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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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tomorrow is almost as good but no virga or light sprinkles and the temperatures will climb. tomorrow, the temperatures and the winds climb more. the shawn bundle of energy is moving on and we have a marine higher developing from san francisco and point reyes. we will have a lot of sunshine and warmer temperatures on the day planner. starting off cooler by five degrees and we will end up in the upper 60s along the coast and around the bay and mid-80s inland. we are on the roads and headed we to eastbound 780 with light traffic and not too much company a couple of cars. that is it. as i turn it an, you cannot see too much because of the divider. other parts of the bay area not so lovely, that is the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic stacking up away from the macarthur maze.
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traffic is light here southbound and northbound side but especially southbound. a crash is blocking three lanes at tully road. traffic is starting to pack in at 280/680 split. >> breaking overnight in san francisco, police took three burglary suspects into custody after a high speed chase on city streets. it started after 2:00 a.m. when three people in a car hit a police car in the mission district. the chase reached speeds of 70 miles per hour and ended in an alley. amy hollyfield will have a report next half hour. >> thousands of fires are become on the front lines of a massive wildfire near clear lake. the threat of strong winds today has them trying to ward off a set become. janet o has the latest. >> fires have been pushed to point of exhaustion trying to
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get a handle on the rocky fire now burning with a 20 percent containment. they are hoping for another break in weather like yesterday with the humidity helping them gain ground. the wind will be the challenge today. the focus last night was building a fire line along the ridge to give the community of spring valley added protection. many homeowners in that community and other areas have been evacuated as the fire continues to burn dangerously close threatening a total of 7,000 homes. animal crews have been taking care of residents' animal but it wasn't enough to convince a homeowner to leave. >> they told everyone to leave and i could see that, get everyone out but i will try and stay by high myself. afires say they have never seen a initial like this in their 40-year career. flames have been juneing --
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jumping across highway 20 in several spots. 24 homes have been destroyed. 3,200 fighters are now fighting what has become the largest fire in california that started a week ago today. >> four c-130s are fighting the fire from the air this is video from facebook by the airlift wing showing a plane cornering fire retardant on the plains. they have performed 22 separations on monday and are expected to continue to fly for at at least three more weeks. >> two fires are recovering at home after getting hurt while fighting the lowell fire in nevada county. the santa cruz sent knell reports one suffered a broken arm. rocks the side of soccer balls hit them. a colleague was severely burned in the fire.
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>> officials say a 21-year-old lafayette man used two hop made ghost guns in a murder-sui the one time engineer university student shot and killed his girlfriend and used a second gun to kill himself. scott bertics build both guns great parts ordered online which is legal. they do not have serial numbers and no back ground check is needed. investigators have not said what the motive was. >> a four-year-old boy is recovering after a hit-and-run accident crash in east san jose. it happened at an apartment complex near pensacola drive at 7:00 last night. police say the teen driver took off but officers were able to track him down a short time later. the 15-year-old was arrested four miles from the crash site. the child was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> a driver faces charges after a confrontation with to
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bicyclists on monday at point reyes. the area is beautiful and popular with bikers and the question bicyclists were riding and one pulled into the other lane. the c.h.p. said that a man tried to pass in the car and hit the pricks to avoid hitting the bicyclist and the two exchanged words. the highway patrol said that the driver rammed the bicyclist's tire throwing him on to a hillside. he is okay. >> authorities are trying to determine if a body found in a national forest is that of a missing san francisco school child. ed cavanaugh was last seen riding a motorcycle with a friend in the woods. a member of the family found a motorcycle and a bed that matches the description of cavanaugh. the sheriff official say the body was found in a rugged area off the established trails. >> netflix has what could be a game changing policy for the
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workforce, offering employees unlimited maternity and fraternity leave first year of parenthood. matt? >> if you have ever had a child you know how difficult it is navigating the time off. netflix new policy hopes to take away the very big headache. here is how it is backed up, the debt work company based in los gatos is offering up to 52 weeks off for moms and dads during first year after birth or adoption and google raps at the top of the best places do work offers up to 30 weeks off of combined lead during chill's first year. if you work in california the state offers 22 weeks for leave and paid family leave. the employee benefit could be a game changer in silicon valley where companies compete for the best employees offering perks such as free meals and child care and transportation. netflix wants employees to have
