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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 4, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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sure, they wanted to see where the parts came from and found out how easy it is to order these parts online. in late july, 21-year-old scott showed up in this house in walnut creek shooting and killing 19-year-old claire orton. then using a second gun to kill himself. both had been in a relationship police are not saying what prompted the young man to commit the crime. police told abc7 news both handguns were homemade. built by the 21-year-old, who ordered parts through the mail. >> there is no indication anyone had a knowledge of what he was doing. nothing illegal from the retailer standpoint of silling the parts. >> reporter: they can do it? >> they can do it. >> reporter: the firearm industry called them government guns. they don't have serial numbers and no background check is needed. senate president pro tem tried to pass legislation restricting
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them. the parts are not hard to find, including unfinished lower receivers. >> this can be purchased onhien, at gun stores. it can be purchased at county fairs. >> reporter: the bureau of firearms and explosives says they're legal to build in california. iets not unlawful for someone to manufacture a homemade gun unless they're in violation of state or local laws. >> reporter: several web sites are dedicated to selling the parts to build any firearm. in walnut creek abc7 news. police are investigating an incident where an officer drew his gun on a man who wasn't accused of committing any crime. take a look. it happened in front of the man's home. the police department's phones have been ringing off the hook since this video went viral.
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vic lee is live tonight at city hall. vic? >> reporter: well, there is more to this video that meets the eye. the so called back story. someone who knows the person that shot the video told us there have been past contacts between police and a member of this person's family. we don't know, however, if that had anything to do with this particular incident. we do know this video has gone viral. most of the questions on the postings was the officer justified in drawing his gun? >> we're going to look at our protocols and determine whether or not they were followed and take a look to make sure we're ensuring the safety of the community and officers. >> reporter: city manager darren jenkins says police will investigate the incident, which happened july 27th. the officer drives up to the home as he's loading up his boat. the police cruiser stopped.
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mccombis agains recording. the officer begins shooting from his phone. the officer gets out of his car and this takes place. >> take your hand out of your pocket. >> i have done nothing. put your gun down, really? >> reporter: the officer tells mccombis to get his hand out of his pocket. he complies and puts the items on his car. >> no. don't touch me. >> reporter: mccombis keeps asking why he's at his home. >> are you accusing me of a crime? >> if i did i would arrest you. >> then he blurts out the police are corrupt, then, this. >> you guys have done enough to my family. >> reporter: the officer seems bewildered. >> are you a constitutionist? or something like that? >> reporter: the cop says have a nice day put it on you tube. mccombis did not answer our calls. reputed gangster at the
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center of san francisco bribery and corruption case is pointing the finger at scores of top city leaders including the mayor. attorneys for raymond shrimp boy chow filed a motion claiming the fbi has evidence of those officials accepting illegal money and prosecutors refusing to go after them. >> reporter: these allegations are explosive. attorneys say interest is audio evidence of pay to play politics by city officials and if prosecutors will not go after elected leaders they should let chow go. >> i guarantee you it's one or the other. >> reporter: curtis briggs represents chow and several others who will go on trial for racketeering and drugs and weapons. now, chow's attorneys say it was
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selective prosecution that fbi documents show san francisco mayor ed lee should also have been indicted. >> according to the fbi he sat down with federal agents under cover. he took money from them his staff took money from them. he was supposedly knowledgeable about what the money was for. >> reporter: this afternoon mayor lee says the accusations are old and untrue. >> everybody makes whatever allegations they want to make for sensationalism. these things have and are warrantless. >> reporter: chow's attorneys say lee and half a dozen city officials were involved. one allegedly telling the fbi, former mayor willie brown told them, quote sh you pay to play here, we got it. we know this. we are the best at this game
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better than new york. we do it more sophisticated than new yorkers and without the mafia. chow's lawyer says the supervisor reid was named in the fbi documents. she calls allegations against her baseless and says i'm not angry, it's just very sad. briggs says it is possible the fbi could be wrong. >> i'm not saying the fbi is telling the truth. but we might find out the fbi lied. >> reporter: we reached out to former mayor willie brown but have not heard back. the u.s. attorney's office has not commented. live in the newsroom carolyn tyler, abc7 news. a deputy was convicted of assault today. he arrested a man and claimed the man attacked him with a cane. investigators say video evidence shows him choking the man before arresting him.
