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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 4, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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jj making news in america this morning, wild weather across the country. florida swamped after days of downpours. high winds being blamed for another deadly tent collapse. wildfires on the west coast still rapidly spreading and a tropical storm watch issued overnight. we're tracking it all. debate countdown. nearly all of the republican presidential hopefuls on one stage overnight with one big absence. where was donald trump? also, the harsh words the candidates have for hillary clinton. shackled in school, hands behind their backs, children with special needs restrained with handcuffs. the deputy now facing a lawsuit. plus, runaway trash truck barreling down a street and smashing into cars and the workers racing after it.
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hey, everybody, good morning to you. we begin with weather extremes in every corner of the country. >> yeah, we have a tropical storm watch announced overnight, fires in the west, storm turning deadly in the northeast and downpours in the sunshine state. >> this is the worst i've ever seen it here. >> this video taken near west palm beach, florida. two tornadoes there yesterday. you can actually see white caps in that lake. the furniture blowing across the patio. >> also across the state in pasco county, this pool lifting right out of the ground. relentless rain causing the worst flooding in the tampa area in some 60 years. and another deadly tent collapse caused by high winds this time in new hampshire. here's abc's bazi kanani with the details. >> it was terrifying. >> reporter: a circus tent shredded by sharp winds and
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hail. rescuers in lancaster, new hampshire, say 100 people were inside at the time panicked as the tent's giant poles crash down. >> all i could think was i just needed to get my son out of there. >> reporter: a father and his young daughter did not make it out alive, and this morning at least 22 are recovering from injuries. >> i don't want to be here. >> reporter: the violent storm system spawning multiple tornadoes tossing vehicles and shredding homes in the upper midwest. in the southeast central florida is drenched this morning. >> it looked like a literal rushing creek running down here on us. >> reporter: hundreds of homes flooded. this mobile home park in palm harbor evacuated as rescuers moved in on boats and carried out those trapped. >> look how tall the water is. insanity. >> reporter: this woman astonished by the nerve of drivers still trying to get around after repeated warnings still in effect this morning as the waters rise.
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>> the situation is still dangerous. do not go in this high standing water. do not go out there if you do not need to be. >> reporter: bazi kanani, abc news, washington. >> incredible images. there are also extreme weather conditions heading for hawaii. a tropical storm watch in effect as former hurricane guillermo bears down. >> yeah, there could be heavy rainfall, strong winds, dangerous surf and mudslides. the worst expected tomorrow and thursday. and weather also a factor in spreading california's huge rocky fire. strong winds carried burning embers across the state highway being used as a buffer zone. backfires had been set earlier in the day. the rocky fire has now consumed nearly 100 square miles and is only about 12% contained. more than 13,000 residents have been evacuated. there are about 20 other fires in california, oregon and washington. turn to some presidential politics now. a preview of thursday's republican debate. many gop candidates gathered last night in new hampshire to explain why they should be the nominee.
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notably absent, the front-runner. the largest gathering of the crowded republican field yet, all but 3 of the 17 presidential contenders. noticeably missing, donald trump telling the forum's host "the new hampshire union leader" since he's not likely to get the paper's endorsement, he'd pass. no one was throwing punches at each other. >> i'm really impressed with the caliber of the people that are running for president. >> i'm not here to criticize my party. >> reporter: instead using the stage to take digs at president obama. >> this president's done an awful job. >> we're not keeping that promise right now because of the incompetence of this administration. >> reporter: democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton also a target. >> hillary clinton, president obama, they're no better. they're just not honest enough to call themselves socialists. >> she lied about benghazi. they knew it was a purposeful terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11. >> reporter: issues like immigration and foreign affairs took top billing but all candidates kept to their talking points. breaking out, south carolina senator lindsey graham getting laughs.
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>> i'm fluent in clintonspeak. when he says -- bill says, i didn't have sex with that woman, he did, so i understand this crowd, and i can beat them. the next president needs to be sure of who he -- who or he/she has -- i'm sorry. i can't talk. the next president needs to have their act together. [ laughter ] >> reporter: not in the crosshairs, trump, none of the candidates even mentioned the republican front-runner. the clock is ticking now. fox news says the ten candidates who do the best in the polls released before 5:00 p.m. today will be allowed to debate on thursday night. battling for the tenth spot right now, chris christie, john kasich and rick perry. well, the ex-con accused of killing a police officer in memphis has surrendered ending a two-day manhunt. 29-year-old tremaine wilbourn, a convicted bank robber, will be arraigned today. police say he shot officer sean bolton multiple times as he interrupted a drug deal. bolton was a 33-year-old former marine who served in iraq. he'll be buried on thursday.