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the flexibility and confidence to balance the needs of growing families without working about work or finances. the first year after a baby or adoption they will be paid normally and netflix said the continued success hinges on them competeing and keeping the most talented individuals. temperature perform better when they are not worried about home. we will see if other companies in silicon valley implement a similar poll. >> a new study suggests men should wait a little later to have kids and researchers in fin listened found new fathers between the age of 22 and 24 have a 14 percent higher chance of dying during the middle aim years lower than men who father kids 25 outwick. a theory is that young fathers could be forced into lower paying jobs. this can affect the health. stress of fatherhood could affect diet and exercise in younger dads. >> the fate of frozen embryos is
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in the hands of a san francisco judge. the 46-year-old doctor lee and her husband froze the embryos when they were worried and now they are divorced. her ex-husband wants them destroyed. lee wants the embryos implanted into a surrogate say it is the last chance to become a biological bother. a main issue was the form the couple signed requiring the embryos be destroyed if they diversed. the judgment's decision is due by the help of november. >> happening today the ronald mcdone am house in stanford will celebrate with a major announcement, the final support beam is placed on the structure during a special ceremony this morning. when completed it will be the largest 348 ronald mcdone am houses posting 123 get troops including 67 private guest suites for those families of children being treated. a well-known city phi
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will help surprise financial provide financial support. >> you have done a lot to help raise money? >> and my former colleague don sanchez. we are proud to help. it all adds up to a great foundation for families and ronald mcdone am house. >> 62 is the temperature and humidity is 63 percent and calm to five miles per hour. it is warmer and more dry than this time yesterday. as we head through the day, a calm day although it is warmer, tomorrow is hotter and wins are faster. from our exploritorium, not glass but it is calm for the ferry ride. the coast and san francisco have a few clouds 65 to 72 and away the bay, 72 do 82 and inland, east bay, almost a at 82 to 88 degrees. sfo shows the low clouds long the coast getting close but, so
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far, no delays. warmest tomorrow and a chance of a shower that will linger into friday and cooler condition on friday into the weekend. leyla? >> mobile 360 trying to get to 680 we hear there is loose concrete on it looks like highway four is clear. we have a signaturecy letter in san jose, southbound side of 101, debris is in all lanes and a few lanes are blocked at tully road southbound 101 with the backup extending before 280 and 680. this runs parallel to 101 and that is best we around it with slowing northbound with spectator delays approach the entrepreneur. it eases up from there. >> a fremont teen hassing practicing rights this morning
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as the coolest vegan alabor. >> 16-year-old seen here earned the tiling from pe testimony a a 4:00 of the organization's youth advisory board and designs duct taped wallets that preach animal rights with memorials such as "free the,s." she will appear in a personalized video. >> a lot of stuff coming from the youth here. >> stay tuned. outpouring of support for a budget boy would died in a tragic onfield accident and how tragic onfield accident and how he is being
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos. >> good morning, everyone, at
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6:14. a look from mount tam camera to the east with the sun rising in the east. happening today, vest gears in france will analyze a wing flop found on an island in the western indian ocean to determine if it is part of the missing malaysia airlines flight 370 with the flaperon comes from a boeing 777. >> the kansas city royals will on the fine-year-old boy who died in a traumatic accident. the community came together to support the family of kaiser car hail at the game. he was a bat boy and he was hit in the head by a player taking practice swing on saturday during a game in wichita. he was wearing a hole met. special baseball cards were created and sold to help his family with expenses. the fans wore blue ribbons and
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shirts with his initials. >> a lot sun in wichita yesterday. how about today? >> a lot of sunshine here warming up with the virga few sprinkles have moved on. beautiful sunrise and the background to talk of forecast highlights with a cooler start but warmer ending and the warmest today and tomorrow and sprinkles tomorrow interest friday the east bay shoreline, castro valley is 54 and orinda is 56. fremont is 58. richmond and am male at 61. we have 59 in san jose. and livermore. los gatos is 56. antioch is 55 this morning. only cooler in napa and santa rosa at 52. 58 in pacifica. if you slept better, we are one
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to six degrees cooler compared to yesterday. the clouds that are developing around the san pablo bay and pound reyes to half moon bay, the marine layer is making a late start. low-to-mid 80s for the south bay, and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s on the peninsula and redwood city. the warmest is 9. millbrae, though, is 72. half moon bay is 70. 6 in pacifica. sunset is 67. low 70s an downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. from vallejo at 76 to napa at 80 and santa rosa at 82. 73 in berkeley, and castro valley and fremont at 79. almost needing the air conditioning. close the weapons and trap the cool air. 88 in brentwood.
