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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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leandro where a popular have market is up in flames and what fires are revealing on the cause. >> back-to-school race is on, some bay area schools are struggling to keep up but the new area gets up and running. >> good morning, on this mop, hope you had a great weekend. thank you for joining us. >> we want to get right to the breaking news we have been following all morning along on highway 101 fatal crash causing big problems for the commute. >> janet o is on 101 and kelly road with new information on the accident. janet? >> kristen, c.h.p. just confirms moms ago that one of the drivers of the two car collision has been arrested for d.u.i. here is the scene. check it out. they are getting ready to clear all this off and re-open all of the lays, the southbound lanes on highway 101. here is what they say happened.
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around 3:00 a, they saw a driver of a blue scion hit the center divide and a vehicle rear ended the vehicle and the female was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver of the red vehicle has arrest the but he and three other passengers have been treated for minor-to-moderate injuries. c.h.p. said that there is a possibility the driver of the blue scion may have been under the influence but they have to wait for toxicology results. c.h.p. expects the scene to be cleared in about half an hour with all southbound lanes re-opened in time for the morning rush the right now, drivers are being diverted off of tully road off highway >> right now we will check with leyla and find out how to get an the situation. >> i have the alternates in a e in right new we are taking you over to mobile 360 through the caldecott tunnel and the driver
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from walnut creek to oakland is not a problem. now, the alternates show southbound highway 101 with janet on scene, we can see the cars that were traveling beyond her. the lanes were coned off. they diverted off at tully road. they might open up a lane or two in the next couple of minutes. as we look at mclaughlin avenue what is the best way around it. you can get on the freeway at capital express way but northbound slowing, spectator slowing as expected major bumper-to-bumper traffic approaching the sketch of the accident. >> good morning, everyone, better news weeks ago wise, check it out, unlimited visibility as the patch layer is pushing in to 2,000' and check out the peninsula, sfo, clouds are encroaching but no flight arrival delays. yet. 56 to 62. waking up warmer this morning. 12-hour day planner 64 at coast and low clouds and 76 inland with high clouds, 66 to 82,
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breezy this afternoon, cooler-than-average, grab a coat, 64 at the coast, 74 inland. >> pike? we are following breaking news in san leandro where crews watching tore hotspots following a four alarm fire burning a supermarket and two businesses. our reporter is at the scene. >> yes, i want to show you what is going on right now. you can see crews have started to children up the glass and debris here in the street just in front of the marine that market when the fire break out at 2:30 this morning. there was an explosion and you can see all of that glass and debris with the hotspots out and the sun is starting to come up they have started to move to worker to clean up the debris and this was a four alarm fire. and this was a four alarm fire. this are 15
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shop and some of the brings could be rehabbed. they will look into that the probable some very heavy smoke damage. there were 16 people at the apartment complex near that were asked to leave. some are allowed back in. there is no radio damage to the apartment complex but it was mostly a safety and preventive measure. i want to introduce you to shows. what did you hear and see overnight? >> basically, my bedroom faces the market and my wife woke up and saw the flames were high so i jumped out of bed and went to investigate. i grab my camera, just starting filming and a few minutes after starting seeing explosions and the rest of it went down fast. >> you have small chairman.
