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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> on -- on the fence tonight is san francisco's mayor and other city leaders accused of taking bribes. >> accusations coming from attorneys in a high profile corruption case. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. the lawyers say mayor ed leigh and a happenedful of -- happenedful of -- handful of officials are making accusations. >> he says he ran a clean campaign and accusations are warrantless. >> attorneys for the former chinatown ringleader say prosecutors should drop all charges against their client. they say he is a victim of selective prosecution indicted for corruption while city leaders like san francisco mayor ed lee walked away unscathed. curtis briggs is one of his
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attorneys. >> he sat down with federal agents undercover. he took money from them. his staff took money from them. he was supposedly knowledge -- knowledgeable about what the money was for. >> they were one of the staffers who told an undercover agent you pay to play here. we got it, we know this. we are the best at this game. better than new york. we do it a little more sophisticated than new yorkers and we do it without the mofia. the mayor himself denies wrongdoing. >> he was trying to get off on trial, mr. raymond chow and he is doing everything he can. he will take it with a grain of salt that he will do what he can . >> the court filing also accuses the reverend to pay to play. now david chu is mentioned, but not for corruption. he is said to have helped the fbi by wearing a body wire
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while attempting to provoke chow to threatening him. >> we just spoke to the assemblyman. the fbi asked him to take part in the investigation. after he made repeated threats. chow's attorneys are hoping it leads to a dismissal, but for now it is scheduled for the fall. lil wean gym, abc7 news. >> if you. now to the massive wildfire. it charred thousands square miles. nearly 7,000 structures are threatened and there are still mandatory evacuations in place for thousands of people. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live at the red cross shelter with the latest. alan? >> the rocky fire postponed school here for a week so the evacuees will have a place to stay. they get three meals a day, but it is hard to sit in one
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place and wonder if your home has survived. the owners of the burnt out homes off morgan valley road are still waiting to examine their property. the ferocious fire destroyed 2 tour homes. but today humid, overcast weather gave firefighters the advantage. it even rained a little. >> instead of crews having to worry about spot fires, they were able to concentrate on building and improving the lines. >> you can see where the bulldozers carved a fire line along the ridge giving protection to the spring valley community below. >> i am not sure the cat will be happy by the time i get back to feed her. >> joyce who was evacuated out of spring valley for three days. >> it it is tiring. you are not able to do the things that you are able to do. >> therapists are helping cope with their anxieties. >> people are up and down when they are in a disatser like this. you can be optimistic at one
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moment and then totally panicked in another. >> tonight cal fire is expecting the winds to pick up from the east. that's when we will find out if their new fire lines will hold. in lake county, alan wang, abc7 news. >> well, the weather at least did cooperate today. abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is here with conditions on the fire lines. >> the humidity definitely went up today. here is the reason why. here is a look at doppler 7hd, cloud cover increased as we continue to tap into moisture from tropical storm guillermo. that moved into the lake county area which really helped out. the firefighters' winds are really light and gusting to seven miles an hour and sustained at one. 63 degrees and the relative humidity is 68% and running higher than yesterday at this time. and that is going to be the case along with wind gusts remaining on the low side and the overnight hours and then picking back up late afternoon and evening and even then it looks like the winds will not
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be nearly as strong as we have seen as in days past. a detailed look at our forecast coming up. >> we have new details on the u.s. forest service firefighter who died while surveying a wildfire burning. upautopsy results show he died from carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation. he disappeared on thursday night while responding to the fog fire. his body was found the next morning. >> hayward police are searching for three people who sped away from a shooting where a 17-year-old was shot and killed. family and friend gathered at a vigil for a recent high school graduate who wanted to become a marine. katie is live with the story. katie? >> as police searched for a killer her father called for compassion from the community. he says we need to stop thinking in terms of race and color and see people simply as
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people. >> all lives matter. and until we can understand that and until we can see each other as people and not as colors or races, then i mean i don't know where we are headed. >> murphy calls for understanding and not anger. on the same day his 17-year-old son was shot and killed. news spread quickly this morning with mount eaton high school students. >> i didn't want to believe it. i did not want to grasp the idea that he passed away so quickly. >> murphy and a female friend were walking along the avenue around 1:00 in the morning when three young hispanic men approached. >> it was five minutes of being tough or whatever it was. was it worth it? >> after a brief exchange murphy was shot. >> if he saw you, he would make you smile. he would make you laugh. >> a bright smile taken from a world his father knows can be better.