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at the game it will be bright. high burn factor. u.v. index is high, up to 71 from 6. tomorrow, waking up to more cloud cover most of day, though, is dry. in the evening and overnight, this computer model is very big grid and it will not be this embrace, the rain is showing from 10:00 through 7:00 and the chance of sprinkles in our forecast. we will track those with live doppler hd and see if they hang out during the morning commute on friday. temperatures are close to average through the weekend. >> heading westbound on 780, traffic is light and we are trying to get to 888 and american connian with a report of concrete blocking the lanes. in san jose we have a sig-alert because of the accident possibly involving injuries with lined blocks southbound 101 at tully
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road. you can get around it running parallel southbound 101 with spectator showing northbound. that is american canyon. i-80 does not appear to be slowing. we will find out. 680 is great headed to the cordelia interchange. i am seeing slowing i-80 approaching 680. >> the creator of "gray moves decision. killing the character in a car accident was more believe an than having him walk out on his onscreen life. this way they can live on in fan's mind forest turnty and his exit from the show after 11 years, a year before the contract ended, was mutual. >> keeping your credit
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check. at look at the hover craft now being used half a world stay tuned.
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>> it sounds like something from jury last -- keep a rhino from going with the oldest female too old to have babies, the other living females have medical issues. doctors hope to use eggs and sperms from living and recently deceased rhinos to create an embryo and out iv to get a southern white rhino into a surrogate mother and keep the northern species going. >> now, a look at what coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. paula? yes, everyone, coming up the first showdown in the race if the white house and all we know of the republican debate and in an exclusive, donald trump joins us for a discussion of campaign and the ten candidates would
6:24 am
will join hill on -- him on the stage. >> facebook friend could determine whether you get approved for a listen. the social media joint has technology that allows lenders to decide whether you are or credit risk dependin credit scores those you associate with under the code of rules that says only your own income and debt can be considered so choose your friends carefully, eric. >> after ifs of teasing and speculation, lexus is showing off the real working hover board. this is youtube video of professional skate boarder taking the hover board for a right relying on super conductors and manage nets that, with again gravity to lift the board and the rider above the ground. liquid nitrogen is used to cool the super conductors. >> we are always looking for
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director help to build our photo gallery, and it is not one but two lovely bay area sunsets, to share your photos post them with # abc7now. while you are online check out the gallery at abc news on instagram. >> we have the top stories ahead including drinkable spf, a new sun scene could -- sunscreen could be the key to keep your family healthy. >> you have heard of car break ins happening in san francisco but this one ended differently. i will explain next. >> we lebanon you with abc7 with weather and traffic through the break.
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creek on 680 it is a gorgeous sunrise in the bay area. nice morning to get out there. thanks for joining us. >> it is going to be a nice day for firefighters battling the rockers fire. now, a check with mike. >> not so nice as year. warmer today. more dry. that will be the trend moving forward. i will have the complete forecast in ten minutes. getting you out the door into clear conditions, low clouds are trying to develop language the cost right now and they are having a hard time dealing with the sunshine. caller this morning, 53 to 62, by noon, 66 at the coast to 78 inland and ritter and warmer day by 4:00, 68 at the coast to 84 inland and injury a delightful evening, jacket weather is 64 to 78 inland. >> ample sun headed through fairly on mobile 680 headed westbound on i-80 it is like eastbound traffic is moving
6:30 am
along fine. the sig-alert is in effect in san jose. southbound 101 at tully road. we have lanes blocked and debris in all lanes. it is taking a while to clear. we have delays northbound side. spectator slowing. the best way to get away this the best way to get away this sig-alert southbound is to use >> san francisco police are putting together details on a high speed chase through san francisco street that included one of their own vehicles be rammed. >> you hear of car break-ins all time rising but this ended up arrest in this neighborhood. first, police had to cap them. what a chase it was. we have video of it. it went far and guest through the city streets they started in the federal district and went to van ness through the mission and to soma.
