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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, 5:00 a.m. on wednesday august 5. we get right to the weather. i know you want to hear what is going on. >> we all do. it will be warmer today. aabsolutely. good morning everyone. here is a reason: the lack of a sea breeze. winds are less than eight miles per hour although they are blowing off the ocean.
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the ocean is running in the mid-60s. that is would am. 12 hour day planner running cooler this morning. we will warm up more because of the extra sunshine. mid-to-upper 60s at the coast today and from noon to 4:00, and low-to-upper 70s an the bay and upper 70s inland already at noon to mid-80's by 4:00 and enjoy a very comfortable evening mid-60s at the coast and mid-to-upper 70s inland. >> the san mateo bridge is 13 minutes to make it across over to the peninsula and eastbound traffic is moving along just fine and taking you into the south bay and traffic here is moving at top speed 72 miles per hour as you head beyond san jose airport and 280 as you head into cupertino with no delays and highways 85 and 87, 17 just great. today, of course, at levi stadium, 20,000 fans descent for training day camp with practice at 6:00 opinion, so expect a lot of traffic in the area and it has been dry at great american parkway and all the's will be
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busy. >> in san francisco police took three burglary suspects into custody after a high speed chase on city streets early this morning. it started after 2:00 a.m. three people in a car hit an undercover police car in the mission district. the chase reached speeds of 70's miles per hour, city streets ended up in an alley near 4th and clara. amy hollyfield will have a report next half hour. >> fires resume trying to build a containment line an a massive wildfire burning near clear lake. they gained some ground yesterday. janet o is in the newsroom with the story. >> the rocky fire is 20 percent contained. the concern today is the winds could pick up as the fire make as run to the north. crews made a big break yesterday afternoon. that is because of the humid and overcast weather. firefighters were able to use bulldozers to carve a fire line
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along the ridge existing added protection to the spring valley community. so far, 24 homes have been destroyed. 7,000 more are threatened. thousands people have been displaced. many are telling with anxiety as they wait if the fire to die down. >> people are up and down in a disaster like this. you can be optimistic and panicked at another. >> the names have devoured dry grass lands publics and trees and everything in the sight. trues have been trying to get a grasp on the flames that have been bolting in all directions and video cross three counties. the fire started a week ago today. there are now 3,200 firefighters trying to fight the >> thank you four air force c-130s are helping to fight the fire from the air. this is video posted on facebook showing one of the planes
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dropping fire retardant. they performed 22 operations on monday and will fly for three more weeks. >> a potential game changer for companies trying to attract employees in silicon valley. netflix has a ground breaking parental leave policy. matt keller is at again headquarters in los gatos. will it become mainstream? >> will this poll catch on like the popular video streaming service at netflix? a generous benefit even for silicon valley. what are we talking about? in california it offers four months of disabilities for maternity leave and six weeks of paid family leave. at netflix it will be unlimited time off for moms and dads during the first year after birth or adoption. google often is at the top of best places offers 18 weeks of paid leave and 12 weeks of paid
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baby opinioning time during the child's first year. this benefit could be a game changer in silicon valley. companies are constantly competing for the best employees offering big salaries and perks like free meal, child care and transportation. netflix wants the flexibility and confidence to balance the needs of growing families. the first year of the birth or adoption they do not have to switch to disability. some of their policies have been criticized saying it is loss likely people will take time off because of pee pressure. will this policy face similar issues? we will see if other companies in silicon valley follow suit. a but study suggests that men should wait a little bit before having kids. republicers in finland found new
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fathers who were between the aims of 22 and 24 have a 14 percent higher chance of dying in middle able. the delegate rate is lower in men who father kids at 25 or 26. researchers are not exactly sure why. a theory is young fathers could be forced into lower paying jobs which could affect their health. the stress of fatherhood could affect diet and exercise in younger dads. >> the fate of a woman's frozen embryos is in the hands of a san francisco judge. the 46-year-old doctor and her husband froze the agrees when they got we maaed and now they are divorced and her ex-husband wants them destroyed. however, lee wants the embryos implanted into a sure got. the issue was a form they signed before the procedure requiring them to be destroyed if they diverse. the judge's decision is due by the end of november. >> officials say a 21-year-old lafayette man used two homemade