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prosecutors accused the deputy of lying, saying the patient attached him first. the family of a missing san francisco schoolteacher believes his body has been found in the woods where he vanished. ed cavanaugh says he was riding a motorcycle with a friend. the sheriff's department says the body needs to be identified. tonight the search is on for three teenagers wanted in the deadly shooting of a 17-year-old boy in the east bay. abc7 news was in hayward as police investigated. the shooting happened around 1:00 this morning as the victim was walking with a teen-aged girl. police say the suspects confronted the boy and shot him, then sped away in a silver suv. the victim's name is not being released. police say he was training to enter the marine corps. cal fire can't seem to get a handle on the massive rocky fire burning out of control north of
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us in lake county. the fire has now grown to 65000 acres, and the number of homes threatened has risen to 6900. cal fire is bringing in more firefighters and equipment but have only 12% containment now. the school district postponed the start of school until august 18th because two campuses are being used as evacuation centers. president obama instructed aids to monitor the fire in case federal aid is required. because of this the national preparedness level has been raised to level four on a scale of five. >> well weather conditions are working in the firefighters' favor tonight. temperatures cooled and when abc7 news was in hayward today, we noticed a slight sprinkle. abc7 news weather anchor spencer christian is here with more. >> i'll show you we did have
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moisture that produced widely scattered sprinkles right now. let me take you up to the area of the fire, still burning out of control. temperatures 71 degrees. yesterday, waits hot there. relative humidity 54%. winds are the big problem here. a big challenge in achieving containment. gusts 15 miles per hour now. and looking at the wind gusts, forecast for next 24 hours, notice the winds won't taper off significantly until late tonight, down to no measurable winds until 3:00 a.m. bouncing back around 7:00 and winds being so variable it's a huge challenge for firefighters. winds have been out of the south, going slow up to the north and southwest and that is not nearly enough moisture to help firefighting efforts. >> thank you. we want to update the fire right now. 67 acres now burned.
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67,000, excuse me, acres now burned in that rocky fire and it's 20% contained. a fairfield sex offender is in jail after being found naked in a community sinter bathroom. randy smith was found nude in a saul staul this morning just before preschoolers were scheduled to gather for classes. police say smith got out of prison last month and supposed to register as a sex offender. no children came into contact with him. hercules police linked a 51-year-old man's cell phone to threatening calls. the realtor is african american. police say her race and gender bothered the man, who didn't want her in the neighborhood. police say he left her voice mails saying he would kill her. still ahead here tonight, an east bay fire chief issues an
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apology for belligerent behavior and drinking on the job. and police heros who saved a man about to be hit by a speeding train and then hauled him off to jail. how can a gift card you bought be spent before you give it? we'll get to the bottom of the scam, coming up on 7 on your side. later a san jose all star team may be on its way to the
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a new york city manager's office says the fire chief will keep his job despite drinking while on duty and operating a city vehicle under the influence. the incidents happened in 2014 but just coming to light now. abc7 news is live from hayward city hall with more. melanie? >> reporter: well, the city manager's office says that they didn't know about the incidents which they happened sh they found out from an anonymous source. >> this is incredibly embarrassing for myself, fire department and community. >> reporter: the fire chief owning up to allegations he was drinking on call missed a call and had a physical fight with a subordinate. >> this took place over 16 months ago. at that period of time i've
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reflected on my actions when this took place and made considerable changes. >> reporter: the assistant city manager says the city manager's office just found out about them in april from an anonymous source. >> he's taken full responsibility for his actions and subject to appropriate discipline. >> that includes a month's suspension without pay a 9.3% salary cut no, raises through july 2016 no take home vehicle, and no drinking at city events. he says he's working with a career coach using the employee assistance program. >> i want to earn the trust of the community as quickly as i can. >> everybody needs a second chance because you know we're not perfect. we're just human beings. >> he should be fired. it just shows you are not capable of performing the job
