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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning. here's a first look at your forecast. here's lisa with the weather. >> we are talking about a cool down for part of the weekend and the week ahead. that's the good news. pockets of moisture around the bay. but it won't hit us. in fact, we are getting back to normal with 60s, 70s and
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80s. a look at your neighborhood and the cool down coming up. chris. >> lisa, thank you. breaking news in san jose. a suspect is in custody after exchanging gunfire with police and leading officers on a chase. around 11:30 last night officers on routine patrol tried to talk to people at the light rail station. and investigators said a man took off. these are shots from the scene. the suspect shot at officers, then they returned fire. officials say the suspect then carjacked the vehicle and drove on to the freeway. investigators said the suspect tried to run over an officer during a police chase. it ended when the suspect crashed into another car where he was captured. two people inside were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries and two others were taken into custody. authorities say the suspect's injuries were not caused by gunfire.
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>> david rule, a 38-year-old forest firefighter, died yesterday in the modac fire. the service is lowering their flags in his honor. the governor wrote a statement, firefighter ruhl will be remembered for his bravery and we extend our condolences to his family and friends." >> one fire out of control is one near clear lake. it is just 5% contained. abc7 news reporter alan wang has
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the latest. >> erratic winds stirred up flames that threatened to jump morgan valley road. this is where most of the evacuations took place and this is where several engine crews from southern california made their stand. >> you see it on my right shoulder. that's always a great danger to everybody on the ground. we are protecting the power lines by keeping these lines in place >> the last airdrop left these crews defending the road and the power lines without air support. another 5,000 acres burned. >> it's like being in another world. the smell, i mean, it's still burning here. >> meanwhile, a second fire is burning northeast toward the city of lower lake. it prompted more evacuations and the opening of another shelter in a nearby town. >> there have been advisories. a lot of my friends in lower lake and morgan road have got evacuated. we are just on standby. >> you should be ready to evacuate and it shouldn't be a surprise if you got the phone call or a knock on the door.
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>> fire fighters are hoping the lower temperatures and lower humidity to give them the advantage. abc news. >> just to give you an idea how big the fire is, you can see it from space this is a satellite picture from n.a.s.a. those red lines indicate the fire lines and you can see how much smoke it is producing. you can download our free abc7 news app to get the latest information on the fires. just enable the push alerts for updates. it's available for free. happening now, this is a good weekend to avoid going from the east bay to san francisco and vice versa. bart has shut down the transbay tube between oakland and san francisco for track maintenance. and work on muni may make the traffic situation worse. we have the story. >> for the next six months muni metro strain service under the city will not be a travel option
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past 10:00 p.m. >> i work in the ferry building and a lot of people get out at 10:00 at night. it will be unfortunate for them. i don't know how they will find a way to get home and navigate the buses. >> the muni metro trains will resume service for the morning commute. and the rest of the weekend bart trains will not run through the transbay tube. workers have already started setting up signs to direct passengers to the temporary bus bridge. but they recommend people just avoid a weekend trip across the bay if possible. >> don't depend on that for your trip to san francisco. it will delay your trip by an average of 1 to 2 hours extra from what it normally takes from the transbay. >> it may not be an option for weekend workers and for some visitors the shutdown was surprise. this man is visiting from toronto and staying in san francisco. he wanted to go to a second a's game this weekend his friend. >> it's under construction for the next two days, so we will
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have to take uber or a cab. that's one headache. >> the transbay tube will be shut down until monday morning so they can replace rail near the bart station. they will do it again labor day weekend to finish the job. abc7 news. bart has a lot of information about how to get around without transbay service. we have put that information on our website, police are making a dent in some of the many car thefts in san francisco. during a citywide campaign in may, officers in uniform and undercover recovered 89 vehicles that were reported stolen. police say some of the stolen cars were used in robberies, shooting and burglaries. they arrested more than 40%. some of people are serial car burglars. 6:06, the time. the suggestion that silicon valley workers should wear more to work than t-shirt and jeans is striking a sore spot with some. workers are saying it's not true
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you have to look good to work good. and some agree. we have the story from san jose. >> it started with a leaked memo. hewlett-packard asking some in the wardrobe department. hewlett-packard asking some programmers to step it up in the wardrobe department. no t-shirt, jeans, baseball caps or sandals. >> the idea of an engineer in silicon valley wearing anything other than jeans or t-shirts or what she wants to wear strikes me as absurd. >> many agree. and then the vice president of human resources released this. >> guess what? hp doesn't have a global dress code. >> so no dress code at all? sounds good. >> when it's really hot and humid and you are sweating in your suit and stuff like that. you would rather be sweating in something you can feel more comfortable in and you can still work. >> not so fast, says the owner of moda italia, a men's store in san jose. >> i started since i was 19 years old. >> he said dress better, work better.
