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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon and thank you for joining us. >> first at 4:00, we start with the california wildfires. governor brown received a first hand look at the devastation from the rocky fire in lake county today days after declaring a state of emergency due to the wildfires spanning or state and he placed the blame jerry on global warming. meanwhile some evacuated residents were allowed back into their homes. laura anthony is live in lake county. >> reporter: well, the governor was here, the california national guard has sent in hand crews to help out be and we're getting a closer look today at
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the all the devastation left behind by this fire. in this case this family lost their home, they have been here for 25 years. this home was gone in a matter of minutes. >> i think this is really a real wake-up call. >> reporter: surrounded by some of the 3,000 firefighters working on the rocky fire, governor jerry brown warned this massive event could just be the prelude to many more. >> i think this is the beginning of the fire season. and it's acting like it's the end. so we have a real challenge in california. >> reporter: as firefighters worked to douse hot spots, cal fire reports the rocky fire is now 40% contained. but there is still concern warm and windy weather ahead could produce more trouble. >> the fire certainly has potential. winds, dry conditions can blow embers over the line and we may see this afternoon interior parts of the fire may burn up. >> it was like a big explosion down there. >> reporter: wayne fisher's house one of 39 destroyed.
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he told us he and his wife barely made it out as flames race toward them from two directions. two of their dogs didn't make it. >> maybe 150 feet in the air so we jumped in the car and got out of here. i wouldn't think maybe ten michmicht minutes after the place was gone. >> reporter: he does have fire insurance. laura anthony, abc 7 news. adding to the wildfire concern, a red flag warning is in effect in parts of the bay area. >> and there is a chance for dry lightning. spencer christian is here how with the accuweather update. >> and we have rocky fire burning right now and that's tough to contain because of dry hot windy conditions. and those lightning strikes if they materialize could set additional fires. here is a look at our radar image to show you what is going on. we hahave an area of moisture offshore and unstable conditions moving our direction. near the fire, 90 degrees,
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relative humidity is low. winds gusting to 15 miles per hour. it now covers 109 square miles. let's take a look at the wind gusts forecast for the next 24 hours, we'll see winds tapering off steadily into the late night overnight hours. but increasing again into the midday hours tomorrow. so still have those erratic winds. meanwhile a look at the satellite radar composite image. here comes the area of moisture and instability moving our direction and we have the red flag warning which you mentioned for high fire danger for the entire bay area until 11:00 tomorrow morning because of the threat of thunderstorms, dry lightning strikes which could trigger more fires. for this area north, it go there is to effect 8:00 tonight and that of course will be in effect until 11:00 tomorrow morning. so we have a lot to be concerned about. the threat of additional fires, and of course the containment of the fire we already have. >> spencer, thank you. highway patrol is
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investigating a deadly accident on 101 in mountain view. a man on a motorcycle collided with a big rig around 9:00 this morning. he flew off the bike and died at the scene. he may have been splitting lanes. traffic backed up for hours in san jose after an accident involving a car and bicyclist near the entrance to highway 85. the woman in her late 30s was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the driver stopped and cooperated with investigators. thousands are gearing up for the giant music festival in golden gate park. >> but not everyone is happy about it. amy hollyfield tells us why neighbors are worried. >> reporter: as 150,000 people plan to descend on golden gate park this weekend for the music festival, people living near the park are make plans to leave. >> we go out of town because
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during the day it's all day and all night. >> reporter: residents complain of loud music and people and littering and other gross behavior. >> people y urinaurinate and th broken grass all over the place. >> reporter: the manager evof t apartment building has signs on the garage doors telling concert goers not to block the driveway, but he says they are ignored. >> you have to inch so you don't run into somebody. and then they perceive it as you're trying to run a car through a crowd or something and they start banging on the car and yelling at you. >> reporter: he wonders why they can't move the entrance to the great highway away from a residential area or block his street off to cars and people for the entire weekend. all the questions are met with one bottom line. >> we've been to meeting after