6:31 am
police saw the group breaking into two cars on sacramento street before 2:00 this morning. there was an undercover unit in the area and the suspect car rammed into the police car as the suspect tried to get away. they got him in a small alley between 4th and 5th next to interstate 80 and arrested two women and a map. police have not released their names but they expect to do so later this morning. >> thank you, amy and now the rocky fire crews are expecting hotter and more dry conditions today after a big break yesterday. the fire has now scorched 67,000 acres and on percent contained. firefighters gained ground with the cooler temperatures and brief rain. officials say it made a big difference in building contain president lanes. mandatory evacuations are in police for thousands and many have spent days in shelters. >> it is tiring. you are not if your own
6:32 am
environment or able to do what you normally do. >> 50 homes have been lost so far and a school district is delaying the start of school as school are used to house evacuees and for saming areas. a 38-year-old firefighter died from carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation. the forest service captain david ruhl came to california from south dakota to fight the fire. he disappeared on thursday. >> hayward police are looking for throw who sped away from a shooting that left a 17-year-old dead. a vigil was held for murphy, the teen and a female trip walking at morningside drive 1:00 o'clock year morning and they were apporach by three young men. police say murphy was shot and killed and the opinion drove away in a silver or gray s.u.v. his father is shocked.
6:33 am
>> he was one would not expect something like this. we all know people who do bad things and when those happen you can see it happening. never saw this coming. >> murphy graduated great mount eden while and wanted to be a manner. >> police are investigating an incident caught on video of an officer pulling a gun on a man not accused of a crime. >> take your hand out of your pocket. >> i have done nothing. >> put your gun down. >> really? don't touch me. document touch me. >> it happened july 27. the officer drove up to a house and homeowner started recording with the phone. the officer started recording with his 15 and got out of vehicle. he took out the weapon while exchanging words with the man who said he was not doing
6:34 am
anything. the officer left. a family friend said a member of the family has had run ins with the rohnert park police before. >> >> peg me wants a federal judge to dismiss a quarter of the charges filed for the role in the 2010 fail explosion in san bruno. according to the lawsuit, they say the statute of limitations expired tied to safety violations. the prosecutors say the pg&e request does not merit a special hearing. >> happening today a national environmental health group will ask bart to check their entire fleet for asbestos and according to the chronicle they calling for a car by car inspection after cars made by the same manufacturer were found to have asbestos in washington, dc. the group's president lives in the east bay and rides bart. bart claims the trains were declared asbestos-free when overhauled in the 1990s. >> hillary clinton is scheduled
6:35 am
to be in the bay area for the first of two fundraising evens. this is video of hillary clinton campaigning in denver yesterday. this evening she will be at a home of a silicon valley entrepreneur. tickets of $2,700 a person. tomorrow she attend as breakfast reception in san francisco hosted by firm state assembly woman with tickets for that ever v starting at $2,700, too. >> ten of 17 republican presidential candidates are set for the first g.o.p. debate selected based on polling numbers. donald trump ladies the way and bloomberg has him at 21 percent and ohio governor john kasich was the lat named at 4 percent. seven candidates did not make the cut including rick perry h.p. c.e.o.
6:36 am
with candidates who did not make the invited to a forum early in the day. >> drinking your way to good sun detection? the science behind sun scream that -- sunscreen that keeps your family safe. stay tuned.