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>> people feel lazy. you have to feel good and then, for example, myself, i feel about ten times better. >> larry believes the exact opposite is true. >> you are an engineer, and you want to dress casually, let them dress casually and judge them by their code, not dress code. >> he feels productive and more happy. abc7 news. >> 6:08 is our time. in this drought you probably have noticed some overspraying an overspraying sprinkler, or someone soaking their sod or a water-wasting waiter. now you can tell on them. you can report people who use too much h2o. they go to local government agencies for enforcement. you can remain anonymous. go to and look for this story. and you think you see water being wasted where you live, e-mail us. we will check out as many tips as we can. all of us are worried about a ripple effect from the
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drought. they say trees are being neglected and becoming diseased or dying. it can cause permanent damn. across california, 12 million trees have already died over the past year. time now is 6:09. weather-wise, cooler temperatures on deck for the weekend? >> yeah, slightly cooler. we have a chance of low fog and clouds all up and down the coast. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. it's in the lower 60s all across the bay area. it does feel mild. we will talk about near normal weather for a change, as we welcome august. >> lisa, thank you. also ahead, the latest twist and plans to keep the a's and raidners oakland. what a's ownership says about almeda county's desire to sell their stake in the coliseum complex. and a jet crashes into a parking lot full of cars and on board
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>> breaking news. firefighters are at the scene of a three alarm fire in the vista point area. this broke out just after 3:00 this morning. the house is huge, 7,000 square feet, and it's still under construction. it's still too early to say what caused the fire, but crews will be staying at the location for quite a while look for hotspots. several of osama bin laden's relatives were killed in a jet crash in southern england.
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the plane overshot the runway at a small airport south of london yesterday. the plane crashed into a fence and into a bunch of parked cars before bursting into a fireball. there were no injuries reported on the ground thankfully, but no one on the plane survived. the jet crashed while attempting to make a landing and an investigation into what caused the crash is ongoing. the families of two 14-year-old boys who disappeared while boating off the central coast of florida vowed to keep searching after the coast guard suspended their search last night. they set off on a fishing trip from jupiter 8 days ago before a storm hit the atlantic. their capsized boat was found two days later. a woman jumped the white house fence last night. she was immediately arrested. the white house went into a lockdown for a time. the fence was more difficult to
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climb after a man got over it and into the white house last year. a concert in the east bay last night will help hundreds of budding musicians. ♪ abc7 news was in hayward for the annual jenne lind summer youth concert. 300 day area students performed to honor the 14-year-old and raise money for music education and child safety. abc7's cheryl jennings mc'd the event. lynn was studying piano in 1994 when she was stabbed to death. the crime is unsolved. >> the county wants to sell their portion of the coliseum to the city. they say it will make it he's year for the a's to get a new stadium with the developers having to dealing with just one public agency. a's owner said he does not
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support the buy-out and he does not think it would simplify talks for a new stadium. not too long ago, travel agents were considered a thing of the past, but now they are making a come-back of sorts. michael finney has the details. >> when booking vacations it used to be common to go through travel agents. but the internet changed all that. now most travelers book their own trips. but should they? >> it's an industry that changed so dramatically the last 15 years or so, but it changed for the better for consumers. the travel agencies that are still left standing are the ones that have great advice and offer great service. >> that's bay area checkbook executive director kevin.