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meeting after meeting. and with the police department, with recs and park who promote this. and all we got was, well, we sympathize with you, but we'll have it because we make too much money. >> reporter: it is a money maker. not just the taxi drivers making money or the people renting out their driveways. the rec and park department says it received $2.4 million in revenue from the event just last year. and it is sold out. in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. new at 4:00, some of the republican presidential candidates just wrapped up their first debate a short time ago. you're looking at what is being called the happy hour or the kids table debate on fox news. it features the 7 candidates who didn't poll high enough to reach the main debate coming up later tonight. many of the candidates took on donald trump. rick perry says trump is running a campaign based on celebrity rather than conservatism. >> the main event with 10 is
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scheduled to begin at 6:00. >> and the donald is the top dog and the other nine will be looking at ways to swing the spotlight away from him and on themselves. >> karen travers is live at quicken loan arena in cleveland with a preview. >> reporter: good afternoon. from cleveland, which is appropriate that this is where the republican campaign season is begin. this arena is fame for us lebron james and the cavaliers, but this is also where one of the republican contenders will accept the party's nomination next summer. and tonight they will be making the case to voters why they should be on that stage in the spotlight at the convention. ten contender, one potentially epic showdown. the goal for nine, break through and stop one man from dominating the night. >> they have to figure out a way to get oxygen back in the race because right now it's all being consumed by donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump, solid frontrunner, center stage to his
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first ever political debate. his team lowering expectations. senior adviser telling abc news trump doesn't prep. trump has not held back on the trail going after his opponents with fiery attacks rarely seen this early in campaign seasons. but poliwill his strategy -- >> if i'm attacks, i have do something back. but i'd like it to be civil. >> reporter: but some are putting trump under scrutiny and one way, tie him to the clintons. trump's team confirming the businessman spoke by phone to former president bill clinton about his political future just before jumping into the republican race. the debate is just two hours, including commercials. and that breaks down to just about ten minutes per candidate. >> stay away from the i gotcha moment and try to figure out in a short framework to say this is who i am and this is why i would make a better president than the rest of these people on stage. >> reporter: earlier in the night and getting far less
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fanfare a secondary event for the 7 who didn't qualify for the main stage. jeb bush and scott walker will be on either side of donald trump tonight, a potentially tough spot, they could be getting it it from out sides if the othe other contenders don't trump in the spotlight, bush and walker could be next. >> thank you so much, karen. a theater in oakland is opening its doors tonight to show the debate. the new parkway theater already sold out its 120 seat screening room and a pair of hosts will be there to keep the political conversation moving once the televised debate ends. the republican party is holding its own watch party at san francisco's golf club. october 13 is the date of the first democratic debate. it will be in nevada but we haven't been told the exact location. these are the five announced
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candidates. still ahead, tesla is hacked. how intruders were able to gain control of the pricey electric cars and how the company has responded. i'm doing this for my babies. >> but first, the story you'll see only on abc 7. the woman fighting her ex-husband to stop the destruction of her embryos, why she should be allowed to keep them. and a free day at the spa, free lunch? a day of pampering these volunteers are handing out and the important mission behind the giveaway. and 7 on your side's taking your questions on twitter and facebook. search michael finney on facebook or twitter. >> a live look at the commute. not much traffic at all on 280. traffic on the right hand side is moving southbound into san jose. northbound is moving very nice.
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i'm so stunned we rarely see the traffic looking like this. but all clear on 280 in san jose.
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a san francisco doctor fighting to save her frozen embryos is telling her side of the story for the first time. the woman at the center of a high profile legal battle with her ex-husband just sat down if an exclusive interview with abc news. here is amy robach with a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> i'm doing this for high bamy
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babies. >> reporter: mimi lee againstler former husband, a couple whose romance spanned over two decades, eventually marrying in 2010. >> we met at students at harvard. he proposes and right before your marriage is set to take place, you get the worst news possible. >> ten days before the wedding, i got the diagnosis that i had breast cancer. sfwr h sf >> how important was to preserve your ability to procreate? >> it was very important. we realized the risks. and even with all the risks, we knew this was the last best c s chance. >> the then 41-year-old deciding along with her husband to create and pre-receiver five embryos.