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you're hired for. >> reporter: he doesn't like that the city didn't notify residents. >> was it a cover up? >> absolutely not. >> i have regrets. myself, not making it public in advance. then again it was a personnel matter. >> reporter: he is a 20 year veteran with the department, promoted to chief in 2012. any violations of the last chance agreement with result in his termination. two san mateo county sheriff deputies are talking about quick action that has them being called heros tonight, and with good reason. you can see deputies pull a man from a car right before being hit by a cal train. serge quintana explains what happened. >> reporter: you can see the deputyg a 20-year-old nelson gomez just moments from the car train slams into gomez's car. >> i noticed the train was
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coming in at the angle the car was going to possibly strike us. debris could strike us. at this point, i dragged the driver a few feet farther. >> reporter: his partner also leapt into action trying to signal the train engineer. >> i know engineers are keen to their environment. if see see someone on the railroad, they're going to come to a stop. >> reporter: according to the report, they say the 20-year-old nelson gomez kept driving until he skidded into the railroad crossing about a block away. that is where the two deputies saw he was in trouble. >> in that situation you don't see the danger or exactly what is going on. you're just making split-second decisions. so i was able to review the video i saw how close the train was. >> reporter: he was taken to the
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hospital for injuries, then cited and arrested for four charges including suspension of driving under the influence. they say they don't consider themselves heros they're just doing their job. in san carlos, abc7 news. officials began towing a 38 foot hump back whale carcass out to see. sky 7 hd near where the juvenile whale was. they found internal bleeding consistent with being hit by a ship. sky 7 hd spotted another whale there today swimming close to shore. a marine animal rescue group is monitoring a baby gray whale swimming alone in waters after marina del rey. it was back in the water by the time crews got there. the crew says there is concern there is no sign of his mother. well let's move onto the
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weather forecast. >> around the bay area, it's cooler and humidity is up as well. winds are gusting. we have a dry break in the bay area. moisture passing through earlier. widely scattered sprinkles and here is a live view from our roof top camera south ward. and it's 69 degrees in san francisco. 72 in oakland. 74 san jose. and half moon bay, 71 degrees. here is the view from our sutro camera looking over the golden gate. clouds up north, blue skies over the golden gate. it's 72 in sonoma and napa. 76 in fairfield. and a few from our emeryville camera, blue skies. warmer conditions inland next
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two days cooling again friday, and a chance of sprinkles late thursday into friday morning. may amount to a bit more than today's standards we hope so. here is a long stream of moisture, and sprinkles moisturing into our direction from tropical storm moving away from west coast and out towards hawaii. and we're going to see this hot air mass over the southwest expanding a bit in our direction. that is going to elevate temperatures a bit. tomorrow we expect a temperature range to be from mid and upper 60s at the coast and 70s on the bay. and even with the presence of high clouds on thursday looks like it will be warmer thursday than tomorrow with a few locations inland topping out in the low 90s. thursday afternoon, we'll have an increase in high clouds and moisture follows and there is a slight chance of showers thursday night into friday morning. by mid day friday looks like showers will be out of here and
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we'll have mainly clear, dry conditions again. overnight, look for a chance of spotty sprinkles. low temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s, tomorrow we'll see partly cloudy conditions early, mostly sunny by afternoon. high temperatures from 70 at the coast to mid and upper 70s around the bay and mid and upper 80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. once again thursday, we expect to be the warmest day with highs in the low 90s. there is a slight chance of showers thursday evening. thursday night and friday morning. we'll be drying out and warming up over the weekend. highs in the upper 80s, pretty much a seasonal range. >> relatively mild for this time of the year. just ahead, ex-cons in california getting involved in politics. >> they're not running for office but they have
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tens of thousands of convicted felons have the right to vote in california now. california secretary of state says nearry 60,000 convicts are eligible to vote. he says he is not appealing a decision that gave him that right. padilla says it is an important step to work them back into
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society. >> civic engagement and participation in the electoral process can be an important factor helping offenders reenter civil society. we need to engage not shun, former offenders. >> ex-cons in california are not eligible to vote until after completing parole. netflix offers a perk that is generous hoping to attract top talent by offering a year's paid leave for new parents, moms and dads. on wall street netflix shares rose and netflix hopes to be available throughout the world by the end of next year. apple stock fell today, and because it's such a big company the price has a big impact on the dow jones index.
