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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 9, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, august 9th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning to you. we are looking at live doppler 7hd. our marine layer is a little bit less robust than it was yesterday. we are looking at partial clearing and also cooler temperatures because we don't have the blanket overhead. 59 in san jose, 52 in napa. 51 santa rosa and 48 in novato. 50 oakland, san francisco. the fog is moving back in, but we are starting out cooler, anywhere from a degree to 8 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. things are going to turn around. we are going to see temperatures warmer than they were. numbers will top out into the lower 90s inland, with some partial afternoon clearing at
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the coast. upper 60s to low 70s half moon bay and more 70s and 80s around the bay. the little brief warmup won't last. i'll explain coming up. thank you >> the u.s. forest service reports a firefighter died after a tree fell on him. he was hit last night working in a new fire in a remote area between the lake tahoe basin management and eldorado national forest. a second firefighter was injured, but was treated and released. firefighters credit cooler weather with helping them gain ground against that massive wildfire burning near clear lake. officials lifted all evacuations orders yesterday. the rocky fire is now 70 percent contained. it charred 109 square miles. the flames have also destroyed
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43 homes. about 3,000 firefighters are still on the front lines. an oakland miew sixes is apologizing to his fans for being kicked out of outside lands, accused of scalping tickets. outside lands is the sold-out music events of the year and people are doing whatever they can to get inside outside lands. including jumping the fence. our abc7 news crew caught these fence jumpers on video. but that hasn't been the only issue. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow caught up with the band musician. >> oakland artist and performer fantastic agreed getting sidelined before the show. >> out of nowhere ten sfpd officers grab us and instruct us to get on the ground. >> officers detained three people after receiving
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information they were pedaling artists tickets, not meant for resale. >> acting on a tip from another one who advised us of what was going on. so our officers then looked into it, went to the location and see the transaction take place. >> apparently an intern from our office had sold one wristband. >> fantastic said he had nothing to do with it. outside lands making the decision to call off the show. as for his fans -- >> well, that's unfortunate, but i will play for them again. it's not over. >> for one ticket they used us as an example and that's what hurt me and i hurt for outside lands. nobody wants it. were we jumping the fence? no. >> although there were fence jumpers and no word if they were cited. abc7 news.
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>> san francisco police said they will give arrests and citations totals after it is over. it wraps up tonight with elton john. in the south bay police are investigating after a standoff ended on royal crest drive in san jose last night. that's where a police dog helped officer capture a wanted felon. paramedics took the suspect to a hospital. it is not clear if he was bitten by playoff series police dog. investigator say the situation started in sunnyvale where undercover officers started following the man, ending in san jose >> this morning a man is in jail accused of killing his girlfriend's 16-month-old daughter in redwood city. police say they received a call about a child not breathing at an apartment complex on madison avenue. the girl died after being rushed to a hospital thursday afternoon. detectives arrested daniel contreras yesterday. police say contreras told them
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the child fell, but the core nor performed an autopsy and determined someone killed her. san francisco 49er's coach jim tomsula said there was no fight between colin kaepernick and aldon smith before his dui arrest on thursday. >> i don't know dhere that could even come from. no. >> well, abc7 news was at levi stadium yesterday at tomsula shot down rumors of a smith-kaepernick beef. the team released smith on friday after his fifth arrest since 2012. he is now out on bail. a car fire shut down traffic on highway 4 and discovery bay. it began just before 4:00 yesterday afternoon. and the westbound lanes between ordeneer and regatta drive. this car was engulfed in flames.
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it also started a grass fire that was quickly put out. now, if you have photos or video of news in your community, we want to see it. you can post them using # abc7now. we may show them on error use them in the news. police are asking anyone with a private security camera to register it. officers often use surveillance footage to help them solve crimes. the registration will not give police remote access to your home or business security camera. tens of thousands of people packed into at&t park last night. it was not to see the giants. instead of cheering for base hits and strikeouts, people were applauding meg church leaders, joel and victoria olsteen. we have the details on what was called a night of hope.