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but by 2013, their marriage up raffled, finley filing for divorce. tell me about the concept fosen that says in the case of divorce the embryos would be unfrozen and discarded? >> that's right. >> that signed concept form a leading silent witness at the trial now determining what should happen to the embryos. finley asking the court to enforce it. >> it's still an agreement. the agreement is in this document at the least 127 times. >> reporter: and order the embryos destroyed. finley also testifying his concern that his ex-wife would, quote, manipulate the situation to extract money for other purposes. a claim which lee denies. on the opposing side, lee's argument that signing the consent form does not prevent her from changing her mind, pleading for the preservation of the embryo, the now 46-year-old says are her last chance to have children. >> i have biological children.
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>> she has a powerful and compelling moral argument. but because she signed that document, she is in a tough spot legally. >> make y >> you made it clear that you do not expect steven to be a part of these children's lives physical police, logistically and financially, correct? >> correct. >> your ex-husband's lawyer says it's not that he doesn't want children, he just doesn't want to have children with mimi. >> those are hard words to hear. >> what was it like being in the courtroom? >> it was the hardest thing i've ever done. i stayed focused on my babies. and knowing that i'm their mom. i would do anything for them. and that really got me through. >> that's amy robach reporting.
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legal experts tell abc news the case could set important press accident for future battles over frozen embryos. a public memorial will be held for an 8-year-old girl found dead at an apartment complex in santa cruz. madison middleton's body was found in a recycling been. he will be tried as an adult. madison oig's memorial will take place at the kaiser permanente arena. meantime three go funds me pages have been set up to help family members and so far more than $42,000 has been raised. a fund-raiser will be held tonight in honor of kate steinle. she was the woman shot and killed on pier 14 in san francisco last month. francisco sanchez charged with her murder and he's pleaded not guil guilty. the event is from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. at jackson.
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all proceeds go to her family. state health officials are investigating a case of the playing after young los angeles county girl got sick while camping with her family at crane flat campground at yosemite national park in mid-july. she's now recovering in the hospital from the bacterial disease. the family also visited the national forest. no other cases have been reported. the vintage airplane piloted by actor harrison ford crashed because of a bad cash rater part according to federal investigators. in march ford's plane crashed into a gulf course shortly after takeoff. the national transportation safety board says the engine was flooded resulting in a loss of power. tesla says it's fixed a bug that allows hackers to take control over model s sedans. tesla says a fix has been september out to all model s cars through an over the air software update. they can downloaded by the driver via wi-fi or cellular
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connection.update. they can downloaded by the driver via wi-fi or cellular connection. it was needed after two researchers said they could take control by hacking into the entertainme entertainment. we're on thunderstorm watch. >> we are. a rather unusual weather system moving our way. widely scattered though they may be, here is line doppler hd. you can see clouds thickening over the bay area and a trail of moisture offshore which could feed into that potential for thunderstorms. it seems to be moving northward. this view shows clouds at various levels. currently 65 degrees in san francisco, 72, 74 mountain view, is an shsan jose. 68 half moon bay. a different view of clouds over the bay. it is right now 83 degrees. napa 75. mid-80s fairfield, cop cord.
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a concord. we'll have a red flag warning for high fire danger for the entire bay area overnight. scattered storms with possible dry lightning are the potential overnight and we'll see conditions back to normal, whatever that may be now, by tomorrow afternoon. this shows the upper level low causing instability. could produce scattered thunderstorms during the evening and overnight hours. we'll see the low beginning to push inland and at that point, scattered showers or thunderstorms could pop up just about anywhere. it's very difficult to specifically say it could happen in one area more likely than another. storm conditions to push in during the morning hours. once again scattered showers and thunderstorms could pop up just about anywhere p but by late morning to midday, we'll see the low pulling away from us moving inland and at that point things will calm down and weather conditions will normalize.
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thousa sense we're talking about the possibility of dry lightning, spotty light rainfall is about the most we can expect. rainfall totals probably amount to only a couple hundredths of an inch. overnight, possibility of showers and/or thunderstorms. mild conditions with low temperatures mainly in the low 60s and tomorrow will be a mild to warm afternoon with highs ranging from upper 60s at the coast to mainly 70s around the bay to upper 80s to near 90 inland. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast. once the threat of storms push through, we'll have quieter calmer conditions through the weekend. it will remain mild to warm through the weekend and we'll get a cooler pattern moving in early next week. so be on the lookout for isolated or scattered storms. >> thank you so much. well, up next, from music to improv, you how you can explore where you live. and then new after 4:30, another sign of the red hot housing market. the multimillion dollar price
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tag on a building gutted by flames may soon fetch. and taking a live look at our traffic. it's cloudy out there. san mateo bridge moving in both directions. lights are heading to the east bay. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara® your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer.