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guns in a murder-suicide. a stanford university engineering student shot and killed his former girlfriend many-year-old last month and used the second again to 8:00 himself. he. both guns with parts ordered online which is legal in california. the guns do not have serial numbers and in become ground check is noded. investigators have not said what the motive was. >> the kansas city royals will honor the bat bay would died over the weekend at a future game honoring him. the community helped to support the family and last night at the game special baseball cards were created and sold if a small donation in an effort to help the family. fans wore blue ribbons with shirts with the boy's initials. he was accidentally hit by a bat during a game in wichita heart
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saturday. he was wearing a helmet. someone was on the circle and the trillion difficult -- tragedy happened. >> the ronald mcdonald house in stanford celebrates a milestone with a major announcement. >> the final people will be placed ato the structure this morning and will be the largest of the ronald mcdonald houses hosting 123 ghost rooms with the building including 67 private suites for families of children being treated. a well-known city fill an they give -- announce matching financial support for the house. >> you are very involved mike? try to be and hopefully get in with the golf fundraiser but very proud to be part of the fundraising that helps the ronald mcdone am house. now the rocky fire and people
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would need help temperatures were warm this morning and the humidity is not is high at 67 percent and the winds are fatter from the northwest at three and gusting to eight miles per hour and over the next 24 hours or so, you can see the winds will stay pretty low but they will pick up tomorrow and so will the temperatures and the air will continue to dry. yesterday and today, the best at fighting the fire and it is more difficult. san jose at 87 near the tank under a clear sky. it is the bay that will be around 72 to 82 in san jose and around santa rosa. the coast and san francisco going without the gray gloom or without the marine layer 65 to 71 inland east bay is the warmest. 82 to 88. in san rafael, quiet and warmer tomorrow and isolated shower is possible with the timing coming up in the seven-day forecast. now a check of the commute. leyla?
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it is moving along fine on the bay bridge headed to san francisco. you can see a few extra tail lights. no delays. any of the cashpayers waiting to pay their tolls, they have moved out. we do not see backups. much has a fast track. they are headed in without a pitch. we do have heavy congestion over the altamont pass if you make it out of tracy to dublin you can see 22 miles per hour is the top speed from tracy boulevard the break lits when 205 americans with 580 you can see a butch down in speed and it will ease up when you get to vasco road the further you get to to the west. in livermore avenue, you are in very good shape. eastbound traffic is heavy as you approach isabel >> great news tony the tiger wants to make your breakfast
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healthier in america's money report. >> the san jose all star team the kids are a victory away from the national spot light. >> show you the view from our explore term and there is traffic out there on the bay bridge. you can see the
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay
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area, this is abc7 news. >> authorities are try to democrat if a body found in the national forest is that of a missing san francisco schoolteacher last seen july 17 riding a motorcycle with a friend in back woods. yesterday a member his family search team found a motorcycle and a body nearby that matched the description of cavanaugh. the sheriff officials say the body was found in rugged terrain off established trails. >> marine biologists are keeping tabs on a baby gray whale spotted swimming alone in southern california in the waters off mari ina space dole -- delray. >> and now, abc7 caught up with a little league team that has made local history and could earn a spot on the national
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stage. >> with that walk off hit, the little league all stars made history. this is the furthest any team has gone in hour 60 years of play behave. >> it was unexpected. >> you never expect to win 14 straight all stall games. >> we need to win four straight games and we can be there. >> that is in pennsylvania him of the little league's biggest matchup. >> little league world series. that is our big goal every team's goal but we really want it. >> they are no stranger to little league glory. petaluma went to the i world series in 2012 and came home to a hero's parade. it will take hard work. they have to win the regional finals in san bernardino. now the rues of little league are different. the field is smaller. there are those metal bats. but some things are like the big leads, superstitions.