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>> we are become at 6:39 on wednesday, happy hump day. we will talk about the fire. rocky fire. we have conditions around 62 degrees. humidity is 65 percent. calm to around seven miles per hour. this is as if as it gets. the winds stay down tomorrow. they will pick up tomorrow. excessive heat at palm springs at 114. sunshine at lake tahoe at 79. temperatures in the mid-90s in the central valley. tropical storm watch through saturday. right after 12:00 midnight because the storm what left is of fair me will continue to be tropical storm with rough subthrough saturday morning. saturday through the weekend, no
6:40 am
worries, it will be gone. leyla? mobile 360 heading away from the sun eastbound on i-80 you can see the traffic is moving along just fine. in the westbound direction it is moving at a good clip. now, other parts of the bay area have a brand new crash and it sounds like it is in industrial lafayette westbound highway 4. traffic is not delays. southbound 680 is busy. bumper-to-bumper remark from pleasant hill. we have a sig-alert in the workings in san jose southbound 101 northbound traffic is picked up from silver creek canyon. >> thanks, 6:40. if you could skip the sunscreen and drink it, instead, would you do it? >> what is the flavor? orange. >> coconut? >> a skin doctor from southern california has drinkable sun protection called uvo that has
6:41 am
30 vitamins and plant chemicals. if you drink a battle of uvo you get three to five hours of base sun protection depending on skin type. critics say the liquid supplement should not be a replacement for sunscreen applied on the >> i would drink it and apply to be say. >> game change we for employee benefits with a new rule at netflix that can set a new high bar for all parents that work. stay tuned.
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>> covering benicias san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a new policy for employees at netflix could be a game changer offering a year of paid leave for new moms and dads. >> will other companies follow suit? we are at netflix headquarters.
6:45 am
matt? >> recruiting and keeping employees is a big deal for companies here in silicon valley. netflix is offering a new perk that makes new parents happy: the company is offering 5 to weeks off for mops and dads during the first year after a child's berth or adoption. google ranks at the top of the bestblies do work offers 30 weeks off of combined leave and baby bonding time. if you work in california the state offers 22 weeks from leave. netflix said during the first year after a baby or adoption the employees are paid normally eliminating the switch to disability. they say their success hinges on keeping most talented victims in the field. people perform better at work when they do not worry about him. we will see if other companies in silicon valley follow suit.
6:46 am
>> four cities are making it easier for home owns to go solar power holing a new called east bay sun shares. residents or those would work in the cities are eligible with discounts buying, leasing and free evacuations and let cost listens. you must sign up by november 6. to lend more go to if you have always wanted solar this is the opportunity. >> stocks have been lower four straight days, does today make five? >> here is a closer look in the money report. >> good morning, so far, starting positive. we will see if we can keep it the dow is up 55 points and s&p trading higher and van based company a solar provider is going public today on the nasdaq. we will watch those shares. the ftc is trying to crack down
6:47 am
on the miss tooous hotel fees that can be slippery. anyone knows how much money hotels extract from resort guests. a study by new york university pound they collected $2 billion in sir charges last year but that includes other add-ons. we know no hotels disclose the fees on the rate that are sprung on customers when she check in. $6 eggs could come. one economist said egg prices are already high could poe even higher. $for a dozen eggs would not surprise him if bird flu runs. >> kellogg and corn flakes turning all natural aiming to stop using artificial colors in the cereals and snack bars by the cereals and snack bars by the end of 2018.
6:48 am
>> 6:47689 climate change could bring san diego like weather to the bay area. a new study predicts the weather in several major cities in the next 100 areas if people fill to curb emissions. san francisco's weather could have a more southern california feel with higher temperatures and mugginess and machine soons -- monsoons all summer. >> and the fog we know and love that twins the golden gate golden gate bridge. >> they get their fair share of fog. >> more desert and dry out of the way from san diego proper but oakland and the airport and san francisco international...higher sea levels, goodbye. >> they have more of a change in the weather in other areas of
6:49 am
the country. check out this yesterday. you do taught want to be out if that unless you are in the car. the hail is small enough not to cause damage. it is marble sized hail and up to 1" size that is when you have the damage and wonder how much is your deductible on the car. temperatures show in the south by we have santa stress at 61 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50s from sunnyvale and keep danny and saratoga and alum rock at 56 to san jose at 59. we have 58 in san carlos and alameda is warm at 63 and danville is 54 along with half moon bay a cool spot and lafayette is 55 and brentwood is 59 and san pablo is 61. the fog is returning but we will throw a flag for a delay of game and for encoachment.