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raiders are wrapping up their first week of tracof trai camp. spirits are high under jack del rio. there is an air of optimism around the team that has not been around in years. the raiders begin preseason play a week from tomorrow when they take on the st. louis rams at the coliseum. from music to improv, there is plenty do this weekend. >> here are some suggestions on how you can explore where you live. >> headliners elton john, mumford & sons an sam smith are
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barely the tip of the iceberg at the golden gate park. thousands of concert goers will hear dozens of musicians across multiple stages covering just about every music genre. don't forget your wrist band. and the annual summer improv festival, largest and longest running improv theater in northern california will feature a grudge match with their los angeles rivals and musical d extravaganza. . and the apple fare is this weekend. enjoy cider, cheese. for more information, go to up next, stopping water theft from hydrants before it happens. the device that is preventing people from taking precious water that does not belong to them. and new details on that
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movie theater violence in tennessee. what we're learning about the psychological history of the suspect who was shot and killed by police. but up first, the volunteers
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governor jerry brown visited
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crews fighting that massive fire in lake county today. he thanked those working on the fire lanes and said the drought stricken state a hotter and dryer than it's ever been making wildfires more severe than ever. some residents were allowed back in their homes today. laura anthony tweeted a homeowner surveyor and his wife barelychristian tweeted about the red flag warning. we'll get the forecast in a few minutes about. 24 hour operation under way to help get people into a better life. carolyn tyler joins us in oakland with the story. >> reporter: we're told this stretch of international boulevard is known as the track where prostitution is heavy, so that crusade is centered here to try to get those women off the
4:30 pm
streets. melanie was a heroin addict who became a prostitute to pay for her drugs. >> when i see somebody out there, i just remember me being out there. >> reporter: eight years ago, someone from victory outreach approached her. that evangelical christian organization takes to the streets to get prostitutes off the street. this 24 hour operation called code red is offering women in oakland free a treatments, food and places to live. many of these girls don't grow up and say i want to be a prostitute. something happened to them. >> reporter: city council member says oakland is a national hub in a global human trafficking industry. he shared statistics from january to june of this year showing just over 200 prostitutes have been arrested in the city. 86 johns and 7 pimps. 22 juveniles have been rescued. >> i need to protect the young
4:31 pm
ladies because there is an adult, a male adult that is basically not only enslaving them, violating them, and that's criminal. >> reporter: oakland has tried to attack the crime by targeting motels, by using billboards to shame johns, and by partnering with the fbi. melody estrada says what worked for her was love. >> somebody came to me and said i care about you. jesus loves you. >> reporter: and now she's doing the same. operation code red continues until noon tomorrow. in oakland, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. a mission district building severely damaged in a fire in january could sell for around $20 million. that building at 22nd and mission in san francisco was assessed for around $6 million last year. now according to the news site his local, the owner is considering offers around $20 million. must plan to build new market rate housing, 65 people were displaced by the january 28
4:32 pm
fire. they have the right to return to the new building at the same rent they were paying at the time of the fire once the new building is completed. >> more possible pieces of the lost malaysian airplane are appearing. pieces of a window, seat cushions and aluminum have washed ashore on reunion island, the same place a wing fragmentation also washed at shore. they are being investigated. >> out the wounds have been opened again, all the sorrow felt more intensely. and there are no words to express adequately or sense of loss and heartbreak to the families of victims. >> secretary of state john scary happened to be in made wlaz i can't malaysia today for a summit. we're learning new details about the man who went on a
4:33 pm
rampage inside a movie theater. he unleashed pepper spray and attacked a man with a hatchet. marci gonzalez has the latest. >> reporter: national police say it was this mentally ill man who set off another horrifying scene in a movie theater yesterday. vincente montano shot to death by police after reportedly standing up during a matinee wearing a surgical mask and two backpacks holding what appeared to be two weapons. >> he pulled out like a hatchet and started attacking this family and then pulled out a gun and we all ran out of the theater. >> reporter: police say the gun which looks and sounds just like a semiautomatic pistol was actually fake. montana reportedly firing plastic pellets into the crowd hitting this man in the shoulder with a hatchet. >> very grateful that no one else got injured here today. >> reporter: police arriving quickly.