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bloomberg says says the dow would be 67 points higher if apple wasn't in it. dozens of people with resumes in hand met up with potential employers at the free job fair, the next hire event is at the hotel witcome in san francisco. >> and on the big stage, coming up, who is in and out in the first candidate debate. a start up is honored at the white house, is silicon valley doing all it can to create new jobs? plus a crowning achievement in american history and forgotten foreigner
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♪ ♪ ♪ it took leonardo and miriam years to master the toss. but just a few little steps to master depositing checks with the chase mobile® app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. s fast track training programs to develop more high tech workers will be expanding soon
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because of new federal grants. david louie introduces us to a recent graduate and a company in need of such workers. >> reporter: palo alto's eclara is started three years ago, with four people, now, there are 65. that growth is happening at similar companies around the bay. 26-year-old ali king is an example of the new breed of tech workers filling those jobs. four years ago he never expected to be working at ebay but a training program gave him a big break. >> a lot of people in under served communities don't get asked what they're thinking what is their impression on a new technology right? often times they're bypassed and not given an opportunity to speak their voice. >> reporter: that is one reason the labor department designated san jose for tech hire status. millions would help fund tech
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training. >> there is a need for engineers and thinking outside of the box. about knowing that something is not right, then fix it. then, break it then fix it again. >> reporter: the advanced learning platform helps with the learning curve. >> you can pick job seeking. you can pick technology. then based on this, you'll get personalized. >> reporter: the founder and ceo was showing and telling president obama how entrepreneurs are growing the economy, but needs trained tech workers to keep going. disappointing and shameful are words used to describe minority hiring after visiting several bay area tech companies.
6:32 pm
rep rep -- they want a hiring strategy for african americans who makeup just 2% of tech workers. >> one of the tech companies we've met with as an african american on their board. that has to change. we stressed it at each company. each agreed they must do better. >> the congressional black caucus wants more investment on computer science classes at schools with high numbers of african american students. today, ten out of 17 republican presidential candidates were named to the first g.o.p. debate, selected based on poll numbers. donald trump at 21%, john kasich just 4%. seven candidates did not make the cut, including rick perry and carly fiorina.
6:33 pm
the debates will be on thursday. well, it is an american success story. the linking of the east and west by railroad in the 1860s but many people who built it were not americans but chinese. now there is an effort to better tell their story. it has been more than 146 years since this famous photo was taken, celebrating the linking of the central pacific and union pacific railroads with the golden spike in utah. this doesn't show people that played a huge part in building the railroad. two researchers at stanford university are focusing in on them. >> we're trying to recover the history of 10,000 chinese who came to america to build the central pacific railroad. the labor was key to the railroad being completed. >> we know very little about who they were, their names even. what they experienced.
6:34 pm
how they were recruited, how they lived worked and died on the railroad. and what happened to them subsequently. >> their story is hard to tell because they left no written records. there is not a single letter journal, or envelope written in the hand of these workers that surfaced to the u.s. or china. >> generations of racism left the story largely untold, until now. >> this is an attempt to educate people about the importance of the transcontinentals that joined the country and provided a highway between east and west. >> the chinese railroad workers in north america project is piecing together what happened. so far there is not a lot to go on, just family stories old photos and documents from the builders. leland stanford was among them.