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they just put together reports on travel agents with advice on how to find one and how to use one. grassler said if you are look for just a flight or hotel, you may be better booking online. but if you are looking at a big trip, travel agents can offer serious help. >> the way to use a travel agent these days is to use them as travel consultants. you know, i want to know where to go and when to go there and what to see and where to stay. >> because they say they are family friendly and they say it all over their web pages, we know better. >> here they believe consumers can do a lot on their own, but there's something to say for experience. >> even if you plan one or two vacation as year, we plan five or six or seven a day. >> how much does it cost you? booking and planning fees start as low as ten dollars and can go as high as $300 for a complicated trip. >> because you are watching this report night now, you will be allowed free access to
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checkbook's report on travel agencies. go to i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." it's a new era for a service in san francisco. the new e-line was dedicated yesterday on the embarcadero. it's between the cal station and fisherman's wharf on the weekends, starting today. >> it is vital not only to get people back and forth and to appointments but to make sure our city continues to run smoothly. >> muni also debuted another new car. an open-top car used in england used back in the 1930s. get down to oakland for the city's 15th annual art and soul festival. it's a well-attended event. it typically brings about 10,000 people. it runs throughout the weekend
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and takes place in a ten block area around franco gall law plaza from noon to six. sunday is a performances from a percussionist from oakland. taking a check of the full weather. others people head out, they will be greeted with some nice, pleasant conditions in. >> that's right. in fact, the cool down will be slow to really get started. but in the next couple of days we will certainly feel cooler highs around here. starting out with a deeper marine layer. the fog is right up against the shoreline and the official sunrise -- well, we aren't going to see it for some of you, but if you are hiking or high above, you may have noticed how pretty it was this morning. just a few moments ago. we are looking at a mild start but active weather. it's been very active in the pacific. here's another hurricane, guillermo. with winds of 16 miles an hour, the wind gusts to 120 miles an hour. as it continues to track to the west, it's going to get awfully close to hawaii. perhaps a minimal hurricane with
6:19 am
amounts of tropical moisture on the big island here. if you are headed to hawaii or friends and family will, be advised of the forecast come midweek. we will update that for you with several updates a day from the national hurricane center. looking a at san jose, a quiet start. filed from san jose to san francisco and oakland 62. 54. 65 in morgan hill. here's a shot of the nice run size above the 2,000-foot marine layer from mt. tam. 60 santa rosa, and novato up to 63. looking at low 60s for concord and livermore. the wind flow today out of the west-southwest. an area of low pressure not only enhances the marine layer, but continues to bring up some subtropical moisture to the higher elevations. we are losing the view of the city from the fog. that was our sutro tower camera. partly cloudy and mild this morning. mild to warm throughout the day today. a cooler pattern for tomorrow into the next couple of days to
6:20 am
begin the work week for august. so looks pretty good. very little change from today to yesterday, with the thunderstorms to the east of us. and to the north of us. the pockets of moisture and the little trigger, the area of low pressure allowing for the storms once again around lake county, mount shasta, and the northern, central and suggests earn sierra. but for the bay area they miss us. we will be partly to mostly sunny. an update here. 64 degrees, 73% relative humidity. very little wind right now but the winds throughout the day today are from the south-southwest and it will continue to grow a little bit in terms of gusts to 15 to 22 miles an hour throughout the day. but the cooler temperatures and more of a march roenick layer hopefully will get a hand on those 20-some fires across the state. 85 today in concord. look for 80 fremont. low 70s return for oakland and richmond. 76 in san mateo. upper 70s for you in palo alto.
6:21 am
81 san jose. look for 76 in santa cruz. the accuweather seven-day forecast. so, yeah, it continues to be on the warm side inland, but at least the cool down on the way for you tomorrow and into next week with highs just in the mid-80s. mid-70s staying put with 60s at the coast. yesterday bat 71 half moon bay. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7. us weather app. it's free at the apple's app store or google play. so that 71 warmer in half moon bay than san francisco is not unusual for summertime but it will stay gray at the coast. >> and she's conditions should help with the firefighterring efforts as well, lisa. >> certainly. >> thank you. up next, skydiving. and why this high-flying flower is so special. >> on abc traffic report, there are no trains running through the transbay tubes while crews fix tracks this weekend. there are extra routes
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>> dan harris joins us now from new york to tells what is coming up on "good morning america."