4:34 pm
officer jonathan fritz returning fire. montano then reportedly filling the auditorium with pep are spray as terrified movie goers ran for their lives. police then forcing montano out of the theater where officers took him down. >> a lot of shots. >> reporter: the scare coming just two weeks after a deadly shooting at this will cinema in louisiana and as aurora movie theater killer james holmes waits to learn if he'll sentenced to death. >> this is maybe what we call the new normal. and we can't just shut down america, we carry on. >> reporter: and police are still trying to figure out the office. they believe montano was homeless with a long history of psychological issues and they say he was committed at least four times. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. somber day in japan marking the 70th anniversary of hiroshima. tens of thousands an served a moment of silence at the exact moment of the blast.
4:35 pm
tonight lanterns were floated in a peace memorial to commemorate the victims including the 140,000 who were killed. a second bomb was dropped over-nagasaki three days later that killed another 70,000 and prompted japan to surrender. president obama marked the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act today by calling on congress to update the law. >> part of the reason we're here today, part of the reason it's so important for us to focus attention on this right, is because in practice, we still got problems. >> the voting rights act affirmed that every american has the right to vote without facing discrimination. the president said today that many minorities still face hurdles to casting ballots. the proposal to update the law has so far stalled in congress. forget about buying stuff on
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line. that's anancients. experts tell us why you should be using your mobile device. and the airline frustration that had one passenger throwing punches. >> ask finney is just ahead. so i'm still picking your questions on twitter and facebook. just search for michael finney. i'll answer your questions here live a little later. i'm spencer christian. we have unsettled weather coming our way as you can see from the clouds. chance of showers maybe even thunderstorms. and kind of cloudy as we check out the golden gates bridge and traffic conditions at 4:36. northbound traffic is a little bit heavier, smooth sailing if you're on the left hand side of the screen southbound coming into the city.
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an airline passenger meltdown was caught on camera. take a look at what happened after a man was told to turn off his cellphone on a flight from chicago to ohio. this video obtained by our sister station in the passenger bunching the another paencssenger. the flight was still taxiing, so the pilot turned around. keely face as slew of charges including resisting arrest. officials say he appeared to be drunk. time to check on our weather. some strange things happening outside. >> a lot going on. >> we do have a lot going on and
4:40 pm
it is strange and unusual. we have moisture offshore moving generally in our direction. the concern is dry lightning which could trigger fires. a red flag warning in effect for the entire bay area until 11:00 tomorrow morning. take a look at a category 2 typhoon expected to intensify to category 3 tomorrow if it makes landfall over taiwan. a potentially dangerous storm which we'll continue to track. back to conditions closer to home, tomorrow we'll see hot conditions in our interior sections of the state with highs in the 90s at chico, sacramento, 106 down south in palm springs. here in the bay area after a chance of scattered showers overnight and maybe isolated thunderstorms, we'll see conditions sort of normalize tomorrow afternoon mainly sunny and mild to warm, highs ranging
4:41 pm
from 60s at the coast to near 90 in-land. and tomorrow marks first day of outside land music festival. it will be partly cloudy, but by afternoon mainly sunny and mild. music, food, wine, beer, art. it's the outside lands festival this weekend. >> thank you so much. and still ahead on abc 7 news at #:00, o4:00, one of ame favorite friends finally says i do. >> and you can put away your laptop. why the smartphone may be the secret to savings. and i'm michael finney. can a credit card company refuse to take off a charge that you do
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we get 24/7k this out. professional monitoringme and video monitoring we can watch on our own tv. that's way better than our old security system. [metal clanking] [chip crunching] [baby crying]
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don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers, add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus get a free security camera. call 1-800 xfinity or go online today. profits continue to slip at seaworld despite promotions and marketing campaign. the company admitted today they have an image problem following the 2013 documentary black fish which raised questions about the park's treatment of killer whales.
