a care giving suspected of attacking an elderly man not expected to survive. he stopped breathing and died at
6:34 am
the scene. the officers are recovering at home. >> a former raiders and 49ers offensive lineman will appear in court today in connection with the d.u.i. and hit-and-run charge. harris was found asleep in a ripping car, and officers say mode i-s determined three was high. he tried to bite the happened of an officer trying to hand cuff him. in 2013 he was convicted of a misdemeanor for beating husband his then boyfriend at a restaurant. >> fallen hayward sergeant scott lunger is in the final resting place. his body was taken to young cemetery in brentwood yesterday following a funeral at oracle arena in oakland. around 5,000 people attended the service including law enforcement officials from across the country. the ceremony was core -- choreographed with precision the speeches were from the heart. >> you always respected my opinions and help. i was your dad and you will always be to me my little boy.
6:35 am
>> i hope i continue to make you proud every day here on out confident like you made me. our time was far too short but the memories you gave me are irreplaceable. >> sergeant scott lunger was shot and killed during a traffic stop july 22. he leaves behind two daughters a college fund has been set up through the hayward police officers association for people would would like to donate. >> a teen boy accused of killing his 8-year-old neighborhood appeared in court. the body of maddy middleton was found in a dumpster on monday in santa cruz. continue-year-old adrian jerry gonzalez did not enter a plea and is charged as an adult with murder and sexual assault. adrian jerry gonzalez waved his right to a speedy trial. the defense has time to build the case. >> san francisco mayor lee and senator feinstein will help celebrate the launch of the new street car line that runs along
6:36 am
the water front to the wharf using historic streetcars that are double ended. service kicks off tomorrow and daily service next year. the mayor and senator feinstein will celebrate at 11 o'clock event and kristen the new historic street cars next, cheap oil provisions could be with us for a while. >> an orphaned badger nursed back to health and what may is caused her to get sick. >> check this out abc7 now with weather and traffic during the entire commercial break. because 100% whole grain oats are incredibly good for you. because they're heart healthy because they're good for kids. and granddads and everyone else in the family.
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to the most homes, the company that keeps making fast faster is doing it again. introducing multi-gig speeds from xfinity. the future of awesome. >> thanks for sticking and. we are starting if santa clara county fair where matt said you can buy con dogs and chocolate covered bananas his favorite food there. 80 at 1:00 o'clock same at 4:00 topping though are at 83. 71 at 8:00. when they close at look 67. the oakland jazz festival is so big in hayward opening at 69 degrees at 10:00 tomorrow, and 75 at noon. jazz people do not have a in closing time but it will be in the 70s at evening.
6:40 am
sonoma nationals 28th annual upper 50s to low 88 and you will need the sunscreen and if you travel away the state we have a few triple digit and thunderstorms in the high country. >> jazz when you feel the groove you have to keep play asking playing and playing. the drive along southbound 880 we are headed into hill pete and the drive is wide open and friday light with clouds and northbound traffic is not give us any problems. on the other parts of the pay area include the maze may you can see the traffic is light. when you get up to the bay bridge toll plaza and into san francisco lou are 53 closer to treasure island the drive is going to take you thin minutes to head from emeryville to san francisco and the drive long 10155 miles per hour and the hospital curve if you drive along 101 away from sfo to the city it is still own ten minutes' commute.
6:41 am
>> zimbabwe is seeking extradition for the minnesota departmentist who killed a famed lien i don't, officials say walter palmer broke their laws when he killed cecil and shut be prosecuted. a white house petition to extradict palmer reached 100,000 signature requirement for a response from the obama administration. there is no word when response will take place. palmer is nowhere to be found and he has been in hiding since the scandal break. if convicted he faces 15 years in prison. >> a badger that spent two months at an animal hospital will be released in the wild this weekend. wild care bay area posted this video on youtube officials say the badger made a full recovery after first arriving at the hospital june 6 with interim pleading. the critter was found near the body of a dead mother only semi-conscious. it is believed the bodger -- badger got sick after eating a poisoned rodent.
6:42 am
the badger has been nursed back to health. >> google glass returns and it has been retooled for you. . >> a thousand musicians ban together to send a message what they all want from the fu fighters and what the band is saying, just this morning. >> stay in the snow with a look at san mateo bridge and it is looking like they are moving this morning from hayward to san mateo with traffic and weather during the entire commercial break.
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cover, benicia, san ramon san mateo and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> the u.s. geological survey has ordered a grant to bring the shake alert earthquake early warning system to production getting $1.2 million in berkeley for two years. shake alert will give people a few precious seconds to take precautions before the earthquake arrives. u.s. geological survey is collaborating with four universities including the university of oregon to improve the shake alert system across northern california and the pacific northwest. >> apple and yahoo employees are looking to join a union and google glass is not dead.