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>> they wore crazy worshiper shirts and flew in from as far away from toronto for this event. >> when wecsaw he was coming to san francisco in august, we made it a family vacation. >> nearly a packed house in the park for people who are not lock for a home run, they looking for hope. >> it's a message that regular natures with a woman who drove from modesto. >> there is a path for you. for instance, i just lost my job. i'm okay with that because i believe a door closed and another one will open. >> how can we lift someone up and with god's help they can still fulfill their destiny. >> we talked with him before he took the stage. this is a sold-out event for a people spending 18 bucks for a chance to spoke in what some people call a prosperity gospel. >> i hope you know right now that god is smiling down on you. >> olsteen minute city operates
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on a $17 million budget. his personal wealth is estimated a the 60 milled. it is complete with a positive pop sings, sing along spirit and people soaking in the spirit. it's a message even nancy pelosi refers to. the a at&t park, abc7 news. >> the boyle water alert has been lifted. at one point more than 800 cal water customers in the south elmonte area had to boyle their quarter. utility officials lifted the alert for the last two customers yesterday afternoon. the bacteria got into the supply after a water main break. well, lisa argen here now with a look at your accuweather forecast. >> we are looking at fog moving back into the bay this morning. it was clear for much of the night. because of that temperatures are
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cooler. 60s san francisco. half moon bay and 59 in san jose. some neighborhoods warming up today, but just briefly. i'll explain when we come back. >> also ahead, a swim for the record books. an aquatic first for a san francisco woman who accomplished a journey others could not. and "7 on your side" confronts a photographer who did not come through for a local little league team. is he ready to make things
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looking for one of these?
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yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. >> at least 22 people are dead or missing in taiwan and mainland china from a typhoon. it's powerful winds ripped down
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trees and traffic lights and left twisted metal everywhere. more than four feet of rain fell in some areas, flooding streets and causing mudslides. more than 1 million people are without power. hundreds of nights have been cancelled. prime minister of japan is vow to go do everything he can to prevent the introduction of atomic weapons into his country. today is the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of nagasaki. a large crowd gathered in the city to pray for peace. nagasaki was the second and so far last city to experience an atomic bombing augusted, 1945. hiroshima was the first three days earlier. most agree the bombings helped shorten world war ii in the pacific by several months. san francisco is one of 26 cities worldwide holding rallies today against atomic weapons. group global zero will hold a
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rally at 3:30 at dolores park. they will cycle the equivalent of the circumference of a small nuclear blast, about 7 miles. san jose honored the legacy of the world war ii generation yesterday with the spirit of 45-day. the police department tweeted these departments of the world war ii commemorative celebration weekend at history park. it was august 14, 1945, when president truman announced japan surrendered, sparking celebrations for the end of world war ii. san francisco resident kim chambers became the first woman to swim from the farallon alands to the golden gate bridge. a 30-mile, 17-hour journey through shark infested waters. melanie woodrow met up with her at the san francisco yacht club and has the story of her
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record-breaking story. [applause] >> cheers for kimberly chambers, the first woman to swim from farallon islands to the golden gate bridge. >> i'm in shock. i mean, i wanted that honor, but, you know, it's always up to mother nature. >> mother nature and sharks. kim, who is from new zealand, managing to elude them. >> i guess great white sharks don't like kiwis. >> he said one of the biggest challenges was keeping food down during her 17,000, 12-minute journey. the temperatures in the low 60s, mom rooting for her the entire time. >> i knew internally what she was going through, and it's really hard not to reach out because it's my daughter. but i just kept -- i was just amazed at how she had such mental fortitude and physical determination to finish. >> also cheering, her training partner who attempted the same swing last week.