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seaworld also blames lower attendance on this year's early easter which changed a lot of spring break schedules and heavy rain in texas which affected the park in san antonio. time now for ask finney. 7 on your side's michael finney answering questions. first question, sloan k. via facebook asks are there any website creation sites that really are free? >> yeah, there is a bunch of them out there. most of them all have kind of the same business model where they let do you a really, really civil one for free and then they have aed-ons. so like you want that or this and then you pay more. let me give you three website builders that are probably the most popular. they all start with w. wicks, weebler, word press. word press is the one that is most often used i believe. google that and make sure it's true. but word press is huge. most small businesses that i'm aware of use word press. >> well, carole king asked via facebook, is this dash lane that
4:46 pm
facebook is advertising safe? it remembers passwords. >> well, it's as safe as anything you're putting it in cloud. we all know about cloud storage. these password managers and there is a bunch of them out there, what they do is they take your password and then they encrypt it and double encrypt it and they try to make it all but impossible. so it's probably as safe as anything out there. but we all have so many passwords now, i was asking around on my staff and i don't use one. i think everyone else does. or a lot of people do. >> and it's some sort of password -- >> it remembers all your pass boards for you. so it encrypts them, puts you in the cloud so it remembers what your password is. >> i remain paranoid. >> i can see that. >> liza asks can my credit card company refuse to take off a clar charge on my bill that i don't recognize. >> just because you don't recognize it doesn't mean you didn't do it. so what you need to do is call
4:47 pm
up the company, there is a phone number right on your bill, ask them what the charge is for. if they don't give and you proper answer, one that you know to be true, then you call up your credit card company and say i did not make this charge. now they have to take it off. it isn't you going i'm not sure if i made it. you're saying definitively i didn't make it. then they have to take it off, they can't charge you for it. and they have 30 days to figure out did you make the charge or not. and they have to rule one way or the other. >> okay. good to know. thank you, michael. strong debut for apple's new music streaming service. apple music has locked in 11 million trial members. a number if i recaofficials sayd with. the service costs $9.99 a month. finding deals on your mobile device can be difficult, but becky worley says it didn't have to be. research shows people don't mind
4:48 pm
wrouzing for items on that phone, but they want to use a desktop or laptop to buy. because navigating the prompts on a smartphone can be laborious and the phones are small. online shopping experts say you can make it simpler by shopping on a retail are's app, not on a browser. >> most big retailers have an app and they also take your credit card most of time, they off push notifications to let you know when things are on sale, providing coupons and things like that. >> other advice is buy items through pay pal are or apple pay and experts say the services should make it easier for you to purchase. well, cruise lines don't want you shaking hands. and adidas getting into the hands of fitness tracking. here is jane king with today's wellness report. >> reporter: being a tes accessd wearable devices. nike teaming with apple in the running plus program and adidas
4:49 pm
has been losing market share to its biggest u.s. rival. a new study in china appears to show eating certain spicy foods might leads to increased longevity. researchers found eating particularly chili peppers once or twice a week produce a 10% reduced overall risk of death. and the number fully went up to 14% if someone was eating it six to seven times a week. specifically the rate of heart disease, cancer and respiratory disease were all lower in spicy food eaters. some cruise lines are banning happened shakes between passengers and crew. crystal cruises confirms it's their official policy. so why all this hand wringing over handshaking? you can thank the hysteria over the authorinorovirus. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here is to your health. it's the end of an era again in late night television.
4:50 pm
>> its s's sad. tonight is jon stewart's last appearance on "the daily show." he's hosted since 1999. analysts say stewart really changed how america looks at politics and the media by dissecting their foiables with satire. >> others label him as a voice for strong and free press. trevor noah will replace stewart as the show's host. >> boy, does he have huge shoes to fill. >> definitely. good bet security will be tight at the next taylor swift's concert following an incident in canada. >> two fans rushed the stage and tried to grab swift during her performance tuesday. one of the men managed to grab her leg before quickly getting pulled away. swift managed to shake it off and finish the song. and the rest of the show went off without a hitch. price of being a pop star, i guess. america's most high profile
4:51 pm
friend has tied the knot. jennifer aniston married in a secret ceremony yesterday. >> they exchanged vows in front of 70 family and friends who thought they were going to justin's birthday party. guests included lisa kudrow and howard stern. water hydrants are now a target of water theft. what is being done to stop it. and coming up next, owner of a pit bull that almost went after a police officer. and we found out how brain surgery went for ronn owens.