6:35 pm
>> i would love to see evidence of a camp fire. >> this video shows archaeologists sifting through the past for items that might tell where the chinese came from, and how they lived. >> would have been dangerous work. >> my great grandfather was working on the central pacific railroad in august, september, and october of 1866. >> the project isn't just looking to chinese descendants but clue s in the diaries of others who worked on the railroad. >> we're hoping one diary will turn up. >> they hope to know more about 2019, just in time for the 150th anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad. well, think you can help the
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chinese railroad workers project? check out our website and we'll point you in the right direction. coming up next a gift card mystery. $100 that suddenly disappeared. >> how something like jamie wanted a taste of the real
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new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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plans for a hayward girl's senior prom were turned upside down when money or her gift card just mysteriously disappeared. >> her grandmother called michael finney. >> reporter: this young woman saved a gift card that was for her big night. she was left stunned when a merchant told her there was no money on it. lexie reid received the card from her grandmother. she held on it until days before the dance. >> there was bus fees and also just things like deposits on my hair, my nails. >> reporter: she tried to use it... >> i was weirded out. i didn't understand. >> reporter: lexie called her
6:40 pm
grandmother. she bought it from safeway. >> they told me it was very sick. >> it's a terrible crime. >> reporter: he says there are many ways conartists scam the system. they can put a different bar code on. the store activates the card, it's activating a different card. the scammer has that one. some have handed consumers a dummy card and kept the card they activated for themselves. >> other times a scammer can record data he or she needs. >> reporter: barbara didn't know what happened. she reached out to safeway. the supermarket told her to contact u.s. bank. barbara filed a formal complaint with the bank. she didn't hear back she reached out to 7 on your side. we contacted u.s. bank. >> a few days later i got a call
6:41 pm
they processed it. then, a call they're sending me another card. >> reporter: the card came too late for prom, but grandma gave her the money she needed. when the card arrived there was a surprise u.s. bank gave her an additional $25 on top of the $100 she'd lost. >> that is pretty cool. i had no idea it was going to be more than what it was. >> reporter: we're always glad to help out so go to abc7 and select the sections tab. a 91-year-old army veteran gets his wallet back. the one he lost in europe, during world war ii. and a team that dominated on the diamond and may
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now, a pleasant surprise to a california vets tran thanks to the kindness of a stranger. world war ii veteran lost his wallet in 1945 when the soldier
6:45 pm
spent the night in a farm house in austria. the wallet was discovered at the farm house his grandfather owned. he tracked down ramos after he lost it. his son says it is priceless to the family. >> we're going to frame everything inside all of the pictures. all of the military paper work he had in there. everything will be on exhibit at our house. the doctor found ramos in madera county and information on his old army id card. >> what a great piece of history to reserve. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. spencer? >> we'll take a look at live doppler 7 hd. a little bit of dry weather now let's take a look at the rocky fire in lake county. humidity is 51%.