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>> i may be justified in not finishing by swim, only only three miles away, but the fact kim was walk ses full, the disappointment of not finishing for me is now completely gone. >> kim says she swims for charity and touraine speier little girls. >> you don't know what may happen and you might surprise yourself. >> even if you are the first. abc7 news. >> baseball history will be made in the north bay this week when a woman will pitch for the team. the sailors will tour the rubber this wednesday. she signed a one-day contract to become the first woman on the roster in the club's history. the pacifics have been involved in other firsts. last month they became the first professional team to use an automated umpire. and another team in the league, the sonoma stompers, recently showcased the first openly gay
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professional baseball player, shawn conroy. a foolup now on a photographer who took pictures of a youth league team, but never delivered the photos. "7 on your side" michael finney has been looking for that photographer for months and finally found him. >> the back of he will christian junior falcons and their parents wanted to remember moments like these. >> we had a photographer come out and take some picture and cash all our checks and take all our money and didn't produce any pictures. >> his name as clyde jones. after a while he stopped returning their phone calls. didn't return mine either. >> is clyde here? >> i went looking for him. he wasn't at the business address indicated open his website. he wasn't at his last no one personal address in fairfield either. i aired a report and heard from others who told us they were taken in by clyde too. among them, amy wilkerson.
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>> i was the program director for the oakland cal pal dukes. >> that was an oakland police football team. he took pictures and then never delivered. >> i thought it was just us and then i saw your story. >> and she also saw clyde working at a local business. and that's where i caught up with him too. >> hey, clyde. michael finney here from channel 7. how are you? >> i'm all right. >> very good. hey, we have a lot to talk about. >> let's talk outside. >> sure, be happy to. >> so clyde and i head outside to talk. >> i understand there's been complaint and i'm trying to resolve it. i've been homeless for a while. >> i'm seeing you sit there as a computer. couldn't you put them on the computer and at least let people get access to it? >> i can't could that. i'm going to be doing that pretty soon. >> and he did. within hours of my visit, amy received this text from chide.
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just sent you a link to drop box. it said i will put everything in there. and the long-awaited photos. no printed photos yet but customers are getting digital pictures and they can download them. if clyde took your pictures and you didn't get what you paid for, let me know about it by going to our website at i'm michael finney, "7 on your side". >> a happier story for some little lookers playing just one step away from the world series. the team was profiled from cam bring oh park. they were sent to san bernardino, where this morning they are taking on a team from arizona. the game is being shown online, on espn3 at 8:30. and there's a big watch party. friends, family and alumni are
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gathering at the stake house and sports grill on in campbell. also happening today, the a's will honor the memory of fallen hayward police officer scott lunger. his father and two daughters will participate in the ceremony yeah first pitch in this afternoon's game against the astros. hall of famer ricky henderson will catch the ball from sergeant lunger's father. he was his favorite player. they will also hang a jersey with his badge number 10 of -- 106 in the back of their dugout during the game. lunger was killed in a traffic stop two weeks ago. >> we are going to see slightly warmer temperatures today in some neighborhoods and even clearing for those going to outside lands and the coast. not everyone, but our marine layer is not quite as deep this morning. live doppler 7hd, the sun
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officially up in about one hour. sets at 8:10. bait of a brief warmup as the marine layer backs up a bit, and as well as the onshore push. it will return more so tomorrow due to this area of low pressure and the trough that will once again enhance the onshore push. for sunday afternoon some subtle changes for some of you. here's a lookout side from our roof camera. 60 san francisco, oakland. upper 50s mountain view, san jose. and 55 morgan hill. in the north bay much cooler. oakland and emeryville with numbers in and around 60. check out 51 degrees santa rosa. 52 napa. 50 novato and low 50s fairfield and concord. the on shore push backing up just a little bit. this morning a 24 hour temperature change, anywhere from about a degree or owe in concord to 11 degrees cooler. mainly the impact in the north bay, but we will be look at the reverse this afternoon. as a weak area of high pressure builds and allows for temperatures to come up more
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significantly in the north bay. so we will call it partly cloudy this morning. briefly warmer today. and cooler air for three to four days of next week as high pressure begins to build back. the second half, the end of next week. that should bring us warmer weather. here's a different perspective of that area of low pressure that is just to the north of us now. but it stays there today and then as it moves on in, come wednesday and thursday, behind it we are getting a little bit warmer. that's for livermore today. it's been pretty summer like income the upper ohl's we will have that again and temperatures drop tomorrow. some recovery wednesday and isn't until next saturday where temperatures will be back into the 90s. highs today not much change here. 82 san jose. 81 santa clara, look for 87 in los gatos. but on the peninsula, still upper 70s to low 80s and nice average. some of that clearing from san francisco to the coast with low 70s downtown. 74 south city.