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were you worried? i thought it was a closer business on fire. i saw it wasn't so my initial reaction was to get the kids out and i saw it was far so i didn't worry teach. >> we sore glad you are okay. a is the good news in autumn of this, although all of the businesses were affected firefighters say no one was hurt. it will be several hours if not longer before they determine a cause. >> breaking overnight, firefighters are on the sketch of a massive two-alarm fire in oakland and you can see how high the flames stretched into the sky there, and the fire started at 4:30 this morning, on 72nd avenue near hamilton street where agreementen gulfing one house. the crews knocked the down before it spread to the neighboring home. no reports of injury. the road is closed in the area because of downed wires. >> happening now, san jose police are involved in a stand
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off this morning saying a man with a gun is holed up in a house on san mack cosy near moss wood drive starting shortly with midnight the family members called miss to say their where showed up drunk at the house letten to hurt himself. two officers fired their guns in the direction of the suspect after they saw him carrying a shotgun. police have set up a perimeter around the house. >> san jose police say they fatally shot a map last night after he stabbed someone. officers found a man with self stab wounds at virginia avenue near south 34th street at 6:30 last night. they launched a search for the suspect and found him an hour later near san antonio avenue. police say the officers feared for their safety and shot the suspect. >> hatching now, fires in lake county are working furiously to contain a new wildfire that has grown to 5,000 acres with one day breaking out yesterday afternoon in the jerusalem valley area, a rural area, but residents along jerusalem valley
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road and canyon road have been evacuated. >> we are doing fine. we are fortunate we have the resources and were able to commit many of them to this incident. >> we thought it was over with, and now, here we are again, concerned about where we live and which way the fire is going. the fire is moving to the southeast corner of the rocky fire which should be fully contained by thursday. officials hope to get a handle on the judgment fire this morning before winds pick up. >> this morning we know the name of a firefighter killed fighting a fire near lake tahoe, 21-year-old mike hallenback was super el dorado county. a tree fell open him while fighting the lightning sparked sierra fear between lake tahoe and el dorado national forest, the second death for a firefighter this season. david ruhl died july 30 in the
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national forest. >> a public service campaign is hit the airwaves to remind people how dangerous it is to drive drones over wildfires. >> be smart. be safe, stay away. >> the video was released by the bureau of of land management in nevada but is promoted by the united states forest service across several when states that are prone to wildfires including california. the push comes after problems the wildfire season with drones getting in the way of firefighters trying to do their job. you may recall this fire in southern california last month, five drones were spotted which grounded fire crews for 20 minutes as people's cars burned along interstate 15. the united states forest service reported this incident was one of nine where drones have been spotted in california. >> union city police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened around 11:15 last night. authorities say it appears the
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victim was outside a home with a small group and two unnone people approached the group and began firing. the shooters escaped. ain san jose they are eyeing a temporary freeze on mobile home park conversions, the urgency ordinance called on by mayor hillary clinton open friday would not prevent mobile park homeowners from chosing a prosecute but it would complicate and slow down the process. this could as week after the owners of the mobile home park win chester ranch confirmed they intend to close the senior community and sell it to a hope building. san jose has 59 mobile home communities. >> students are heading back-to-school and many school districts scrambling to have enough teacher. last woke a almost innocent education job website listed 8,hundred teaching jobs in the state of california. oakland unified has taken to social media to call for teeners and san ramon is advertising substitute pay as $1 so a day and pittsburg unified is sending
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for 25 teeners with starting pay for some up to $5 to,000. >> sunnyvale is looking ahead after a major overhaul. west valley elementary is planning to kickoff a meeting to fill parents in on the re-imagining plan for the school according to the "san jose mercury news" after classes let out for the summer, the cupertino union school district reassigned the principal and 23 teener because of moral issues. the decision has not been sitting well with parents. >> it has been a tough, tough morning so far in the commute especially in the south by. >> that is 101 at tully road with all lanes blocked because of a fatal accident. we will have the late of the from leyla gulen in the traffic center. >> i have that in a meant but right new we are look eastbound on 80 to berkeley away from the macarthur maze and traffic is
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hate. as i turn 360 around westbound traffic is bumping up. on the maps, the accident occurred around 3:00 with southbound highway 101 at tully road, 14 miles per hour is the top speed and possibly one 11 has re-opened and all lanes will re-open in 30 michigans or less. 19 miles per hour in the northbound direction with slow traffic. the alternate is mclaughlin avenue getting you back on at capitol expressway but we have delays from before capitol expressway on the nobody side so use king street finish to the 280/680, with the bay bridge toll plaza lights are on. six miles per hour over the altamont pass, and bumper-to-bumper traffic leaving tracy with a new crash on the right happen side. eastbound, some construction gumming up the commute at vasco. >> good morning, everyone, we will give you an update on the
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fire, the rocky fire, firefighters took advantage of the calm conditions over the weekend, 62 right now, 53 percent humidity, calm to eight miles per hour and it did not grow, it became more contained. 85 percent. but just to the south is where the jerusalem fire is and the winds are not conducive from 4:00 this afternoon through this time tomorrow we are in double digits from 15 to 25 miles per hour. for us, we will feel the winds keeping the cooling trend going from 59 to 79 in the south and north bay and 61 along the coast and 69 in san francisco. close to average. inland east bay, high clouds and sunshine and 80 to 88. >> thank you, mike, two teens lost at sea, the search now called off but their families are finding a way to public forward funding their tragedy into something positive. >> doe coding the science find the feelings of your dog. stay tuned.
