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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ >> 70,000 people descend on golden gate park for the outside lands festival. new measures are in place to keep things calm and legal. hello, and thank you for joining us. let's head straight to outside lands. cornell bernard is live with how they're keeping the peace with neighbors and keeping the fun in the festival. >> reporter: this concert is sold out put that is not stopping a lot of people from trying to get in. that's what just happened right in front of security teams where
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this fence is being repaired. check this out. we shot this video moments ago as a group of people knocked down a barricade and scaled this very tall fence on jfk drive. running from police. those folks are in big trouble if they are caught tonight. this year there was new efforts to keep the peace and keep gate crashers from getting in. music seemed warm in chilly golden gate park where 70,000 people are having a blast at outside lands. >> an experience for sure. some of the bands we saw yesterday we didn't know, but we just wanted to experience the music. >> reporter: and the food. an dryways chowing down on a doughnut cheeseburger. >> it's amazing. highly recommend. >> reporter: this 'er the three-day pass can cost now $300 to $3,500. encrypted wrist bands replaced paper tickets to reduce ticket
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fraud. >> count counterfeit, they all have to be registered. so we ended the counterfeit problem. >> impossible to find on internet. so we'll see. >> reporter: how much are you will ago pay? >> 20250. >> reporter: some didn't have a ticket. the even is sold out. that's not stopping blogs sites from giving clues for sneaking g in for free, this year the fences are higher and security tighter. >> pretty impresent track. >> reporter: your advise to someone sneaking in? >> you're going to jail. >> reporter: one neighbor shot this video of loud party buses picking up concertgoers. for the most port hassles and noise much better. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> a busy saturday in san francisco.
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outside lands alone is expected to bring in more than 200,000 people. thousands more are going to at&t park tonight to see mega minister, joe ol' steen, and of the 50,000 people going to fort mason for the j pop summit featuring all things in japanese pop culture. get waze on your smart phone and join the group for free. several people complained of feeling sick after inhaling paint fumes. the first of 3,000 people began arriving for a swim meet this morning. >> hopefully we have it well contained. minimal number of people affected and we can enjoy the rest of the race day here. >> a paramedic said two people went to the font for dream. the painting place was taking place on an athletic field. strict officials asked the painters to stop working. back at the pool the meet
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coined as planned. 2,000 swimmers are competing this weekend. the swimmers star as young as three years old. this is 59th year of the orinda moraga school association sponsored meets. several olympian participated. >> another local swim swimmer made news. >> ten miles to go. >> kim chambers, the first woman to slim from the farallones islands to the golden gate bridge. chambers posted this video last month shows her training in the water near the gate. she fought the tides the last few hours. four men have also completed the treacherous swim. to developing news on the arrest of former 489ers in linebacker aldon smith. abc7 news was in santa clara as the coach shot down rumors that a fight between smith and collin
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kaepernick precede the arrest. >> i don't know where that could come from. no. >> smith was released by the team on friday after being arrested for dui and vandalism. his fifth arrest since details on fatal crash the sonoma march the chp says alcohol may have been a factor. the driver of this porch died and this passenger injured. the car went air sworn smash into a tree. the driver is a 28 year man from mountain view, his passenger, from new york, suffered neck and head injuries. the two men just left a wedding party. the search is on for a gunman after a deadly shooting in san jose. happened just before 11:00 last night at the intersection of tulle road. this is the city's tenth killing in six weeks inch response to
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the vow legislation is, police announced they're putting more officers in crime hot spots. and gunfire captured on surgicallance video in fresno. police are searching for a gunman who shot at three people. one person was wounds in the leg. people scrambled for shelter. the shooting followed a confrontation, the gunman identified himself as being a men of an asia gang before shooting. the bullets hit the side of a house and car but no one else was hurt. new drama on the campaign trail courtesy of donald trump. he was disinvited from a big event. here's more on the latest controversial making headlines. >> reporter: uninvited, donald trump offending himself kirked off the list at major summit with republican candidates. >> i don't want my daughter in the room with donald trump tomorrow night so he's not invited. >> reporter: the organizer taking the stage saturday morning to explain why he at any time want the g.o.p.