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67 in the sunset. in the north bay notice the oranges and reds a little more. so looking at warmer weather today. santa rosa 89. that's a big warmup for you. 86 napa. near east bay pleasant, upper 70s. about 5-degree warmup in oakland. you head inland, upper 80s for most to the lower 90s. looks to be a pretty warm afternoon around walnut creek. some coastal clouds, partial afternoon clearing there and look at cooler breezes tomorrow. partly cloudy tuesday. little change into the middle of the week and perhaps some slightly more warmer weather back into the 90s inland friday and saturday. you can see what is showing up on live doppler hd with the free abc7 weather app. with he have more information on our website. not too hot but pleasant. >> good weather to wrap up outside lands. >> yeah. >> thank you, lisa. just ahead, a bay area tech executive goes for a little
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walk. the unusual instagram post and who was behind
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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>> there was a tip that someone wants to kill otters. one otter family was spotted around the lake. some believe the mammals are feeding on the fish, kill their catch. it can bring a $1,000 fine and jail time. sea otters will get another five
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years of protection in california. governor jerry brown renewed the california sea otter fund on friday. over the last eight years the fund has raised more than $2 million for research, recovery and protection of the threatened mammal. there is a box you can check on your tax form to donate to the fund each year. the embarcadero was packed with tourists near pier 39 last night. that always happens. but one in particular stood out. a duck wearing a tuxedo, bib and shoes wad he would his way among the tourists. abc7 news reporter matt keller shot this video on his phone. he seemed to fit right in there among all the people out and about. no word where he was going or if he ran out of a restaurant without paying the bill. you can see and share the video on the abc7 news facebook page. a group of young entrepreneurs found a business
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opportunity with the outside lands crowd. for the last four years these kids have set up a lemonade stand in front of their home just outside of the festival. they pick a theme every year. this year it's named after a show headliner, the black keys. tech entrepreneur elon musk said he went wing walking yesterday. he posted the picture on instagram yesterday, riding went for a nice wing walk. what could possibly go wrong. photo by my lovely wife. much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. more controversy surrounding donald trump. why he was told not to come to a republican event this weekend. also home alone with an intruder inside. how two young sisters in the central valley got help after locking themselves in
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>> welcome back. here's he's arrange. >> a cooler start, and a warmer finish, and that's because the low clouds and fog should clear partially to the coast. that will make an impact for some of the temperatures. golden gate park, san francisco. you notice by 10:00 we are mostly sunny. it will take until about 11:00 elsewhere around the bay. you notice here from the marin county coast and a little more there, more clearing in and around san francisco. we talk about temperatures, how much our brief warmup will give us in terms of warmth and the cool-down headed our way tomorrow. >> lisa, thank you. we have breaking news out of texas this morning where deputies say they have a suspect
5:31 am
in custody after finding eight bodies, five of them children, inside a home. deputies were conduct ago welfare check in harris county when they learned the man who would not let them inside had warrant for aggravated assault on a family member. one of the officers looked inside a window and saw the body of a young child. >> upon entering the home and clearing it for any other subjects and to check for the welfare of any other people inside the house, the bodies of eight victims were found inside the residence. at this time we have what appear to be five children and three adults. >> authorities aren't saying how the victims died or their relationship to the suspect. new drama on the campaign trail, courtesy of donald trump. the republican front-runner was disinvited from a big event. abc news reporter devin dwyer has more on the latest
5:32 am
controversial comment-making headlines. >> uninvited. donald trump finding himself kicked off the list at a major summit with republican candidates. >> i don't want my daughter in the room with donald trump tomorrow night so he's not invited. i'm sorry. >> organizer eric erickson taking the stage saturday morning to explain why he didn't want the gop frontrunner to show up. >> it all esolves around this comment he made about mod traitor from fox megyn kelly on cnn friday >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> critics immediately pounced, saying trump was attacking kelly because she was a woman. seeming to suggest she was hormonal. he tried to clarify saying wherever meant her nose. some conservative woman at the event he was band from aren't buying it. >> you can be upset with the situation but if you want to be leader of the free world you have to practice diplomacy.