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>> covering san rafael, south
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bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the families of two florida boys would want miss at sea are trying to turn their tragedy into something positive. the parents have announced plans to start a foundation to promote youth poeting education. the 14-year-olds disappeared july 24 while on a fish trip. a private search for them was called off over the weekend after crews said there was no new credible evidence to guide them. >> star traffic accident manns buzzing over a tribute to the buzzing over a tribute to the late leonard nimoy hosted signature sign. he passed away if february. fans submitted the perks to shatner after a call on social media. >> it is starting out pretty rough in terms of the commute
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especially in san jose. >> 101 in the south bay at tully road has been a problem, it has been closed, most of the morning, and how much longer will it be closed? >> i got an update and i will tell you, all lanes have re-opened and first we a look at mobile 360 i will town this around and you can see the traffic is light as we continue the drive. i am going to move it 180 degree direction. we will tack about the sig-alert that now is canceled southbound highway 101 all lanes have re-opened and you can see the delays are starting to dissipate, northbound traffic, too, pretty nasty. if you want to use the mclaughlin round about you can but the traffic will thin out. in the northbound direction still looking at heavy backups at 15 miles per hour apporaching the capitol expressway. a look at walnut creek southbound 80 with traffic slow-and-go pushing to main
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street. all in all, from highway 4 to the 24 junction it is going to be 10 minutes. >> now, the golden gate bridge where the cloud deck is slowing lowering and the winds are picking up out of the west at 15 miles per hour. right now, it is as easy at it will be to get across there during the commute. dry, no need for umbrella unless the next three hours you can see a little bit of drizzle developing along the peninsula and into the monterey bay. the rest of us, no need to worry in the east bay, castro valley is 58, along with orinda and berkeley and richmond at 59. we have alameda and oakland and hayward and fremont at 60 and union city at 61 and san leandro at 62. we have 60 in san jose and pleasanton and we have 62 in concord and livermore and antioch is 58. novato and santa resolution only 54 and pacifica is 56. in walnut creek can you see company lay infiltrate our inland east bay neighborhoods
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and a bigger drop in temperature will be seen here and cooler ending, cloudy tonight, with cooler lows, and below average highs until at least friday and then it will be really warm this welcome. look a this bowl of cold air, coming through yesterday and bringing us the breeze in the evening, and the next let will come through and the more rid cooling freezes will be around law friday and the high pressure will build in from the desert southwest bringing temperatures, 70s, 80's, 90s. today we are below average, my 80s los gatos and gilroy and san jose at 77. a high is 82. 82 is the average in redwood city and only 76 today. mid-secretary along the coast. upper 60s, and average in san francisco and 69 in downtown and 6 in sausalito. in the money 70's san rafael, novato, petaluma, 81 in santa rosa and spot on average and 81 in napa.
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upper 60 in richmond and berkeley and san leandro, and a last stop, 82 at san ramon and 83 in concord and 87 today. the seven-day outlook shows fluctuation this temperatures will be piper tuesday and wednesday and thursday. not noticeable. and 70's at the cost this weekend, 80s around the bay and 90 inland. a new study could explain why your dog is so happen to see you when you get home. >> the research phone that dogs have a specific spot in their brain that reactions to faces. when dos in the study were shown movies of human faces, dog faces, and objects, research are found the faces list up more in response to dozen or people rather than objects. they actually had to undergo m.r.i.s to prove they have the ability that humans have. >> doggy m.r.i.s. >> keeping up with the jones on solve media a trade that can set
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>> the abc7 news app on go on your schedule, news that lives where you live. >> the trial of a marin county journalist detained a year ago in iran has ended. he worked for the "washington post" and was taken into custody last july for allegedly waging a "propaganda war," against iran. iranian state media said the trial finished but no verify was announced. the government has provided no proof of his espionage and the "washington post" has denied the accusations. he faces 10-20 years in jail if convicted but can appeal. now, a check with "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning. coming up next on "good morning america", how to save big on back-to-school supplies, the average american expected to spend hundreds of thats per child with all the stipulates you need to snow to slash your
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spending on "good morning america" next. >> nfl team owners will meet in chicago to consider competing plans to move the raiders or the rams to los angeles. ought owners get detailed updates on oakland's plan to build new stadium in carson to shared with the san diego chargeers and they will hard about the st. louis rams proposal to build a stadium. the nfl commission are said the updates are informational only with no vote taken. >> do you time out "lol," on facebook, you could be one of the few. less than 2 percent of users still use lol and 51 percent use ha-ha instead, and another trip, emoji, 34 percent use emmobile but they did not analyze direct message only posts. >> i have been doing ha-ha and never strayed even when lol was it. >> so you have been that for a year. >> thank you! on my payroll.