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>> lucky socks. >> wear the same bracelet. >> just hit harassment get open base. >> the post-season is expensive so in true silicon valley they have a fundraising campaign on-line and anything left over goes to scholarships for next season. >> so machine bay area teams have almost gotten there recently. >> it was fund, i remember that. >> let's go, it will watch. >> if you are a kid would enjoys baseball, a nice day to be out there. >> maybe you have been together since you were eight since those guys, that a long-term. they are all best of friends is what we have her. >> sfo, good morning, partly cloudy sky and most likely no flight arrival delays. off to a cooler start but
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helping. sprinkles are possible tomorrow and friday. we have been stuck in the 60s for longest time. enjoy, mid-to-upper 50s until you get to concord and livermore at 60. pittsburg at 61. brentwood around 63 degrees. the cool spot is danville at 54. san carlos is 59 and los gatos is 56 and vallejo is 58. santa rosa is 53, and san francisco and oakland at 61 degrees. the temperatures are up to five or six degrees cooler than yesterday. maybe hard getting out of bed this morning. here is a look at area that saw the sprinkles, a little bit of rain are a lot of virga and cool conditions. now it is dry. it will be that way today. a few clouds cross the south bay and brighter and warmer than yesterday and short of average at 83 the average high in san jose. we are stopping at 80. same in cupertino sunnyvale is
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78 degrees. 83 is the average high in redwood city toking at 89. that is the warm spot. 70s today in half moon bay. 67 in daly city. colma. sunset district is nearly 70 downtown and south san francisco and sauce least and a few more clouds. commodity paired to yesterday. my 60 and upper 70s to low 80s through the north bay valleys and near clear lake and lake port nearly 90 and warmer if the firefighters. newark and union city at 77. low 80s around san ramon but that is the enexception. another day without need the air conditioning. tomorrow could be a different story. need the sunglasses and sun scene at the cove, 67 and we will warm up to 71 or 2. our best chance of seeing anything measurable fall from the sky and it will be hard open
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thursday night interest friday -- into friday morning. the seven-day forecast shows topping 90 in a few areas inland on thursday and seasonal temperatures with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine through the weekend. leyla? yes, it is empty here with the last of vehicles and another one coming. headlights not too many vehicles so far to get across the water to the north bay only taking you a short five americans. eastbound 580 we have the slowing because of road work but between airway boulevard you will see the lanes coned off and there are various lanes shut down from 6:00 and then from that point forward you have another area of construction that is going to last until further notice. we are not sure when it will let us but it is slowing traffic this morning and as you look at the rest of the east bay 580 through castro valley you are at
5:20 am
top sped and not a problem on 880 through hayward and union city and fremont and 680 down the sunol grade and fremont is in great shape. taking the san mateo or dumbarton it does not matter which you choose because you can see both running at top speed 68 miles per hour dumbarton and the san mateo bridge. >> another person food maker is vowing to get rid of artificial ingredients. >> good morning, everyone topping america's money cell leg is going natural. the biggest breakfast serial maker hopes to stop using art official colors and flavors in three years. the sales are declining as americans choose other options for break fast like yogurt. >> with back-to-school costs of $630 a child, many families are looking to save money. 13 states will not charge sales tax this weekend. >> two more go tax free the following weekend. if you live in arkansas and georgia you missed it.
5:21 am
it was last weekend. whole foods admitting this was too much, asparagus water on sale in los angeles costing $6. whole foods said it was not actually supposed for include the dull stuff, just asparagus water, still $6. >> maybe i was supposed to a infused but not included. >> okay now you can but the an old boot in water and sell that. stay tuned.
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if your purse is starting to look more like a tissue box... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™ . >> here are seven things to know before you go: breaking news
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overnight, three burglary suspects are in custody after a high speed chase in san francisco. it started after 2:00 a.m. when suspects hit an undercover police car in the mission with speeds up to 70s before ending. >> officials expect the rocky fire to be more active today after cooler temperatures helped. the fire has now scorched 67,000 acres and is 30 percent contained. firefighters gained ground yesterday building up containment lanes. >> yesterday was probably the best day for the firefighters and i will show you the deteriorating conditions as we head through the next couple of days. at home, you can see the warming trend going and i will tell you how much warmer before a chance of sprinkles in the forecast. >> a look at san jose, 101 near the san jose airport. traffic is light this early. we have areas where remark is clothing up. there is construction. i will tell you about that
5:25 am
ahead. >> five, rohnert park police are investigating an incident caught open video involving one of their own. the video shows an officer pulling his gun on a man during a heated verbal altercation in front of the man's him. the officer got back into the car and left. >> since four uber drivers ticketed by l.a.x. police have criminal convictions. the "los angeles times" reports the records bar them from operating a taxi in los angeles. records show they have been convicted of child explode station, identity theft manslaughter and driving under the influence. >> if you like heat in your food this is for you. a chinese study finds spicy food are linked to lower risk of death if you eat them every day, you have 14 percent lower risk of death. >> if a certain amount of time. >> something like that. >> you are right about that. >> a pleasant vice for a california veteran.