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>> to me justice would not be to help your fellow man. >> they drove away in a silver or gray suv. abc7 news. gyro knock park -- roanoke park police pulled their gun on a man not uh us coulded of any crime. >> keep your hand out of york pocket. >> i have done fog, no. >> seriously. >> put your gun down, really? you don't touch me. >> on july 27th, the officer drove up to a house and the homeowner started recording. the officer started recording with his phone before getting out of his vehicle. immediately pulling his gun. he said he had done nothing wrong. after exchanging word the officer eventually left. a family friend said a member of his family has had run ins with the roanoke police
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before. a body has been found in the woods. ed calf -- cavanaugh was last seen riding with a friend. they found a motorcycle and a body nearby that matches the description of cavanaugh. the body needs to be officially identify, but they believe it is him. a judge is set to decide on a couple's fight over frozen embryos. they were there foreclosing airing -- for closing arguments. they froze the embryos. they are now divorced and her ex-husband wants them destroyed. leigh wants -- lee wants them i'm planted into a sur vaw get. the form the couple signed before the procedure requires the embryos to be destroyed if the couple divorced. >> the embryos are subject to our joint disposition. all future decisions about their disposal must be joint
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decisions. >> the contract should be binding. no dispute with that. we don't feel the concept form in this case was a contract. >> the judge's decision is due by the end of november. people in communities across the bay area and the nation flipped on their porch lights and went outside and got to foe their neighbors and their local police officers. it is the 32nd annual national night out. abc7 news was in daly city for the event. there were family friendly activities getting a good look at the tools used to fight crime, and they got to enjoy some delicious food truck cuisine. >> well, the republican rumble is upset. who will take the stage at the first debate and who will be left out? >> and his bond skills must be rusty. why a former 007 was stopped by the tsa. >> and delaying fatherhood could help you livelonger. how it could help you see old
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of the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> >> now we know who is in and who is out. the stage is set for the presidential debate. one is already sparking a new controversy tonight. now the latest from the campaign trail. >> as the world finds out who is in and who is out of thursday's first republican presidential debate one candidate may already be on damage control. >> i am not sure we will need a half billion dollars for women's health issues. >> that comment from jeb bush came during a conversation about de funding planned parenthood and it triggered
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hillary clinton who fired back on twitter saying you are absolutely unequivocally wrong. come thursday he may be called to explain himself. bush will be standing by the front runner. no stranger to controversy himself, donald trump. they are trump's closest competition, but still pulling half of trump's numbers. the other seven men on stage are far behind. the seven candidates didn't even make the cut including trump's biggest critics including rick perry and lyndsay dwram. they -- graham. they will be reel law gated to an afternoon debate. and while all of the candidates came together for a forum in person and by satellite, trump skipped out. he got this message instead. >> this is donald trump and i am running for the presidency of the united states of americans. hope to see you on the campaign trail. we are going to do it. >> the mailbox is full and cannot accept messages at this time. goodbye. >> the real faceoff is less
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than two days away. abc news, new york. >> well, just because you played james bond doesn't mean you can bring weapons on to a plane. police claim pierce brosnan was stopped because he had a knife at a security checkpoint in burlington. they say the tsa allowed him to proceed after the whole thing was resolved. he played secret agent 007 in four james bond films. tonight people in redwood city watched a redwood museum trainings -- transform into art. they were at the san mateo county history museum and brought the exterior to life. a color -- colors colors and images pulsated as they took it all in. >> netflix is offering employees unlimited maternity and paternity leave. the poll sew applies to those who have a baby or adopt a child. they want to compete for the best workers and the new
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policy is part of that. >> a new study suggests men should wait a little bit while having kids. researchers found new fathers ages 22 to 24 had a 14% higher chance of dying in middle age than men who fathered kids at 25 and 26. not exactly sure why, but they believe young fathers could be forced to lower paying jobs which could affect their health. i'm okay. >> all right. it is time to check on our weather and we have some drizzle today. >> it is strange. all of a sudden i needed my windshield wiper. >> and maybe even an umbrella. there were trace amounts of showers across parts of the bay area. a few sprinkles and as you look at live doppler 7hd, now we are just tracking some clouds. here is what it looked like earlier today. i am taking you back in time. some of the moi's -- moisture that did rich -- reach the ground that was associated with a tropical storm guillermo. i want to show you what happens when you get the subtropical moisture and
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sunset at 8:15 from the emeryville camera. it was absolutely beautiful. the high clouds were made of ice crystals and that's why you get the colorful hughes. hues. tag them with the # abc7 now on twitter. as we look at the temperatures right now in the 60s, it is pretty mild at this hour. visibility is good from our to tower camera looking toward san francisco. we are not looking at fog right now. warmer inland and then cooling down on friday and there is a possibility of showers late thursday night. i will show you where that is coming from. an area of low pressure pulled up the moisture from guillermo and that's where we saw the sprepg kills and light -- sprinkles and light showers. the next two days we do expect a warmer pattern especially inland on wednesday and thursday as the high pressure starts to move in our direction a little bit. it is thought going to be a heat wave. the upper 80s for the warmest spots tomorrow afternoon. 60s along the coast. we will go into thursday and you will be seeing low 90s for the warmest inland valleys. a lot of cloud cover on
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thursday as we will be watching for some more moisture to come in from guillermo. right now tropical storm guillermo is holding on. 70 miles an hour sustained winds moving west, northwest at 9. and you will see it passes to the north of the hawaiian islands. tropical storms are up and they will likely see some big swells and some heavy rains over the higher terrain over the lower terrain one to three possible. just in case you are heading in that direction, keep that in mind. we are watching another low-pressure system pulling up some of the left over moisture. and we are bringing in a slight chance of showers thursday at 8:00 p.m. even at 10:00 p.m. still some moisture. friday morning the last of the few drops moves through and then by friday afternoon it is back to dry. we will certainly take the moisture around this time of year. temperatures first thing tomorrow morning mid50s to low 60s. you will see some low and high clouds.