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>> a rough start to the monday morning commute is starring to improve. leyla has the traffic. >> worseening commute on the richmond-san rafael and the plan to help the traffic. >> a new fire exploded in size and efforts to save hopes and lives from the maze. >> a fur alarm fire in san leandro affects several businesses with the report with the latest coming up. >> and san francisco international airport has clouded out there over the airport and mike is straight ahead with the forecast on this busy sunda is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. right now, save up to $1000 on select mattress and adjustable base sets. know better sleep with sleep number.
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or a new plan. and a just in case. add a new line. or three. and unlimited talk and text for unlimited tweens. take a carrier store detour at target, and upgrade to a shiny new everything. and now when you buy a phone, get 20% off your target run. all things mobile. all in one place. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning at 6:29 a.m. as we look at the exploritorium camera at the bay bridge with trash moving along okay with a glassy >> remark is move on the bay bridge but that is not the case
6:30 am
in the south bay where a sig-alert has been canceled after a deadly crash on 101. >> janet o is on scene where more. the john has been cleared and all lanes of southbound 101 are open after a deadly two car collision and i will show you the video, c.h.p. said a driver of a blue scion hit the center divide and another driver in a red acura rearened the scion and the driver of the scion was pronounced dead. the driver of the acura was arrested for suspicion of d.u.i. and he and three other passengers were treated for minor to moderate injuries. the deceased female may have been under the influence but they have to wait for toxicology results. all southbound lanes on highway
6:31 am
101 are open after the deadly accident. >> janet we have been trying to give you alternate routes to get an the affected area. leyla? yes, i will tell you how remark is dissipating because it look like we are listen back to normal. before we do that, mobile 360 through the north bay on 101 traffic is light on both sides, we exited the bay bridge but the traffic behind us is moving along just fine. now, the maps he is some residual delays but most of the slow downs northbound, and the crash happened south 101 at tully road but you can see the delays are fill there on the nobody side at 0 miles per hour for a top speed approaching capitol expressway. you can use king as the alternate. mike? >> thank you. good morning, everyone, i will show you live doppler hd and how dry it is this morning.
6:32 am
here is a look at the sunrise from mount tamalpais we lose two minutes of sunshine today from 6:21 to 8:09 starting in the secretary but the north bay valley is in the 50s and mid-60s along the coast and mid-60s an bay at noon to mid-70s by 4:00, and my 70s inland to low 80s by hurricane 4, and in the my 60s to mid-70's by 7:00. you might need a jacket. >> now more news with eric and kristen. >> inship tremendous we have been following breaking news, a major four alarm fire this morning and now a new problem cropped up. what is happening now? >> the new problem we are hearing is a water main break and some flooding at streets including streets across from where the fire is happening
6:33 am
including the streets of barrow near dolittle but fires do not me if this is a direct correlation to the fire but it is extremely likely. they are working do clean up the debris from the explosion at the supermarket with a lot of glass from the explosion and the fire that happened ride around 2:30 this morning. it was a four alarm fire and there are 15-20 fire trucks and several businesses affected including a mail shop, medical supply shop, coffee shop, and individuals at an apartment complex behind the strip fall and 15 used this for state. it was a precautionary measure with no damage but possibly some smock damage to the apartments. we spoke to a couple of business owner as short time ago. >> we are open monday through saturday. on monday morning in five hours
6:34 am
we don't know what to do. we seven the bay area so it will be hard to... the supermarket is a total loss and the or businesses, i am sure they will be able to rehab. >> it appears that the fires have been able to put out any hotspots we were seeing overnight and mostly they are working to clip up the glass and the debris. they say it will be several hours if not longer before they determine a cause. a new fire in lake county has burned 5,000 acres if less than 12 hours. the flames are burning in the jerusalem valley area. this fire break out late yesterday afternoon and is bumping near the rocky fire which is still smoldering. a spokesman told us that fatigue could be a factor in the jerusalem fire. >> we have firefighters that have been on the line for up to a couple of weeks, several weeks, and this is part of our
6:35 am
job and they are prepared for that and they prepared for a long fire season. they are still motivated and they catch the rest as they k. >> mandatory evacuation is to place for the area. >> the rocky fire is 85 percent contained. it has burned 70,000 acres if lake and yolo county since breaking out a week and a half ago and destroyed 43 homes and 53 outbuilding. it should be fully contained by thursday. >> the oakland a's pay tribute to a fall were hero a huge a's fan. ingly low police officers honor hayward sergeant scott lunger with the motorcade before the game. sergeant scott lunger and his two daughters loved the oakland a's and the team gave the family
6:36 am
special jerseys and his father threw out the first pitch to his favorite player, ricky henderson. >> wonderful expense. i was neither association i am sure my son is jealous of me being on the mound where he always wanted to be. risky henderson, i felt scott was in between us and i was hugging hill. >> amazing, so many friends and family in the bay area supporting us and it was an honor. >> sergeant scott lunger was shot and killed during a traffic stop and the suspect is back in court next month. >> next, giving you precious seconds before 9 next big one hits with anarch warning app that could be a lifesaving tool. and changes for google maps when you need directions at night. stay tuned.