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front-runner to show up. evolving around this comment trump made about megyn kelly during an interview on cnn friday. >> there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her whether. >> reporter: critics say he was attacking kelly because she was a woman, suggesting she was hormonal. the real estate mogul tried to clarify saying whenever meant her nose. he was questioned about his treatment of women. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs. >> i've been very nice to you although i could maybe not be. >> trumps fellow candidates responded. carly fiorina on twitter saying, quote, mr. trump, there is no excuse. i stand with megyn kelly, and mike huckabee faced questions after speaking at the redstate event. >> should in trump apologize to megyn kelly. >> i have to leave that up to him. she is a person who is as smart as anybody i've over in.
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>> decision was the right one. >> abc news learn a key political advisor is leaving trump's team. this as the front-runner vows to continue his campaign even if under fire. >> coming up, fear after the fire. a new warning tonight for residents chased from their home bays wildfire in lake county. the effort to help more than a thousand local students get a good start to the school year. i'm drew tuma. a cool start to the weekend, coastal clouds and a brief warmup for sunday.
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to developing news on the rocky fire burning in lake county. all evacuation order haven't been lifted. the fear chased 13,000 people from their home. residents are being asked to not move debris which may contain chemicals. fire is now 62% contained. flames burned 42 homes and scorched 108 square miles. hundreds of deserving families got he with their back-to-school shopping today. abc7 news was in fran south of market discretion whip the salvation army hosted a back to school carnival. youngsters pinged out backpacks and loaded them up with school supplies. >> really thankful for this gift, and our family is -- does
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not have a lot of money because we also have like other -- two siblings. >> san francisco's public schools in a little more than a week. san jose today honored the legacy of the world war ii generation. the police department tweeted pictures of the world war ii 7 in 0th anniversary. it wrapped up few minutes ago, august 14, 1945, when president trumanan announced japan surrendered. sparking celebrations for the owned of world war ii. a man's inspirational journey to live his dream. >> never let anyone tell you, you're not go enough. >> stealing the show during tryout's for an nba dance team. why it's so important for him. heading outside, in san jose, we have the san jose jazz summerfest 2015, and will we see a warmup? meteorologist drew tuma has t
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president obama's vacation got off to a swinging start. he hit the greens today near martha's vineyard. he will return to washington august 23rd. when he is looking to get support for heir plans to cut power plant emissions. >> a danner in miami is not letting reject get him down. take a look. that's keith wilson, the only man to try out for the miami heat dancing squad. his audition is an online sensation. dance instructor says for him, not about going beyond social stereotypes. it's about his love for he art.
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>> dance and that it. no gender, has no sexuality, just dancing. it's an art. >> this is the second time wilson tried out for the squad. he didn't make athlete final round but wilson says many of the finalists asked him for help with their auditions and he hopes to work with the dance team as a guest choreographer. let's see your moves, drew. >> they're awful. but he is passionate. >> he is pretty good. >> completely decimate my dance moves. live doppler 7hd, it's a great saturday in the bay area. a few coastal clouds, otherwise we'll take you outside. a live look from the exploratorium camera, water is a light chop, blue upstairs, a comfortable 64 in san francisco, 67 in oakland, 73, mountain view. 77 morgan hill. mt. tam cam giving you a higher perspective. a milky white sky, so a bit of a
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humid air mass overhead. low coastal clouds, and napa, 791. 79 in novato. 80 in fairfield, this is embarcadero. just have coastal clouds on. the wind, they're onshore, from 15 to 25 miles-per-hour right now, and that giving us the cooler temperatures at this hour, but also the coastal clouds. here's live doppler 7hd, you see this spin in the atmosphere moving into seattle. that's a weak ripple of energy and that helped to bring our marine layer thicker today but we're tracking just a really weak area of high pressure off the coast. future weather shows you a typical summertime pattern. morning cloud and fog that burns
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away. the only exception, right along the coast. much of san francisco and part of the peninsula will be socked in with cloud cover for much of the day on sunday, bringing temperatures below normal. so if you are headed to outside lands it will be cool, cloudy, and awe effects of sunshine, and temperatures topping out in the low and mid-60s. we to the tropical pacific, this is a potent storm, this is hilda. winds 140 miles-per-hour, category 4 storm but looks like the good news, it will move away from hawai'i, rapidly weak ton a tropical storm so really minimal effect in hawai'i next week. back here at home, lows overnight, mid-50s to low 60s, and then highs for sunday, south bay, afternoon sunshine, 82, san jose. along the peninsula, 6 5 pacifica. downtown san francisco tomorrow, high of 69. north barracks 84, calistoga. 81, san rafael. oakland, 73. 75 hercules. 78 fremont.