5:26 am
world war ii veteran lost his wallet in 1945 when he spent the night at a familiar house in austria and a doctor discovered the well let while pulling up old wooden boards. he tracked down ramos and sent the wallet 70 years later. he said this is priceless. >> we will frame everything inside all the pictures all of the military paperwork he got in there. everything will be on exhibit at our house. >> the doctor found ramos by searching on-line based on information on his old army i.d. >> helping home owners go friend. next the program helping some local residents go solar easier than ever. >> inexpecting bart a possible health issue a group is looking to rule out with a closeup look at the cars that carry millions
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:29 on this wednesday. nice to have you back. >> nice to have you with us. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am not missing the sleep i got during my vacation. >> enough to last you for a while. >> we will check with mike and the wet forecast. >> thank you. nice to see most of you we have a fog free forecast and no manner layer and no clouds on sutro tower. our day planner is cooler this morning. 53 to 62 through 7:00 and 66 at
5:30 am
the coast to 78 inland. strong sunshine. compared to year it will be warmer because of the extra sunshine. 68 at the coast to 84 inland. injury the delightful evening 64 to 78 is the spread. how is the commute? >> i will tell you first, there is a new crashed vehicle southbound highway 101 at tully road in san jose. i want to talk about mass transit. everything is run on time. bart has 43 trains on the tracks. ace train one and three are also on time with no delays. the north bay, 101 through marin up to the golden gate bridge and when you did we have an extra lane for you in the southbound direction and everything is moving along fine and northbound traffic is not a problem. kristen and eric thomas? >> breaking news in super bowl, a high speed chase through city
5:31 am
streets reaching 70 miles per hour at one point. our reporter is in san francisco with the dramatic video. >> this went far and fast. we do have video. check it out. this went law several city streets and neighbors. police chased the car from downtown to van ness through the mission and finally to soma. it started as a burglary in the financial district on sacramento at 1:50. police are saying they were burglarizing two cars at a condo complex. a unit was in the area and during the escape the suspect car rammed into the undercover police vehicle. the chase ended with the arrest of the they people, two women and a man. they were captured in an alley between 4th and 5th by the whole foods and peet's coffee.
5:32 am
we will let you then we get more information from police. >> now latest on the rocky fire. crews are expecting hotter and more dry conditions after a big break yesterday. the fire now has scorched 67,000 acres at only 20 percent contained. there were cooler temperatures and previous rain yesterday. it was a major window of opportunity to build up the contain president lines. 50 homes have been destroyed. mandatory evacuations remain in police for thousands. many have spent days to local shelters. >> it is tiring. you are not able to do the things you normally would do. >> one school district is delaying the start of school as school are used to house evacuees and saming areas. >> we no know what claimed the life of a firefighter who died while scouting the fire in the
5:33 am
national forest east of mount shasta. the 38-year-old david r from carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation. >> hayward police looking for three people who sped away from a shooting that left a 17-year-old dead. family and friends held the vigil for murphy the teen and a female friend walking at 1:00 o'clock a.m. yesterday and were approach by three young men. murphy was shot and killed and the opinion drove away in a silver or grave s.u.v. murphy's father was shocked. >> you would not expect something like this do happen. we automatic necessity people who do bad things and we. >> when things hand to the people it is like well you can see it coming. never saw this coming.