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we are back at 6:39, almost 6 4:00 with --
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we are going to have temperatures about 2-6 degrees cooler-than-average. the breezes from yesterday will continue today. around the state, it will move into sacramento at 89 and lake tahoe at 78 and 91 hurricane hilda if you were following this, impressive looking storm. a category two, but between where it is now and hilo it will run into a high shear environment and weaken so the biggest threat right now are dangerous rip occur -- currents and possible flooding. >> southbound 101 beyond sir francis drake, traffic is moving beautifully. we do not have delays. i will turn 101 around and you can see it is quite light. other parts of the bay area, we have major delays, but, first, a check of the south bay, at 60
6:41 am
miles per hour total of the san jose airport. before you get there, a couple of spots of slow traffic and the northbound side is because of an early sig-alert on the southbound side, southbound side has re-opened after a long closure blocking all lanes because of a fatal accident with drive time traffic 1 hour and 14 minutes from tracy to dublin with a couple of hiccups but mostly congestion and the rest of the bay area is slow-and-go and traffic is marching along over the water from hayward to foster city and the drive is approximatelily on minutes. >> the appeal based company has created an app to tell you when an earthquake is about to strike. the system uses mobile technology and a sensor that records weapon the ground begins to shake. that data is sent to the cloud server which determines the location and origin time. the nos are then sent to the user smartphones provide up to a minute of wanting.
6:42 am
the app will be released august 21. >> a onesie recall that new parents need to know about that could put your infant in danger. >> a brutal commute on the richmond-san rafael, is there an end in sight? a solution is being eyed for relief. relief. stay tuned. relief. stay tuned. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service.
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. if i driver between the northeast bays you know the richmond-san rafael can be tough at times and it is getting worse by the day. our media partner reports that traffic on the bridge has increased 13 percent over the last file years. 1.3 million crossed the span last month the highest tally in five years. the plan to help traffic me in the afternoon is moving forward. >> driving on one of friend's most congested streets will get more difficult. drivers will not be allowed to turn right on market between third and 8th make the street say we for previouses and
6:46 am
bicyclist part of the "vision zero project to eliminate all traffic related deaths in the city by 2024. muni becauses and emergency vehicles are exempt from the new turn restricts. >> happening today, the labor department will hold a public hearing on a proposed rule designed to save you money. the rule would require any financial advisor being paid for giving advise on investments, specifically 401(k) and i.r.a.s to put their client's best interest before their occupy. >> now a check with meteorologist mike nicco to see how the day is shaping up. >> we will have sun later today? >> check out the weather window from the east bay hills camera it is get clouded over by the many layer around 2,000 to 2,200'. enjoy, a look at the winds that are processing that marine layer, at 12 at oakland and concord is 14 and 23 on live doppler hd if fairly. the breezes we felt yesterday
6:47 am
afternoon will continue and we have a small craft advisory west delta, all the way back to the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge, at 2:00 this afternoon to 11 o'clock this evening, and, obviously, a legal deficit danger for small craft advisory and a breezy and chopping ferry ride home. now, south looking at the temperatures are we starting off at saratoga the cool spot at 56, and we have alum rock at 57, los altos hills at 58. and santa clara is 59, and milpitas, around 60 to 61 including alameda at 60 and 58 in san carlos and if san francisco, san pablo, and danville at 59. that is where there were no clouds, and brentwood is warm the at 68. at 87, near the shark tank, waking up to sunshine and san jose, postally sunny and breezy today, and summer takes a break
6:48 am
until the weekend. warm weekend for all neighborhoods, and summer will come back with a vengeance. a parade of low pressure, and this is going prius breezes today and the low going to hand around through friday and this weekend, the dessert sends us a soft hot air that extend to the coast. today, below average, mid-to-upper 70s in the south bay and mid-80s around los gatos and gilroy and mid-to-upper september for most of the peninsula and millbrae at 699 exception and mid-60s along the coast and upper sick, 68 in downtown and 69 south san francisco and 68 in sauce least and mid-70s to upper 70s san rafael and novato and petaluma and vallejo and nearly 80 napa and sonoma. upper 60s for richmond and san leandro and low-to-mid 70s elsewhere on the east bay shore. free air conditioning because you will be paying to stay warm friday through the welcome. 82 in san ramon to brentwood at