5:33 am
>> kelly questioned him about his treatment of women. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, blobs, dogs. >> i have been very nice to you although i could probably not be. >> he quickly responded, calling fee or arena on twitter, mr. trump there's no excuse. i stand with megyn kelly. and mike huckabee faced questions after the event. >> should mr. trump apologize? >> i will have to bennett leave that up to him. she's a person as smart as anybody i have known. >> your decision i think was the right one. mr. trump ought to apologize. abc news, washington. >> trump's former long time advisor said he's leaving the campaign team because the megyn kelly comments took away from the core issue messages. trump it saying he fired stone. donald trump will get a chance to expand on what he said or meant to say on "this week." host george stephanopoulos will
5:34 am
likely ask the republican presidential frontrunner about his comments on women and about last week's debate. "this week" with george stephanopoulos airs this morning at 8:00 right here on abc7. five more buildings in new york have tested positive for the potentially deadly legionnaires' disease. among the buildings are two court houses, a post office and a high school. officials say there's no sign anyone has become sick from the new sites. ten people have died in the largest legionnaires' outbreak in city history. 108 cases of the disease have been reported in new york. a hiker found dead in yellowstone national park was killed by a grizzly bear. a montana man was killed by an adult female bear and at least one cub. that man was found dead friday in a popular off-trail area in the park. game warden search for an
5:35 am
alligator after the reptile bit off a woman's arm in florida. it happened yesterday afternoon while the woman swam in a river near orlando. people canoeing and kayaking nearby heard her screams. one of them beat the alligator with a paddle while it continued to attack the woman. those folks then pulled her from the water. the victim was rushed into surgery. wastewater that polluted a water in colorado has now reached into northern new mexico and is tipping to spill. about 1 million gallons of wastewater containing heavy metals beginning spilling wednesday when a cleanup crew breached a debris dam inside a goldmine. now two sisters 8 and 14 years old, a lar broke into their fresno home while their dad was at work. they were not able to call for help because they k not have a phone.
5:36 am
so what did they do? here's matt. >> the intruder had forced his way into the little house in fresno, california. >> my friend's daughters are there, and someone just broke into their house, they are by themselves. >> where is their dad? >> he's at work. >> so the two girls, age 14 and 8, retreated to the bathroom, locked the door. they couldn't call the police because they didn't have a phone. >> but they did have one. these, a tablet. instead of phoning in their plea for help, they texted it into google hangouts. >> which allowed them to send instant messages. finally reaching a friend of the family. she dialed 911. the dispatcher struggle with the concept. >> what number did they text you from? >> they text me from a hangout spot. >> there's mo phone? >> no, there's no phone out there. she doesn't have a cell phone. i got a message for her asking her to call the police and she's completely freaking out. >> within a minute a police cruiser rolled up to the house, once we went up to the door the
5:37 am
suspects went out the back door into the hands of a waiting officer. >> the dad rushed home in time to see the suspect arrested. father does not want to be identified, but he figures it's time for a watchdog. >> i guess we will do that today. >> or maybe just a cell phone. >> matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. still ahead on the sunday morning news we have a lot on our docket. a high school science lesson that really took off. and here's a live look from our golden gate bridge camera today. one of the warmest days of the week. what else is on tap? lisa argen along shortly with a full accuweather forecast.
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looking for one of these?
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yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. >> a dancer in miami is not letting rejection take him down. take a look. oh, my. that is keith will sop, the only man to try out this year for the miami heat dancing squad. his audition is an online sensation. wilson, who is also a dance instructor, said for him it's not about breaking social stereotypes, it's about his love for the art. >> dance and that's it. it has no gender, it has no sexuality. it's an art. >> this is the second time will con tried out for the squad.