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the jury in the colorado theater shooting trial is one step closer to recommending the death penalty. the nine women and three men needed just three hours to decide there were not enough sufficient reasons to excuse the behavior of shooter james holmes. next, starting today family members of the 12 people he killed will testify before the jury makes a final decision on the death penalty. comedian amy schumer speaking out in the wake of last month's movie theater shooting incident in louisiana. that incident took place at a showing of schumer's movie "trainwreck." 11 people were shot, two women killed before the gunman killed himself. schumer spoke emotionally calling the attack personal and supporting new gun control legislation being proposed by her cousin, senator charles schumer. >> we're here today to say enough is enough to mass shootings in our schools, our college campuses, our military bases and even in our movie theaters. >> we're standing here because we're united in a cause.
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how many breaking news flashes will it take for congress to act? how many tears, how many lives lost? >> schumer's legislation seeks to improve on gun background checks by offering states incentives for improving their databases. those are used to block sales to people with criminal records or a history of mental illness. some news now about former president jimmy carter. he's recovering from a liver operation. the 90-year-old carter had what was described as a small mass removed from his liver at a hospital in atlanta. the spokeswoman said the procedure was elective and that carter is expected to make a full recovery. unclear what type of follow-up care carter will receive. well, still ahead, u.s. airlines taking a stance on animal trophy hunting after the death of cecil the lion. plus, controversial punishment. a child restrained with handcuffs in the principal's office. this video now the center of a federal lawsuit. and dramatic rescue. a deputy risking his life pulling a man to safety as a train barrels through.
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well, you're looking at a blinding sandstorm rolling through the jordanian capital. the cloud so dense visibility at the airport dropped to near zero. the wall of dust engulfing planes and an entire hangar in less than a minute. flights had to be grounded or diverted but it only took about 20 minutes to get everything back up and running. well, it's again pedal to the metal for vehicle sales. automakers reporting another strong sales month in july. all of the big thee automakers were up at least 5% last month. analysts credit cheap gas, easy credit and pe fwhchlt t-up demand. one of the businessman who
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helped create mr. coffee died. before vincent marotta developed it, most every kitchen relied on a percolator. in a stroke of marketing genius he was responsible for recruiting baseball legend joe di m dimaggio as a spokesman. delta and american airlines are both manning rare animal trophies on their planes. hunters can no longer use the carriers to transport the remains of hunted lions, leopard, elephants, rhinos and buffalo. and you can show your support. look at this now. you can show your support for animal rights by buying the new cecil the lion beanie baby. cecil's killing by that big game hunting dentist set off that international furor. the maker says all profit also go to a wildlife conservation group in britain that was tracking the lion. it goes on sales till the end of
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office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. look at this. these are evil little things. the latest evil act by a minion. a traffic accident in dublin.
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the giant balloon broke free during a gust of wind landed in an intersection. nobody hurt here. city councilman calls the balloon's escape despicable. of course. minions are part of that "despicable me" franchise. drivers in the midwest won't be dodging bullets but flooding could be a problem in the plains. mid-atlantic coast and most of new york and new england. if you're flying airport delays are likeliest in kansas city and washington. we turn now to some video that's pretty difficult to watch. a kentucky sheriff being sued after video shows a school resource officer putting two elementary students in handcuffs. both of the children suffer from adhd. >> the lawsuit asks for a judge to ban the school from doing this again and for money to compensate for the pain and emotional trauma and for attorney's fees. the mother of the boy in handcuffs says he has trouble sleeping, suffers from anxiety and is afraid of police.
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the death toll from an outbreak of legionnaires' disease has risen to seven. they answered questioned last night. legionnaires' is spread through mist that comes from a water source. the five cooling towers have been decontaminated. not clear if they are the actual source. investigators in the netherlands are looking into the collapse of two huge cranes, the first comes crashing down then seconds later a second one also comes down. that bridge section falling on top of five homes as well crushing all of them. one man was pulled from the wreckage. he was the only person injured. a powerful blast in wisconsin is raising safety concerns across the country. a u-haul exploded while transporting a gas grill with a propane tank. the propane leaked and was sparked by the igniter on the kill. the key to preventing this is tightening the valves on the tank and taking it off the grill. well, a dramatic rescue in
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california's silicon valley. watch now as a sheriff's deputy, look closely, highlighted, pulse a man from a car just before the train hit it. the 20-something driver was incoherent, not responding to deputies. another report says the driver may have crashed into a crossing gate and suffered only minor injuries. also, this was caught on camera. only can be described as a runaway garbage truck, there it is running away. you also see one worker, here he comes, chasing after it. then another running down the street as well trying to catch up to the truck. by the time they caught up ittage daed three other cars. police say the truck's brakes somehow disengaged. when the driver got out, talked to a supervisor, nobody injured here. how about sports highlights? baseball, our highlights from the guys at espn. >> good morning, welcome to our "sportscenter" set here in los angeles. along with neil everett, i'm stan verrett talking baseball and battle of brandons.