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it began when this was on a recruiting billboard and sparked a movement when people didn't believe she was an engineer. now the message is going one step further for a billboard this san francisco has raised more than $8,000, and it was raised in just one day. the newest battle to conserve water is being fought in the santa cruz mountains. the main fire agency is asking residents locks so their hydrants won't be a target for water theft.
4:56 pm
>> david louie is live with the story. >> reporter: there is no question firefighters will need instant access to these newly locked fire hydrant, so they will carry special keys with them. just another example of how the drought has created a special and new need to protect a limited resource. these locks are the newest tool to prevent theft. and they're not just for municipal fire hydrants on the street. in rural area, hydrants are connected to large above ground storage tanks. >> for private hydrants, there is quite a few, hundreds of them, because anytime anyone builds new construction in santa cruz county that's one of the requirements is above ground water supply. >> reporter: so cal fire is offering locks for $100 to private hydrants and $200 for municipal water systems. residents of scotts valley hope no one is stealing water thefro hydrants. >> construction companies or something, but i wouldn't think -- hopefully they're honorable enough not to.
4:57 pm
because the water supply is important if there is a fire. >> do you think the locks will be a determent? >> oh, yeah, sure. i mean it would be to me because when are they going to do it, at night? if you're going to do it at night and you're going to start breaking a lock, you'll wake everybody up. >> reporter: finesin suppo ism opposed $250 first, $500 the second time. residents are well aware after tom selleck got this hot water earlier this summer when a crew tapped a hydrant and transported water to his southern california ranch. >> $500 to him would be like me finding a nickle on the sidewalk. >> reporter: sell lick has purchase reportedly reached a tentative deal to settle his case. david louie, abc 7 news. and that will do it for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with dan and cheryl.
4:58 pm
>> officer pulled out a gun and shot. >> dramatic testimony in the trial of a dogfighting for his life. we have the judge's decision. plus as the rocky fire grow, kr residents foin and he wi s fina their home survived. >> and the threat that has cal fire calling in all of its available troops. >> the possibility of dry lightning prompting red flag warnings. i'll have details coming up. a popular hiking area is closed for the next 24 hours to protect the peninsula watershed as the risk of wildfires is peaking tonight. thanks for joining us. >> national weather service has declared a red flag fire alert in the san francisco bay area. >> let's go straight to sandy patel to it see what is
4:59 pm
happening right now. >> yeah, right now on live doppler 7 hd, i'm watching this sun tropical moisture. take a look for yourself. i'm seeing an increase in the cloud cover and also watching for moisture not too far away from the bay area just southwest of us. so obviously not moving in yet, but we do have the potential for some thunderstorms initially very dry, which is why a red flag warning is in effect for many parts of the bay area and going up in less than a minute for other parts. you can see it covers the entire monterey bay, as well. up in thelake county area where the rocky fire is burning, it starts at 8:00 p.m. tonight, it runs until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. much of the state under the red flag warning. scattered thunderstorms expected overnight with dry lightning carrying very little if any rain and then the thunderstorms may produce some gusty winds near the storms which could obviously totally set off more fires if the light thing does develop. as you look at the next several
5:00 pm
hour, we'll be watching for that moisture to move in from the southwest so the south bay has a third possibility of seeing some of those thunderstorms. i'll be back with a closer lk pl look and plus a check on your weekend coming right up. the red flag warning has cal fire anticipating what could be another very busy firefighting stretch ahead. chris winn is live with more. >> reporter: and the dry lightning is a huge concern. you combine that with wind and dry brush and it could make for a very difficult scenario for firefighters. everywhere we look outside, it see seems as though there is a whole lot of ground, but tonight a new concern, a red flag warning in effect p. >> as we look at the amount of fire activity we've already had and the current number of fires that have started over the last several days, we have a long road ahead of us. >> reporter: with lightning


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