5:41 am
he did not make it. but says many of the finalists asked him for help with their auditions. so he hopes to work with the dance team in the future as a guest choreography. he had some moves there, lisa. how about you? >> makes my back hurt looking at that. good for him. good morning, everyone. we are looking at a pretty nice shot this morning. this is mt. tam. where is all that fog? the marine layer is out there. it's disbursed a bit. as a result we are cooler in the north bay. low 50s for a change. that's anywhere from about 10 to 14 degrees cooler than what you have been used to. we will talk about your warmup this afternoon and the rest of the bay, which also will have warmer temperatures in just a few minutes. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, 8 new members enshrined into the pro football hall of fame, including two local heroes. tim brown of the raiders and charles haley of the niners. we will hear from both come up we will hear from both come up in yoplait greek 100. for when you just can't make
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it without a protein-packed, thick and creamy, power-me-up-with-something filling taste-bud-loving, satisfaction by the spoonful, deliciously fruity, dinner feels a million years away, grab and go, let's take on the world with 100 calories, snack yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it.
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you you he measures with homemade instruments and compete for a chance to visit the patriots jet team school of aeronautics. but no victory is forever. the kids at freedom high school do this every year. they are already making plans. i'm going to put more effort
5:46 am
into the rocket. >> and though they won't all work for n.a.s.a.. >> the skill that i learned from engineering is problem solving skills and ai ply those skills in every aspect of my life. >> in oakley, abc7 news. >> tonight the bike path on the bay bridge will close for a couple of days. construction will begin at 9:00 p.m. and will continue until tuesday morning at 6:00. lisa, this past week with the lightning strikes, a little crazy. anything like that coming up? >> no. and we are going to see maybe some warmer weather not until the end of the work week. in terms of inclement weather and thunderstorms, maybe the sierra nevada by thursday. otherwise we are dry. we are tracking the fog, which is an indicator of how warm or how cool it is. live doppler 7hd this morning, we don't have a lot of it. we are calling it partly cloudy. you can fill in the past couple of hours.
5:47 am
but we have a tropical system we want to tell you about, it's hilda. it's a pretty strong hurricane, winds of 125 miles an hour, gusts to 155. but the good news with hilda it's going into cooler waters and weakening. by the time it gets closer to the main islands, it will be a tropical storm. it will certainly have some showers and thunderstorms and high surf, but it's weakening. that's sutro with the pillowy marine layer. 55 morgan hill. and half moon bay 59. we are cooler everywhere this morning. but the dramatic cooling up in the north bay. here's a hook from our east bay hills camera. mt. diablo. you see pockets in the overcast. 52 santa rosa and napa. 54 novato. we haven't seen 50s in a long time. our indicator, usually the low clouds and fog, also the sea surface temperatures, they have been up and keeping the overnight lows up. we are looking at a high pressure rim that's going to
5:48 am
build in and bring us earlier sunshine. an on shore push and afternoon warmth. this morning anywhere from a degree cooler in concord and hayward and san francisco. six degrees cooler mountain view. finally a lock at mt. tam. there certainly is the low clouds in the distance. partly cloudy, a brief warmup today and cooler air for much of next week due to an area of low pressure that is hanging out to the north and west of us. there it is. it stays there today. but more monday, the onshore flow kicks in. out ahead of it we have the brief ridge and then we will look for the warmer conditions today. also in yosemite, 93 there. it will be sunny and dry and lake lake tahoe. but our beaches will see some afternoon sub. inland a little warmer, a couple degrees here in livermore with upper 80s the average. the drop comes tomorrow into tuesday. about five or six degree drop. then you will notice we sort of stay there until friday and saturday. but the warmup doesn't look huge
5:49 am
wishes is good news. more sun this average. golden gate park 60s. look for pretty good day at 2:00. 6:00 we are partly cloudy, 65 degrees. and elsewhere around the bay we are warmer today from livermore at 89, up in the north bay. and also 89 in santa rosa. 78 in vallejo, 75 richmond and 87 concord. san mateo in the upper 70s and 72 in half moon bay. another game day today in oakland. mid-70s. plenty of sunshine. it will be a nice mild to warm afternoon there. so the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring slightly warmer temperatures today and then cooler breezes, slower burn-off for much. the upcoming work week. looks like friday and saturday high pressure wants to build in just gradually, though, keeping us in the 80s around the bay and 90s inland. so pretty nice. sun in golden gate park today. >> and good-looking temperatures the rest of the week. i like it cooler. i intro. >> thank you. let's check out sports.