5:34 am
>> murphy recently graduated great mount eden high school and wanted to become a marin. >> a national environmental health group will ask bart to check the fleet for asbestos calling for a car by car inspection after cars made budget same maker will found to have asbestos in washington dc. the group president lives in the east bay and rides bart. bart claims the trains were all declared asbestos-free when overhauled in the 1990s. >> san francisco mayor lee and other city leaders are defending themselves after accusations by tones in a high are file corruption case. tomorrows for former gang leader raymond "shrimp boy" chow say lee and other city leaders are guilty of "pay to play politics," with chow the victim of select of prosecution and the city leaders walked away despite having taken over $20,000 in brains.
5:35 am
>> trying to get out of trial and shrimp boy" chow is doing what three can to sensationalize things. >> attorneys hope this leads to a dismissal. the trial now is going to begin in the fall. >> netflix suching the ante to attract technical talent offering new parents up to a year of paid leave applying to employees would is a baby or adopt a chide. netflix wants to compete for the best workers and policy is part of that. matt will have more on what this can mean for other technical workers at the top of hour. >> four east bay cities make it easier for homeowners to get solar power and rolling out a program called east bay sun shires. people would live there or work this are eligible. you can get discounts by signing
5:36 am
up by november 6. free workshops coming up. to help more, competent to >> we were talking early are about the rocky fire and what the weather will be like for the fighters. >> not so good as yesterday but better than tomorrow. good morning, everyone temperatures warmer this or, we now have a calm wife to gust at five miles per hour and the humidity is 63 percent. one is higher, and one is lower not the direction we want. by noon we are 81 and 42 with temperature and humidity and as warm as 90 today and as dry as 31 percent. tonight we will be warmer, than this morning, and 65 and tomorrow is warmer, more dry and 92 and 27 and winds could gust up to 20 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. hopefully they can get containment today. speaking of winds usually we have a stout wind across the bay
5:37 am
bridge at five miles per hour is it. in fog. anywhere. 82 to 88 average, and the coast interest friend is 65 to 72 and a lot of sunshine. away the bay 72 and 82 to san jose and to santa rosa. 101 and 880 off to a clear start with a chance of sprinkles tomorrow and friday. the times on that is heed in the seven-day outlook. leyla? a serious accident in san jose southbound highway 101 headed up to tully road where we have an action involving a vehicle on its side. possibly a big rig blocking the middle lanes and most of the park is in the northbound direction and we are not seeing southbound traffic backing up. yet. 580 tracy to dublin is 52 americans and busy from tracy and in the eastbound direction you are going to be stuck in the muck because we have construction that is blocking lanes until 6:00.
5:38 am
we did have slow can go traffic 20 the interchange. 680 southbound from dublin to mission boulevard south is clear in fremont at 16 minutes and 101 to cupertino is a quick 17 minute commute. >> 5:38. next pg&e heads pack to court in the battle over the san bruno pitch line explosion and the company want as judge to dismiss some of the criminal charges. >> also, republican presidential candidates are ready to rumble with big names not being invited. >> abc7 with a look from the twin peaks camera to the lights of san francisco. hey there fellow californians i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use... which means managing water too sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> mass is giving us at look at the typhoon with images from data collected by an instrument on the international space station. after hitting a small island in the western pacific, the typhoon strengthened into the most powerful storm of the career in the atlantic and pacifica and will hit taiwan on friday dropping 20" of rain. >> nine people in birmingham, alabama, are monitored for ebola
5:42 am
after patient would returned from an african nation with active ebola cases called the university of alabama birmingham hospital complaining of possible symptoms ask was admitted. six firefighters who responded to the call and two relatives have been quarantined. doctors say the patient is considered low risk for having the disease. >> pg&e want as federal judge to dismiss a quarter of the chaps the prosecutors filed for the role in the fail explosion and fire in san bruno. according to the company they say the statue of him takes expired all related to criminal violations of federal pipeline safety laws. a hearing to dismiss the charges was scheduled for september 21. the prosecutors say does not merit a hearing. >> hillary clinton will be in the bay area for the first of
5:43 am
two fundraising evens. this evening, hillary clinton will be at home of a silicon valley entrepreneur with tickets at $2,700 a person. tomorrow she will attend a breakfast reaccept in san francisco hosted by form state assemblywoman with tickets starting at $2,700. >> ten out of the 17 republican presidential candidates are set for the first g.o.p. debate of the 2016 election season. they everyone selected bid on their poll numbers with donald trump ling the way at 21 percent. ohio john kasich was the last one named at 4 percent. seven candidates did not make the cut including former texas governor rick perry and h.p. c.e.o. carly fiorina with the debate held tomorrow in cleveland. canidates would did not make the cut have been invited to a forum early in the day. >> our weather has been calm and
5:44 am
this is not the case cross the nation. >> no, stormy elsewhere. it is that time of the year for the northeast. a is some hail. hail. >> that is something you do future want to hear a lot. thankfully, those are mar people-sized hails but when it is golfball size you have the damage. you would have to look at the deduct ill on the car in. look how cool we are in american canyon and rohnert park and mill valley. 52 degrees. a lost mid-to-upper 50s around the forth bay until you get to san rafael at 61. and san ramon at 54 and half moon bay at 55 and san carlos at 58 and cupertino is 56 and newark at 59 and everyone else in the low 60s and the 62 at pittsburg.