6:50 am
he is coming in, and this is the change from yesterday. it will be dry. more sun and warmth today away from the cost because the marine layer is developing under the high pressure. it will bring warmer highs today and tomorrow and a chance of showers thursday and friday. you can see light to variable winds this morning to nonexistent and the temperatures along the coast of running at five to nine degrees before average in the low-to-mid 60s. low 80s across the south bay physical los gatos and gilroy, mid-to-upper 80s and mid-to-upper 70s for the peninsula and redwood city at 79 and milbrae at 72. and half moon bay at 70 and everyone else along the peninsula coast in the upper 60 to low 70s in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and mid-71 around vallejo is the cool spot at 76 and were else in the upper 70s to low 80s throughout the north bay and 72 at richmond is the cool spot and castro valley and fremont at 79 and oakland is at 74 like year. san ramon is 82 and we hit upperrity around antioch and
6:51 am
brentwood at 87 and 88. at the game, it will be bright. 68 at 12:30 warming to 72 degrees under the high u.v. index at the cove. temperatures are mid-50s in the north bay valley and the rest us in the upper 50s to low 60, and tomorrow morning at 7:00, all day it will be dry, and this is one of the more robust computer models on the weather but it is open a bigger scale so it looks more impressive than it really is and it will linger the chance of sprinkles through friday. temperatures change back to today's levels, friday and through the weekend, maybe a little bit cooler next week. >> mobile 360 cross the carquinez bridge and i-80 westbound is clear. we do mutt have slow eastbound remark is not too bad. we have a new sig-alert but,
6:52 am
first, i want to show you walnut creek which is slow. that is because of the new sig-alert and 18 minutes from highway 4 to the 24 junction. we new have the action. it is blocking two lanes. look at the red. we have bumper-to-bumper traffic away from the 680 interchange. there is in word when the sig-alert will clear. that is not the only sig-alert. this is still in affect in san jose. it has been more than an hour, southbound we at tully road. there are heavy backups on the northbound side. bumper-to-bumper in 280 and 680 and become on the brakes to the nimitz. kristen and eric? >> back with seven things to know before you go. happy anniversary to me it's safeway's anniversary... happy anniversary to me but you're the one who's gonna save some serious money.
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>> here are seven things to know before you go. number one, three burglary suspects are in custody following a high speed chase in san francisco. san francisco. it started after in san francisco before ending. >> new numbers in the past few minutes on the rocky fire in lake county now standing at 68,000 acres growing over a thousand acres overnight. it remains 20 percent contained. full containment is not expected
6:55 am
until next machine. >> high pressure is developing. you can see the marine layer developing. that means the coast and san francisco are the same as yesterday and the rest of us are warmer, 65 to 72 the coast and san francisco. around the bay, 82 in the north bay and low-to-upper 80s inland. >> big problems in traffic with two sig-alerts, one is westbound highway 24 in lafayette at fur minute headed away from 680 with two haynes blocked with annan joy accident and another accident debris in all lanes, southbound 101 at tully road. >> rohnert park police are investigating an incident where an officer drew his gun during a heated altercation in front of the man's home with the officer with the gun out telling the man to get his hand out of his pocket. the man complies before the officer leaves. >> hillary clinton is scheduled to be in the bay area tonight for the first of two fundraising evens and will be at the home of
6:56 am
silicon valley entrepreneur this evening and tomorrow attend a breakfast in san francisco hosted by firm state assemblywoman. >> the year of paid leave, how does that sound? that is the offer on the table for workers at los gatos based netflix with the policy applying to employees with a baby or who adopt a child. they want to compete for the best workers. best workers. >> see you in defy --
6:57 am
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take the roar out of snore. tnother innovation only at a sleep number store. good morning, america. breaking news, the man who helped the minnesota dentist kill that world famous lion breaks his silence. >> i think it's frivolous and i think it's wrong. >> facing 15 years in prison, he is defiant. what he's saying right now. new this morning, trump on top. the top ten republicans in place for tomorrow night's first major showdown. the fight for that final spot and all eyes on donald trump as he takes center stage. the front-runner here live this morning only on "gma." face-to-face, a brave young boy hiding during a home invasion is discovered by the intruders. >> please don't hurt me. >> did they open the door? >> yes, they're running. >> the chilling moment captured on that incredible 911 call. and vanished. one of the world's greatest extreme athletes disappears. the free diving world champion


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