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>> dangerous heat across parts of america this morning, especially in the northwest where triple digit temperatures are setting new temperatures. and california, the heat is complicating matters for the morning 8,000 firefighters dealing with more than two dozens firefighters. look at this dad attempt to go run over a group of teenagers with his truck. police say the father was angry at the kids because they were fighting with his daughter. the charges he is facing this morning. and finally the young woman who survived after a 5,000-pound tree crashed right on top of her while she was sleeping. it took rescuers more than two hours to get her out as her father was looking on in horror. how it happened and how she managed to escape without a devastating injury. it's all coming up on gma on a bigscy morning. see you soon. >> 6:25 is our time. professional wrestling has lift an icon, rowdy piper died
6:26 am
yesterday at 61. he was the archenemy of hulk hogan in the 1980s e also started in a number of movies. to honor him, a's outfielder played his music last night during his walk out to the plate. if you listen closely, you can hear it under the comment stay -- the commentators. a new skydiving record has been set. yesterday an international team of 164 sky divers created the largest-of vertical skydiving formation over illinois. they locked up hands at 240 miles an hour, joining a giant flower at about 20,000 feet up. it took 20 planes and about 13 attempts 20 do this. it beats the record by 138 sky divers. >> a close call for a pilot just before landing at the jfk airport
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>> it's half past the hour on this saturday morning.
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it is great to have you with us. i'm chris nguyen. another nice weekend expected throughout the bay. here's lisa argen tracking the conditions where you live. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. good morning to you. from mt. tam, looking good with the sun coming up above the marine layer about 15 minutes ago. you can see we are looking at the low clouds and fog in parts of marin county. and partly cloudy elsewhere. 63 concord. 64 livermore. napa 59 for you. we are looking at the low clouds and fog banked up along the coast. locally inland it will continue to peel back and with the on shore push and the taller marine layer, we look at temperatures getting back to normal. that's anywhere from 60s at the coast to upper 80s inland. we will detail the numbers for you and talk about even cooler days ahead. chris. >> lisa, thank you. >> knew this morning, president obama is celebrating the 50th
6:31 am
an verse recovery of medicare and medicaid. medicaid covers people of all ages who can't afford healthcare. >> before 1950 too pane fluffed poverty. before pedestrian care only half had some form of health insurance. before medicaid parents had no help covering the cost of care for a child with disability. the president also pointed out the affordable care act or obamacare has expanded medicare to cover more than 13 million more americans and is helping more seniors live independently. a drone was seen near two planes at a major airport and investigators are scrambling to find out it came from. it happened friday at jfk is new york. the delta plane on approach spotted a drone flying about 100 feet below the right wing. drones were also seen near a jet
6:32 am
blue fight. good morning america will have much more on the drone coming up at 7:00. >> also happening today, bobbi kristina brown will be buried in a private ceremony in georgia. she was the only child of whitney huston and bobby brown. she died about six months after she was found face-down in a bathtub in her home. whitney houston was also found unresponsive in a bathtub when she died three years ago. she will be laid to rest about three miles north of atlanta. >> and >> the employees at deikman's bay store were making breakfast when it happened. >> a woman came in and was frantic. said a guy had a gun and was after her. moments later a second woman ran
6:33 am
into the bodega harbor inn. >> screaming and crying hysterically. she said there's a man down the street, he has a shotgun, and i heard three shots fired, and i think she's dead. >> and she was taken to the hospital where the "press democrat report" she was conscious on arrival. meanwhile the s.w.a.t. team surrounded the house where the three were sleeping best gunman woke him up. they knew who he was. >> she had filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend two days ago. he somehow found her. >> the neighbors say the house was a vacation rental so he was not from here. and it turns out neither was the suspected shooter. neighbors said he drove in the middle of the night and parked on the street. police found the blue rental car by calling his cell phone. what they couldn't find was the suspect. they told the neighbors to shelter in place. >> i'm scared. i am really scared. i have kids and stuff.