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>> he's got a cyclone. i have to go first. that's how good it is. brandon crawford, brandon belt. brandon crawford, second home run of the game. first of the highlight. giants are up, 6-0. had -- matt cain had a lead and got away. it was 7-5. bottom nine. now it's 7-7. a.j. pierzynski, two-run shot and boiman of the 12th with the giants up 8-7, adonis vogelsong. 9-8, the braves win. texas two-step in arlington, astros and rangers. adrian beltre, he's got a triple. came back in the bottom of the second. that ball hit nearly the same place, thought about three here, but then realized he's not that fast or that young. he'll take two. then a base hit.
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so now home run gives him the cycle and he's got it. third career cycle. no one's got more. just the fourth player with three cycles in major league baseball history. so how about that for adrian bell ray. >> you like applesy how about them apples. >> that's all we got. back to you. the new list of the party schools is out. did your alma mater make it? >> is that a good list to be on. >> mine was number one when i graduated. >> proud of that? also coming up, the real reason why reena is freezing at work right now and we some say i, t.j. holmes and other men are to blame. with the pain and swelling of my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple...
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♪ time to check "the pulse" starting with another celebrity couple going share separate ways. gwen stefani and gavin rossdale have filed for divorce. >> after 13 years of marriage both citing irreconcilable differences. they met in the '90ss that air respective bands no doubt and bush rose to fame. >> they released a joint statement staying they plan to remain partners in parenthood and raise their three sons together. >> i hope no doubt gets back together. somebody has to, right? >> won't be these two. well, big ten, big parties, princeton review says university of illinois is the top party school in the country. school officials aren't about to break out the champagne it's unfair to the illinois students. >> two other big ten school, iowa and wisconsin followed by bucknell and syracuse, the orange are partying.
4:23 am
last year they were number one on the list. is this a list you want to be on? if you want a stone cold student experience brigham young rank dead last and shell greated by opening a big old bottle of chocolate milk. >> you noticed all those schools come from very, very cold winters. what else are the kids going to do down there? >> you got to warm up. this has a lot of women including this one, the reason she has a blanket. nodding their heads in agreement or disagreement in the newsroom here. scientists say the workplace temperature is set for middle-aged men meaning it's too cold for women who have a lower met boltic rate. >> most follow a model developed in the '60s. women keep space heaters during the summer months to keep the chill away. i use this morning blanket. >> every single day she has this blanket on. >> ratty. and, yeah, there i am. this is actually a real picture. now it's gone. finally a close encounter of
4:24 am
the extremely unwanted kind. it could happen to anyone during the summer holiday trip into nature. >> a guy who shot the video was hiking last summer in glacier national park when he came just about face-to-face with a mountain lion. >> probably 50 feet away from me. staring right at me. i barely saw him. no, hey, hey. hey. back up. >> okay, the guy kept making more noise as the animal moves away further into the woods. >> and later in the video he admits being scared during the encounter then he says, oh, that was awesome. >> but let's keep filming. mountain lion right there, i'm going to keep rolling. >> my fear would be that there's another mountain lion -- you know what they say about deer, they travel in a group. >> somebody else was around. >> yeah. >> he kept rolling. rolling for me would have been high-tailing it out of there. t.j. rolling. all right. for some of you, your local news coming up. >> everyone else, "america this
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 4:28. i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller here for eric thomas. we have a check of the weather and traffic. hello, meteorologist mike nicco. >> nice to see you on this tuesday. live doppler hd shows it is quiet. you may need the umbrella. but only for the sun this afternoon. from sutro tower you have a lack of marine layer clouds and they will push across the neighborhood late. partly cloudy by 7:00. mild and low-to-mid 60s. headed to anyone we will transition from low clouds to mid-to-upper level clouds and mid-60s to mid-70s from the coast inland. we stay in the mid-60s at the coast and hit the mid-60s to mid-80s at hurricane. and delightful evening in the low 70s.
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>> good morning, everyone. we look at the bay bridge toll plaza with folks managing away from emeryville to san francisco. so far, so good. clear conditions. moving over to the san mateo bridge, beach, a nice drive across the water define hayward and foster city. over the altamont pass, still looking good at 29 minutes between those two places and 680 southbound from highway 4, six minutes. kristen and matt? >> hayward police are swarming a residential neighborhood right now after what may have been a shooting overnight. janet o is on the scene. janet? >> kristen, this is happening across the street from mount eden high school. can you see the cop car right there. the avenue is blocked to the apartment complex where this is a report of a shooting.
4:30 am
we not allowed to go any further. police will not confirm anything at this point. they said we are not allowed on the avenue. every intersection around what appears to be an apartment complex a mile radius and no one is allowed in. we saw residents talking to police officers, a few residents are screaming. we do not know what that is about. we are trying to gather as evidence information to figure out what exactly is going on. we can tell you the avenue is closed with a heavy, heavy police presence here investigating reports of an early morning shooting. we will send it back to you in the studio. >> the rocky fire in lake county. residents are nervously watching the out-of-control wildfire get bigger, burning 62,000 acres, 97 sq


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