6:46 am
>> now to jane king with the money report. jane? >> it is become. we will have more on google glass but the markets are mixed and the oil companies are getting hit with profits out today and they are huge differences year to year with the oil price dropping 50 percent in 12 months. union are making inroads into silicon valley with shuttle drivers for the silicon valley firms are ready to vote tomorrow on a package for improve wages and benefits. the terms include higher pay and the six hour minutes for drivers on split shift. >> google glass is about the pork workplace with a new hinge and faster processor, and focused on workers in health care and factory and energy. >>,pawn jobs will be cut with capital investment dealing with low oil prices dumping in
6:47 am
businesses and number, it said it is prepared for a prolonged downturn in oil prices and shell c.e.o. said the cheap oil could last for several years. >> here is a question. the how far would you go to get the tax of your favorite band? >> fu fighter fans found out in italy the hard work may have done the trick. ♪ come out ♪ ♪ town out right ♪ >> how do they do this? a thousand musicians came together in italy to perform the fu fight are "learn to fly," taking a year to put it together and the organizes posted this open youtube hoping they would agree to play a concert. >> check this out the band tweeted "beautiful," with a think to the video in italian. >> later a second tweet in
6:48 am
italian from front man say "see you soon." we don't know exactly the day but they are scheduled already to perform in itly in november so it seems like it could be right time to tag on a visit to siena. >> you are can check them out mount stain view on september 16. they will be town in less than a month, a month and a half away. >> my work day is right around there, a september birthday. >> weird. >> when it is your birthday you treat everyone. >> what culture is that? our culture. >> a same culture that gets her coffee and bagels. welcome back. >> look at this speaking of humidity in hawaii check out the beautiful picture this morning or last night if honolulu, thank
6:49 am
you that is the blue moon over honolulu. so our stage managers want to know what kind of clothing will our visitors be buying today? they could to humid climates they are going to buy sweat showers. if they come from the cool cement they will be fine our temperature is about 70 in san francisco maybe 68. the highs are going to lower today and the humidity climbs. that will lead to a chance of a thunderstorm, very small chance. morning clouds and fog increasing deeper into the profit and the heat is going to say away and our temperatures are below average. robust sea breeze 26 miles per hour wind at fairfield and the same area is under a small craft advisory from noon to 9:00 and golden gate bridge and bay bridge and the west delta. temperatures in the south bay, 83, spot on that is our high in
6:50 am
san jose and cupertino is upper 80s around los gatos is gilroy. we will have 70 in millbrae and low-to-mid 80s and the cloud cover has spotty sunshine and mid-60s and 68 in downtown and 70 in south san francisco and sausalito is 72 and the north bay is socked in with mid-60s and 959 petaluma and vallejo is 78 and otherwise low-to-mid 80s through the north bay vietnam and along the east bay more, warm in castro valley at 83 and dropping to 78 in san leandro and almost at 72 and it is almost back to comfortable conditions inland east bay 86 at men to 92 in antioch. at the game tonight fire works the 6:35 and dropping to 63. keep an eye on hurricane guillermo heading west northwest and by memorial day of next week yes, we started with hawaii and we are going to end the forecast
6:51 am
with hawaii. we will keep an eye on it for you. my seven-day forecast shows a couple of degrees cooler around the bay and inland on saturday sunday, monday and tuesday and wednesday below average and morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and high clouds but not so humid next week. have a great weekend. leyla? mobile 360 northbound along the nimitz freeway as we continue with traffic light in the northbound direction and southbound. other parts of the bay area we will check it out if san jose 101, to mineta san jose international airport we do not have any delays approaching the airport so you will not be late. in berkeley the slowest spot was 40 miles per hour and it is enough though to cause delays taking on a few extra minutes coming up from highway 4 and in hercules, el sobrante san pablo moving along at posted speed enough to tack on a couple of minutes at on minutes along i-80
6:52 am
from four to the maze and across the bridge at 10 minutes and 101 southbound from san francisco to sfo is 11 minutes. >> back with seven things to know before you grow >> first, we show you a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza looking like a car pool lane is certainly doing fine.
6:53 am
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whether you are just joining us or headed out the door we will know how much the rocky fair in lake county grew overnight, cal fire will release an update shortly. it burned 13,000 acres and was forcing evacuations and now is only a percent contained. >> if you plan on crossing the bay this weekend you will not be able to ride bart between san francisco and oakland with trains not run through the tube on saturday or sunday to give time for track repairs. have a buses and ferries will run to make up for the service. >> that is right. you can expect heavy delays if you are using the car but the ferries will help you system rise and san francisco ferry with bus bridges so expect extra delays. >> tracking more moisture with live doppler hd you can see it
6:55 am
is hoofing up toward us with a thunderstorming around gilroy falling apart and one to south lake but for us, a slight chance of a thunderstorm and more humidity in the area than we are normally used to with temperatures in the my 60s and a few mid-90s hanging on inland. >> an accused drunk driver charged with killing a mother and her baby has a pre-trial hearing. brian jones was speeding when he hit them after returning from the livermore wine country festival. >> the part of an airplane wing found on an island in the indian ocean is headed to prince to be analyzeed that could have come from malaysia airlines flight 370. >> did you see it in the blue moon in the psychiatry at 3:43 this morning that occurs when two full means appear in the same calendar month there will not be another one until january of 2018 and you can still get an idea of what it looks like with
6:56 am
don't's noon so you get a senator chance. >> we continue onlife and facebook. we will see you in 25
6:57 am
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weekend too. good morning, america. breaking news, record heat. scorching temperatures from seattle to boston. almost two dozen all-time highs. the heat fueling those wildfires in the west and powerful storms slam the northeast. breaking news, in the crosshairs this morning, the minnesota dentist who killed thatamous lion now under federal investigation and for the first time we hear what his guide is saying really happened on that hunting trip. it's an abc news exclusive. new this morning, dramatic rescue. the hero bystanders and police racing to save a little girl left in a van in a sweltering parking lot. >> i'm sorry. >> no, sorry. she could have died. >> the dramatic new video of the moment they confronted her mother. >> banding together, what one town did to try to get their favorite rock band to play a concert there, a thousand musicians "learn to fly" and wait till you see how their heroes a


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