6:34 am
i can't believe something like this would happen in our town. >> we had a manhunt in the neighborhood for a good couple of hours. i don't think they realized he was in the house. >> but police sent a robot into the house and they confirm they found the man dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. a gruesome discovery that left neighbors relieved. >> because if he goes to jail and gets out, he will just do it again to somebody else. >> i'm glad it's over. >> police have not released the names of the suspect or the victims. abc7 news. >> happening today, about 200 bus drivers who shuttle tech workers to their silicon valley jobs, will vote on their first labor contract. they joined teamsters in february and have been negotiating with their employer. the team center official would not disclose details but said it was similar to what facebook drivers got earlier this year. their deal included a pay range of $21 to $28 an hour, depending on how long a worker has been with the company.
6:35 am
if the drivers approved, compass will have to get approval from the tech company. uber is now one of the most valuable companies in the united states. the san francisco based company is now valued at close to $51 billion following a new round of funding. the total equals the record set by facebook for a private venture-backed start-up. an of lifts say that uber's $51 billion evaluation represents their global expansion into more than 300 cities and growing popularity carrying millions of riders daily. the california state tax board wants to form a state-run bank just for medical marijuana dispensaries. right now all medical marijuana pot transactions must be done in cash. and the federal government does not recognize marijuana as legal in any form so the banks won't take their money. it causes concerns about safety and corruption. >> everyone knows the stories of the bad actors, the people in residential subdivisions and shipping across state lines and
6:36 am
blowing up houses with illegal extraction activities. that has to be wiped out. and one of the ways to wife that out is with banking services. >> lawmakers will discuss the new banking system when the legislative session begins in mid-august. happening today, protests against fracking are set across the state, including oakland and san francisco. protesters will gather at justin herman plaza at 1:00. it's part of an action in 16 california cities to demonstrate against hydraulic fracking. that's the process of injecting water into shale and breaking or fracturing the rock, making it easier to extract oil or natural gas. critics claim it can pollute the air, pollute water supplies and contribute to greenhouse gas that is causes global warning. good news, analysts are predicting gas could fall under $2.50 a gallon in california. two weeks ago gas rose over 75 cents a gallon because of dwindling supplies. but with refineries producing at
6:37 am
full capacity, a big drop in price is expected by the end of the year. helping it along is a winter blend of gas that is cheaper to produce and lower in demand. still ahead on the saturday morning news a big announcement from facebook founder mark zuckerberg. the new addition coming to his family and the conversation he's starting. first, a live look from our mt. tam camera. in san francisco it's 63 degrees. it varies throughout the bay area. lisa argen will have the full accuweather forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> happening today, a chance to capture for chance to play ghosts and ghouls during october of halloween hunt. great america is looking to hire 500 people to scare the day lights out of its customers. if you are not into being a monster, that's okay. the park is also looking for backstage help. 6:40 is the time. can you believe we are already talking about halloween? >> it is august and we are looking at typical summertime weather still to enjoy. wow, we could see the city from sutro just a moment ago.
6:41 am
the fog has shrouded over san francisco right now. mild 62 degrees. we will talk about your neighborhood and the cooling trend when we return. >> thank you. also ahead, tempers flare in texas after giants ace madison bumgarner takes issue with the rangers. larry beil has what led up to larry beil has what led up to the dave'morning double bogie. game, hey, three putt. and starting each day with a delicious bowl of heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. how's your cereal? sweet! tastes like winning. how would you know what winning tastes like? dave loves the two scoops and that kellogg's raisin bran is one more step towards a healthy tomorrow. you eat slower than you play. you're in a hurry to lose, huh? oh, ok! invest in your heart health, with kellogg's raisin bran. no crying today... creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...
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>> be prepared for extra traffic on bait bridge this afternoon. lisa returns in a little bit with the accuweather forecast. time for sports. time for sports. wimbledon champ serena williams will not play at stanford classic. seen here at wimbledon, she's withdrawn because of an injury to her right elbow. she hurt it while practicing for the swedish opener. if she wins the u.s. open next month, she will become the first person in 27 years to win a grand slam. the giants play the rangers tonight in texas and will face cole hamel. he was traded earlier this week. first pitch is at 5:05 p.m. last night the giants began their ten-game road trip with their ace, madison bumgarner, on the mound. here's the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> good morning, everybody. the giants return to arlington for the first time since the 2010 world series on a hot, muggy and angry night. at least madison bumgarner was angry against the rangers.