6:46 pm
winds still gusting at ten miles per hour. complicating firefighting efforts. sheer look at the projected 24 hour wind gusts that remain strong into the early evening hours. tonight and after midnight, we'll see winds tapering off a bit, becoming rather light. they'll pick up tomorrow morning at 7:00 or so. winds continuing to be a factor there. firefighters are concerned about the variability of the winds. statewide, looking at warm to hot conditions. high temperatures low to mid-90s in fresno, yosemite. 114 in palm springs. a warmer day inland and upper 80s tomorrow up to 70s on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. warmer still, thursday, but temperatures moderating at the end of the weekend. we may get showers or sprinkles late thursday night into friday morning. >> yes. thank you. some young baseball players in san jose are about to get
6:47 pm
their shot at stardom. this team could earn a spot on the national stage. >> reporter: with that hit the cambria team made history. >> this is the farthest any team has gone in our 60 years. >> reporter: by all accounts it was unexpected but they're in the done yet. >> we need to win four games and we can be there. >> reporter: there, in williamsport pennsylvania. >> little league world series. that is our goal. getting to this point but we want it. >> reporter: bay area is no stranger to little league glory. in 2012, petaluma went to the little league world
6:48 pm
series. >> fast ball, curve ball, knuckle ball. >> reporter: he hit more than a few game winning home runs. the rules are different now. >> for us it needs fixing. >> reporter: some things are just like the big leagues. like superstitions. >> lucky socks. >> yes. >> reporter: and the important rule. >> get on base. >> reporter: the little league is expensive so they started a fund-raiser online. anything left over will be going to scholarships for next season. >> good for them. >> yes. absolutely. >> on to more sports. >> yes. larry beil is here. giants, and unlike last night, runs harder to come by
6:49 pm
for giants and braves tonight. jake peavy handcuffs the
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good evening, giants weren't sure what to expect from jake peavy. top of the fifth, perez coming on dives and he thought he made the catch. adreeanno with a stand up double. perez, i got it. i got it. except the ball is ten feet over to the side. bases loaded for hunter pens. and chris johnson thought there are two outs and says peavy allows three innings. the braves scored a pair only to see giants in the 8th score four times. the giants retake the lead. it's now 6-3, giants in the
6:53 pm
bottom of the 8th. a's and orioles tonight at the coliseum. so many times we see collin kaeper kaepernick waiting and waiting. should be different this year. the goal, get to the line, quickly and put pressure on the defense. >> we took a long time last year. that was a problem. i think everybody knew that was a problem. it pissed a lot of people off. in this offense, you know, get moving. it's different but i love it. with this you can change with the plays. you know? you can do whatever you want. literally. so it's -- it's kind of nice to be up there being able to talk. and free range to do a lot of things. that was a spoon that was like eight feet tall for
6:54 pm
something. a few years ago, terrell pryer trying to lock down a job and now, he's trying to get a job as a wide receiver. >> i don't drop balls. i pride myself on that. i made a lot of progress. you know? and i'm pushing it. i believe i can make it happen. >> the san jess yeah state football team will open september 3rd. the coach would not reveal who is going to start. >> have you chosen a quarterback? if not, who is it? >> we have competition. guys who are hungry that want the job.
6:55 pm
i think the cream rises to the top. and we're looking forward to see them battle. >> just like mike wallace there. who is your smarter? when will you name him? >> when you see an interview, a few feet away is a man named raymond ritter. this is usually the reaction. it's raymond's 50th birthday and the staff is throwing him a surprise party. >> there is the man raymond ritter with the warriors since 1998, and enjoyed a first nba championship and happy birthday.
6:56 pm
he is the best! abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> he is a good guy. >> he gets it done. >> thanks. >> thank you larry. join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. we're going to have the latest on the biggest typhoon of the year. that is at 9:00. >> then, at 11:00 delaying fatherhood could help you live longer. waiting to have kids may help you see old age. tonight it's country's night to rock. cma music festival at 8:00 followed by abc7 news at 11:00. >> that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. from spencer christian, larry beil, all of us here we hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" tournament of champions. here are three former champions -- a corporate-finance manager from crittenden, kentucky... a test-prep instructor from dacula, georgia... and a compliance analyst voice-over artist, and blogger from broadview heights, ohio... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome again to our tournament. i've changed. i've lost the mustache. but there have been some changes, physical changes in our contestants, as well. we'll talk about that in a little bit. arthur, andrew, rani good to see you again. here we go -- jeopardy! round. and these are the categories to get you started.
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[ laughter ] arthur, you start. clues, $600. [ beep ] that would be maserati. arthur. literary, $600. [ beep ] that would be astrid lindgren. arthur, back to you. city nicknames, $600. andrew. what is eugene? good. crossword, $800.


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