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the high clouds will give you another colorful sunrise. tomorrow afternoon a warm one in the south bay. 86 morgan hill and 80 in san jose, cupertino, sunnyvale 78. 79 redwood city. 68 in pacifica. a mild one in daly city. 67 and 70 downtown san francisco. north bay low 80s for napa and santa rosa and 77 san rafael. oakland, berkeley low to mid70s. you will need the sunscreen. 86 livermore and 80 for concord and 87 in antioch. we bump up the temperatures on thursday up to the low 90s. and then it cools a little bit as we head toward the weekend, but that slight chance of showers thursday night into friday, our live doppler 7hd will be tracking that possibility. we'll take anything we can get, dan and ama. >> thanks, sandhya. up next at 11:00, greek banks in free fall, but just how much has been lost? >> the local tech company that is worth five times more than the struggling company's biggest lenders.
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much value that uber is ready for more. it is estimated to be worth $50 billion and that's five times more than the combined value of three major banks in greece. those banks tanked by 60% when
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greece's stock market reopened for the first time in five weeks amid the country's debt crisis. >> they posted a special moment on his daughters on instagram. >> oh gosh. they are adorable. big sister is showing her new little sister ryan some love. ryan was born last month a few weeks after the warrior won the nba final. >> we were hoping to dig up a cuter photo. is that not the sweetest thing you could ever see? >> just precious. >> sports director larry beil is here. >> it is so hard to follow riley. >> i was looking for a cute segue. >> i am not the warm, fuzzy type. hunter pence is not as cute as riley curry either. but this may make up for it. giants bounce back nicely in atlanta. cute, cuddly sports is
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and upgrade to a shiny new everything. all things mobile. all in one place. brought to you by xfinity. >> it looked like the giants were ready to get another dose in atlanta, but matt duffy and hunter pence would not let them lose. perez dives and comes up empty, but he thinks he made a spectacular catch. he goes to second while perez was showing off the oh i got it, no i don't. that's bad, but this is worse. 1-1 and bases loaded for pence. he trots to the bag thinking that's the final out. no e -- no! 2-1 giants. jake peavy and allows one run and struck out eight. a nice leg kick there and received a hug from mad bum.
11:30 pm
matt duffy ties it up. blanco scores and hunter pence connecting and the giants score four in the frame. a 9th inning bomb. coupled with the dodger loss, the giants are now two back of the west. coco crisp is back after a long stint on the dl. this is how adam jones welcomes him whack. third uping and turn about being fair play. he will hit it to left and it is coco with a dive of his own. those three losses the a's scored a total of three runs and finally run support in the fifth. billy burns drives him in. and then in the 6th after he was walked intentionally and here it comes and there it goes. he walked a man in front and that's what he does. a three-run shot to left center.
11:31 pm
a's win it 5-0. his first win of the year and second of his career. this is funny. richie schaefer hit his first major league homer for tampa bay. the reaction is fantastic. his teammates ignore him. they high five the air for a few seconds here. right? they are ignoring him. cool, cool. high five. oh you were great. excellent acting all the way around. and then they mob him right here. and the rays beat the white sox. from that to pure cuteness. jj watt signing autographs for fans. dwets a hug and a kiss. abouter than any qb sack. sports brought to you by xfin tie y. >> all right.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, colin farrell -- meghan trainor -- and "this week in unnecessary censorship." with cleto and the cletones. and now, for the duration, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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