6:45 am
madison had control issues and later some anger management issues. first inning, adrian with the two-run shot. mad-bum, he got by him but this time elvis andrus with his fourth of the year. bumgarner goes 7 innings. gave up 6 runs. 6-2 texas lead. things get nasty. this is in the fourth. this slides high and late on joe panik. and this one pops up. then i chucks his bat up in the air. that set off bumgarner, who started yelling at shields. the bench is cleared. no punches thrown. started milling about and angry words. rangers win 6-3 and the giants drop a game and a half behind the dodgers. a's and indians at the coliseum. it was apparently green weeknight. opened with two hits on thursday, one hit on friday. this is mark simeon. he scores. 1-0 a's. 7th inning. the chopper.
6:46 am
and he throws it wide. gomes scores. 1-1 game. the indians retired 21 straight a's batters, and cleveland gets one final one in the ninth. the ground-rule double here. the a's with a total of three hits in the last two games. that hasn't happened since 1955. and they lose 2-1. remember on wednesday, mets shortstop flores was crying on the field after thinking he was traded. he wasn't traded, and last night in the twelfth inning against the nationals, flores ends it with a walk-off homer! maybe tears of joy right now. new york loves him! mets win 2-1. the raiders open training camp in napa, and darren carr is ready to lead in game two. they have added cooper and it gives the silver and black some new receiving weapons.
6:47 am
carr is excited to be in camp knowing he's the starting quarterback. >> there's no, hey, you are the guy of the future, not that, it's, hey, you are the guy now. it's nice knowing that because now i can really be myself. whereas, this time around it's a completely different. >> the niners reported for training camp in santa clara. it's jim's first training camp as the head coach of the niners. the players all love him and can't wait to get started. >> someone that's been great. been great for me since i've been here. it's not different now than it was when he first got here. >> there is some who believe the raiders will be better than the niners this season. it will be interesting to watch. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> lot of stuff going on this weekend. the a's playing today. >> yeah. it should be nice. 6:05, about 70 degrees. cool trend really gets underway tomorrow as the steady on shore
6:48 am
flow increases. today the low clouds and fogguous. temperatures similar to yesterday. we did begin the cooldown. we will look for numbers in the range of what we saw the past day or so. we get to that in a moment. notice it's quiet. not look at any rain, although there are thunderstorms in and around the bay area that. could influence you if you are traveling to the sierra or even north to lake county. here's a look at san jose this morning. everyone is in the 60s. 65 mountain view, 63 in san jose. 78 yesterday. a degree or two warmer for you today. 63 morgan hill. san francisco 62. more 60s on the way with partly cloudy skies and the deck of low clouds and fog have grown taller since the overnight hours. you see the sun up at 6:13. well above that now. setting at about 8:18. 59 in napa, 61 by the delta. wind gusts up to 37 miles an hour. a good indicator of the cooler
6:49 am
air headed your way. still 80s on tap for concord and livermore. but getting more seasonal. and then things going below normal. we did have a nice picture from sutro, but this shows you the fog over san francisco. partly cloudy to foggy this morning and mild to warm today. tomorrow is when we really feel more of the effects of the cooling trend right on through tuesday. then the atmosphere reverses just a bit. take a look at our radar and satellite picture. you see the bright, white clouds with the moisture, showers and thunderstorms in novato right now. and the system offshore. we do have pockets of moisture, but the rain is in and around the bay area. and for us it just means the stronger marine layer, deeper on shore flow, and the winds will be allowing for temperatures to come down a few degrees today. and more so tomorrow. in terms of high temperatures, still pretty hot in chico at 95, 92 sacramento. this is where the storms could fire again today. that is bad news for the firefighters, although overall
6:50 am
in the days ahead they could get a handle on the 20-some guys due to the cooler weather. 83 in the northern syria, 99 yosemite, partly cloudy. 80 los angeles. and we are looking at temperatures today about 81 degrees san jose. slightly cooler tomorrow and below average come monday and tuesday. then just a modest warmup into the end of next week. so nothing extreme. just the way we like it. 85 los gatos. 79 in sunnyvale. look for upper 70s in redwood city. you were 85 yesterday. cooler for you. 64 pacifica. san francisco little change at 67. newspaper the north bay. 81 in santa rosa. getting warmer in clear lake and lake port. still 76 san leandro. 80 fremont. you head inland and it's a typical warm summer day here with 87 in pittsburgh. 85 for you in conquer. oakland, should be a nice mild