5:45 am
a colorful orange and purple sunrise from the east bay hills camera, with hazy and notice no marine layer and no fog. it will be dry today, with more sun and warmth and that will linger into tomorrow and the chance of showers develops tomorrow as we transition to cooler weather friday and through the weekend. a lack of winds this morning at less than ten miles per hour and they are blowing off the ocean where the temperatures are five to nine degrees above average and saw a group of kids playing in the water for a couple of hours yesterday. that is how much more comfortable than normal it is. 80 in san jose. mid-to-upper 80s in los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and upper 70s in milpitas and santa clara. a lot of money 70's on the peninsula and palo alto is 78. pill bring you are so much cooler than everyone else at 72 and half moon bay is seven, pacifica is 68 daily city, colma, sunset 67, a lot of sunshine today, low 70s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito.
5:46 am
upper 70s to low 80s from 76 if vallejo to 82 in santa rosa. along the east bar shore, 72 at almost, and san leandro 76 and castro valley is 79 and it will be warm today at 82 in san ramon to 88 in brentwood. as far as tonight, we will be in the my 50s to low 60 and a raking of cloud across the neighborhood and wake up tomorrow increasing clouds but not until the evening and overnight hours that a chance of sprinkles will roll law and link are through friday morning's commute and by friday afternoon, sun comes back out. that looks more impressive than what is going to fall. temperatures tomorrow are spiking before the chance of a sure. we will fall back to today's levels and hold study. >> the way through the weekend. hope you have a great day. how is the commute? any hotspots in. >> we have hotspots and the metering lights are turned on on the bay bridge with traffic
5:47 am
stacking away from the maze may and slowing from 880 overpass merging with the toll plaza and i will tell you over to the accident southbound 101 approaching tully road are we have an accident involving the car on its side. we are looking at backups from the 280 and 680 split. northbound traffic is building from the split and beyond 880 you will see top speeds for mountain view and 280 through cupertino with the drive nice and clear and highway up to cupertino and mountain view all moving along mine fine. highway 4 westbound is looking good and south bay, 87, you saw how clear it was from 85, to the airport moving at top speds. >> this is must see warriors star steph curry posted a
5:48 am
special moment between his two daughters on instagram. >> the picture shows big sister showing the new little sister some love. ryan was born a few weeks at the warriors won the nba finals and that is riley giving her a little kiss on the cheek. >> it has gotten 520,000 more than 500,000 "likes," and still going. >> your network on facebook site can affect your credit store. >> would you drink this water? the neighbors would say they are be told it is perfectly "safe." stay tuned.
5:49 am
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call 1-800 xfinity or go online today.