6:49 am
88. my seven-day forecast shows the temperatures are barely fluctuating tuesday, wednesday and thursday with morning clouds and mostly sunny afternoon and 70s at the coast, 80s away the bay and 90s inland friday and saturday and sunday. have a good one. >> i love your tie because it reflects the weather, a little bit of yellow for the such, a hilt bit of gray for what we see in mobile 360 and we just exited off of the golden gate bridge and now we are headed up to the and now we are headed up to the new doyle drive. but the altamont pass is not so empty. check this out, bumper and a crash at grant line road a solo vehicle spinout in the center divide with no lanes
6:50 am
blocked enough to cause spectator slowing and slow-and-go conditions. moving to livermore and dublin, the speeds jump up and southbound 680 out of pleasanton, also, slow-and-go to the sunol grade. 500,000 infant onesies are being recalled. and google updates with jane king. >> good morning, solid start today, the dow is up 170 points and in the green across the board and we have had our longest losing street since the debt creating crisis in 2011 so market is getting a buns back. 5,000 precious cargo infant onesies are being recalled, because they could be a choking hazard and was pulled from july of 2014 to july of 2015, six months, 12 months and 18 month sizes. google maps for ios includes a
6:51 am
night mode with darker background. droid users have been experiences this for the past few years but the first for ios that could improve the driving experience so your eyes do not have to adjust to the brightness of the screen. >> apple will have a special event for the apple iphone and apple tv with the week of the 7th is what is reported and will be equipped with four touch displays and faster wiseless and possibly upgraded apple tv, too. back to you. >> we want to share an adorable video. >> matt keller found some fund along the embarcadero in san francisco, check out this duck.
6:52 am
decked out in tux and shoes. just walking around. post your pictures with # #abc7nowandwe. check out the bay area on instagram. >> 6:52 back with seven things to know before you go. >> abc7 with weather and traffic during the commercial break. lovely sunrise.
6:53 am
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so you can enjoy nourishment with 95% more volume. dove oxygen moisture. >> whether you of just joining us or headed out the door seven things to know, breaking news a woman is under arrest open suspicion of d.u.i. after crashing into another driver on southbound 101 near tully road, the other driver, a woman in her 20s was killed. the accident shut down lanes of traffic for several hours but they have re-opened. two, more breaking news, fire crews are putting out hotspots on a four alarm fire in san leandro. crews are dealing with a water main break a block away. the fire at the marina supermarket near marina boulevard at dolittle drive broke out and damages two businesses this morning. >> the jerusalem fire is up to 5,000 acres turning to the southeast corner of the rocky fire.
6:55 am
they are using fires from the rocky fire to cover this fire. >> traffic has been tough on the back to work monday compute. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with 20 machines between the macarthur maze into san francisco and six miles an hour is the top speed leaving tracy and headed up to the altamont pass and an accident at grant line road is on the right hand side and traffic from san francisco to sfo is looking clear. >> speak of sfo, we will open up the weather window and show the lack of clouds and lack of delays. the big story is cooler again especially inland east bay and 90 gone and 80 to 88 and more on the lower side of that, the coast and san francisco lingering low clouds and temperatures are close to average, 61 to 69 and high clouds and sun around the bay this afternoon and cooler than average, 69 to 79 in the south bay and north bay. >> san jose police were involved in a stand off this morning, and an armed man was homed up in a south after family members called 9-1-1 to say he was threat being to hurt himself.
6:56 am
investigator say two officers fired their gun after though saw him carrying a shotgun. >> organizers of outside lands say 210,000 people attended the festival. san francisco police say there was less counterfeiting this time because of wrist bands that replaced pay -- paper see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight. ferguson erupting. [ gunfire ] shots fired in a parking lot during a police press conference. a teenager in critical condition, reportedly shot after firing on police. the latest from a city once again reaching a boiling point. also new this morning, the donald on the attack. the republican presidential front-runner fighting back after the comments about one of the debate mon raters, refusing to apologize. >> they're common statements. only a deviant would think of what people said. >> his rivals piling on this morning. will this be the tipping point for trump? state of emergency. millions of gallons of toxic water unleashed in colorado. flowing into the river right now, transforming the water into


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