6:51 am
evening with 70 degrees with the indians in town, dropping to about 63 by 10:00. look for the cooling friend trend more so tomorrow. five five degrees of cooling inland, and then below average numbers inland monday and tuesday with more low clouds and fog, 60s and 70s around the bay. so finally a break in that heat for everyone. >> we will take it. lisa, thank you. next up, mark zuckerberg and his wife are expecting their first child. ceo made the announcement while also start ago new dialogue about miscarriages and the pain they bring. lyanne melendez has the story. >> they decided to go public because the pregnancy is far enough along that the risk of losing the baby is very low. 30-year-old priscilla suffered three miscarriages during their three-year marriage. zuckerberg wrote on hits facebook pink his wife's miscarriages was a lonely
6:52 am
experience. he wouldn't talk about it with his friends. we hope that sharing our experience will give more people the same hope we felt and will help more people feel comfortable sharing their stories, as well. >> a lot of pregnancies actually do end in miscarriages. >> the doctor is with the pacific fertility center in san francisco. medical reports show that ten to 25% of all clinically recognized pregnancies will end up in miscarriage. >> 70% or 80% of miscarriages occur because the chromosomal makeup is not normal. >> and as women get older,s risk of a miscarriage increases. >> you share your story, it makes it a lot easier to bond and to get through difficult processes. and know that other women are going through the same thing. some of it is like the profile, too, hey, it's okay to talk about. i think it's just as hard for a father as it is for a mom, you know, to have this experience with loss.
6:53 am
the couple is expecting a baby girl. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> 6:53 is the time. up next, worth a dam, why people wi
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california matched all six numbers. so tuesday night's jackpot resets to $15 million. >> bay area experts this week successfully rehabilitated a marmot that a family found be behind their patio. it was taken to walnut creek. the marmot was dehydrated with worn pads and thin fur. it's possible he hitched a ride underneath a car. 6:56 is our time. happening today, a celebration of beavers in martinez. it's the 8th annual beaver festival sponsored by the conservation group "worth a dam." the festival celebrates a family of beavers that are living in the creek. there will be ecological and wildlife displays, along with live music. beavers have lived in the creek since 2006. they have drawn river otters and minks to their habitat. the event runs from 11:00 to 4:00.
6:57 am
final check of weather with lisa. >> we have more clouds around the bay area this morning, but some sunshine by sfo where today should see a high of 73 degrees. 62 right now. no airport delays. looking nice and sunny in parts of the peninsula, but pretty gray at the golden gate bridge and across the bay in oakland. temperatures still mild, in the 60s here. 67 right on the bridge. and over in san francisco we will call it partly cloudy downtown. should be a nice afternoon, 73 oakland, and 79 palo alto. cool down for you, san jose, 81. 79 napa. still warm inland, but rather typical. then things get a little atypical as we begin the cool-down. tomorrow's highs drop into the mid-80s. monday 60s and 70s around the bay and a drop for the rest of the work week. >> lisa, thanks. thanks for joining us on the abc7 morning news. the news continues with our abc7 news app. gma is next.
6:58 am
abc7 mewes continues at 8:00 a.m. we will see you then!
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see what spam can! do... at good morning, america. happening right now, the summer scorcher. two dozen wildfires tearing through the west. a firefighter killed. homeowners ordered to get out. the record temperatures making everything worse. breaking overnight, double drone danger. two near misses in the skies over jfk airport. pilots radioing in the close calls. >> what altitude would you say that was? >> i would say probably about a hundred feet below us just off the right wing. >> aviation experts saying it's only a matter of time before there's a crash. caught on camera, bent on revenge? the man was accused of trying to mow down a group of teenagers as they dive to get out of the way. what police say set this father off. and miracle survivor, asleep


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