5:50 am
the giants will try to avoid being swept at wrigley field by the cubs. first pitch at 11:2000 this morning. also this morning two more bay area greats are now enshrined in the pro football hall of fame. here's shu. he has more in this morning's sports. >> good morning. well, the pro football hall of fame with 8 new inductees yesterday in canton, ohio. largest group sips 1967. former 49 charles haley gets the call, well-deserved. he's the only one in nfl history to win five super bowl rings. and mr. d, he ac manied the team aspect of his sport. i am truly blessed by god. i have played with some of the greatest players ever in the history of football, and i've learned a lot. and the one thing i learned about these guys is unselfish play. team matters. we need to go back to that. it's not an individual sport
5:51 am
team. that's the only way we can have success. >> mr. raider, tim also gets the nod. 17 year career, almost 15,000 yards receiving. he put up these numbers with 19 different quarterbacks. even more impressive. talked about his hall of fame coach. >> so the first practice that we have, you know, i dropped the ball or something, and fred muff cursed me like no man has ever cursed me before. so i practiced the rest of the day with a little tier in my eye and after practice i went to freddy, and i said freddy, we aren't going to make it like that. i need for you to talk to me a little differently. so we worked that thing out and after 15 years we had an incredible relationship. >> congratulations to both. giants struggle in the dog days of august. after winning 13 of 15 at home
5:52 am
we hit the road and yesterday in chicago. and they are 3-6 away from home. matt king on the kill. a home run, two-republic shot and 2-1 giants. the cubs fan trying to disrespect him and throw it back. he needs a little work on his game. cain couldn't hold the lead. five runs, 4 innings, 3-2 cubbies. tied at 3 but montero knocked in another run. base hit and start of two-run fifth. adds three more in the eighth. addison russell, the former a. cub needed the three runs because the cubs rally but come up short. cubs win their third straight over the giants, 8-6, the final. >> and the astros, valencia drove in the two runs of day. he will score two. a's go up 2-0. chavez does not have a lot of work all innings.
5:53 am
7 innings, struck out 4. made one mistake in the fourth. the solo shot and 2-1 ballgame. chavez gets the win as edward mejica gets his first day with the team and they win their second straight. 2-1, the final. that's wait the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. have are a gate day. >> up next, a happy reunion nearly nine years in the making. how a family was finally reunited with their
5:54 am
5:55 am
here's are the winning numbers from last night's super lotto plus. a single ticket purchased in the san fernando annual youth dough valley matched all six to win the jackpot. a ticket bought at avenue liquors in san mateo matched
5:56 am
five and it's worth nearly $29,000. new this morning, a family from temperature drove all the way to colorado to be reunited with their dog after nearly nine years. the boxer was just 8 months old when he disappeared. but by the looks of this reunion, you would think he never left. earlier this week a colorado man dropped boozer off at an animal shelter saying he could no longer care for him. a quick check showed he had a microchip, and the shelter found his original owners. the family said boozer was always getting out, and one day he got away. up next on the abc7 sunday morning news at 6:00, a bay area musician booted from outside lands. what he's accused of doing. we will hear his side of the story. and thousands of people flock to at&t park to hear tell evangelist joel olsteen.
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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news >> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler, thanks for joining us on this sunday, august 9th. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. low clouds and fog have moved into san francisco. here's mt. diablo in the distance.


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