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>> encouraging health news for women taking contraceptive pills which have prevented 200,000 cases of uterine the cause? the pill tricks the body interest thinking it is pregnant and lowers the natural s row general level and that continues after a woman stops taking the pill. the study is in a scientific journal. >> brown water. would you drink it? it is running through the pipes of a small oklahoma town. >> the residents are toll it is "safe." >> look at this. would you drink this? the residents are afraid of what is in it and the city flames -- flames on a chemical reaction in
5:52 am
the lake saying the water is "safe," but residents are probably bying bottle water. >> this is the viral story a hip hop dancer, a college drop out now an internet sensation. >> she was asked by the company san francisco based tech firm to appear in the new ad campaign. >> it features the 22-year-old hole as quote why she lives to work here. >> i look like an engineer and it went viral used in 26,000 tweets in less than 24 hours and slow warns the fill to be used to draw awareness to the gender inequality. look a women would have posted i look like an engineer to get you to think, wait women are engineers and can be thought of that way. have a picture of this. she taught herself to build websites at aim -- age
5:53 am
>> there is no one size fits all in a look of the engineer. >> mine how is the forecast? >> baseball today is a day game 12:35 first pitch. it will be warm. excessive heat at palm springs 114 and high clouds and sunshine through the central valley and 9 in lake. tropical storm want for the hawaiian islands and a flash flood wash through thursday as what is left of guillermo is moving through starting today. notice it is falling apart and it is going to move to the north of the i'lls so not a direct hit. it will be out of there by the time we get to saturday. if you head that way, this weekend the weather of improve. >> it is calm and quiet. this is 101 near 880 in
5:54 am
southbound direction in san jose but closer to actually road you have a problem. we have an accident blocking three lanes. we have heavy delays from the 280/680 split. you can see the friend before you get there. northbound traffic is slowing down near tully road because they are specific -- spectators on the southbound side. >> shows what weather could be like if feel do not curb emanythings of the san francisco's weather can have a more southern california feel with hoyer temperatures and monsoons all speaker. these rums came from calculations using temperature projections. >> a scary 9-1-1 call for a 12-year-old arizona boy home
5:55 am
alone when two membership break into the house. the call you are about to hear is the moment the thieves found the boy hiding in the closet. >> does your door have a lock in it? >> no, no, no no no no no. >> did they open the door? >> yes. they opened dart and saw you? >> okay. okay. >> as frightening as that sound he was not hurt. the police say the burglars entered the house through the back yesterday after a boy heard a knock on the door but did not 18 it. he did the right thing and called 911 right away. officers surrounded the house and arrested the burglaries. >> a marine widow greening offer the loss of her husband is stunned but happy after her stolen cell phone full of memories was returned. someone stole her iphone while shop in san diego with pictures
5:56 am
of her husband killed in a helicopter crash in nepal. the story was aired and she tracked her phone to a liquor store, the owner said someone claimed to have found it outside. she share add special memory. >> last text before he crashed was "well, babe, i'm getting on the bus i love you and miss you so much." >> johnson is so glad to have the phone back because she can show her children votes of -- videos their father. >> new innovation that promises to melt away unwented pounds without going under the knife. >> still crushed over mc mcdreamy's departure? more on the popular send off months after a huge back/from the -- backlash from
5:57 am
>> stay tuned.
5:58 am
they make little hearts happy and big hearts happy too because as part of a heart healthy diet those delicious oats in cheerios can help lower cholesterol. cheerios... how can something so little... help you do something so big.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. gaining ground against a massive rocky fire and how firefighters and their efforts and what can turn it into an uphill battle today. >> rewriting the book on paid time off for parents from netflix. >> the question is, will others follow suit? it is an interesting situation. >> thanks for joining us on wednesday. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. how will the weather be? >> the firefighters had the budget day year.
6:00 am
at least weather-wise. tomorrow is almost as good but no virga or light sprinkles and the temperatures will climb. tomorrow, the temperatures and the winds climb more. the shawn bundle of energy is moving on and we have a marine higher developing from san francisco and point reyes. we will have a lot of sunshine and warmer temperatures on the day planner. starting off cooler by five degrees and we will end up in the upper 60s along the coast and around the bay and mid-80s inland. we are on the roads and headed we to eastbound 780 with light traffic and not too much company a couple of cars. that is it. as i turn it an you cannot see too much because of the divider. other parts of the bay area not so lovely, that is the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic stacking up away from the macarthur


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