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inland, upper 80s to low 90s. accuweather seven-day forecast, coastal clouds, brief warmup tumor -- tomorrow and then the cool breezes come in, and then friday and saturday the heat returns, especially for much of next weekend. >> look at all those 80s. thank yous. shu has sports and we're still trying to -- the 49ers are still trying to deal with the loss of al dob smith. >> i'm sure you were shocked. niners dealing with the offshock of aldon smith release and teammates cannot believe he is gone.
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>> the giants hit the road for a ten-game trip. they're 3-5 away from home. matt cain trying to turn things around wrigley field. brandon belt, a two-run shot. giants up 2-1. but the best part was when the fan tried to throw the ball back on the field. needs a little head. the cubs get the lead. cain, five runs in four. montero knocks in another run in the fifth. start of a two-run fifth. they aide three more in the eighth. there's a former a. cubs needed those three runs because the giants recall yelled but came up short. cubs win their third straight, over the giants, 8-67. >> a's hosting the astros.
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love the hat. danny valencia, home run yesterday. the first double to the gap. billy burns and coco crisp come across. jesse chavez made one mistake, solo shot. but chaff res would get the win and edward would get his first save. jose altuve ground out to pretlowry to win the game. a's win 2-1. the niners still reeling from yesterday's release of teammate aldon smith. the front office will not tolerate anymore of his offfield behavior after his fifth arrest in four years. they are hoping he gets his life together. shown to be one of the best pass rushers with 46 sacks but his game off the field did not match his game on and his teammates understand.
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they hope aldon can get his life together, and that's more important than being a football player. >> it's an unfortunate situation for aldon is bigger than football. he is very talented. very smart guy, and just things that everybody -- everybody is not perfect, and i truly believe that, and i wish aldon the best of luck. i know he is a great guy and a great player. >> the pro football hall of fame with eight new induct years. didn't get the call. charles hayley gets the call as does mr. raider, tim brown. 17th year career, catches 14,934 yards, 105 touchdowns. nine pro bowls and nine straight seasons with over 1,000-yards. the only flyer win five super bowl rings. he has 100.5 career sacks.
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>> i am truly blessed. i played with some of the greatest players every in the history of football, and i've learned a lot. and the one thing i learned from all these guys is unselfish play. team matters. we need to go back to that. it's not about individual. it's about team. that's the only way we can have success. [applause] >> ricky fowler had two doppelgangers, third around in bridgestone invitational. jim furyk, three birdie, two bogeys. the co-leader with justin rose. four birdies in the last six holes. that 50-footer oregon 18. he is also at nine under par. >> tennis in palo alto. the bank of the west. that's coming up at 6:00 p.m. right here on abc7. we're down to the semifinals, and 30 years later still haven't got a call. >> you're a hall of famer in our book. >> that's all that matters. >> you have your mouth --
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charles hayley had one. while some neighbors complain about outside lands crowd, see how one family is making lemonade out of lemons.
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at 6:00 are east bay river otters facing danger in wildlife officials are picking up -- how san francisco kids are preparing for the first day of class. join us at 6:00. a group of young entrepreneurs found a business opportunity with the outside lands crowd. they set up a lemonade stand outside their home. this year's stand is name after the black keys. smart kids. >> that does it for us here at abc7 news at 5:00, thank you for your time. and remember, you can watch abc7 news and all of your favorite abc shows live or on demand with
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watch abc and the watch abc app. have a great day. welcome to "world news tonight." the donald gets the boot on the campaign trail, told to stay home after this. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. >> was what he said next an attack on women? the backlash coming in. the packed jet, the shattered cockpit windows. the hailstorm so fierce, pilots couldn't see. >> we're having a hard time here. >> how they finally made that daring emergency landing. an intruder inside the house, two girls home alone. >> no, there's no phone out there. she doesn't have a cell phone. and she's completely freaking out. >> the app that came to the rescue. and, soaring to new heights. the daredevil going for the record. so, what is the secret to learning to fly?


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